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Monday, February 16, 2009

Lords of Impunity, Return of the Arturs

Like father like son so they say. Al Saadi Gaddafi came to Kenya and secure in the knowledge that we have sold our soul to his father he ran roughshod right from the airport after disembarking from the private jet with his mother in tow.

That Gaddafi Senior has total contempt for Kenya is not in any doubt. After auction our country to him before the last bungled elections, the King of kings treat us as the rag that we are. And why not when the highest bidder came to our rescue at the time of dire traits in need of election funds?

Al Saadi had our security men eating from his hand. The prince was accorded all the state security and even extended the handshake past the elbow when he demanded to use his riffle to shoot game at Maasai Mara. And the visit couldn’t have come at a better time for Kenyan get keepers when artificially engineered hunger fraud consumed all our attention.

Gaddafi is on a mission to bastardize the BLACK CONTINENT with his grandiose pet project of United States of Africa. In true Kenyan spirit he bought 200 tribal chiefs from all over Africa to crown him KING OF KINGS just before assuming AU chairmanship. And when he did he dropped the bombshell from Libyan template of democracy dolled in single party.

One can only imagine what OBJECTIVE role Gaddafi would have played were he the AU chair during last years PEV. Thank God for small mercies for the LEADER would have done everything to protect his interests and prop up those owing him plenty in hitherto glamorous Grand Regency deals and all its derivatives.

Moral authority
Fraud strips you of all traces of moral authority and Gaddafi knows it better. He came to Uganda early last year not only to open the regions biggest mosque but he had his eyes singularly trained on payback cheque from his Kenyan debtors. Damn the grim bloodshed then within out shows and the beneficiaries knew better than upset supreme king. They went to Kampala to negotiate postponement of pay. No wonder the GR couldn’t wait to be rebranded LAICO despite the intense heat it generated from within.

Armed with the right dossier of our culpability, Al Saadi came calling the shots. His bravado and trashing of our security apparatus was a re-enactment of Artur brothers II. Well history is unkind to those who refuse to learn from it in making sure such poor souls repeat it at a painful cost.

We haven’t seen anything yet from the ENTERPRISING rulers and their cronies. Al Saadi just outdid the scoundrel in the obtuse impunity game..


Anonymous said...

So, Kenyan leaders say we are just doing fine! In 2008 Kenya economy grew by 4% compared to Tanzania's 7.5% and Uganda's 7%. These countries envy Kenya but soon it will be the other way round. Kikwete recently sacked all corrupt ministers and charged them. Why cant we see the same? Come 2012, we must start from scratch. People like Koki Muli, Maina Kiai etc. need to be in. Operation clean slate (OCS)!

Anonymous said...

First lady and son visit Kenya. Move from one place to the other in private charters! I live in the Arab world and I know them - racist bastards.
Dont you expect a first lady travelling by car, visiting children's projects, shaking hands (withut teh gloves), hugging HIV children...but NO. Not this one. You could well be RATS for all she cares. Bring back teh Arturs, at least they dated our girls...!!

Vikii said...

God help me to know and change the things I can change and learn to live with those I cannot. Amen!

Elly said...

This article was poorly edited.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, are you talking about the father or the son? make up your mind. Well, about our security: nobody thinks much of it. Our security forces were complaining the other day that americans had taken over at the coast re mv faina. complaining on their own soil!

Like some anon seems to be saying above, arabs have absolute contempt for black people. I dont know why we side with them at international meets. To an arab a black man was born to be a slave. They dont even make any attempt to hide this feeling. Call me naive but i would rather side with israelis, europeans and americans.

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something, what is the point of this article? Is it a critic of Gaddafi? based on what? Sounds more like a rant rather than an objective article.
Is the writer criticizing Gaddafi for buying the ol' Grand Regency? Criticizing Gaddafi for taking care of his own interests? Sorry this is amusing,

‘Bastardising Black Africa’! ‘demanding to use his riffle to shoot game at Maasai Mara’ etc etc, must be talking of the colonialists Or has watched too much CNN, lost his objectivity and has misplaced anger…

This is the sort of anger that should be have been on the numerous European and US based organizations that have raped the country, talking of Monsanto, IMF, USAID etc etc…come on, we as Africans have to wake up and see what is really happening around us rather than swearing by what you read and see in the Western dominated media, or do they have our interests at heart? You tell me… Ken

Anonymous said...

Be careful how you treat other bloggers, how you treat them could come back at you.

There is this blogger who occasionally come into this forum, and instead of commenting on issues posted here, he take pleasure in citing others against another blogger because he disagreed with what the other blogger says.

Now, John Maina has been unmasked by an impostor posing as that blogger he was attacking here in Kumekucha. Unfortunately for John Maina, he was so infatuated with this blogger, he ended up revealing a lot of about his life including his dark side.

John Maina is currently on run after his name and picture was passed on to London Metropolitan Police ant-paedophile unit after he revealed he like to lure young girls for sex.

For those who are not aware, 90% of UK paedophiles are caught unaware online by impostors pretending to be someone they are not. Unfortunately for John Maina he was not aware someone was out to get him. John Maina was looking to harm another person's character now he must taste his own medicine. The man is in a big shit!

What goes round comes around!

M-Pesa said...

The US government isssued a terror alert on Kenya saying it a "matter of when not if" there will be attacks on our soil. Already, Raila's life is in danger from terrorist attacks as indicated in a leaked memo from Nairobi PPO Njue Njagi.

You can just imagine the effects on our already fragile economy if Somali based terror gangs like Al shabbab manage to strike Kenya. Don't expect our idiotic, squabbling and corrupt politicians to take this terror threats seriously. Even if we are attacked and our economy collapses, don't expect this tax dodging thieves to take a pay cut!

Then come 2012 and all tribes will be back tongs and hammers where they left off in our bloodletting ways. This Banana republic of ours will be another failed state and that's not a matter of if but when, not exactly rocket science.

I've said so many times that unless "clueless" Kibaki and "chaotic" Raila of kabila dui fame are sent packing, we shall remain just stagnant as a nation. We need someone youngish and INSPIRING to propell this country towards vision 2012.

Have you heard the latest word on the street about Agwambo's son Fidel being the latest overnight billionare in town? No wonder daddy is so soft on corrupt colleagues in cabinet.

On Gaddafi's son strutting his stuff, well you can't really blame him, can you?. He knows just like everyone else that we have doormat leaders who can be bought and pocketed like political hookers. Just ask Devani of Triton scandal who fleeced the Govt over 7 billion bob then was given a safe passage to the mountains of India to hibernate until the Kenyan public forgets, a time tested formula.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the future of Kenya is just toooooo grim to contemplate!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Times two. The return of Artur like characters. This can only happen in a Kibaki led government that lacks any sense of direction, moves from one pumbavu crisis to another pumbavu crisis, practices massive tribalism and massive corruption. These are the things that people like Vikii, Kwale, that quack "Dr Murinho," and all the panua mongrels find very "admirable." This is nonsense!

The presence of Lucy is required to slap, slap, slap and wake these people up; right from Kibaki to all the way down to akina Vikii, all the other panua mongrels et al

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:12 a.m.
The great effort and pain you are going through attempting to explain one John Maina's fate is itself evidence of the depth of fallacy in your story. Thanks for an attempt at creativity, though. But I bet were you not on the anonymous net John Maina would have made a fortune out of you in a defamation suit.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi sues Uganda paper for $1bn

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is suing a Kampala tabloid after it alleged he is having an affair with a Queen Mother of a Ugandan kingdom.

Gaddafi’s lawyers have filed a suit totalling one billion dollars against the editors of The Red Pepper over the paper’s reports that he is in love with Tooro Kingdom’s Queen Mother Best Kemigisha, editor Ben Byaraba said.

“Gaddafi has sued us for one billion dollars,” Mr Byaraba said by telephone.

“We stand by the story and we are waiting for Gaddafi to stand in court to accuse us of writing that he is engaged in the sex scandal.”

Tooro, in the west of the country, is one of numerous Ugandan kingdoms revived by President Yoweri Museveni over 15 years ago after their abolition in the 1960s.

A widow in her early 40s, Kemigisha is the mother of the world’s youngest monarch, the 16-year old king Oyo Nyimba Iguru.

Gaddafi’s lawyers said that articles “cumulatively construed in their ordinary meaning and context” that Colonel Gaddafi was having an adulterous relationship with Kemigisha.

The Libyan leader, who was recently appointed chairman of the African Union, has frequently been seen with Queen Kemigisha, visiting the Tooro royal family whenever he comes to Uganda. (Reuters)

Anonymous said...

That Gaddafi Senior has total contempt for Kenya is not in any doubt. After auctioning our country to him before the last STOLEN elections, Gaddafi treats us as the dirty stinking rags that we are. And why not when he as the highest bidder came to Kibaki's rescue at the time of "dire straits" in need of election funds? How disgusting! How pathetic!

This is the "Kazi inederee?" Pumbavu!

joe the choma man said...

"Teacher T" aka Taabu,
Kenya is the success story of Africa and we have peace to show for it bro. how many other countries in Africa do you know are led by 2 PhDs, Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila? like leader like people!

see how welcoming we are as a country! we are so hospitable that we don't care who or how we are treated -whether its outside visitors e.g. undercover terrorists sponsored by the state or even home growm terrorists within our borders who openly insult us(pumbavu wewe) and slap our media while drinking crude oil and eating raw mahindi? as long as there's money to be made...welcome investors!

by the way whatever happened to Fake General Mathenge?anyway...there was a time when Thailand wanted to buy our animals because we have too many and there's not enough space to keep them-(i for one am tired of Giraffes watching me dress every morning for work through my window)...had it happened we would have had Thai chefs camping in Maasai Mara creating new delicacies of OFAL and TRITE to sell back to us in a Thai carnivore restaurant -as a choma man i myself would be first in line to sample some of these treats

in short we welcome you Lords of impunity! this is YOUR country and feel free to do whatever you like mlango iko wazi Kenya never belonged to wananchi anyway
Lords of impunity you've been invited by the "not THAT corrupt" State itself-and if the government does something its not wrong!so never mind the common philanthropic black bastard charitable pumbavu kenyan walking around talking about 3rd liberation, complaining about sijui Oil sijui Maize sijui ODM- jinga hawa. walk over them kabisa!

can the last person leaving kenya switch off the lights please?

Anonymous said...

Armed with the right dossier of our culpability, Al Saadi Gaddafi came calling the shots. His bravado and trashing of our security apparatus was a re-enactment of Artur brothers II. Well, history is unkind to those who refuse to learn from it. They repeat the primitive, embarrassing and silly habits over and over again. Kazi inendelee!!

We haven’t seen anything yet from the so called enterprising and hardworking panua lot (who are actually more of a FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE and THIEVING lot). More of these primitive shenanigans are bound to occur in future. Brace youselves for more of these panua Tragic comedies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:03 AM,

It was John Maina who first revealed he had an email communication with another blogger here. Read his comment on Chris' Friday post on "Is Raila life really in Danger from Terrorist?"

He boasted about the email communications and how he is going to post those emails on this forums. It turned out he was tricked by an email impostor.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, you said:

"Gaddafi is on a mission to bastardize black africa."

Thanks to Kibaki, Kenya has already been BASTARDIZED. Kazi inendelee. This is industriousness, entrepreneurship and hard work epitomized.

Anonymous said...


You rant and wail like an old woman who has lost her taste for life. You need to, at least, write flowing articles instead of disjointed mental masturbations.

Anonymous said...


Have you seen this video?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:18 AM,

The TRUTH has rattled you John "the rattle snake" Michuki style. Pole sana.

When you blindly worship and follow Kibaki, this is what you get. More is coming since your object of worship and adoration, Kibaki, is a certified serial goofer, incompetent and pumbavu delinquent. Brace yourself for more reflections your true pumbavu selves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.06, Ok its stupid for the Kenyan leaders to say we are fine, but you cannot compare the Tanzania and Uganda cases to Kenya, because Tanzania has been a number of years behind us in development.

They also have large mining operations, in comparison to Kenya they are mineral rich and therefore will be expected to have large levels of growth. They also receive a much larger chunk of donor aid and concessions than Kenya and that puts them at a better position for now.

They can overtake us, but it is not as easy as you say. Kenya continues to grow even with complete turmoil like right now. Maina Kiai and Koki Muli are not people we can elect in government because they are lobbyists, they perform better outside the government as watchdogs.

chola said...

could Gaddafi be a kikuyu.
Teror alert in kenya.kenyans no need to fear we have GSU,REK UNIT AND ETC.If AL shaba and cor want to test chamtakuni let the try, ask those guys of Mt elgone,Mgiki and shifta.they will tell GSU.tell who gards the Jews Embasy sini GSU.FFU fanya fujo uone

Anonymous said...

DX: I voted for Raila Odinga in the last general elections. I have now come to realise that am a fool. I wish to apologise to all my PNU friends. I wish i heard your voice. If elections were to be repeated today, i would vote for Mwai Kibaki, at least he is a sincere politician unlike the ODM wolves. Why is the Sh20 maize flour that Raila promised?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:52 AM,

Stop pretending. You are a hoax. You have always been a Kibaki ass licker and never a Raila supporter. Take your FRAUDULENT claims elsewhere where fraud and lies reign supreme.

This is just another pumbavu attempt to play around with our minds.

But hey, this is just part of your culture (the vast majority of you with very, very few exceptions)

Anonymous said...


What advice have you got for our John Maina? He is currently being hunted down by police in London after it was revealed he has a dark side.
Police in UK investigate all cases brought to their attention whether true or not, which means John will go through hell under the scrutiny of British police.
Poor man

Mama said...

Taabu, I have no idea why you are shocked about this....this is Kenya, anything goes as long as you have the dough!

Anonymous said...


It was not my intention to reveal my intimate email communications with John Maina, but since he decided to brag about here, I had no choice but to go public.

His intention was to unmask another blogger but sadly instead he helped to unmask himself. Backfired. Pole.
If you live by sword, you die by sword.

And to add the nail in the coffin, John Maina WILL be investigated by London Metropolitan Police, that is whether the allegations I made against him are true or not. He will now be placed under police surveillance until those claims are substantiated, which means every part of his life will come under heavy police scrutiny. I am determined to see John Maina live to regret, gladly I have his full name and photograph.

This is the only reward he will get after you cheered on him to attack another blogger.

Anna Kyalo

Anonymous said...

These effing arabus NEED TO GO HOME. Black kenyans do not get that to arabus, you are nothing but niggers- look at darfur- and that if you are not "one of faith"..they can simply get rid of you at any time- with no consience attaached to it - cos sanctioned by their "holy" book. Borrow wisdom from Ethiopia and other nations and protect yourselves: your independence, property and life from these intruding peeps that will not hesitate to take all "when the time comes". Cos you know that according to "their book", you are all nothing but "kaffirs" to them, period!!. Darn, Kenyans!!

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