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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Affairs in Nairobi? I thought We Were Christians

In the beginning God created Adam.

Okay, I won't bore you with a theological discussion on morality or give my own take on how married folks should live their lives. I don't want to give my friend Taabu a chance to come down on me with that "sermon thing." But I had a very interesting discussion with a group of ladies and gentlemen in one restaurant here in Nairobi that left me reeling. These folks insisted that affairs have become so common in Nairobi. A way of life. In fact, one lady said that what is shocking today is that anybody should be shocked if they find out their wife or husband is seeing someone out there.


I still remember the day I first met my beautiful Hellen. It was a sunny afternoon under the unforgiving heat of Kendu Bay. From the time we met, I knew I'd met a remarkable lady, one I wanted to know better...and even marry someday. I played my cards right and everything worked just fine. Nearly two decades later, it feels just like that first time.


When you think back at your own experiences with that sweet lady you call your wife, or fiancee, or girlfriend, what comes to your mind? Do you think of the moments you brought her roses and rolled a sweet kiss down her lip or do you wince at the thought of the painful things she's done to you? Do you pray for another four decades of life with her or do you wish a thunderbolt would shoot from the sky and end her life? Has your love remained undiminished by the roll of the years?

I'm not naive to deny that many times people have gotten into relationships that turned out wrong and painful. I'm also aware that straying is possible. But can someone explain the growing epidemic of affairs in Nairobi? Is it the cell phone? Is it our sense that morality is a thing of the past? Is it a failure of the church to instill its relevance in our lives? Or is this just where a nation that loves everything Western (Hollywood) must inevitably find itself?

C'mon, guys, I think affairs are for cowards. Why keep a sweet lady at home and go after another elsewhere? And just why would a lady switch men over a single weekend like it's something normal?


Let's talk about this. We'll talk war with Somalia next week.

Breaking News added by Chris

After denials over the weekend, the Kenyan government has finally confirmed the first case of Swine flu in the country, a student who traveled from the UK over the weekend. A public health alert is to be issued later today.


Anonymous said...

the cell phone sam. texts from men to women, women to men. it will never stop. pastors, politicians, teachers, teenagers etc

love is in the air
or infatuation is in the air
kenya is moraly broken

Anonymous said...

Its the soaps being air on our TV stations. Just gauge the numbers clued to the screens when these soaps are being aired. Guys don't be surprise to learn that now incest is is also on the rise, reference Bold and the Beautiful!

M-Pesa said...

Affairs have always been there even in the old testament years. Hata ukienda Russia, Japan and even Mongolia ni hivyo hivyo!

What fascinates me is why so many married Luo brothers will stop at nothing until they get hold of a shapely light skinned chick (mostly from Nyumba ya Mumbi!)Yeah, that's right, I didn't stutter!

This was almost a taboo some few years ago but even Raila's son has settled for a chick from the Nyumba. I welcome this kind of inter-marriages for the sake of this country.

Think I'm kidding about the hushed relations? Just take a walk into any Luo hot spot like Club Kuche Kuche or Deep West and take a casual glance. Amid the conversations, a chick will normally answer some calls and shout a few "aterere's!" I hear the brothers from the lake actually have some funny name for them light skinned girls.

It's not a crime to make a choice of what soothes your soul and relieves your stress. I've said it before and will say it again, I really don't care what two consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their bedroom. But the affairs whatever your tribe/race/creed when your real wife is in "shags" just continues to fascinate.

Mama said...

Don't blame the soaps yawa, I know millions of people glued permanently on those things and they are not immoral.

People are just choosing to become immoral, aping the west and what not ....but then again it is documented in the great book!

So Sam, we are living in the end times....and thank you for documenting needs to be said. LOL, at the story of the great meeting with Hellen in Kendu Bay, made my morning!

Anonymous said...

It is trully very shocking, affairs have become so common in Nairobi. A way of life. In fact, one lady said that what is shocking today is that anybody should be shocked if they find out their wife or husband is seeing someone out there.

Sometimes, correct me if I am wrong, but my casual observations seem to tell me that when it comes to "dishing out the goods" married women are even more generous than the single ladies. Somebody tell me I am wrong.

M-Pesa said...

Loaded women with fat bank accounts and big cars are a common sight in Nairobi club scene accompanied by broke younger men barely their son's age! Most of these women I hear are married to some big shots who are just too busy in politics and business to give them "quality time."

This is especially common in Upper Hill areas.......Almost made my stomach churn when I saw such a couple kissing, romping and fondling while pretending to enjoy it.. yuck, not a sight to behold.

Ok guys don't get me wrong coz some older women like Ester Passaris are saucy with soft, sexy and succulent hips and lips (ouch!), but the kind I'm saying are old hags with wrinkles and big bellies preying on confused washed-out youth! They have more money than sense if I may say..

Nairobi jameni>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Women today can hold their liquor just like men, they are better cheaters than men,

Anonymous said...

this is one thing that can't be blamed on governance or politics

In 1983 when i was growing up the late Michael Jackson sung a song called "why, why, tell'em that its human nature, why, why does he do me that way"

why, why, tell'em that its human nature, why why etc

Anonymous said...

Ciru, there is nothing appealing about you guys. You just slut around where there is money. We luo men like Jacob Zuma cannot deny a wanting woman.

Anonymous said...

Sam you say "Affairs in Nairobi? I thought We Were Christians."

I mean, we are christians but one on the most corrupt countries on earth.

We are christians but an election thief (Kibaki) is the president.

We are christians but we abhor honest people. We prefer and actually admire thieves, looters and rapists. Just look at our so called elite, it is comprised of the corrupt, thieves, looters and more morally depreved individuals.

Yes we are christians but our priest and nuns have sex together in secret.

The list could go on .....

Philip said...

Sam Okello,

These are the posts that we don't want to see here, go back to politics since Kumekucha is all about politics.

Or you haven't learnt from Mzee Rais Moi, baba wa taifa, who didn't have a wife.

We know very well that politics doesn't mix with wife in Africa, unless it's a polygamous relationship like that of Zuma and Mwai. Politics and wife (I mean single wife) in Africa is like water and oil, maybe it will change in near future.

So Sam Okello, start a new post and live posts like these to mashada.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Sam but I guess its an attempt to save your friend chris after he ran into turbulent waters, he he,with his poorly thought out post about the Somalia/somali situation.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:55 AM,

Your advice to men is a bit too late. The women are already outshining, as far as cheating goes, the men and showing them dust.

Anonymous said...

Affairs have been happening for so long. However that does not justify having one, I dont get men and women who have affairs because why are you wasting the time of your partner?

You clearly dont respect them enough whether that is justified or not, so do everyone a favour and leave the relationship. This thing of wanting to have your cake and eat it is just shameless.

Anonymous said...

"We'll talk war with Somalia next week."

I dont think so. People are still posting their xenophobic comments in the previous topic and the moderator slime balls have refused to enforce the house rules of common decency:

i.e. NO TRIBALISTIC, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, out of topic, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS.


Anonymous said...

Moderators cant enforce rules (or should we say selectively enforce rules) in this miserable little blog, yet they are busy wailing and railing against bad governance in Kenya. Shame on you sleaze bags... All flappy hat and no cattle.

Anonymous said...

While our so called leaders squabble about who is bigger than who other countries around us(and forget Somalia for a moment,stupid)are making leaps and bounds in development.Led by little Rwanda,Tanzania and Uganda are making sound policy decisions and its only a matter of time before the Kenya that you all think is so far ahead starts playing cathup.Right now Sudan,yes you heard right Sudan is in the final stages of unveiling its first locally manufactured aircraft.Not a car!A whole aircraft with 80% parts made in Sudan!While Kenya is still stuck in a timewarp about glory that has never been achieved!

Anonymous said...

Pigs! I have a pig to sell you little whining c#%t 6.06am and 6.58am.

Make you damn comment instead of whining around like a little sissy. Cry me a river.

Anonymous said...

Terrible language. Shame on you.

Kenya Somali said...

Now that Muthaura has been admitted to hospital I bray that God keeps him there forever.

Anonymous said...

Somalis and Kikuyus who commits more crimes in Kenya?

Answer: Kikuyus Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, men are not programmed to have only one woman. The idea of one woman is part of western civilisation that we have adopted. It however goes against human nature. If you ban human nature it just goes undergound. I think some one better educated than me on these matters can explain the chemical reactions that take place when a man sees an attractive woman. No religion or morality can stop these reactions. They will occur and they will be acted on. Because men cheat as a rule, women must "revenge". A woman feels good when she has hit back. In ancient times when kings and sultans had many wives and concubines, eunuchs were employed to watch over the women.

Anonymous said...

M -pesa says we go to great length to hold onto light skinned nyumba ya mumbi chicks.Ask them and they will confess that they love our wallets coz we are sufficiently philanthropic.I don't really care as I have one though I don't love her,will never love her but will always have her when I want,wherever I want as long as I cough out a few shillings.They worship money and easy to lay in bed

Ann said...

As one writing from the United States and having visited Kenya more than thirty times, I would agree that many 20-30 year old Kenyans emulate anything American without thinking whether it is moral, healthy or even makes sense.

On the other hand, what they see in the Media is very distorted. Only the worst side of African American culture is shown to you.

A young Kenyan couple moved to the United States two years ago after being chosen in the Visa Lottery. The wife said to me "Many young women are walking around half naked in Nairobi because they think that is the way American women dress. I want to go home and tell them, no, the average American woman is modest and hardworking." But showing our real lifestyle will not generate much interest and would be called boring.

A radio DJ from Kenya visited our church and his pants were so far down on his behind you could see his underwear. The congregation was shocked that a Kenyan would come to church this way. Only musicians, actors and would be thugs dress this way. Bankers, lawyers, doctors, etc, and young people aspiring to become professionals in the workplace do not.

There is so much beautiful about Kenya and her people that we encourage our young people to be more like your young people. My prayer is that Kenyans will see the beauty in their culture and their own presentation of Christianity and will become the role model for others to follow and not visa versa.

Anonymous said...

Funny topic.Affairs , affairs everywhere.But i really dont care about them.Let people make choices that concern them.
Furthermore you dont share the decision that you make.But one day when you turn senile at 80 years, you shall remember your affairs and realise they were not prudent.There is no happenies there,esp to the married folks.

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