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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Martha, Admitting Failure Dosen't Help Anything...Stepping Aside Might

Martha says we're losing the war on corruption.


I have to wonder when she found that out. Is this her way of finally admitting that her office has failed to carry out one of its core duties of fighting corruption? I still recall that sometime last year the good lady from Gachugu called on the necessary authorities to slash the hefty pay the government was paying a man called Ringera to fight corruption. One year later Ringera is still paid the same amount...and this at a time when he has nothing to show for all that burden his salary has dumped on the Kenyan taxpayer. In fact, if a man who is supposed to fight corruption can't have the moral compass to sense that accepting a pay of 2.5 Million is in itself corrupt, then how do we expect him to stop those who share his kind of mentality?

Back to Martha. I was amused when I heard her say that we are losing the war on corruption. No. We are not losing the war. She is losing the war. And Ringera is losing the war. They are the two top officials in government charged with the responsibility to protect the taxpayer from the mammoth appetite of corrupt officials. So when Martha publicly says we have failed, I have to ask her this question: Martha, what do you expect us...the common do?

It is becoming evident that Martha's attention has been diverted from her duties as the Minister for Constitutional Affairs to that of a full time candidate for president of Kenya. But if she can't stem corruption now, as a powerful minister with goodwill among many Kenyans, how will she do it when she is president? And if she can admit failure on the smaller matter of prosecuting obvious criminals, why should the nation thrust upon her bigger responsibilities?

Guys, Kenya stinks right now. A sense of hopelessness is creeping slowly on the people of the good nation. Just when we start complaining about taxes, they hit us with unga. When we complain about unga, they hit you with gas/petrol. We complain about petrol, they hit us with the media bill. And as we start grumbling about the media bill, they unleash the messes at the Kenya Tourism Board and Kenya Pipeline. Isn't this enough to make a man dizzy? And yet it took Martha this long to sense that we are losing this war?

No, Martha, this war is lost!

It would be nice if you can step aside and let a tougher woman/man take the fight to these sleazy thieves.

Can you, Martha?


Anonymous said...


Fidel Odinga sold the maize. He created the njaa.

Ken said...


Have u informed the people that our waheshimiwa (wezi wa miwa) are using our tax money to go to DC to watch the swearing in of Obama on CNN? They are not officially invited, so they will be watching on CNN. Dont we have CNN in Kenya?

This is the kind of corruption we are talking about.

Back to the issue of Martha, how can she fight graft when the principles of this graft are supported by their whole communities? You touch Ruto and it becomes a tribal thing. You touch Raila ("The people's president") and we have more churches burning.

Kimunya was a sacrificial lamb who was kicked out for suggesting that the wezi wa miwa's could pay tax.

Why haven't I heard you shout as loud as u shouted during Kimunya and anglo leasing and we have the anglo maize and anglo Oil??

I am not justifying any form of graft from ANYONE but we should be able to shout equally about graft even when it is perpetrated by our "gods". Lets call a spade a spade.

We make noise when a bill of 64M is presented for "the Duly elected's" trip to the mara. What we are not told is that Balala brought his whole family, friends and kanjura's from coast on this trip. Isn't this part of graft?

Joe the choma man said...

i know you were proposed for president in 2012 are you also proposing yourself as PS for ethics and governance in the office of the president, to work alongside Aaron and underneath Martha? that position is vacant and has been lying dormant for sometime now ever since good ol' Githongo resigned in 2005

If you decide to go for that too good luck and all the best

Anonymous said...


it was fidel and jimmy. i hear fidel is in uganda selling oil now. is it triton oil?

Sam Okello said...

Joe The Choma Man,

I'm calling on Martha to step aside so that a more capable Kenyan can grab this bull by the horn (forgive the cliche). I can't remember another time in the recent past when Kenyans had to confront corruption on so many fronts. How can the nation survive this? If Martha can't handle it, let someone else do it.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious that our MPs are using taxpayers money to go to the US to watch Obamas inauguration on CNN.

Sam Okello 2012!

Demogod said...

Kenyan people need to stand up to these "ruthless" politicians. They are all "scums" who just have no morals left to even have the decency to feed the people of Kenya. How can we be faced with starvation, when Kenya has one of the most fertile lands in the world? We resort to selling our land to foreigners, and making our farmers poorer by the day. Is this what we want?

If kenya has to survive these "thugs" then its time to wake up and stand up and fight these guys. We have to make them accountable for every scandal, regardless of who it is, Raila, Kibaki, Uhuru, Ruto etc? These guys muct understand that there is a price to pay for corruption, and if they engage in this practice and put the people of Kenya in such dire situations - then they have to pay the price.

So, Kenyans, please don't follow these politicians blindly whoever it is, demand results and transparency, and the junior guys who are in the ministries must start leaking the real information to the public.

We must become the hunter instead of the hunted - enough of this bullshit!

Either we build Kenya for us and our children, or we let it rot and feed it to the vultures. We need to decide????

Singa said...

Kikuyu's are very INDUSTRIOUS you know. One Shiro gets married to Fidel and shortly afterwards she ''infects'' INDUSTRIOUSNESS to the entire Odinga family. Now Fidel and the father are busy diverting maize mean't for the wretched of Kenya to Juba making billions at the expence of their dying core supporters who are the main consumers of Ugali. The deals now being cut by Fidel and his father will make us apologise to the family of Mobutu for calling him corrupt we are lucky at least we arec witnessing the change people killed for

Phil said...


For once, you are talking sense.

But please direct the message to the boss; Mwai Kibaki. The buck stops with him. Infact, all the reports of commissions of enquiry are handed to him for further action.

Although he has been quick to instruct KACC to look into the maize/hunger saga (clap, clap, clap), I wonder why he is taking time to release the Cockar report on Grand regency or why he has not ordered a a full investigation into the oil scandal which started while he was wasting time holidaying in Mombasa?

Its pointless to be president if you cannot feed your population and if you can guarantee food security to the people.

Shindwe kabisa!

Anonymous said...



KipChola said...

This year I harvested 80 bags of maize and 20 bags of beans. For me and my family to get thought the year I just 10th of my produce, surplus, I will sale to juba or sale to champ brews. Man everybody for himself and God for us all. Our GOVERNMENT IS IMPORTING MAIZE ,WHILE REFUSING TO BUY FROM ITS FARMERS.
Kenyan wake up RAILA, KIBAKI, panu and odm will never, never come to you rescure, tell Kenyan have seen cheap unga, NO.what are you waiting for the only person who can save you and Kenyan is yourself. Ngojeni mtakufa na njaa

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua is the worst crook- opening her big mouth won't save her from ICC for having a hand in thousands of innocent Kenyans deaths.

Anonymous said...

Things were better when Fidel was just happy to fill up his sodden mind with drink.But since he was rebuked for just drinking himself silly and not being as INDUSTRIOUS as the Gideons and Phillips of Kenya,only the devil can speculate whats in store for Kenyans.The irony is we the ordinary Kenyans fought their war,THEIR FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO EAT!

Anonymous said...

anon7:28 AM
Yup and ICC -International Criminal court is waiting for Kibaki's ass!!

Kibaki shameless shaite sleeps with his daughter Judy they have a daughter together- that is Kikuyu Incest at work... Mpumbavu sana

Anonymous said...

National News

Truth of Triton oil scam
Updated on: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PRESIDENT Kibaki yesterday summoned Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi and his Permanent Secretary Patrick Nyoike as details emerge that the two could have been privy to the mega oil scandal at the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC).

It also emerged that suspended KPC Managing Director George Okungu was fully aware of the release of 126 million litres of oil without written authorisation from the financial institutions that funded its importation. The revelations came as pressure mounted on the government to undertake thorough investigations into the mega scandal that is now estimated to cost the tax payer over Sh10 billion and take the necessary action.


Anonymous said...

anon8:23 AM

Hold your horses yet again

just ask mama Rucy why she was screaming and cursing at her son the other day??

Check your facts before opening your kikuyu fat brown teethed mouth! it needs a wash.

Anonymous said...

anon9:42 AM


Anonymous said...

Sources confirm involvement of Jimmy Kibaki in the maize scandal

Caught with pants down- Now what exactly will Kibaki be singing this time??

"it wasn't me" it was my son??

Shenzi sana

Anonymous said...

anon8:38 AM




Anonymous said...

anon8:38 AM

Kikuyu mavi will never be statehouse again. we will book them in central Lesotho for good with no way out. this murderers and thieves must be stopped . period.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:44,47,48,52,47

You can shout all you want no other person can outdo a LUO at Shouting or throwing stones but the fact remains your master whom MOI castrated while in prison is involved in the maize theft

Anonymous said...

sam, no its not only her losing the war, we are, when we also pay bribes. And dont say we have to, because there is power in numbers. She has to create policy that severely reprimands corruption, reduces loopholes that can be taken advantage of, and constant reviews of government agencies, but we in turn have to bite the bullet and stop paying bribes, or encouraging the electing of idiots like those MP's

Anonymous said...

Singa, I think you need to go to a mental asylum, you are seriously trying to tell me that because he married a kikuyu woman Do you have evidence that his corrupt behaviour begun when he married her? or started dating her? At the end of the day he's a grown man, and if this were true a foolish man.

papa plus said...


You are pegging your hopes on Martha and Ringera to singularly fight corruption?

I dare say you have been watching/reading way too many DC comic cartoons!

Ringera is not Batman. Neither is Martha. How do you expect them to fight corruption when it is entrenched deep in GK?

kalamari said...

Asking Martha Karua to resign and expecting her to do so is like asking a cat to swim and expecting it to do the back stroke.

Anonymous said...

What is Kibaki doing a in Statehouse?????????

Anglo leasing,Grand Regency, Maizeberger,oilberger.

IDPs.Relief food in Central province............

What is Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki doing in state house? Who has an answer?

And soon as it will emerge,his sons and Wambui, that Narc activists are the main culprits. The Maize scandal and Army boots saga is but an iceberg.

And Kiraitu- he appears everywhere

Lets copy this at the website

While Moi is turning out to be "saint", Kibaki wants to give us Saitaoti of THE Goldenberg as the next President!

Land of scandals

By BERNARD NAMUNANE and SAMWEL KUMBA Posted Wednesday, January 14 2009 at 20:49
The oil and maize scandals are just the latest in a string of dubious deals, which have dogged the Grand Coalition Government since it came to power nearly a year ago.


Sh825m lost in maize fraud as hunger bites
This is despite an assurance by President Kibaki that corruption would be a thing of the past during his term at the helm.

During the start of his second term in December 2007, President Kibaki pledged to ensure that any of his Cabinet ministers implicated in corruption would be suspended until cleared of such accusations.

Despite this, the Government has hopped from one crisis to another, with senior officials including Cabinet ministers, being implicated in corruption.

Among the latest scandals were the irregular transactions involving the Kenya Pipeline Company and Triton Limited in which financiers risk losing up to Sh7.6 billion.

Irregular payment

The Kenya Tourism Board is still reeling from revelations that its former managing director, Dr Ong’ong’a Achieng’, authorised an irregular payment of Sh43 million to two private companies.

Between April and June last year, the scandal involving the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel, now Laico Regency, threatened to split the bond that has kept PNU and ODM together since the signing of the National Accord, which ended two months of fighting after the December 2007 presidential election.

The secret sale of the five-star hotel to a Libyan company was made public by Lands minister James Orengo in June. As a result, the then Finance minister Amos Kimunya was censured by Parliament, and he resigned from his post to pave way for investigations into the deal.

The hotel, which was formerly owned by businessman Kamlesh Pattni, was sold for Sh2.9 billion amid claims that it could have fetched Sh7 billion in the open market.

Around the same period, Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang’ found himself in trouble following accusations that he had allowed issuing of work permits to foreigners in questionable circumstances.

Mr Kajwang’ was accused of ignoring advice from his technical officers to give work permits to eight members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — a salesman and a welder — all foreigners who had not met the requirements for being considered as investors. Some of them were accused of doing jobs that could have been done by Kenyans.

Even though the minister maintained that he acted within the law and was also absolved by the parliamentary committee on National Security, he was questioned by Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission detectives who revealed an elaborate cartel of brokers who were making billions of money at the ministry.

The minister’s personal assistant was also arrested during the investigations. On September 25, Somali pirates hijacked a ship carrying military tanks and arms. The Ukrainian vessel, MV Faina, was hijacked off the Kenyan coast with 33 T-72 Russian-made tanks, rocket propelled grenades, 23 anti-aircraft guns and ammunition.

Kenya insisted that the weapons were meant for its military, but a US Navy spokesman said the arms were imported by Kenya on behalf of Southern Sudan.

At around the same time, the De La Rue scandal came to light. It is believed that the scandal cost the then deputy governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, Mrs Jacinta Mwatela, her job.

Mrs Mwatela who headed CBK’s tendering committee is said to have opposed the renewal of the De La Rue contract. De La Rue has won most of the contracts through single-sourcing, which Mrs Mwatela had described as illegal.

The Government is said to have lost billions of shillings in the printing of currency, hence Mrs Mwatela’s demand that the tendering be done competitively.

Anonymous said...

Woooiii jameni tunataka unga! Tafadhali sio matusi!

UrXlnc said...

more crawling out of the woodwork

Anonymous said...

It is like everyone is scrambling for the last remaining flesh before the carcass becomes a skeleton.

UrXlnc said...

and also in case we forget, all the three party leaders were adamant in the campaigns that secondary school would be free. now all three are in the three top positions, albeit only one guy has all the buttons

Anonymous said...


This link to this debate tells you what has gone wrong with Kenya today.

The MAFIA's are swinging for the big ones and bailing out before its too late to swindle anymore.

Anonymous said...


Re: Muhoho’s tenure signing of Sh26BILLION-SCANDAL
Airports boss sent on forced leave Another one bites the durst- but this time kenyans demand jail-term and all kickbacks of millions confiscated-His banks should be frozen(the ones abroad)

Kenya Airports Authority managing director George Muhoho has been sent on compulsory leave two months before his contract expires.

Mr Muhoho, a close ally of President Kibaki, was asked by the KAA board of directors to leave his post early.

It comes after the Efficiency Monitoring Unit (Emu) in the Prime Minister’s Office delivered a damning report on the goings-on at the authority.

The report covers the expansion work at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, among other things.

Another term

Sources familiar with operations of the authority said Mr Muhoho had asked for another three-year term, which would have taken his tenure at KAA to nine years if granted.

The managing director of the authority is appointed by the board, but the chairman is appointed by the President.

The practice recently has been for parastatal chiefs to serve a maximum two terms and then retire.

Highly placed sources within KAA told the Nation that Mr Muhoho’s request for a third term could not be granted because the Emu report is not favourable for him and his team.

Mr Muhoho has had an eventful tenure at KAA, during which the parastatal was turned into a profitable outfit, but there have also been questions about some of its undertakings.

Although it has been argued that Mr Muhoho’s enviable position in Government owes a lot to his near filial relationship with the country’s chief executive, he is on record refuting the claims.

He maintains that it has nothing to do with him being close to President Kibaki.

Amidst global terrorist threats and the so-called Armenian brothers who brought a security scare at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Mr Muhoho was grilled by a commission, which wanted to know how safe Kenya’s airports were.

Biggest challenge

Mr Muhoho is on record saying that the biggest challenge facing all international airports was security and Kenya was no exception.

“We are as safe as any other airport in the world. Nobody will ever tell you that we are immune to insecurity. But we have made every effort to ensure that our airports are safe and secure,” he is quoted as having said.

KAA had earlier announced major plans to upgrade airports at a cost of about Sh10 billion.

The expansion was to make Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) a major regional hub in Africa by chasing a Federal Aviation Agency Category 1.

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Anonymous said...

how about Wangari Mathaai for president - she is not touched by corruption......

sereast said...

Here are some solutions to the problems bedeviling Kenya.

1. By some fate MK, RO, and KM (miracles) are sent on a rendezvous with their creator.
2. A very courageous army personnel assumes leadership and he has the interests of the nation at heart aka Conte style.
3. All ministers are rounded up and locked up pending investigation into whatever scandal they were/are/will be involved in.
4. The civil service is disbanded. Everyone is asked to reapply for their positions, all other interested Kenyans can apply. A body is put in place to vet the applications, momentarily the civil service is run by current college students under supervision of a panel of imminent persons.
4. In about a year, current drafts on the constitution plus the current one are looked into by professionals who harbour no political ambitions (this will be one of the criteria for choosing these people). A concrete document that consolidates our strengths as a nation is put in place and a referendum carries out. The draft is presented to kenyans to vote on but prior to this its given sent to the constituency level where officers trained in it will have to explain it to the people. Its passed.
5. Constitution nulifies all current and past members of parliament from seeking any public office. Current MPs are sent home with a severance package.
6. Elections are called within two years, no political party is in place as the constitution disallows it, every interested person will vie as independents. Campaign is based on policy and debates. Any candidate found dishing money will automatically have committed a crime punishable by imprisonment.
7. Interested persons present their CVs to the electoral body which vets their qualifications, and does a thorough background check.
8. A president is not chosen, but the people's representatives choose from among themselves who is best suited to lead policy, lead citizenry etc thus we can have up-to 8 positions of leadership all answerable to parliament and the people of Kenya.
9. the civil service is run by technocrats who sign performance contracts. As such the civil service is de-linked from political influence.

And Kenya will be on the path to being a super power by 2030.

Sam Okello said...

I've followed this discussion with keen interest. What I've been interested in gauging was wether we really understand the magnitude of the trouble we are facing if this level of corruption is not stopped at once. The outrage expressed by most bloggers is reassuring.

The Daily Nation has today listed the six mega scandals the nation is confronting. Though you disagree with me, Phil, when I call on the entire government to be held accountable, how do you want me to dump all blame on Kibaki when Raila constantly reminds us that they are equal partners in the coalition? Are they only equal when things go okay? No, sir, if Raila can't handle it, he too should get out of the way and let Kenyans who can do the job do it.

At this stage we must warn that no nation can survive this magnitude of corruption. As the rich become richer, they are setting the stage for the dispossessed to one day say, "We want some of that money, we too are Kenyans."

That could be a revolution!

Anonymous said...

Why are the editorials of the major dailies not calling for resignations? Why is Ringera still heading anti corruption? Why is Martha still on her job?

Anonymous said...

Truly Kenya needs a Military rule to curb this indiscipline. I support you on the need to overhaul the civil service, depoliticize it and ban the current MPs from holding political office in future
Thats the only way we can heal. It seems that the Kibaki/Raila administration has lost control over the nation. Seems like it's everyone for himself God for us all. grab whatever your hands lay on. It's becoming worse than KANU Days.
GOD Help Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Reading most of the comments on the blog posts here one realizes just how tribal people are. I suggest you guys to look for a movie called Tristan and Isolde. Its a story of how Irish during the medieval ages worked hard to ensure that the tribes of Britons(yes they used to have tribes) never united so that Ireland can continue to prosper. This is the same ideology the colonial government used on us. The crafted national boundaries without regard to tribal alignments and caused tribal conflicts we see today. But today we have a bigger problem and that is of Neo-Colonialism. The Elite class of politicians with vast amounts of wealth pit poor Africans against each other as the continue to plunder the country.

Guys here shout themselves sore about Kikuyu this, Luo this, Kalenjin this insulting one another and some kill each other (PEV). As you insult your brother from another tribe,as yourselves if you have $100 million dollars hidden somewhere in a swis bank for children and grand children that you are fighting to protect. Yes, these guys you cheer on as your heroes continue to rob you of your future and your children future as you continue to be divided along ethnic lines.

It does not matter what tribe you come from really. No one choose to be born from whatever tribe. The day Kenyans tribes unite they will prosper and stop being plundered and fooled by these elites who continue to make a fool of us.

Mkenya said...

Tribalism in Kenya will be very hard to root out-thanks to PEV and our very able,transparent,preach water and drink water leaders.
The only thing that will unite us,albeit temporarily,will be the hunger and poverty-it will soon be a war between the haves and have nots.
@Anonymous 12.02Am,I hear u,and yes,its time we stopped the tribal Nonsense.
May God help Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work man is called upon to perform.

The question is:

(a) What is the real cause of corruption in Kenya and other developing nations?

We are yet to see any one attempting to see the truth beyond the appearances, i.e. beyond the matrix.

Mai ma nguku said...

I blame Luos for all the problems cropping up in Kenya. These people are not civilised to lead anything let alone a goverment ministry. They are better off being doctors, Lawyers, lectures and other professional but not politics.

Anonymous said...

mwarangethe, what is the truth? Help us see beyond the matrix.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
mwarangethe, what is the truth? Help us see beyond the matrix.

Our Comment:

Lets us ask this way:

If you want to become rich, do you study poverty?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
mwarangethe, what is the truth? Help us see beyond the matrix.

Our Comment:

I will assume that you, or most bloggers here, have lived both in Kenya and also, in the so called developed world.

If that assumption is accepted:

- As a very simple way of illustrating, just study the way you buy a mobile phone in Kenya, and contrast it with how you do the same in the so called developed world.

If you take time to see study the two systems, you will begin to see where corruption comes from.

Anonymous said...

Corruption and theft is what you get when you elect imbeciles like Raila and Ruto. The irony of all this drama IS some kenyans actually killed because of these morons.

Mwarang'ethe said...

In conclusion, there are two ways of acquiring wealth. Wealth can be acquired through:

(a) Competition, or
(b) Creation/creativity.

Thus, to eradicate corruption, Kenyans must be taught to become rich by creation, not by competition.

Unfortunately, Kenyans have been taught in schools to acquire wealth by competition and not through creation.

To change this, we must have an education system that is not about LIMITATIONS, but, that is about POSSIBILITIES. Thats the challenge, otherwise, we are wasting time.

Anonymous said...

Corruption in Kenya start in the state house and end there period!! We can't have a thieving president to bring any meaningful progress in fighting corruption, if he is serious let his dissolve this useless Government and we go back to the Debe. Otherwise let him continue burying his Alzheimer infested head in the sand and expect the latest case of corruption to pass.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe, you have left me more confused than when you started. Accroding to that blubber you have put out there, is there hope for kenya?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mwarangethe, you have left me more confused than when you started. Accroding to that blubber you have put out there, is there hope for kenya?

Our Comment:

There can only be hope, if Kenyans are educated to get rich through creation and not by competition.

Why so?

Simple. If people adopt (as we have) the competitive way of acquiring wealth, they have embraced a Godless scramble for power over other men.

However, if they adopt ( read educated) the idea of acquiring wealth by creation, all that changes.

Sam Okello said...

I still stress that as we debate this matter, it must not be lost on us the seriousness of this issue. Now that we have to add George Muhoho to the list of the thieves...and by the way the man is a priest of sorts...just where is the bottom on this matter?

On Monday I asked if the youth can do any better than these graying folks. Can we? I asked that because the Kibaki-Raila administration has made Kenya fel like a very dark cloud is passing over the nation. If the youth, who now aspiere to lead, won't scatter the dark cloud, then we must prepare ourselves for a storm.

No nation can withstand what's going on in Kenya today. Sooner or later the bottom is going to drop off this pot and we'll all sink to depths unimaginable. Those who are busy looting Kenya now must realize that when that bottom drps off, all of us will go down with it.

Stop this insanity!

Joe the choma man said...

in other words are you saying "wale wanataka kupigana" watapigana na "wale wanataka ku-loot?" i.e. Bado Mapambano?

but Samo these 2 groups have always been mutually exclusive of each other and have had nothing to do with one another unless the fighters cross over to join the other side and become the eaters-that is why Martha can't step aside but instead admits failure-amekula(chomp chomp) mbuzi ya nani tena gani(slurp, burp)?

where's mcCavity the cat(barf)?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Sam Okello asked:

On Monday I asked if the youth can do any better than these graying folks.

Our Comment:

We ask thee. What determines the colour of a stream? Is it not the soil through which it flows through?

And, if so, which soil, have the youth of Kenya passed through? And, since you know the soil, on what basis, would you expect them to be different?

Anonymous said...


You said:

"Now that we have to add George Muhoho to the list of the thieves...and by the way the man is a priest of sorts...just where is the bottom on this matter?"

Most - 95% - of these Archbishops/Bishops/pastors/"saved" brothers and sisters are no better than than the Hyena leaders Kenya has today. They could even be worse! They are just the fake Moi and Kalonzo type saved hypocrites who are, ironicaly, quite impressed with themselves.

Moi is saved but look at the looting, massive abuse of human rights and stealing that happened during his watch.

Cardinal John Njue: His behavior over the last couple of years has confirmed him to be a tribalist and hatemonger...

Kalonzo: Huyu ni shetani ibilisi. A massive hypocrite. He puts on a false "Holy" facade but ndani yake resides the spirit of Satan. This is a very big hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

How comes the last three months seem to have the highest concentration of economic scandals and theft in the history of Kenya?

Anonymous said...

mwarangethe is at it again but i like this analogy better. but you are contradicting yourself because earlier you said there was hope for kenya.

Anonymous said...

Whenever people complain about the way things are going on in Kenya, it is always important to Keep in mind that the Current CEO is Kibaki. The buck stops with him. Raila has no real power in this government, it is only the force of his personality that manages to get a few good things done here and there - everything (the election and real executive power) was STOLEN from him.

I repeat once again, THE BUCK STOPS WITH KIBAKI!

marisela said...

I cannot understand the hypocrisy that Sam Okello exhibits here. We have glorified the whistle blowers like Munyakei and Jacinta Mwatela and I agree they did a great service to Kenya. I will ask Martha Karua haters in this blog, would you rather that she kept quiet because it is the ODM thugs looting. Hate her or like her, she has been consistent in her message and she has not been caught stealing like most of her colleagues in the coalation government.

I like the analogy of the colour of the stream. You cannot expect the like of Ruto who were selling air to the government and hiving off Ngong Forest to be less corrupt just beacuse they are serving with Raila Odinga.If you believe that even Raila odinga is clean then you can believe everything.

Back Sam Okello, I thought Martha is coordinated and supervided by RAO why are we attacking the minions and not the principals?
Jeuri sana huyo Okello.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
mwarangethe is at it again but i like this analogy better. but you are contradicting yourself because earlier you said there was hope for kenya.

Our Comment:

We said this: There can only be hope, if Kenyans are educated to get rich through creation and not by competition.

By that we mean this. It is not sufficient, nor is it necessary, to have the youth in power to end corruption.

To argue otherwise, as Sam Okello has argued, is what we said is mistaking the appearance for the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.53 AM

Religion is the opiate of the masses. Any serious african politician has read THE PRINCE. Lying is alright if it brings a political gain. You have to fake piety. The masses like it. Even in US you cannot be elected to a big office unless you fake being religious.

BTW there is no such person as SATAN.

Sam Okello said...


As a nation we gave Martha a job to do. She was madated to prosecute folks who commit crimes. Stealing from the nation is a crime. So now we are asking why she has not been doing the job we tasked her to accomplish on our behalf. I agree with you that the buck stops with Kibaki and Raila, but it has to start with Martha. Is that fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24 AM,

I said the SPIRIT of Satan, not the "person" of Satan.

You also said:

"Any serious african politician has read THE PRINCE."

Serious African leaders??!! My foot!! No wonder Africa is in the pathetic state it is.

FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT only result in DISASTER and FAILURE as in the case of Africa - Kenya, Zimbabwe e.t.c

Anonymous said...

Kibaki must go!Kibaki must go! Kibaki must go Kibaki must go

too much corruption in his governing since 2002- 2009 still going on
shady contracts signed in 2007 in turn to get election dollars has messed up all the corporations and financial institutions in Kenya...

Kibaki must go!Kibaki must go! Kibaki must go Kibaki must go
Kibaki must go!Kibaki must go! Kibaki must go Kibaki must go

too much corruption in his governing since 2002- 2009 still going on
shady contracts signed in 2007 in turn to get election dollars has messed up all the corporations and financial institutions in Kenya...

Kibaki must go!Kibaki must go! Kibaki must go Kibaki must go

too much corruption in his governing since 2002- 2009 still going on
shady contracts signed in 2007 in turn to get election dollars has messed up all the corporations and financial institutions in Kenya...

Kibaki must go!Kibaki must go! Kibaki must go Kibaki must go

too much corruption in his governing since 2002- 2009 still going on
shady contracts signed in 2007 in turn to get election dollars has messed up all the corporations and financial institutions in Kenya...

Anonymous said...

anon 6:38 a.m.,

that poem or whatever it is needs a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki had only four years left..and we will all forget about him. The fundamental question is whether kenyans are ready to elect great leaders! bet..we are in this ushenzi for the long haul...

Anonymous said...

Like somebody said, maybe a military coup, followed by elections within a year is the way to go.

Mai ma nguku said...

Anon 6.38

Are you suggesting Kibaki to go so Uhuru can succeed him? I beg to differ with you on that one. Uhuru is still young to ascend to the throne, he need at least 4 more years to ripen so he can ASAP Raila ass back to Bondo.

Anonymous said...

read my lips, Uhuru will never be president of kenya!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.16

Sorry i cannot read your lips! Thank God i cannot see you! Who would like to see a black face kama makaa, with big mouth and 6 missing teeth?!! Urrrrrrrrrrgh! scary!!

Anonymous said...


that is not nice.

Anonymous said...

anon7:48 AM

and who would like to see a brown rotting filled mouth add to that incest invested d.i.c.k??
Majority of kenyans would prefer central province not to exist or to be conned off - we will central lesotho you murderous, thieving thugs soon pal...
Keep sleeping with your mothers and fathers you filthy ignorant malaya's

Same Uhuru sleeps with all his cousins and his daughters that( he has from other women)Incest is a disease in central province we all know that!!

Anonymous said...

anon6:49 AM
I forgot to add like someone pointed on here an incest committing thug Kibaki who sleeps with his daughter Judy?? is that better you fool??

Kibaki= senile full of Alzheimer , incest committing goon, murderous thug, thieving mpumbavu goon.

Please add more on the poem pal since you seem to think there is more to ADD about your darling thieving thug named Emilio Mwai Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.01, shiate born of retarded inherited mother! Kikuyus do not practice incest. They don't inherited wives and f.cuk corpse to bid them farewell with overgrown foreskins. oops no wonder AIDS is ravaging the entire tribe!!

UrXlnc said...

well it looks like finally someone up there is paying attention to issues

wonder who the 12th person is?

but then again, what new information would this committee have that is not currently being expressed by the Serena Committee, Parliament, Cabinet Office, etc.

seems to me that kenya is a bus that has veered off the main road at full speed and crashed into a bush due to a combination of factors largely due to an incompetent crew (driver(s), navigator(s), and mechaninc(s))

the comedy starts at attempting to fix the problem. some passengers want the crew (at least some of them) left in the bush to die a slow natural death and replaced with what is touted as a new untainted crew.

mwanwhile our crew, who are firmly in charge, are busy evaluating whether the cause of accident is due to bad paint job of the bus, or whether some of the passengers are from a certain area, etc and committee upon committee are being formed and discarded faster than mandazi at burma to try out fresh paint jobs etc. notwithstanding the fact that the turnboys/touts and other well connected semi crew are having the time of their life groping, robbing and raping the passengers.

oh yeah, we'll be in this bush for quite a while unless some other bus comes along.

sereast said...

As I said before, we need a coup. Detain all these IDIOTS and start afresh. Full stop.

papa plus said...

As a full blooded Kenyan male; I have to give Ms.Martha kudos for her stands. On most cases she stands on principle and she doesn't back down while supposedly circumscised men are hiding behind closed. And she is the only one who has never been tagged to corruption.

More like that bus has reacehd the edge of the desert where they have to chart a new course but due to too many hands are trying to read the map and navigate, we are literally going in circles.

Mwarang'ethe said...

sereast said...
As I said before, we need a coup. Detain all these IDIOTS and start afresh. Full stop.

1/15/09 9:38 AM

Our Comment:

We asked, and we ask again.

What determines the colour of a stream? Is it not the soil/pollutants (read Nairobi river) through which it flows through?

If that is so:

(a)On what basis do you dare believe, dream or hope that the Kenyan military is/will/shall be different?

(b) And, if the military were to take what you say seriously, but, end up behaving like the idiots you talk about, what will by thy recourse Sir?

papa plus said...

on a side note, all men over 40 need to do a self breast examination along with the testicular exam. Breast cancer in men is one the up and up. Good luck fellows!

kenyaone said...

Hey guys. ladies. I have had a hard day. Am so drained. reading and seeing all the issues that our country is grappling with.I though kumekucha was a blog for change. A blog for a new beginning. I want to be part of that. I have my hang ups but If i could be helped to the presidency of this hurting nation i believe i could make a great difference.. Righ now am at home appalled by the vitriol and malice amongst the bloggers mainly Luo versus Kikuyu. Luos with the black faces and big noses and missing teath. Uncisrcumsided. Kikuyus, brown teeth , incestuous thieving. So what. Do we need condemnation or help.Which is easier. To see someones prejudice and make a decision to work with him, understand him and slowly bring him or her around or just condemn and run away. Its no longer your business. When we call ourselves brothers and sisters what are we actually saying. Would you help your brother...sister or condemn them.
A woman was caught in the act of adultry. The pharisees brought her to jesus. She was probably not clothed properly having been pulled out of the bed. Note they did not bring the man, Him they let go. they brought the woman. probably cause the man was one of them. Teacher they said we found this woman committing adultry. In the law it says we should stone her to death. they were looking for a reason to accuse him of breaking the law. jesus then bent down and started scrawling in the dirt. (my opinion...he himself was tempted right then to lust for the woman because he knew what she had been doing,jesus was tempted with all things known to man) He diverted his attention deliberately. When he regained his composture he asked just one thing. 'He who has never sinned cast the first stone' everyone began to drift away the older ones first till no one was left. Jesus asked her. Has no one accused you. She said no one. He said neither do i. But he knew she had been doing it. 'GO now he said and leave your life of sin.

Point being.

None of us can accuse the luo, Kikuyu, kamba kalenjin or otherwise of being behind kenyas woes. We are all evil and we all need to help not condemn each other. None of us has the moral authority to cast that first stone. So lets decide kenyans. Do we work together or pull apart. Is it possible to get such consensus from kenyans that we agree that regardless of what our own MP's achieve this year we get rid of the lot in 2012. ALL OF THEM KIKUYU< LUO< KALENJIN MAASAI< KAMBA< MERU etc. All a completely new house. Can kenyans rise up to this incredible challenge.Or do we see fit to continue making ourselves sicker with prejudice greed and jealousy. thats the decision we have to make.

Anonymous said...

There are 4 important people missing in this blog, or shall I say 5--- Vikii, Kwale, Kimi, B-carotene and Jeff.

This blog is boring without these highly valued bloggers. If I don't see any of the above names I quit Kumekucha. Iam gone as well!

papa plus said...

I feel your pain. Here are some remedies that have worked for me. If you have noticed, a lot of the hate speech is posted by anons. of course they could be you or I. A simple look of their I.P. address can ascertain that. Thing is they do it for lack of anything better to say rather than bait others.

The answer; ignore such comments.

Why waste your time reading something that focuses on another man's foreskin or lack thereof, another man's dental hygiene...what does that have to do with the price of unga in Kenya?

What I do is I scroll down to characters who have taken the time to append a name to their post. It works wonderfully.

I have to say that it is a shame that pro PNU die hards will refrain from presenting their point of view on such issues. Personally i like to hear vikii, Kwale and company's opinions because it gives me a different kenyan perspective and makes me think.

Vikii said...

Papa Plus, since when did I become pro PNU? I am NOT pro PNU--never been. I am a member of the ODMK! I am comfortable there.

Now, if this is about Martha and her resignation, well, I dont think my input is needed. She is as white as snow. It is a shame that she serves in a cabinet whose composition is 85% corrupt, a cabinet full of murderers, land grabbers, dictators of the Idd Amin mold and warlords.

How about that?

papa plus said...

My apologies Vikii for lumping you with PNU. I assumed mistakenly that ODM-K was part of PNU.

Yes, I agree with you that Ms.Karua is definately above her collegues in terms of intelligence and ethics within GK.

Which brings me back to how anyone in Kenya can run a clean GK when they are surrounded by morally and ethically corrupt individuals?

papa plus said...


i think that the time for the coup was during the failed elections and the shenanigans that followed. Right now we do have a GK that has been legitimized. Therefore any military coup and benevolent dictatorship would be condemned the world over.

papa plus said...

On the case of this 12 member committee tasked with streamlining the GNU; when the GNU was tasked with steamlining the affairs of the nation; exactly who is going to be tasked with steamlining the 12 member committee affaires?

And are these 12 getting paid for every meeting they attend? On top of their jobs in GNU? isn't that double payment for essentially the same job?

I tell you Kenyans have become masters at committee forming

Anonymous said...

papa plus, no need to feel rattled by bully vikii.
Don't be cheated, Vikii is pnu damu-weren't they all herded and sold to pnu by kalonzo? where kalonzo goes, vikii follows including cheering him on as he unveils toilets and flags off lorries taking blankets to prisoners.

papa plus said...

Anon 3.41,

Unveiling toilets...hehehehe..Well that may be so but I take Vikii at his word.

Having said that, the good people of mwingi are facing dire starvation at this time. Am not sure exactly what Kalonzo has to say about this predictable predicament or will he too join Kibaki and Raila in leading from the rear kama mkiya when it comes to issues affecting wananchi.

Anonymous said...

Vikii says he will vote for kalonzo come rain or shine. At the sme time, he says he greatly admires UHURU! Vikii, if for some strange reason they all rally behind 'goldenberg saitoti' will you change tune and vote for Saitoti?

BTW, Kalonzo says the leaders of regions ravaged by famine should have a MEETING to chart the way forward. Note the guy never has immediate solutions when confronted with tough situations. He is the VP, surely can't he take decisve action rather than call for some useless meeting as his people feed on raw cooked pawpaw.

Vikii said...

Well, this is the kind of madness that I am not ready to descend to. We have political parties in kenya, some in coalitions with others and some working on their own. That is perfectly within the law. So why my support for Kalonzo(which I didn't talk about in this thread--I merely said I am a member of the ODMK and not PNU)rattles you fellows so much is hard to tell. This is in line with democracy where people are free to join a party of their choice. It is not a crime! Nobody has forced any of you to join the ODMK and nobody really cares. In fact they have a party out there called ODM which you guys can happily join. I am persuaded to think this stone throwing you guys are employing against me is something they excel in. It is the core principle that defines that party's philosophy.

Now to the gentleman who asks me whether I can vote for George Saitoti, I don't know why this buggles you but if knowing would really tickle you, I will tell you; I can NEVER bring myself to even identify with him. I have said a hundred and one times that I have a conscience that I care about being at peace with. Probably the reason we are in different parties is our relationship and comfortability with graft, murder and recklessness. Prof. Saitoti represents all three. He is corrupt to the skin and he is a murderer of the worst kind. To me, he should be in the ODM party where everybody seems to cherish these "ideals".

Now as for my admiration for UK and support for Kalonzo, this is a non issue. None of the two has declared he will be running for President. At least I have not heard. There are however several Presidential candidates that I admire. I would have absolutely no qualms with identifying myself with Sam poghisio, Martha or Bifwoli Wakoli. If and when Kalonzo and UK decide to join the fray, then we'll see what happens.

About the hunger and kalonzo, well, are we really targeting the right guy here? The first comment on this thread talks of Fidel odinga engaging in maize corruption. The last time I checked, Kalonzo's sons name was ken not Fidel.

Anonymous said...

the boons of nyanza. You say you are for democracy but you hate kalonzo for excersing his democratic right. this must be a nilotic/sudanese thing. kalonzo did the right thing by not supporting these darkies.

Anonymous said...

Its a longtime since i have seen comments reach 90 here in KK. sam you must been doing well with your articles:)!

clemo said...

The Boss has to be more catholic than the pope-and as clean as a hound's tooth!since we have two equal bosses who are neither of above(raira&kifaki),the followers are bound to follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Is this a land of scandals or a land of scoundrels? Surely some of these scandals are not true, They are meant to divert our attention from important things like implementation of The Waki and Kriegler Reports, The new constitution , resettlement and compensation of IDPs etc. This week's Citizen had a damning report on the Triton implicating RAO and son,nephew and sister in the so called deals
For those who have not read it have a sneak preview
The article incriminating Raila Odinga and his family in suspect oil
deal,which also involved a cartel of wealthy Asian wheeler dealer appeared
in the latest issue of the Nairobi ’s publication,the WEEKLY CITIZEN,which
is one of the mushrooming alternative press,commonly called “Gutter
Press”. The paper is credited for its in-depth investigative report,making
it a lethal weapons to the politicians.?

In a page one leading article the articles says.” Towards the end of
2008,Kenyans were forced to grapple with an
unreliable supply of fuel and
artificial rise in its pricing.”?On more than one occasion,the Managing
Director of the National Oil Pipeline Mr George Okungu gave a widely
televised interviews to reassure Kenyans that there was no fuel shortage
or crisis as such in the country. But between December 28 and
29th,December 2008 most filling stations upcountry had no fuel to supply
to the motorists. Workers returning from Holiday,particularly those
travelling from Western Kenya back to the City got briefly stranded in
Kisumu and other towns.

During the same period,a medium sized oil firm called Triton Limited,which
is run by Mr Yagnes Devani and Mr Pankaj Somaia was reported to have
allegedly rendered legally bankrupt,suddenly appeared in the oil trading
scene.?The duo,according to CITIZEN’’s article have their roots in the
lakeside Kenyan City of Kisumu and it is in Chemelil area within the
sugar belt,where the first few Triton Limited outlets were set up.
What was most intriguing is that in-spite of its definite inability to
source and service the largest oil order in the country,Triton Ltd,is
alleged to have secured the government tender to purchase national oil
supplies for a six month quota through the alleged intervention of the
Prime Minister Raila Odinga,who is said to have personal and family
interests in the oil industry as a major player.?

Triton Ltd beat all other seasonal firms such as OilLibya{formerly Mobil}
and Shell/BP.?Yagness Devani is the brother to the late Harish Devani who
owned the multimillion complex,Simmers Plaza in in a Nairobi suburbs of
Westlands,but alleged to have committed suicide a couples of years ago
after swindling those close to former President Daniel Arap Moi billions
of shillings in tenders scams supplies at the Kenyan Ports Authority
{KPA}and Kenya
Power and Lighting Company {KPLC}?.?

“Indeed Triton Ltd had no capacity,to deliver on such a huge consignment
of oil to the nation,but immediately after securing the government tender
set upon sub-contracting the same to its rivals companies at a profit
without any actual direct importation,”?

In addition,Triton Ltd,according to the report was that oil suppliers
refused to give in to the Triton’s sordid machinations,and this is what
caused the brief artificial fuel shortage in Kenyan,which in turn raised
the fuel prices even much higher. To compound the saga,Afri Global Ltd,a
firm belonging to Raila Odinga’s elder brother Dr. Oburu Oginga MP who is
the Finance Assistant Minister and which is run by Dr. Oginga’s son a pint
sized fellow called Elijah Abonyo Oburu was one of the key beneficiaries.?

After this scam Elijah Oburu had since bought a brand new show
Mercedez Benz limousine 350 valued at colossal amount of Kshs 24 million
which he now drives around Kisumu City.?

Another firm,African Oils Ltd,which belong to the Prime Minister’s son
Fidel Castro Raila Odinga was also occasioned adequate favor to profiteer
from the scandal,charged the paper article.?And not to be out done was the
Prime Minister himself with his company Bakri Ltd,operated by one Mr. Mike
Njeru who joined the lists of compliant firms that allegedly benefited
from the tender pool sharing and in turn sold the same to the highest
bidder!.?Raila Odinga’s younger sister Adhiambo is the managing director
of the Petro Plus firm that has been involved in bulk oil sales in the
high seas,a host received from Nigeria thanks to the closeness of the
Prime Minister with the former ruler Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. Libya and
Southern Sudan government as donations to finance democratic pursuits
Kenya .?So entrenched is the Odinga family interests in the oil industry
the players advise that it is practically impossible to do serious oil
business in Kenya without roping in a family member.?At the centre of the
scheme,says the paper,is Pankaj Somaia,a wheeler-dealer in the Moi regime
era and alleged wanted in various countries for questioning on an array of
criminal activities.”?In any oil sale scheme of the magnitude,Triton Ltd
dabbed in the returns,kick-backs included run into hundreds of million of
shillings.” the report says.?

It is widely rumoured that Devani heavily funded last year’s 2007 general
campaign for ODM team an that those who benefited by Devani earl this year
were only return ing a favor.?“Indeed the grapevine has it that some
senior Ministers in the grand coalition cabinet drive vehicles donated by
Devani early this year. It is also an open secret that two MPs have
on Devani’s payroll ostensibly so that they extend favors for their
benefactors as and when needed.” adds the paper.?Meanwhile Citizen
reported that Mr. Devani himself is said to be holed up in some
undisclosed destination abroad,but he keep in constant touch with the
Prime Minister through one called Collins Odhiambo [formerly of Citi
Bank},and up to fortnight ago Triton Ltd,commercial director.”?Mr Odhiambo
is said to be in big panic since Triton Ltd,went burst and placed under
the official receivers as in the case with an array of high placed
personalities in the government.?Another employee who took cover only
before the take-over of Triton Ltd,is a Mr Kioko who was in charge of the
firm’s operations at the KPA in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa
.?Immigration Minister Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ who has also been a regular
visitor in Devani’s office is together with his personal assistant{PA}
said to be working day and night to cover up five senior employees of
Asian extractions who were irregularly employed by Triton Ltd over the
last 10 months.

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