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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Coming Revolution: Who Wants To Fool With This 200 Kgs Gorilla?

You don’t fool around with a 200 kilo Gorilla.

You just don’t.

To emphasize this point many Americans would replace the words “fool around” with one four letter word for emphasis. It really matters little that you may be more intelligent than the Gorilla or that you have gone to school and it has not. When you come face to face with it, you just have to get out of the way pronto.

As far as Kenya is concerned Kenyans in the Diaspora cannot be ignored. To me they are that 200 kilo Gorilla. For starters they played a very key role in the last general elections and I am surprised that the Waki report does not mention them. Many people still don’t know it but they were ODM’s secret weapon. PNU also got a lot of “teeth” from Kenyans out there. Secondly they have been Kenya’s top foreign exchange earner for years with their remittances back home. In fact several industries in Kenya these days owe their very existence to our beloved brothers and sisters in the Diaspora.

Lets take a quick peep into history. Historians tell us that soldiers returning from the first and Second World War were major catalysts in our struggle for independence from our colonial masters. They came back different people after seeing the world out there. In my humble view Kenyans in the Diaspora will play an even more significant role in the coming revolution that will sweep right across the continent and leave Africa barely recognizable from the old stereotypes of everything that has gone wrong.

But there is a major problem currently best illustrated by the dramatic change that takes place to diasporans when they return home. More so I am talking about their political views. I have several friends who have argued with me for hours about things I have said here on Kumekucha when they are out there. But when they come back home they quickly change their positions and begin to agree with me on almost everything. Folks in other words it is really important to be on the ground or at least to have your ears on the ground. Of course this blog helps in that a lot and that is why some folks are really upset with it. (But that is a story for another day).

Indeed I made that mistake of assuming things in the early years of this blog. In the run up to the constitutional referendum of 2005 I predicted in this blog that the Yes, banana vote would prevail. Many readers of this blog do not know it but they have benefited immensely from that mistake I made because I went to great pains to ensure that never again, no matter where in the world I am would I lose touch with the ordinary Kenyans on the ground. I dare say many comments on this blog from our brothers and sisters out there clearly demonstrate that they are a little out of touch.

But as I said earlier, Diasporans cannot be ignored and they are a constituency that is way too powerful to be disregarded. I am aware that some prominent bloggers here love to call them “voteless”. Whatever that means. But I am talking about an influence that reaches into the ballot box even where no direct voting takes place.

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In my book they are much more powerful than the legislature that was busy this afternoon flexing its' muscles, with some MPs emphasizing the superiority of parliament and some accusing each other of “playing to the gallery”. Now that is very strange indeed because isn’t that exactly what an MP is supposed to do? They are all elected by the people who ultimately wield the real power as some of those cocky braggarts will discover in the not too distant future. MPS are supposed to play to the gallery of the people. The people are the ultimate law makers in the country and they speak through their leaders. However in Kenya things have been a little different. The Parliamentarians are the bosses and the people are pawns to be conned and cheated and bribed at election time.

Not any more.

Mark my words. Not any more. And NEVER AGAIN.

The Daily Nation says that our hero Fredrick Odhiambo is lucky to be alive. Well the guy in Iraq who threw shoes at President George Bush is not admitted to a hospital is he? And yet that was much more life-threatening. Read the amazing confessions of Fredrick Odhiambo.

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Anonymous said...

Wewe Chris! Wacha fitina. As a member of the 'voteless diasporan' community who 'does NOT contribute to the exchequer by my western union and moneygram remittances', I think this is all fitina. Please ignore us please. Boy that was really funny!

For some deluded people on this blog, please remember that diasporans also send through banks and those other mediums and when the profits are declared and later taxed, our money which forms the bulk of those profits goes to the exchequer unless I am mistaken. This same 'voteless non-contributing diasporans' are being reined in by the CBK since its widely acknowledged they are a major source of revenue for the Kenyan govt except of course, in the eyes of some deluded know it all KK contributor.

When politicians (including Raila) were traversing the globe 'begging' for cash to finance their campaigns last year, I bet you diasporans were not voteless then. I also know a large number of diasporans who not only financed but also flew home purposely to vote. Tells you how much people know here.

I love the analogy of the different views brought in by those who participated in the second world war. It will be the same thing in 2012 just wait and see. I really hope you people are serious about the quest for new leadership and this revolution. Let people ignore the diasporans at their own peril.

JEFF said...


There is no doubt that the diaspora has continued to be of great contributor to our economy. Apart from benefiting friends and relatives, they have invested heavily in real estate and their remittances have been key to supporting our local currency from fluctuating wildly against the dollar, euro and the pound. Until the onset of the global recession (reduced remittances), the Ksh was quite stable against the other currencies.

But economics is as far as we have benefited from the diaspora.

Politics is a different ball game.

When i was campaigning for a civic candidate during 2007 elections i realised that even though our candidate was well-taken care of financially, our actual participation in the campaign, on the ground, was more effective. Guys at the village want to know that the local 'diaspora' (people who live/work away from the village)are able to identify with their ideals and understand their problems. Once we took over the role of opinion leaders, our candidate was able to sail through in a landslide, despite the opponent having been councilor since 1974, very wealthy and politically well-connected.

All am saying is that unless the diaspora are willing to fold their sleeves and dirty their hands, they may not be in a position to assist in cleaning our politics.

E-CHANGE said...

some of us are more kenyan than others and it all depends on LOCATION?
Even in the national anthem we only ask "God of all creation" to "bless this our land and nation" so ole wako if you are outside the BORDERS of our homeland Kenya

make no mistake Diaspora does NOT equal VOICELESS hata wao wajivunia kuwa wakenya however its true they are VOTELESS!to make that change let them rise to the occassion, put their money where their mouth is, dispense with nostalgic theories of neo-colonialism and roll up their sleeves to exploit their influence otherwise they will remain just that-MERE ARMCHAIR COMMENTATORS nd KK SPECTATORS

Kibaki/Raila-watch out for that flying gumboot ala Bush

Kwale said...


Thanks for that tribute towards Kenyans in Diaspora. I said yesterday, anyone denying contributions made to Kenya by Diasporian is like a fish denying the existence of water. They don't know even the matatu they ride on every morning could be owned by a Kenyan in Diaspora, or even the house they are living in now could be owned by someone in Diaspora. If it was not the unfair government regulations, Kenya would have at least 5 more mobile phone service providers giving users more choice and competitive rates. There has been numerous unsuccessful bids by Kenyans in Diaspora on this particular area in telecommunication. And the list is endless.

Even though I do not see myself living in Kenya at any time in my life, I care passionately about Kenya and the people. Their pain is my pain, their joy is my joy and their success is my success. It is my great desire to see Kenya develop into an economic powerhouse - with modern transport system, proper housing for all, proper healthcare for all and a social welfare system for the poor and the unemployed. And if you’ve a worth cause I'll support it so long as its neither ODM or PNU and it doesn't have "tribes" in it.

Taabu said...

Chris said: matter where in the world I am would I lose touch with the ordinary Kenyans on the ground...

Now you are being economical with the TRUTH. You don't have to be outside Kenya to be out of touch -wacha kuregerega wewe Chris.

That said Diaspora is an important cog in Kenya's economy. And there ends the symbolic significance. They are not any different from the villagers they left behind when it comes to siasa. Ever wondered why Clinton/Obama divide was so pronounced among Kenyans in the US? Or why some pubs in London are THNIC EXCLUSIVES?

Coke on people lets us be real and accept that most Diaspora are nothing but EXPORTED VILLAGERS who want to use their economic muscles to insurbonidate Kenyans. Just look hard enouigh at the traces of village vitroil/stereotypes that is fluently speweed here albeit in English.

Diaspora may mean well economically wityh their remittance but they are not being honest with their political minds.

You may chose to roast Phil for his VOTELESS remark but what do you make of DIASPORA whose trademark contempt starts with his overseas address and love of Brazilian beach volleyball gals whicle dismissing our athletes as pitch-black (are there white blacks anyway?)-reverse/inverted racism. Some even shamelessly flaunt their exotic PPs while reminding us how ordinary Kenyans are SMELLY and SWEATY.

Economic power yes but it must be cleverly tranlated into political power and not turbo-charged mouths of know-it-all. Humility and planning is at the core of that tranformation and not bravado spewed in poor ascents. Reminds you of the local CONTENTEMPT to all and sundry--wacha wapigane tuko tayari......

Joe said...


Wacha kuchokoza nyuki :)

Vikii said...

All Kenyans have equal stake in the affairs of their country be they in the village, in the city or outside the country. Phil's beef with those 'diasporans' reminds me of the fallacy advanced by the McCain/Palin ticket that some parts of their country are 'more American', 'more patriotic' or 'real. Those are called delusions of grandeur.

Now do I think Kenyans in the diaspora have anything new to offer? No. The diasporans may have some flavourful ideas about so many things, but their philosophy is not different from that of the average Kenyan in Changamwe, Kitui or Mbita. What these fellows do is to lecture people. Someone said that those 'who can't do teach'. What this means is that when these fellows do eventually go back home, they shed their cosmetic ideas and embrace the same mediocre politics we now decry.

A good example is all those young MPs we have. People like Ababu Namwamba were internet hawks typing pretty sophisticated suggestions on the way forward while in D.c and now we have had a chance to judge them against some of the suggestions they made. I am not trying to take anything away from Ababu. In fact I think he has introduced a much needed different dimension in the conduct of our politics by leaning more towards reason than sycophancy. But on the key issue of corruption which has been the greatest affliction of our politics, his name now features among those in the axis of evil.

We need to understand that about half of our Members of Parliament are Western-trained. They all probably had some very high sounding ideas, but upon return, they have opened their eyes to the reality of kenyan politics. As far as I am concerned, there is no way diasporans can influence our politics.

In my humble opinion, what is needed is a change of values by the general public and on this one, the church and the NGO community need to redouble their effort in civic education . We have always had retrogressive leadership because our values are so 'out of sync' with uprightness. Until that time when we want to judge leaders on the merit of their ideas and their past and not on how much money they have, we are going to be held up in this hopelessness for quite a while. I thought about this hard when Fred Gumo made fun of Sylvester Wakoli's bid to be President. Gumo said something in the lines of "unataka kuwa rais bila kutoa kitu? Utakuwaje rais kama hata gari ikipata puncture hauwezi badilisha tyre?" . Now this excited the crowd so much, I was embarassed. I was embarassed that someone like Gumo, with all the big bones in his closet, can be cheered for attacking the ambitions of a coleeague whose propriety he can only dream of. Such a statement is a direct endorsement of corruption and here we are clapping. Come on! It is exactly this kind of mentality that we need to change if we are serious about better governance.

Those excited about 2012, I want to be sanguine too. But I know that we have voted out 70% of MPs in each of the last 4 eletions. It is a problem that requires a solution way bigger and better than a mere replacement of faces.

sereast said...

Blogger Taabu said "Coke on people lets us be real and accept that most Diaspora are nothing but EXPORTED VILLAGERS who want to use their economic muscles to insurbonidate Kenyans"

True but that is such a general statement. The only people who come here and don't leave behind the village are our brothers and sisters from central. These people come here and form an alliance and speak kikuyu all the time even in gatherings that are meant for Kenyans. And the Clinton/Obama divide was brought by these.

sereast said...


What happened to our deal? If you forgot please visit

Lets start on a good note.

Kwale said...


You can bully me all you want but I'll never be intimidated by you or anyone else insults. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion. Remember, when I first came here you said I resemble stereotypical "Kwale" District, what made you change your tune. You also forget I've an intelligence of a lamp post…. Do you want me to remind you more? Stick to the post!!

BTW, It is Formula one (F1) and Alpine Skiing my favourite sports and NOT the Beach Volleyball!!

Chris said...


Habari ndungu. Our deal is stil very much on. We have been working on something since Friday. Small delay but I think by kesho we will be moving.


Taabu said...

Vikii said:
....In my humble opinion, what is needed is a change of values by the general public and on this one, the church and the NGO community need to redouble their effort in civic education......

So lil bro are you a DOER or teacher? Just curious you know? But on the whole you are right and I would add all we need is some MIRACLE that we can believ in.

Now you are FALSELY accusing me. I have never talked about Kwale nor mentioned the name in my posts, are you guilty by intent or association? Just scroll up and see when Kwale BOASTS of never living in Kenya and see the hypocracy I was alluding to. Sio kwa ubaya but who talked about Samba/Brazilian gals and ugly Jepkosgei? Internt just like HIPS don't lie. So I am no bully Bw Kwale only reminding you that you can bake your cake, have it and it it. You are overflying the moral high ground on a kite that is punctured. Come down mate, won't you?

Kwale said...


You're absolutely mental and you know that! Where have I ever used the term "ugly Jepkosgei" whoever that is. My goodness!! You're a raving nutter! And who told you NOT LIVING in Kenya is something to boast about? I can see now, you suffer from inferiority complex! I see, you scrutinize all my comments and then distort them to suit your inferiority complex and you a insecurities. Does it mean because I live outside Kenya I am any better than those who lives in Kapenguria, West Post, Turkana, Kitui, or wherever? I've said it here repeatedly it not about where you come from, or where you live, its about who you believe you are. And how I write here is part of my personality but maybe you find it flaunty and showy which like I said you're entitled to your opinion. I'll not change a thing the way I write or change my personality. And of course you can continue to twist my comments however you like and vilify me, it is you a choice, but I'll never be intimidated!!! May i aslo remind you, internet is for freedom of expression and I am not here to write what suits you. I write the very same way and sometimes OTT where i live, but no-one ever say I am bragging. This is the way we talk here.

PS: If you really really think living outside Kenya is something to boast about, then why don't you come and join me? Apparently there are 2.5 million Kenyans in Diaspora.

UrXlnc said...

some good news

and a word of caution

this continues to be our stumbling block. we have no real problem identifying or rather narrowing down the problems or problem areas, but we come apart when we try to find the solutions. mostly we replace a bad piece with shoddy and hurriedly prepared patchwork and in no time the same unscrupulous fellows or their cousins immediately jump into the open gaps and the cycle repeats ad nauseum

dont mind repeating myself here ... lets at least get out of this ship that suggests that ... the only thing we learn from history is that we dont learn from history ...

Taabu said...

Nothing personal and please don't assume anything. All your repudiationss are premised on assumptions which is often the mother of all embarassments. If you chose to disaciate with your previous rants just declare so. If anything only FOOLS don't change their minds and I know you are not one. Just confirm or deny again that you said you would rather watch beautiful Brazilian gals playing beach volloyball rather than celebrate (UGLY-your word) Jepkoskei winning gold at Beijing olympics. And about the France address etc please.

You cannot speak and pride innintegrity while being typical Kenyan by deniying what you said. FYI your character is shaped by your actions and words. Please own up, will you? I know the politician's excuse of being misquoted, are you?

Kwale said...

Whats wrong with watching Brazilian gals play beach volleyball? Don't you watch Man U play football?
And where have I ever said a Kenyan athlete is ugly. And if at all I did, don't I have right to my own opinion? You seem to have a lot of insecurities and jealousy. Why is it a big deal to you if I live in France? Show me where have I ever said here in KK I live in France? I don't need to engage myself with this kind of stupidity, clearly you suffer from terrible inferiority complex! I thought you are better than that, why are you embarrassing yourself here? OK, lets assume I said all that, so what??
Please note, I will not under any circumstance change the way I comment here. You've been harassing me all the time I've been here and you may wish to continue but I WILL NEVER ENGAGE WITH YOU on this. Let your insecurities eat you up!! You just thick!!!

Kwale said...

Since most of you believe what Taabu says about me, This is what I said,

“I would rather watch Brazilian women beach volley team than watch those Kalenjin warriors!”
8/18/08 12:13 PM

Everybody read it for themselves here.

Under the title “Kenyans win 2 Gold medals”

So now you know everything this pervert taabu write about me is twisted.

Taabu get lost!!! Ushindwe kabisa!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Thanks Vikii. Very well reasoned, as usual.

Anonymous said...

You Kenyans in the diaspora, are the ones really fighting to get American citizenship and to get your kids in America so they can be citizens? You are traitors and non patriotic. Some of us have made it here (not from stealing) and we dont want to go abroad like you gus. LOL

Phil said...

Chris said.....As far as Kenya is concerned Kenyans in the Diaspora cannot be ignored. To me they are that 200 kilo Gorilla. I couldn’t find a better analogy myself.

Chris said........Many people still don’t know it but they were ODM’s secret weapon. This is another white lie Chris. In what sense do you assign them this? Perhaps you assume they financed ODM’s presidential campaign? If you have scrutinized ODM’s audited accounts for 2007, you will see that most funds came from nomination fees and other local contributions. BTW, the audited accounts are in the public domain. In terms of votes, you and I know most diasporans do not just have Kenyan voting cards and infact most of them are not even Kenya citizens but economic refugees in North America and Europe. Ask yourself why these people fly into the country incognito through Entebbe airport in Uganda and then board an Akamba Bus by road to Nairobi....because the Busia and Malaba boarder posts are the easiest to get through......its a trick perfected by thousands of those disaporans who dumped their Kenyan papers when their first set foot in Europe and Amerca, then armed with press cuttings of ethnic clashes in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi, ask for political asylum. We know them and they cannot deny it.

A good number of Kenyan economic refugees are also found in the Middle East emirates (Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar) working as bouncers, waiters, air hostess, clerks and 2nd hand vehicle dealers.

And talking about being voteless, Chris, this is one of the most important civic duties of any citizen. One cannot be denied the right to vote....but one can only deny themselves by disowning their own citizenship. Ask yourself why, each time Raila is overseas, the so called diasporans campaign to have dual citizenship legalised in Kenya?

Chris said... they have been Kenya’s top foreign exchange earner for years with their remittances back home. I say; that is a lie Chris and you know it. What happened to our tea/coffee, tourism or horticulture industries. Not only do they earn us valuable foreign exchange, they also directly employ hundreds of thousands of Kenyans locally.

For them to claim that they remit up to US$1 billion each year back to Kenya IS FALSE. Up to 80% of these funds end up in the hands of the millions of Somali, Ethiopian, Ugandan and South Sudanese refugees who have made Kenya their home. The other 20% is what Kenyan diasporans send in to buy wheelbarrows, solar panels, sink boreholes or build semi-permanent dwellings in their humble villages. How the hell does this help the exchequer? On the other hand, those returning students who have joined the civil services or private sector or opened hospitals, schools and other industries cannot be categorized as diasporans because they live in Kenya and earn their livelihoods locally. Most important, they did not disown their citizenship during their study years. Even more significantly, they Kenya.

In any case when looking at the macroeconomics and the Kenyan GDP as a whole. Can the much and falsely trumpeted US$1billion remittance equal to our very own Jua Kali industry? Can it even match the matatu industry (TLB)? What I am simply saying; the informal jua kali or even the matatu sector contributes a hell lot more than anything the educated and rich diasporans can ever remit. Whats more, these uneducated and backward Kenyans pay directly to the exchequer.......not through foreign owned banks which in turn remit the same mega-profits back to their overseas shareholders.

Why cant we see anything tangible that a diasporan has done for this country? I mean even our atheletes are transforming towns like Nyandarua, Kapsabet, Eldoret into something using their price monies that they invest in businesses and real estate right here in this country.

When a diasporan lands from Germany, UK or US, it takes less than a year for them to come down to earth and start boarding matatus like the rest of some cases we even have to pay for them matatu fare and invite them for a hearty lunch of MLIMA at Burma Market...and then wash it down with reasonably priced Senator (Obama) Beer at the nearby Shauri Moyo or Bahati shopping centres...because when they first land through Entebbe Airport, they pretend they stomachs are sensitive and they can only drink DASANI mineral water or can only eat lunch at Thorn Tree restaurant and enjoy an evening beer at Alfajiri. In other words, the bundles of $$$, £££ and €€€ normally run out within MONTHS of landing here and I have personally seen tens of them...worst of all, the same individuals return home without any academic papers into forgetting that their fathers had to sell a piece of land back in the village to buy them the airtickets, and we had to attend several fund raising harambees at Kenya Polytechnic Hall and other places to send them overseas with some tuition fees. What a waste!!

I have nothing against them dishonest diaspora, but this is Kenya and these are the plain facts.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you talk with so much bitterness. What did diasporans ever do to you? Just because they dont think that Raila is the best thing since sliced bread?
As a diasporan myself having lived in the west for more than 12years I have come home to vote twice. Am I voteless in your opinion? I am contributing to the exchequer by investing in real estate in Kileleshwa Lavington and other places, that is not enough?

Sayra said...

Very well put Phil.

JEFF said...


What has happened. For once you are inconsistent when you say...

"...and then wash it down with reasonably priced Senator (Obama) Beer at the nearby Shauri Moyo or Bahati shopping centres..."

C'mon bwana I thought you told us the beer is Summit. Now that Ms. Kihanya has jumped ship you are also fleeing....?

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Please Good People:

Stop arguing with PHIL. He is just telling us how Luo diasporans behave when they return to Kenya. Go ahead PHIL tell us how your people just build a temporary house in their village, or buy a wheelbarrow while they show off eating in exclusive downtown eateries untll they are broke. Go ahead but don't generalize to include other communities. Once you are done we will tell you how diasporans from other communities invest in real estate, matatus, clinics, horticulture, and in education of their relatives.

In the meantime, PHIL, have fun exposing your dirty Luo economic laundry to us all!!

Kwale said...

Why is it such a big deal about Kenyans in Diaspora? Ghana a country with one of the highest and the oldest diasporian in Africa is almost run by those living and working abroad. Most of Ghanaians first left the country back in 1960s or 70s and today the economy is run mainly by those in Diaspora or the ex-diasporians. Even in the Government some of them are born in Diaspora or were living in Diaspora. In fact one of the candidates in last week's Ghanaian Presidential election was actually a diasporian himself.

My family left Kenya 1980's at time when there were no clashes for a better opportunity abroad not as refugee as some people are claiming here. Both my parents invested heavily in Kenya before returning back recently for good. Not at anytime have they travelled through another country to reach Kenya and they made many trips back to and fro..

I think some people here are not aware you can migrate to another country if you wish. High skilled migrant workers have always been welcomed in many EU countries and in Australia but here you are thinking you only have to be a refugee or marry to migrate there. There are plenty of jobs looking to be filled in the West but they end up taken by other nationalities, mainly Philipinos, Indians, Pakistanis etc. Kenyans wake up!!!

Vikii is the only person here trying to be objective, others seems have some kind of bitterness towards those in Diaspora.

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Many Kenyans are an extremely ignorant lot, including some fools on this blog who think that those who choose to go abroad do so because it is some badge of honor that sets you apart from other Kenyans. There may be those who would be so shallow as to think that being abroad makes you a cooler Kenyan, but the majority of these travellers are just looking for opportunities, whether in education or work, and it says a lot about you when you choose to hurl degrading comments at them. Those ignoramuses do not seem to realize that the world is now a global village and that any Kenyan is free to work anywhere in the world without losing his Kenyan identity. Going abroad to look for opportunities DOES NOT make you unpatriotic, just enterprising! There are Jua Kali mechanics, artisans, carpenters and cooks who took up opportunities to migrate to Canada and Australia in the early to late nineties because of the good pay they were being offered. Does doing that make them unpatriotic? Has it occurred to some that these people can always renew their citizenship? It is in the constitution!
I think some people(they know themselves) are just so consumed by an overwhelming and suffocating inferiority complex that equates anyone going abroad as being overambitious and arrogant, which is just childish, pitiful and stupid. These are the same fools who think and assume that wearing a suit means you want to be boss, and automatically become hostile to you because they imagine you want to get one over them. To them, life is a competition over everything including how you talk or walk. No wonder they spend a fortune furnishing their houses with expensive stereo systems, to keep up appearances of wealth and sophistication, but have no assets to their names. There is no difference between these people and niggers who initially thought Obama was "acting white" by agreeing to run for President within the system and refusing to be defined as a typical nigger, but as Barack Obama. The same applies to Kenyans going abroad for whatever reason. Judge them as individuals, but don't take their collective right to look for a better life away from them.

Phil said...

Blogger Jeff said......C'mon bwana I thought you told us the beer is Summit. Now that Ms. Kihanya has jumped ship you are also fleeing....?

Jeff, the beer is Summit - when you can afford it. I believe in supporting Kenyan products. Jenga Kenya, Nunua Kenya. Otherwise, Obama is the in-thing. Always affordable.

I'll tell you something else. If you want to know what is going on the ground, you have to socialize with Kenyans where they do their thing.Fika mtaani ujue wasee wako aje.

PS. From Diners, to Mumias and on to Uhuru Kenyatta, I have never really been an admirer of Kathleen's fingerprints. Mrs. Karanja of Keroche should only aim to raid EABL to build her own human resource. What do you think?

Taabu said...

Don't lose you guard mate. As always we agree tp disagreee without you falling to the bottom of the pit. I sense you were REALLY galled. Only being hit by the truth can do such wonders, sorry mate. Words never lie. And while at it you have all the right to any opinion if only you stopped mistaking autobigraphy for opinions. Being opinionated is not the same thing as being smart but you are free to permute them, indulge.

@Kimi said:
....No wonder they spend a fortune furnishing their houses with expensive stereo systems, to keep up appearances of wealth and sophistication, but have no assets to their names........

Tell them bro tell them Kimi. And that is being OBJECTIVE, PROGRESSIVE and above all else less stereotypical and STUPID

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