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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Verdict: The Hague is Beckoning

Justice Waki may have tempered his language to avoid bruising political egos, but the thrust of his verdict lies in the fine print that most Kenyans will conveniently ignore as they shout themselves hoarse in chasing shadows. The report lays bare the root cause of post election violence as LACK OF LEADERSHIP that is/was singularly enshrined in IMPUNITY. But trust Kenyans to shamelessly cheer their tribal chiefs even when they are all collectively led to the edge of a cliff.

The verdict on NSIS is damning. No country runs without a dependable intelligence service and ours is reputed as one of the best on this side of the planet. The NSIS knew about the suffocating tension before the polls but their interest rested elsewhere secure in the knowledge about the voting pattern and outcome. Gichangi and his team disregarded professionalism to pay back the piper. His only grave mistake was use of old models based on stereotypes while chronically underestimating the resolve and anger of Kenyans collectively.

The truth is that right from 2005 referendum, Kibaki knew his political fate and he consequently played it safe while scheming to have the last laugh. Not until events took unpredictable turn and not even the NSIS could sermon any quick fix from its reservoir of magic in containing the fast escalating superhighway to apocalypse. Waki has painted it in black and white that Kibaki obtusely failure to offer POLITICAL leadership in his first term as president.

Waki couldn’t have been more candid. Our problems were more political than anything else. And the good judge didn’t mince his words in declaring that Kibaki failed to unite the country. Instead Emilio and his cronies allowed feelings of marginalization to fester into the inevitable post-election violence. The import of that is that Kibaki’s actions and omissions raped him of moral legitimacy which fueled national animosity only in need of a less than civilized contest to explode. And in deed we have lived to tell the story.

So what next or where do we go from here? Well, nothing and nowhere actually. Our short memory and selfish clarion call to MOVE ON will soon relegate this explosive report to the archives. We have no institution to speak of and the office bearers have no legitimacy either. We remain a country held hostage at the whims of scoundrels hell-bent on feathering their nests at our collective peril. Maybe by tracing the origins of PEV to 2002 MOU, even Waki refused to move on. On the contrary he is latently warning about the perils of DECEPTION.

Handsome rewards of impunity.
Even the cabinet’s adoption of Kriegler’s report was a gimmick to create an impression of motion with no commensurate movement. The composition of the sub-committee couldn’t have been more revealing with the same faces still smarting from distrust and raw anger at each other. The headlines may as well be the apt obituaries of these reports.

With no political or moral BALLS to confront challenges, the present leaders have bequeathed on us the curse of living a national lie in postponing Armageddon. But the truth never mutates and the lives of more than 1500 Kenyans were not lost in vein. Well, cheap political shots often derive pleasure in trivializing those lives as mere statistics with their pedestrian accusations.

Nothing lasts forever and one day and very soon the real perpetrators of these murders will ultimately pay for their crime singularly or severally. It is only a matter of time and only a Nairobi or Hague tribunal will appease those departed souls


Anonymous said...

Reading the waki report on how the naivasha murders were planned at state house and executed with the blessings of the sloth himself brings tears to my eyes. The sight of a man mourning seven members of his family burnt to death, watching an eighteen month old sitting next to its mother who had been hacked to death by mungiki is too painful to recall.
May the sloth and his tribesmen perpetually burn in hell.

papa plus said...

All this is very nice, going through the motions and the whole act of seeming to do something while doing absolutely nada.

We all know what happened. It is quite amusing to hand the recommendations to Kibaki who poceeds to promise swift implimentation.

The problem with us is that we have no ethics and we are unpatriotic. We have a sense of being indispensable. We don't trust the electorate to make the right choices. There is a lot to learn from Mbeki. So as long as we don't change our culture and way of looking at things, I doubt that any democratic recomendations will help us. After the big photo op, it will be shelves to gather dust as the commissioners collect their pay cheques and plot their entrance into politics.

Anonymous said...

Who are these 10 guyz whose names can not be revealed , here is an opportunity for you to market your raw notes.

Anonymous said...

the 7 out of 10 un named guys are who is who in ODM....the molasses sloth is sticking like a raw thumb in the report.then we have likes of Ruto, Ntimama, Kosgeys, the dead...etc..

molasses gospel of preaching its us against them (Kikuyu's) handed him the winners prize...the death of over 2000 kenyas rests in his burly neck..

hague will quickly dispose the luo circumcision king to political and worship oblivion....

taabu and phil....continue worshipping the condemned and painting white a pot full of black soot...

Taabus mistress

Anonymous said...

the 7 out of 10 un named guys are who is who in ODM....the molasses sloth is sticking like a raw thumb in the report.then we have likes of Ruto, Ntimama, Kosgeys, the dead...etc..

molasses gospel of preaching its us against them (Kikuyu's) handed him the winners prize...the death of over 2000 kenyas rests in his burly neck..

hague will quickly dispose the luo circumcision king to political and worship oblivion....

taabu and phil....continue worshipping the condemned and painting white a pot full of black soot...

Taabus mistress

Anonymous said...

6:46 pm this may be news to you BUT THE NAMES ARE SEALED & TO BE PRESENTED TO ANNAN...& SHOULD PARLIAMENT NOT DELIVER THE NAMES WILL GO TO THE ICC, "THE HAGUE" So where did you remove your 7 out of 10 are "guys in ODM" KUBAFF!!!
My question to you, did you notice how UNEASY & SHAKEN Martha Karua looked?? Tick Tock...

Anonymous said...

6:46 pm...before you & any other pnuers shout ODM, recall this. Lest you forget;


The Government has denied a BBC report indicating that the State sanctioned the recent violence in parts of the country.

The respected British broadcaster quoted sources alleging that meetings were hosted between the banned Mungiki militia and senior government figures.

"The aim was to hire them as a defence force in the Rift Valley to protect the Kikuyu community," the BBC story says.

But on Wednesday, the government called the allegations "preposterous".

A statement by Government Spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua, said: "The Government of Kenya has been shocked by a story appearing on the BBC that alleges that members of the banned group Mungiki held meetings at State House, Nairobi, the Official Office of the President.

"No such meetings took place at State House or any government office...

Such "unfounded lies" are "injurious to the President, Government and the people of Kenya," the statement said.

Mutua said the Mungiki sect was a criminal organisation, adding that last year, it launched a special operation to wipe out the sect and arrested its key leaders.

Head of Presidential Press Service Mr Isaiya Kabira told the BBC that State House was "a very honourable place", adding that "if anything in the last one or two months, all meetings that have taken place here have been aimed at trying to achieve a peaceful solution" to Kenya's problems.

The BBC's Karen Allen in Nairobi says there was growing suspicion that some of the violence that led to 1,500 people being killed and hundreds of thousands displaced was orchestrated by both sides of the political divide.

On the weekend of January 25, the BBC report says, the Rift Valley towns of Nakuru and Naivasha were the focus of the some of the worst post-election violence.

Eyewitnesses spoke of homes belonging to some communities being marked, then gangs with machetes - who they claim were Mungiki - attacked.

Sources inside the Mungiki have told the BBC that it was a renegade branch of the outfit that was responsible for violence, not them.

A policeman who was on duty at the time, who has spoken to the BBC on condition of anonymity, has also pointed to clear signs of State complicity.

He alleges that in the hours before the violence in Nakuru, police officers had orders not to stop a convoy of minibus taxis, called "matatus", packed with men when they arrived at police checkpoints.

"When we were there... I saw about 12 of them [matatus] packed with men," he said. "There were no females... I could see they were armed. We were ordered not to stop the vehicles, to allow them to go."

The allegations come at a time of growing concern that there was pre-planned violence on both sides of the political fence, in the aftermath of Kenya's disputed election results.

The International Crisis Group has already raised such concerns and Human Rights Watch is expected to publish its report shortly making similar claims.

Relevant Links

East Africa
Conflict, Peace and Security
Human Rights
Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution

-BBC And Standard Reporter

Anonymous said...

How I wish the Waki commission could have investigated the stolen election. Cudos to waki & his team.
Further investigations will go on, a tribunal will be formed, deadlines have been set (so those outstretched PR tactics will not happen)& should parliament fail to deliver the hague is waiting. Kriegler wherever you are, you better be taking notes!!

Anonymous said...

during the runner up to the recent embakasi parliamentary elections that ODM flatly lost, molasses had formed a truce with imprissoned mungiki leader and everyone remembers mungiki praising him just for the sake of a palriamentary seat. well the buffon and his paper tiger of a party lost flat to PNU. so before Taabu and his screaming stone throwing morons call names, go smell raila's pants....he may be peeing on his sorry ass...

bwa ha hah aha

Taabu's mistress

Anonymous said...

i hope this Waki report gives all the details no matter how damning

this looks like a heads up

if someone has access to the full report we'd appreciate sharing the link so that we dont rely on the speculation.


Anonymous said...

the circle of justice must close in on all those tribal-devils who were directly involved in the post elections killing fields.

the hague should extend the charles taylor solution to all kenyan politicians whose hands are still socking with the blood of innocent citizens.

a clear message needs to sent through out the country, that political thugery will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

there are some very evil kenyan clergy whose names should be on the hague list as well. it seems as though these career/opportunistic church leaders never learned bitter leasons from their counterparts in rwanda.

waki report belongs to the hague and not the magendo justice system of kenya.

Anonymous said...

7:36 pm. Your point is? I mean what does the Embakasi poll have to do with the Waki report. Oooops sorry I asked you dont even get it yourself. Just yapping I guess!!

Anonymous said...

The first person to be tried in the hague should be Kibaki , he was the one in charge and also met mungiki operatives in statehouse to mastermind butchering of innocent kenyans from the western region let alone giving a shoot to kill order on innocent kenyans.If his name is not in that envelope then this commision like kriegler's was just another cover up job well done.

Ivy said...

Papa Plus

This morning as i read the papers...The only conclusion i came up with is that Mbeki is a hero.

I am just thinking, leave alone ethos, i am thinking of conscious..."what is the state of my heart? Is my heart condemning me this morning? Then the honorable thing for this guys (irrespective of the political divide) resign and go home. But that is gonna be a tall order. I wonder how many stones will be left unturned?

Kenyans are expected to forget and move on. My question is move on to where?

The only thing that gives me consolation is that after reading Mobutu's, Sani Abacha's, and other mad men account....I know that though the punishment may tarry, it is surely drawing nigh and yes Taabu even if Hague is not beckoning soon. Then The Most High is

Anonymous said...


why did u abort you self righteous bitch????????????/

Anonymous said...

I can smell something here...did you wash this morning.
somebody got you yesterday. haha ha
next time make sure you stick to the post.

Joe said...

From the report

The post election violence therefore is, in part, a consequence of the failure of
President Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilized contest with him at the polls to be possible. Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalization to fester into what became the post election violence.

Phil said...

Taabu's mistress, Mzalendo and Anon@10.59 and 11.55, please give us a break. YOU ARE ONE AND THE SAME PERSON, trying to play silly games with the intelligence of people who want to debate maturely.

The IP address you are using from somewwhere in Nairobi is giving you away and shall be published here if you continue you filthy language.

I am aware you have issues with this blog and you do not wish it well. You at one time posted porn here,impersonated several people and even replied your own filthy comments. IT IS THE SAME IP ADDRESS THROUGH AND THROUGH.

To the rest of the readers, please take note of the advert posted at the top of the blog and read comments carefully before responding.. Otherwise you could find yourself having a heated exchange with a LUNATIC whose name I shall not reveal for now, but it is a well known personality in media circles in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Phil, sorry three different people!

Anonymous said...

You must not fail to wash if you are a woman. Ivy are you listening????

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said...
Phil, sorry three different people!
12:32 AM

How the hell do you know it is 3 different people?

Some of you claim to be educated yet you make kindergarten blunders and spew the most uncivilized garbage.

Please do not push me, I do not want to name you and embarrass you and your family more than have already embarrassed yourself/them. If you wish to blog here, go ahead and do it genuinely and maturely, after all you have two blogger user names already!

Ivy, farasi ni farasi, binadamu ni binadamu lakini anaeza jifanya farasi.

Phil said...

Hey Taabu,

Remember this post I did sometime back, just two weeks after Kibaki forced his way back into power (and Kalonzo was busy negotiating a V-P's post to 'stabilize' Kenya) even as police continued to murder unarmed civilians including babies and toddlers?

You are right: The Hague is beckoning! You can refresh your memories here.

After Charles Taylor, Mwai Kibaki Next?

Joe said...

Phil, Taabu and the rest.

Does anybody know what the two camps think? If this report is implemented, it can go a long way in fixing part of our problems. Has anybody managed to get the 10 names?

Anonymous said...

I think WAKI has done a good job - but hiding names of the perpetrators will not help. The 2007 polls has changed my live forever - i lost a parent and a brother, the most treasured persons in my life. I know who did it, some are in prison today but some continue to haunt us. My family is yet to go back to what we called home before 31st December.

I hold Kibaki responsible for not protecting me, i equally hold Raila and Especially Ruto and Kosgey for my predicament. Were it not for Kosgey - i would have a parent like most of you. Kenyans - Its not yet over, until its all over!!!

Joe said...

Folks, it appears, contrary to popular believe, the police actually killed the most people!

Kalenjin 158
Kamba 11
Kikuyu 268
Kisii 57
Kuria 2
Luhya 163
Luo 278
Maasai 7
Meru 1
Pokot 1
Taita 2
Tanzanian 2
Teso 4
Turkana 6
Uknown 165
Others 8
TOTAL 1,133

Samuel K. said...

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" those were the words of Christ in the book of Matthew. First, I salute Justice Waki for doing his job well, actually I would like to tell him "Well done our son". In January, Kenyans suffered, our brothers from Central, Rift Valley, Nyanza and the other parts of the country lost their lives just because of the two gentlemen I respect most i.e. Hon Emilio and Hon. Amolo. Furthermore, business went to a stand still in the country from the trasport sector to the industrial sector, but our God was able to restore our country and now we are back on track. infact, I remember in January I was to go back to Kisumu (to be specific on 4th January we were supporsed to report back in campus for our studies) but that was not the case due to the chaos that locked the couuntry. In short, everybody was affected either directly or indirectly by the skirmishes i.e. students could not go to school, teachers could not teach empty classes, businesses could not open etc.

Now, at that time the politicians who engeenered the chaos were safe where they were staying, but the common man was suffering. The time has now come for those who funded the chaos to be brought to the light and be rewarded for their evil deeds they did to the innocent Kenyans. May the ICC take the matter and deal with those 'evil men' accordingly.

Lastly, let us not only see the innocent Kenyans who suffered in Naivasha and Nakuru, remember the more than 30 people who were burnt alive in a church at Eldoret. As we contribute to this blog let us not be tribalists but may we be nationalist. Kenya is for everybody who is entitled by the law to be a Citizen. Whether one is an African, Asian or an European, whether one is from Mt. Kenya region, Lake region or even the Rift Valley. Remember nobody applied to be born in that tribe that he/she belongs.

I am not a Luo, but I like the way they live, how they live their lives in fullest. I admire their wisdom and their knowledge.

I am not a Kikuyu, but I admire the way Kikuyus are hardworking. How they will Travel far to look for money. I admire how Kikuyus make wealth.

How wonderful it is when Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Luos, Luhyas,and the other tribes in Kenya live in harmony and piece.

For the perpetriators of the post-elections violence your day has dawned and now its time for God to deal with you. How I pray that non of you will escape the sword of Waki and ICC whether its Hon. Emilio or Hon. Amolo, whether is Ruto or Uhuru, whether its Mudavadi or Mututho, whether its Kalonzo or Sirma you will not escape unpunished.

Read the book of 2nd Corinthians 13:1-6.

Ivy said...

Anon 2:36

I hear you.

Phil said...

@Joe said...Folks, it appears, contrary to popular believe, the police actually killed the most people!

This is what I have been trying to highlight here all along! Postmortem reports from our morgues proved this.

If you look at the structure of police and the police act, the police commissioner is their commander. That makes him directly answerable to the acts of his policemen. He in turn was taking orders from The Minister of Internal Security and/or The President himself. Remember his killings happened when ODM was still being labelled as opposition. That makes Hon Michuki and Hon Kibaki directly answerable. Unless otherwise, there is need to totally overhaul and punish the leadership of PNU which was by then misusing the police forces.

Another stupid thing they did is to block off Uhuru Park with 24 hours GSU paramilitary guard for more than 3 months!

Anonymous said...

don't be fooled, joe and phil is ONE IDIOT!!!
That's how this blog has sunk!!!!
Educated but no brains. maybe the CUT IS THE ONLY way!!

Anonymous said...

Fact: Most people killed were Luos.
Fact: Most Kikuyus killed were not killed by Luos
Fact: Luos were killed by both The police and Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Ivy, a primate is a primitive.
The only posh word you know is "LOL" and spreading a repugant smell... Lol

Anonymous said...

From wikipedia,

...In recent times, the Luo have had many enemies with whom they fought for access to water, cattle, and land including the Nandi, Kipsigis and the Kisii. As a result of these wars peace treaties and intermarriages were resolved resulting in a mixture of cultural ideals and practices. As with all so-called tribes of modern day East Africa, Luo history is intricately interwoven with the histories of their enemies and neighbours and attest to the complexity of East African nations...

Anonymous said...

Samuel K,

you might want to think deeply about this statement:

....I am not a Kikuyu, but I admire the way Kikuyus are hardworking. How they will Travel far to look for money. I admire how Kikuyus make wealth.

Ever wondered why crime goes up wherever they 'travel' to?
Most of them make wealth through FRAUD and STEALING surely are these virtues to be admired even if they make one roll in money?

M-Pesa said...

Dear Kenyans.

You wanted the truth?

Well, Justice Waki gave you 500 pages of it!

Can you really handle the truth?

Me thinks not!

How long before genocide suspects retreat back to their tribal cocoons and start screaming "They are out to get 'us'!"

Most of these evil suspects are well known and you can just google out for yourselves. For example General R...from Eldoret.

I hope those found guilty will be blind folded and executed by a firing sqaud.

Is tarnished Gen Ali still incharge?

papa plus said...

We have seen this movie many times and as usual nothing ever comes out of it. The truth is that the Kibaki administration was at the very least comlicit in the violence. They did not lift a finger to stop it. ODM too took part in the violence. So I ask you, which 7 people are going to the chopping block? Surely not Raila and not Kibaki. An intelligent guess would be scape goats will face the music.

Kwale said...

Anyone watched Euro-news this morning, it reported;

A Kenyan investigation into deadly post-election violence early this year has accused prominent politicians of helping to orchestrate the month of chaos that killed 1,100 people, and called for the creation of an international tribunal to prosecute the perpetrators.
The report rejected the idea floated by some Kenyan officials that perpetrators be granted amnesty, saying that would only contribute to a culture of impunity. On Friday, the commission will give former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan a sealed envelope containing the names of senior politicians who it said helped orchestrate the violence.

Ruto, Kosgeys, Ntimama, Bett are among on the list.

papa plus said...

Acheni vichekesho! If you are pinning your hopes on Annan doing the right thing then be prepared for a huge disappointment. Annan is an African through and through albeit with charm and charisma and sophistication the likes of which most presidents would only dream about. These African presidents supported him when he and his son were in deep shit over food for oil corruption in Iraq. The Kenyan problems couldn't have come at an oppotune time for Annan. They gave him a job and prominence and relevance on the world stage. He is not going to indict any of the big wigs. If Anglo Leasing had to be rail roaded for fear of bringing down the GK for AL was us; sembuse Waki report? Are the same cats going to bring down the GK? Watch this report get stuck in Parliament for one reason or the other even as lawyers are camped outside the law courts with papers ready to file.

Haven't we seen this movie before? was I the only one watching it while everyone else was making out? damn...

ajwang' said...

Anonymous Nincompoop @ 3.30 am,

Have manners please! Just because your mama's assets emmitted a pungent tang the last time you tried your daily incest routine is no reason to believe that all behave that way.

If you can not follow what people are discussing here, just log off and go insert your trimmed pole down your dad's smelly rectum and you may get another piece of land in Lift Varrey.

ajwang' said...

Anonymous Nincompoop @ 3.30 am,

Have manners please! Just because your mama's assets emmitted a pungent tang the last time you tried your daily incest routine is no reason to believe that all behave that way.

If you can not follow what people are discussing here, just log off and go insert your trimmed pole down your dad's smelly rectum and you may get another piece of land in Lift Varrey.

Anonymous said...












I could go on...
But Kwale & company these are THE FACTS. ODM maintained that the intial violence was spontaneous which Waki has agreed with. Pnuers argument that all violence was pre-planned does not stand given the reports findings. If anything it is quite clear, Government officials together with very well known businessmen were the perpetrators of the PLANNED VIOLENCE, IT IS IN THE REPORT. Unfortunately for pnuers these do not include the names Kwale is giving us here.

P.s if we recall, visa bans were slapped on certain individuals who were well known to have organized & financed post election violence at the height of the Kofi Annan led mediation (Not the spontaneous violence)
We all know from which side of the political divide these individuals came from. Hint Ruto was not among them...Lest we forget.
Enough said!!!

Anonymous said...

"Watch this report get stuck in Parliament for one reason or the other even as lawyers are camped outside the law courts with papers ready to file."

Now Papa Plus this is why Waki is a genius hence the title of this post, "The Hague is Beckoning"

"As a safety valve to ensure justice is not subverted and perverted, the commission has suggested a more punitive alternative...If either an agreement for the establishment of the special tribunal is not signed, or the statute for the special tribunal fails to be enacted or the special tribunal fails to commence functioning as contemplated above, or having commenced operating and its purposes are subverted, a list containg names of and relevant information on those suspected to bear the greatest responsibility for crimes falling within the jurisdiction of the proposed special tribunal, shall be forwarded to the special prosecutor of the International Criminal Court."

Should Parliament or any big boys & girls attempt to stall this tribunal...Ole wao May God be with them.
I.e, There is no room for mchezo, any delaying tactics just leads these individuals closer to the hague. No loopholes this time. You've got to love Waki: )

Anonymous said...

Papa Plus dont you realize that this has gne beyond Annan? Even if he wished to stall it, it is not possible this time.
Huh you've got jokes, are you seriously comaparing Anglo Leasing to this daming report that is inevitably going to change the course of this country, while bringing the big boys & girl down? Get serious! The chickens are surely coming home to roost.

papa plus said...

Am being realistic. And for my sake and every kenyan's sake; I hope am proved wrong.

The way I see it, the folks mentioned are mere scape goats. Otherwise, you don't have to be a genius to figure out that people are going to do whatever it take to protect their necks. The Hague am sorry to say has little sway over what goes on on the ground. This is a high stakes game fellows, people died so that folks could get power.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kwale,
I don't intend to engage you in any arguements for I know how petty you can be.

That aside, what happenned to your prestigious schooling! In that school did you even learn critical evaluation?

This Waki report says that Kibaki did not provide leadership in forestalling the killings of Kenyans, destruction of property and mayhem that followed the rigged election!

I know you are Kikuyu, that is not the point here. The point is Kibaki helped kill fellow Kenyans and Kikuyus in particular.

Why? Because NSIS told him in black and white that there would be trouble but he choose to bury his head under kalucy's skirt!!. Had he done something with the report lives who have been saved.

Had NSIS told him that Muthoni of Thika was claiming to be his 2nd wife, he could have acted faster than when told that Kenyans were about to die!

By the way who bought pangas at Uchumi Hyper Ngong Road. None other that UK- Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

Lastly, the blood of innocent Kenyans are dripping from the hands of UK, Mwai Emilio.After Thomas Taylor of Liberia, I am afraid it will be Emilio et al's turn to face the Hague. History has away to repeat itself and to be cruel. Let those who killed and maimed a Kenyan face the full force of the international law.

Just to end, what happened to Grace Kahindi (PPO Nyanza) the murderer of Kisumu? Mama you ordered the murder of young children, women and infirm! Yours will be multipled.
Have a dreamy day Kwale and others of his ilk.

Read the report kwale.

Anonymous said...

Find the whole 529 page report here....

UrXlnc said...

papa +

i hear you when you say the report could get shelved

anyone expecting kibaki to act directly on any report is misguided. he can only form commission after commission. for kibaki to act, it must be under extreme pressure. commissions comprising any of the MPs or their associates will hit a dead end or will be heavily skewed to favor or vilify one party or another.

as the other bloggers have said Waki's strategy for an alternative recourse in case it gets deadlocked and with time frames is a great idea.

lets wait and see how this pans out.

joe @ 2:32: do you have a link to where you got that information?

UrXlnc said...

anon 9:49

you are a godsend, thank you very much for the breaking news. we need more people like you on this blog

Anonymous said...

Papa plus stop pretending. You are far from neutral you're a pnuer damu, full stop, who is shocked at the outcome of the report!! Your "reality check" is nothing but fear for the worst. well its here. You are praying against all odds that the waki report is not implemented. Pole sana.

Now Urxlnc, you are an intelligent dude/gal...
You should know by now that Kibaki is not to form another commission/s. That is not the way forward according to the report. Kibakis PR tactics have been nipped, it will not work this time round.
This report has suggested a route that has NEVER been taken before.
Again, even Kibakis hands are tied. This is not that fake Kriegler report. (or haven't you noticed the "loud silence" from certain quaters, because this is no small matter.
It is fundamental to understand that the ICC has jurisdiction to take over this case ASAP, even before any dilly dallying. Waki being the brilliant Judge that he is, sealed those legal loopholes that are always taken advantage of. The ICC only needs the commission to present its report to them for them to act. It really is THAT SIMPLE. (That is why pnu argued against "the hague" since the right channels had not been followed)well that is out of the way now.
Papa plus believe it or not, that is the reality!

papa plus said...


Yes, let us wait and see. After all, what else can we do?

Anon 10.20

am sorry to disappoint you, but am not a PNU sympathiser. Looking through my posts here will verify that easily. However,I admire your bravado and faith in the system to actually working.

As you know, Kenya has archives of recommendations upon recommendations covering almost any topic under the clear nairobi skies. So I wouldn't be stretching the truth if I told you that we have perfected the art of report writing. The problem has always been implimentation of these reports.

But heck gina, maybe this time I will be proved wrong. Let me declare here and now that if this happens, I shall publicly eat my shoes along with a healthy slice of humble pie. Urxlnc will vouche for me because he is a smart guy who's good at objectivity.

UrXlnc said...

hehe papa +

am aware you are not a pnu sympathiser thats true.

but what anon 10:20 alludes to is true, the screws are tightening on the powers that be to act on the perpetrators of violence so you may just have to buy some "siagi" for those shoes :-)

but i do get your point, we seriously need to have something done about the culture of impunity tearing our nation apart. am looking forward to some serious action on all and not selective justice.

papa plus said...


I seriously hope so but after last years elections and even going back to AL and the referendum; history is not on that side.

Imagine Mbeki as the rpesident of Kenya. he probably would have resigned after the referendum, no? Definately after AL and the Artur madness.

Culture of impunity. That's where it's at. I honestly don't see how the powers that be are willing to punish themselves. I was talking to one of the prominent leaders gunning for 2012 about how they could have let all these things happen after only 5 years in GK. The response I got was that mzee Kibaki has his handlers and his cabal who control what he sees, how he sees it and his perception. The old man has a stroke after being sworn in and he was out of service for almost a year. So mu point is that folks are going tolook to cover their asses. Do you remember Moi complaining that people used to forge his signature and use his name? Same thing here. Kenyans are good at corruption and it is unlikely that the big kahunas will fall.

Anyway, let us see.

UrXlnc said...

have just gone through the Waki report

first its congratulations to Waki and his team for a comprehensive report that puts to shame Kriegler's meek attempt. Waki's report made honest attempt to follow all leads and reports and where possible tabled data and other corroborative evidence to support the claims.

but most importantly it has been very disheartening to read and be reminded again in detail the atrocities committed and horrors endured by the survivors.

we need to make concerted efforts that this tragedy is not revisited on any kenyan ever again be it politically instigated or due to the criminally insane.

i just hope that kibaki, RAO and parliament have the guts and foresight to deal decisively with this issue

Mzalendo said...

Urxlnc, kaa hivyo hivyo, dont turn to anon or winnie to post garbage out of inferiority complex and then turn sweet sugar. next time i will expose hard.

UrXlnc said...

hats of to Waki

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I just perused through the report.

Of particular interest was the part titled Alledged Perpetrators: To Name or Not Name on pg 15. The report predictably goes in legal jargon ultimately concluding by NOT NAMING but rather attaching these names in an envelop along with the report to be handed to eminent Africans pending the establishment of a (you guessed it) special tribunal as per the recommendations.

Eh, Urxlnc, umesoma hiyo?

papa plus
This is what am talking about guys. You put a fierce dog to guard your boma against thieves but you chain it in the middle of the boma with a padlock which you have no key! You rightly pointed out that Kibaki will not act on any
report. Even when it seems that he is turning every stone, there still remains big boulders that go untouched. It is the same game with ECK. Give them money and perceived responsibilities but yet they can not even audit their own findings without someone filing a court injuction.

I repeat, I have seen this movie many, many times. What say you?

Anonymous said...

It also seems to me that the law in Kenya is very subjective. Kenyan life is also very cheap. Over 1000 kenyans died and we still have thousands more home less and refugees in their own country.

So someone please explain to me how the rights of individuals suspected or mentioned adversely in the Waki report as being implicit in the post election violence; how do these characters get to have their names sealed in an envelop because of personal rights and all this legal mambo jambo? Where was the law for those that died? Those that are homeless? those that were sexually abused? Are they not Kenyans protected by the law of the land? Shit like this is what gets my blood boiling about these commission shenanigans. We are better off having a reconsiliation tribunal done in the open where the aggressor looks at the vicitm in the face and admits his/her wrongs!

Papa plus

Anonymous said...

There is a poison pill in the recommendations, upon expiry of 4.5 months during which if the Kenyan tribunal will not have been set up, then the ICC tribunal will take over. There'll be no escaping the claws of justice for those implicated, its either Kenyans solve this problem or international law will solve it for us. Thats the catch-22 poison pill that Waki brilliantly put in the report.

papa plus said...

Well correct me if am wrong but the Waki report is just that; a report. It is not law. Yet. If Kibaki wanted he could read it and say he disagrees with everything in that report because of (a) or (b) reasons and throw it out, no? Isn't that what happened to the Troon report? This Waki report has to be tabled and debated in parliament before any recommendations are taken.

Someone please set me clear on this procedure...

Anonymous said...

Am reading more and more of this report and it is positively neuseating. Chpt 6 concerning sexual violence predominantly carried out by yours trully "utumishi kwa wote" the police and GSU is extremely sickening. I read in the papers that Kibaki and his crew took 4 hours reading this report and that the security heads were there and handed copies to study. After the arrogance sidplayed by the po;ice cmmissioner, I ask you what is the appropriate thing to do when such damning indictment of your office is tabulated? Ask Mbeki and Mwiraria and they will tell you that the integrity of the office is more important than the person and that the most approriate thing to do is to RESIGN!

But watch what happens with the clowns in Kenya...

Papa plus

Anonymous said...

papa +

that report is an excellent specimen of what an effective commission should do and produce.

even if it gathers dust, the truth is out, sooner or later, the electorate will wise up and reject these sham of leaders, and sure enough these institutions and their leaders will be made accountable.

the atrocities committed have no place in society and just too barbaric and heinous to comprehend

but with determined and impartial political will, it also appears the total number of these criminals is not large and they can be picked out one by one right from the leaders and funders to the lowest of the foot soldiers. significant external and internal pressure needs to be applied to help this along i think, something a lot stronger that visa denials


Anonymous said...

My good friends this report is not "just another report" as Papa plus has mentioned. As I watched Newsline last night, one Paul Mwangi, a rabid pnu sympathiser clearly stated that this report is special & not like Krieglers as the commission's mandate or responsibilities were entrenched in the kenyan constitution. So it is not the troon, akiwumi type. IT CAN NOT BE SHELVED!
Waki in todays Standard Paper categorically stated that the ICC is an ALTERNATIVE to the tribunal, should the tribunal fail to be formed, for whatever reason which Kibaki & his people are already seriously working on, according to The Standard, the ICC will automatically take over after a given no of days (i think it is 60 days) and given that the commissions mandate/responsibilities are entrenched in the constitution, it just means this is not a suggestion, It is Law!!

Anonymous said...

12:37 am you forget to mention that hurdles by parliament will not be a factor this time.
This report does not depend on parliaments adpoting & implementing etc like previous reports. Why I am eternally greatful to Waki is because he saw that loophole & sealed it. Should this report not make it to parliament, should Kibaki & Raila not even sign it, or should any hurdles or obstacles come its way, It goes straight to the hague.

papa plus said...

Thanks for clarifying that guys. Not to belabour the point but rather just playing the devil's advocate; so the Hague is our last hope. Haven't there been African dictators who have avoided the Hague? Once one is indicted by the ICC, what happens to the point where they are prosecuted?

Anonymous said...

waki waki waki waki waki waki this and waki waki waki waki waki that.

so, what's the shocking revelation in the waki report that was unknown to 90% of the kenyan tribal population?

the findings and contents of the waki report have been common knowledge since january of 2008.

the only difference is that waki report has reported and done what many kenyans without balls or so called "courage" could not say or do under the kenya sun.

uhuru the red-eyed-maggot and his company of warped politicians gave over sixty million shillings to organised criminal gangs in thika, nakuru and naivasha in an effort to fince ethnic killings.

while ruto, the evil-headed king of tribal vipers and company raised forty million shillings in their blind rage to kill as well as get rid of "outsiders".

several nyanza cobras and western black mambas with an insatiable appetite for wanton destruction of property and human life, provided funds, drugs, alochol and crude weapons to their underlings to carry out tribal revenge killings.

then there were the cohort of resident evil, better known as the kenya police, gsu, adminstration police and the national intelligence with a warped sense of internal security, who were responsible for the extra-judicial killings of so many civilians around the country.

ole ntimama is another evil and tribal hyena who funded death squads and unleashed them onto his oppoenents and neighbouring ethnic communities.

don't forget the local muslim extremists who planned, funded and employed unsuspecting kenyan youths in the coast region to carry out wanton destruction of human life and property that belonged to "outsiders" and political opponents. thse are the same evil residents of kenya who got away with the likoni ethnic killings and violence that took place several years ago.


all culprits from all over the country should face a minimum of ten years served at kamiti prison, ring leaders should be locked up for life, or executed.

worst case scenario, if they are left unpunished, then, mysterious ways should be devised to seek justice in name of all those who perished, just because they were seen as nothing but disposable pawns in the eyes of the politicians who seem to have earned what they set out to fight for.

Anonymous said...

Najibu Balala is on the list!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You dont seem to have perused let alone, read the Waki report. One of the clearest verdicts, according to the Waki report, is that the violence esp in parts of Rift Valley & Western province was spontaneous. Other than Nakuru, Naivasha & a few other regions the violence was spontaneous.

What you are claiming is the propaganda that was preached to your ilk & you quickly swallowed it. Isnt it true that the Kibaki regime at the height of the violence denied that any meeting at state house took place with Mungiki? BBC reported this (yes we may have known it, but the perepetrators of the violence denied it) but it has been CONFIRMED for us.

Your idea that Ruto funded any violence (according to the pnu propaganda) cannnot stand for now as the list of the perpetrators is secret and that goes for Ntimama or any other name you may want to spring up.
And if you may reason please, how exactly does one plan & fund something that was spontaneous? Fortunately we now know that the meeting at state house did take place & a couple of kikuyu businessmen & politicians are inevitably going to pay dearly for their actions. And that is not "ruto propaganda" by the way, that is a a fact.

In Nyanza & Western, it was clearly stated that the killings were spontaeous, it was not revenge killing as you claim!
Lastly I am yet to come across where the report mentions "muslim extremeties" funding or organizing the destruction of property & life at the coast.

So what is new in the Waki report? EVERYTHING!! It has separated FACT FROM FICTION. It has thrown out of the window the idea that ODM organized the PEV, if anything it brings out quite clearly that ODM spontaneously reacted to the illegitimacy of Kibaki as president (pnu totally argued that it was pre-planned, it was not) & to the contrary identified the main organisers & financiers of ORGANIZED, PRE-PLANNED violence as...

That is not to say ODM were entirely innocent victims of the PEV, I strongly believe that anyone, anyone be it Ruto, Uhuru, Kibaki himself or whoever else it may be, should be held fully accountable for their actions if found guilty.
But, it has to be based on fact & evidence, which is what Waki has done. It should not be propaganda that involves faking letters & documents among other things in an attempt at tying individuals to such inhumane acts!!
Basically it rubishes out your argument.
Good Riddance!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"...The verdict on NSIS is damning. No country runs without a dependable intelligence service and ours is reputed as one of the best on this side of the planet. The NSIS knew about the suffocating tension before the polls but their interest rested elsewhere secure in the knowledge about the voting pattern and outcome..."

What utter nonsense, Taabu. The Waki report is explicitly clear, and i can quote for you chapter and verse of the 529 page report, that the NSIS AND the Military were the only Govt institutions to act in a thoroughly professional manner, right from the NSIS predicting rising political tension after the 2005 referendum to informing the powers that be of the pre-meditated violence and murder being planned in the Rift Valley, to the Army stopping the Mungiki mayhem in Nakuru before it got out of control.
The NSIS have proved that they indeed have their finger on the pulse of every single thing that goes on in this country, including knowing time and second when Raila farts.
Why do you then persist in these spiteful lies? To what useful purpose?
Regardless, do not kid yourself. The likes of both Ruto and Kosgei and other ODM murdering louts and thugs have a date with the rope. Soon, very soon.
The ICC clause is the ultimate determinator. Brilliant.

Anon @ 6.19AM, pewa kitu.

Anon @ 7.07AM, either read the report or go back to school.

Anonymous said... "Kimi Raikonnen" has resurrected, actually you still have not discussed the Waki report (probably still digesting the bile huh?)
well, we are waiting, dont tell us about NSIS, tell us about the beckoning hague, please share your thoughts on the kikuyu businessmen & politicians who held meetings at state house, oh maybe you havent read it yet, you are avoiding all these. We understand!
And by the way 7:07 am, is so spot on, that is the absolute truth. It is what the report says, or maybe you havent reached those pages!

Personally, I think the only reason why you're commenting on NSIS & asking people who have actually read the report to re-read it is, imply because you're not satisfied with its findings. It's hurting you so bad right now that Kibaki & pnu are at the heart of the pre-planned & organized post election violence, heck they are the CORE REASON for the PEV. And you know it. Only you wished the verdict would point an accusing finger to ODM & it did not.
Even paul mwangi a pnu sympathiser & lawyer, admitted that the hague is beckoning. Take that pill and dont forget to swallow it long & hard; )

Anonymous said...

voting ended peacefully in Canada; the final results were out the next day; suggest you disband ECK and hire Elections Canada next times. Lives will be saved.

Anonymous said...

anon @7:07 am
let's stop name calling and stick to a rational course of argument or reasoning if we may.

if you may have noticed, which you didn't as usual, i didn't single out nor leave out kenyans from any one group or ethnic community that were involved in the complete mayhem after election 2007.

so, why are individuals like you so afraid/scared of kenyans who belong to other ethnic communities and adhere to a political ideology? what's the real essence of true democracy? can you help me understand such a simple fact of political life in our little world.

first of all, waki report is not gospel truth on every heinious crime that was committed on kenyan soil during one of kenya's darkest chapter of post election violence.

there is more to come than some of us would like the rest of the public to believe, and it will surface in due time as it did in places like rwanda, serbia, east timor, and other regions.

anon @7:07 am, would you please explain to an "ignoramus" being like me, how the pre-existing ethnic tensions, hatred, rivalry, sneaking suspicion, dislike and delusional self-cultivated ethnic superiority complex since the 1960s ended up being triggered by spontaneity, or rather blamed on very lame a excuse such as spontaneous combustion?

forgive me for my ignoramus status on kumekucha, but, would you help me understand why honest, law abiding, hardworking and peace loving businessmen and women from the kikuyu, those who have no known political ties, blood relations, clan (nyumba) affiliations and financial connections to the powers that be, such as mount kenya mafia, kiambu mafia and mola kingpin, were collectively punished and even killed for the political errors of a few rotten bananas (maligo) in their midst?

anon @7:07 am, guess what, your inborn fear of the whole kikuyu people will end up being your own undoing in the long. why? the more people spend their whole lives in the ethnic (tribal) pursuits of closely watching every imagined move and activity of their perceived ethnic enemies, the more they waste their whole lifetime on mundane issues rather investing the same energies in developing their regional economies, and keeping a steady eye on their so called friends.

international crisis group has a lot on what happened; recordings, vedeo violence footage, photographic diaries and direct interviews with victims from all over the country. keep your figures crossed for the time being.

back to the issue of some elements among kenyans living on the coastal region. the muslim population has been very peaceful and has co-existed with kenyans of other faiths for centuries without no friction, tension and violence.

it's a known fact that there some misguided elements in their living midst, and by that i mean, individuals with extreme political opinions as well as extreme religious beliefs, are in concert that infidels like you and me don not have the right to live in their midst or anywhere withing their domain of existence, which is rightful a place for them and them alone.

that's the group i had in mind when referring to the throny issue of "religious extremism" in kenya. any issue that is no different from the current "ethnic extremism".

lastly, i don't care whether the next kenyan president and his vice-precident are from the borana, somali, masaai, teso, rendile, bajuni, nubian, ndia, mbere, kisii, kuria, samburu, indiani, kikuyu, luo, luhya, kamba, nandi, tugen, pokot, kipsigis, marakwet, later-day-kaburu (leaky), bulushi, digo, giriama, marakote, sebei or whatever background.

all we (most kenyans) need is a government that is transparent and accountable. One that serves its people (citizenry), and is free from corruption, and the ongoing sickening politics of ethnicity and patronage

pnu was known to be arsenic, while odm is no different, it's total cyanide.

adm is as sick and guilty as pnu. they are not seeking power to serve the people, nor do they have kenya's best interests at their political hearts.

kenyans deserve better political parties, wise political leaders and not toxic poisonous individuals like the curent crop of politicians.

anon @7:07 am, why do some kenyans hate innocent kikuyus like venomous vipers, and why do some rotten bananas among the kikuyu hate other kenyans like dead corpse?

UrXlnc said...

anon 11:29

i understand and hear you.

there is a lot of anger and tension which only gets further exacerbated by the inaction of the principals.

i can assure you that whereas the tribal haters you mention exist, they are not the majority. the majority are simple everyday kenyans like you, me and many other contributors here who just want things to make sense, and for justice to prevail and be served. its when the executive apply selective justice or keep on fumbling, delaying and toying with justice which provides loophole for criminal minded and bigots to generate heat which unfortunately draws everyone else into it.

Anonymous said...

Urxlnc, the two faced son of a bitch!

WHY DO YOU PRETEND?! WHEN I KNOW YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!! you should practice what you write here. I know you know who is this...
do you want some clues??

UrXlnc said...

ok 12:25 you want to talk go ahead

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 10.34AM, what do you understand by the term spontaneous? Please, enlighten us dunderheads.
Secondly, you are reading the report upside down, turn the book right side up.

Anonymous said...

Urxlnc, on anon 12:25, you remember a year ago, you said ODM will win and if kibaki is re-elected you were willing to die. you said Kenya will become like somolia, remember those words?
you want more clues???

UrXlnc said...


kindly remind me exactly where i said those words, i seem to have forgotten

papa plus said...

Why does anyone bother to engage someone called anon x:y am/pm? especially when the post is festuned with insults and salty language? It's like engaging a wrong number caller on the phone! Learn to ignore guys, you'll be amazed at the results.

if this guy was real he could have posted links to alledged words and made his/her point mara once instead of issuing petty threats.

Anonymous said...

papa +

you're right

anon 2:43, i don't know what you're talking about so i'll leave it at its a case of mistaken identity.


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