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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mungiki, Vigilantes: The Devil or Dark Blue Sea

Central province and her Diaspora in Rift Valley are under siege. The Mungiki menace has acquired hell proportions. Ask anybody affected by this murderous gang and s/he won’t mince words in supporting the vigilantes who are serving COLD REVENGE to Mungiki.

True, an eye for eye leaves the whole province blind. But wait a minute, why leaders from these affected areas so cagey and guarded about lambasting these blood suckers and machetes wielders? No prizes fro guessing. The ogre is out mauling its keeper.

The Mungiki menace is symptomatic of failed leadership. Only deceit can make one baptize it otherwise. The truth is unpleasant and most people would rather have their egos soothed with evangelistic smokescreens. Well, preachers only make a killing in times of plenty and peace.

Until we face up to the present challenges and call a spade for what it is and not an earth relocating device, we stand accused of watering the unholy trinity of HUBRIS, DECEPTION and FRAUD that aptly define our body politics.

Unholy trinity
Daily Nation’s heart rendering gory tale of a husband being asked to pay for SERVICE RENDERED by Mungiki after gang raping his wife in his presence paint a war arena. Even during war, the UN has classified rape a war crime. Mungiki must be beheaded and extinguished. Their barbarity is spine chilling. Those who propped must be brave enough and face them squarely lest central province goes to the dogs.

The vigilantes are no angels either. Their acts of revenge will and has claimed numerous innocent lives. And just like Mungiki before them, once they are done they will mutate into another monster of extortion besides skinning skulls.

Where is TRUE LEADERSHIP when a region, nay country, is really crying for one?


papa plus said...

Like so many have pointed out, we can not place blame just on lack of leadership. We as citizens of Kenya have failed our brothers and neighbors and country by idly standing by from the safety of our homes.

Why can't regular Kenyans and civil societies marshal up protests or even delegations to their local MPs and demand that something is done about this menace? As long as it was happening to Kikuyus and Luos or that tribe then it was all good. Not a word was said from the citizenry which mirrors the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Woman dies of hunger days after delivering twins

Vikii said...

"Thank you" Taabu for CARING so much about the "people of central province, nay, this great republic called Kenya".

Kanyakwarmolasss said...

Tell em the truth Taabu, tell em! Like our Mijinga island, this is rapidly becoming a national concern. Like you, I weep for our Kyuk brothers.

Godfrey said...

Supposing the vigilantes somehow manage to get rid of Mungiki, what then? Its not as though they'll just go back to their normal, boring lives. Mungiki itself began as a vigilante group and look at what it became ...

Anonymous said...

Keep your croc tears Taabu, Raila is still more useless than Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

Who sends gifts to mungiki leaders in prison? Molasses Raila Ondinga. You can see the unholy alliance between mungiki and "our" leaders!!!

Anonymous said...

Mungiki knows they have support in the second highest office in Kenya - that of the PM.

Anonymous said...


Why are leaders from central province so cagey and guarded about lambasting these blood suckers, neck choppers, beheaders, and machetes wielders? No prizes for guessing. The fruits of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT have come back home to central province to roost.

The Mungiki menace is symptomatic of failed leadership and primitive community "values" that worship money and its aquisition by any means necessary, especially illegal means. The truth is unpleasant and our central province brothers and sisters do not want to hear it, although they are the biggest victims of their own mungiki and vigilante brothers brutality and savageness.

Until they face up to the present challenges and call a spade for what it is and not an earth relocating device, they stand accused of watering the unholy trinity of HUBRIS, DECEPTION and FRAUD that aptly define their "values" to their own peril as is currently happening and will continue to happen.

Right now most members of the Kikuyu community who live in Nairobi are very scared of visiting their shags/homesquared as the they fear that wata kata katwa na mapanga by these - Mungiki/vigilante brutes - members of their own community. This is crazy. What happened to their "fables" of engaging in real industry, enterprise and hard work? It has always been a big LIE.

Daily Nation’s heart rendering gory tale of a husband being asked to pay for "services rendered" by Mungiki after gang raping his wife in his presence should paint a very sad picture to the Mt Kenya community, but still the conspiracy of silence continues.

Central province, your biggest enemy resides within your own community. You have no reason to look for scapegoats such as Raila anymore. You are your own worst enemies.

M-Pesa said...

Mungiki menace is not just a central problem. Believe me when they are done with the region, they will be showcasing their 'talents' in a town near you!

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa 2:02 AM,

You are one of those who are living in denial. Mungiki was "born" in the Mt Kenya community, is living in the Mt Kenya communtiy and can only die in the Mt kenya community.

Ask yourself why, outside the central province, in Kenya, it is only rampant in the Kikuyu diaspora and not elsewhere. It is a Kikuyu problem.

But then you people never learn. I will not be surprised if you try and seek a scapegoat in Raila and blame him for what you central people are doing to yourselves. Your primitive worship of money and its illegal "earning" has come back to haunt you.

Bottom line: The chickens have come home to roost. Fraud, deception and theft are pumbavu values to live by

Mwambu said...

I have said it before and will repeat it here again- the number of Kikuyu killed in the post-election violence is slightly below 300 people, which is roughly the same as the number of Luos killed but slightly higher than Kalenjin killed.

However, in the period since the PEV, the number of Kikuyu killed by Mungiki or Mungikis killed by Kikuyus, exceeds by a factor of 100the number of Kikuyus killed in the tragic PEV.

Are Kikuyus committing genocide in Kikuyuland?

Anonymous said...

The sect has cells in Central Kenya, Nairobi and areas of Rift Valley Province populated by the Kikuyu diaspora, where it has established an illegal tax system and imposed it on the residents.

In Kirinyaga Central District, for example, the sect demands a monthly protection fee per household and, as if that is not enough, it has imposed a levy on every dowry payment in the area.

A farmer who sells five litres of milk per day must surrender money for one litre to the gang, and a poultry farmer must surrender four eggs out of every 10 he takes to the market.

“We give them what they want. We don’t argue with them,” a resident of Murang’a told the Nation.

In Nyeri, every matatu must pay between Sh20 and Sh50 for every trip made between sunset and sunrise.

Stories abound of how the Mungiki would snatch wives from their husbands, then turn on the same husbands and callously demand a fee for the “services tendered”.

“They would call us and order us to prepare supper for them, and when they came, they would eat to their fill then rape our wives in our presence,” a resident said.

And due to the trauma and stigma, no man would ever speak of such a humiliation.

Despite all this madness, the Mt Kenya leaders continue with their conspiracy of silence.

Anonymous said...

I heard from reliable sources that the UK government will start deporting Kenyans who got asylum in Britain because they were Mungiki.

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21 AM,

In Kenya anything could be true and also anything could be a lie.

We Kenyans are very absurd people.

Kenya is a country that is full educated African FOOLS.

Kiama said...

Do you really think they would deport all the Kenyans who got asylum becuase were persucted by Moi and Biwott in the 1992 Burnt Folest election violence?

Anonymous said...

..after vigilantes are through with many Mungiki they will also demand a fee to protect the villagers from few mungiki remaining, and whoever doesn't remove this feee will face dire consequence.

Then they will also start to kill and rape those who fail to pay the fee as punishment.

Then the villagers will form another vigilante group to protect them from the other vigilante group.

...and this cycle will continue.

That's why game of revenge sometimes is not good. Live everything to government. But where is the government?

I also pity my brothers and sisters. I pray that all will be well in the near future.

Anonymous said...

The long expected civil war in central is on, the climax will be in 2012 - when Mungiki will field and fight for its own candidates.
The routing of the homeguards is at hand. These were the so called "defenders of central", financed to intimidate Kales, Luhyas and Luos. The beast has turned on its handler. What will Mungiki Uhuru do now!
Other communities seal your borders to stem any spill over.
And the touted central voting block is history - deduct a 2M mingiki and casualty head count.
Very sad! Malipo ni hapa hapa - Karma.

Anonymous said...

May all kikuyus rot in Mungiki hell because you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

self-destruct yes. but lest none be deceived, none is safe in kenya any more...woi,,, johne the rattler pliz come back we miss u!

Anonymous said...

Mungiki's case is that of the chicken coming home to roost.this devils hacked luos in naivesha and the kikuyus luded it as revenge ,a dish best served when cold.Kikuyu on kikuyu violence!!! who cares we've got our own problems niggas, kenya is larger than Mt.Kenya Community.

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