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Monday, December 15, 2008

The I-Don’t-Care-Attitude Of Our Leaders Clearly Came Out In The President’s Chilling Remarks

Emilio Stanley "Wacha wapigane" Mwai Kibaki.

It is not too difficult to imagine Mwai Kibaki saying the very same chilling words he said at Nyayo Stadium on Jamuhuri day earlier this year when Kenya was burning. He probably said them many, many times last year and maybe at the beginning of this year... in private.

There is too much evidence to suggest that he did.

If the NSIS evidence given to the Waki commission is to be believed, the president was fully briefed of the gathering storms running up to the disputed general elections last year.

Wacha wale wanataka kupigana wapigane.” (Let those who want to fight fight). I can imagine him saying those very same words when he was warned of impending violence in the country.

As I reviewed a tape a few minutes ago where he spoke those words a chill went up my spine and I remembered immediately the events leading up to the troubles of early this year that saw many innocent Kenyans killed, maimed and raped. And more so what the NSIS told the Waki commission. That they were fully aware that there was going to be trouble. If the NSIS knew did the President NOT know? Of course he did because the NSIS exists mainly to brief the president of their findings. So why didn’t somebody take action? Why didn’t the president take action?

Assuming that the president did not receive the advice from the intelligence people with the same attitude he faced angry Kenyans on Friday, Jamuhuri day, then we need to ask ourselves the question whether that is the way leaders are supposed to speak in public anyway. With such arrogance??

Wacha wale wanataka kupigana wapigane.”

Would former President Daniel arap Moi have spoken in the same I-don’t-care-attitude? I am sorry but that second president of the republic of Kenya has been made to look so good by the current blundering, tribal presidency.

And neither can Prime Minister Raila Odinga escape blame for the terrible things that happened in this country. He knew very well that his political strategy to win the presidency was driving Mwai Kibaki up against a wall and isolating our dear Kikuyu brothers. Yet he continued with it and did not take leadership and stop even for a minute to take stock. If only to save precious Kenyan lives. Is making it to State House worth the unnecessary death of one single innocent Kenyan? Let alone the thousands who died?

Those who have said that we lack leadership in Kenya I must say that they are absolutely correct. What we call leadership are those morons in parliament busy with a circus that is NOT funny. Passing laws that would not even have been passed in apartheid South Africa and then turning round and telling us that they are against those laws and that they were not in parliament when they were being passed by their colleagues. What mavi ya ngombe is that??? More so in this age of cell phones and instant communications?

So where the hell were they? On Koinange street perhaps?

Post Updated by Chris
I told you guys that Kenya is a police state. Remember the guy who was arrested from Nyayo Stadium for disrupting the president's speech as part of the protest by Kenyans? His name is Fredrick Odhiambo. Well he was beaten up so badly that he is now receiving treatment at the Nairobi Women's Hospital. Some ordinary wananchi are perturbed that Mr Odhiambo was taken to the "Women's hospital" and told a Kumekucha reporter on the streets of Nairobi today; "Odhiambo is no longer a man - walimufinya sehemu za siri" (they assualted him in his private parts). Nothing of the sort happened because the Nairobi Women's hospital specializes on cases of people who have been brutualized not necessarily in the way these Nairobians were suggesting.

It looks like the cops followed instructions from their boss to the letter. Let those who would dare want to fight a police state, fight.

The hottest story on Kumekucha this past weekend;

Is Safaricom's Michael Joseph a threat to the ruling class and the rich and powerful?

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Anonymous said...


I can see it all now.

A grim faced NSIS boss briefing the prezo as he eats mandazi in State House and the prezo between mouthfuls saying:

wacha ware wanataka kupigana wapigane.

Karua fanya kazi yako, hii swearing in itakua saa ngapi baada ya erection kubwa?

And all that before I even wasted my time voting.

God help Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Just wait and see that dunderhead called Phil come out with distorted rubbish. Phil go to hang!!!! Raila is as guilty as Kibaki!

Phil said...

And neither can Prime Minister Raila Odinga escape blame for the terrible things that happened in this country. He knew very well that his political strategy to win the presidency was driving Mwai Kibaki up against a wall and isolating our dear Kikuyu brothers. Yet he continued with it and did not take leadership and stop even for a minute to take stock. If only to save precious Kenyan lives. Is making it to State House worth the unnecessary death of one single innocent Kenyan? Let alone the thousands who died?

I knew Chris had to come up with this shameless discrimination and blatant attempt at stifling civil liberties and democracy...I will reserve my comments because you all know what Chris is attempting to do. Jeesuss!

Taabu said...

Pole but you have invited beers to take residence on your bare back with all the stings. If you have evidence on Emilio please TAKE IT TO GICHERU, win't you?

You are safer writing about M-Pesa and not touching RAW NERVES that will predictably snap. Pad your cheeks man, ole wako. Kenya inko na wenyewe and the few GATE KEEPRS are very vigilant.

Kwale said...

I can tell you here and now, anyone who supported violence against innocent people, either by funding, organising or actual bodily harm against another fellow citizen will forever be haunted. The blood of innocent is crying out for vengeance. Anyone who carries ODM blood in them will for sure have a cause to regret. They cheered and chanted but the day of vengeance is coming and they will not be spared! Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

E-CHANGE said...

in your picture our president cuts the image of a gentlemanly looking figure nicely clothed in the latest finely cut grey suit how can you even accuse such a man of possessing an i-don't-care-attitude?

Every time we see baba Jimmy he is always jovial and he looks like a big cuddly teddy bear you just want to hug him and pat the bald spot on his head as you sit on his statemanly lap. is this a man capable of letting our country go down the drain?didn't he save us from ourselves?

Vikii said...

There are three grown men in this blog whose intelligence is unquestionablly questionable. I love your take on some of these issues guys. Very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Phil is sick!!!
According to him, Raila and ODM are saints!!
Chris, have this moron checked, he is a shame to this blog!

papa plus said...

Check out this scenerios:

In Kenya, the president's jamhuri speech is disrupted by some guy seeking attention. Said guy is finyuad and currently in hospital.

In Iraq, the leader of the free world has a pair of shoes hurled at him from close quarters by some guy seeking attention. Said guy is arrested for assault but is otherwise in good health. The leader of the free world calls it freedom of expression and retorts thusly; so what if he threw a shoe at me?

Who amoumg these leaders has real power?

Sam Okello said...


Did you see the big two straddle down the streets on Nairobi yestreday? Let me tell you what I saw. I saw dead-set snipers strategically placed on rooftops. I saw wananchi unable to comprehend what the two men were up to. I saw a security cordon the size that told Kenyans that their leaders had to be protected from them. And lastly, I saw the wide gap that existed between the rich leaders and the poor Kenyans they serve. If they wanted me to see how accessible they were, I got the exact opposite picture. If Kenyan expect this band of relics to save them some day, the wait will be long. Like Jeff suggested in the other post, the time has come to start scouting for progressive new leadership. If we don't start now, and start educating Kenyans now, it will be too late.

Let's get going.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to hear the "people's president" on T.V. say something to the effect that what the journalists did on Friday was an embarrasment to the head of state!Or did he mean to the country?my mind went back to the days when he was in the opposition,boycotting state functions and my heart bled.He is actually in agreement with Hon.Kinuthia wa Musengi! God help us

Chris said...

Hi Sam,

I am informed that what you say is absolutely true. Security around Moi was also tightened dramatically in his last days in power.

I say the people show these morons their power by elected "a nobody" to State House. A nobody whose eyes will not pop out when they see a little money but will stay focused on liberating Kenyans from mediocre leadership. I also agree that we have to start now.


P.S. I liked your idea about Kenyans using cell phone cameras to catch crooks. That is citizen journalism and citizen power at its' zenith. What say you guys?

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, I have to say I love the new you.

I have 2 admit I came home a few weeks ago having defended ODM tirelessly here on this very blog coz I thought they were a decent lot. I was so surprised to see the behaviour of the people I was defending. I can't even imagine how tired Kenyans are having been here the whole year. I have seen the light and never again!

We want new progressive leadership now! Now!

Anonymous said...


By Gitau Warigi. Sunday Nation, December 14th 2008

Consider this: Kibaki's speech on the most important day in our national calendar is cut short by an angry citizen. Call him a heckler, if you will and the heckling of the crowds over high food prices and the failure of those in power to pay taxes.

Think of the reaction of the President. It was as though nothing had happened. It was as though the heckling of the crowds over high food prices and the failure of those in power to pay taxes made absolutely no impression on him.

His response was typical of the attitude we have come to expect from him: wapigane wale wanataka kupigana. I also expected to hear an exclamation like bure! and or pumbavu! in his next sentence.

The Waki Report. Internally Displaced People. The Constitution Review. The Media. Food. Fuel. Taxes. Name it. There is a general mood of discontent in the country with the way the government is handling these issues.

You sense a vague restlessness that is trying to articulate itself. You sense something, too – like many people feel this country is not being given the leadership it deserves. It is not difficult to see towards whom these feeling are directed - to Kibaki.

Kibaki may have nothing to do with the pricing of unga or of petrol. He may not be the one driving MPs to demand tax-free allowances from an already depleted Treasury.

But there is a feeling, somehow, that all this is taking place because the driver of the Kenyan bus has failed to set the course; in short, to provide leadership.

Certainly the constitutional review process cries out for a firm hand on the wheel. And does our dear President need to be reminded of his duty to IDPs? Does he really care?

I have occasion to sit with fire-breathing supporters of Kibaki’s (panua mongrels) who take extreme offence at any suggestion of any shortcoming in the man. Their idea of promptly dealing with such doubts is to retort, testily: “Why, then, did he become president and others did not?” - a very dumb retort.

I am afraid that is not a very objective argument. The world over, many presidents in office are not there because they are necessarily strong or extraordinary.

The set of circumstances that puts people in power can be quite arbitrary. Some are there by sheer luck, or such happenstance. Others have turned out to be plain mistakes.

The wave of multi-ethnic support that brought Mr Kibaki to power in December 2002 was, in all honesty, not crafted by him. He was merely the happy beneficiary.

I am reminded of 1979 when Idi Amin was being ousted. His Ugandan opponents met in Arusha but could not agree on a replacement as president. They picked as a compromise a soft ex-Makerere scholar called Yusuf Lule. He was totally unable to come to grips with Uganda’s factional politics. He was ousted within months.

I seek to understand people like Ms Martha Karua who once unreservedly supported Mr Kibaki from the perspective of persons who have become badly disappointed.

Personally, I have no truck with her presidential quest, which in my opinion should benefit from the wisdom of sitting back and asking herself why, for instance, her kins people are sitting in IDP camps through no fault of their own. But like many others, she has sensed a problem — a leadership vacuum really — which it no longer pays to pretend is not there.

Let’s go by the evidence. Kibaki routinely avoids giving an opinion on even the most mundane of matters. To say that is not to hark back to the nanny-State of the Moi era. Presidents are expected to guide the country on matters of import. Mr Kibaki has been unable, too, to build a political vehicle that can give his supporters hope and a sense of belonging. Narc, the mighty party that put him into office, was allowed to wither under his watch. How to inspire PNU into something coherent has also quite simply eluded him.

I am sure that is why politicians from the President’s backyard who don’t want to see their careers die after he leaves office have sought to subtly distance themselves from him.

Panua mongrels, one of your own has finally "seen the light" although a bit too late.

M-Pesa said...

On Jahmuri Day, Kibaki went to bed with boos ringing in his ears. Of course as always, he didn't give a damn about anything. Maybe it's time we Kenyans hit him where he really cares- in his deep pockets! How about all Kenyans BOYCOTTING his many Deacons chain of fashion wear and affliated outlets like 4U2? This will awaken him from deep slumber so he can sort out the mess facing Kenya. Yes we can!

Daniel Waweru said...

Ni vile alivyosema mwaminifu John Tyrrell: Patriarcha non Monarcha. More perspicuously, the President is not your father (or your husband). Since most Kenyans think that the President is their father, and since thinking so is incompatible with democracy, Kibaki's incompetence in this role is a quite good thing.

On the other hand, demokrasia sio sarakasi. Odhiambo showed courage in an unworthy cause: his high-visibility piece of performance art is un-democratic because it wasn't an attempt to persuade or convince, but rather to embarrass and shame; basically, stupid populist display as a substitute for democratic deliberation. One can condemn the heavy-handed response while also agreeing with Saitoti that Odhiambo acted disrespectfully and dishonourably.

Anonymous said...

You blondes. Which Kenyans buy clothes from Deacons? Try going there looking kawa to see if anyone will run to serve you. These guys have it all cut out for them. Remember the Deacons shops were moved from town and other low end areas to the sub economies of Westlands, Village market and Yaya. Guys, we are in for a long ride with these guys, and the sad thing is, we worship them. Am happy for that small showdown by Wananchi the other day. Lets just go pole pole na tutawapata

Kimi Raikkonen said...

2.10, seen what too late? For your info, we ex-PNU supporters have always known that Kibaki was a weak and indecisive leader. However, given the available alternatives such as the hobo from Bondo and who in our opinion would have plunged this country into chaos had he taken power, it was better Kibaki than anyone else, as has been proved by the performance of greedy ODM MPs such as Ruto and Namwamba and Raila's failure to stand up to corruption from within ODM and to state oppression of the media, guilty of dishonesty and treasonous behavior as the media are. It is people like you who supported ODM who are now coming out of the darkness to remove the scales from their eyes. Welcome to the sun, my dear fellow, and join the ranks of ex-ODMers such as anon @ 12.36am.

M-Pesa said...

Bw Waweru:

"..One can condemn the heavy-handed response while also agreeing with Saitoti that Odhiambo acted disrespectfully and dishonourably..."

Well show me any one occasion when these thugs in power ever respected Kenyans? Be it Goldenberg, Anglo fleecing, Murders of 5,000 innocent Kikuyu youth labelled Mungikis, Refusal to pay taxes, IDPs still in camps, Huge mind boggling salaries, Media Bill, police brutality, new constitution circus, land clashes...I could go on till the break of dawn. Odhiambo is indeed a hero and will be remembered by generations to come. He just stood up to these bully boys and paid them back in same coin and severely dented their bloated egos. The political class can use live bullets, the dreaded GSU, lob teargas, use the air force and even bring out the tanks, but Kenyans won't be cowed! We stood up against the callous, sadistic and despotic Moi and we shall stand up against Kibaki and his toilet paper, Gen Ali.

Long live Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen said:

"we ex PNU (Stop lying, you are still panua to the core) supporters have always known that Kibaki was a weak and indecisive leader (another lie. Panua mongrels have been shouting all over the place how Kibaki is a "good" leader - stop the DECEPTION.) However, given the available alternatives such as the hobo from Bondo and who in our opinion (Your opinions are totally flawed, distorted and upside down . Example: Remember early in the year when the whole Mt Kenya community was insisting that buying Safaricom shares was a good buy and that Raila was just making noise when he was cautioning people about them... many of you ended up burning your own fingers... I could give many other examples but space and time do not allow) would have plunged this country into chaos had he taken power".

Ati Raila would have plunged the country into chaos? What infantile thinking. Kibaki PLUNGED the country into chaos by STEALING THE ELECTIONS - I see you are still in the BLIND state Gitau Warigi was in before his eyes opened up to the reality of things.

Paul said...

Sam Okello!

Is Sam Okello the Kenyan Obama we have been waiting for?
Can Sam Okello replicate the feat that Obama so impressively did in the USA?
Consider this

a.) Both have the coveted LUO Ancestry
b.) Both are very positive Individuals
c.) Both are reformers and focus on HOPE
d.) Both are renown authors; Obama having written two memoirs and Okello having prolifically produced many a tome.
e.) Cannot ignore the Chicago origin; Obama, just like Okello, lives in Chicago.

Having shown that, guys, don't you think that one of our very own, Sam Okello, could be the OBama we have been waiting for in Kenya?

One more thing...BOTH have utilized the power of INTERNET..Obama raised millions over the net, Okello knows the power of the net by being a high profile blogger!

Sam Okello, we need you to start thinking seriously about 2012.

E-CHANGE said...

beware the "Sam-Okello-For-President" attitude of bloggers clearly in their deceptive remarks

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 4.40am. What is the point of your posts anyway? Just what are you trying to prove? Has it occurred to you that it does not matter anymore who is an ODM member or who is a PNU member? Those party formations have now been overtaken by events and only the politicians are interested in them, are still caught up in 2007 hallucinations of omnipotence, and only they believe that they have Kenyans by the big ones. Unfortunately, the people of Kenya have moved on and are slowly coalescing as one against the political class, yet here you are promoting outdated 'wazee' party sycophancy. Please grow up. How many posters have you seen discussing the ODM elections here on KK? How many are discussing the coming PNU and ODM elections? People are NOT INTERESTED, PERIOD. And you are still promoting 'wazee' party politics? Where have you been living? In Kenya or in the darkness of 'Modern green'?

Sam Okello said...


That's a ringing endorsement. I believe we can repeat Obama's feat in Kenya. This will be the final liberation of Kenya. We want a nation where all our children will live in peace and harmony.

Let's marshall our forces. When that announcement comes, we must all be ready to go.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen,

Anon @ 4.40am again. From the way you have responded. It is quite evident that the TRUTH is hurting you very much. Pole sana. Meza wembe.

I stand by what I have said in all my posts. Have you ever heard the saying that those who forget (to "move on" as you panua mongrels like calling it) their history are bound to repeat it? Well, Kenya has been doing just this ever since 1963 - LIVING A BIG LIE. Taabu has always put it best:

Just a small "snapshot" for your panua infested mind, read this about Kenyatta - a part of the pumbavu Kenyan history that the likes of you want us to forget ("move on" as you call it) and we Keep on repeating:


Jamhuri Day celebrations have just been concluded with pomp and pageantry. What, however, is critical is not the annual celebrations we have witnessed. Not even the honours some people might have received.

My concern is about the blatant lies associated with the occasion that we have been living with for a long time. Old wisdom informs us that when a lie is told several times, it actually turns into truth. At the risk of displeasing some people, let me highlight some political lies about Kenya and the late President Kenyatta:

We have been told several times that Kenya gained independence in 1963. We have also been informed that Kenyatta was not only the country’s founding father but also a quintessential freedom fighter. I have spent a lot of time perusing relevant documents to establish the veracity of these claims but I have not been able to find any truth in them.

Colonial rule had certain fundamental pillars. Through a carefully conceived ‘divide and rule policy’, colonialism was implanted to secure the exploitation of Kenya’s human and material resources. In addition to promoting ethnic hostilities among the African communities, colonial rule was both dictatorial and intolerant. Those who challenged colonial authorities were killed by the police, jailed or summarily detained without trial. Under the system, the imperial Governor presided over a prefectural network that ensured that British government policies were fully implemented.

On their part, the Africans paid taxes without representation and provided the cheap labour, which facilitated production of wealth. Influential public service jobs went to whites and very few African collaborators like John Michuki who is still in government upto now. Furthermore, most of Kenya’s productive land was alienated and given to Europeans. Education opportunities for the African people were scarce. Kenya belonged to the white people.

In the past 45 years of African leadership, Kenya has been unable to deal with the problems the country experienced under formal colonialism. That is why I am proposing that since colonialism did not end in 1963, our celebration of the occasion is rather misguided. Biting poverty, police brutality, political intolerance, unfair distribution of resources and jobs, unemployment and ethnic parochialism continue to haunt every aspect of life in Kenya. Our past history shows that, in fact, 1963 was not the year of independence. Rather, it was the time when European colonialism was Africanised, making Kenyatta the first black governor.

Our struggle for the second liberation was hijacked in 1992 when Moi — the second black governor — took charge of the proceedings by pretending to be a democrat. He rigged the first serious multi-party polls since 1963 and retained the status quo. In 2002, the peoples’ second attempt to overthrow Kenya’s black colonial rule seemed to succeed when Narc swept its way to power and promised real change. What followed, however, was an anticlimax of our dreams - Kibaki BETRAYED us big time

The lie that Jomo Kenyatta was the founding father of the country should not be allowed to continue. As truly conceived by genuine founding mothers and fathers, the Kenyan nation is yet to be born. What helped Kenyatta to rise to the top was his mastery of pretense and deceit. Kenyatta knew how to mimic what he was not. This is demonstrated by the way he easily changed names to hide his true self. Although he was born Kamau wa Ngengi, he changed to John Peter and by 1922, he had become Johnstone Kamau. While in Europe in the 1930s, he became Jomo Kenyatta. In 1963, Kamau wa Ngegi was simply known as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. So what is the difference-in character and deed between President Kenyatta, Mzee, John Peter, Johnstone or Kamau? Was it safe for Kenyans to have entrusted the institution of the presidency in a person whose names kept changing?

After spending a long time in Europe, Kenyatta returned home in 1946 and shortly seized the leadership the Kenya African Union party. Although he was mistakenly arrested and jailed for being a member of the Mau Mau, Kenyatta denounced the nationalist movement several times and eventually set the record straight during the Kapenguria trial of 1953.

His nationalist credentials were further undermined by the fact that during his presidency, he became the biggest land owner in Kenya when he grabbed over 500,000 acres of land. Besides, he made it his top priority to punish and neutralize freedom fighters who questioned his political practices like Bildad Kaggia and Jaromogi Oginga Odinga.

Throughout his rule, Kenyatta did not hold any presidential elections to test his popularity. It is tragic that such a person has been branded founding father and freedom fighter.

Like the colonial governor before him, Kenyatta crushed dissent without mercy, terrorized political opponents using the police, detained without trial those with divergent opinions and even had other Killed like Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya and Josiah Mwangi Kariuki (JM).

Contrary to the dreams and aspirations of the freedom fighters, Kenyatta failed to unite Kenya when he embarked on the programme of "Kikuyunizing" the public service, by replacing the outgoing Europeans with his own kinsmen. At the height of his presidency, he failed to appreciate Kenya’s diversity when he receded to his own Kikuyu ethnic cocoon.

This was not surprising because, from the very beginning, Kenyatta’s political operations revolved around Kikuyu nationalism. It is noted that as early as 1929, he had been sent to London by the Kikuyu Central Association to lobby for Kikuyu tribal land rights. He even edited a tribal newspaper, Muigwithania.

We have to recognize that the struggle for independence which began in the early 1890s when British rule was imposed on our people was never concluded in 1963, 1992, 2002 or 2007. It continues to date. In addition, the true heroes of Kenya’s liberation combat include the champions of the Mau Mau era as well as the stalwarts of the Giriama and the Nandi resistance. These people deserve respect and recognition.

Individuals who should make the list of founding fathers and mothers of Kenya should not be Jomo Kenyatta and his fellow traitors of the freedom struggle. Genuine freedom fighters include, Mekatili wa Menza, Koitalel arap Samoei, Harry Thuku, Fred Kubai, Bildad Kaggia, Masinde Muliro, Elijah Masinde, and Jaramogi Odinga Oginga, among others.... and not the Kenyatta's, Moi's and Kibaki's of this world.

Anonymous said...


It is good to see that KK has become a forum for recovering ODM addicts. It has been a long time coming, but it took the stealing of maize by ODM leadership for the rank and file to realize that they were conned of a dream of change. Change must begin with ourselves. We must free ourselves from PNU and ODM. These were vehicles put together by tribalists and power mongers for the purpose of taking them to trough, but there was nothing in them for downtrodden.

Anonymous said...


I think taabu warned you against engaging with Anon 7.16. This 1973 circumcised buffon only speak one language and that is KIKUYU HATE. You are better off if you ignore the MONGREL.
We know him, you don't see us or any of PANUA MONGRELS engaging with this caveman.
There are two people here in KK you MUST ignore, one is Anon 7:16 you can tell by his writing and his hatred towards Kikuyu, the other person to ignore is Phil.

Anonymous said...

12/16/08 9:00 AM,
Care to comment on the LIES ABOUT KENYATTA AND KENYA?
I guess it hurts thats why you chose to resort to name calling because the TRUTH is stinging. Well we saw through it. Hahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

the poor mzee and some deadwwood politicians will be in wheel chairs by 2012. it will be due to health and age related complications.

wacha wale wanaozeheka wazeheke bila shaka, such is life, many are born, many age and millions die every from natural causes.

may the year 2008 rip in a shallow poor man's grave.

and may sanda, jeneza and kaburi be our intimate friends on the way out.

soil in and lights outs forever.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to comment on the Fredrick Odhiambo guy AKA "heckler". I will be the devil's advocate on this one. That poor man is very lucky to be having a chance to talk to the press from his bed at the women's hospital. Under normal circumstances the man would be six feet under by now. Someone please show me anywhere in the world where someone breaches presidential security to that magnitude and the security guys just shoo him away, ati "kijana toka hapa kwenda kabisa". That man took a very huge risk and is very lucky to be alive. I hope he has a lot to live for and leave such nonesense alone. And before anyone jumps on me, I must add that I am ODM damu and I hate Kibaki with a passion. But sometimes truth must be told.

Anonymous said...

anon @12.37 , have you ever hard of the phrase "no pain no gain" liberation does not come easy and the price is heavy and is sometimes paid in blood, tears and flesh.It is brave men like Fred who stand up for the voiceless , his action might seem minute at the moment but the people of kenya who are collectively in pain felt his pain and these things accumulate and when the people get fed up then even the most dormant coward will stand up to the high and mighty.In summary what odhis did was an act of bravery by doing something that most of us would like to do only we are too afraid.Every revolution starts with a trigger and fred's action was the ultimate symbol of resistance to a dictatorial regime.

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