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Thursday, January 10, 2008

After Charles Taylor, Mwai Kibaki Next?

The trial of former Liberian President Charles Ghankay Taylor in The Hague marks another milestone in the international democratization process and respect of human rights especially in the third world countries of Africa. One certainly hopes that Kenyan leaders are following events at the Hague!

Ex-President Taylor faces 11 charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. He is accused of funding Sierra Leone's former rebels, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) by selling diamonds on their behalf and buying weapons for them. RUF fighters were notorious for hacking off the arms and legs of the civilian population with machetes, as well as killing, raping and robbing them.

Charles Taylor, born 59 year ago, is the first African leader to face a criminal trial internationally and is charged with having command responsibility for the rebels' atrocities. He has pleaded not guilty.

It would seem obvious to the world that Taylor will not be the last ex-African president to face similar charges.

If what Kenyan civilians are experiencing in Nyanza, Western, Nairobi, Rift Valley and Coast Provinces, then it would not be too far-fetched to imagine Mwai Kibaki in a similar ICC trial facing charges that would make RUF crimes look like child's play.

The Kenya Red Cross and the Kenya Human Rights Commission, the Nairobi Womens Hospital have all been reporting horrendous cases of police executions, gang rape of women and children, burning of buildings with people locked inside, machete hacking of unarmed civilians. Incidentally, a majority of these crimes against humanity are undoubtedly committed by police and paramilitary forces. Mwai Kibaki, through his Internal Security minister, has the sole command responsibility for the atrocities by the security forces.

These images, captured by an AP photographer shows harmless babies and other dead bodies of civilians in a Kenyan morgue last week. The other shows a group of armed police assaulting an unarmed civilian during the riots.

Interestingly, it remains the sole responsibility of the government of Kenya to investigate, arrest and institute charges against any other person who is found guilty of having committed any crimes against humanity, something they have completely failed to do, instead only selectively arresting disenfranchised ODM demonstrators on flimsy charges like arson, unlawful assembly, robbery with violence, etc etc. How dreadful considering the more than 1000 people dead and still counting.

It has not been lost to observers that residents of Mt. Elgon, Kuresoi, Molo and even in Mathare slums of Nairobi have not known peace for the entire period of Kibaki's first term and before ODM came into existence. Cases of beheadings and armed raiders were all too common in the Kenyan press for the period 2003-2007, culminating into a damning report by the KNCHR to the effect that up to 8000 civilians - mainly from Central Province - were killed by police in the year 2007 alone!

Meanwhile, this blogger is encouraged by President Kibaki's visit to Burnt Forest yesterday. The president and his entourage were escorted by more than eight land rovers full of armed GSU paramilitary personnel whom the residents have accused of harming them. One also hopes that those other Kenyan refugees camping at Jamhuri Park, Kisumu Airport and Malaba on Uganda side will not be forgotten during these presidential tours.


Anonymous said...

``It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order, this lukewarmness arising partly from fear of their adversaries, who have the laws in their favour; and partly from the incredulity of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new until they have had the actual experience of it.''

Niccolò Machiavelli
The Prince and The Discourses
The Modern Library, Random House, Inc., 1950, Page 21, Chapter VI

Anonymous said...

It's so painful to see bodies of babies who were even too young to speak any language being piled like bags of potatoes. It's a shame that our leaders have decided to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening.

I agree with what the Consultants at has published, the Kenyan media apart from a few online outlets have let the public down.


Peace said...

Oh, noooooo!

Maua said...

Bwana Chris

Aiii, hata wewe, hata kama, I feel like you are inciting another war on cyberspace. Do you live on this blog?

We need peace, to move on and get back to our normal lives. But how can we if this keeps happening.

Anonymous said...

As the rest of the world forms huge blocks of economic, political and military survival, tribal chiefs tell us our future lies in fragmentation of Kenya into smaller states.
You see how shallow we are?

Anonymous said...

I have just bought the Daily Monitor and the top story is about Ugandan forces shooting rioters in Kisumu.
The story confirms the word on the ground that the people that shot the children and women were from the Ugandan special forces.
Kibaki and his people should never be let the hook.
Having dialogue with such a leader is simply time wasting.

Jeff said...


What amazes me about ODM supporters is their wanton selective amnesia. Who was really responsible for the chaos in the country? Remember that the adversaries were singularly directed at Kikuyus. Can Kibaki be responsible for attrocities against his tribe? Highly unlikely. You have often accused Kibaki and his allies of slopiness, incompetence. Were they responsible for the well organised killings and burning of houses? I think if you look deeply, the real culprits are neither Kibaki nor Kivuitu. As stated elsewhere by one of your contributors, Vikii, the chaos, as a post-election strategy, were planned even before the election, so that if Kibaki is declared winner, he could be coerced into religuishing power "to stop the killing of your people". The sight of the pictures you are showing would, they thought, make him give up to Raila.

We all saw on TV what ODM are calling rigging. They virtually interfered with the work of ECK, causing chaos at KICC, engaging ECK in shouting marches, making it impossible for ECK to announce results. This was after they participated in an overnight verification of files for all 210 constituencies, the result of which they have not told us. ECK had to hide from the hostile ODM crowd (for their own safety)to announce the results.

By now it is obvious that no amount of intimidation, mass action, international (diplomatic?) pressure, negative international press, all of which were ODM strategies, are going to cow Kibaki, who believes he is in office legitimately. Personally i don't think anything tangible will result from the ongoing mediation efforts. A GNU, even with Raila as executive PM, is also unlikely to work. A Kisumu resident put it like this on KTN: "Raila akiingia serikali, asikanyange Kisumu tena". It is either President Raila or nothing!

What are the options? The stalemate can only end if Raila declares again "Kibaki Tosha" and occupies his leader of official opposition seat in parliament. Alternatively, if he believes he lost unfairly,let him seek recourse in the courts. Kibaki has already indicated his willingness to accept any verdict delivered by the courts. Another option is the "no-confidence" route. Since ODM insist they have the majority in parliament, then why not go for this. To me it seems the easiest way to remove Kibaki,then we go for another election.

Therefore, it is my humble submission that Raila rather than Kibaki holds the key to the end of mayhem. He should also be held personally responsible for the killing and maiming of innocent citizens, destruction of property and instilling of fear among Kenyans and balcanisation of the country.

Kenya will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Who has killed who? Over 1467 kikuyus have been killed in three days of mayhem. They belong to the presidents tribe. I seem not to understand Kenya. Am a human rights lawyer here in London, and the facts and tapes in our possession are so glaring that ODM leaders may not escape a genocide trial. They facilitated the elimination of a community for no other reason, other than exercising their democratic right and being kukuyus! period. In all my work its the governemnt that commits genocide, sadly for Kenya the ODM opposition movement has done it. Every day that passes, the pictures in our possesion and clips are showing grave acts committed against the kukuyus. Am pretty sure you may not publish this piece, but i feel this blogger may need to look at the human rights position and respective international human rights articles before engaging in a field that could be a minefield. The perception out here is that while some are genuinely fighting for democracy in ODM,there are some among them who wanted Kenya to be a rwanda in making. The Government also stands condemned for its weak response in eldoret. Railas image is severely being dented by the above pictures as a man of peace. He has no choice but to sacrifice the suspects early enough to maintain political sympathy internationally. Some of you will dismiss this article as just that - another anonymous. Kenyans take heed.

Anonymous said...


You are advocating "rape" and instituiting that stealing is "legal". In which world do you live in? The factual evidence that is presented as well as ECK follow up comment state the elections were fraudlent and rigged! Deomcracy cannot be "raped", and electoral cannot be "prostituted". People must be held accountable from all sides, and answers and justification must be sought!

No one is above the law, including Kibaki or Raila, everyone has to face the reality that the irregularities occurred and the results should be null and void! Period!

Anonymous said...


You are advocating "rape" and instituiting that stealing is "legal". In which world do you live in? The factual evidence that is presented as well as ECK follow up comment state the elections were fraudlent and rigged! Deomcracy cannot be "raped", and electoral cannot be "prostituted". People must be held accountable from all sides, and answers and justification must be sought!

No one is above the law, including Kibaki or Raila, everyone has to face the reality that the irregularities occurred and the results should be null and void! Period!

Anonymous said...

Eeeh! Excuse me but who was it raping Kikuyu women and boys? Who was it displacing people of Gema origin from THEIR rightful and legally possessed homes? Thats right, your trusty General and their zombie-like troops.

For the crime of ethnic cleansing, we the people of Kenya, find Raila Amollo Odinga (aka Mr. Power At Any Cost) GUILTY!!!!!

Hata kama u dont believe in God, Mr. Nyundo, theres a special place reserved for u on the devils right HELL.

Phil said...


Why do you always want to introduce the ethnic angle whenever anything comes up against Kibaki.

Please review the Red Cross and KNHRC reports, plus Kenya press interview of victims in Malaba, Jamhuri park and Kisumu Airport. While some of the are from the community you so love to defend, majority are from other ethnic origins too. And the bottom line is - they are ALL civilians regardless of their ethnicity.

The big question is: If GoK is aware that ODM is organizing violence against certain communities, WHY ARE THEY BEING ALLOWED TO ROAM FREELY? Are they supposed to arrest/prosecute themselves? Whose responsibility is it to ensure law and order?

And going by the confessions of the victims, the attackers are armed, dressed in military fatigues and highly efficient & organised (same as Kuresoi/Mt. Elgon raiders). Right now, it is only the GoK that has uniformed forces in its ranks. Besides, the president is the CiC of the armed forces. Most victims in our overflowing morgues are victims of a bullet to the head (outright execution).


Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita said...

Ndugu zangu, please stop.

Anonymous said...

All of you people are so stupid. Jeez how can you be soooo stupid. All these politicians you are all advocating for are THIEVES, MURDERERS AND ARROGANT. THEY HAVE BLOOD OF INNOCENT KIDS ON THEIR HANDS. GROW UP AND STOP REASONING LIKE FOOLS. WHY CAN'T YOU DEBATE LIKE MATURE SENSIBLE PEOPLE.

Disgusted me!!!

Anonymous said...

So Kibaki rigged the election. I'm fairly sure it was rigged from both sides, but okay, in such instances only the winner gets blamed when the loser is already punished enough simply by losing it.

But rigging elections is one thing. Instigating killing another.

When a guy steals a chicken and you go and slaughter his family for that, who will be the bigger criminal in the end? And what will be remembered? The loss of the chicken?

It more and more emerges that the mayhem was accurately planned in advance - the massacre at the Eldoret church, the displacement of people, the killing of children. For how long was 'Anti-Kikuyuism' considered an appropriate means to get more votes?

We were so fed up with Kibaki, his cronyism, his corruption, fed up with waiting for his economical achievements to improve the lot of ordinary Kenyans and not just filling the pockets of a few. The Kenya of ten millionaires and ten million beggars, you know?

When he was so hastily sworn in after the rigging-for-dummies-stunt we thought it was indecent and honorless. When he announced his half cabinet we had our jaws dropping on the floor and thought now the old grump has gone senile completely.

But it slowly occurs to us that we just scarcely scrapped along the iceberg. ODM has shown its true face and we probably were lucky they did not win. For what 'change' would it have been, built upon discrimination and genocide?

Maybe one day Kenya will have better choices than just that between two evils.

For now, Kibaki is the lesser evil. The stolen chicken can be made up for but the dead stay dead.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I call that wishful thinking and speculation, W. R. Samoei will be long convicted before anyone ever ponders about and abandons the thought against Kibaki. The real culprits are already known and I assure you pressure will soon come from around the world for the Pentagon to disown the goon in their midst.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You really are fucking stupid, aren't you?
What about the role of Ruto in rift valley? Hasn't he attempted his own version of majimbo there by ethnically cleansing Kikuyus?
Do you even know what the role of the ICC is you fucking ignoramus?

This blog is updated by simpletons with no comprehension of international human rights law. I suggest you acquaint ypurself with the niceties of International human rights law before you type shit like that here again, fucking imbecile.

Anonymous said...

As for the children with bullet wounds and those burnt in churches and massacared countrywide, their blood will haunt the perpetrators, no matter who they are. God's revenge will be swift and ruthless for the defenceless angels!

Anonymous said...

"it would not be too far-fetched to imagine Mwai Kibaki in a similar ICC trial facing charges that would make RUF crimes look like child's play."

Really? Have you read Taylor's indictment? Do you know about the civil war in Sierra Leone? Are you comparing it to the police brutality meted out last week? Are I just wonder sometimes whether certain people who post here are fully engaging their brains.

The statute of the ICC is available online, try read the court's purpose and once you have done that, you will realise the stupidity of your comments.

Phil said...

Predictably, some Kibaki supporters, who suffer from inferiority complex, instead of constructively engaging in debate and deducting points from the main post they are now resorting to insults against the author. Ukweli yawauma!

Regular readers; Are you surprised this country is sitting in a total mess and despair? You should not be when the typical Kenyan mind is vomiting trash right here on this forum. This is the kind of treatment your average Kenyan endures each day. Worse treatment awaits you if you are poor, uneducated and from certain ethnicity.

ICC statutes my foot! are those GSU and policemen unleashing violence on unarmed civilians acting on impulse or do they have a commander somewhere? Why is our freedom of assembly and information curtailed?

Meanwhile, please be advised, photo-images do not lie and for your info I have an extensive online photo album that shows most of the post election violence victims were shot in the head. These images, all of which are taken inside heavily guarded Nairobi City Mortuary where few Kenyans have ever ventured, are too gory to publish here at Kumekucha. We only managed to take them when the ODM pentagon visited the morgue to see for themselves how their supporters had been massacred. The ones I published above are the soft ones we could select for U. Or do you want to dare me publish them?

Anonymous said...

I dare you to go ahead and publish them, they may help us get a balanced case out here. Thats the information we need. All the same please indicate where the pictures were taken and the dates to help in our collaboration. Once done, I promise to send you two video clips - one of a leader ( pentagon member)speaking to a group of youth in local dialect with some translation which you can confirm. WE have the whole 20 minute speech if you like. A second clip will shame the people of Kenya when you listen when you listen to the people on the background. WE also have a host of pictures and more are trickling in.

Anonymous said...

It seems Phil will never get a head. A daily hate blog. Stupid Headings, like those sourced from witches! "Kibaki will be the next tylor?" Phil, so you are already a judge and have seen it is Kibaki to blame for the killings? You aint a court, so stop this stupidity that only perpetrates hate, fear ect.

Anonymous said...

anon at 8:19 AM

If you have such things then for heaven's sake publish them, get a website somewhere and put it all up, including translation et all. Let folks see those things!

This is so much easier these days than it was in the 80s, 90s where the most one could have was an ageold typewriter. Nowadays information can be so easily distributed, that's what folks back then had dreamt of.

Put your videos and pictures up, people must see such stuff and judge for themselfes.

motosana said...

Let me tell you who should be charged at ICC. Do you remember these words? Mapambano, Majimbo, Tunaenda vitani na mimi nahitaji mashujaa kama nyinyi kunipigania, Adui etc? Those are the words of RAO during his campaigns.

Anonymous said...

"ICC statutes my foot! are those GSU and policemen unleashing violence on unarmed civilians acting on impulse or do they have a commander somewhere? Why is our freedom of assembly and information curtailed?"

Your first paragraph sums up why you are an ignoramus. If you had bothered reading them, you'd know why your entire post on this issue is imbecilic at best.

Freedom of assembly and curtailing the dissemination of information are not grounds for indcitment at the ICC. As for the GSU shooting civilians, i agree they have acted barbarically in many cases.
There has to be accountability when such lethal force is discharged. I notice that any mention of rift valley ethnic cleansing is absent from your rebuttal. Maybe it's your ODM agenda showing its true colours. Aren't those that orchestrated violence in Eldoret and Burnt forest worthy of mention in your rant against Kibaki?

Who has been inciting Kalenjins against their neighbours in rift vally? Who is/ are these people?

If you have photos of police brutality, publish them or send them to human rights watch or amnesty international. They usually write reports on such matters. Put up or shut up, you fucking wanker.

kyumi said...

Who should be charged for crimes against humaunity in kenya?
some people must be held accountable.

Kenyan`s lives are not like rat`s lives.

Anonymous said...


we are planning to register a forum to protect the rule of law in Kenya.

We are fools, if we can watch a tyrant suspend democracy. We are damn stupid to support him because he is from coming from our province.

What will happen with you, if another dictator uses the cleptocracy tactics in 30 yrs to come and he is from Kakamega or Voi? Would you demonstrate against him?

Let's not allow any politician to use corrupt means in our country, irrespective of his tribe.

Kenyans join hands against KIBAKI. Kenya doesnt deserve to be ruled by this thief.

Be a part of FORRULA (Forum for Rule of Law in Kenya).

Anonymous said...

I think it would be Ruto to go to court for instigating the Eldoret genocide. I found a very interesting posting in on the role Ruto played to instigate those massacares

Vikii said...

Phil, did you say insults? I am not a Kibaki supporter as such but even if I were, it is not hard to see which side cannot argue. It is all here for all to see. Everybody who disagrees with the Odinga dictatorial Movement in this blog is called all names out there. If you trully think the ODM has an argument that is not defective, why not be man enough and defend whatever their argument is here? Why not do it smartly and civilly? You see, it is not that I expect a good percentage of the ODM chaps to put up any decent argument (For absolutely obvious reasons), but it will atleast give some semblance to the smartness they so oftenly claim monopoly of. Do not rush to call people fools and yet it is you who cant say anything else besides that. Which schools did you, friends, attend?

Phil said...


Bring it on. Oh yes Vikii, even you can see who is insulting the other here - but I can assure YOU, insults will not make me back down or give up. Before the ink is dry, Vikii is questioning our education, forgetting that literacy levels in our country Kenya are still so low. Does it mean uneducated population do not have a right to an opinion or a right to vote or are they a lesser human beings?

My main post clearly says Kibaki, as president and CiC, has the constitutional COMMAND CONTROL over the police and paramilitary forces that have unleashed untold terror and violence on unarmed civilians. My post also refers for KRC and KNHRC reports on the gross human rights violations that the police have meted on the civilians. Some of the evidence is from survivors (who come from a mix of ethnic communities in Kenya) while photo images are also available. This is sufficient enough to have Kibaki indicted, because we all know the president of Kenya is above the law in Kenya - thats why the likes of Moi are still roaming free despite the crimes his regime committed against humanity.

My second comment poses as question: If Ruto, Raila, etc are guilty of organising these crimes against certain people, who is mandated to arrest/prosecute them? Is it to say that police are failing, just like they failed to tame Mungiki, in their job of maintaining law and order? Is it not a fact that for the last three years armed raiders who seemingly enjoy state protection, have killed/maimed tens of thousands of Kenyan civilians in Mt. Elgon, Kuresoi and Molo, something they started even before ODM came into existence all while Kibaki was president/CiC? Let him take his responsibility.

Lastly Mr. Foul Mouth anon, you are very selective in highlighting my comments. Just go back and review what you left out or failed to respond to. It is obvious that there is a weak attempt to allege that only a particular community was targetted in the post elections violence. It seems according to comments left here, the rest who live in Kibera, Mathare, Kisumu, Kericho and those lying at the heavily guarded City Mortuary are NOT human beings! No wonder the president only visited Burnt Forest and we all know who lives there! Yet again, very selective indeed.

Meanwhile, I encourage your supposedly clever legal mind to proceed and spew insulting lectures on how the ICC works - as if we do not know the difference between Charles Taylor and Mwai Kibaki!

Anonymous said...

No matter what you guys say here,
Kibaki is guilty is killing innocent Kenyans. Another thing is that kikuyus should never set foot in RV,Wester, Nyanza. And it should stay that way.

Anonymous said...

"This is sufficient enough to have Kibaki indicted, because we all know the president of Kenya is above the law in Kenya - thats why the likes of Moi are still roaming free despite the crimes his regime committed against humanity."

DUH! Heads of state have immunity from prosecution, fucking wanker.
Your indignation is selective, yet again it is based on what happened in Nyanza. Not a sentence on Eldoret or Rift valley and the ODM inciters there. It really beggars belief how you continue to demand indictments of certain politicians while failing to demand for all involved in this sorry saga.

As they said in Nuremberg, it is Victors' justice. The sooner you accept that the better.

Sue said...

Believe it or Not.
Some Power hungry individuals should be responsible for the innocent bloodbath in Kenya.

Kibaki, Kivuitu and their lieutenants should be prepared for the trial in the Hague.

Having said that, the ODM cronies and Raila diehards should be preparing for a remembrance ceremony.

Then we will have fresh leaders, educated and mindful of Kenyans at heart.

These guys are all Old KANU crooks and should all be under six by six, as we speak.

They are are all blood stained on their hands because of power hunger.

We are not talking about poor people in kenya, we are talking about Multi-billionaires who have no value for life.. Don`t even mention Ruto.

Anonymous said...


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