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Monday, November 10, 2008

Abracadabra, Let There be Lights in Kogelo

With lightening speed, Obama’s ancestral home at Kogelo in Siaya was fully connected to the national electricity grid in two days. And that came after Kenyans were granted an Obama holiday last Thursday while the Americans who elected him had no such luxuries. Either its the paradox of a so-called working nation in love with RECESS or the smart scoundrels grieving with king size tears and louder than the bereaved to mask their hitherto disdain.

Well, either way the true face of deception never fails to embarrass. Welcome to African brand of leadership of personal whims selfishly played to gain political scores at whatever cost. No prize is big enough to catch an eye when expediency rules supreme.

To hell with informed leadership from in front and by example. Mediocrity is our forte while integrity remains an alien virtue these shores of ours. We are led by the leash using outdated whims of yore. Anything unfamiliar is shunned and new ideas are summarily dismissed with the wave dinosaur hands struggling to steady the wheels. What is more, the leaders can chose their actions at any tangent well secure in the knowledge that their kinsmen will foam at the mouth trying to sanitize the rot on their behalf. In the process the country suffocates from official rigidity and becomes too intoxicated with the fumes of moral decay. The free fall towards self-destruction has been so effortlessly

Leaves you wondering what bleak fates await thousand of villages which don’t have their won Obama. So resources are there aplenty and can be SELECTIVELY deployed at the flash of a finger. And that proves the perils of personalized rule legalized in IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY. In the whole game Kenyans remain helpless collateral in the political chess board.

Kibaki seems to be on an ego trip to turn Kenyans into torches to light his Christmas tree. Kenyatta and Moi may have found it difficult to conceptualize what it takes to serve neither the commensurate responsibility demanded of the same service. But Kibaki perfection of penchant for contempt to all Kenyans is inexcusable in this age and time.

Forget about the nostalgic fad of being a scholar of yore. The present leadership simply acts on sectarian whims bereft of any intellectual spine. And as for the street rants that intellectuals don’t make good politicians you can as well go ahead and tell than to the birds so that they fly high in the skies.

Leadership from the rear
We need leaders with the mien and capacity to inspire and not promise miracles. Leaders with quality housed in the box above their shoulders who leave their names in history books as builders and custodians of durable institutions that remain the bedrock of a nation’s present and future prosperity in all spheres towards sustainable stability.

Smart leaders exploit crises to shape and make history. Formulating sound policies that outlive their reign is what uniquely defines them. Focused hope is a bankable virtue that once successfully sold to a populace gains a momentum of its own for the long term good. Instead what we have flying around us are jingoists who won’t miss an opportunity to populate any opening with their TRIBESMEN with no regard to equity and fairness.

While Einstein may have preferred imagination to knowledge, Kenyan leaders are very keen to demonstrate their lack thereof of both. The only commodity they sell and dispense in abundance is fertile and creative mind to fleece and rape Kenya to the bone. Our national sense of success is so impaired so much so that without opulence, you stand accused of laziness and failing to make hay when the sun shines.

One only hopes and prays that maybe someday soon Kibaki will shuffle in shame when he miraculously rediscovers that what is housed in his head is a brain meant to be used. Predictably, Emilio's apologists will readily jump to his defense with such cheap take as promoting tourism or creating a plastic higher pedestal of fake statesmanship or any such hollow derivatives for that matter. Well, we cannot stop them from cheering on the nude king.

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Anonymous said...

What is KPL telling kenyans , that we have to produce a president to get a basic thing such as electricity.This is shameful in the highest order , that means that if obama was the first luo president in 233years then the next village in nyanza to get electricity will only be possible in 2241 AD.

Anonymous said...

seems Taabu is back with his hatred venom...don't you realise the economic impact of this sleepy village? soon tourists will flock the country to see Obama's roots, investors will also want to invest you have to make the village accessible and visible 24 hrs. what would you prefer sadist Taabu? we just assume nothing happened???

shame on your triviality...


ODM REJECTS MPS MOVE AGAINST WAKI (read the local dailies)

Seems ODM has become indecisive and weird. The executive now says they have apointed yet another committee to look into the report and give the parties true stand. Seems ODM will also be forming 101 commissions just like Mo1. Now it says it has rejected the MPS stand. When will this house built on blood realise its days of pretext are over????

Taabus Mistress

UrXlnc said...

yes taabu

that is indeed pathetic.

now what i'd like to see is the process or criteria by which Min of Finance prioritised "development" for this first of the "global village" in the limelight. i would also like to see how the CDF allocation fits into all this and whether there is going to be a need to beef up the allocation since obviously with improved communications and utilities, we should anticipate a corresponding increase in services and utilisation.

am not against the "elevation" of this village, but we need to get these leaders out. any other progressive minded leadership would have been doing this everyday for each village steadily or in stages, across the board, and there would then be no need for these last minute cosmetic surgery on a select village.

UrXlnc said...


impunity can be legally protected

so its not enough to do a shoddy job, you also do not have to resign (in africa people dont resign) and if there exists possibility of disciplinary action such as lets say being fired/sacked, then look for all the loopholes created by the mediocre leaders that patched the positions without putting the interests of the country first and then take that to the courts. where you will meet more mediocre leadership (swearing in by night, stabbing drivers etc)

its obvious that many of these rules and leadership positions, most of which are either inherited or copied from other countries tend to be ambiguous and in the event of abuse resort to the personal integrity and esteem of the office holder/bearer to exercise high moral standards and in which case (for all other non african countries) typically resign or somehow concede if hounded out of office. there are numerous examples all over.

but in kenya, trying to relate the attribute "morals" to leadership (leave alone high moral standards) even in religious circles would leave your audience in delirious laughter.

the reality and the only true medicine, is to first acknowledge (those that have not yet done so) that we our leadership is completely devoid of any moral fibre. and second because we still need to have some type of leadership structure is to ensure that leaders are straight-jacketed i.e ensure that the constitutions and rules governing the conduct of office bearer are very stringent, clear and with absolutely no wiggle room for mischief by leaders but also and most importantly allow wananchi means to easily begin proceedings that result in a fast and immediate removal from office of these office bearers. Wananchi should be able to collect a certain number of signatures to oust a hard-nose idiot clinging to his seat if and when all else fails and they do not have to wait for 5 years.

This should apply to the president, PM, VP, ministers, MPs, Police Commissioner, GSU commandant, AP Commandant, Chief Justice, AG, ECK commissioners, KACC chief, etc

for now we need to keep a close check on review of the constitution. I believe the initial target date during the Annan talks was a year from April, so far it appears to have been pushed back to the end of 2009, and yet very little has been done.

Anonymous said...

Taabus Mistress

What news?? ODM won the 27th December 2007 elections... Hague and waki report belongs to PNU kibaki statehouse meetings before elections with the mungiki and Uhuru mungiki warlord... every Kenyan knows that....

dream on sucker.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is now trying to suck up to Obama?? lights in mama's village?

it will not help Kibaki!! he is heading for Hague

Kibaki ordered the police to shoot innocent kenyans without even blinking an eye, which kenyans will ever forget or forgive that??

Sayra said...

Don't expect to be given or sold for any cloth from a NUDE King. If he at one point sees the need to give you a piece of cloth, out the need of scoring political points, he will borrow one to give you just so he gains more political mirage for himself. That is exactly what Kibaki is doing.

Those who are not smelling and feeling the change ... shauri yao. The days of 'funny' political rewards and mind games are gone ... they no longer impress all they do is disgust.

We need leaders who are there for the people always.

Anonymous said...

after a week of some sanity here at KK, Taabu cant wait to bring his politics of hatred.
so What taabu, cant we stick to becoming obama's protege rather than cry babies???
so if you make noise here;

Taabu, just stick to what you do best...'hearsay and fiction' but leave KK out of your demented opinions.
If you must, just scrible your opinions in a paper and fold it and stick it up your skinny ...

Joe said...

There is something that bothers me about KPLC. Here is a company quoted at the stock exchange, whose business seems to be healthy if the share price is anything to go by. When a potential customer asks to be connected, the folks at KPLC will seek to know whether there is a transformer(Read asset) nearby. If not, the hapless customer will be asked to contribute some money to purchase a transformer! Mind you, this new customer does not own the transformer! It is reflected as an asset in KPLC books!

Why can't KPLC buy its own transformers? Why should Kenyans subsidize the operations of KPLC, which is a public company with share holders who receive dividends? WHY?

E-CHANGE said...

ati American Power%Lightning Company(APL) disconnected McCain's house last week because he is not president

Anonymous said...

True, very true, this is too pathetic to fathom,
But and I repeat I mean kudos to those of Kogelo, however I surely do hope they have the means to pay for electricity and piped water, there is no fun in having wet electrical wiring in a mud hut with thatched roof. What I am basically saying is that I do hope that there has been some form income generating schemes implemented, just curious who will be responsible for this? The GOK? NGO? Or the US Government…or are we (the people) expected to pay for those electricity users in kogelo.
Back to my ‘pathetic’ statement, Baringo was a major beneficiary in the dark days of the Moi era, has anyone been there lately, sad, sad, place, pot holes, basically government funding has been diverted to Nyeri.. Yes, you do remember when Kibs was elected the roads to Nyeri were immediately tarmaced.
For my people in Kogelo (I mean that literally) I surely hope this windfall is not merely an illusion for we (Kenyans) have had forty years of illusions… the illusion may last as long as Obama presidency then back to square one… square one where we will sit under the scotching Kogelo sun and reminisce the good ol’ days when one of ours was the leader of the free world….

Ken Thumbi

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

It's hard to tell what Kenyans really want. No stima, complaints, stima, compalints.....??? Can't someone hide their aibu without someone complaining?

Now tourism-I normally sympathize with our Maasai brothers and sisters when it comes to tourism. Tourists come from far and wide to see the wildlife and Maasai culture that Kenya has to offer. Feels like Maasai are a different kind of wild animals to gawk at....but I think tourism in Kogelo is going to be associated with something immensely different.

That said, with electricity, good roads and possibly piped water, and sure tourists, it may well be time to put up a five-star guest house over at Kogelo. An optimist gotta see the glass as 99% full, not 1% empty...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, you put it so well - as you always do:

"Anything unfamiliar is shunned and new ideas are summarily dismissed with the wave of dinosaur hands struggling to steady the wheels. What is more, the leaders can chose their actions at any tangent well secure in the knowledge that their kinsmen will foam at the mouth trying to sanitize the rot on their behalf - Taabu, you predicted and it has happened. In the process the country suffocates from official rigidity and becomes too intoxicated with the fumes of moral decay. The free fall towards self-destruction has been so effortlessly - and it is still continuing

Ivy said...

Ken Thumbi

Correction Baringo Central.....Has one of the perfect road network in Kenya, marigat, Mogotio, Kabarak , kabarnet...The only sad part of the story is that there is no infrastructure to support the road network...I was appalled by the level of poverty there, but when it came to the road believe me i was impressed.

I see the mourning period is over.Dont worry it is not over till it is over.

Just remind them that as they give Kogelians light and water, tell them that the Nakuru - Kisumu road is pathetic and they need to do something ASAP i mean this tourists need to have a pot hole free road as they traverse the city to Kogelo.....Oh and also waiting of the International Airport. The irony is that We didn'y have to wait for Obama's handout, they just flowed freely from the govt. In Kenya politicians give us handouts to vote for them but in America it is the voters that gave Obama money....What is really wrong with us.

E-Change i see you have a new name, dont worry Joe is doing a splendind job, e-copping the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, you put it so well - as you always do:

"Anything unfamiliar is shunned and new ideas are summarily dismissed with the wave of dinosaur hands struggling to steady the wheels. What is more, the leaders can chose their actions at any tangent well secure in the knowledge that their kinsmen will foam at the mouth trying to sanitize the rot on their behalf - Taabu, you predicted and it has happened. In the process the country suffocates from official rigidity and becomes too intoxicated with the fumes of moral decay. The free fall towards self-destruction has been so effortlessly - and it is still continuing

Sayra said...

Anon 9.40pm
The post is not about complaining or been cry babies ... its about how fake things are done. Its about pretending and acting when there is something we need in return ie political favors. All this tells you that Kogelo was been deliberately ignored and now coz of Obama they (the government) cant ignore them any longer ... coz in the process they too will have something to gain out of it. In simpler words its not their right they have to earn it by having an Obama. Its got nothing to do with helping the people in that area. And as Ken puts it its an illusion that will last as long as Obama lasts.

That is not true, roads thru Baringo district are smart till to date. Those were the roads that were build not like those leading to Maua (the Miraa place) from Meru that after 5yrs you wonder if there was a road in the 1st place.

PKW, hi gal. For tourism in masai land to be seen as TOURISM they need an Obama. As of now Kogelo is the place for TOURISM. That is why am complaining coz am wondering when people in my village will have electricity without an Obama or when it will ever be considered a tourist attraction area despite many the wild animals that pay us a visit ones in a while at our backyard.

Like you am asking the same questions and wondering if guys in Kogelo paid for the transformers been put there and if they were asked to buy some of the poles. All in all I hope they will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I come from Kamlago Clan, next door to Kogelo. We are actually one kilometre away from Nyang'oma shopping centre. I think it is a shame that KPLC would wait until Obama was announced winner to embark on this electrification project that has been in the works since the Moi era. The sad thing is that along the 5km stretch from Ng'iya to Kogelo, there is no transformer. KPLC have installed 2 transformers - one at the Dispensary in Nyang'oma and the other at the Obama homestead a mere 500 metres apart. Where is the logic in having 2 transformers half a kilometre apart and leave the whole 5km stretch without a transformer? We have 2 schools, a Chief's camp, a church and a shopping centre about halfway on this strech which could also do with a transformer. When my parents enquired from the KPLC Engineers about getting a transformer they were told that they need to get 10 residents to come together and raise the necessary amount for a transformer to be fitted. Is this what rural electrification is all about? What about all these retired residents who have paid taxes all their lives and are still treated like second class citizens? Our politicians still have a lot of learning to do. It's a big shame.

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sayra said...

Anon 7.26am

I feel your pain.

Fakeness always tags along shadiness.

watchie said...

where has the area mp been all this time,

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