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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Waki's Is A Hit Job

About four months ago I called upon our political leaders to initiate measures to bring Kenyans to the Uhuru Park with the sole purpose of spearheading a national forgiveness campaign. The way I envisioned it, this would have been a time and a place where people who were massively wronged would look deep in their hearts and utter those difficult words: I Forgive You. Okay, I know you're about to can you forgive a person who has not asked for forgiveness or even acknowledged their wrongdoing?

You have a point.

But this is eleven months since the debacle that was our elections and look at where things are going. We have a man named Waki, who has produced a report that suggests some prominent Kenyans decided to suddenly start planning to kill and maim other Kenyans. This is incredulous coming from a man of this judge's stature. Has Waki ever heard of the shameful distribution of land in Kenya? Has he ever heard of the blatant tribalism that characterised Kibaki's first term? Has he said anything about Kivuitu and gang? And has he bothered to warn the country of the potential bloodletting that may follow the full implementation of his report?

Here is where I come down on this matter. We have to see the Waki Report as nothing but a carefully packaged hit job. I don't know who's name appears on it, but I know for a fact that the blame for the events of December and January lie squarely with President Kibaki. This is the man Kenyans elected to protect them and ensure the security of the nation. Where was he when, as is widely reported, a meeting of a known gang was held in the State House, ostensibly to plan how to deny Hon. Odinga the presidency and terrorize Kenyans? Where was he when the Kalenjin warriors were organizing themselves into a force that would later kill many innocent Kenyans and destroy property worth millions of shillings? Indeed, where was the commander-in-chief when the forces he controlled killed and maimed people in Kisumu, Naivasha and Nakuru? Don't you think Waki should have probed these issues?

Like I said last week, we Kenyans created the situation we went through and must find ways to correct it. We don't need Kofi Annan and the U.S. ambassador, or anybody else for that matter, to tell us how, when and at what pace to do things. Had it not been for the troika that comprised Kibaki, Renneberger and Kofi, Raila Odinga would today be president and Kenya would have been the better off for it. So when Waki zeroes in on some two months worth of events and asks us to punish people who did things within that narrow window, conveniently ignoring years of injustices on Kenyans, he's asking us to practically succumb to the whims of those who have perfected the art of manipulation.

We will not do it.

Fellow Kenyans, time is rapidly running out. We can still save the nation we all love while we still can. Forgiveness. Atonement. That's the answer. The alternative is this misguided call for justice, which if you ask me looks a lot like revenge. State-sponsored revenge. What I find very disturbing is that pastors from various churches are also preaching this brand of justice! Can they look Kenyans in the eye and tell us where they've been for forty five years while the nation was descending into the mess we are in today? Can they look us in the eye and tell us why the Kenyan youth who participated in the demonstrations are guilty while men like Kibaki and Kivuitu are not?

I have to end this piece with a warning today: There can be no justice that the Kikuyu see as just while the Kalenjin see as a witch-hunt. There can be no justice that the Luo see as serving the interests of one community and not Kenya as a nation. And there can be no justice where the interests of Kenya are decided in foreign capitals. That's the raw truth.

There is a better way to have a fresh start. Let's go to Uhuru Park. Let's ask Kenyans to bury the hatchet. You'll all be surprised how much Kenyans are longing for that day.

The day of atonement.

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Joe said...


For a long time, justice has been denied to the poor in Kenya. Waki's list is a chance to forever banish impunity from our shores. It is true some rich folks met in Nairobi and London to fund raise and plan how to kill Kenyans. It is true politicians met in the Rift valley to incite people to evict fellow Kenyans. It is true the police, who are supposed to protect Kenyans were ordered to Kill fellow Kenyans.

With all due respect Sam, let's get rid of these Killers from our midst. Then let's form that truth and reconciliation commission in order for Kenyans to know the truth and reconcile. Mark my words, if we let these people go, we will live to regret it.

Vikii said...

I think you still dont't get it, Sam. Here is why;

Like you rightly pointed out, Waki's report is not exhaustive, not even close. What you do not acknowledge is that the prosecution of those it implicates is not mutually exclusive with that of anyone else not in the report but whom we feel had some role in the violence. We can still prosecute all those implicated and go ahead and try those left out.

Two, let us agree that Waki did not pass judgement on anyone. Let us not talk as though he has condemned people to hell. All he did was to call for the establishment of an impartial tribunal to try those mentioned. And that's how it should be. That is why I am encouraged by Hon. Uhuru's support for the implimentation of the commission's recommendations, the real possibility of his name being among those in the report notwithstanding. That is the kind of rectitude we should demand from not just the politicians, but from all Kenyans who, like Sam, have chosen to approach every issue with partisan rancor. The fear that people like Sam have that the prosecution of some individuals will lead to a political backlash that will disintegrate some political parties is the exact kind of myopia that has gotten us where we are. If impunity should be left to flourish just so people could have a short cut to power, then we need to reevaluate our committment to the rule of law.

Three, those in the loud chorus trashing Mr. Waki's document were right in the centre of things when we established that commission and entrusted Mr. Waki with its leadership. Characters like William Ruto were in the actual negotiations that established the commission and they penned their signatures down--on behalf of both themselves and their political masters--to commit themelves to whatever recommendations the commission put forward. In addition, the appointing authority which would be the President in consultation with Hon Raila Odinga showed its faith in Judge Waki and none of us raised a finger. They gave Justice Waki a Carte Blanche and it is now time for them to dance to his tune.

Anonymous said...

This man called sam okello never stop. dont you understand you are a bad taste and out of touch with Kenyan people. first, you don't live in kenya and here you are trying to tell us how we should live.
When will you get it, WE DONT WANT YOUR SERMONS!!

Sam Okello you are a waste of space here in KK!

Anonymous said...

can't you see sam's selection of those who he believe were wronged. Only those in nakuru, Naivasha and Kisumu.

Don't waste your time with this imbecile.

Taabu said...

Sam said:
.....We don't need Kofi Annan and the U.S. ambassador, or anybody else for that matter, to tell us how, when and at what pace to do things....

Remove the blinkers brother and see the ugly truth. Remove those same people you vilify and there may as well be no Kenya to talk about. Waki sees what you may not be able to conceptualize from without.

Impunity must not be scented nor baptized in prayers. We know what preaching does best-PREYING INTO PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE INSECURITIES. We are better than that bro and WDR cut the crap about Uhuru Park and if you insist join Evanglist Wairimu one Sun afternoon for maximum proceeds.

Your call for forgiveness is akin to RELIVING Kenyatta's lie of 1963. We have been down that beaten road.The pastors you deride know better becasue they commune with their flocks weekly if not daily unlike you who gets his info from the press. Simply put your take is at obtuse VARIANCE with the average Kenyan.

I undertand your fears of the unknown in punishing the TRIBAL WARLORDS. But which is better, bandaging the festering wound under a national lie of reconciliation of OPENING it up for surgery? Well, I know you take and won't bother asking for it.

Lofty words like RENEWAL and atonement are often mouthed for self-reservation. Fresh start equally demand fresh ideas and ideals and the Uhuru Park option is but just another derivative of the countless commissions.

In castigating the international community, you are simply being ungrateful and bitting the very hand that fed you. There is no two way about this and IMPUNITY must be eradicated even with whoever's skull on the chopping board. Trust me the Kenyans you fear will feel witch-hunted when their tribal lord if flown to Hague are known to have very short political memories and soon we will be the better with those murderers/Mungiki ministers out of the way.

Make no mistake. These are politically trying times and no version of previously time-tested gimmicks will wash. The head is on and the clock is ticking. Hague respects no office and the express is soon leaving the station.

On a positive note, it is a Sunday and sermons are free moreover they never hurt, atleast in the short term. Kila mtu abebe mzigo yake.

Taabu said...

While still at it you would do yourself loads of good if you would read Waki's TERMS OF SERVICE. If you need it revisedto minclude what you prefer please pass the same to the appointing authority. Fear of the unkown only succeeds in holding the body and soul hostage.

If Waki was an average Kenyan he would have FOOLISHLY handed the list locally and your guess is as good as mine on the fate. Head will and must roll no matter the political cost. Kenya is bigger than any of us and if we genuinely love her we must support rooting out IMPUNITY. all else is scented pretense.

UrXlnc said...

Joe, Vikii, Taabu

I concur. The pill may be bitter, but justice must be served comprehensively to all.

Truth, Reconciliation, Forgiveness and other virtuous processes should follow with the purpose of determining the depth of the problems or issues and thereafter establish mechanisms to stop a repeat process and/or possibly provide opportunity to reduce or match the crime against its punishment a little better

But it just doesn't add up to use the Truth, Reconciliation, Forgiveness etc as an excuse to let people off the hook under the guise that it will inflame/reignite the animosity.

What i do agree with however is that skewed or biased justice will no doubt lead to more animosity and therefore its important that the sword of justice takes into consideration all the possibilities listed in that Waki report.

E-change said...

Change is here!Change is here!Change is here!Wake up to change! Wake up to change Kenyans!

In the aftermath of unimaginable pain and loss resulting from electoral manipulation and vote rigging and stolen crowns we now have among us survivours of victims of horrific crimes committed against them most certainly without their(sic) consent

I wonder if their(victims) blood could cry out and speak from the ground whether they would agree with you that the call for justice on their behalf is misguided?

The notion of Forgiveness and Atonement as you put it in THIS context is a highly charged matter that will no doubt be disputed as the best way of seeking closure on this chapter of Kenya's election history

Even if no one wants to admit it the desire for vengeance on behalf of innocent PEV victims must be adequately addressed and joining hands together singing Kum-ba- yah may not be the best way to do it. i agree with you that we as a nation ought to proceed carefully when making assertions about those implicated in the Waki report and the aftermath of what their prosecution will entail however there are 2 sides to every coin and in this case we the living should not be allowed to get away with what we knowingly did just because the dead(R.I.P.) have no voice to cry out for justice themselves

Even the british our old colonial masters heeded the cries of the blood shed during MauMau and granted us our freedom and independence-what if they had just chosen to "forgive us" for our rebellion and uprising? would we today still be enslaved under a foreign conquering power?

Wake up to change Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

You should revoke Sam Okello's right to post articles in Kumekucha.
This man is a shame with midget thinking.
Get him out of KK!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Please don't display your cowardly ignorance and hypocrisy here. You are just afraid the Waki report will irreparably split your beloved ODM, that is the real fear you have and you should just come out and say so. The fact that PNU have changed their minds and decided to support full implementation has your knickers and of other ODM reactionaries and extremists all in a twist. You have no idea or clue how you will wiggle out of this one.
In any case, the Waki report is not a prosecutorial document, and the judge even says so. It is a document that calls for certain people whose names are in a sealed envelope to be FURTHER INVESTIGATED with a view to prosecuting them ONLY IF there is sufficient evidence. Why is Ruto and the other Rift Valley thugheads then wasting energy running around in a gourd? Don't they know are trapped and they can't escape? If they are indeed as innocent as they claim, all they have to do is appear at the tribunal and prove their innocence, as Uhuru has vowed to do. Where does the issue of revenge come in? There are no side issues here except for the suspects to prove their innocence and they should not hide behind their tribes.
Everything else you say is akin to the jabbering of baboons when they spot a leopard, but they will not stop the leopard from getting its goat. This report is going forward whether you, Ruto or whoever likes it or not, and word from reliable sources is that the decision has already been made and Raila and Kibaki have agreed to go ahead with full implementation. The days of impunity will finally be over. Now let us see how the country will "sambaratika" because of a few thuggish hotheads getting their comeuppance. Twende Kazi!

Anonymous said...

I think someone has a copy of the famous list , i heard uhuru K on radio and he is now advocating for justice , question is what changed his mind?

Mkenya Damu said...

Two wrongs dont make a right , let us punish all impunity starting with what we have evidence on and never relenting on pursuing other forms of the beast , you heard kimunya say that if the waki ten are pardoned then so should he for any wrong doing he did at his former docket , then next it is kibaki , then kivuitu , next we will open the gates of kamiti and let the prisoners go because justice should be for all or forgiveness for all not selective jsutice like the one you have succesfully vieled in your choicy words.Raila did not ask anyone to kill or rape , now the kalenjins say its a witch hunt ,did they not do the same thing under moi? , they say that raila got the premeirship because of their muderous ways , what if raila decides to step down and present himself to the hague to clear his name are these kina Ruto et al going to follow his lead.What kenyans need to learn is restraint and the best teacher is punishment , personaly i was pissed off at what kibaki did to a pont i just wanted to kick somebodies ass but i did not because if there is one thing i fear is having my freedom taken away , that notion will never be instilled in kenyan minds until we see some action.It is the same with corruption , since when did bank robbers return stolen money then the police say "we are even , you can go now".

Anonymous said...

The question is whether we can we stand through this….which has taken so much the character of TRIBAL/SECTIONAL CONTROVERSY? Can Kenya - which has over the last five years experienced one set of interests for a certain tribal community with a sense of entitlement and another set of interests for the rest of the country who believe in a united nation – stand this?

The second question we face is whether Waki and his team did a thorough job given their terms of reference to allow the culprits mentioned face an international tribunal without further establishing indepth the circumstances that led to break-out of the violence including other reports surrounding meetings at State House, the role of rogue/militant groups such as Mungiki and the State sanctioned mass killings of Kenyan citizens.

I am one of those who strongly support an end to the cycle of post election violence witnessed every five years. However, if we have chosen to do these then let us be sure that leaders across the board stood upon the Constitution in the events leading to last year’s elections. As we seek to repel future ethnic aggressions let us also seek to drag election thieves! to justice. It’s a two-pronged war.

And this implies a preference for just arguments and an accurate knowledge of facts as opposed to sounding splendid superlatives that disturb the imagination! as we saw in the Waki Commission. To accuse and to prove are two very different things. Accusations and counter-accusations became heightened given the sour blood that post election skirmishes left among the communities in Rift Valley.

Waki commission traveled to Rift Valley and took evidence from collective observations presented by the victims. Each community has it’s version of what happened. The Kikuyus have their own and so do the Kalenjins, Luos and Kisiis. In most cases, evidence such as Waki collected from crowds is normally given by a process of contagion. Psychologists will tell you that saying that a fact (e.g. That Ruto or Uhuru Kenyatta bank rolled the attacks/killings), was simultaneously verified by thousands of witnesses is to say that the real fact is very different from the accepted account of it. Evidence that is probably given as a matter of reflection over who might have been involved rather than recollection of who was actually involved. A suspicion in this instance transforms itself as soon as it is announced and becomes a doubtless fact.

In such cases it becomes even better to decide the fate of an accused person by the toss of a coin than, by the evidence of members of a crowd. The events in which there exists the most doubt are certainly those which have been observed by the greatest number of people.

I say all this because there is a lot at stake. We threw thousands of our young men in prisons all around the country as an act of re-proachment. But surely it must not escape our minds that equal vice preceded the chaos. Vice that was propagated by a cabal! of deeply tribalized old men who after having seen the consequences of a thousand errors in their life, chose to continue blundering. They threw in thousands of eighteen year olds behind bars forgetting that more is he to be abhorred who as he advances in age become more wicked! with less temptation. These old men - aided by their kinsmen - through acts of conspiracy against their country in December 2007 were about to spend the remains of their lives in the ruins of that same country. It would have been a sad ending for this lot was it not for the magnanimity of the Prime Minister Raila and the international mediators.

For these reasons – and these reasons ALONE - I think a more thorough and in-depth investigation needs to be carried out. These fresh investigations should as part of their brief treat the Waki report as a building block. Let them take their time and tell us more than what Waki revealed. Was Ruto and Uhuru involved in bankrolling the attacks? What role did Kibaki play in the State House meetings? Did he attend these meetings? Or at least reluctantly give his nod to the Naivasha attacks? Only then should we later move on with speed and precision to prosecute culprits and strengthen existing institutions to avoid a recurrence of what took place early this year.

Kwale said...

I never thought a day will come when I will agree with Taabu and the likes of Joe and e-change.
Surely, change is on the way! And its up to you Sam Okello to wake up to the wind of CHANGE that is sweeping our nation. I can almost feel the epiphany in many people, a sudden realization or feel that they understand something that is very important to them, which can signify people have found the last piece of the puzzle and now sees the whole picture, in a more illuminated deeper way.
Instead of recriminations many people have decided to HOPE. And we all know hope does not disappoint. In fact hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best, and to hope is to wish for something with the expectation of the wish being fulfilled, a key condition in unrequited love.

One thing for you to note Sam, there is nothing you can do with people when they have suddenly reached that place of wanting to dream for a better country. They are tired of current leadership and all past injustices. Now Kenyans from all sides of political spectrum have drawn willy-nilly into pressing forward against impunity and NO amount of preaching will coerce them into your doomsday sermons.

So, Sam, it up to you, the cloud of change is moving very fast.

papa plus said...

Your post is lutching uncontrolably all over the place!

Waki was given a job within certain parameters namely the violence following the last elections. For him to then investigate the land ossue, Kenyatta and Moi's regimes would be failing the task. In any case, he mentioned all these issues as a preable to understanding the culture of impunity in Kenya.

Secondly, the whole notion of forgiveness requires 2 to tango. Kenyans have been forgiving in very many aspects. What we have to do is start enforcing laws over all kenyans and not applying them selectively. At tthis juncture it doesn't really matter where we start. We don't have to prosecute misdeeds of decades ago. But we must start dealing with lawlessness now! Understand that we have never before witnessed what happened after the polls. It is imperative that folks who were implicated face the law. No if ands or buts.

The fact that it is 10 months after and nothing is being done simply points to the sweeping under the rug mentality that has been the norm ratehr than the exception.

personally I don't much care for reliving the past so much as I care about setting precedent for the future.

Kwale said...

I have a present for you:)!

…And especially this one!

Sayra said...

The three lettered words "I Forgive You" are the most difficult words to utter (for those with a conscious) when they don't come from deep within. There are those who will easily say them to calm down the storm just so they can 'move on' ignorant of what they have just partially buried. Very typical of trying to get rid of a deep rooted tree by cutting off its leaves.

That is what as a nation we have been doing since the tribal fights started in the 1990s ... and we are now asking to do the same blander of forgiveness thru lip service? If we take that direction lets save ourselves energy by forgetting about Kenya for good.

Anonymous said...

First we have to know who, and for what are we forgiving.

Edward said...


I will say this as politely as possible...This is a load of BULLSHIT!!!!

We as Kenyans have been taken for a ride once to often and its time we reclaimed our pride and dignity.

Waki report is the beginning of Kenyans been in control of their own destiny and ending the culture of IMPUNITY.

The TRIBAL WARLORDS must and they shall face JUSTICE.Stop these BULLSHIT of lets forgive and forget.

I am proud to be part of Generation Kenya and by these i mean Kenyans under 40 who are ready to rebuild this country and banish all these MURDERERS,THIEVES and NOISEMAKERS from the political scene.

You are in the states and get your info from the internet...let me tell you as someone in Kenya,we are tired and READY FOR CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

Let me just tell you a fact for you to contemplate....a kid who is 14yr old will vote in 2012.over 60%of voters in 2012 will be under 35.

Do you honestly think akina raila,ruto,uhuru,karau have a chance to be elected???So as you continue with this outdated theories Kenya is changing and you have no clue.

To the rest of Kumekuchans,we are all happy about Obama but can we replicate it here??

All these people in parliament are a waste of time and space and we need a LEADER who can unite us all us KENYANS and inspire us to greatness.


Sayra said...

Anon 1.12pm

Very true ... there is no blind forgiveness. We should avoid that with all we have got.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Go to Uhuru Park and hug and kiss yourself. We decline your love festival invitation. We have been invited to that Park before beginning 12th December 1963 and every time we are raped by leaders through impunity. That Park has been a graveyard of our hopes. We now demand a rendezvous in a tribunal.

We must start somewhere, and Waki gave us an opportunity and we have decided to grab it. We have decided to have a rendezvous with destiny. And if destiny demands the death of PNU or ODM or the hanging in a public square of our most favorite warlord, that is what shall be done. From Murang'a to Eldoret, from Kisumu to Mombasa and Mandera, the blood of impunity must be shed to cleanse our past and irrigate our future.

In this all Kumekuchans are united; in this we are all Kenyans and not the Luo/Kikuyu/Kalenjin of your mental construction.

Anonymous said...


[b]Senior Rwandan official arrested[/b]

Rose Kabuye in Nairobi, Kenya (07/11/2008)
Ms Kabuye has heroic status in Rwanda as an MP and former guerrilla

[color=Red]German police have arrested a senior Rwandan official in connection with the killing of a former president whose death triggered the 1994 genocide.[/color][b][/b][b][/b]
Rose Kabuye - the chief of protocol for current Rwandan President Paul Kagame - [/b]was detained on arrival at Frankfurt on a warrant issued by a French judge.

[color=Red]She is one of nine senior Rwandan officials wanted over the shooting down of Juvenal Habyarimana's plane.[/color]

All are members of the party which ousted the genocidal regime.

Correspondents say Ms Kabuye, a former guerrilla fighter with the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), now Rwanda's ruling party, has heroic status in Rwanda.

She has since served as an MP and mayor of the capital Kigali, and is one of President Kagame's closest aides.

Transfer to France

A German diplomat told AFP news agency that Ms Kabuye had been in Germany on private business and that Germany was "bound to arrest her" by a French-issued European arrest warrant.

Ms Kabuye has visited the country before but under German law could not be arrested as she was part of an official delegation.

Wreckage of Juvenal Habyarimana's plane
The government denies involvement in the death of the former president
"Rwanda has been made aware on several recent occasions that if Ms Kabuye returned to Germany she would be arrested," said the diplomat.

Ms Kabuye's lawyer said she would be transferred to France "as quickly as possible".

"She is ready to speak to the judges, especially since, to our knowledge, there isn't much in the dossier," said Leon-Lef Forster, referring to the evidence against his client.

AFP quoted Rwandan Information Minister Louise Mushikiwabo as saying that Ms Kabuye's arrest was a "misuse of international jurisdiction".


Ms Kabuye and the eight other senior RPF officials were indicted in France in 2006 following an investigation.

The BBC's Alasdair Sandford in Paris says the charge led to an immediate break in diplomatic relations between Paris and Kigali which has continued ever since.

Although the RPF is suspected of being behind the attack on the former president's plane, their involvement has never been proved and they have rejected the charges.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has also accused France of complicity in the genocide, in which 800,000 Rwandans were killed.

Earlier this year, Ms Kabuye's lawyers complained that they were being denied access to the indictment dossier, and criticised what they described as France's "silence" over the case, says our correspondent.

The African Union (AU) has said arrest warrants would not be recognised in AU countries and has also accused France of violating international law by failing to bring the case to trial.

Anonymous said...

How can you forgive someone who has not acknowledged his or her crimes and asked for forgiveness? No one is a bove the law. We are all human beings and everybody has to pay for his or her crimes.

ngunyi ngunjiri said...

I am particularly proud that it seems we have consensus here. Sam is extremely out of touch with kenyans on the ground, such that even attempting to persuade him is akin to arguing with a wall. cheers guys. Ed, its our time now, our generation will lead this country to greater heights. VIVA KENYA!

UrXlnc said...

this is whats wrong with our leadership since independence

orders from above and suddenly kogelo is important.

same people, same farming products, same paths, but now its important to treat them a little better. and even worse, its done overnight.

so how many other little villages can this be replicated to. and where have these resources suddenly emerged from

this is the most blatant admission that govts of kenyatta, moi and kibaki have deliberately marginalised some communities and only react and literally play to the gallery.

ati early this year some airline donated a TV set and yet the govt only reacts after Obama is elected i.e sure thing. shame on those goons

ngunjiri, edward, joe and other progressives, we need to make sure we are governed by people with some semblance of a brain. btw that point of 14 year olds will be voting next election is an interesting heads up.

Anonymous said...

"This article by Sam Okello is a hit job"

Anonymous said...

I saw SHINDWE! to this post

Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrXlnc, Hapo hapo bro. It seems the Govt has resources but only unties the purse strings when it wants to make political statements. How many other small villages all over Kenya couldn't the same be replicated? This is elitist stupidity exemplified. These so called policymakers do not even seem to understand that Obama, whom i suppose they want to please with their tunnel vision, campaigned PRECISELY against this kind of govt neglect of the people. Now even the road to Kogelo is going to be tarmacked. What on earth were they waiting for all this time?!

Joe said...

UrXlnc, Vikii, Taabu, ngunjiri, edward, Phil.

We need a organization/forum/party that we can support/fund to further our cause. My estimate is there will be more that 10M youth voters in 2012. If we can come up with a fool proof funding strategy with the requisite checks and balances to ensure money is spent for the intended purpose in a transparent manner, then we only need Ksh100 per person to raise 1billion.

Why do this? To ensure our politicians are funded by Kenyans. We don't need Libya to do that for us.

We also need to sponsor leaders who have good ideas but do not have the money required to run a decent campaign.

Sam Okello said...

The fact that there's a loud consensus here does not negate the power of a better option. If there are one hundred people and they walk into an abyss against the advice of one, the one hundred get hurt and the one lives to tell them...You ignored my warning. In America they say...I told you so.

Listen, folks, I wish my coutry only the best, but when I see people mistake vengeance for justice, I must speak out. I think this state-sponsored revenge will sow seeds of discontent in certain communities, the results of which we'll see in years to come.

I obviously regret that most Kenyans are blinded by hate and seek revenge over forgiveness and a fresh start. If the venom here is anything to go by, I fear for the future of real justice in my country. This looks like nothing but a lynch mob.

When the majority Jews shouted crucify Him, a good man died on the cross. Guys, the majority is not always right. But the majority always projects a powerful mob mentality...even when wrong.

Let's go to Uhuru Park!

Joe said...


We do not want to victimize communities. We want to hold the political class accountable. This country cannot afford to have clashes every five years. It is because nothing was done about the Akiwumi commission report that we find ourselves in this mess.

We have watched as politicians have rolled back the gains of 2002. Where do you think we would be if Moi had sealed Uhuru park to prevent mothers of political prisoners from assembling? Why should politicians order the police to shoot fellow citizens?

Joe said...

And another thing Sam, there is nothing good in that bunch of Killers. Lets crucify them.

E-CHANGE said...

Change is here!Change is here!Change is here!wake up to change Sam!Wake up to change!
Sam said "When the majority Jews shouted crucify Him, a good man died on the cross. Guys, the majority is not always right...."
Eh Sam? comparison gani hiyo?

The "good man" the Jews crucified so that bad people could become better. The "Waki 10" people we want crucified on that list are bad men so that good people like you and me(&country) can become better au sio?

Wake up to change Sam!change is here!Change is here!

Sam Okello said...

Joe and Taabu,

The thing I find strange is this insistence that we completely divorce matters public from matters spiritual. Listen, a nation that wobbles along without listening to the dictates of its better angels is hurtling toward destruction.

That's the way I see it.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Great! thats how you see it but thats not how WE see it. You are out of touch. Another "archbishop" Gilbert Deya!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Now i get it, you had gone to hibernation for a while. Some of us thought that you were seriously having a soul searching moment and that you would come back with better ideas and perspectives. Now i understand why they said that 'sikio la kufa halisikii ndawa'
you are a good example of a nut case and you dont even realise it. your blind protection of evil when committed by people you adore while on the other hand your venom when the same evil is committed by those you loath cleary depicts a disorder.

i kindly beg you to take another break from KK and please don't come back. when your wife is raped and her insides cut out, when your child is burnt alive, when your member is de-skinned without anaesthesia, when everything you love is taken away...then come with your gospel of blind forgiveness. then we will listen..

Taabus Mistress

dr murinho said...

Sam, the last time I wrote to you, I directly asked you to seek help urgently. You seem to have completely ignored my advice.

Who have given you the moral obligation to tell others what is wrong and right? Kenyans are Christians and knows what is right and wrong. You are a very dangerous individual who is likely to lead people into a dangerous cult.
"Cult", which has at least eight meanings, has been a source of confusion. It is a devoted belief or practices that the general population considers to be outside the mainstream.
Many types of information pathology such as propaganda, lies, and disinformation contribute to the confusion to poor soul like yours.

I do not intend to go any further, but if you wish to continue to contribute to this blog, kindly refrain talking to us about spirituality. We are not stupid people and we are not atheist either.

Dr Murinho

Consultant Psychologist

Sayra said...

Sam one question, are you asking forgiveness on behalf of the perpetrators?

Sam Okello said...


I'm asking Kenya to forgive Kenya. How's that?

Sam Okello said...

I want to urge the Cabinet and the ODM high command to reject Waki. Let's find a better way, one that will be more reflective of the challenges Kenya has dealt with over the years, and one that seeks justice, not revenge.

You call that being out of touch? So be it.

Joe said...


Lets engage Sam without being abusive.

Anonymous said...

What other better way than to prosecute the killers?
We prosecute them and let God forgive them if He want to. We are not God!

Yes you are out of touch! Your stupidity is way too low for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Sam said...I want to urge the Cabinet and the ODM high command to reject Waki...

We dont care about your "authority" in ODM high or the cabinet. I doubt if Ruto or Ntimama read Kumekucha. You should write to them and not lecture us with empty spiritual guidance.

Sam Okello said...


I appreciate your call to civility. I'm aware of the unpopularity of what I'm calling for. And that's precisely why I'm for it. It's easy to revenge. It's much more difficult to forgive. In the end, however, those who take pleasure in seing a cycle of vengeance repeat itself are no better than the criminals they condemn. Given a chance, they'd act in the exact fashion those they condemn did.

I reject the easy way out. Let's take the noble way. The way that purifies the soul. Why do we fear this approach?

I take it all of you have carefully considered the consequences of what you wish for. Let me ask this...have you cared to consider the consequences of a nation that willingly stands together at Uhuru Park and buries the past? Have you? Or would you rather we continue to vilify each other and repeat the hateful cycle every five yars?

And if some of you believe implementing Waki will leave us a more united nation, I don't know what Kenya you are living in. Take a walk in Nairobi and listen to the silent whispers of different communities, then you'll see how fragile our vaunted unity is.

No, I refuse to sing hallelujah with you guys. I know where Waki will take us. I don't want to go there. Not now. Not ever.

Anonymous said...


Stop engaging yourself with this Okello.
The more he reply comments the more deluded he sounds. Ignore him!

I urge you not to waste your precious time with this village idiot!

New post please!

Anonymous said...

"...No, I refuse to sing hallelujah with you guys. I know where Waki will take us. I don't want to go there. Not now. Not ever...."

If you don't want to sing along with us, then leaves us alone, you dont even live in Kenya anyway.


Joe said...


I understand what you want and i know you mean well for the country. However, i am persuaded you do not appreciate the gravity of the situation.

Some of these hotheads have been at it since 1992. I don't know how you propose to gather them at Uhuru park.

To make matters worse, some folks up in the hierarchy of power decided this time its OK to shoot a few citizens in order to cling onto power. Who knows what they will come up with in 2012?

We need to show these people that there are consequences for killing fellow citizens. I am afraid if we let them go, even the simpler tasks of fixing our electrol systems and setting up institutions that citizens respect will not happen.

Sam, i think you do not understand how rotten this country has become.

I respectively disagree with you.

Sayra said...


I agree that forgiveness is a noble thing to do.

Where am not getting you is: who are we forgiving and what have they done? If i have wronged you I will come to you and say "Sam am sorry i did this and this and this ... am sorry, pliz forgive me"
But now in this case no one has asked for forgiveness so what are we forgiving?

In another point i can see you are suggesting that we take the initiative we who have been wronged. Sam, that is what we have been doing for a long time ... and just look where it has brought us. The same people we keep forgiving are the same people that keep fucking us up ... and you want us to do the same thing again? I think its time people owned up for their mess.

Blind forgiveness will not work.

Sam Okello said...

When did you decide that the Kenyans who don't live in Kenya should not air their opinions? Listen up, Kumekucha is what it is because of the diversity of thought it projects. We won't always agree, but we can be civil about it. The degree of venom some of you spew is scary. If being hateful and calling people names is what you call being right, then I'd rather be wrong. Only I fear I'm right and you are wrong on this one. Like they say...time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Sam said "…I'm aware of the unpopularity of what I'm calling for. And that's precisely why I'm for it…."

Those are illusions! Do you ever sit down and think rationally how you reason or do you expect us to think like you?

Only time will tell, at least you are right on that one.

Sam Okello said...

Joe and Sayra,

You guys have a point. It would be a much better thing if forgiveness was asked for. In a perfect world, that's how things should work. But you guys know just how broken Kenya is. I've recently walked the streets of Nairobi and other towns and seen for myself where things stand. With the fresh eyes of someone who's been gone for a while, I got the sense of a calm before a storm. I may have been wrong. My call for forgiveness is rooted in my judgement that it's what will work best for Kenya. Not politics.

When it comes to the security of Kenyans, I don't want to wear blinders, or pretend that we are one loving family. We are not. My contention is that Waki won't fix that. And that's where my approach comes in.

It's the better way.

Anonymous said...


...and who told you your judgement is divine?

ooh I see, we now have a perfect road to follow thanks to Sam Okello's judgement!

Anonymous said...

now that ODM said no to Waki report in toto, one okello must try to justify this. No Sam Kila mtu abebe msalaba wake, or go help ruto carry his. mnyogewe pamoja

Sam Okello said...

anon 4:54,

I don't want you to think like me. I want you to hear my perspective, just like I'm giving your point of view careful thought. In the long run I hope people will come to their senses and agree with me...not you.

M-Pesa said...

when Jomo was sworn in as the 1st president of Kenya, he solemnly swore to help eradicate 3 things. Disease, Poverty and Ignorance. Almost half a century on, it's still a far cry as far as winning that battle is concerned. Sam clearly dislays lots of ignorance which is NOT of any shock as he always sees ghosts where they don't exist. Maybe he should read Mbeki's "Im an African" speech for some inspiration. There can't be any justice and forgiveness if evil is not confronted and acknowledged.

"..Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now!
Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace!
However improbable it may sound to the sceptics, Africa will prosper!..."

Sam Okello said...


Thanks for the reference. I'll read the book. I can't wait for the time Mbeki's dreams will come true...for the DRC Congo, for Kenya and other hot spots. When did he write the book?

Anonymous said...

You have to understand Sam's point of view. He is a patrotic ODM by blood and cannot bear to see ODM fragment into piece just because of death of some "ordinary" Kenyans.
To him, ODM is more important than anything else in the world. And to sound perfect holy thou art, he has come up with this bizzare call for forgiveness.
He knows if he use tribal language like that of ODM, he will not sound 'perfect! so he has carefully camflauged his language in order to sound heavenly.
All this for the love of one person - Raila Odinga. He cannot bear the thought if ODM part ways, Raila may never become president. FACT!

Anonymous said...

How can you people be so ungrateful?

Sam came all the way to inspect our street and towns and here we are refusing to implement his judgement?!

You should not question his judgement. His judgement is just what Kenya need now!

Can't you see he is God appointed prophet to bring healing to our nation?


Joe said...

Anon@5:28 and 5:37

I think we can communicate better if we do not engage in the usual ODM/PNU nonsense. Do not make this discussion cheap

Anonymous said...


What a discussion. Clearly the Waki side has the numbers for now. But I'm hopeful that as more and more Kenyans think about the best way forward, more people will realize the nobility of my approach. Have a great evening, fellow Kenyans, and God bless our beautiful nation.

Sam Okello

Papi said...

You said “We have a man named Waki, who has produced a report that suggests some prominent Kenyans decided to suddenly start planning to kill and maim other Kenyans. This is incredulous coming from a man of this judge's stature.”

And further go ahead to add, “I don't know who's name appears on it, but I know for a fact that the blame for the events of December and January lie squarely with President Kibaki. This is the man Kenyans elected to protect them and ensure the security of the nation. Where was he when, as is widely reported, a meeting of a known gang was held in the State House, ostensibly to plan how to deny Hon. Odinga the presidency and terrorize Kenyans? Where was he when the Kalenjin warriors were organizing themselves into a force that would later kill many innocent Kenyans and destroy property worth millions of shillings?”

Still you add, “We have to see the Waki Report as nothing but a carefully packaged hit job.”

Yet, “Don't you think Waki should have probed these issues?”

Now now….you stated that Waki produced a report the suggested prominent Kenyans decided to suddenly start planning to kill and maim other Kenyans, to which you think the judge is nuts for saying this, but you go ahead to state the blame lays squarely on the head of state for not dealing decisively with planning of these events including a meeting at state house.

Do you base your arguments on hearsay or do you have evidence of the said allegations? I think you are basing your argument on hearsay if not having copied these from the Waki report that stated so, yet you suggest that Waki’s is a carefully packaged hit job?

Lastly you posed that Waki should have probed these issues? To me Waki acted on reports given by witnesses that gave their evidence both in and out of camera. He wrote a report of events as was witnessed, as he has no power to go further than that. In his hearings, the same names of people kept being mentioned which to him warranted these to be investigated further. That is why he suggested a Kenyan-based tribunal try these individuals. But the good judge knows only too well where such reports end up – on shelves somewhere gathering dust, and that’s why he sees it fit to forward these names to Annan who will read the report and see if its worth trying these people. Remember Annan is the one who led to the signing of the peace accord and Kenyans have great trust that he will do what is good.

Lastly, lets not drive fear into Kenyans. These are what lead to events like what happened early this year. Give Kenyans the benefit of doubt. You will be surprised that if a referendum was carried out and facts given to Kenyans, they would rather these people are tried than left alone. Remember we want to bury impunity.

In my view, I think the Waki report should form the basis of a truth justice and reconciliation agenda. We should deal with this report under TJRC and work backwards to events that happened prior to independence,

Anonymous said...

Sam, What Kenyans are asking are asking for is not revenge. We are asking for punishment and that it may befit the crime. The culture of impunity has to end and the sooner the better.
This here is a great opportunity to start punishing people for their crimes. Only when "leaders" in kenya realise that they are not above the law and that any crimes they commit can and will be punished can we advance as a nation.
This thing of saying "but Kenya doesn't work like this, it works like that" is lazy passive escapism. If kenya doesnt work like this then we have to make it work like this NOW!
Kenya is greater than ODM or PNU or any other ragtag political party with no ideologies or agendas.
We have to punish the criminals NOW and then maybe we shall start building a democracy based on ideologies and policies not primitive tribalism. Right now tribal chiefs are rewarded with posts for bringing blocks of voters. We want this to end. The mood in kenya is also kila mtu atabeba msalaba wake mwenyewe. No more hiding behind tribes ati a tribe is witch hunted when one individual criminal is arraigned in court. Except maybe in the villages but then it is the duty of each and every progressive kenyan to educate these people on democracy. To inform them that politicians are not tribal chiefs but people we can hire and and fire and whom we pay heftily to serve us and not vice versa.
Besides the Waki Report did not sentence anyone. It just names suspects and gives evidence. Then it will be upto the Hague to decide who is guilty and who is innocent.
The key line here is that we do not seek revenge, we seek an end to impunity!

Sam Okello said...

anons 7:54 and 8:05,

You guys have heard my point of view and I've heard yours. In the end we all seek what's best for Kenya. I feel, from the tone of your voices, that you see Waki as the way out. For the sake of Kenya I hope you are right. I'd love for this nation to unify so we can live as one.

That said, I still hope there's a place for something more durable, more noble than justice. When it comes right down to it, justice is nothing but revenge. Look at the names I've been called for suggesting something different...can you say these people are looking for justice? I sense a very different mood here.

But like I said, you guys have forcefully laid out your point of view and I have mine. Let's at least agree that whichever one the nation eventualy follows, it will lead to lasting peace...or that we'll have enough courage to change course if the path we set on, whether Waki or forgiveness, seems to lead us in a perilous direction.

God bless Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,
When will you get it and go away?!!! You are preaching to dead people. Go and tell Americans to forgive al Qaeda and those behind sept 11, you might be able to get your point accross there but here nah.
We want full implementation of Waki's report! period
So go away now!

Anonymous said...

Sam, you're problem is you think we're stupid people and you think u can come here and give us some distorted hearsay to fit your political leaning and expect us to respond warmly to them.
Kumekuchan and indeed Kenyans are smart people. I hope this mark an end to your call for forgiveness here. we're sick and tired of your myophic endless rhetoric and we want you away from Kumekucha unless you change your thinking.

Kumekucha is for objective people!

E-CHANGE said...

Change is here!Change is here!Change is here!wake up to change Sam! Wake up to change!

Saim said "....sense of a calm before a storm....."
one way or another a storm is definitely coming no question the point is who will be hit the hardest?

1)PNU-the promoters of stagnant politics in all things Kenyan
...this side of the political divide is clearly not in touch and arguably has not been in touch for a long time with the wishes of majority. its doubtful whether this side of the government brings any unity at all to the table of the government of national unity. if they are the ones hardest hit by the implementations of Waki report i don't think we will have suffered any major loss

2)ODM-the advocates for "by all means necessary" politics in Kenya
UNFORTUNATELY for now they carry the sympathy vote of majority who feel they were short-changed in both the election and the peace accord. no doubt implementation of the waki report will bring a fall-out between stalwarts in this camp and a potential unpleasant effect on the general public BUT consensus of anger against the elite political class is almost all time high among kenyans and should one or two from ODM be given up for the sake of serving justice and ending impunity for posterity then so be it we are willing to live with the consequences

E-CHANGE said...

i forgot to close with "Wake up to change Sam!wake up to change!wake up to change Kenyans! change is here! change is here! change is here!

papa plus said...


Are you ascribing Christian norms to all Kenyans regardless of their own personal spiritial beliefs?

There is this document in Kenya we call the constitution. In it, we have things called laws. There is no where in there where it says one Kenyan can kill another Kenyan unless it is in self defence. Otherwise, punishment is in terms of jail or death.

Give unto Caeser what is caeser's...the bible Sam, says that we must obey the laws of the land.

And next time, do me a by pointing out that you are looking at issues from a religious/spiritial point of view so we can understand you better.

Anonymous said...

rest in peace mama africa

Anonymous said...


What if Nazi genocide perpetrators in World War II were forgiven as you're suggesting? Si miros like you and I would have been the next genocide target after Jews?


I like the idea of 10m youths sambazaing 100/- each. I'll gladly m-pesa even more every month till election day 2012 so long as the bobs go to genuine pro-Waki politicians.

Anonymous said...



Waki report MUST be implemented!!
Tell your flock in your church to forgive, Kenya is a nation and not a church. And as a nation we have diverse spiritual belief.
For you to try and force people into believing what you believe make you a false prophet.

If you want peace in KK stay away from persuading people about your personal beliefs.

You are very undemocratic primitive African man despite many years living in the west!

UrXlnc said...

Check this out

almost everyone knows its a bitter pill but the best medicine



Waki left out the most important thing his terms of reference spelled out clealy, that is the root cause of the post-elections violence!

It is quite clear even to the most dull that the violence could not have occurred had Kibaki not rigged the elections. It is quite clear that Rift Valley could never be so bitter had their land not been arrogantly given to a particular community with impunity.

What role did the arrogant official tribalism, corruption and heartless impunity play in the hearts of the democratic Kenyans who were peacefully but bitterly reacting to the election theft?

We do not know the names of the people in the envelope yet but history will be cheated if the likes of Ruto and Raila Odinga, or any leaders in ODM, are included in it.

It could read as sense if those people who arrogantly ordered Kivuitu to announce false results were to be included in the Waki report. Better still Kenyans could be delighted if the names of those arms of the law who ordered all and sandry away from the precincts of KICC as the rigging was going on were included in the report- and much more if the name of their boss were to top the list.

The report should clarify why the army gave pre-election notice that they would be at the KICC to prepare for the ceremony, if this was in good faith and not to intimidate the honest democrats! The report should include reasons why police commander Ali warned the public never to be near the KICC prior to and including the period of the votes tallying-rigging!

Talks of ethnic cleansing by Jendai Frazer without considering the arrogant historical injustices, official impunity and tribalism simply blame the victim and glorify the devil.

The world had an ample opportunity to ensure the person who won the 27th December 2007 elections in Kenya became Kenya's president but like Lord Chamberlin befriended and appeaced Adolph Hitler so impunity continues in Kenya-without democratic mandate Kibaki and Muthaura rule Kenya.

Ruto who is blaming Raila on Waki and Mau Forest should rethink and clearly see that it is Muthaura and Kibaki and those who created the Grand Coalition who are controlling the winds and never Raila.

Worst! It is amazing but not surprising that Kalonzo Musyoka should be worried that any trial at The Hague of the true suspect leaders responsible for the post-elections violence could threaten their positions,jobs, let alone the political future-The holy cows!! What of the more than 1500 they killed with impunity? From his talk it is clear impunity continues full blast!


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