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Monday, April 13, 2009

Alert: 'Plot 10' Has Been Cancelled!!

This may come as a surprise to those who grew up in leafy suburbs or sprawling red roofed estates. You see, deep in the low class Eastland residential areas, there was once a fantastic living arrangement that could be best described as 'maisha ya ploti'. For those unfamiliar with the term 'plot' in the ghetto context, it is a small residential 'complex' complete with mostly ten or less small roomed apartments (really studios) sharing a common bathroom, usually with one mabati gate. Those still feigning ignorance can at least remember the KBC program 'Plot 10'. That's what I'm talking about. Here folks recognized neighbors as 'majirani'.

While the living in 'Plot 10' was mostly squalor and lacked any form of privacy, it had very many positives. For one, it allowed the peaceful co-existence of people from all Kenyan cultures bound together by the need for affordable housing and a specter of security. At the height of this residential phenomena, one plot would house families from the Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Somali, Swahili, Kisii, Kalenjin etc. It is the interesting cross-cultural social interactions that led to the development of comedies like 'Plot 10', Vitimbi etc. Those were the times when majirani would huddle around the only black and white TV in the plot and laugh with each other at the generalization of cultural characters and traits. These 'plots' produced the most tribe-less Kenyans on earth.

Today, Mzee Ojwang's copyrighted squeal, yaani 'Mama Kayai, fwanya haraka aaiiiiiiiiii!!!'…. could be considered a war cry in some 'plots'.

Folks, welcome to the New Kenya. A sincere assessment confirms that strict tribal enclaves are mushrooming all over Nairobi today. The search for peace of mind requires that you be very aware of where you rent or buy any type of property....based on nothing but your tribe or ethnicity. You need not waste your time or risk your security by putting in your rental application in areas where your ethnicity is not considered favorable. Slums like Kibera, Mathare etc already have clearly demarcated boundaries; you cross, you die. The same divisions are slowly creeping into middleclass areas like Umoja and Buruburu. Before too long, primary schools within these areas will have no choice but to follow suit. What type of patriotic Kenyans will we produce from the upcoming one-tribe primary school in the middle of Nairobi? Can you imagine the fiasco that will be the inter-school games/debate etc?

Ok, for those still thinking that this is primarily a low class tenancy issue, how many successful Luos/Kalenjins are confidently moving into the affluent Runda Estate? Does the decision to instead move to Langata or elsewhere have anything to do with the fact that Runda is pretty much in the Kikuyu Kiambu district?

What about the Ogiek like me? Should I therefore live on top of KICC because no Nairobi estate recognizes my existence?

Hii mambo gani bwana?


Anonymous said...


Guys check this out? amazing site.
this are the guys, kibaki used at night in 2007-Jan 2008 to create havoc in kenya introduced to them by yours truly Museveni who uses them to finish his own people..

One of ASCORP’s controlling investors, Lev Leviev, runs a global commercial empire that includes: Leviev Group of Companies; Lev Leviev Diamonds; Africa-Israel (commercial real estate in Prague and London); Gottex (swimwear) Company; 1,700 Fina gas stations in the Southwest U.S.; 173 7-Elevens in New Mexico and Texas; a 33% stake in Cross Israel Highway (Israel’s first toll road); and more. Leviev partner Arcady Gaydamak, an arms dealer, also reportedly works with Danny Yatom, a former MOSSAD (Israeli secret service) chief and security advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Leviev is connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to

Sandline International, a U.K./South African mercenary firm operating in the war-torn areas of Eastern Congo, Uganda and has been spotted in Kenya during the recent clashes.

kalamari said...

In case you missed the point, the 'Plot 10' phenomena is indeed the very fabric of our Kenyan society. Without it's propagation, we are lost.

Anonymous said...

This majimbo issue, when repeated over and over, is sweetly clothed to mean, to the common man, kila kabila rudi ulikotoka in the precolonial era. Then why do this politicians who preach it day and night want to live in Nairobi, I wonder. One part, the larger, was Maasai, and the other (Dagorreti, Kikuyu, Runda, Muthaiga, Githurai, Kahawa, etc) for Kikuyus. This politicians who incite us (Kenyans will not burn their neighbour houses or loot without some incitement by a politician) own homes, flats and businesses in this areas. Terms like "kabila adui" and "madoadoa" have been used in the past. The fact remains that as a nation we must learn to live with each other, for if we do not, and we are continue being balkanised by our politicians, we shall all lose, including them. If PEV continued, and civil war erupted in full force, with the tension that had engulfed the city estates, and with Mungiki in top gear, it was probable Nairobi estates would have returned into the precolonial set up (or to the full control of the largest ethnic group), as happened in Naivasha and Nakuru, or had ealier happened with Eldoret probably with the exception of City Center.

Kenyans, we must begin using common sense, and put an end to our tribal way of thinking, or the model fomulated by our inciters that we shall benefit if we flush out "foreigners." The truth is that we shall all lose, for if we define ourselves by tribe, then we are all foreigners in other people land, including the silly, stupid, gullible, mentally challenged, infirm, dim, thick, dense, unintelligent and dull politicians who make us fit the same descriptions and adjectives for in our shallow reasoning and thinking, we hardly question anything uttered by them. They think for us.

When we go to war again, and I fear that it will happen coz even hunger and inflation after maize and oil theft has not taught us a lesson of our common heritage and problems (two tribes, the rich and the poor) all of us, including the politicians, all the 42 ethnic groups, shall suffer. Be prepared. We never learn,nor are we able to evaluate and interprete, to properly understand consequences. And to politicians, both in the PNU and ODM, begin using you common sense.

Anonymous said...

anon @5:15 am in Chris' post prior to this had some very useful insights. Do all make a point of reading that. Many thanks to him/her for giving Kalamari fodder for his post.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering why Kenyans churches are fighting the wrong battles and not fighting the real ones.

It is official, Kenya Gays and Lesbians are recruiting young schoolchildren into homosexuality by distributing gay porns, CD, and DVDS.
This follows after a young Ugandan confessed to church after becoming born again that he was an agent of Uganda Gays and lesbians coalition with a mandate to recriute school children into homosexuality. Hard to believe but it was in Uganda main newspaper - Vision.

Kenyans, wake up and stop this evil in our society. The message from GALCK (gays and lesbians coalition of kenya) is simple "TARGET THEM WHILE YOUNG"

You should be able to ask yourself, do you want your children to turn gay? If not, teach your children there vultures out there looking to pervert them.

Let those who have ears hear. Don't say you've been warned.

Phil said...

there was once a fantastic living arrangement that could be best described as 'maisha ya ploti'.

In other words = LANDI.

Sayra said...


A sincere assessment confirms that strict tribal enclaves are mushrooming all over Nairobi today. The search for peace of mind requires that you be very aware of where you rent or buy any type of property....based on nothing but your tribe or ethnicity.

This is what is called moving one step forward and 3 steps backwards.
And for the Ogieks like you you need to use the current insulting political tools that go with such names as COALITION and MOUs and ...

Anonymous said...

Like a learned friend has stipulated anon.9:13,

the fellow morons like calling reformer aka raila went preaching hatred and calling kikuyus 'kabila adui' and 'madoadoa'. after the elections, he presided their slaughter and used their body count as a bargaining chip to get some powers from the duly elected president. it's until such mindless and stupid leaders who suprisingly has managed to divide kenya on tribal lines are wiped out and we have a new breed of nationalistic leaders that these issues will end.
ODM was founded on divisive majimbo policies. this party will lead us to civil war if kenyans and KK stop their blind following.

Moi was right when he said that Raila is just trouble. We dismissed him, see where he has taken us.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...


Moi was right when he said that Raila is just trouble. We dismissed him, see where he has taken us.

Kumekucha Prefect

4/13/09 7:13 PM

I am not supporting anybody but 2007 election should not be used to blame ODM or Raila because the real problem is Kenyans.We are the problem we should not say that so and so sijui adui yet....when people suffer we the ordinary people suffer most.Raila you are talking about there is a Kikuyu lady married in his family.

When we lack unga we all suffer therefore let us seek ways of working together and build a better Kenya.We should not use our tribal numbers to cling to presidency otherwise others will gang up and see one tribe or two tribes as the enemies.We know that democracy is in numbers but let us think also about our neigbors jamani.

It is very sad that we have come to this level very sad in deed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13 PM,

You have talked ZERO. You are better off keeping quiet instead of farting lies, hatred and upumbavu here.

You are the kind who live in a delusional world. You are also the kind who would not mind "wiping" Kibakis ass hole with your own tongue.

You also think that Moi is worth listening to!?!?! How absurd. Moi (plus Kenyatta and Kibaki)is one of the major architects of Kenya slide down to the horrible state where it is now. Urrgghhhh!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13 PM (Kumekucha Prefect),

You said:

"Moi was right when he said that Raila is just trouble. We dismissed him, see where he has taken us."

This is hilarious. This is ridiculous. You actually believe yourself? You have a very PUMBAFF sense of judgement.

Moi played a big role in creating most of these Pumbavu problems that have prevailed and are still prevailing in Kenya. Kibaki followed in his footsteps - the guy can not even control his wife (Lucy)! It is not a wonder that he has been a failure in leading Kenya . Currently, he is the major source and cause of the problems that are bedeviling Kenya right now.

He (Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki) made things worse when he brazenly STOLE the elections of Dec '07, by doing this he has created a powder Keg that is bound to soon explode.

Do not falsely blame Raila for the problems we are facing Kenya when the real cause is Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki as a result of his pumbavu leadership abilities.

I shall just give you one example. It is a fact that Kenya is facing a serious environmental threat as a result of the destruction of the Mau forest catchment forest area which is the major water tower in Kenya. Now, Raila is doing all he can to solve this problem while Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is just quiet and even probably trying to sabotage Raila's efforts at solving the Mau problem.

And this Moi - whose judgement you seem to trust - is the guy who, to "buy" political support, ILLEGALLY ALLOCATED large sections of the Mau forest to his political cronies - you saw them complaining and trying to defend themselves in the papers the other day - cheruiyot, kutuny, His nephew the former chairman of Coop bank e.t.c e.t.c These cronies of Moi who got these ILLEGALLY ALLOCATED sections of the Mau forest are the ones who sold it to the current occupiers.

Bottom line: Moi created the problem. Kibaki is doing nothing to solve the problem - amenyamaza tu. It is only Raila who inspite of working in a very hostile environmet who is trying to solve the problem.

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the problem. Get that thru your thick bigoted skull.

makena said...

"u should be able to ask yourself, do you want your children to turn gay?"

What has this got to do with the bullshit about tribal enclaves forming in Nairobi? You are an ignoramus. People are born gay.
I suggest you take your homophobia to sites that thrive on such nonsense.

Fave said...

The current problems in Kenya are the final products of many years of misrule.
When it comes to tribalism, make mistake were are all guilty. BUT, Uhuru's dad was to blame. The short sighted octogenarian created the current tribal mindset. We have gone down hill since then. In 1963 with 7 or so million Kenyans, it was easy to get away with tribalism. Now with 40 million of them, it is especially difficult given the diminishing resources. It is my belief that we are heading to more violence before we see peace. Sad, but true

shiks said...

phil,it also reminds me of closing days when manda aka tomrero(kamba),mashadi&waithi(kyuk),chacha(kisii/kuria),odhias&owuor(luo),obulush&shiks(luhya),mjomba aka captain(taita) all from the same landi would gather to go muindo(hunting) or 'duff'(swimo)!politicians have really messed us up.

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