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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Those Campaigning For 2012 Do Not Know

In the relatively calm political waters that is Kenya these days, Prime Minister Raila Odinga kicked off the storm by saying in a thinly veiled barb aimed at his political rival Kalonzo Musyoka that politicians should concentrate on service delivery to the electorate rather than in campaigns for 2012.

Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka replied quickly trying to deflect the barb by saying that he too thought it was a bad idea to campaign now for 2012 when the electorate were waiting for service delivery. The VP licked his lips as he usually does and said nothing but repeat what the Prime Minister said (some strategy). But this was the comedy of the absurd because the truth is that the Vice President has been campaigning hard for 2012.

But the most interesting and brave comment on the issue came from Justice Minister Martha Karua (that woman has balls I tell you). She declared that she was well able to work for the people and at the same time continue with her presidential campaign for 2012. She emphasized that those complaining were running scared concerning her presidential bid but that would not stop her (and her so-called unstoppable march)..

Gacoka MP Mutava Musyimi jumped into the fray and said that it was very wrong for politicians to start campaigning for 2012 when they were yet to fulfill the current mandate given to them by the electorate. The reverend implied that it was bordering on the immoral to do such a detestable thing.

In the midst of all this, too many of the usual loud mouths were silent. And their silence is deafening. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let us first examine this issue of campaigns for 2012.

The truth of the matter is that as much as I admire Martha Karua, I am a little surprised that she has not stopped to ask herself why she is dancing herself lame on an almost empty dance floor. Why is it that the dance floor seems to be so empty? Apart from the man at the corner there licking his lips as he talks unconvincing sweet nothings, as usual (the honorable VP who is the least popular presidential candidate to have ever contested the presidency from Ukambani ever since the late Paul Ngei made his attempt in the 1960s with his Akamba People’s Party) the floor is empty.

For somebody contesting the highest office in the land, Martha whom I greatly admire for her courage and achievements as a woman however seems to have very little “feel” for the true mood in the country. Kenyans are not only not interested in these presidential campaigns that are said to have started, but they are disgusted and fed up with the political class as a whole.

The reason why the dance floor is empty is because most in the 10th parliament have correctly read the mood of the people and have opted for silence because they haven’t the slightest clue what they are supposed to do.

Kenya has changed forever and mark my words, the leading faces in the next general elections will barely be recognizable.

It really is very simple and my apologies for repeating this illustration in dozens of posts in this blog but I am afraid I can hardly find a better analogy to illustrate exactly what is going on here.

Think of the dog in the village that is so cowardly that when you cough it jumps. Then after years of abuse one day some not-so-clever guy corners it in some wall where it has nowhere to run. Suddenly the poor dog sees red and all the years of abuse and stones that have pelted it from every little boy in the village who has learnt to throw stones flashes across its’ mind. Suddenly that dog becomes very dangerous and the man who has cornered it cannot believe his eyes and is torn to pieces.

That cowardly dog that has reached its’ end is the Kenyan voter. Prepare to see the political class being torn into pieces, including all the big names some Kenyans like to worship.

So whoever wants to campaign for 2012 is very welcome to do so, at least some of them will be able to tell their grandchildren one day that they actually campaigned for the presidency in 2012. But I bet you that they will not want to discuss the number of votes they ended up getting.

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Taabu said...

Chris asked:

......Why is Martha dancing herself lame on an almost empty dance floor?.....

Jibu: Maybe the song is too sophisticated and compliant to the old earsand only Sir Martha has enough balls and intellect to decipher the tune. Give it to the lady from Gichugu who is proving that TANTRUMS can be sustained and maybe effective, who knows?

Now you cheeky Chris sneak in Dr. Stevo's name and predicatbly choose to drag the man of God's name in mud. how dare you spoil the name of one and only chosen one? You haven't seen anything yet. You wait till the 3Ks hit the road proper and the whole geographical edifice from Lamu Kasikeu to Mathira will be shaken to bare bones.

The dog in you analogy is dead and the owner has placed an order for a pitbull and a terrier. Uta do?

Anonymous said...

Because they know the presidency will mean anything any more

Anonymous said...


Kenya will not change untill the majority of the population stop their blind faith in politicians. For example, I will know Kenya has turned the corner for the better when people of Nyanza gather courage to question Raila how he came to own the molasses plant in their midst, or why he plays politics with their lives, year in year out.

In short, Kenya will open a new glorious chapter when major segments of the population stop blind HUMAN WORSHIP. That will be the day.

UrXlnc said...

Hi Chris

Side note - not wanting to derail the present discussion, but came across this article that made me real proud. kudos to KWS for a first

Anonymous said...

10.21, last year if your memory serves you well, there was a community that got uprooted from nearly every corner of Kenya owing to its "self-importance" and deriding remarks about certain people and their cultural values or practices.

In Oct 2008, seems like they still have not embraced the word "tolerance" and have now shifted the lingo to "hero-demigod-human worship."

Those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat the same mistakes but with graver consequences. Be careful what you espouse.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo will NEVER, EVER BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA, you can take that to the bank Chris.

Kwale said...

Kalonzo will be the next president of Republic of Kenya! You can take that to the bank!

Winnie said...

King Charles, that was a serious dose of whopping delivered unto Kwale. I liked the following.

…..Your empty and hollow skull is a place where only those with astonishing mental weakness can find solace and acceptance.

… most likely cannot count to four without the help of your fingers.

also liked ….you have searched that vast desert in your head….

best of all: Abunuasi wewe!! I almost fainted.

Kwale, swallow the big pill and become a gentleman. He he he he!

Anonymous said...

hahaha winnie

you missed this

...i still think you have the intelligence of a fence post..


that one completely knocked me over.

Taabu said...

Winnie/Anon @11.39 the post reads:
...."What Those Campaigning For 2012 Do Not Know"....

Please stick to it and stop FLOGING a dead horse in much need of attention. You are both inadvertently tickling a ballooned ego unwittingly circling sharp pins oblivious of the untimate thud.

Kwale said...

Kindly do not bring what happened from previous post here. I do not intend to discuss any further those issues here or any other time in this blog. I know they were 'humiliating' and rightfully so, you may say but that is history. You won!!

You see you some of Kenyans thinks and live in stoneage. You think by calling someone imbecile, or the sort mean anything. But of course it means something to someone who have no hope or future without academic qualifications. Does it matter if I went to school or not or if I can speak or write English? 90% of world population speak or write no English and they are some of the most intelligent people (eg China and Japan)

The reason I find your rants against me hilarious is the fact, none of you have the kind of life I have, I say that with great humility because I am aware not every Kenyan had the opportunity I had.
I am educated in one of the most prestigious institution in the world somewhere in Europe, from the age of 11 right through to uni, I speak three European Languages and above all, I am by far a poor person both financially or spiritually.

Then why do I blog here? Simple. Iam Kenyan born and love my motherland and like many positive minded people I was greatly distressed by the events of December 2007 and the blame game that followed.
I am also very secure person and thats why I am able to laugh off all your insults and I will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

11:57 AM
Kwale you are such a fool you must be a kikuyu showing off here about your prestigious education let it be known that many Kenyans including me attended the most prestigious schools and universities too.. and we don't see the need to show off on here:):) financially set for life you fool- so do shut up and post here topics that kenyans can relate to not abuses.... if you went to prestigious schools or universities??? it does not show in how you present yourself on this blog maybe you mean the degree's you paid for without attending any University the usual kikuyu pass time with fake degrees.... proof it you goon we can check all the universities to confirm if you my friend have the balls otherwise do shut up and try to respect wanaichi on this blog or else move on to MASHADA where you belong with those lame kibaki ass licking goons.

Anonymous said...


If you have a way of shutting this blog do it! Don't worry about Chris he will find another job.

SHUT IT and bring these ODMites to Shame!!! If you need financial back-up say so and I will assist you!

Anonymous said...

according to REUTERS..

Sudan summons Kenyan, Ethiopian envoys over arms.....

Why would they protest if kenya was not involved in the arms race? Losers like weta, mutua and the main loser wiper should wipe the smelly egg off their faces.
Because he is such an embarassment, was that the reason wiper was not included in the latest commissions to study the kriegler commsission findings?

E-cop said...

Chris you are right, this is a calm time in political kenyan waters but is it the calm before a storm?i am not a herald of doom so i don't think so

Taabu there are only 2 REAL doctors in Govt- Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila, feel the benefits bro of being in a country led by PHDs- we are the true success story of Africa and we have PEACE
to show for it, vuka sasa

Chris are you musical in any way shape or form?you know in Kenya alone we are over 42 tribes each with its own type of DRUM. Watch Martha(hana PHD yeye) MARCH to a DIFFERNT BEAT and DRUMMER, the message is clear:-
prepare for WAR in times of PEACE

In conclusion-the economy is growing again, Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila are leading from in front and by example(how many people commenting and blogging here even have a KCSE?) and yes Kenya has changed forever

E-cop said...

you still don't have a PHD so sit down bro and be calm

Anonymous said...

Kwale thanks for your rants here. I have read your posts here and even at Vikki's. What happenned to you? Didn't you say you were starting your onw blog called Raila is not a messiah?

Where did you end with it?

I will not engage you in urguements. I want to poke holes in your startments. You said that you went to a presitgious University and that you speak 3 EU langauges! Yea I can agree with all that. You might have been to the best uni under the sun but you didn't learn anything. You are educated but NOT learned. You passed in the classes and got a paper(s). Going by your posts here, you just escorted others to those classes. What is in education if we the underprevillaged majority can't see the difference between you the ever educated one from us? You sound lower than some of us in the society who did go past mua high school?

That you speak 3 EU languages? What is that? WHy are you bragging about a language? I speak more that that. I speak 5 Kenyan Languages and English! They are all languages. Language is only for communication. Put other way. WHat is in a language? You can speak 100 LAnguages but those won't make you posh.

Anonymous said...

anon1:07 PM

Stop pimping on here.. this is not a kikuyu umalaya blog excuse me ... go rig elsewhere- don't bring your kibaki behavior here ati using money to scare Kumekucha - you are one of those useless brown teeth shenzi central type that think money is everything- go take your money to the IDP's who have no homes because your kenyatta stole all the land from them wewe jinga sana.

Kwale said...

I forgot to remind you while some of you with Masters and Phds wallow in muddy crappy slums of Kibera and Mathare in miseries worshipping molasses, some of us without further education enjoy the luxury of having different homes in different parts of the world.
While you strife to get a job some of us don't want to be employed. Going to School was only because it was compulsory. We don't have to rely on education to survive. Education was simply part of phase in life that does not mean anything.
Can't imagine being employed by anyone ever in my lifetime, God forbid!

Anonymous said...

anon2:05 PM

you sure sound like many of the kikuyu brats I went top University abroad with - gloating about their daddies stolen money from the kenyan Tax payers during Kenyatta time.. mmmm no wonder the Mau mau Veterans IDP's have no where to live seeing your type of spoilt brats that your fathers stole from kenyans and posted you abroad to fat.. and I'm sure very scared to come back to kenya!! let me say this Kwale all the millions your father stole from kenyans especially the Mau mau veterans who are now Homeless will come to bare you foolish brat.. intelligence of course you don't have and never will- you are a poor excuse of a human being- I'm glad you are not living in Kenya you skunk.... you ever born you deserves a poor excuse of a human skunk like you!! pole sana... you make me puke...

Anonymous said...

Living on stolen many from kenya is not something to brag about:) your parents stole and now you brag about it on here?? you are so stupid ha!!ha!! ati houses all over the globe:) sincerely you sound like daddies brat no wonder your posts here made no sense it proofs that your lack of education and finesse is showing- I guess the saying goes you can never remove the kikuyu thieving mentality out of kikuyu brats.
showing off your parents stolen goods is so low- i mean who exactly do you think blogs here? your kikuyu thieving thugs? wrong place to post your childish tantrums kwale like one blogger said to you push on to Mashada that is where you find childish central province brats who have no brains like you. spare us your nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, if you realy went to school, you couldn't have contradicted yourself in the same post. You said that you went to a prestigious university! The you say that you only have that one first paper only?!! Why? That you are rich that you do not need employement?

Why do I think that yours is wishful thinking? We call it reverse psychology! Not that you know anything about this at all!

Bright people do not engage in simple minded tit-a-tat like you do! You are a simple minded care home worker somewhere in Europe who is wishing he had mad some money. If anything you are bitter that you are living in Europe illegally and can't go home to see you poor suffering parents!

Reading your posts here and elsewhere (kwa Vikii) you are living a lie. Why don't you confir or deny that you wanted to start your on post called Raila is Not a Messiah and that you ask Vikii to help you?

Rich educated people would either go it alone or employee a qualified computer geek to help start sure a business.

You see you can run but you can't hide. We will always get you pal.

You can cheat a few people here but you can't cheat us all always.

Go to school pal. I wonder whether you have ever seen inside a university as you claim.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think (my opinion) and I can't believe I'm "saying" this but c'mon people Kwale really took the heat & rightfully if I might add but, lets allow it to simmer. I.e let the previous post be. Let us comment on the current post.
Twas great, now let Kwale marinate over it.
P.s Isn't it funny, queer how not one of Kwales' bossom buddies came to his rescue today?
Hmmmm (no responses please!!)

Kwale said...

O oh , and what about this one, while some of you brag and feels super human for being Man U fans, others have actually been to Premiership football grounds and stadiums.
While some of you have to push yourself into a Matatu to take you from Kawangwere slums to town, some of us, take a Euro star train from Paris, via Brussels to London on a regular basis. While some of you cry and pray over a visa to go to America, others are free to live and travel anywhere in this world.

And by the way, I did not say I graduated at uni, I may have dropped out, you never know. Why do I like to engage with tit-for tat, cos I enjoy it. I feel great when exchanging repartees .

Kwale said...

Kindly all nice people do not come in aid of me. There is a good reason why I am doing this. In real life I don't argue and I don't do tit-for-tat. This I do it here cos I like to to give many of these wankers who don't know is a wind-up the run for the money.
I like the way they take me seriously and argue, call me name and yet you don't know who really I am. I find it a place to shed off my true colours and let the idiots who are surpisingly very stupid fight me off. They don't know am winding them up. I enjoy that game. The only problem is I think I have had my time here and it about time to go.

But I will still be about.

Taabu said...

Kwale said:

..........Going to School was only because it was compulsory...

That said it all so people lets comment on the present post and not reward boys with rebutals on their rants. Smart people shine from their quality and Kwale just like Sarah Palin makes Bush sound like Shakespear.

The village complex betrays those who export it abroad. Cannot belive being in Europe since 11 and still obsessed with visiting football piches and ridding Eurostar (BTW you don't connect London-Paris via Brussels, ama in space?)

Keep quiet and we may reward you with imagining you are smart till you speak. No wonder none of your hitherto buddy can touch you with 10m pole.

UrXlnc said...


taabu these one liners are just killing me

and Kwale just like Sarah Palin makes Bush sound like Shakespear.

just too funny

Anonymous said...

anon5:12 PM

hee hee hee ha!!ha ha you made my day:) I can't stop laughing poor Kwale I guess he will migrate to a distant planet hee hee hee....

Anonymous said...

twente tweroff sharo come and ngo , and we chall mbe in power like it oro not , presideent or peehem , whelever the power ngoes we ngo.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"...So whoever wants to campaign for 2012 is very welcome to do so, at least some of them will be able to tell their grandchildren one day that they actually campaigned for the presidency in 2012..."

Is that because your hero Ruto and his 300 Kalenjin "Spartans" want MPs to elect the President, preferably himself? Ruto is starting to exhibit a God complex whereby a person believes they are above the rules of society and that their wacky ideas should be given special consideration, and that is why he led his idiot MP automatons from the RV to make the outrageous proposal. He is starting to sound more and more like Raila the messiah.
Also, Raila was not the first to ask people to stop campaigning for the Presidency, that is an outright lie. Kalonzo was the first and that is a fact. One wonders why you hate Kalonzo so much yet you cannot change history. He stabilized Kenya and that is something you can never change so live with it, or end up in Mathare suffering from an inability to control your temper every time you see or hear Kalonzo.
Again, Kalonzo is NOT the least popular Ukambani personality to have contested the Presidency. He got more votes than Ngilu did in 1997, so why are you lying if you a true journalist? Seems to me that you are just being spiteful, like a woman who can't believe that her husband has denied her sex and wants nothing to do with her because she smells or she has a potbelly.

Phil said...

Well said Kimi.

Although I agree with you that Ruto’s proposal to have MPs vote for the next president as outrageous, I strongly and totally disagree with your assertions that Kalonzo stabilized Kenya. Perhaps you should be more clear as to why you say this?

I am not sure you say this because Kalonzo emerged a distant 3rd in the presidential polls, then went ahead and posted his agents at KICC after realising his ill-fated bid was heading nowhere only for them to put undue pressure on Kivuitu to announce fraudulent results or that he was appointed Vice President following a general election which no accredited observer or foreign government or the UN/AU gave a clean bill of health?

Following the Kriegler report, it is now clear to everyone that those of us who participated in mass action on 30/31st December last year actually had valid reason to do so. It is not illegal to hold public demonstrations and neither is it illegal to attend a public rally anywhere in this republic.

Whatever your reason, Kalonzo was never a party to the NARA accord nor was he or his party ODM-K a partner in the grand coalition government. The truth of the matter is that Kalonzo Musyoka and his ODM-K cabinet ministers serve at the pleasure of one Mwai Kibaki. It goes then that they can be sacked at anytime depending on what mood the current pretender at state house wakes up on.

Another sad fact is that you are shamelessly drawing comparisons between Charity Ngilu and Kalonzo Musyoka in an attempt to show who between them is more popular in Ukambani. I will remind you that Madame Ngilu is a woman and Kalonzo is a man. Politically speaking Kalonzo has a headstart over Ngilu simply because he is a man. You and I know affirmative action in terms of gender puts ngilu on a weaker platform when it comes to national politics. Despite this weakness, Madam Ngilu was the first woman to run for presidency in Kenya’s independent history. She also did run for presidency only after serving ONE parliamentary term. Kalonzo on the other hand run for presidency after serving a dictatorial autocracy called KANU for close to two and a half decades of doing nothing but playing court jester and singing baba Moi.

The number of votes that a presidential candidate obtains in an election is not necessarily a yardstick as to how popular they are. You must in your assessment also look at how the party in which they stood performed nationally because presidency represents the entire nation. In any case it is erroneous to compare numbers when you know registered voters in 1997 were much less, actually less than half, those who registered and voted in 2007 – a whole ten years later! Additionally, Ngilu’s SDP managed to get MPs from several provinces in this country (including Central province where even the mighty ODM could not in 2007), how many MPs did Kalonzo’s ODM-k get outside Kambaland (repeat Kambaland which is just a small fraction of Eastern province)???? Poghisio in Rift Valley, period!

In reality, Kalonzo will be able to tell his grand children he once run for presidency, emerged a distant third but was still appointed vice president and serve (as a puppet) leader of government business in the house. What the hell, he was at one time acting commander in chief. This will make an interesting bed time story for his grand children but those of us who had the misfortune of being voters while Kalonzo served in parliament know one or two facts to the contrary!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to remind you while some of you with Masters and Phds wallow in muddy crappy slums of Kibera and Mathare in miseries worshipping molasses, some of us without further education enjoy the luxury of having different homes in different parts of the world

When you grow up, you will realize the purpose of education is not to get a good Job. You are not educated. Period. That is why you cannot engage us in a meaningful conversation. Because you are simply incapable of intelligent thought!

Ajwang' said...

Although my mum was not a witch like some Doctor I know, I speak prophetically. In 2012 the Mt Kenya vote will be divided. Kalooser will get most, Martha will get some, Saitoti will get some and Raila will get more than he got in 2007 (a lot of Merus and Embus will support Raila). The Kamba vote will be divided but Kalooser will get more. The rest of Kenya will support Raila one more time.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Phil, most of the time you are quite reasonable, except when you get carried away in your support for Raila, which is okay and perfectly within your rights. That is democracy, and that is why i will address you seriously.
Right now, we are beating a dead horse about whether Kalonzo did this or that and it will take us absolutely nowhere.
If we want to keep our beloved country Kenya sane AND together, we need to be honest and admit to ourselves that Kibaki, Kalonzo, Raila, Uhuru or Ruto WILL NEVER EVER take this country to the levels we envision in our minds. These fellows can only buy us time until we are ready to seize and take our country in our hands.
To my mind, the first and obvious course is to take the Kriegler report very very seriously and to make sure its recommendations are implemented WITHOUT prejudice.

In this regard, the following was the meat of the report:


The gross disparity in the voting populations of Kenya’s constituencies breaches the fundamental equality principle of democracy, which is clearly articulated and enshrined in section 42(3) of the Constitution of Kenya, namely one person, one vote. This long-standing discrimination in itself impairs the integrity of the electoral
process, mainly, but not only, in relation to parliamentary elections.


Numerous implausibly high turnout figures reported in the strongholds of both main political parties evidence extensive perversion of polling, probably ballot-stuffing, organised impersonation of absent voters, vote buying and/or bribery. This inference is supported by numerous eyewitness accounts given to IREC of various forms of manipulation as well as election observers’ observation reports and ECK submissions.Indeed, vote-buying and ballot-stuffing appear to be such extensive and universally condoned practices in Kenyan elections that the question can rightly be asked whether genuinely free and fair elections are at all possible.

3. Permitted irregularities:

A likely facilitator and catalyst for ballot-stuffing (of which
effect the political parties and the ECK could hardly have been unaware) was the
indulgence granted by the ECK shortly before the elections for “black books” (in which
the names of voters had been entered at the time of registration) to be used in certain
circumstances and for double registrants to be allowed to vote, contrary to previous

4.Exclusive strongholds:

A further contributor and facilitator for manipulation at polling stations is the disturbing feature that in many instances (in the strongholds of both main
political parties) effectively only the majority party was represented during polling and
counting. The alert self-interest of competitors is all but indispensable for honest
elections and it is a matter for serious concern that this safeguard was absent in many

5.Defective planning:

The system of tallying, recording, transcribing, transmitting and
announcing results was conceptually defective and poorly executed. The ECK had long
since been aware of the need to revise the system fundamentally by introducing readily
available information and communications technology. Its failure to do so was grossly
remiss and contributed to the climate of tension, suspicion and rumour in which the
violence erupted.

6.Electoral system:

The first-past-the-post electoral system carried over from colonial days,
with its potential for distortion, real or perceived, compounded the problems caused by the originally gerrymandered, outdated and grossly skewed constituency delimitation pattern. In particular the circumstance that the ODM, which did not scatter its support in the parliamentary contests, beat the PNU and its motley array of allies constituted proof positive of rigging for many observers unfamiliar with the vagaries of the first-past-thepost
system, the more so where constituency sizes differ materially.


The gross disparity in constituency sizes also contributed to defects and delays in tallying, recording, transcribing and transmitting results (having moreover to be done by outdated methods) in the large constituencies, which defects and delays also contributed
materially to the explosive political climate which then built up as the country awaited
the transmission and announcement of results.


The conduct of the 2007 elections was so materially defective that it is impossible – for IREC or anyone else – to establish true or reliable results for the
presidential and parliamentary elections. IREC has, however, established by means of
statistical analysis of a sample of constituencies that innumerable elementary mistakes in tallying and/or transcribing results as well as patent mistakes of omission, duplication and
confusion were made.

9.Integrity of result:

Therefore, although there is room for honest disagreement as to
whether there was rigging of the presidential results announced by the ECK, the answer is irrelevant, as (i) the process was undetectably perverted at the polling stage, and (ii) the
recorded and reported results are so inaccurate as to render any reasonably accurate, reliable and convincing conclusion impossible.

10.Law enforcement and dispute resolution:

The system of electoral law enforcement and dispute resolution are conceptually defective and were executed poorly if at all by the ECK and the ordinary law-enforcement agencies of government.


There was no effective communication between the ECK and political parties, observers, the media or the public, particularly regarding the national tally centre, the lack of transparency resulting in misconceptions, suspicion, rumour and anger.

12.The ECK:

The manner of appointment of commissioners and the structure, composition and management system of the ECK are materially defective, resulting in such a serious loss of independence, capacity and functional efficiency as to warrant replacing or at least
radically transforming it.

13.Constitutional and legal framework:

Although Kenya has a legal framework for the conduct of elections, material defects in the framework combined with a culture of lawlessness at election time bring into question the capacity of the law to provide a sufficient framework for political competition.

14.Wider responsibility:

Though the ECK is primarily responsible for the flaws in the 2007 general elections, Kenyan society has long condoned, if not actively connived at,
perversion of the electoral process.

15.Long-term commitment:

This culture of electoral lawlessness has developed over many
years and cannot be reversed without a concerted, non-partisan commitment to electoral integrity on the part of political leaders, which commitment will need to be sustained and monitored over time.

If we cannot pressure the politicians and buffoons like Ruto to implement the report, we might as well pack our bags and emigrate to Australia or New Zealand.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 12.27AM , i am still waiting for your answer, how short are you? This is the fourth time i am asking and i have yet to receive an intelligible answer, just hobo like gibberish. Come on, hobo, you can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

Guys, there is this Jane Karuku woman being put together with the likes of Titus Naikuni, Martin Oduor Otieno, Michael Joseph, Vimal Shah and even Gerald Mahinda for some training in Nairobi. It is all over the papers, I mean the rest are successful CEOs. Who is she? Why is she here? No one seems to know.

Anonymous said...

Used to/works at Cardbury. Met her once. Down to earth.

Ajwang' said...

Anon 12.42 AM,

Jane Karuku has been the CEO of Cardbury East Africa until a few weeks ago. She says she resigned to do her stuff. Others think otherwise. If you have money to waste and actualy do pay for that session, please ask Mahinda why he has been sacking non-Kikuyus ever since the referendum and why he has promoted a man called Ndegwa with near-zero practical experience to be CFO of EABL bypassing very qualified Kenyans.

Mzalendo said...

This blog is sick, why do we have some of these so-called contributors posting as anon to trade rants and insult.
Phil@ anon 11:44, you can do better than that! Why stoop to that level. If you are a man enough use your name or just leave rants to the rightful people.
Phil you are a shame!

Anonymous said...

Kimi: You are spot on. This is the debate Phil should engage us with. Why is Phil contradicting IREC. The report, other than the fact we need to let bygones be bygones - hits hard on time and its propaganda machine led by Phil and Lone - and some commentators in london. At your time - i would encourage some of you to review the commentators from BBC and see what teh package was. The ODM got exposed on this report.

Phil - dont be diversionary. Simama na ukweli. Thanks Kimi for reminding the likes of Phil


On Ruto - i rarely agree with him, but having seen what came out in December, am tempted to follow his argument. But then if we implement the kriegler report - especially o proportinality - Ruto hear this - your strategy to take power then backfires. But if voting MPs is not an issue, if we vote a presidentwe kill each other, then why not lock those guys in parliament and wait for the smoke the - vatican way

Mzee wa kijiji

Ivy said...

What those campaigning for 2012 do not know? Is that i as a kenyan i am fed up.Another post

Anonymous said...


The name is Joe. I am not Phil. And i stand by what i said.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Mzee wa Kijiji, the problem with Ruto's proposal is that he is talking about ELECTING a President. The farthest any parliament should go is to elect an Executive Prime Minister from the party with the largest number of MPs, which is fine, except that the MPs themselves should be elected in a process whereby the PRINCIPLE OF EQUAL VOTES is absolute. If this were strictly observed, Ruto's scheme would not see the light of day.

Section 42(3) of the Kenya Constitution requires that "All constituencies shall contain as nearly equal numbers of inhabitants as appears to the [Electoral] Commission to be reasonably practicable, but the Commission may depart from this principle to the extent that it
considers expedient in order to take account of (a) the density of population, and in particular the need to ensure adequate representation of urban and sparsely- populated
areas; (b) population trends; (c) the means of communication; (d) geographical features;
(e) community of interest; and (f) the boundaries of existing administrative areas…."

According to the Kriegler report "Both the principle and the reasons for departure are standard in comparative practice but
there are significant differences in the extent of the permitted departure from the basic principle of equality of the vote. The USA is the classic example of allowing only minimal departure from the average. The Supreme Court, in Karcher vs. Dagget, considered that even a 0.7% deviation from the mean was unacceptable. The UK is probably the case were the largest departures are admitted: up to 25%.
The problem in Kenya is that the maximum permitted departure is not fixed and has been seen to allow extreme differences in size: Embakasi is 351% greater than the average while Lamu East is only 18% of the average. As a consequence, the weight of the vote
cast by a Lamu East voter is nineteen times greater than that of one in Embakasi. In no other country in the world is the difference of such magnitude. The reasons for the present situation are related to the introduction of the multiparty system – the skewed size of constituencies was related to the splitting up of small and sparsely populated constituencies in KANU strongholds of Rift Valley, Western, North Eastern and Coast provinces."

In other words, unless the principle of the equality of the vote under one man one vote is restored, we will continue to have serious electoral problems.

Mzee wa Kijiji, as Kriegler says, Kenya is THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD where in some constituencies one man equals 19 votes as in Lamu and so on in many other constituencies in RV, Western, North Eastern and Coast Provinces. If you look at these provinces, you will notice that they all had overwhelming or at least significant ODM support. Most of all, they comprise the vast majority of former KANU gerrymandered constituencies.
Ruto therefore looks at the number of constituencies outside Central, Nairobi and Nyanza provinces and correctly concludes that if they were to be harnessed as parliamentary votes, voila, he would become the President.
The more i think i about it, the more i realize that Ruto was just using ODM as a parliamentary stalking horse for his own personal ambitions and has been quietly working on it all along, and Raila did not see it coming. Do not be surprised therefore if a motion is brought to parliament to amend the electoral law to suit his outrageous scheme.
Looked at in this context, Sambu's motion questioning Kibaki's legitimacy is just the opening salvo in a bid to create the right emotional atmosphere amongst some ODM and PNU MPs and the wider ODM supporting public especially in the RV for the Ruto motion to be presented.

Joe said...


Aaaw, we are now down to four letter words? Like i said, the name is Joe. However, if it makes you happy, go ahead and call me Phil. I happen to think highly of Phil. But while at it, stop the juvenile behavior.

ajwang' said...


Good analysis. Another school of thought has it that in Kenya we effectively have 45 communities who vote in a fairly homogeneous manner. Therefore, proportional representation should mean one tribe one vote. The president must get at least 60% of these electoral / tribal votes.

Anonymous said...


Thanks indeed for your great analysis. It puts it quite clear. Then Kimi if we reveiw the constituencies and proportional representation is adopted, would it then be ideal to have a president elected by the parliamentarians - we adopt the parliamentary system to reduce on these tribal clashes and uncalled for political violence for no other good reason other than voting patterns.
At the same time then - what do we do with the prime minister, if parliament voted for the president as per Ruto assertion?
or is it then cast on stone that the president must be elected by all Kenyans?

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...


ndugu yangu - would we be institutionalising ukabila while i thought with the post election violence - we need to fight it with all the might? It has made us sunk so low as a people.

Why is it the right path to follow?

Mzee wa Kijiji

Kwale said...

King Charles,
This is for you and it is the last you will ever read from me.
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Have you heard of internet profiling psychology or passing (sociology)? So before you can actually claim total humiliation/ego bruising on anyone over internet you need to understand you would need more than e-rants and insults to drop a clanger (embarrassment) on someone who is enjoying the anonymity the internet provides.
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So be a man and let's have a face-off. Let's leave this blog to the bloggers.

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PS: the reason some of you here brag about education is the fact most of you are the first generation to be educated. And so learning to speak English is like the seven wonders of this world and getting a degree is the greatest thing since the ascension of Christ..
I can list more than hundred people who had no formal education but managed to re-shape this world. From the likes of Wright brothers to entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and the list is very long.
So stop looking on others down merely for their lack of education, they could be the key to the dying AIDS patients in Nyanza.

Anonymous said...


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ajwang' said...


Eish! I didn't know King Charles got you by the bullocks that badly! Relax. It happens to all of us. From your e-rants about world-class education, to uselessness of education, to Nyanza people dying from Aids due to education just come as a loser admiring the education and cultural superiority of your adversaries. Again I say: Relax. No need for a date to find out who is the better man. We don't doubt your manhood, we just sympathise with your insecurity.

Mzee wa Kijiji,

Kenya is already tribalised. So we just need to institutionalise it and stop pretending it does not exist.

Taabu said...

Hpe and pray that this time round you respect and obey your vow to end the RANTs. Talk is cheap but trivia not only cheaper but hollow too. For starters may you have a honest reflection of yourself and re-invent yourself too. How about this: Shun prefacing your posts with your ADDRESS + CV and keep fidelity to quality. Yes, internet may offer anonymity but it doesn't immunize you from mediocrity.

Joe said...

Kwale Said;

This is for you and it is the last you will ever read from me

How about the rest of us? Some of us would prefer never to read from you again. If indeed this is the case, then adios...

For the last two days, I lowered myself to allow you and your ilk to claim total victory over kwale's ego

You did? Whao!

Ivy said...

Ajwang, Taabu, Joe...Kindly spare Kwale. My ribs are still aching...Woie for the love of God i beseech you.

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ajwang' said...


Enough of Kwale.

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ajwang' said...


Enough of Kwale.

You always lose me with all these 'Shakespeare"!

OK I need 'education' (that word again), when she raises the sword, what does she want to do? Hug me?

Joe said...


A few minutes ago you told me..

You need to stop your juvenile childish rants here

And now you are down to insulting ladies?

We know your type. Enough said.

Ivy said...


King Charles can explain it better.


Umeshinda. I surrender you have won.

ajwang' said...


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Anonymous said...

martha karua-rarua-mambo is only good at dancing by the deserted river side near her village and not on the national dance floor.

the canine analogy speaks for itself. greedy and tribal village politicians (mongrels) have managed to fool the elctorate for a while, but time is coming whereby the citizenry are not going to allow themselves to be fooled, hoodwinked, coerced and forced into the usual ethnic turf wars that are nromally stage managed by certain political goons during every general elections in kenya.

there will come a time when the cowardly canine population will strike back in a very vicious manner to the surprise of many political deadwoods, ethnic mongrels, as well as lukewarm homesteaders who have lost all hope for changing their lives and country around.

as for kalonzo-kaborn-kaloser, he has already played his cards and most kenyans now know that he will no longer hold a miraculous trump card come 2012.

ngilu has a better chance of lifting many from the dust bowls of ukambani than kalonzo-kaborn-kaloser will ever do for the people of kitu and ukambani in the next twenty years.

the decaying tribal personality cults should be a thing of the past, so that kenyans from all walks of life can elect leaders who will fight for and create a government that is transparent, accountable, and one that is free from corruption, patronage, and ethnic chortle.

time will come when all political thugs will shown the exit door come 2012, and that includes political mongrels like kibaki, raila, ruto, mudavadi, kalonzo-kaborn-kaloser, saitoti-utoto, kombokombo, karua-rarua-mambo, mount-kenya-mafia and company.

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Anonymous said...

This link from BBC on waki report - Phil reconcile this report and IREC

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Mzalendo said...

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Anonymous said...

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UrXlnc said...


haven't gone through the entire summary you've posted on the IREC recommendations, you've put in some serious thought

i agree that Ruto's "proposal" for parliament to elect a president is absurd. for years now we have watched the fiasco of councillors electing a mayor and many proposals have been forwarded so that Nairobi residents directly elect the mayor and almost all MPs have been for this arrangement, its therefore absurd that they turn around and want to introduce the same shenanigans in Parliament to elect a president.

as for constituency boundary review, i maintain that the review should be carried out, but the contention of basing it on numbers alone is a highly dicey proposition and could lead to tremendous abuse. remove from the picture all the MPs you currently know and picture this

suppose its based on numbers e.g 80,000 ceiling and 10,000 minimum. Lets forget for a moment Central province which appears to be the focus of boundary review, look at Nairobi with a population of between 3 and 4 M. Nairobi alone will now have 50 MPs up from the 8, but thats not all, some areas of nairobi (the affluent leafy suburbs) only have hundreds whereas adjacent ghetto/slum hoods have 100's of thousands, such that places like dandora, kibera, kawangware etc will have 15 MPs and drawing those boundaries will be require the services of a profound political surgeon. That sir is a recipe for pure anarchy and chaos.

lets put everything into consideration and base the boundary review on effective service delivery as well as societal and cultural harmony and integration which is the primary reason for administrative boundaries. this thrust for parliament supremacy will in the long run be counterproductive.

what are your views on that?

Anonymous said...

ODM planned violence!!!

UrXlnc said...


we have been enjoying some high level of mature discussion here for a while now. there are some unfortunate comments above that have no place in upright society or in this forum and there is no reason to entertain the insults above which include those from mzalendo and the feedback generated.

Anonymous said...

Again, Bravo! Kwale,

You really know how to put safari ants in the pants of these ODMorons. For two days in a row you have singlehandedly defended yourself against waves of these hordes of intellectually infertile stone throwers. Yesterday, they were led by King Charles; today, even Taabu has decided to taste the bait.

I hope they don't miss their matatus again tonight. If they do they may have to spend the night among stray dogs because have been stripped bare by the nocturnal citizens of K-Street.

What is pitiful about these characters is that, for two days, none of them have discovered that you are enjoying baiting them. Did Kikuyus steal their brains together with their votes last December??

Let them continue to bark at the full moon. What else can I say?

Anonymous said...

anon9:19 AM

Do shut up and go tell kibaki to pay up for burning his tribesmen in Eldoret church... ordering police to shoot and kill Kenyans and up to now he is still executing mungiki youth his own kikuyu tribesmen at his pleasure the old senile kibaki fool should face execution too.. mpumbavu sana..

Anonymous said...

anon9:57 AM

Only a kikuyu malaya or a fagot like Kwale can congratulate him on here:) si you are birds of the same feathers:) what can I say.. keep clapping for your kikuyu brainless mungiki brother Kwale who confirm lack of education and an appetite on excelling in thieving and thuggery activities:) Bravo...

Anonymous said...


You appear to be the only voice of reason left on the ODM side in this blog. I wish we could discuss this issue about constituency boundaries peacefully away from the indecent noise going on here.

Your proposal that the boundaries be based on viability of service delivery among other factors is good. As a follow-up I suggest that the upper limits of population densities of urban constituencies be different from those of rural areas. It is easier for an MP to reach and listen to more people in an urban area than in a rural area.

Mzalendo said...

Oo , somebody here need a CUT to shut up.

I offer the service for free, in fact I forcibly CUT 2 in January this year.

papa plus said...

I think that Ruto's suggestion has merit. When you consider that votes in Kenya now don't count on election day, then this is one way of dealing with the issue. It will demystify the presidiency and allow him or her to rule with a majority consent. The British use this system. The antics at Nairobi city counsel notwithstanding are better than the antics we saw post election, no?

Anonymous said...

11:18 AM

Mzalendo do shut up start by cutting your own incest filled dick. kwani you can't get enough incest filled kikuyu dicks to chop off?? I mean castrate?

UrXlnc said...

anon 10:16

yes, urban population densities will certainly be a factor and i see and agree with your point. i also think geographic profiling (man made or natural) also plays a big role in effective service delivery. to optimize between efficient service delivery and bloated administration is always a touch predicament that must be tackled but on the other hand other issues such as if the administrative unit can provide sufficient resources/funding then that would certainly be a plus.

there always exists the possibility in our perennial culture of handouts for administrative units (boundaries) being set up and due to lack of funds, soon become hollow shells siphoning funds that could have been better utilised elsewhere through consolidation.

the best decisions are made if we can also evaluate by removing ourselves and present environment from the equation and genuinely consider long term needs/goals.

kalamari said...

Papa Plus, I too kind of agree with Ruto. In the Kenya we live in today, the ideals of ‘one man one vote’ cannot exist. Even though this past election saw some ‘100%’ voter turnout in some areas, the reality is that our infrastructure does not allow equal representation at the ballot. Throw in bribery, threats to life, actual regional violence, regional logistics etc and you must agree that the opportunity to vote is indeed not equal in all parts of Kenya. If we cannot all go to the polling station under the same ‘general’ circumstances/atmosphere, why allow a popular vote for president?
Now if you put it to a constituency election, due to the size of the area, all voters will generally vote under the same weather, security, tension etc thereby making the exercise relatively fair for all MP candidates. Forgive me if I’m not making any sense here. This is kind of off the cuff, i.e. not total conviction so don’t skin me alive.

kalamari said...

Furthermore, it is clear that our own ‘credible ECK’ is actually not credible at all. These people cannot or have refused to learn how to count. Even if we fire Kivuitu, the next appointee will face the same ruthless threats from current and future incumbents.
I do not foresee a prudent and independent ECK in the near future. So, in the absence of acceptable fairness, how can we justify a national presidential vote? I agree that giving such responsibility to our current MPs is like asking a hyena to store some juicy burgers in a refrigerator until Monday, but what choice do we have?

UrXlnc said...


thats funny
giving such responsibility to our current MPs is like asking a hyena to store some juicy burgers in a refrigerator until Monday

back to the issue you and papa + raise, whereas it may appear prudent under the current environment, the big problem is looking forward and like our current constitution, once these "powers" are given, its a monumental task and near imppossble feat to reverse the process. can you for one minute imagine convincing all the MPs to give up their salaries and perks that they awarded themselves (including 1st, 2nd, 3rd and however many other ladies upkeep) so how do you expect down the road to have them relinquish the one single hold they will have over the executive. think about it.

papa plus said...


In short you have no faith in any of these people. I agree. But we have to start somewhere. The issue of ECK can be fixed easily. 1st of we have to fire the whole crew. Next is we need to change a few business details. Why do the results have to be read at KICC? Why can't we have the results announced at the polling station to the media once all officials from all parties have signed on as verification?

Scare tactics and intimidation and disenfranchisement will forever be the bane of our system. May be what we need then is a combination of both popular vote and "electoral vote" that would be done by MPs. And we should change the MP elections from being held on the same year as the presidential.

I'd also like to see ministers be civil servants and not politicians. They should resign one post to be able to run for the other. MPs should be law makers instead of always campaigning and politiking and not deliverying services.

Am just for tinkering with the system to have something that is better than what we have.

Anonymous said...

voting in Canada was peaceful; final results were out the next day; disband ECK and hire Elections Canada!!

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