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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nigerians Honour Raila Odinga & Chinua Achebe

PIC: Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga (left) and the Publisher of The Guardian, Dr. Alex Ibru, during Odinga's arrival at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and legendary Nigerian author Professor Chinua Achebe are today scheduled deliver lectures to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Nigeria's Guardian Newspaper Limited, publishers of the leading Guardian titles.

In the front page report on the lectures, the Guardian paper ran lengthy biographies on panafricanist, democrat and freedom fighter Odinga and, teacher, critic, poet and essayist Achebe, describing them as 'Africa's illustrious sons'.

The lectures will be held at the think-tank Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in the economic capital city of Lagos. Raila Odinga is to deliver a lecture entitled "Democracy and the challenge of good government in Africa".

Speaking to a battery of journalists who thronged the presidential wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos on Wednesday shortly after his arrival from representing Kenya at the 1st World Policy Congress in Evian – France, Raila said; "I want to basically thank my host for inviting me to Nigeria. I am very happy to be in Nigeria today. I have come with a team of fellow Kenyans. I like the spirit of Nigerians. You asked me about the electoral fraud. Electoral fraud can only be dealt with by reforms, through instituting total reforms of having independent electoral body to preside over elections. We have leaders of yesterday who are resisting change. They do not want to accept the will of the people through democratic process and those new ones who are coming in and are basically democrats like to play by the rule. This is a transition period from the time multi-partism came into Africa that is from the early 1990s up till now. ”

According to a press statement issued by Guardian Newspapers, Professor Chinua Achebe, best known for his evergreen classic, Things Fall Apart, will deliver a keynote speech at the event. Nigeria’s President Umaru Yar’adua will be the Special Guest of Honour while Nigeria’s former military head of state, Yakubu Gowon would serve as the Chairman of the Ceremony.

This blogger will monitor events in Lagos and update the post at an opportune time.


Anonymous said...

Raila needs to solidify his links with the Yoruba political elite and Hausa/Fulani reformers in Sokoto.

Anonymous said...

Perhas he should move there too

Anonymous said...

As usual as someone said here at KK, Phil literally has an erection at any news that the molasses buffon gets...

now this caught my eye..'molasses said: We have leaders of yesterday who are resisting change' of Nyani haoni kudule..the bumpkin was literally refering to himself. at 65 the mzee who keeeps painting his hair and who suffers from erectile dysfunction has outlived his importance. maybe its about time he let Namwaba run the show and he can manage molasses plant gift from his corrupt teacher Mo1.


E-cop said...

its a good thing that the Prime Minister is being recognised abroad for his contributions to democracy in Kenya

its a shame though that many of his own countrymen's minds have been prejudiced against him and they in turn want to and have prejudiced the minds of some kenyans against him

The same goes for many in Kenya who will only be honoured for the contributions they've made to many different aspects of our society after they're dead

strange but true....isn't it a queer fact of life that the greater a person is the more people are blind to what they have to offer till too late? what can be done in such a case to help those who want the help that's on offer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they should also recognize his "adui" statements that resulted in the murder of the helppless--women, children, the aged. They should recognize his shares in all the gun deals in war torn areas of Africa. Yeah, they should recognize the great molassess! Great democrat. Only in Nigeria!!!

Anonymous said...

sure they should give him a nobel price for having his stupid tribesmen get a CUT so that he can get political mileage......his own brother Oburu has gone under after missing his appointment with the surgeon.
KK own jaduongs have also gone to hiding to save their smelly foreskins...only Phil logs in daily with his smelly peace of skin to sing worship praises for his demigod!!

Anonymous said...

No guys,he's not that bad either.I don like him that much but i don think he deserves that kind of a bash!
Lets be fair...

Anonymous said...

whihc kind of a bash? the ones our brodas from the west are holding for him? yeah--he doesnt deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Agwambo is the only Kenyan respected in Africa and abroad. The monster calling himself President will never be invited even to Nakuru.

It is only in Nyeri where he can be invited to open a book written in Kikuyu. He got votes from Kikuyus only and remains a tribal president.

Anonymous said...

Civilisation and freedom in Kenya came from the west (Kenya). Raila contributed alot (unlike the Razorblade-Mugumo Tree theory of the fence sitter from Odhaya).

Even Nigerians are aware of this.

Anonymous said...

well, nigerians, what can they say? such anarchy and disorder. not surprising they'd pick on something blatantly familiar--the prince of murder and mayhem.
and dont forget.....the business ties--blood oil, guns and any vice you can think of.

Anonymous said...


Its all good for Raila to be recognized. Face it who would not? But scepticism comes in when you understand who are honoring him. There is an old african saying that says " a person is known by the friends he keeps". There we are: Obasanjo, Gowon, Raila - what do they have in common = they all at some point in their lives overthrew or planned to overthrow a constitutionally constituted government - and offcourse there was alot of blood letting. May they have also rigged an election - who knows!

At this point in time who should Nigerians be honouring? Annan, Machel, mkapa etc for bring sanity in Kenya or " hatutaki madoadoa".
Why cant they honour Mbeki for bringing Mugabe and Tsavimgirai together? or Obama for showing the world what africans are made of or Mandela etc

Well, its nobel period again. Our man must have missed on the big one and rather than go home empty he said " hata matumbo ni nyama"

"We have leaders of yesterday who are resisting change" what a loaded statement? How long has Raila been in the political front himself? Why should he not let young Namwamba do the politics of today?

Phil - dont reduce us to hero worship. We are past this.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

hata MKIA ni nyama!

Anonymous said...

haters haters haters!hold your horses!the fact of the matter is raila is an intelligent charming sharp one-of-a-kind individual.
he didnt arm twist anybody to recognise this,he just IS.
hence the reason why he is internationally recognised(not only in nigeria but in evian-france recently).he cant help it!
leave him in peace yawa!!!tafadhali.
accept kihii or not....he is the president of kenya like the rest of the world has accepted, unlike bigoted kikuyus etc who choose to bury their heads in the sand since that embarassing twilight zoneish ECK announcement.
by the out that sand will soon suffocate you to death:-)

Anonymous said...

Who would you rather be associated with?
Pee-on-his-pants-pussy-whipped-by-lucy/karua-tribalist-imbecile-mwizi-mwai or legendary and mighty agwambo????give me Raila anytime.
Just like Obama, he's got the Luo factor.
There's something about Luos....meza waru or go hang.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Can any Luo honestly claim that Obama exhibits Luo characteristics like boisterous boasting, wearing loud multi-coloured suits like Raila, quarreling unreasonably, irrationally and arrogantly, or tearfully craving attention?
Thank God Obama was abandoned by his alcoholic, philandering "Father" as a toddler. He consequently never got influenced by the above behaviour or the typically Luo chest thumping antics of the likes of that idiot Kajwang', who probably thought Obama would congratulate him for deporting Corsi.
Obama has way too much class and it has everything to do with how his maternal grandfather brought him up,i.e to respect others even if you may not be from the same culture, and to have the confidence to admit it when you are wrong. Can you imagine Raila admitting that he was wrong to incite his hordes of ODM psychos to hate so much, such that some bloggers here have yet to come to terms with the reality that we are way past January? Truly, another name for ODM should be psychos-r-us.

Taabu said...

You eloquence cannot be faulted but how I wish it would be put to good use instead of specializing in under the bar theatrics. Message your ego if you must but please respect yourself and avoid the village gibberish. You may not like a man but exclusively getting gutted by him often boomarangs and has the opposite effect of what you intended.

BTW don't embarass yourself in extrapolating cheap PNU-ODM rucus to US politics. Before jana you wer foaming at the mouth about RAO being behind Corsi's deportation and leo its Kajwang. Nothing rots and stinks like serial lies, stop it, won't you?

I know you can do better than recite the vilage rants so please leta ingine. And while at that never for a second mistake LOUD MOUTH for the decibels of quality. They are inversely corrlated. Indulge.

E-cop said...

who told you all luos boast, quarell and crave attention? those are individual quirks not tribal characteristics but i guess you're so biased you'd rather adopt an orangutan for an uncle than to apologise for shooting yourself in the foot by insulting the innocent among an entire tribe them-you're second only to a pre-meditated murder

Anonymous said...

@kimi ra-aaanter
whether you like it or not there is something about Luos...the Luo factor.
Now wipe that foam off your mouth and run along and go and meza wembe and waru together...go on...dont be can do it!

ajwang said...


Obama is a Kenyan...a Luo...ja-Kogelo and very proud of it

Anonymous said...

anon6:43 AM
ata dicks full of incest flowing in central province have tails just like yours truly kibs- yani hana adabu mzee pembe senile:):)

Anonymous said...

anon8:00 AM
Hate is a word known only in central province!! aren't this brown teeth individuals who wrote to Prime minister Brown claiming that other kenyans are lazy and jealous of them central brown teethed goons!
Look around you in Kenya- which tribe is uncouth and knows only to be thugs and thieves?? kikuyu central
Look abroad which tribe is more deported for their unscrupulous ways especially stealing and murders ?? kikuyu central

I guess yet again you are in denial( why not go join your mungiki who behead and are wasted by Kibaki your own tribesman executing them for fear.. kwani you are still in denial?? of who are the thieving murderous in Kenya?? one tribe only Kikuyu!!

b-carotene said...

As always, very well said!! Hilarious too.

Vikii said...

This is hilarious. I also love the "pan-Africanist, democrat and freedom fighter" called Raila odinga. I think we should honor him here at home as well. Hahahahaha

Taabu, your eloquence cannot be doubted. What continues to shock us is your self given role of playing attorney for dictators. Your intolerance with people who attack the "messiah" is just ridiculous. You remind me of Anyang Nyong'o, sorry, Phil, sorry you remind me of Oburu Oginga.

Anonymous said...


Phil said...

AFP News release

Raila blasts hypocritical African
leaders, AU.

African leaders too soft on peers: Kenyan PM
29 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

@Kijiji, Kimi
You are tribalists whose days are numbered in Kenya.

Everybody knows that there is only one person in Kenya who faced Moi, the tyrannt. There is only one person who faced Kenyatta's stupid clepto-capitalism. All these real tough guys were from West Kenya mainly LUO blood.

Black Americans know only how to lament. It is only LUO blood which can dare to take the AMERICAN COW BOYS head-on. OBAMA is a LUO: gentle, educated, civilized, truthfull and not MONEY-MINDED like our brothers from CENTRAL.

OBAMA is a typical Luo man whose all characters resemble those of the LUO people. If Obama had a Kikuyu blood he would have turned into THUGGERY very early in his life. The man could have not seen the inside of Havard. But the man, against all the odds, followed the footsteps of his father into the LUO dream of getting PHD from Havard (Not becoming rich, not grabbing, not stealing votes, not cheating in exams).

OBAMA en JALUO whether you want it or not. WADU en Wadu.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, e-copper, and others who want to be your copy cats. Thanks for your thoughtful input and well articulated objections. Will make a concerted effort to take them into account next time i launch my Mark 4 torpedos.
B-carotene, thanks for your compliment and i too extend my hand of friendship, Peace!
I still maintain that Obama IS NOT Luo or of Luo culture, but of Luo ancestry, and thats it. He is not even of through and through Black American heritage. Obama is a complex man influenced by different exotic cultures like Indonesian and Hawaiian. His primary influence was from his mother and grandfather, being the ones who brought him up. His biological father had no role in his upbringing whatsoever, except from a psychological perspective. Do we really know what Obama REALLY thinks of him?
Taabu, Kajwang' is just one of the well known pen extensions of Raila's hand that write down his edicts and proclaims them so lets not flog that dead donkey.
I therefore find it odd that some Luos want him to come and dance Tero Buru and chase cows at some funeral when he becomes President but i doubt that the secret service will allow it.

Anonymous said...

Dont argue with a fool, people might misunderstand.

The likes of Kimi (stealing the name of the Formula 1 pilot) are typical Kwere Kwere (Atherere). Coackroaches who only steal, exploit, immitate, rob and rape.

Your name reveals your character. You can not match the people who fathered this great Alego man.

Anonymous said...

Is it like cutting a mugumo tree with a razor??????

Anonymous said...

aki kimi wateva ur name daft can you get?your comments dont make sense.
if obama really didnt want to know, why would he make trips to deep luo shags to bond with his grandma and relas the luo way?
why would he yearn to have known his father, and written pages and pages of this in his acclaimed book(have you even read his books?)
stop purporting to be the mjuaji of obama here with your nonsensical comments.
wewe ni mkabila or should i say 'mukabira'.
since you know so much about obama tell us please, is he circumcised as well?

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

Phil said, "Raila blasted hypocritical African leaders"

If that's the case, while in Nigeria, I wonder whether he is going to blast those who were behind the execution of human and environmental campaigner and author of many books, Ken Sao-Wiwa who was brutally executed by General Abacha in midst of international outcry?
If you don't know, Ken's death in 1995 provoked international outrage and the immediate suspension of Nigeria from the Commonwealth while America and other countries imposed sanction on Nigeria.

If he (Raila) is a freedom fighter like he claims to be, we want to hear him condemn that execution or at least lay a wreath at Ken's grave.

You can find out more about Ken on his last book called "Before I Am Hanged" or

I would like to hear the self proclaimed messiah blast Nigeria for killing a human right campaigner and a highly acclaimed writer who campaigned tirelessly for Ogoni people of Nigeria against miltary oppression and environmental damage to Ogoni lands by oil drilling company, Shell.

b-carotene said...

Brilliant. Let's hope the panafricanist democrat's (sic) jabbering minions on kumekucha will advance the counsel.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 1.04pm. There is African saying: It takes a village to raise a child. Where was Obama's father and his village mates of Alego to play his rightful role all those early years, even after he acquired his degree from Harvard, the reason he left his wife and child in Hawaii in the first place? Where was he to show his son direction together with the people of Alego, as you claim? He instead abandoned them in America and came back to Kenya with another white woman, who he also later abandoned and then married a third white woman, the one who lives in Westlands!! The man was a serial bigamist. Where were the Alego sages all that time to counsel their son, Obama Snr, to discard his wayward and irresponsible ways? They only came out to claim Obama Jnr after 2004 when it was apparent that he had a serious shot at the US Presidency.

Anon @ 2.50pm. You ask:

"...if obama really didnt want to know, why would he make trips to deep luo shags to bond with his grandma and relas the luo way..?"

As i told you earlier, Obama was very well brought up by his mother and grandfather to respect others and how to be responsible, and that is why he made the trip to his ancestral homeland to find out about the man who abandoned him in childhood. He needed to understand such a cruel and selfish man, but being who he is, he did not transfer his resentment to his relatives. He has way too much class, unlike some we know who are currently being eaten up alive by bitterness and hate.

Anonymous said...

gosh kimimimimimi wateva....
you must be writing a dissertation about obama.
also you must be a close friend of his, did he pour out his heart to you about how he felt about being abandoned by his selfish dad and selfish luo relatives?
has he promised you a position in the white house?
this post is about nigerians honouring raila and now we have had to deal with your 'indepth knowledge' about obama, his mindset and his selfish luo kin.
ha ha are too funny.
wewe 'mukabira' mjuaji wa mambo ndani ndani ya obama.
congratulations on your achievement and knowledge!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 6.43am:

"...Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." - Julius Caesar....

Beware your mindless adulation of the Bondo Bumpkin.

Anonymous said...

If Obama was not a proud Luo he could have changed his name to sound Hawaiian or American.

Look at the Central people. We have those even in the cabinet calling themselves Mr. Joseph. They shun their Kikuyu names and take up Mzungu's.

A Luo man will always stick to his Sir name. Obama is a proud Alego man who doesnt want to be called Mr. Jackson or Mr. Joseph. He inherited the proud Laker's blood.

If he were from Central, he would have disowned Alego Kogelo. No, he would not be. He is not Kifaki, who disowned his second Wife and daughter.

What a shame Kimi.

Anonymous said...

kimi, what a wasted brain. Why do we even indulge this fellow?

Means from your very imbilic reasoning that all Kikuyu men are mungiki, murders, car jackers, thieves and all their women are prostitutes? Think before your you spew your nonsense on here.

You live in the West, but you ould hardly tell from your most recent post.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not a Luo. You are a part of a particular group if you share the same culture and Obama does not share the same culture with Luos. In his nominition speech he blasted his father as a womaniser whom he never knew, a part of life he would like to erase from his life.

Common, he doesn't even have any of your harsh features, like broad nose, gappy teeth, sore eyes, strong jaws, big flat feets and you still want he to be called Luo???!!!!

Phil said...

Saturday,October 11,2008

Odinga Returns Home, Says 'I'm A Friend Of Nigeria'
By Clifford Ndujihe and Ajibola Amzat

KENYA'S Prime Minister, Raila Amolo Odinga, left Nigeria yesterday for home, a day after he delivered a scholarly lecture in Lagos to mark the 25th anniversary of The Guardian.

In his treatise on the African political clime, Odinga held his audience spellbound for over 30 minutes.

After recalling his several visits to the country, Odinga said: "I am a friend of Nigeria."

Odinga's 29-paragraph lecture on "Democracy and the Challenges of Good Governance in Africa" would remain evergreen in the minds of eminent Nigerians, who gathered at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos venue of the event.

His series of interjections in the course of the lecture were more illuminating and refreshing. He left no one in doubt that he is also versed in Nigeria's political affairs being a regular visitor to the country and having monitored most of the nation's elections in recent time.

Accompanied by his wife Ida, Odinga reminded his audience of the pivotal position that Nigeria occupies in the world, especially in Africa, and why democracy must be deepened in the country.

Major features of his lecture, which kept the packed auditorium enthralled, were his intellect, eloquence, openness and manner of rendition.

He outlined reasons Nigeria could ill-afford to fail. "Nigeria is a giant of Africa. Nigeria's independence in 1960 was a great inspiration to the people of Kenya. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Tafawa Balewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello became household names in Kenya as the people struggled for independence. Nigerians have gone through second liberation, which Prof. Chinua Achebe, described in his book. The second liberation demanded a lot of sacrifice from Nigerians. Nigeria inspires Africa in many ways. You are prominent in soccer. There are many Nigerian professionals working abroad and providing services to humanity. In every five black people walking the face of the earth, one is a Nigerian."

The Prime Minister said since 1976 he had been visiting the country, adding that he visited when former Head of State, Gen. Murtala Mohammed was assassinated. He also came in 1992, 1999, 2003, 2006 and 2007 and visited Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan, Ife, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos among other cities.

The main purpose of his last four visits was in connection with deepening the electoral process in Nigeria, he said. He had come for pre-election assessment and as an election observer.

"I am part of Nigerian democracy," Odinga said and tasked Nigerians to make their democratic process more participatory.

One way of doing this, he suggested, was to give every section of the country the opportunity to produce the President by doing away with the current scenario where a section does not trust another part to occupy the top position.

"What kind of democracy is that? If one had right to vote, he should also have the right to be voted for," he added.,%20Says%20%27I%27m%20A%20Friend%20Of%20Nigeria%27

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 8.18am, you claim:

"...If Obama was not a proud Luo he could have changed his name to sound Hawaiian or American...."

Get through your thick skull that Obama is first and foremost an American, NOT a Luo. He is just of Luo ancestry, that is all. Like i said, he is such a decent man he could not bring himself to disown the family of the man who rejected him at childhood. It is perfectly understandable why fanatics like you would rather forget that sorry episode in his life but it does not mean it did not happen, so you should therefore learn to respect him for his decency in forgiving and let him be the American he is, instead of trying demand that he runs around Luoland performing Tero Buru ceremonies.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

By the way 8.18, where have you heard Kikuyus with such names as Safaricom Otieno
Hummer Owiti
Agwambess Anyango
Magdeline Albright Atieno
Bill Clinton Omondi
Mike Tyson Ojwang'
George Bus(Bush)Ochieng
Dick Cheney Odhiambo... etc.

Anonymous said...

kimi raikokokoko.
give it a break.we now know that you hate have driven the note home.we understand.
ok we agree with you that luos are selfish, primitive and backward people infact obama is cursed to have luo blood in him.
give us a break with your ranting yawa.have you got access to some sleeping pills, piriton, etc?i strongly recommend!

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