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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kumekucha changes his position: Why Ruto will fell Raila

I have no problem with constructive criticism. Most people think that I concede too easily and too quickly at the earliest sign that I have been proved wrong. If you ask me most people never want to be proved wrong and can argue for hours just to maintain appearances and an image of never being wrong. That is really sad because learning becomes almost impossible with such a kindergarten attitude.

Anyway I am writing this post to change my position on the ongoing Raila/Ruto war. Earlier I said that I believed that Ruto will go down first. Now I am writing to say that Raila will go down first.

I used history to write my last post and somebody challenged me with the same history to prove me wrong. I have dug deep into my history books and I have no option but to agree with them. I firmly believe that history always repeats itself; I have seen it happen too many times.

Let me give you the historical facts and arguments presented to me.

On 26th June 1958 Oginga Odinga (father to Raila Odinga) made his famous “Kenyatta tosha” move in parliament (Legco). He did this by doing what was then “unthinkable”. In a speech he later referred to as “his bombshell in the house” he said that those convicted in Kapenguria were “still the real political leaders” of Africans in Kenya. He singled out Jomo Kenyatta and compared him to Makarios, the then exiled leader of Cyprus. Makarios was a religious leader and it was obvious that Odinga was elevating Kenyatta to almost godly status. The colonial government did not mince any words and governor Sir Evelyn Baring made it clear that the government had no intention of allowing Kenyatta to return to active politics even if he were released. But the political impact on the ground was huge (just as Odinga had intended) and Raila’s dad had set in motion a chain of events that would give the presidency to Kenyatta on a silver platter.

It was clear what had motivated Odinga senior. It was his deep hatred for the much younger Luo called Tom Mboya who had outsmarted him at every turn. He could not stand the idea of watching the young upstart climb to power and loathed the idea so much that he preferred a Kikuyu to his own tribes-mate.

More importantly in retrospect, Odinga launched tribal politics in Kenya for the first time. He chose Kenyatta because Kenyatta was a Kikuyu and he knew that the bedrock of Mboya’s support in his Nairobi constituency were the Kikuyu. Odinga senior was to play this tribal card again and again in his political battles against Mboya who firmly remained a nationalist to the bitter end.

My critic says that Odinga seniors’ motivation was exactly the same as that of Raila in rejecting Uhuru Kenyatta as the presidential candidate for Kanu in 2002. Raila chose Mwai Kibaki not because he liked him but to frustrate the youngster Uhuru from ascending to the presidency. Like his dad he could not bear to see the youngster rise to power above him while he watched. Hence the “Kibaki tosha” statement that gave the presidency on a silver platter to the Kikuyu once again and this time round to one Mwai Kibaki.

Back to Odinga senior; the relationship with Kenyatta was warm and cordial at first and he was even appointed Kenya’s first Vice president. However Jaramogi Oginga Odinga quickly got disillusioned and frustrated by the Kenyatta administration of thieves who never saw any prime land they did not want to grab. The Kenyatta administration was quick to identify Odinga and the Luo community as a serious threat and many lives were saved and chaos averted because of this wisdom in Kenyatta and his close advisors.

Mwai Kibaki took a much longer time to realize that Raila was a threat after the initial honeymoon had ended. As late as a few months to the presidential elections of 2007 many Kibaki advisors were saying that Kenyans would never elect “an Luo Kihehe (uncircumcised)” to the presidency. This lack of foresight is what led to the chaos and blood shed that will be the Kibaki legacy long after he is gone.

Kenyatta identified Tom Mboya as the man he would use to neutralize the Odinga threat. Kibaki has identified Ruto as the man to use to neutralize the Raila threat to him and his administration. Mboya won and so will Ruto.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga remained very powerful and influential amongst the Luo people but was powerless because he had been forced out of mainstream national politics. I now believe that exactly the same thing will happen with Raila. He will remain very influential in Luo Nyanza politics but will fade out of national politics.

Mboya was killed and elevated to cult status as a result of his death. I believe Ruto will be removed from the scene and end up in some prison cell which will elevate him to cult status amongst the Kalenjin. It is not too dfficult to imagine the Kalenjin talking about Ruto in the same awed tones as they still talk about their military hero and leader Koitalel arap Samoei. Ironically one of Ruto’s names is Samoei. Read all about this amazing Kalenjin secrets in my earlier post. Read This one first.

Away from history there are some telling pointers on the ground that point to a Raila downfall in the very near future.

For starters he has made the same mistake Mwai Kibaki made in 2005 in thinking that he would still win the referendum for a new constitution he had crafted with Wako, with the big landowners of Kenya on the opposing side. Have you ever wondered why the Kenyattas, Mois etc were so firmly against the new constitution (redrafted by Wako)? It was the simple matter of what that draft had to say about land policy and a truth and reconciliation commission. In simple language passing that new constitution in 2005 would have meant that the Kenyattas Mois etc would have ended up losing their vast tracts of land (and thus wealth).

If Raila sees the Mau evictions to their logical end, one of the biggest losers (apart from William Ruto himself) will be former president Daniel arap Moi and his sons. The Kenyattas are very worried because after Mau other parcels of land countrywide are sure to follow. While it is important for Kenya and Kenyans that Raila wins this gallant fight, the political reality is that he cannot. He is already a marked man. Give the powerful landowners of Kenya a few weeks and their money will have done its work and gathered enough votes in parliament to easily pass a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. But before that the president will appoint a new leader of government business in the house and Raila will no longer have the clout in the house to reject the appointment this time.

Folks ODM is dead and no matter what Steadman polls say, Raila is no longer the formidable national political figure he was in 2007. If you can’t hear what I am saying, then please try and read my lips ODM IS DEAD AND BURIED!!!


Anonymous said...


This new post that clearly reads the reality on the groung will face lots of criticism from Raila fanatics like Taabu and Phil whose dream of Raila coronation still keeps them awake even to date. Its good to see that you are 'Man enough' to accept that you were wrong.
Like i said before, the moment Raila choose to invite a gang of thieves, murderers and cons to form the now dying ODM, the moment he choose to turn other tribes against Kikuyu's, the moment he defended murderers of innocent babies, pregnant women, disabled...calling the freedom fighter, that's the moment Raila lost the most important constituent, God. Its only a matter of time before all manner of woes will befall this man and his family. The innocent blood shed in his name will haunt him and his family for years to come

Anonymous said...

Twisted historical facts just to suit your post. Dig more on Odinga-Mboya relations. You will be e-sued by UNESCO for distorting facts.
Kings Manyuon

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Chris has stopped spending all his time wanking and "doing bad manners with Taabu" and has got back to serious business.

Just compare the quality of that "Kalenjin secrets" post he has linked to and the rubbish we have been seeing in Kumekucha in the recent past.

How about reviving Weekend specials Chris?

Anonymous said...

Kings Manyuon muttered,

Twisted historical facts just to suit your post. Dig more on Odinga-Mboya relations. You will be e-sued by UNESCO for distorting facts.

Our comment,
Instead of blanket condemnation, a good camouflage for non issue, why dont you highlight the exact issue that you feel has been misreported?
Otherwise, yours will be a case of kicks of a dying horse only meant to derail this well reseached information.

For Mwarangethe who is currently recovering from the reality that Raila is History

Anonymous said...

Both Raila and Ruto and their allies are birds of the same feather. Kibaki in his first term evicted settlers from Mau forest. Raila ganged up with Ruto and his allies denouncing Kibaki and introducing hate and tribal politics.

When campaigning 2007 presidential elections, Raila and allies perfected hate politics and used Mau to settle scores with Kibaki and assured settlers they wouldn’t be evicted. Raila scored political mileage and won Kalenjin votes. Wasn’t that witch-hunt? Ruto and allies perfecting what their master taught them. Kibaki has last laugh as Raila’s hate politics returns to haunt him.

Raila and Ruto have blood of innocent Kenyans on their hands. Raila, the mass action, general is directly responsible for PEV. Raila and Kibaki stole votes in their strongholds but Kibaki outsmarted Raila 11th hour. Raila ordered his troops to mass action, ending is mass murder. Ruto and his Kalenjins were foolish to kill and turn Kenya into civil disorder for a thankless mass action general. Let them swim in their own blood and hatred. They formed ODM on foundation of hatred targeting Mt Kenya and Kibaki. Who has last laugh now as the warlords fight each other?

Anonymous said...

Why do you paste and copy old posts. It becames annoying reading the same thing twice in less than aweek.

Anonymous said...


You baffle people. You are totally misguiding readers with non-facts just in the name of hating and bashing Raila.

I am no supporter of Raila, but I do know this country's historical political facts.

Please do understand that when Oginga Odinga wanted Kenyatta to be released, it was not because of Tom Mboya's political ambition. His bruise with Mboya came much later after Kenyatta had been released and for a different reason. Chris. Please, be factual on this. Also note that Mboya was not a Luo but a Suba.

Secondly, When Raila said Kibaki Tosha, it was not because Uhuru was young and Raila could not stand him ascending to presidency. You know too well that it was because all opposition leaders had purposed to get rid of Moi, his affiliates, his supporters and Uhuru happened to have unfortunately been flagged up by Moi to succedd him, a move perceived by Kenyans as an extension of Moi rule.

Please Chris, Kenyans are not robots, they could've still voted for Uhuru and ignored Kibaki if they felt that Uhuru was going to offer them a better rule.

Your write-up have really insulted all the Kenyan voters. You have really insulted our intelligence. And given prominence to Oginga Odinga and his son Raila Odinga.

What do you mean by saying that when Oginga Odinga said Kenyatta Tosha, the entire country votes Kenyatta and when Oginga Odinga says Kibaki tosha the whole country votes Kibaki. Are you trying to imply that Kenyans are thick and do not know what to do until someone shouts so and so tosha! Are you also insinuating that if someone says Chris tosha Kenyans will vote Chris.

Please stop insulting the intellingence of the oppressed people of this country and by trying to twist historical facts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.59

I have before told you that you can never ever separate the cause from effect. If that were the case, man could be sleeping soundly and getting it in the garden of Eden. Have you ever asked yourself why God had to give man such a harsh verdict when in the real sense, it is Eve who first disobeyed God's instructions and influenced Adam.

Never in the history of judgement will Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki EGH, MP, Commander in Chief of All the Armed forces of Kenya and President of the Republic of Kenya - my president approved of Almighty God to rule this country, be exonerated from the ills and effects of PEV.

We may try to malign Ruto, Uhuru, Raila and anyone else in the name of where we come from and whom we like or hate. But down deep beneath is that whether by commission or ommission, Kibaki will also answer for the blood that trickled down the Kenyan soil in the name of retaining the seat.

Unfortunately, Kibaki's household and himself will also face judgement for the blood of all those who died in the PEV.


Anonymous said...


You hate Luos. But this is a reflection of what is perceived in this country.

By your writings today, I can state clearly that throughout the history of this country, there has been a fascination with Luo community. People have questioned the "Miracle of the continual existence of the Luo people" - this despite the almost consistent delight in their persecution and ridicule.

The Luos have been impoverished socially, academically and politically. but because they strive to fight to survive, they are hated. People do not like fighters.

through their way to survive, they have been known to express their political feelings and views without fear. They do not beat about the bush. Their culture is strong and is strongly supported by their way of life.

The profession is intellect. Yaani, intellectual profession have traditionally been considered particularly luoish, banking, law, medicine, social sciences, psychology, academia and more recently computer. In their history, and when you say that Kenyatta worked hard to clear Oginga through Mboya (a Suba) and Kibaki is tirelessly working to finish Raila through Ruto, you are merely confirming what I have said above.

In an effort to try and finish and clear whom you consider above you, you impoverish, oppress and ridicule in the hope that you will have cleared them.

That is why any Luo leader who emerges, forces have to combine and finish them.

But chris too is amazed that despite the riducule, oppression, marginalization, the community has continued to stand in itself.

The Luos - Kudos to them. Despite the insults, they have astounded all communities and regions, that they are still there and not finished.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Kenya is re-inventing itself from tribal meniscus, but until then, it has to go through a complete cycle of tribal emasculation until the last tribe standing.

The last PEV was a wake up call for tribal unity in this country. But it will not be a one-off thing. It will be a process involving tribes coming out and manifesting their identity before annihilation.

The big tribes will be open but the smaller tribes will also go through the same process through association. I.e., the Kalenjins are next in line and their annihiliation will include the KAMATUSA (Kalenjin-Masai-Turkana-Samburu) alongside.

The Luos were the first to be anniliated, but alongside them are the smaller tribes who are equally being affected like the Kisiis, Kurias, Subas, etc.

After the PEV, the Kikuyus are undergoing the process of annihiliation. By the end of the process, the GEMA (Gikuyu-Embu-Meru)will automatically have been included. Surprisingly, the Kambas will have to emerge first as a tribe before undergoing through the same process.

For Luhyas, the sub-tribes that forms the entire western community will go through the process systematically.

By the end of the day, Kenya will be one tribe. Kenya. Since we will realise that our so called 'strength' or 'might' is interdependent on all, only varying in degree of dependency.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28, 2:24 and 2:27 aka Nimesema,

Thank you for the long boring narrative meant to show us that Luo's are hated because they are smart and hardworking...and therefore need liberation by having their own as a president...
Continue the chest thumping and say they have produced the 1st black president in the USA and back at home a Luo bought the first second hand hummer.
At the end of the day, you will go home a Luo who is disillusioned, believing that only by Raila ascending to presidency will Luo be redeemed. Now that its clear Raila's goose is cooked, maybe you should groom Fidel Castro to carry the mantle from the father and the Luo's struggle for liberation continues.
In the meantime, other Kenyans continue to work hard knowing that only the work of their hands and not a Messiah from the Odinga family can liberate them from the chains of hunder and starvation.


deroo said...

Chris, I will be brief now. I have a thing or two to catch up with and let me tell you that RAILA will not get through this one. Just a short one, you are right in so many aspects, but give the historical bit a wide berth first.

You have seen the regimented proclamation of support for Raila all stage-managed and pulled like puppets from the ODM high command in the last few days and believe me, I am betting my lunch price on this, ODM is no more. I will be back with a backgrounder from a few of the boys in that team.

Ruto and Co have in the last one year been trying to peel off from ODM and the Mau thing was God sent.

Was any force used to get them out? No. They all came out and were told to remain by the roadside to skim and whip the TRIBAL/COMMUNITY sympathy that was so desired. It has worked big time.

The people will be resettled, but the whole thing is that there is a common enemy (Raila) to be dealt with. They are usually aggressive on matters land, but this time round, they are not even complaining.

To save ODM, they should cacel the Mombasa thing and walk the straight and narrow with their nemesis first. Otherwise, LUWERE ODM LUWERE!

Back later. And remember...Usitukane ukunga!


Chris said...

Anon @ 2:24am,

I assume that when you start by talking about the hatred against the Luos you are referring to the general feelings of many Kenyans and NOT me.

I am on record in this blog as saying that the Luo community has suffered the most injustices committed against them (more than even the Kikuyu). I am also on record for saying that the healing of Kenya will start by other communities publicly apologizing to our Luo brothers. I have not changed my position about this and I don't think I ever will.

I also believe that the Odingas (both Raila and Jaramogi) have made certain decisions that were self serving and NOT in the interests of the community they have bewitched to follow them blindly and without question. This has had very grave consequences on the Luo as a whole.

I have taken up the challenge from one of my readers here to revive my weekend specials and this weekend I start with the controversial Luo question where I will discuss this in much more detail. In keeping with the tradition of my weekend specials, I will include lots of never-before-published information.

Is that a confirmed date for this weekend albeit at short notice?

P.S. Anon@ 1:13am you need to brush up your history a little. Hillary Ngweno's Making of a Nation is a good place to start and so is David Goldworthy's landmark book on Mboya (Tom Mboya: The man Kenya wanted to forget). I promise you that when you have been through these two excellent works your views on the Mboya/Odinga relationship will change forever and you will see Kenya and Kenyan politics much more clearer.

Secondly it is true that Mboya was a Suba who are in fact Bantus (and not Nilotes like the rest of Luoland) but are still considered Luo and hail from Luo Nyanza. Legislator Otieno Kajwang for instance is a Suba.(Catch plenty more fascinating info in my weekend special this weekend).


Phil said...

Blogger Chris said......

But before that the president will appoint a new leader of government business in the house and Raila will no longer have the clout in the house to reject the appointment this time.

Folks ODM is dead and no matter what Steadman polls say, Raila is no longer the formidable national political figure he was in 2007. If you can’t hear what I am saying, then please try and read my lips ODM IS DEAD AND BURIED!!!

hehehehe! Keep on dreaming Chris. And keep on changing positions. Tumezoea hiyo unaafik. Trying to argue or reason with some of you guys nikama kupigia mbuzi guitar. A goat will never dance!

Status quoist have been trying to fell Raila for the last 30 odd years, but they have only been able to enhance his credentials. Raila does not have to be president nor prime minister nor an MP. But change this country, he has, like him or hate him.

I will not dwell on your Odinga/Mboya Kenyatta myth. Mboya is a stuck record, drop it chris! We can read history books ourselves and we know what happened. Ati Mboya's almost cultist status, hehehehe. Only in Chris' confused mind!

First, your cock-up number one. What does the parliamentary standing orders say about the authority to appoint the LGB? Is it the president OR government? Once you establish what the SO says, you will understand why we have been in a stalemate for this long regarding this issue. I am kindly asking you to check out the facts before you start making unfounded and imaginary allegations like one you made above.

And in any case, what do you support as a Kenyan and as a voter. A leader of government business who is a presidential errand boy and who leads a minority party with less than 15 MPs and who happens to have obtained less a 10% of presidential votes cast OR another who is PRIME MINISTER by popular mandate and byt law, and who obtained upwards of 40% of votes cast and happens to be leader of a party commanding over 100 MPs?

Second, to your other fallacy that ODM is dead and buried, can you tell us which party is alive and kicking? KKK, PNU or your own ODM-K? Why do you want to spend energy dwelling on something that is dead and buried? Some of your readers here, (anonym-asses), very good at throwing barbs and insults, do not even possess a national voters card, let alone membership card to any registered political party in Kenya, but so good at writing political obituaries. Such nonsense!

Endeleeni kuota. Hata mukitusorora na hizo macho mbaya, chama ni yetu! Mezeni wembe ama mu unge yenu.

This weekend tuko chini ya maji ya chumvi. Historic Tononoka grounds happens to be where Kalonzo Musyoka's presidential dream was buried in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Poor blogger Phil,
Opinion is like an asshole, everyone got one so we will allow your retarded wimps.
I thought religion is the opium of the people but with Phil here, Raila is his opium. The moron is even planning to go all the way to Mombasa just to ensure his naked castleless king has some jaluo followers!!!!
Carry some stones Phil, you may need them when Balala's supporters rain blows on your black asses!!


colla said...


I always wonder why kenyans have an obsession of blaming there problems on a person all the time. It used to be everything Moi, when he left its now Raila. Do you even notice that there are so many times that we have never taken the President to account because he shares power with the one to blame(Raila).

Guys if every day you scream to see Raila getting cooked in all sorts of issues let me remind you that he is Kenya's prime minister, leader of the largest parliamentary party, has a political track record of over thirty years.

This compares to the usual haters who are obsessed with this man and they can not even be appointed to head a village co-operative society, have spent 20 years in the same position in a certain company. Some of us cant even fail to provide for our families let alone taking care of a mass movement.

Please look yourself in a mirror. If you think you have some substance then continue writing. If not let those who can offer something to society write, hate or like.


Anonymous said...


Bravo! It is very rare that a man looks at himself in the mirror of reality and decides to tell the truth like you have done today. Raila worshippers will come at you with all their e-stones they have.

But do not waiver; continue to hold steady your prophetic voice. Do not be moved. Be the conscience of the Kumekucha generation by returning KUMEKUCHA to its original mission. Today, was a good taste of things to come. Please, do not disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.46

First of all I am happy that you read the boring article and you were bored. At least my objective is achieved through your feedback.

I would've been worried if you did not read it (boring or not)

Do not worry about the Luos. Your tirades will not change the fact that the Luos have continued to puzzle many with theire long-suffering long-haul character.

From my writings it is to be noted that they will continue to survive. That by the end of the day, like the jews, they will morally recover their intellectual dominance and steer this country against the odds of cultures of insults, uncouth, theft, murderous, deceit all camouflaged as 'hard work'.


does not change the fact

Anonymous said...

It pitiful to worshipper another hman being. But it appears that in some Kenyan cultures, people are socialized to worship others irrespective of how rotten they are. It is really a donkey's life.

Anonymous said...

Who discharged blogger Phil out of Kenyatta National Hospital? The doctor responsible should be disbarred.

Did you guys hear Raila say in parliament yesterday that he is ready to sell mandazi amongst his people in Kibera?

What I am saying is that the worst is yet to come for his god Raila, and Phil should be allowed more time to recover under the watchful eyes of doctors and Kenyatta national Hospital watchmen who should keep ropes, sheets and high floors very far away from him.


P.S. Chris, you are wrong to recommend history books to Phil. Wrong books for the wrong time.

Phil my brother I urgently recommend the following books available at Text Book Centre, Kijabe street;

1. How to make tasty Mandazis

2. How to make millions selling and distributing Mandazis.

(go with soo tano (Kshs 500/-) that should cover the cost of both landmark books).

Anonymous said...

I love football (made in Kenya) I love harambee stars despite their trap in the mess of KFL and KFF or whatever.

Recently when I watched Harambee stars play against the Eagles, I noted that the concentration was always on the goal mouth of the Nigerians.

The constant concentration at the Eagles goalmouth was a clear indicator that the Stars were much stronger than the Eagles.

Despite Nigerians scoring 3-2 beating the stars in the scores, the stars displayed a show of might. In fact, any time Dennis Oliech picked up the ball, five plus Eaglets surrounded him. They consider him to be extremely dangerous and any effort that would be employed to deter him from scoring was applied.

Dennis faced constant markings against the rules of the games. All unorthodox tricks were employed to deter Dennis. He was hand-pushed, hand-pulled, smitten in the face, tricked and felled.

That is the game as is played. When faced with a team that is naturally strong, unorthodox tricks are all what the opponent can apply. The team leader becomes an easy prey to insults and endangered.

This may console many a Kenyan why we have national leaders, regional leaders and other important leaders. But focus and concentration is on only one (team) and the team leader.


Anonymous said...

I have not heard from Mwambu on this. I miss the insults emanating from his dry brains. Where are you, your matusis are a fodder that keep me going.


Anonymous said...

The over 4 million votes raila got in 2007 went to his head and the heads of the likes of phil. But it is like kibs thinking the luos who voted for him in 2002 would vote for him in 2007. It is such a delusion.

Anonymous said...

Am not sure why my post was deleted. I hope this one goes through.

I am surprised that some bloggers here including Chris are over-excited about ODM dying and getting burried as if that is the only good thing that has ever happened after Mungiki.

Listen here Chris, there is an english word call Re-invention. You should actually be worried about the components of ODM. The dominant factor.

Kenyan political history has proved that no party name stands. Once the amorphous thing called party is formed for a particular objective, when this is achieved, the body dies or takes a different form depending on the components.

Kenyatta ruled on KANU, leaving KPU. Moi ruled on KANU, burying KADU. Kibaki ruled on NARC after leaving DP. Kibaki is now ruling on PNU and leaving NARC. ODM is a conglomeration of LDP, NDP, KANU ODM(K), NARC which were assimilated for the purposes of 2007 elections, and which are threatening to go back to where each belongs. You can only liken them to water coming back to flow into it's stream after. That is why retired President Moi was right when he posed this question, What is ODM?

What should worry us is that if the components of the defunct ODM are still alive with the same ideals and re-invent themselves in another amorphous body.

That Mwambu, is what may spoil the party.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris, luos have suffered terrible injustices but some of these injustices they have brought them upon themselves! A community with so many intelligent people, why on earth do they worship Odingas??! Are Odingas the life line of jaluo people? Or are they bewitched? Help me please because I cannot understand this obsession with Raila!
These people need to be educated ASAP before they all perish!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.42

Hey, hey hey hey. The Njaruos do not worship Raira. What you perceive as worship is a trait informed by the culture of a sense of belonging.

Each tribe can be seen through the prism of their cultural beliefs and ways of life.

A culture informed by theft, and greed will sell the soul of their own [parents, children, leaders] to the enemy for gain. A culture that believes that money matters irrespective of how it is obtained will betray their own.

A Njaruo has never thought or imagine why they should betray their leader or their own just to get 30 sheckels from the enemy. It is not just in them.

Their guiding principle is this: "Chase away the enemy first, then come back home and warn the chicken from roaming about"

Most Njaruos do not agree with Raira. In fact, majority of them do not even bother with his existence or not. But the mere fact of betraying him has never crossed anybody's mind simply because these thoughts do not exist in their culture.

As for them perishing, many a Kenyan like you will wait. Their nature of endurance longhaul and longsuffering are a cornerstone that will continue to puzzle many till the end of times. Omba sana.


Philip said...

Anon @ 5.42 and the rest

You should separate worshiping and tribalism. The later is what is happening not only among the Luo tribe, but also among the Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Kambas and Luhyas.

I have always been arguing that tribalism is first raised and nurtured by our parents, community and neighbours, politicians only capitalise on the already existing tribalism in us. Many will tell you that their parents were not happy when they married a lady or man from another tribe, and some will tell you that they can't marry a lady from another tribe other than theirs.

Removing tribalism in Kenya is as hard as removing racial discrimination in most European countries. The vice is so deeply ingrained in us that back in 2007 even professors in political science viewed Raila and Kibaki on tribal lens. One only needed to read the name of a political analyst for one to know his/her views.

It is because of this tribalism that most Kenyans will want someone from their tribe to be the president of Kenya. Which is always brought by wrong perception that if ones tribesman is the president one will gain from it. Most Kenyans believe that if they push a leader from their tribe he'll push their agenda to government and bring benefits to the tribe, which is partly true, but mostly false.

Luos don't worship Raila. What happened is that they got a powerful leader from their tribe who they believe can push their agenda to government. Not only is Raila powerful but he also has all the resources to fight his enemy who wants to topple him from the Luo leadership. Further his enemies have also been weak at fighting him like Tuju, and long ago Anyang Nyongo, Orengo and Grace Ogot.

Other tribes seems not to possess this trait not because they aren't as tribalistic as Luos but because they didn't have a powerful leader who is also so powerful that it's hard for him to be toppled by fellow tribesmen. However this has started with Kambas and Kalenjins, who have Kalonzo and Ruto respectively.

As we are speaking now Kalonzo is getting stronger and stronger in his region that Mwau and Ngilu will have to think twice before they decide to compete with him. Ruto on other hand is also getting stronger and stronger. In the same manner what Raila says is always true among the most Luos, so is it the same with Kalonzo and Ruto with the Kambas and Kalenjins.

The only way for us to come out of this is to have ethnic balance in all sectors of government. I wonder what the constitution address in order to minimise this vice.

Philip said...

Further to this if Ruto managed to topple Moi as Kalenjin leader who is Raila to think that he can influence them to vote for him? The truth is that Raila has lost Rift Valley votes.

But this should not call for a celebration as Kalenjins also seems not to be ready to support anyone in No 1 position apart from Ruto. I still wonder if he'll manage to convince them to support either Kalonzo or Uhuru as Raila managed to convince the Luos to support Kibaki in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Only a female president can rescue Kenya. Are Kenyans ready to vote for the real CHANGE? Vote for female leaders, they will bring mothering skills we so desparetely need into this macho-dominated politics.

luke said...

Chris i have known you to be a sober thought provider in your posts and indeed in all your blogs but this post smacks of desperation
You have never asked us your faithful readers before to "read your lips" why now all of a sudden?

Lips aside, you are allowed to change your position but please talk more about African book History in your posts-we can learn alot from Lwanda Magere, Gikuyu&Mumbi,Things Fall Apart, Cry Freedom etc

Chris said...

Hello Luke my dear brother,

Siku mingi sana.

Your humour is one of the things I missed most when I was away.

We should chat online sometime soon.


deroo said...

To all those apologists here, ODM is DEAD and CREMATED. In the name of tribal politics and annexation, ODM ceased living, outlived its usefulness and the country braces for a round of re-alignments (again)

If the Kalenjins, in their pack-hunting political straits that were introduced by Moi walk out, and make the threat real by skipping a major party meeting, then, dismiss this argument at your peril.

That they have made the threat and decided to go ahead to sensitise their community (read TRIBE) about their political future when the rest of ODM are planning a meeting to bash THEIR OWN, means that they care FUCK ALL about the party. Afterall, they have lived without Raila, they will live inspite of him and they will without him and can make their own decisions.

Raila (I felt sorry for him), went ahead and decided to that that these were his people because they voted for him and not their own, he just made me wince. 'Hawa ni watu wangu. walipigia mimi kura. Hawa sio watu wao' he said in Kibera, a people he has not talked directly to for months. And why in Kibera.

There is a world called jilt, and add it to betray, mistrust and then smear the hard facts of poignancy with dictatorial, that is what these people are feeling about a man they followed to cult folk.

That history repeated itself in Oginga Odinga/Tom Mboya turf war in the 1960s does not amount to this Chris and I say it with the confidence of the GREAT RIPPER - DEATH, that stares at ODM with its talons ready to strike. I will not venture into that because the similarities are few and far apart Chris.

That time, there was no second-thought and it was people from the same Nyanza province and technology was not saturated as it is today, to convey information at an instance. Remember, it was at the height of the ideological COLD WAR pitting Russia nd USA and both participants were fighting over what they did not know locally. Odinga, like son was a Communist and Mboya was perceived as a democrat. Further, I have read DECOLONISATION OF KENYA and it is not worth digesting what a mzungu bent on showing the world that Mboya was good and Odinga bad. It is the same political tactics that Raila is using now.

And again, in Raila's book (i dont know whether he will be ordering a reprint to accommodate the ODM circus ahead of 2012) they belong to a Luhya/Nabongo (or whatever background). I am still investigating why he USES the Luo and there are chances that he is not one of them. That is my biggest beef with Raila.

As you speak, the ODM leaders who have been castigating have also seen the seeds of discontent and the contribution they have made in the death of Odinga Dictatorial Movement. In your post, you should have used the word 'GONE' and not WILL GO. Interestingly, Raila was among the Pokot in Kapenguria last weekend where the beginnings of a Kenyatta leadership were spotted (history repeating itself?)

Fast forward to the current situation, Raila fails to see that without the Kale, the third of the cooking stones that he so desired, he cannot make it. It happened before in 1997 and and it HAS happened AGAIN. You dont go to an election with your tribe alone. The third biggest tribe in numerical parlance!

The Kales, can say what the Bukusus told Moi. 'Until you will stop the rain falling in our place to stop us growing our food and being self-sufficient, will not vote for you'. and in Moi's schemes, he worked without the Bukusus. But that was Moi, he could sack someone and replace him with another from his home district, something that Raila cannot.

If he sacks them, he is just tightening the noose. Secondly, he cannot do that because they voted for him and in the same arrangement, the person who sacks, MWAI KIBAKI will not agree for such a thing to happen.



deroo said...


You have also talked about circumcision and the same thing that a Kikuyu will say, is the same that the Kales are saying now. They are even wondering whether the man (uncircumcised), told some of their tribes cherished artefacts when being made an elder in that mock event.

Like the coronation in Ruringu that I dismissed last year, it was to benefit but a few and will not happen in Kale land again. I also, thought that he was an elder and in that tribe, one has to get some kind of clout to summon the other leaders, who have to be of the same raking to be respected. This time, the Kikuyu will as usual not elect a Kihii and the Kales are now saying that, it was a mistake they made in voting.

It will soon trickle to the Meru and Embu (they were going to anyway) and then, they will use the same to jeer and slag the Luhya, Kurias and Kisiis, and they will think twice. Then, they will spread their vote to other Bantus.

On another front, people and theorists have started arguing about the real area and region that is MAU and this is where the country will be pushed to the brink of war and discontent, when the multinationals and other enterprises set up along the borderline will make their arguments.

For ODM, I have no apologies, my fears in 2007 have come to pass and lets wait for another party. I heard of Sisi Kwa Sisi or they might revert to in Luo lingua, LUO DAR PILE (LDP)!

It is not Kibaki, it is the system and I told you that for FIVE years, ODM hawatatulia. It is only two and three to go. That is why, Raila should have respected the wishes on the majority, right-thinking Kenyans who got it right by electing MWAI KIBAKI and PNU. Kazi iendelee baba!

I read about Kenneth Matiba not agreeing with the current group of politicians. Matiba, is a spent force. He could not finish tenth in the last elections and again, the hypocrisy comes in. Was it not Raila who refused to support Matiba in 1997 and went solo.

Anyway, Matiba cannot run a mandazi business as his hotel chain has proved, and there is nothing to learn from him. In 2007, it was said that he was to grace some ODM rallies. It never happened.

Do the people of Kibera sell mandazi advance poltics, make a living or prove a point. I wonder aloud!

Usitukane ukunga!


deroo said...

If it stays like this, give it to Kalonzo Musyoka. I dont want to sound bad, but Ruto cannot be elected president and even he knows that. Uhuru can win yes, but the outgoing is Kikuyu and who is the neutral one???

And also, siku za VITENDAWILI VIMEKWISHA! Oh, ukiona simba amenyesha, usidhani paka!; Vita vya panzi, furaha ya kunguru!.

I will add this, "Adhaniye ndiye, kumbe siye...and umdhanie siye, kumbe ndiye..."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon at 1.13Am, facts speak for themselves bro. The fact that Raila is influential is what led to his Kibaki Toisha carrying the day.

Chris, if what you say is true then I can easily predict what will happen. Raila is no IDIOT and he knows very well when things are for him or against him. In 2002 he knew he could not win and even his outfit could easily have been outmaneuvered by KANU. You see in 2002, there was a lot of confusion in the Rainbow camp. After Saitoti and the rest jumping ship, it was Kalonzo who was remaining. This fellow did not want to jump ship until he is assured that he will be the presidential candidate. So he had to be tricked to jump ship that he will be the candidate. On the morning of the rally at Uhuru park is when Kalonzo finally decided to jump ship (a very opportunistic fellow). It's in 2002 that the politics of forming alliances was started. The NAK had already formed an alliance and for months had consolidated their quest for power. Wamalwa was busy uniting the Luhya, the Luo votes ofcourse automatically was going for where Raila will lean. The Kamba were still split. Now Raila had decamped with people who could bring some votes, but needed to get a majority of the Kamba votes so he had to get Kalonzo in the mix. With Ngilu in NAK those votes were assured. So, Raila's pick of "Kibaki Tosha" was very calculated. With one swipe he had locked Kalonzo out, and also ensured the Kikuyu votes are split. It was natural that the Rainbow alliance will win.

Looking at 2002 alone, you can see how shrewd Raila is. No wonder the Kyuks hate him with a passion. But Raila underestimated Kibs. he thought Kibs was a lame-duck president who could be taken for a ride. Also, behind the doors there is the infamous MOU that led to the bitter end of this marriage of convenience. What followed is still very fresh in peoples' minds. The referendum and the 2007 violence.

Fast forward to 2012, if Raila senses that he cannot make it as president, he will do a "Kibaki Tosha" again. But this time it will be with someone he trusts with his soul. Do you guys have an idea why Musalia has laid low like an envelope. Also if there is any of you who has ever read the prophecies of one Elijah Masinde? Many of this guy's prophecies were true. Infact people wonder why this one has never materialized. He says that a Luhyia will lead Kenya before the Luo do but that that leadership will be credited to a person from the lakeside.

Have a nice day people.

Anonymous said...


Their lies slowly coming to light and by their own mouths too. No election theft, Kibaki won (Isaac Ruto) and the violence in RV was planned and premeditated (Raila)

Time we closed that dark chapter and buried it into the grave yard that the Nazis, khamer rouge and Idi Amin are buried.

teejay said...

If were you who shout about the death of ODM, I'd be better adviced to summon the wisdom of silence.

We all need to realize that when a vehicle gets involved in an accident, it is either taken in for Panel-beating, or written off all-together. Parties are mere vehicles in which the contents travel to acquire political power.

ODM's death is not news. After all Raila has changed Parties so many times I losed my count, but his ideologies which envision a better country, that is lead by competent leadership, that is accounateble to its citizens has never changed.

ODM may die, but RAO will survive. Best of all is that even after he is gone Many a Kenyan Generation to come will canonize him. He will be physically absent but spiritualy immortalized.

And Chris your history is abit rusty. The Battle between Jaramogi & Mboya was ideological. Mboya was Capitalist like Kenyatta while Jaramogi was a Socialist. Odinga's view was later to be twisted to mean that he was a communist in abid to finish him and get the US behind Kenya. Mboya would later steal Odinga's brains and write something in favour of what he called Afrcian Socialism. I wonder why he did not call it African Communism.

Anonymous said...

I used to hear this phrase here in mashada "ODM DAMU", I wonder if those ODM blood infested morons are going down with ODM?

rayonn said...

Raila is a clever politician, in that he moves with the times, carefully reading the public mood and being careful to be on the right side of public opinion. It’s that simple. Problem with some people is that they stick to the same old tactics without realizing that what worked before is not guaranteed to work again. After the PEV, with sky rocketing food prices, biting drought, recent blackouts, high electricity bills, water rationing, Kenyans were desperate for something to clutch on…a source of hope. Everobody(except Moi apparently) knows that wanton destruction of the environment has played a big part in our plight. The other, is need for a new constitution. The clever politician Raila saw this, hence the massive public support he now enjoys on the Mau issue. Sorry Ruto, this is not 2005. Times have changed.
As Raila himself will tell you (for free), Kenya is now a much more open and democratic society, where the wananchi closely scrutinize what their leaders say and do. We thank our aggressive media, the reguvinated civil society , televised parliamentary debates and external pressure for all this. This is not 1992 when a bunch of youngsters under the banner YK92 went around the country pouring money under the guise of “generational change”. Surely, YK92 cannot work again, not even if renamed KKK!!
Then ofcourse the other issue is timing. 3 years is an eternity In politics. Who remembers Marthar Karua??So, no Chris, you are wrong yet again (for the umpteenth time), This is not only the end of Ruto, Balala, Kalonzo and their Ilk, but the taking root of fresh, issue oriented , focused politics in our nation. Interesting times ahead.

Anonymous said...


deroo said...

Rayonn, all the rats have jumped from the sinking ship. Yes, people are enlightened. That is the reason why the Kalenjins will not be used and will stick wih their own to bargain for their own good.

They will join a Kalonzo fronted alliance. They will not go with a man who tried to overthrow their own Moi, one who cannot be trusted. One who calls them tatataka yote, and other things that will be offensive on this blog.

What the ODM kids are doing now, is what Raila should have done last year after being appointed PM. He should have travelled to all parts of that province to thank them for: 1) voting for him; 2) throwing stones and allowing for bargining at the NARA sessions and above all, teaching 'Kabila Adui' a lesson of how to live and intergrate with other tribes.

Rayonn, I don't know your knowledge of Kenyan politics. In your own thinking, does it mean that an enlightened society in Central Kenya will vote for Raila? He does not like them and he knows it and they don't hide it.

Do you also, think that the Kamba will sidestep voting for Kalonzo and go for Raila after the contempt he shows the man? and Do you think the Meru will vote for Raila after Ringera, Muthaura, Kiraitu and 'mta lia' comments. No, I don't think.

If timing is important as you say, then, what could he have told a country that has through history voted on tribal lines. The dice is cast. Just learn to accept that Raila has a mountain to climb.

deroo said...

Rayonn, Kenyans scrutinise what their leaders say?

'Kabila Adui yetu'. 'Moi awache kubweka'. 'Nina safisha uchafu yake. Matapiko ya Moi'. 'Mta lia'. 'Kibaki na Raila wako hapa juu. Ile ingine (read Kalonzo) inakuja hapo chini'. Tsunami inkuja kubeba takataka (Leaders, Hon members takataka?)

When demanding for a toilet in Mombasa, he said "...hakuna choo, hakuna carpet...wezi lazima waheshimu wenye mali (wezi???)

Raila Odinga anataka kufanya hivi, lakini ile ingine (Kibaki). He even said Obama is his cousin. He promised that people will not be paying rent in Kibera and Mathare, increased CDF, to build factories around the country and above all, his secretary, a sycophant Prof Peter Nyongo called on a boycott of all PNU related business and the backlash was brutal. Wake up Rayonn.

Anonymous said...

CHris, allow me to write an obituary here. I would like to eulogise a dear friend on this page. the friend whom I have come to know for the last 2 years. The friend is Kumekucha. The real kumekucha ia NO MORE. I read several Kenyan blogs from Nation EAS, to some tribal ones like misterseed to others whose names I can't care to remember.

But I have always come back to KK for topical issues. But NO MORE.

This post you have done is poor and below par. The 2 books you have quoted, I own them and I have read them and many more. I have you had a chance of reading NOT yet Uhuru? Facing Mount Kenya?

Do you get my drift. I won't go there. I will proceed with my obituary. Once upon a time this place was my refuge. Source of reasonable reading! But no more. NOT just you Chris. Bloggers too. Intellectual Kenyans in the Diaspora some with several Degrees others with PHDs. Have reduced themselves to tribal hater and rumour mongers! Poor Kenyans. If a PHD holder can conveniently decide to concoct silly none factual hate filled stories about Kenyan people, then who do run to to help in shaping old illeterate Kenyans?
Do we leave shaping of minds and ophinios to Moi and his ilks?
No wonder Kenya is suffering.

If Chris can convenient write obituary for ODM and not say anything about PNU who are fighting over everything including sharing of money meant for political parties then that is worrying.

Please accept our sincere condolences following the dead of KK. Dont't worry about ODM. It had reached its desired needs. Just look at political parties' life span in Kenya.

Be worried of the dead and minnow KK. RIP KK.

Anonymous said...

No new constitution in Kenya

from daily nation....

On Thursday, Mr Marende defended MPs over accusations of lack of seriousness in helping establish a local tribunal. “Parliament has played its role. If there is a problem, blame it on the EXECUTIVE(REAL OWNERS OF KENYA),” he declared.

Separately, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights vice-chairman Hassan Omar welcomed Mr Annan’s visit, saying it keeps the momentum on implementation of crucial reforms.

Mr Annan will be in the country until Tuesday.

Mwambu said...

Good article Chris but with the following caveat. Ruto is as good as being politically dead following his soon to be announced indictment by Ocampo in early 2010. By this time next year Ruto will have ceased to be a factor in Kenyan politics. Same with Uhuru. And most likely Thuo, the PNU whip.

Any analysis that factors in these three people in the 2012 debate therefore presupposes that they will be at liberty to conduct campaigns, influence voters, etc. They won't because all three will be ensconced at The Hague.

The people to watch out for are:

1.Mutula Kilonzo. This is one heck of a crafty and wily fellow. He is busy prepping the ground for Kalonzo knowing full well what Ocampo is up to. He also holds the files with evidence against Uhuru and Ruto.

2. Kalonzo Musyoka.

3.Peter Kenneth.

4.Raila Odinga.

5.Eugene Wamalwa.

6. Gedion Moi.

mzee said...

anon 12:59,i think you've run out of ideas completely.I say this because as I have been going through the various blogs even on the daily nation website,your comments are just copy pasted!!sounding like a broken record...

Anonymous said...

All of you who write here while dragging your tribal religions are all thick to boot!!Its sad you are educated but all you can afford to spew is filth.I wonder why the stupid stuff you write here is ever published!You talk so seriously about your tribes and personalities as if your life and tribe is yours forever!If you lack nothing to write,you should shut up,you neither lose nor gain anything by doing so!

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