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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Zombies: Living and Leading in Denial

Inverted priority comes in all shades and shapes. Kenya’s present leadership has perfected the art of minimalism at the wider peril of the whole nation. Here we are in the eye of a global storm with evidence pointing to Kenya’s integral involvement in gun running on behalf of Sudan and what do we do? Mutua and Wetangula have the ready script coloured in denial and with straight faces they shamelessly treat the whole world to the local folly which they serve Kenyans on daily basis.

Meanwhile Kibaki is busy mouthing directives for the same fraud-laden military to embrace technology. Speak of and imbecile immune to any sense of honesty. Sourcing the same technology is guaranteed to be another avenue to milk Kenyans dry. And that is Kenya’s brand of entrepreneurship at its best. Trust Kibaki’s apologists to shamelessly manufacture justification in defending the indefensible. Well, you cannot fault faithful disciples who readily point fingers while sheepishly defending the king of IMPUNITY who is truly leading by example and from the front.

You see Karume is no fool. The octogenarian may be out of parliament but he is smart enough to rope in willing Somalis if only to secure his share of the deal he painstakingly crafted but the present power brokers are naively scheming to disinherit him of. With the $8 million ransom agreed (from your taxes) Njenga is safe and sound. To his advantage, the industrious Karume knows the exact geography of Kibaki’s soft under belly like no other politician, alive or dead.

It wasn’t me
While creative bloggers cobble theories to baptize a zombie with waters of nostalgia, the eating chiefs are busy expanding the web as they auction every piece of Kenya. Who said you cannot scheme and profit over corpses? Somali has proved a haven of arms business as proved during the post-election violence. Only fools negotiate peace deals and leave empty handed. Definitely not Kenyans.

Kenyans are collectively suffering from the curse of tokenism and lowering the bar of expectation. Kibaki may have been everything good and progressive in his hey days but whitewashing grandiose failure with tales of economics learnt and taught in the first half of last decade is akin to dancing yourself lame to a stuck record. Its generosity notwithstanding, nature rarely rewards mediocrity. We are stuck with the skunk and its awful odour.

Trust is like virginity and betraying it is to rape yourself of any moral authority to justify acute cronyism that is definitely hurtling Kenya to the dogs. At the risk of inviting predictable barbs, I must point out that death is very unfair to people like Kamangu while conveniently avoiding bloody red scams bestriding our political shores.


Anonymous said...

Taabu - You mean Kamangu the husband to one bishop Dr... and MP for starehe is dead?

Mzee wa Kijiji

papa plus said...

A leopard can not change its spots and you can not teach an old dog new tricks.

The Kibaki administration is laden with antics that don't require a lot of brain power. It's amatuer hour over there. Even Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and any of 007 nemisis will tell you that when transporting nuclear war heads, make sure you have adequate security a it. But what do you expect from this administration?

Brought to you from the same guys who wrote and produced such classics as;
-2007 elections featurung Kivuitu and the sacred pen that added zeros at KICC
-AL aka the deal that never was starring Kiraitu
-Grand Regency the Libyan saga
-Artur brothers and the gun fight at JKIA (the love triangle)

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of this near-senile lazy sloth - those that voted for him must be regretting their wasted votes.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of this near-senile lazy sloth - those that voted for him must be regretting their wasted votes.

Actually we have no regrets. Anything to keep the barbarians out of the city gates.

Anonymous said...

anon10:01 PM
damn right you are keeping the mungiki barbarians from the inner cities of Nairobi has been difficult for kibaki and his cronies Michuki and Karume!!kibaki had to order the execution of more than 500 mungiki youths (his own tribesmen wacha tu- next might be your own family)
and the mungiki said it loud and clear they regret voting kibaki in and they even went on to say they help him rig elections by beheading anyone who was against him Kibaki

Yup the barbarians Kibiki and Mt. kenya mafia created are the same kikuyu tribesmen that will hunt them down... watch and see!! si maina mungiki warlord is still in jail... you think they have forgotten the execution of their brothers???
keep gloating on here..

Anonymous said...

Wezi tupu in Kibaki's PNU party.

Now they are in guns and tank trade with the Somali's?? and trying to shove it under the Kenya army Red carpet?? such naive fools caught with their pants down.

Which fool is this called Wetangula(being used to air lies as usual) BBC posted all the information on air and online - I mean who can't read the words South Sudan consignment in the Documents??

Do this kibaki cronies think kenyans are illiterate and can't read in this era of technology?? even my grand mother can use the internet to search for information even though she is missing all her teeth:):) she just needs two figures to hit the keys- Wetangula and PNU shenzi sana and as for Njenga Karume- he still has a case to answer after - being one of the murderous mungiki member that is it is a wonder all his children are disturbed mentally-

When you are an evil individual God acts in other way pay back is here on earth not in thai thai false land !!!!

KenyaLuv said...

You people seem to forget Raila Odinga is in government too now, so he is as much to blame for any of this. But of course his blind followers will never accept their angel to be less than perfect. Its scary how you can see no wrong in Raila..its always the other side.

Anonymous said...

trust silly taabu with his stale news and big words with very little meaning. my philosophy teacher used to call then bombastics, used by the minions who think using big words translates to knowing much. its a shame that Taabu seems to be stuck in a time warp of jan feb 2008. no wonder he has stomach ulcers from all this hatred.
again who cares

Anonymous said...

Raila is surpervising and coordinating the importation of these arms to South Sudan to help the Dinkas, the Luos of Sudan. His ultimate goal is to unite the Luos of Kenya, the Acholis of Uganda, and the Dinkas to rule East Africa and South Sudan. Wait until this plan succeeds and some of you bloggers will run out of tears to cry. Never say you were not forewarned!

Anonymous said...


Your frustration with life is palpable. I know you miss Baba Moi very much because without his affirmative action some of you would still be looking after cattle. But he will never return to rule Kenya so do not let nostalgia expose your kindergartener emotions. Whether you like it or not Kibaki was elected by the majority of the Kenyans and he is not going anywhere until his term is over.

And remember that the death you are wishing others might be around the corner ready to end your miserable life!

Anonymous said...

I think the pirates should sink the ship, thats the best solution right now.

Phil said...

Taabu said Trust is like virginity and betraying it is to rape yourself of any moral authority to justify acute cronyism that is definitely hurtling Kenya to the dogs.

Thats right Bw Taabu.

Moi's 24 years dictatorship is child's play compared to Kibaki's six years of greed, fraud and deception. Unfortunately, they are hell bent on going down with the whole country!

Anonymous said...

One day soon I hope kenyans will realise that the biggest game in town......Is the government. There is nothing more lucartive than having control of the government.What is going on in america now is a belated realisation that the 'clever' guys have been milking the goverment(read the poor clueless populace) for yrs and yrs ....constantly creating ways in which governmetpays them for one thing or the other....

The only thing limiting the amout of money you can make is your imagination and bravery.....make no mistake almost nobody goes to government to do good to the people.....not in First world or third world its all about linning their pockets and therefore we should shift from the blanket approval, with only the next election to 'punish' the representatives.....

SA set a precedent that we must struggle to own, that is by removing a sitting president....right now party leaders are demigods and for as long as that situation persist we shall be fleeced to the bone...with no recourse.

We are so helpless because we have given a blank check to the polititians, they can abuse us for 5yrs....thats a long time and don't you think they wouldn't do thier best to cover up within that period.....We need to come up with a systems that reviews performance sooner than 5yrs.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Taabu, I'll "expand" the title of your post Zombies: Living and leading in denial through FRAUD, SELF DECEPTION and OUTRIGHT THEFT of the TRUTH.

b-carotene said...

Under Kibaki, at least the barbarians/bumpkin finger-puppets can live to tell their tales, and do baseless rumor and hate mongering. Ask baba/mama Moi what he would have done with you. Thank God for Emilio we dont have to look behind our shoulders!!

Now, the Bondo Bumpkin ordered the seizure, confinement and deportation of Dr. Corsi. What does that tell you about the self-proclaimed 'democrat'? THAAAT ONE? As tyrannical and communist as we know him to be--true to form.
Dr. Corsi is pretty much a nonentity and his silly book has not made waves in the US, until Kenya decides to throw him out.

Such primitive minions, only versed in stone throwing, literally and figuratively. Mass surgery of the past few weeks no effects on behavior--yet. We hope and pray.

Anonymous said...

b-carotene @ 2:54 AM,

What Taabu and anon @2:31 AM said describes you 100%:" Taabu, I'll "expand" the title of your post Zombies: Living and leading in denial through FRAUD, SELF DECEPTION and OUTRIGHT THEFT of the TRUTH."

You are the sorry kind of nitwits who will "proudly" and shamelessly tell us that 1 + 1 = 3!! This is pure nonsense. I pity you. You and your kind, bred and brought up on the primitive and greedy values of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT, just never get it.

You call yourselves circumsized - as if you are the only community who circumsize - but your norms and values of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT are not anything to be proud of.

Your dicks may be circumsized, but you seriously need to have your primitive values - of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT - and attitudes circumsized.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would ever see a more PUMBAVI and MEDIOCRE President than Daniel Moi. I Was wrong. Kibaki is more PUMBAVU and more MEDIOCRE - and a THIEF too!!.

Anonymous said...

@5:01: you seem to have decided which community I come from? what kind of nut are you? I feel terrible to be sharing a platform with people who are so tribally inclined, but then, I will carry my burden to unshackle you from such heavy chains, with determination and delight. So help me God. What else can a well-meaning human do?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32 AM (most likely b-carotene),

One of the true identities/traits of a human being is their character - your total collective mix of beliefs, values and attitudes.

Your comments are always laced with the panua character of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT - isitoshe, you support it to the hilt - just like all the demented panua mongrels who are also full of irrational hatred.

Just as an example of your fraudulent and deceptive ways: You fellows alway say that this blog of Kumekucha is crap and not worth visiting but you then can not resist visiting it almost daily. If it is true that you feel terrible about sharing a platform with us, GO AWAY! No one is forcing you to come here. Go to those other demented panua and irrational hatred filled blogs. Go get your kicks there.

It is only mongrels who subscribe to and were bred and brought up on the primitive and greedy values of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT who think, behave and talk like your kind.

b-carotene said...

I am responding to a higher calling--to liberate you and your ODM types from all that is hateful and evil. KK is one avenue. If you sit down and rationally read your posting you will understand why its SOOOO important that I continue to share this platform with you. One day, when you grow up, you will thank me.

Anonymous said...

b-carotene @ We are already grown up. We are waiting for you to do likewise - grow up.

Shed off those your primitive and greedy values of FRAUD, DECEPTION, THEFT and MBECA BY ANY MEANS - especially illegal means - then ...drum roll... clap, clap, clap, clap... you will have grown up.

Anonymous said...


Ati you are "responding to a higher calling" bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! You almost made me fall off my chair with laughter.

This is hilarious! You are also deceiving yourself. You are not satisfied with trying to deceive others... you must also deceive yourself. You need a lot of help

How can a person who subscribes to, as an anon has been stating several time up here in the comments section, the "primitive and greedy values of FRAUD, DECEPTION, THEFT and MBECA BY ANY MEANS - especially illegal means" be responding to a higher calling? Wacha hiyo. Stop deceiving yourself. You can only be responding to a lower calling from SATAN, the "Grandfather" of FRAUD, DECEPTION, THEFT and MBECA BY ANY MEANS.

b-carotene said...

Honestly, its a higher calling. To bring all you worhsippers of back to the fold of rational thinking, non-stone throwing, independent-minded, democratically inclined humans. But its OK if you disagree cos you know not what you do. I am extraordinarily patient.

papa plus said...

Please, please, don't lie to me by telling me that Raila is also to blame because he is part and parcel of the GK. In case you did not know, the GK is controlled by the president and those around him aka kitchen cabinet. Even people like Karua don't have unfettered access to the old man. That is the way it is. Wacha kujidanganya ati Kenya is a properly organized gova run on principle. It is wholly owned by whomever is at state house who happens to control what is otherwise known as the intruments of power. That is what PNU couldn't agree with ODM (Zanu PF and MDC and soon to be ANC Zuma and ANC Mbeki). So as long as Kibaki controls that section, he is responsible for what goes down.

Anonymous said...

i wish somebody would learn creative writing,the whole article is rubbish,zero research.i rate all article by the so called you `missed this' as `ZERO' .i blame everything on poverty.i wonder how somebody can spend all his entire life whinning as much as i support well thought critism.go back to school Mr. writer and learn critical thinking!

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