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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

K-Whatever Alliance: Will it Survive the Coming Tsunami?

Why Matiba and Rubia Are Disgusted By Some MPs of the 10th Parliament

One thing I always admired in Kenneth Matiba was his slogan kuuga na gwika. Loosely translated from his native language, this means walking the talk. Matiba, then a throughly frustrated cabinet minister in late eighties courtesy of the then KANU Organising Secretary, quit the then ruling party KANU in a huff – something that was unheard of in those days of single party dictatorship. Matiba and Charles Rubia went on to create an alliance that campaigned for repeal of section 2a of the constitution, and this eventually led to their painful detention without trial. But ultimately, Moi, then strongly supported by some leaders still at the scene today, finally caved in to the pressure that these two gallant Kenyans started and allowed multi-party democracy in Kenya. In the earlier years, when most of the current chest thumping Rift Valley MPs were still enjoying free Nyayo milk at primary school, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the late George Moseti Anyona and many others had also tried to register their own political parties but they also ended up in detention courtesy of fimbo ya Nyayo.

Many other patriotic Kenyans have walked the talk or kuuga na gwika like Matiba would put it. This list cannot be complete without one Raila Odinga – who was incidentally also detained without trial for the umpteenth time - after he was joined by Matiba and Rubia to champion calls for multi-party democracy in the late eighties. Later on, Raila Odinga also quit the then leading opposition party FORD-K in 1997 to little known National Development and six months later run for president emerging 4th in an election that was rigged in favour of Moi and KANU. Kuuga na gwika!

The freedom of speech that many Kenyans now enjoy is owed to the efforts of these Kenyans who at one time or another put their lives on the line to fight the Moi autocracy.

The current pretenders to the throne masquerading as provincial representatives of Central, Rift Valley, Coast and Lower Eastern, pale in comparison when put on under the same microscope with the likes of Matiba, Anyona or Odinga. Charles Rubia must be exhausted at switching off TV channels and shaking his head in disgust whenever the press cameras go to a funeral in Rift Valley. The current crop of Rift Valley MPs are certainly no match for a lady who was elected as the first woman MP from Rift Valley and who was known as Chelagat Mutai. This lady was among those who dared to challenge the Kenyatta regime when the president’s word was law. We dearly miss this gallant daughter of Kenya! These current MPs have completely abused the freedom of speech that those of us who have walked the painful road of democratizing this country laboured for.

Today, although the politics of Kenya has evolved from what it was in the KANU era, it is still not apparent to the Panafric Hotel party goers that politics is now issue driven. Luckily, even a village peasant in rural Kenya knows this and this is why some of them are lining up to voluntarily return irregular MAU title deeds and also register the Mau secretariat. Some rookie MPs are refusing to accept this obviously acting at the behest of their status quo benefactors.

These MPs led an assembly at Panafric Hotel under the guise of raising funds as aid and humanitarian assistance to Mau Forest IDPs. But because many Kenyans do know that most of those who were at that so called future high table, including the convenor of the fund raiser, are themselves owners of huge tracts of illegally acquired land, some of which they have sold on to unsuspecting members of the public. In reality, the fundraiser was itself a total failure when looked at from a political angle. No wonder Moi is asking them to go back to KANU and take lessons on how to play premiership politics!

To add insult to injury, a quick follow-up of the of the Panafric fundraiser with successive public rallies in Lugari and Kwale to drum up support for the new K-whatever alliance ended disastrously when they were totally snubbed by the locals leaders and wananchi. Clonning the ODM Pentagon is no easy task especially if you omit the well known common denominator that brings the mwananchi to his rallies and his party.

Ironically during the same weekend, the Prime Minister was addressing a massive rally in Kibera's Kamukunji grounds in which he dared the land grabbers of yesteryears to quit the government if they were men enough. The prime minister was inferring to a situation where ministers unanimously adopt government policy today only to run back to funerals tomorrow to disown the same policies they helped create and adopt! Political observers also took note that the PM could be re-constituting yet another history making politburo when he declared that yet another tsunami is coming to wipe all the trash into the sea. Older Kumekucha bloggers know that in politics timing is everything and the time comes, it will be revealed here very promptly. Watch this space!

Despite all the disgust, the Rt Hon PM still found time to share a drink with us patriotic citizens at the popular Birongo Square (Nairobi West) after watching the Harambee Stars versus Zambia game. It was indeed a candid sitting in which we told the PM to keep up the efforts at reclaiming our valued water tower! Clearly the PM ridding on the back of huge public support judging by the pandemonium he caused at the busy shopping center.

The last one week has been a very humbling experience for the so called future leaders. The message they have received from churches, mosques, FM call-in programs, newspapers and other public forums is that they are now deemed to be promoters of impunity, betrayers of the Kenyan dream and a liability to the reform process that is already underway. In fact, the MAU land baron’s threats to introduce an ill-advised motion of no confidence against the prime minister has apparently suffered a painful still-birth after it received no support, even from the same crowd that gathered at Panafric. Suddenly, some Rift Valley MPs find themselves very lonely and very afraid. I think they will be totally shocked at what will happen to their already declared presidential candidate come 2012.

When the rest of country is brainstorming the all important Harmonised Darft Constitution, it is truly sad that some sections of society want to treat us to useless KANU era theatrics. It churns one’s stomach when we see that these are the same characters who are serving as Kenya’s VPs, DPMs, and Ministers.

Shindwe kabisa hiyo pepo mbaya.


Anonymous said...

Only a female President can rescue Kenya.
Please join me in making Kenya a better place for all. Vote for me 2012.

Yours Hon
Martha Karua

Anonymous said...

The coming tsunami will sweep aside the pepo mbaya that blew in 2007 from the lake dividing tribes into 'kabila adui' and kabila rafiki.' The tsunami will forever sweep aside the Kisumu mafia of Raila, Anyang', Orengo, etc. When the storm finally clears there will never again be PEV caused by false claims of stolen elections.

Anonymous said...

Phil,can you write a sentence without once introducing Raila ass licking.Do you sincerely Kenya is headed for nowhere without this ageing overdyed warrior of yore,who believes the best his poor constituents can do for themselves is engage in mandazi business?

Anonymous said...

Oops,insert the word 'believe' somewhere in the above post.!

Anonymous said...


Do not introduce the names of Matiba and Rubia into your Raila-worshipping mania. Raila has turned into a premier heartless dictator who enjoys seeing women and children cry camping on the roadside. Even a dark night finally breaks into a dawn. Siku moja huyu Pepo mbaya ashindwa!!!

Anonymous said...

Now you write about "K-Whatever Alliance." Have you forgotten the tribal Western Alliance that Raila assembled to demonise Kikuyus and ride on that negative ethnicity to power? And when his schemes failed he claimed the elections were stolen and caused PEV. ...haoni kundule!

Anonymous said...

Raila used to be received like a conquering hero in RV. Today, he has to be escorted by GSU and riot police to protect him from Isaac Ruto's supporters. For solace he goes to Kibera among his Luo people. What a turn of events. Bring on the tsunami. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

The less said about Raila's kreptocracy (Molasses, Malind squatter land) and nepotism (appointment of relatives into govt.) the better. Even Moi took some time before collecting enough courage to appoint his kin to govt positions. This is the change he promised poor Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Phil, i am with you on this one but i cant agree with you on the issue of Matiba and Rubia.

Matiba was a thief who became a permanent secretary at the age of 25 years, where was he when Kenyatta was in power, he was busy eating. They had an agremeent with Odinga Sr to come together and fight out Moi with one party only to abandon him at the 11th hour.
Matiba only fought Moi because of his own interest.

Mau is an interest of all no matter where you come from. Raila am with you on this one.

Well for sure i can also say that nobody in Kenyan politics has clean hands, including our "Darling" Raila.

Anonymous said...

The party of death and despair is on its death throes.

Their lies slowly coming to light and by their own mouths too. No election theft, Kibaki won (Isaac Ruto) and the violence in RV was planned and premeditated (Raila)

Time we closed that dark chapter and buried it into the grave yard that the Nazis, khamer rouge and Idi Amin are buried.

Anonymous said...

The price this country has paid for deceit.thanks God the international community took the resolve from Kenya turning into another Rwanda and Phil,you can spin as much as you can but your demigod Raila got blood on his hands!It will never again be business as usual..!!

Anonymous said...

Why bring in Matiba and Rubia? there is nothing that will happen to those boys. The end of Dictatorship is here with us and impunity will never be there again. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

He went to a pub to have a drink in Nairobi West? I thought the man was saved and followed Jesus in Baptism. Oh No. Is there another name for sycophancy?

Anonymous said...

He went to a pub to have a drink in Nairobi West? I thought the man was saved and followed Jesus in Baptism. Oh No. Is there another name for sycophancy?

Anonymous said...

The saddest thing about the Mau debacle is that in this day and age good governance can be challenged by people who are seeking offices that require it without feeling ashamed of it.

I wonder which honest person can ever want to lead, let alone get the support of Kenyans regardless of tribe.

Hon Raila, just stop bothering any further. Kenya is not ready for your kind of leadership.

Anonymous said...

Raila proves a hard nut to crack!

Look at the panic in statehouse after wananchi went with Raila's position... on Mau saga.

They should ask this Jimmy boy to bolt up.
Yesterday he was with Ruto criminalizing Raila.
Today, a 360 degrees turn.
In all this Raila wins. The people are with him, and can see Ruto and group being "swept into the Ocean".

In Thika, President Kibaki’s son Jimmy, criticised the MPs planning the censure motion, describing the move as primitive and out of focus.

Censure motion

“Those MPs who talk of authoring a censure motion against the PM are being petty and should instead focus on moving the country forward”, said Jimmy Kibaki, the patron of Simama Kenya Trust, a youth organisation he founded.

He spoke at Kangari Catholic Church grounds in Kigumo District where he launched an initiation programme for 300 boys.

He said he supports the move to relocate the forest squatters, adding that all IDPs should get land from the government.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can't stand anons, who write several posts to give an illusion of mass agreement on a subject. Even Deroo was discovered the other day in a recent post, spewing bile using several anons. What's the point if we can tell your just 1 person writing several times...attempting to give a false illusion of massive support on a subject? Ans, there is no point, coz we don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:59 PM,

You are a pot calling kettle black (or whatever...!). You are using anon and yet you are accusing other anons of being one anon. So thats includes u! Jeez! the wonders of this world never fail to amuse me!

Anonymous said...

When will the Kibera Luo people realize that Raila uses them like toilet paper? He rushes to them for support whenever he is in trouble and then leaves them in the slum to go get drunk with the middle class in Nairobi West. Why couldn't have have some chang'aa in their joints? And the way he referred to baking mandazi in Kibera was very delogatory to those slum dwellers. Nyang'ao Raila ashindwe.

Anonymous said...

Phil's Hypocricy Exposed

Phil said
Raila Odinga....bla bla... was joined by Matiba and Rubia to champion calls for multi-party democracy in the late eighties...
In the late 80's, Raila was a manager of Kenya Bureau of Standards singing baba Moi...

Raila Odinga also quit the then leading opposition party FORD-K in 1997 to little known National Development Party and six months later run for president emerging 4th in an election that was rigged in favour of Moi and KANU

Raila quit after loosing an internal party elections to Kijana Wamalwa. Talk of a democrat.
You also failed to mention that Raila drove the moribund NDP to a merger with election rigger and dictator Moi hoping to inherit leadership from Moi and only left Kanu after Moi made it clear that he was leaving the mantle with Uhuru. What a power hungry mororn.

These MPs led an assembly at Panafric Hotel under the guise of raising funds as aid and humanitarian assistance to Mau Forest IDPs. But because many Kenyans do know that most of those who were at that so called future high table, including the convenor of the fund raiser, are themselves owners of huge tracts of illegally acquired land, some of which they have sold on to unsuspecting members of the public.

But this did not stop Raila from associating with them when he wanted their votes. Oh, its also common knowledge that Raila is himself a beneficially of illegal molasses plant, malindi squatters land and has inherited land that his father illegally acquired at independence. REad Ndungu Report.

To be continued later..

Anonymous said...

Why does Raila find hard to argue logically without referring to those he disagrees with as "frogs," "dirt," and "monkeys." This is terribly uncouth language for a PM. Also, why deal with dissent with such emotion of hate. This man would be very dangerous if he got the full apparatus of state power.

Anonymous said...

lol! The future leaders are very angry at whoever wrote ""K-Whatever Alliance:Will it Survive the Coming Tsunami?"

They seem to be praying and hoping for plum political appointments once the 'K-Alliance' storms into power in 2012 and embraces the motto, "It's Our Time To Eat As Well".

BTW, by-laws should be enacted to curb the overflow of funeral chasers who have perfected the shameless art of turning the every solemn event into egotistic and political pesa-nane platforms.

When will all Kenyan women unite for the better and cast their votes for real women leaders?

Anonymous said...

Cool down, Phil!


Anonymous said...

Pende usipende, ODM ni hayati. There is no damn fool that will ever trust Raila. Raila has yet again burnt another bridge. Actually RAO has no more bridges to burn.

As for that youthful MP - Hassan Ali Joho - he is making a fool of himself. The best he can do for himself and for those people at the Coast, is listen to what Bwifoli Wakoli told the Rift Valley MPs at the Panafric.

Bifwoli Wakoli said, [in reference to Rift Valley ODM MPs] "if they had ears, these things would not be there. Mimi niliwambia, hii barabara tulijaribu, natukashindwa. Na hawa wakatuelezea, 'hapa ndio tuko na bahati.' Na saa hii wamejionea bahati yao."

What does Hassan Joho think is so magical about or with him?

It is just a matter of time for the next person to break ranks with RAO, and that person is Musalia Mudavadi and his supporters. Mark my words - it is a matter of months, if not weeks.

Anonymous said...

We can easily see the identity of some of the people bashing Raila here. You never amuse. Observe...

"...delogatory(sic) to those slum dwellers."
"...himself a beneficially(sic) of illegal molasses plant"

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^does it change the truth by any chance??

When will the Kibera Luo people realize that Raila uses them like toilet paper? He rushes to them for support whenever he is in trouble and then leaves them in the slum to go get drunk with the middle class in Nairobi West. Why couldn't have have some chang'aa in their joints? And the way he referred to baking mandazi in Kibera was very derogatory to those slum dwellers. Nyang'ao Raila ashindwe.

Anonymous said...

All Ministers rush to their poor constituents when their national appeal fails.
We saw it with Kimunya and now we are seeing it with Raila who went to Kibera over the weekend to seek sympathy crowds.

Important Questions
1. Did Kibera people tell Raila to hire his sister, brother and relatives to plum public offices??
2. Did Kibera people tell Raila to disposess squatters their land at Malindi??
3. Did poor Mandazi selling Kibera fellows tell Raila to preach Kabila Adui aka Kikuyu's for him to win votes due to ethnic hatred??
4. Did Kibera constituents tell Raila to steal reserve maize and together with his son and fat wife sell it to sudan??
5. Did poor Kibera guys tell Raila to make deals with his fellow land and public property thieves? Thieves that he has now acknowledged in public, thieves he now refers to as frogs???

Philip said...

It doesn't need a genius to see that the opinions given in this post are so subjective and full of dislike for one party and full of love for Raila.

Only a kid will not know that Raila has lost substantial support(I'm hesitant to mention votes) in Rift Valley. I have talked to several people there and my brother works at the heart of Ruto's people.

You don't need to use insults to push your opinion though you are partly correct in some of your assertions.

Information I've got from this area is that most people are annoyed with Raila for what he did however their feelings is that Ruto should not form an alliance with Uhuru, for they'll rather trust Raila than Uhuru. They feel that if Raila has done that to them then Uhuru is likely to do worse so that it will be better for Ruto to stand alone.

The politicians in the area are trying to convince people to support the alliance but most likely it will fail terribly as most of them are not ready to support it and don't trust Kikuyus at all. I said politics is unpredictable.

I know Ruto has good support of Kalenjins but what I don't know is what he'll do next in order to ascend to power. On the other side, if Ruto stands and Uhuru becomes second after him most likely Kikuyus will not support the alliance.

Unless there is Kikuyu support of Ruto as No 1 in the alliance, or there is Kalenjin support of Uhuru as No 1 in the alliance, then the alliance is seriously cooked and will never come to fruition.

Therefore the only palpable alliance at the moment is between Uhuru and Kalonzo, but if Kalonzo failed to accept Raila as No 1 and him as No 2 what tells you that this time he'll accept No 2? This time Kalonzo is power hungry as Raila was back before 2002. In other words this alliance will only succeed if Uhuru accepts to be No 2 after Kalonzo in the alliance. If this happens I can assure you that presidency is theirs whether one likes it or not -assuming we will still be in the current constitution.

All this assumes that Raila will not come with a good move to contain his opponents, which he can do and surprise everyone including me.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy when people bring up the molases issue because I know in their hearts they know how many parastatals they killed..take a valium.. sleep can never wake up someone pretending to be sleeping!

Anonymous said...

all the "anonymouses" out there why dont you all write a piece we can debate on on Kumekucha I am sure phil would not mind to share your views unedited..then we can see your mettle ama you are too afraid to show your opinion..let others criticize you let use see what you are made off..hiding behind anonymous entries...tsk tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

I hear 'simama kenya' is a homosexual outfit.

Anonymous said...


We have been waiting eagerly for the Vote of No Confidence against the PM to be taken to the floor. In fact, those who have pre-maturely terminated it at the foetues stage have spoilt the big party.

Before the Ruto game plan, William had a meeting with all the Rift Valley Kalenjin professionals who rolled out the script.

Well, if that team can come with a script that becomes a cropper before take off, then my friends, intellect varies.

But we were waiting eargerly and now I can reveal, that there is a clause that allows parliament to ammend a document on the floor before it is passed.

And that we were going to do, with supporting facts. Because that is how we operate, with supporting facts and not hot air and insults.

One supporting fact, you all know is the parliament and cabinet adoption of the Mau conservation.

We were going to use those two documents to ammend that paper so that instead of PM alone being castigated, then the entire cabinet and probably parliament to be subjected to a Vote of No Confidence for adopting the Mau conservation report giving it legal authentication.

That is what you call high level of intellect. As an ODM supporter, I mentioned to you yesterday that the Kyuk MPs were no gonner support this. For your information, Kyuks have very highly intelligent lot and that I respect. They foresee and that is why their game plans always succeeds.

If Ruto wanted to succeed, he should have engaged or hired Mt. Kenya professionals. But as it is, Mt. Kenyas are bound under oath never to ever give out their secrets not only to Kihiis (read Luos) but to any other tribe.

So Ruto and the likes, stop the tribal thing. Kenya is past this. Since we have come to a cropper as a country, TUELEWANE.

Anonymous said...

We eagerly awaited for that Vote of No Confidence on PM to come through. But the guys have aborted it pre-maturely at a foetus stage. These people have surely spoilt the big party. Why?

Because drama previously anticipated inside parliament was gonna be the battle of the wits.

Before Ruto rolled out a plan, he consulted with all the Rift Valley Kalenjin professionals and had a meeting with them in a Nairobi Hotel where the script was polished and green light issued. Unfortunately this has come to a cropper too soon.

The so called professionals did not forsee certain details. That tells you the type of professionals Ruto relies on or have for advisers.

I wonder why he did not consult the Kyuks or hire them. Mt. Kenya has the most intelligent groups and that I respect. That is why their game plans are always ahead. This is so because they take in all the details, takes care of repurcussions and forsees valleys and mountains and works on how to navigate them.

Now that the expected drama is spoilt, I can now reveal what we intended to do. There is a clause that allows any paper on the floor of the house to be ammended before it can be passed or debated. Now since the Mau conservation effort was adopted by Parliament and Cabinet, we were going to [with facts - because that is how we operate - with facts and not hot air and insults)use that clause and present the adoptations of the Mau conservation report to ammend the Vote of No Confidence to be for Cabinet, if not Parliament.

Like I told you yesterday, no Kyuk MP would've voted this thing if it was to go through. This is the intelligence part the K-MPs lacked when they were clouded with hatred and schemes, that even them themselves are not ready yet, to fact the electorates at this hour in time.

The loud mouthed Cherangani man forgets that Kirwa is a strong person. Together with the empty debe of Chepalungu, have forgotten that they went through against strong men, not because of their clouts but because of the then euphoria party.

They did not forsee facing those strong men before they could enjoy the 5-years.

Now, my friends, that is what I call battle of the wits.

Anonymous said...


You've gone out to give a connecting background of the so called 'Future team'. Yes. But anyone need not worry. Majority of Kenyans from all political, cultural, economic and tribal divides were all bound to support the PM on this. Why.

Kenyans of all levels are heavily burdened and tired. The PEV had ripple effects on almost every Kenyan. If it is not job cuts, economic surge, to high cost of living. IDPs are still in the cold. Note that the IDPs who have been settled may not in themselves settle as it will take them years to re-build. Majority of Kenyans are still struggling with the BASIC needs. Those above the first step of Maslows hierarchy of needs are struggling with high cost of buying water, maintaining big water tanks due to eminent water shortage and electricity high cost and shortages. Whether in the industry of house, every single Kenyan I know is feeling it.

Due to these, and considering the fact that Mau has been noted to affect the environment, many Kenyans are (surprisingly) linking Mau destruction to their woes.

On this, you need not worry, the Kaleos were are no gonna win this one. Not with their bickering and harambees on every week and on every corner. (And by the way, have you note that it is only the RV Kalenjin MPs who are traversing their region with daily harambees and bickering.) Other MPs from other regions are busy cushioning their people from this harsh economic times.

I think your worry and most of us, is in the next season.

Mwambu said...

@12:35 AM, your banal comment that "Mt.Kenya has the most intelligent groups" is indicative of an ill educated type. May I add that this type of shallow comment typically emanates from one who is hallucinating, a macabre jokester, or someone with neurosis like you. Or all of the above.

I would argue that the Turkana have the most intelligent groups. Nah, maybe it's the Ogieks. Or perhaps the Samburu. Without a doubt, it's the El Molo. How about the Bajuni? It's got to be the Somali. See how dumb it can get?

Gosh what do we do with these little monkeys with their grubby fingers on a keyboard?

Mwambu said...

Phillip, your analysis @11:17 PM falls short on two fronts.

First, it is predicated on what's happening today holding on tomorrow, as in 2012. Politics is dynamic and not static so the likelihood that much of what is happening today will hold out in its entirety until 2012 is something I find highly unlikely.

Second, I find it unbelievable that most Kenyan political analysts continue mentioning Ruto and Uhuru as major factors in the 2012 Kenyan political landscape. In my view, both of these people will be non-factors in Kenya politics come 2012, having been indicted by Ocampo some time in early to mid 2010.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mwambu. You are so bitter, annoyed and angry. You wish you had a gun and blow up my head off.

Kyuks have been scheming, planning and succeeding in their plans. Why not give due appreciation to where it deserves. See how they've stuck with the presidency, economic strength and even the Mungikis. Which groups, name them, chinkororo, Jeshi la Mzee, Taban, or worriors command a big army base with all the hierecharchical structure like Mungiki.

Did you not know that even Lucifer has some intelligence and that is why he is able to sit with you wearing a suit and you are not able to detect him? That is intelligence. And that is why God want you to appreciate your shortcomings and turn to him.

An intelligent person will not do what Ruto and the like did. Number 1, when Ruto first faced the people of Mau, he said "I have spoken to Mwai Kibaki, I have also spoken to Uhuru" Now that was stupid. You don't do that even if you've spoken to some people. That is your secret.

Number 2. One of the empty debes said that Raila did not win the presidency. Now that is very stupid. You know all along that Raila did not win and you told us to go for 'mass acson', dent our image?

Number 3. Onother empty debe shouts, 'We are looking for someone outside RV Kalenjin to forward this vote of no confidence so that they do not know it is Ruto. That again is stupid.

Tell me now, When Kibaki was sworn in at night, who saw it coming? When Mungiki went on a retaliatory killing in Naivasha etc, who saw them coming?

That Kikuyus hate Luos, that is a fact. That Kikuyus hate Raira and would not want him anywhere near power, that is also a fact. But for them to forsee that destroying Raila now is costly to them Kibaki and their MPs, and defend Raira on Mau, now that is intelligence.

That is my 10 cents contribution.

Anonymous said...

The RV MPs may have given up onüthe no Confidence vote but They are now planning on bringing back the the debate on the Leader of Government business and hand the post to Kalonzo .

Anonymous said...

Both ODM and PNU have been consulting the oracles to divine for them the 2012 elections. While PNU was asking to be given their wish of ODM disintegration, ODM was praying that Uhuru and Ruto be indicted by ICC. The oracles are mad with ODM for going overboard and wishing misfortunes to fall upon individual citizens; so the oracles are making ODM leaders crazy before destroying the party.

Anonymous said...

The RV MPs may have given up onüthe no Confidence vote but They are now planning on bringing back the the debate on the Leader of Government business and hand the post to Kalonzo .

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19 AM,

You silly twit..... and twat. You reckon that - and I quote you:

"That Kikuyus hate Luos, that is a fact. That Kikuyus hate Raira and would not want him anywhere near power, that is also a fact. But for them to forsee that destroying Raila now is costly to them Kibaki and their MPs, and defend Raira on Mau, now that is intelligence. That is my 10 cents contribution."

That your contribution is worth less that 10 cents. What you are saying is that "defending" Raira - so you call him, is intelligence?
PUMBAFF! What trash!! That is not intelligence. It is simply raw, naked and selfish opportunism that is intended to serve very narrow, parochial and tribal interests. That is FOOLISH and NOT intelligent.

I shall credit you for one thing though. You said in your comment that - and I quote you:

"That Kikuyus hate Luos, that is a fact. That Kikuyus hate Raira and would not want him anywhere near power, that is also a fact"

Thank you for admitting what we already knew about Kikuyus. They HATE and then unashamedly turn around and accuse others of hating them - your major character traits of FRAUD and DECEPTION is very much in effect here.

Mwambu said...

@1:19 AM, is your intent to illustrate and prove just how dumb and dense you are or what?

You seem obsessed with trying to prove that there is a direct correlation between how much you can write and how inane and shallow your comments are. We live in an age of democracy so you have every right to prove your dumbness.

You ask whether I would wish to blow your head off, and here's my answer. No I do NOT wish to blow your head off as you ask. Why would I waste a valuable bullet on a worthless brain.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New changes in ODM Pentagon:

Musa Sirma replaces Ruto

Joho replaces Balala

??? replaces Nyagah

More soon ......

Anonymous said...

ODM is a LUO thingamajigg. Any changes will only be noticed in Kisumu and Kibera.

Anonymous said...

You are a pot calling kettle black (or whatever...!). You are using anon and yet you are accusing other anons of being one anon. So thats includes u! Jeez! the wonders of this world never fail to amuse me!

12/1/09 2:28 PM

I don't know what you're going on about...I DID NOT SAY I AM AGAINST THE USE OF ANONS, WHICH YOU & I ARE USING, BUT.."I can't stand anons, who write several posts to give an illusion of mass agreement on a subject"


Jeez, how slow can people be?

Kenya Moja said...

Can we all just stop saying the Kikuyus this or the Luos that when referring to what one person has said or done? Thank you.

All those leaders scheming forming alliances up there are doing so by their own and for their own benefits. The moment we kenyans realise that we would become a healthy democracy and develop rapidly with competent leaders and total transparency. Reading the comments here and on other fora is disheartening, Kenyans hating each other today and loving each other tomorrow just because two morons love hate each today and hate each other tomorrow.

I was not consulted in the making of whatever schemes, I have not shared their loot thus far, I will not share it in the future. I see no logic reason for following someone like sheep just because we speak the same language.

I will therefore continue to have friends from all tribes and love or hate people as individuals. And come election day I will vote for the least evil of our politicians, for lack of a good one so far, whatever tribe he might come from.

Huu upuzi wa kikabila unaoturegesha nyuma lazima uishe!!

Anonymous said...

thank god! thank god! thank god almighty! that 70% of kenyan maless between the age of 45-yrs and 55-yrs, will be six feet under in twenty years from now [2009].

the road map for the restoration of kenya is under way and it's going to take twenty years before it can be fully realized by a new age generation of patriots.

let's not worry about those who are 60-yrs and above, they are living on borrowed time and they will be gone in one way or another.

it's doesn't matter how many young kenyans who are below the age of 35-yrs die before 2029. the transformation of kenya is coming, tomorrow!

60-yrs + 20-yrs = 80-yrs. well, well, well. how many of them will still be around by 2029?

it takes the death of three generations in order for a nation to experience real change for the better.

Ja'Rusinga. said...

If you think Phil was spewing murk, where are the Mps now and their schemes? I saw Ruto yesterday on TV and he was looking like a cat that had been rained on. Love him, hate him, RAO is here to stay.

He literally scattered the Ruto and Co like smithereens. The children and old women who were crying on the roadside were told to put up a show by the RV Mps. They have their indigenous homes, let them go there...we have a Harmonised Draft Constitution to read....!

Anonymous said...

The fight between Kalenjins and Luos is a fight between two former Kanu Secretary Generals who stole public resources under Moi. Raila stole the Kisumu Molasses Factory and Ruto stole public land.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a thieving thug who caused PEV and stole squatters land in Malindi. And the psychotic dictator finds sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Some foolish Luo said that the Kalenjins have retreated from the fight with Raila for their rights. That type of stupidity is what causes them to worship Raila.

Anonymous said...

Before he fallout between Raila and Ruto, Ida Odinga was already measuring the curtains for State House. You talk of delusions.

Anonymous said...

Luck he will only stay upto 2012 maximum... If he dares contest again, he will gome out his regular 3rd and thats way too far to warrant causing any chaos. Ruto's message was clear... we can go the way of the vote, if necessary... But what was not said was lets start with Leadre of goverment business going back to Kalozo...

My point is small embarrassmaets like loosing LGB after figting so hard will show him that his power is waned... and Rif Valley is Sahau territory... even if he attends a full rally there it means nothing - ask Kibaki who used to get full attendance in south rift rallies before 2007

Ken said...

When will Kenyans ever realise that those leaders they so diligently defend and fight for do not give a fuck about the common Kenyan and only care about themselves, their families, close friends and business associates??????

Anonymous said...

Nice photo

Is Queen embarraseed-no eye contact with, our only and only sleeping giant on the hill. aka, thief of presidential election.

Anonymous said...

Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday told ministers critical of the way the government is being run to resign.

“The door is wide open. You can go home if you like,” the Orange party boss said.

Mr Odinga has been under criticism, and threat of a no-confidence vote in the House, from some MPs and ministers unhappy with the manner in which the Mau Forest evictions have been carried out.

Free society

“This is a free society and if someone is not happy with what the Government is doing, they are free to go home,” he said.

He was answering Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara who had said the rift between him and Agriculture Minister William Ruto was sabotaging reforms.

The PM was briefing Parliament on progress made in implementing Agenda Four reforms, when he was questioned about his relationship with Mr Ruto. Mr Imanyara said the reforms were in danger of being undermined by fighting between members of a committee of eight ministers charged with overseeing the implementation of the reforms.

“The fighting between Cabinet ministers in this committee including the PM and Hon Ruto could undermine progress unless it is stopped,’ the MP said.

Mr Odinga said there was no bad blood between him and the minister and disagreements were bound to crop up.

“This is a democratic society and disagreement on certain issues is healthy,” he said.

He said he would take no action against those who disagreed with him on the implementation of public issues agreed on collectively in Cabinet, but they were free to walk out if they could not handle it.

He said those who stood in the way of reforms would be swept away by the wave of the people.

Responding to a question by Mr Victor Munyaka (Machakos Town, ODM-K), the PM said other countries were free to issue or deny visas to anyone as they too had their strategic interests.

The US has placed a visa ban on Attorney-General Amos Wako, accusing him of not doing enough to fight corruption. It has also threatened to do the same with other public officials.

President Kibaki has written to US President Barack Obama protesting the targeting of the officials.

Anonymous said...

he he Politics! Just because Raila is still chest thumping you think he has won? Ruto stepped back because he could not win the no-confidence no doubt, but it was a message that they are willing to go the full mile to nail Raila.

The middle ground is the Rift MPs will support the Leader of Government Business going to the VP of course the motion is driven by PNU (any such motion will have to be non-kalenjin driven for impact and they just lend support)... And that is a quick win and a huge embarrassment to Raila after he had fought so hard in that gallant battle and won for it to be taken by back by disgruntled lieutenants. And now Kalonzo will be back driving government business in parliament.

This is a no win situation for Raila, so better for him to keep appearances, thest thump and hurl ‘vitendawili’. Ruto has nothing to loose. First Raila cannot dare sack him unless (I can bet you 100%) and next, if he were, Ruto would be a martyr.

And… it’s a forgone conclusion that the Kalenjin vote is history for him and the Kikuyu one is a mirage… Plus the fact that someone dared challenge him many times and has won in all the contests, The Image on an ‘Astute politician’ that Chris et. al. like to paint will suffer. Raila lands in Chepalungu to keep up apperances, but the real prop is the GSU, though I must add the Kalenjin will not boo him and they do not boo leaders even if they hate them. Ask Kibaki who with well attended rallies in south rift thought he was home dry only for tens of individuals to vote him compared to millions who voted Raila. The issue wasn’t the Kale’s loved Raila, its Kibaki had made some civil service changes affecting the Kale’s and Raila was the lesser evil. Now Raila goes and touches on Land!!! Disaster – who in hell advices this guy?

Another observation, this a contest of former KANU secretary generals… Raila was there for a while (slightly longer than Ruro as Sec Gen), but he was poor student it seems I love this one…

Anonymous said...

stop deleting comments - Odinga fanatics!

Anonymous said...

Mau is all political... from Ruto to Odinga, this is all politics in the most objective piece on the Mau yet:

Anonymous said...

Again, poor title... I think it should have been "Will ODM survice this"

KKK does not exist yet:)

Anonymous said...

please my friends these videos maybe useful.
lets not get left behind,we know the human mind is evolving but please this kikuyu luo bullshit is now to much.kenyans we have bigger issues to solve.

Anonymous said...

ENVELOPE! ENVELOPE! Where is the Envelope? When will it be opened so that the public can find out 'who is who' heading to the Hague ("Hagwe") as well as 'who was who' behind the PEV-07/08.

Game on! Open the Envelope and let's find out the public's reaction.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mwambu is intelligent enough to ensure that the name or reference "Mwambu" is a psuedonym. If not, pray your primary school teacher does not read your responses, lest he/she expunges your names from a list of former pupils for mistaking an expression forum to a display of excellent dry brains.

Kalenjins are a closed community conservative with their culture and ways of life. their humble demeanour and submissive attitude can be very deceiving to any one who does not scrutinize their operations.

For Uhuru, he thinks of seeking an alliance with the Kaleos for political support. But should this not work out, the kaleos will migrate to either Kalonzo or someone from Western - if ever Westerners patched up together their tower of babel.

But expecting to have like-minded ideals with this group, forget it. Their political ideals are so so different that the advice I would hand to Kalonzo, or to Uhuru is to exploit this anger they have against Raira now and bagg votes from them come 2012. Remember their anger for Kibaki drove them to Raira. Now their anger for Raira will drive them to either Kalonzo or Uhuru, why either. Because with Uhuru, it is still not confirmed but for Kalonzo it is.

But to retain them, any leader associating with Kaleos, to forget about straightening anything, coz they will surely get angry with you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Kenya is re-inventing itself from tribal meniscus, but until then, it has to go through a complete cycle of tribal emasculation until the last tribe standing.

The last PEV was a wake up call for tribal unity in this country. But it will not be a one-off thing. It will be a process involving tribes coming out and manifesting their identity before annihilation.

The big tribes will be open but the smaller tribes will also go through the same process through association. I.e., the Kalenjins are next in line and their annihiliation will include the KAMATUSA (Kalenjin-Masai-Turkana-Samburu) alongside.

The Luos were the first to be anniliated, but alongside them are the smaller tribes who are equally being affected like the Kisiis, Kurias, Subas, etc.

After the PEV, the Kikuyus are undergoing the process of annihiliation. By the end of the process, the GEMA (Gikuyu-Embu-Meru)will automatically have been included. Surprisingly, the Kambas will have to emerge first as a tribe before undergoing through the same process.

For Luhyas, the sub-tribes that forms the entire western community will go through the process systematically.

By the end of the day, Kenya will be one tribe. Kenya. Since we will realise that our so called 'strength' or 'might' is interdependent on all, only varying in degree of dependency.

I hope Mwambu will understand this this time round.

That is my 10 cents input.

Anonymous said...

Raila should think twice before playing childish politics. When kalenjin were busy protecting their environment, luos were busy destroying their’s. Now they are the ones who are so vocal, supporting their dictator to uprooting the kipsigis community in the name of protecting the enviroment.

Mwambu said...

@10:58 PM and 11:32PM, nothing has changed in your shallow posts; still has lamentable as your previous posts. Your disordered language clearly reflects disordered thinking.

The high correlation between what you write and the depth of what you say remains, and your posts or should I say your rants run on adding nothing of consequence.

I truly believe that you suffer from the poverty of thought.

Anonymous said...

So kenyans are now back to luo verses kikuyu and all the alliance of tribes shit? Honestly, i look forward for the second slaughter come 2012. MAYBE then we kenyans will eventually take our heads out of our arses and realise that kenya is for ALL not OWNED by some selfish bastards like Ruto, Uhuru and the rest. WAJINGA WALIWAWA.

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