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Friday, April 10, 2009

Different Spys At Kumekucha

I sincerely hope that you are enjoying your Easter holidays immensely. I would not dream of spoiling it with some hot breaking news that will worry you (I leave that to Tuesday). And so I have decided to talk about the interesting characters who regularly pass by at this site (some of them literally live here and I am totally charmed that they should find this such a cozy home)

Here at Kumekucha we have various ways of being able to tell where comments come from and so let me share with you the different types of commentators we have here (based on my insider info).

The Serious Diasporan
The group I love most. These guys love their country, some of them so much that I have often felt envious. They are always annoyed at the fact that this blog sometimes has too many abusive comments. It irks them that a discussion on the future of the motherland should be turned into a joke or a mchongoano (abuses) contest between Luos and Kikuyus. Many of them have written to me and on two occasions I have given some of them (whom I knew from before and trusted) the opportunity to help me solve the comments problem. Only then have they been able to empathize with my situation.

The Diasporan seeking Entertainment
Life out there in the Diaspora is not totally a bed of roses, as most Kenyan believe. You really miss home more so if you are totally stressed with your job or studies. And so some folks have to “let off steam” by seeking some hilarious entertainment. Many of them find it in the comments area of this blog. Hence you will see Taabu’s mistress, Phil’s mistress etc. This is a tricky group because some of them spoil the blog with their “extreme French” if you know what I mean while others make this place so entertaining that when I am low I usually come here to read the comments and within no time I am guaranteed to be rolling on the floor with laughter, tears streaming out of my eyes.

The Intelligence Community
Many, many readers of this blog do NOT believe that this group exists here. When I first pointed it out in 2005 many dismissed it as a figment of my imagination. Today I have plenty of evidence to prove that not only do they leave comments here but they monitor this blog religiously (and send out reports). Many times they step in to do damage control when it looks like we will frustrate their objectives with the information we give here. Like recently when some people were determined that nobody should take Paul Muite seriously when he says his life is in danger. Actually Muite has shut down the Kwekwe squad with his utterances (at least momentarily). My only fear is that some other interests may still carry out hits and make them look like Kwekwe.

There are other fascinating groups like what I would call Jeshi la mzee who always heckle on behalf of their “employers” and then there are the locals who seek inside information among other groups of commentators.

Those my friends are the people who make this place so addictive.

Do have a happy Easter folks but please make sure you are NOT flat broke by the time Tuesday comes.


Philip said...

Now, now, now, where do I belong.

I tag myself to belong to the intelligence community, HA!

From your intelligence tell me if I'm saying the truth or I'm lying. Tell me also where I am now. If you are right then "pewa Tusker tatu baridi, na nusu kilo nyam chom ya mbuzi." You'll only need to tell me how I can send to you.

Oh! Am I belonging to hecklers? I'm now confused. Or maybe I'm also in diaspora? Let me reveal part of myself: I'm the same Philip the Visitor who used to be in Raila blog, which is currently in a coma and periodically receives life blood from Maru Kapkatet, KK and tnk. HA!

That was just on the light note.

What I know is that I love Kenya so much that my wishes is that this time, as the politicians have started dividing us, all will backfire against them and it will be the "mwananchi wa kawaida" against the politicians and not Kikuyu Vs Luo or Kikuyu vs Kalenjins.

Philip the Visitor

Vikii said...

In 2006/2007, you called those of us who did not join your crusade for the mirage and dangerous notion that is a Raila Odinga Presidency members of the NSIS. That of course came to pass as a white malicious lie.

Now you want to categorize us? You do not have to guess. I will tell you about myself; I am a serious diasporan seeking entertainment who happens to work for Kenya's intelligence community. There are many of us.

Now tell me how this is supposed to be useful information. You should be giving us information on whether the government of Kenya has provided toilet facilities in Raila odinga's motorcar. If you do not have access to such information--which i admit may be a little classified--you surely know something about the 18 million shillings misappropriated in Lang'ata constituency during the 2007/2008 fiscal year. If you want me to help you out on what that money can buy for the fiercely loyal Kiberans, I will; It can provide decent toilets for approximately 6000 families in that constuency or pit latrines for about 18000 families.

You like this kind of prioritization? Hint; Abraham Maslow's hierrachy of needs!

Anonymous said...


Any talk of malfeasance can be applied to either side, and the longer in power, the larger the numbers, so that argument does not really help.

But you're sound like a serious and articulate person. Tell me, in all seriousness, do you have no empathy for the marginalization of the Luo? Is such a situation tenable? They are your fellow-countrymen too.

Anonymous said...

What a nice attempt at inclusion :). Happy Easter, Chris!

And what marginalization is anon12:52 am talking about? That sounds a lot like the "indigenous" debate. Should be nipped in the bud, I say. Everyone has been "marginalized" at different points in time. What's unique about the Luo? I am open to convincing and generally sympathetic. Just provide evidence of: one, "Luo marginalization" and two, that "Luo marginalization" is more severe than others "marginalization," and thus warranting urgent attention. Let's take this beyond the category of MYTH. Note a Prof. at Duke Univ recently wrote an article titled: "The myth of Luo marginalization." Interesting.

However, you are also free to admit that its just raw power being sought. I welcome that too:)).

Anonymous said...

Good attempt to categorize but why leave out my group or maybe you have never noticed?I comment here regularly and hold no brief for our myopic selfish politicians.I post here purely for mischief!

Anonymous said...

I am not here just to entertain, but I also raise important questions/issues relating to Prime Minister character and behaviours.
I mean the man have the gut to complain about "executive toilet" when people of Kibera, his own constituency don't have even a single toilet? I don't find that entertaining! Just imagine eating and then having no place to empty your bowels when the nature's call... and thats not for one day, it happen everyday, Mon-Friday, January-December, 24 hrs to those hapless masses. Pl……eeeeeeze!!

If the Prime minister have the heart for people like he likes people to believe, surely he should not complain about toilet - he should be smart enough to know many of his worshippers have never seen a proper toilet in all their lives... and instead of complaining use the flying toilet!

I am more into political satrirre than an entertainer or an abusive commententor.
...And you need me here!

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

anon@1:56 am.
oh, dat not be good, oga.
we are serious people here.
no mischief.

Darius Stone said...

I don't doubt that spooks read blogs online. Its there job since the internet changed the nature of intelligence gathering.

I'd be surprised though if the intel analysts actually take the view that its worth spending time and resources monitoring folks up in here - any spook who concludes the drama in here is any different than pub talk needs to be taken out back, forced to kneel down facing the wall and given a good hiding.

It's good entertainment though, but doesn't qualify as a threat to national security...whatever that means.

Guka waa Obama said...


I refuse to fit in your neat little boxes.

I am a serious diasporan who used to work for the intelligence service and who occasionally gets so angry with deity worshippers Taabu and Phil that I throw in a word your mother in law would not want to hear coming from your mouth.

which of your boxes do I get ticked off.

Happy Easter folks.

Anonymous said...

chris is spot on. Those complaining feel busted. Kudos chris you can be proud of KK. It brings into light the social fabric we call kenya. Some here are hardcore tribalists who see nothing, nobody but in terms of their tribes. Once you disagree with their views they brand you names and even give you a tribe. Yet the problems we face as a country goes beyond the tribe.
For those kenyans who believe in Easter, I wish you well but for some of us "la lutte continue"

Anonymous said...

@Darius Stone:
so funny.
but, honestly, no need to burst Chris' bubble. Its Easter!

Anonymous said...

If I post this what do I become?

The Myth of Luo Marginalisation - Prof. Lea Morrison, Duke University

If critical aspects of information are discarded, faulty conclusions can be reached about oneself and others, and resources inappropriately expended accordingly. When such conclusions involve sentiments of persecution, actions taken may inadequately address the actual sources of problems.

With this in mind, the example of the Luo of Kenya is a cautionary one.1 Ostensibly, in the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s, the group was doing extremely well. They were more educated than most, held a disproportionate number of elite positions as university professors, doctors, lawyers, and engineers, and were prominent in government, holding numerous civil servant positions and important national political leadership posts. Then, after the early 1970s, the Luo community declined. Even up to the present, this group is doing worse than average. This supposition of Luo decline, widely asserted by community members both more and less privileged, has served as a point of reckoning for a community that has banked its very identity on once having been elite, and now repressed, suppressed, and maligned.3 After first ‘dominat(ing) the national Kenyan political leadership’ (Gertzel 1970: 17), the perception of most Luos is that they were ‘marginalised [politically] and …‘‘subjected to institutional poverty’’ ’, after their bold leader Oginga Odinga was forced from higher office by a jealous Kikuyu enemy. Proof of being ‘put out in the cold’ (as many Luos say) is readily proffered in a standardized Luo narrative.

The stark nature of the perceived transition has resulted in a people particularly unhappy with any government that has come to power – a 2003 national opinion poll shows Nyanza to be the nation’s most dissatisfied region – and especially cohesive when it comes to national political activity, overwhelmingly following essentially one leader (first Odinga and then his son, Raila Odinga) since before Kenya’s independence in 1963.….. Luos feel entitled and bitter at having their presumed elite status reversed. These feelings further entrench perceptions that, ironically, perpetuate and aggravate group poverty.

Perceiving reality differently could spur Luos and others similarly situated to reflect a new on their condition. Nnoli (1978: 10), hearkening to Mafeje (1971) and others, urges Africans to do so, for ethnicity ‘oversimplifies, mystifies and obscures the real nature of economic and power relations ’. A more nuanced view of history would require Luos to rethink their perception of being greatly victimised, and encourage them to consider solutions inconceivable while the perception persists. It could help alter Luos’ relationship to government and, by extension, a national polity defined by ethnic ties……
Luos’ representations of themselves as a fallen elite group has constrained them from looking at alternative means of ameliorating their community’s challenges, vehicles that could be within Luo control. Such representations have also helped reify and divide Kenya, and, given this model, other African states, into ethnic rather than policy interests. With this in mind, the following pages begin a re-examination process. It is an exercise in deconstructing one myth. It takes a few simple quantitative indicators to probe the Luo reality,…….

Recent indicators strongly support the contention that poverty in Nyanza is indeed cause for great alarm. Luoland is doing quite poorly vis-a`-vis other areas of Kenya. In addition, they bolster claims that the area has experienced grave decline. However, earlier indicators from a time of presumed Luo prowess paint a more complex picture, one more ambiguous than the story generally told. These require attention. They provide an opportunity both for understanding potential reasons for Luo perceptions, and for uncovering certain realities that may have been masked or ignored. When Luos have extolled their elites, they have apparently made assumptions about the entire community’s well-being. Focus on a few has resulted in the veiling of the condition of the many. When these few were not as perceptible, the realities of the majority were revealed, seemingly as a new phenomenon. The result was a people all too ready to follow the dictates of a communal narrative that gave external reasons for the fall they perceived, and to justify political behaviour to vindicate the sensed wrongs done to them…..

Mama said...

Your heading is weird Mr. Chris, I am not a spy, I do not love Kenya (anymore!!) and I am not a mischievious diasporan commentator....what am I? Where do the rest of us fall? I would like to know.

Other than that, have a brilliant Easter weekend and bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Ok, chris, i help you. Here, Kumekuchans categorized:

1. serious, patriotic, diasporeans
2. mischievous, patriotic, diasporeans
3. serious, unpatriotic, native residents (like mama)
4. mischievous native residents
6. unhappy, marginalized native residents
5. spooks at home, who should be whipped--hard
6. spooks abroad, who should be whipped--hard be contd

Andruid said...

I think i am intelligent, means I am in group threee ;-)

Mwarang'ethe said...

As we celebrate Easter, let all who are wise, take into account that:

(a) God cannot be served unless we serve others.

(b) Wealth does not consist in the abundance of materials things, but in actions of joy and beneficence, in doing good, in using money to relieve suffering or to advance morality, education and virtue.

(c) In our breasts, let confidence take the place of doubt; hope, the place of fear; and a sense of relief, in the place of anxiety.

(d) Jesus taught the great lesson of the Kingdom of Heaven, that dignity in service was the highest office.

(e) We are here to become great men and women, and with that purpose in view, we must eliminate everything in our religion and philosophy that tends to make the human mind a dependent weakling.

If you would serve God and be truly religious, do not kneel before God, but learn to walk with God, and do something tangible every day to increase the happiness of mankind.

This is religion that is worthwhile, and it is such religion alone that can please the Infinite.

(f) To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work man is called upon to perform.

(g) The Golden Rule "What I want for myself, I want for everybody."

(h) A poor mind does not seem to itself to be any thing unless it have an outside badge e.g., high office.

(i) Three great elements of power are judgment, imagination and hope.

(j) What signifies our work and our wealth, if mankind is no better because we lived?

(k) And finally, to the Kenyan POLICY MAKERS and those who DEFEND THEM:

"Whenever in doubt apply the following test: Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man whom you may have seen and ask yourself if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him.Will he gain anything by it? Will it restore him to a control over his own life and
destiny? In other words, will it lead to self-reliance for the
hungry?" Advice to policy makers by Mahatma Gandhi

Darius Stone said...

I don't know why folks are stressing about categorizing each other.

This and many other blogs are like pubs where there's useful conversation as well as outright diatribe depending on how many folks have had. . You get all sorts, and once they get through with their entertainment - they go home....unfortunately in this case - not high. stressing

Anonymous said...


You should preach that to your 'brother in christ' Raila Odinga. he need to hear that and start to share his wealth with poor who normally vote for him.
Jesus said, "verily verily I saith unto you, it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle hole than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven"

Raira talks of distribution of wealth, does he know charity begins at home? Tell him in heaven there are no executive toilets!
And this respect he keep talking about, including protocol orders with VP, tell him humility is a godly virtue and the meek shall inherit the earth. God resist the proud and give grace to the humble.

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Darious Stone,are you a dimwit or something else?We're responding to the post's headline assuming you know how to read!

Anonymous said...

that is why you ought not to meet at carnivore with a time and date announcement on this website

Anonymous said...

if ben gethi killed jm, who killed ouku? somebody must know!?

Anonymous said...

Vikii, Phil's mistress and all RAIRA HATERS,

Honestly, you guys have run out of ideas, what's new apart from your most recent obsession with RAIRA'A FECAL BUSINESS? Your simple minds, keep churning out distorted/different versions of this toilet business;understandably to massage your ego after PNU has been left with egg on the face?
Keep on entertaining yourselves keeping your noses on 'RAIRA'S' behind 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe. Let's keep it sublimely simple, like this:

“Hear what our Lord Jesus Christ sayeth, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Wacha maneno mingi--enda mwambie hobo bumpkin wenu asiyumbeyumbe kwa anasa za dunia zilizozidi. amkazie mwenyezi mngu, asijusumbue na ma-rallies, na kadhalika, kwani kwa nguvu za mwenyezi yote yatawezekana. Sawa?

Anonymous said...

Kill the Somali Pirates
Posted: April 11, 2009, 12:16 pm by coldtusker
The French mounted a rescue attempt on the "The Tanit" but lost a French hostage. The French in good form killed two pirates. The Indian Navy also destroyed a somali pirate boat killing a few somali pirates.

The rest of the world needs to get in line. The Germans capture pirates. What a waste of time. The USA has not mounted any attacks on the somalis. The Germans are constrained by some silly notion of not being the aggressor. The USA is haunted by the "Blackhawk Down" incident as well as Obama's obsession/need to improve relations with the muslim world. Obama was filmed bowing down to the saudi king!

My opinion?

Well, Kenya is affected in many ways by somali piracy. We lose tourists (cruise ships), higher import costs for oil, etc. These pirates also provide bases for al-qaeda as well as drug smuggling into Kenya.

I think the Amercians, Brits, Indians, Chinese, etc should BOMB the somalis back to the ice age. A co-ordinated attack on all major ports/bases should cripple the somali pirates. A second attack should be on any somali boat or mothership.

Yes, yes, yes... some civilians will be hurt but let's face it... these civilians are the support staff for the pirates. I would rather have a safer Kenya then worry about some dead somalis.

Anonymous said...

You are right in one way: Kenyans living abroad love their country most.

What really shocks me is: Many Kenyans who have felt the cruelty of RASSISM abroad still support TRIBALISM at home and even in this blog. What a pity.

Kenyans, know that you have one of the most beautiful countries in world but one of the worst presidents in the universe.

Enjoy your Easter with a NYAMA CHOMA and TUSKER PREMIUM.

Anonymous said...

Why are you ignoring the biggest story of this week 'Agwambo's whinning about toilet and half carpet'? Even NTV Bull's eye went with this story this week.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:19, Kibaki has set the bar for inappropriate behavior very high with his power grab in 2007. Nothing you throw at Raila matters now - Kibera, Mau forest, etc.

Look here, two of your very own have turned against you in the last week, both targeting the highest office. For every Kibera speech, people will throw the first family family problems at you.

This is infantile. FOCUS on REFORM (and more importantly its impediments) rather than on mud-slinging.

Ochieng' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ochieng' said...

Good one Chris...I am one of those "Kume-arise" addicts. I must belong somewhere there.

I am always amused by how Kenyans try very hard to hide their identities behind bland pen-names & then pour tribal vitriol which makes them easy to identify.
It is spies not spys unless you are an 8-4-4 product

Anonymous said...

Chris: Agree, abroad is not all bed of roses but I wonder rather be a watchman or work in care home abroad than live in Kenya!
In Kenya you can dream but your dream ends there, abroad you can become anyone you wish. You may have left Kenya with 8-4-4 but once you are abroad, you can enter any university of your choice. Abroad you could be a watchie but in a space of just 2 years you could be a millionaire. Kids born abroad have a chance of becoming the next movie star, pop star, tiger woods, astronaut, anything!

As for me and my kids, Kenya NO!

Btw, There is a special documentary about Wangari Mathaai on CNN on this coming Tuesday, time depending on where you live.

Anonymous said...

Classifications? Nay nay. I don't belong except as a Kenyan.
I have a few qualms though with people who post comments here. W
Very few Kenyans care to understand the topic. And even fewer care to analyse anything. Why to I say this? Several reasons.
1. It easy to take a blame game approach and not see any points clearly. For instance. WHo is responsible for the development of a constituency and more so an urban constitiency? Is it the local MP or the town hall? Kibera is part of NCC. Kenyans pay taxes to NCC and GK. SO who should be providing infrastures? Raila or NCC? Are MPs supposed to use their salaries to build toilets in their constituencies?
The current government we have in Kenya is a coalition one where PNU and ODM are supposed to be equal partners. If indeed they are equal partners why should one part of the partnership make executive decisions over the other partner? Equal? Not in mathematical sense.
3. Most people here are simpletons, trivial and petty. Period.
Have a resurrected easter.

Anonymous said...



I guess the land has accrued enough value to start profitably disposing it.

The four decade long speculation is ripe.

And coincidentally, the paymaster at Treasury who is to use taxpayer cash to pay for the land is also a Kenyatta family member.

Press reports (according to Makokha's DN column) indicate that the family of Deputy Prime Minister who is also Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta are negotiating with government TO SELL BACK 37,000 ACRES OF LAND THEY GRABBED IN TAVETA so that the government may settle the landlesss.


Uhuru Kenyatta is supposed to write a cheque for himself from our Treasury (close to a half billion shillings) for that purpose.








Land scarcity is a major problem in Kenya and land grabbers should not be diving into our Treasury to demand taxpayer funds for land they did not purchase in the first place.

Land reform and settlement of millions of squatters is a major issue that should not be pre-empted and short-circuited haphazardly. If done systematically and collectively, then millions of Kenyans can be settled at once, rather than few pockets here and there.


And we are stuck with these thieves for good. Forcing themselves upon THE NATION'S LEADERSHIP.


Anonymous said...



I guess the land has accrued enough value to start profitably disposing it.

The four decade long speculation is ripe.

And coincidentally, the paymaster at Treasury who is to use taxpayer cash to pay for the land is also a Kenyatta family member.

Press reports (according to Makokha's DN column) indicate that the family of Deputy Prime Minister who is also Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta are negotiating with government TO SELL BACK 37,000 ACRES OF LAND THEY GRABBED IN TAVETA so that the government may settle the landlesss.


Uhuru Kenyatta is supposed to write a cheque for himself from our Treasury (close to a half billion shillings) for that purpose.








Land scarcity is a major problem in Kenya and land grabbers should not be diving into our Treasury to demand taxpayer funds for land they did not purchase in the first place.

Land reform and settlement of millions of squatters is a major issue that should not be pre-empted and short-circuited haphazardly. If done systematically and collectively, then millions of Kenyans can be settled at once, rather than few pockets here and there.


And we are stuck with these thieves for good. Forcing themselves upon THE NATION'S LEADERSHIP.


Anonymous said...

It is utterly stupid to imagine that land can be taken away by government from someone--just like that, no compensation, no incentives etc--and given to another one. A recipe for disaster, unless in communist regimes.
I think the relevant question is this: if the government is of a truth buying the Kenyatta farms, under what kind of an arrangement? What is the regulatory framework under which this is happening? Certainly not a redistributive land reform program, unless the land policy was passed, of which I havent heard. I think we should have a focused, coherent and well-managed redistribution program. And what is James Orengo doing? Asleep on the wheel, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/11/09 3:22 AM Re:The Myth of Luo Marginalisation - Prof. Lea Morrison, Duke University.

I dont live in an ivory tower so I dont have the time to analyse the paper to a "T". The paper does nopt even mention Mboya or Ouko. Give me a break!!!

And this:
Recent indicators strongly support the contention that poverty in Nyanza is indeed cause for great alarm. Luoland is doing quite poorly vis-a`-vis other areas of Kenya.

Kumekucha, one more category needed: Frustrated Luo Apologist.

These people haven't been on the ground when Mboya or Ouko were assassinated and don't realize the impact of those events (to their own mypoic detriment.)


UrXlnc said...

for those looking for entertainment

Kenyan Jack Bauer said...

As thy name goes am the NSIS kenyan jack bauer in the field with TAT 4 migingo island sasa time is just ticking ....kabum... kabum ....kabum ..this occurs in real time ..i sign off got a UPDF guy to crash balls

Anonymous said...

Can Kofi save the collapsing Coalition Government in Kenya?

Raila has to told us that Kofi has SEPARATELY agreed with him and Kibaki that there is NEED for CONSULTATIONS next week. For this purpose, Raila and Kibaki will each choose a representative. These two are to come up with the agenda for next weeks meeting between ODM and PNU.
How did Kofi fail to get the two principals to agree on the agenda (both) away from their sycophants as happened in 2008?
IF Karua had not resigned, then it is obvious that she would have met Orengo.
As it stands now, Mutula Kilonzo is the likely rep for PNU. Same old recycled faces that met in Serena in 2008.
At some stage in past months, Mutula had suggested that Kibaki and Raila should resign for their failure to take the country forward.So is he genuinely a good replacement for Karua?
The atmosphere is too poisoned that Raila is not talking to Kibaki we are told.
Orengo and Kilonzo are also hardliners of their parties.
Can there be a breakthrough this time round? Yes and No.
The starting point is for kibaki to let Ali and Muthaura, and to a lesser extent Alfred Mutua go-without this, I dont see any chance for any breakthrough.These are the faces of mistrust we see ( as many have observed, they are being misused for a later dumping).
Why is Wako's position safe?-because he is from Western Kenya.

The past weeks happenings-where Raila came out fighting has already gone to the people. ODMers are already ignite. They are the real force and a dangerous catalysts to whatever moves that Raila makes in the next few days.
PNU has realised that the week's happenings have gone beyond themselves or Kibaki.
That is what Kofi Annan saw.

But can he help at all?. Me thinks otherwise.
Obama factor is fast catching in Kenya.

Whoever convinces Kenyans that he is the "reformist" is with Obama.
Kibaki is in so much problems.That is what Raila meant by saying that "... much is to unfold in the coming days."

The only solution, if any is for PNU/Kibaki to go out and demonstrate that the reform Agenda is treated with the seriousness it deserves.
If not for anything else, the reforms politicians are talking about are not for Kenyans but pointed to 2012.
Without reforms before then, then 2007 was a joke.No body will "beat" Uhuru. This is what ODM is worried about.

PNU has been asking Kofi to keep off the affairs of Kenya "since we can sort out our problems internally..".

The way it is , my guess is as good as yours. PNU have invited Kofi to tame ODM. I dont think ODM are really into this, but time will tell.
Seems Kibaki's dishonesty has caught up with him.Today, Nation newspaper had a roast on this, that it is time nobody worth self respect should blindly support Kibaki. Is the old man being isolated to carry his own cross at this time?
Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, one has to wonder if this blog has any impact on public opinion. If the comments are any indication, most people already have fairly concrete opinions. Perhaps a few on the margin may get swayed one way or the other based on the discussions here.

I think this blog (and blogs in general) have the 'advantage' in that people who may not have the skills or space to express themselves in more restrained fora are able to so so. There probably some study out there akin to Prof Morrison's about the merits and perils of blogs.

I hope that Annan's deputies (and the like) are visiting often. In spite of the mountains of information they likely have, KK must help them gauge the temperature.

No comment on the spooks. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Darius Stone @2:22am

You sound like some Westerner who does not have a clue about African politics and Kenyan politics. Otherwise you would know exactly what Chris means here by a threat to national security.

Kudos Chris. There are many pretenders but only one beloved Kumekucha.

P.S. Mama, wats ur beef with Chris? Toboa.

Anonymous said...

Obama's half brother accused of sexual assult in UK

Kenyan rapists should know that the outside world doesn't tolerate impunity.

Anonymous said...

Obama's half brother accused of sexual assult in UK.

What did you expect from a luo,whether educated,related to Obama or even the Queen for that matter,still remains the most primitive sub-human species to roam the earth!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you classify people like UrXlnc? The people who like to been seen as important and like their ego massaged? For example, UrXlnc, spend literally all his spare time rehearsing and learning new vocabularies to write here. He lives and sleeps Kumekucha. Jesus, its Easter let me not begin my hatred for this hypocrite.

UrXlnc's gay lover.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama's half-brother was denied entry to the UK after being accused of a serious crime on an earlier visit, the Home Office has confirmed.

Samson Obama, who lives in Kenya, was on his way to the US presidential inauguration in January when he was stopped at East Midlands Airport.

According to the News of the World, fingerprint tests linked him to an alleged sex attack on a British girl.

He was questioned but not charged over the incident in Berkshire, it added.

'Public good'

A Home Office spokesman said Samson Obama was denied a visa after immigration officers noticed one of his documents was false. That led them to further inquiries.

Samson Obama, who runs a mobile phone shop outside Nairobi, had been planning to make a short break in the UK on his way to Washington.

He eventually took a connecting flight to the US without formally entering the UK.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said in general, Britain would oppose the entry of individuals where their presence was "not conducive to the public good".

Anonymous said...

from what I hear kenyatta always paid for all the property he bought - he usually paid equal to or less than mkt value

Anonymous said...

Classifying people as spies is the lowest of the low. Please stop it and focus on other issues like the recent poor run that visitors to this blog have witnessed. Write true things and accurate facts and people will stop being spies. When you put all your resources on dwelling on non-existent spies and NSIS agents you are making a mockery of the blog's intlligence.

Anonymous said...

It appears Barack Obama's brother Samson obama who rans a mobile phone shop in Nairobi, travelled under false identity by name Henry Aloo. that alone alerted the authorities.
"This was obviously an extremely sensitive issue when it was flashed up by the database", said an immigration officer.

Following Samson's arrest he was fingerprinted but not charged, then left the country. However, all his details were stored on the Home Office's new database of prints and biometric details. And that's what finally pinpointed Samson's link to the world's most powerful leader - as he tried to slip back into Britain to visit relatives en route to the swearing-in ceremony.

Anonymous said...


“Raila, every child and every fool in this country knows who won the election. I don’t think that it is my responsibility to tell Kenyans who won the elections. I don’t think that it is my responsibility to tell Kenyans who won or lost the elections. I don’t think that I would support the process of healing and reconciliation if I go that route. So I want to tell you that I’m not going to waste my effort going that route. My recommendations will come out in a way that is going to be supportive of the process of healing in order to avoid a recurrence of what this country went through.”

Anonymous said...

US court allows apartheid claims

IBM is among the firms that can now be sued for damages
A United States judge has ruled that lawsuits can go ahead against several companies accused of helping South Africa's apartheid-era government.

IBM, Ford and General Motors are among those corporations now expected to face demands for damages from thousands of apartheid's victims.

They argue that the firms supplied equipment used by the South African security forces to suppress dissent.

The companies affected have not yet responded to the judge's ruling.

'Wilful blindness'

US District Judge Shira Scheindlin in New York dismissed complaints against several companies but said plaintiffs could proceed with lawsuits against IBM, Daimler, Ford, General Motors and Rheinmetall Group, the German parent of an armaments maker.

"Corporate defendants accused of merely doing business with the apartheid government of South Africa have been dismissed," she said.

The plaintiffs argue that the car manufacturers knew their vehicles would be used by South African forces to suppress dissent. They also say that computer companies knew their products were being used to help strip black South Africans of their rights.

The judge disagreed with IBM's argument that it was not the company's place to tell clients how to use its products.

"That level of wilful blindness in the face of crimes in violation of the law of nations cannot defeat an otherwise clear showing of knowledge that the assistance IBM provided would directly and substantially support apartheid," she said.

More than 50 companies were initially sued, but after a court demanded more specific details, the plaintiffs decided to target fewer companies.

The US and South African governments supported the companies' efforts to get the complaints dismissed.

They argue that the legal action is damaging to international relations and may threaten South Africa's economic development.

Anonymous said...

After raping their way to a coalition govt, some Thug Raila supporters thought they can export their barbaric ways to UK and other places. Unfortunately for them, this sub-human cultural procrivity is not acceptable outside Kenya.

Anonymous said...


You should be proud of the diversity displayed in your Forum. Everyone should be given a place to raise their concerns/voice and I am glad you have allowed that here. People should be allowed to express their freedom of speech whether in a negative or positive way. That's democracy!

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:43 am:
That's the stuttering bumpkin's version, now that Kriegler is several thousand kilometers away. And even if Kriegler said that (which I am hardpressed to believe), dont you think its sufficiently ambiguous and can be interpreted differently depending on one's standpoint?

Anonymous said...

anon@4:25 am:
Whoa, not so fast, my friend. Many comments are deleted arbitrarily from this blog. Freedom of speech is at best selective.

Anonymous said...


Now, why would anyone believe what comes out of this man's (PM) running mouth?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31,

C'mon, let not your hatred/tribal leanings cloud your judgement. Everyone knows Raila won-let's not even go there.
Good bye.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone knows Raila won-let's not even go there."

--> depends on who "everyone" is, no?

Anonymous said...

I feel betrayed,

That Chris can dare classify me the way he did.

In the mean time, KK continues to ignore the Mau forest issue since it touches the core of odm leaders from rift valley.

Chris, what are you scared about when it come to Mau forest? We know raila has allowed odm politicians to inherit mau forest in exchange for votes come 2012 but what does KK stand to lose if you write the truth about Mau?

in the meantime continue to entertain us bout spies. hata Muite is doing some theatrics about assasins while he continues to draw a salary as one of the presidential legal advisor.

how lame.

Anonymous said...




Also in 2003 the international World Diamond Council was created by the diamond industry and the U.S. Congress passed the “Clean Diamond Act.” These three formal processes falsely assure consumers that more than 99% of rough stones today come from conflict-free sources.

Since at least 1996, the campaigns of Russ Feingold (D-WI), who co-sponsored the Senate version of the U.S. “Clean Diamond Act” passed in 2003 have been heavily funded by Leon Tempelsman & Son.

Late in 2006, as the Christmas diamond rush was approaching, the film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio provoked the World Diamond Council to launch a blitzkreig advertising campaign—full-page ads in the New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune—touting the self-policing successes of the Kimberley Process. The campaign was presumably coordinated to counter the supposed “negative publicity” of the Blood Diamond film.

The Kimberly Process was launched under the narrow definition that “conflict diamonds” only originate from conflicts between ‘rebels’ and ‘governments’: it refers to smuggling by militias antagonistic to ‘legitimate’ member governments.

After the film Blood Diamond opened in the U.S., diamond sales were never been better.

“I'm wearing diamond ear rings today because they are conflict free," actress Jennifer Connelly, who stars in Blood Diamond, reportedly said. "It would be fantastic if some of these natural resources benefited more people but until that can happen we can certainly make a stand and insist that the diamonds we wear are conflict free, which doesn't mean boycotting diamonds. It just means making sure we support a more accountable Kimberly Process."


Anonymous said...

Guys check this out? amazing site.
this are the guys, kibaki used at night in 2007-Jan 2008 to create havoc in kenya introduced to them by yours truly Meseveni who uses them to finish his own people..

One of ASCORP’s controlling investors, Lev Leviev, runs a global commercial empire that includes: Leviev Group of Companies; Lev Leviev Diamonds; Africa-Israel (commercial real estate in Prague and London); Gottex (swimwear) Company; 1,700 Fina gas stations in the Southwest U.S.; 173 7-Elevens in New Mexico and Texas; a 33% stake in Cross Israel Highway (Israel’s first toll road); and more. Leviev partner Arcady Gaydamak, an arms dealer, also reportedly works with Danny Yatom, a former MOSSAD (Israeli secret service) chief and security advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Leviev is connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to

Sandline International, a U.K./South African mercenary firm operating in the war-torn areas of Eastern Congo, Uganda and has been spotted in Kenya during the recent clashes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:20 PM if Samson is representative of Raila supporters let say at the 10,000 ft level, then is is representative of Kenyans at the 30,000 ft level. I'm sure you comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:35 AM,

You said

"from what I hear kenyatta always paid for all the property he bought - he usually paid equal to or less than mkt value"

You heard WRONG, VERY WRONG. You were told very FAT lies.

This is a guy who emerged from detention virtually penniless and within a short time became one of the richest, if not the richest, men in Kenya. This guy GRABBED, GRABBED and GRABBED.

Kenyatta started the culture of the creation of overnight billionaires, starting with himself. Kenyatta was the god father and guru of how to become a overnight billionaire in Kenya thru grabbing, looting or just outright theft like when he STOLE the money that the british government had given him to help in settling the landless Mau Mau freedom fighters.

Anon 6:35 AM, Kenyatta did not pay, he grabbed, looted or just plain STOLE - Just as Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki STOLE the last elections.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:35 AM - You who alleges that Kenyatta paid for or worked hard for what he had - Heres more info for you:


Kenyatta Regime Given Sh8b for Mau Mau Resettlement.

By Boniface Gikandi

The Kenyatta Government received £75 million (about Sh8.85 billion at current exchange rates) from British colonialists to compensate former freedom fighters, an MP has claimed.

Kandara MP Maina Kamau said the former freedom fighters did not benefit from the money.

He said the funds were for resettling Mau Mau fighters and relatives of those who died in the fight for independence.

Speaking during the burial of former freedom fighter Bildad Kaggia’s son, Mwaganu Kaggia, on Saturday 11th April, Mr Kamau said the founding Government of Jomo Kenyatta was to blame for the woes facing the former fighters, despite their struggle to secure Kenya from colonialists.

Kamau said he would move a Motion in Parliament to establish what became of the funds that were given during the late Jomo Kenyatta’s regime as compensation to fighters.
(these are the funds i said Kenyatta STOLE)

"It will be my duty to table a Motion in Parliament to help establish who benefited from the money meant for independence war veterans," he said.

He also accused succeeding Governments of lacking concern for the liberators. "They have not shown interest in uplifting the living standards of our liberators," said Kamau.

Murang’a District is home to scores of families of war veterans, who still expect compensation from the former colonial masters.

The former fighters have complained about human rights abuses during the struggle for independence, and have, through the Kenya Human Rights Commission, threatened to go to court to compel the British Government to compensate them.

Mwaganu was laid to rest in Karigu-ini village in Murang’a South District. Scores of former freedom fighters turned up to pay their last respects and asked the Government to urgently address the compensation issues to save their families from anguish.

Mr Kamau wa Kamunyu said it was shameful that children of former Mau Mau fighters languished in poverty, while sons of colonial chiefs (Michuki et al) lived a posh life.

Guka wa Obama said...

Anon 1.42 you Said:
This is a guy who emerged from detention virtually penniless and within a short time became one of the richest, if not the richest, men in Kenya. This guy GRABBED, GRABBED and GRABBED.

I agree and I am from Gatundu less than 5KM to Ichaweri his home.

But wait a minute lets flip the coin.
The first conman recorded in Kenya was Jaramogi Odinga. When the likes of Jomo were in jail, Odinga senior started a company called Luo thrift and trading asking Luos to contribute 50 cents by that time lots of money but which never saw any shares given to the Luos who contributed.
He was pretty much like the modern day Jimna Mbarus and other brokers on the NSE.

Apparently his son asked the same community to contributed to try to legitimise the Molasses factory he prostituted from Moi. And funny enough they did confirming that the only lesson history teaches us is that history repepats itself.

If we are to take your anology of someone penniless becoming rich overnight then the fabolous wealth of Raila Odinga matches the Kenyatta robbery. Here is a guy who Moi detained for very long time and within the one year he was in the Ministry of energy he was cavorting with every Nigerian Chinedu available and look where he is. Koigi Wamwere who was jailed with him is an example of what Raila would be if he didnt become the big thief he is.

My point? Whether it is Kenyatta who stole from my ancestors or Odinga who stole oil and Maize meant for my kitchen, a thief is a thief.

Anonymous said...

Guka wa Obama

Well said. Brilliant. The entire political landscape is corrupt, and none should pretend they are better off. And those who are not yet there, except probably Koigi wa Wamwere, is only because of lack of chance.

Anonymous said...

The late Masinde Muliro said you have no business being in politics if you are not ambitious. He meant finacial, not patriotic ambition. And this is the dogma so religiously followed by the Kenyan politicians. In Kenya, politics has nothing to do with patriotism-even akina Kenyatta and Odinga who fought for independence did so with the primary aim of eating the cake. Otherwise why did they fall apart yet they were fighting to emancipate the same country? The true patriots were not given time and space to do their thing. So they went the Mboya, JM way. Kenyatta asked one of the patriots, Kaggia, "What have you done for yourself?" Note, he did not ask what he had done for his country. We small men and women who keep defending and protecting politicians just because they are of our tribe are living a lie. It is said that lions may be seen fighting one another, but they never kill one another-because they need one another. That is the true nature of Kenyan politicians-ALL OF THEM WITHOUT EXCEPTION. If you see Ruto and Karua hitting at one another very hard, don't get carried away and show support to any one of them. Very soon you will see them embracing one another and saying how they always been friends. Dear God, please save us from our politicians. Please God, resurrect Mboya and JM for us, please God!!!!

Anonymous said...

From what its started as a light-hearted tribute to Kumekucha faithful, it has ended in all sorts of news, including the usual Kikuyu vs Luo, and kenya's obession with politics.
For once, can't we just do away with politics and have a light discussion about life or something not Politics or tribal?

Kenyans learn to relax and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Guka wa Obama,

Let's flip the coin. Lets look at the "common man"

How does he behave politically? Does he give patriots like Koigi wa Wamwere, John Githongo and others who are really acting in the best interest of this country any chance? The answer is a BIG NO!

Just one example, John Githongo, this is a very patriotic guy who is considered a traitor and persona non grata by very many ordinary wananchi from his own community. He was trying to do the right things for this country - preventing the THEFT of billions and billions of shillings that came from taxpayers by greedy and selfish government nyangaus yet members of his own community hate him intensely, they could SPIT at him if he passed anywhere near them.

My take is that We cannot only blame the leaders that we have alone. The biggest fool, sorry to use such a strong word, is the ordinary mwananchi.

The ordinary mwananchi's values and norms are totally upside down. They will hate a good guy like John Githongo while at the same time admire a thug like George "Goldenberg" Saitoti or Uhuru "Millions of acres of grabbed land" Kenyatta. This is absurd!

We will continue regressing unless we change our outdated, primitive and jua kali kind of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 4:40 a.m.

How can we Kenyans relax when politicians have looted clean all avenues of fun and relaxation, including those for basic survival (maize and oil)? We eat, sleep and dream politics. And even for us who may be doing better, or even in diaspora, we have tales of our relatives living it really hard and tough. There are those who can afford to relax and have fun, as you call it, the likes of the Kenyatta, Odinga, Mudavadi, Nyaga, Michuki, Kalonzo, Ole Ntimama, Kibaki, Saitoti, Wetangula, Ruto, Kulei, Bett, Kosgie, Wako, Orengo, Kajwang, Kimunya, Kiraitu, and Karua families etc when not thinking of more power (not service) and money (powerful positions bring with them networks)

Anonymous said...

My parents bought a piece of land a while back and were planning to develop it when all the kids were through with their education. Our last born is the only one who is still in school and will be through later this year. In anticipation of that and also in readiness for retirement, my parents have started setting in motion plans that will see them leave the busy town life for the quieter outskirts of the town. But moving back to the reserve is also on the table especially in light of the recent developments. Having already bought land on the outskirts of this town, it was obvious that they would be settling here. But just the other day, my Dad, who is currently on leave (he rarely takes those), decided to visit that piece of land and what he later told me set into motion my thoughts on the emerging land (re)alignments in Kenya today…

He told me that after he got there, he saw that their future neighbour, the man who had already put up his retirement house on an adjacent piece of land was no longer there after all his investment went up in flames at the height of the post election violence. He was from the wrong tribe in that part of the town. Belonging to another wrong tribe too, building a house there has become an issue and my parents are currently sourcing for a buyer for that plot and are looking to buy land in a place where they can have some measure of surety that they will not become victims of another tribal violence, whose threat is still too real, given the warring tones of our politicians and the subtle undercover movements in the country.

On the surface, it seems that all is well in the country, but once you look beyond the fa├žade, you will realize that tribal realignments are taking a physical, more concrete shape. My parents have decided not to settle on that piece of land that was once a prime investment, because they know they will be the victims when the second wave of tribal violence comes along. So as they search for a more serene place to settle after they retire, it is almost obvious that they will choose to live among people from their own tribe, or remain in the town where there are no “tribes”. Would you blame them? Can you accuse them of tribalism for their choice of where to live? You simply cannot, and that is because their choice of where to settle today is now a matter of life and death. And they want to live, and I want them to live to see my kids, and hopefully see their great grandchildren; thus I support their choice.

I bumped into my neighbour sometime last week after I had dropped a certain lady whose sister had issues and she was looking for a place her sister could receive counseling. I know a friend who works in the industry and hence my taking her to my friends’ office. Anyway, after bumping into my neighbour, we went into his office which was just on the same floor. My neighbour is the MD of this real estate firm and he was in a mood to talk, and may be show off a little. He told me that very many offers for selling and buying land were passing through his hands. He, with the confidence of an insider made it very clear to me how tribal realignments were taking place. People were approaching him to sell their land at throw away prices from places where their tribes were victims in last year’s elections and are requesting him to find them land in places where their tribes are the clear majority. This though depressing is totally understandable…

But one gets the feeling that physical demarcations between tribes are being drawn in readiness for the epic battles, reminiscent of the old wars from which movies like the Troy and The Last Samurai were conceptualized. Tribal wounds have not healed, and people are no brighter than they were last year when they picked up machetes to kill their neighbours. And in case you think that your tribe was the victim then, you must be extremely stupid, because we were all victims, and it is that ignorant view that one’s tribe was the sole victim that politicians will prey on when they need tribal militia in subsequent elections. The only people who benefited from this violence are the politicians and for as long as they can continue benefiting, I bet you that they stir up more violence come next elections. In the run up to the last elections, it was feared that the call for Federal States by the Opposition would lead to Balkanization. But as it is now emerging from these land trends, all that was need for Balkanization to take place was a stolen election and everything else that happened thereafter.

The mum of my long time friend, a friend for 11 years (since we were in class six) has told me time and again that she is making plans to move to her small farm back home. She was scared to the core when the post election violence took place and it seems that she has never recovered. The house they are currently residing in is big, comfortable, cozy, and most importantly her own. She has also built several plots around which she rents out. But even with all these, she tells me that she will go back to Mashambani where her safety and peace of mind will at least be assured. She represents a list of growing Kenyans who have already moved or are planning to move in anticipation of another tribal violence. Did I mention that our respective tribes were the major warring tribes on the different parts of the divide? This was helpful then in that we knew we could run into each other’s houses depending on which tribe the attackers were from. It was all about survival.

And talking of tribes, never before have I felt prouder of my inability to speak my mother tongue, because in today’s tribal Kenya, I am Every Mans Land, open to all and sundry.

As my friend’s mum plans her eventual departure from this town, and as my parents seek to offload this piece of toxic land “tribal toxins”, I wish them well because I understand that they are driven by the incentive to live. While Insurance firms have come up with insurance policies to cover businesses in the case of political unrests, it appears that the only insurance that is available and affordable to the common Mwananchi is that of staying amidst one’s own tribe or living in the middle of towns and cities where the tribal divisions are least felt. We are becoming a country that is driven by fear, and since we cannot run to the police for security, people are running back to their ancestral homes and this is reversing the baby steps that this country has taken since independence towards detribalization…

People!!! Why can’t we just get along?

Guka wa Obama said...

I agree that Githongo is basically a good guy but does the fruit fall away from the tree?

Joseph Githongo, his dad is as connected to the system as Njenga Karume or his Michuki. And before we jump and say Mr. Clean how come he was working at the Transparency International while his father was on the Board?

Ordinary kenyans from Central province dont hate Githongo, they are just realistic, they know something all other communities know too - ruruka rwa kimbu rutithiragwo ni mung'ung'uto (basically, the chameleon even after how many generations will still have warts, scales and change clours

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:15
Thanks that's the contribution that KK needs.

Here is my story. I live in Nanyuki, a military town probably more cosmopolitan than many other towns in Kenya. My estate being nearest to the baracks hosts Kenyans from all over.My neighbour and I get along really well even though we come from different and the supposedly "adui" tribes.

During the PEV, my sister got her home burnt and her shop looted and was basically taken back to square 1in life. That was in Mumias. As the skirmishes got worse, members of my neighbours' community started getting targeted and it became very unsafe for them. I hid the family in my house and imagined what my sister must have gone through and decided my family and I must go a moral step higher than the arsonists.

During the period, my boy who is 7 and my neighbours girl who is 8 kept asking us why Jirani cant sleep in their own house. You can imagine the dilemna that we were in. Can you honestly tell an innocent kid that akina jirani belong to "kabila adui"? And what have they really done to be adui?

Ordinary people dont have problem with each other, our kids play in the same teams, borrow chumvi from each other while the wakubwa incite us to hate each other while they are busy having latte together,

Kenyans, refuse to sink to the level that these politianc want us to and at KK we could do that by becoming much more decent to each other.

Anonymous said...

The argument that ordinary kenyans have nothing against each other is as stupid as they come. If that were so, why would an ordinary kenyan burn and loot his/her neighbor's house, or worse, knock them off? Unless my memory plays tricks on me, these were things that were happening where the most ordinary of kenyans reside.

We like to blame politicians, but if you stop to think about it, the ground is fertile where politicians prey.
Many Kenyans claim christianity or something or other, yet the most fundamental of christian values was repudiated at that time. Indeed one need not be christian to uphold certain values. A basic morality must be inculcated in our children, at least in schools, we cannot rely on parents as they have failed.

Regarding the inexorable movement towards bantustans--that is a cause for alarm and thanks to anon 5:15 for pointing that out. I think the same thing played itself out in Nairobi during the PEV and is well on its way to becoming a permanent feature of our socio-political landscape. A major setback to development in this country, if I were asked.

Kenyans should worry. A lot.

The reconciliation of certain communities I will not name is ever more urgent if this bantustanization of Kenya is to be avoided. In fact, it would help a lot if the great stuttering stumblebum desisted from raising the majimbo debate or when he does, carefully explains what he means.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:15 AM,

Thanks for your comment. You touched on a lot of issues. I wish I could comment on all of them but time, I don't think, will allow me.

When Kenya got independence in 1963 we were a people who yearned and hoped for a better life.

The "Ugali" that existed at independence was a bit to small and we vested our leaders, Jomo Kenyatta specifically, with the overall responsibility of leading us in the direction that would make this "Ugali" larger so that there could be more for all of us.

But what happened? Kenyatta was not interested in making this ugali larger. He thought of himself, himself and himself. He started grabbing vast tracts of land with impunity. This behavior from Kenyatta trickled on down to his immediate Juniors and their immediate Juniors e.t.c e.t.c until over time the whole Kenyan society became infected.

If we are really honest with ourselves, the post independence Kikuyu/Kalenjin land problem had it's roots right there - the way Kenyatta behaved "landwise...." and it is not about to go away unless the root causes are tackled openly and honestly. Half measures as it happening now will not help.

I shall quote you:

"Tribal wounds have not healed, and people are no brighter than they were last year when they picked up machetes to kill their neighbours."

Why is this so? The root causes, the impunity that was practiced by Kenyatta and his mafia has not been addressed. As long as this remains the case the violence will recur again and this time more violently.

What happened last year, however unfortunate, was triggered by the STEALING of the elections. The Kalenjins already had deep burning issues regarding land from 1963 and then, isitoshe, they see the elections being stolen right before their eyes!! The loser is declared the winner and the winner is declared the loser!! And then the loser is sworn in at night in secret, Kwani the guy, Kibaki, as are result of stealing the election was actually scared of being sworn in daylight, openly and in front of the public? More IMPUNITY! It was too much. It is these acts of IMPUNITY that caused the PEV.

I agree their reactions may have been a bit over the top but this is what the IMPUNITY of the oppressor does to the victims - it make them go over the top. If you go back to history you will find that some of the things that the Mau Mau used to do to the Mzungu during the fight for land and independence were very gruesome e.g chopping up captured wazungus into pieces while still alive, chopping of their heads and placing the chopped off head on a pole and placing the pole with the head near the entrance of the Mzungus house e.t.c

I am not trying to justify violence, all I am saying is that if we really genuinely want to solve our problems - and they are very big, we must be honest with ourselves and accept that a lot of INJUSTICES have been committed with IMPUNITY against a lot of Kenyans and this has created a lot of resentment that, unfortunately, is justified. Unless we accept this and move on from there in tackling the problems that bedevil us, I guarantee you that their is more violence coming in future that will make the events of January and February 2008 look like a christmas party.

My problem with Kenyans is that we are a very dishonest lot. We do not like the truth. The "oppressor" will do what he does with impunity and then turn around and blame the victim and then people from the "oppressors" community will blindly support the "oppressor'. We will only begin solving our problems when we recognize the the "oppressor" for who he really is and the victims for who they really are. This tribalism thing is just something that the "oppressor"
uses as a smokescreen to "protect" himself by confusing us.

Kenyans, It's time we woke up.

Anonymous said...

This majimbo issue, when repeated over and over, is sweetly clothed to mean, to the common man, kila kabila rudi ulikotoka in the precolonial era. Then why do this politicians who preach it day and night want to live in Nairobi, I wonder. One part, the larger, was Maasai, and the other (Dagorreti, Kikuyu, Runda, Muthaiga, Githurai, Kahawa, etc) for Kikuyus. This politicians who incite us (Kenyans will not burn their neighbour houses or loot without some incitement by a politician) own homes, flats and businesses in this areas. Terms like "kabila adui" and "madoadoa" have been used in the past. The fact remains that as a nation we must learn to live with each other, for if we do not, and we are continue being balkanised by our politicians, we shall all lose, including them. If PEV continued, and civil war erupted in full force, with the tension that had engulfed the city estates, and with Mungiki in top gear, it was probable Nairobi estates would have returned into the precolonial set up (or to the full control of the largest ethnic group), as happened in Naivasha and Nakuru, or had ealier happened with Eldoret probably with the exception of City Center.

Kenyans, we must begin using common sense, and put an end to our tribal way of thinking, or the model fomulated by our inciters that we shall benefit if we flush out "foreigners." The truth is that we shall all lose, for if we define ourselves by tribe, then we are all foreigners in other people land, including the silly, stupid, gullible, mentally challenged, infirm, dim, thick, dense, unintelligent and dull politicians who make us fit the same descriptions and adjectives for in our shallow reasoning and thinking, we hardly question anything uttered by them. They think for us.

When we go to war again, and I fear that it will happen coz even hunger and inflation after maize and oil theft has not taught us a lesson of our common heritage and problems (two tribes, the rich and the poor) all of us, including the politicians, all the 42 ethnic groups, shall suffer. Be prepared. We never learn,nor are we able to evaluate and interprete, to properly understand consequences. And to politicians, both in the PNU and ODM, begin using you common sense.

Anonymous said...

I am always left wondering why anybody should think of tribal inclinations! I have never cared to know what kabila one is as I work with them. Who said all Kikuyu are descendants of the Late Father of the nation; or that all Kikuyus met him! I was a Chief during the last days of his life but I got my job competitively! I am not rich and I am out here as an Economic refugee! If Nyanza is poor it will be because those who were in the Kenyatta's government never took resourses home. And also those in the diaspora live too comfortably abroad and do not send money home. Do we know any money transfer facilities run by Luos? Remember Moi told The Central Province to look for their money for Development and thats why we took our children out of Kenya and we also left in large numbers. The billions that the diaspora people brought to Kenya were earned and none of them came from the tribe or Kenyatta family.
Please Kenyans rethink your adherance to your tribal tags. Think, Work ang Grow Rich.If one of your tribe becomes President, I do not see the guy in Kibera becoming PS or moving to Lavington.I do not know Kibaki and I do not care if he is President. I have not benefited from his Presidency directly but I know one thing- He changed the economic landscape from the Moi era when we had potholes in the city, when roads were graded instead of recarpeting, when Hospitals had no blankets and medicine, when schools had no teachers and the teachers were jobless, when it was difficult to get your child to the Medical Training College if you were not a Tugen. We have changed from the days when writing what I have written and what you have written should have landed us in detention or death labelled as Mwakenya and our families removed from our houses like Raila and Koigi!
I hate to think that this is the government we voted for in form of ODM. God Forbid.

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