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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Matatu-Riding American President And The World Economic Melt Down

Kumekucha stood alone for a long time predicting Barrack Obama’s march to the White House. Now the people who were telling me that I do not understand American politics are bold supporters of the Senator who came from nowhere and will remind nobody of their earlier views.

After the debate between Obama and McCain a few hours ago, all indications are that this man of Kenyan descent will be the next president of the United States of America.

However my big concern just now is the kind of world that Obama will walk into as President next January. It seems to me that the odds are all stacked very heavily against him. No previous American president has ever had to face what Obama will have on his plate in a few months time. While I wish him the best and will be rooting for him all the way, I just wonder…

Obama’s ascension to the highest office in the land will also mark the most dramatic shift in the fortunes of Africa ever witnessed in history. There are some economic pundits who believe that the world economic melt down is already ushering in a new world economic order that will greatly favor Africa for the first time. Personally I see plenty of evidence to support that kind of thinking.

Kindly bear with me for a few minutes. I know how boring economics is, more so in a hot political site like Kumekucha, but I believe this is important.

This is the second time that greed and speculation are bringing the world economy to its’ knees. Chances are that we may just go back to the old ways like having gold in a central bank to back the currency out there. My view is that the sophisticated bail outs will not work and that even if there is a brief initial respite, things will only get worse.

Africans are poised to be major players in the world economic order because trends clearly show that food prices will continue to head North and since the continent is primarily agricultural country, I see farming becoming more profitable than it has ever been in history. Then there is the continent’s highly skillful labour force that has for a long time been locked out of Western economies. Whatever happens, that valuable resource will greatly benefit the continent in the years to come even if it is in the form of repatriated earnings (although I have a feeling that it will be much more than that). In Africa Kenya is clearly the country to watch here.

Then there is the World Wide Web and the cell phones which have given Africa instant infrastructure that is already fuelling unprecedented economic activity on the continent.

The world as we knew it has changed forever and Africans and especially Kenyans need to follow Senator Obama’s example and rise up to the occasion. This is our time.

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Anonymous said...

yawn yawn this supposed to be informative piece or article of chest thumping 'i told you so?'
so Obama is already the US president because of the opinion polls?

this reminds me of Kenya in Dec 2007...ignorant morons in Kumekucha took opinion polls predictions and tallied them like votes and announced the president in earnest. we all know how farce and wrong the 2000 people statistics were.

so i see Chris chest thumping here crying foul incase his other small god Obama (who is as much a Kenyan as a Kangaroo)losses. i predict cries of rigging soon here at KK. fortunately, all the stone throwing lunatics are stuck in poverty stricken town called kisumu and are healing their wounds after a circumcision bonanza....

Taabu's mistress

Anonymous said...

This so called Taabu's mistress is really miserable.

While the whole world knows Kibaki had to use Kivuitu to ensure he is installed as President, and that Raila beat Kibaki hands down both in number of parliamentary seats and in the presidential vote itself, including provincial votes, you still want us to believe otherwise. Even worse, you are assuming what happened here will be replicated in US. Pleeaseee!!!

What I can tell you is the expansion and upgrading of Kisumu Airport to international status is now being fastracked because chances and all signs are that AIR FORCE ONE will be landing there soon, perhaps as early as January 2009.

Kogelo home is now under 24hrs police guard, and granny sarah obama can no longer make those trips to the local market as before. Obama will be coming in January to upgrade his simba (thingira) and build a permanent house for Michelle and her kids.

Kwa hivyo, meza wembe.

Mzalendo said...

Anyone who is not circumcised by the end of this year will face executed. Agwambo alisema!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil, anon 11:10

very well articulated sir though i wonder why u picked the anon. your signature is known moron.

back to ua verbal diarrhoea..

phil said..

What I can tell you is the expansion and upgrading of Kisumu Airport to international status is now being fastracked because chances and all signs are that AIR FORCE ONE will be landing there soon, perhaps as early as January 2009.

the people say;
its somewhat sad that someone can be so obsessed with other human beings to this level. so if Obama wins, i assume Kisumu becomes a 2nd white house and 43rd state? pleeeze...grow up or grow a tail...2/3 of Kisumu is a slum and u talk of international airport? obama will them be met by beggars hoping for handouts and ua molasses demigod who is on the way to the hague will be walking on his knees. lets hope his brother oburu who like Sam Okello has gone into hiding to hide from the surgeon appointment will have lost his 70 year old foreskin and healed considerably well to meet the luo supremo from USA...bwa ha ha ha...

no wonder luo's are labelled in wikipedia as..

very political but lacking in economic empowerment....well we all see that clearly...remember Hummer in Kibera? poor fools

Taabu's mistress

Mzalendo said...

Taabu mistress,

We have these so called Kumekucha contributors posting as anon, winnie, joe, king charles…. but we know them. you can run but not hide.

Some 'sober' bloggers like Urlxnc posing as anon to post garbage in their inferiority complex… and then change to sweet sugar. give a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am from Mashada and am here to baiting these uncultured idoits until they bow to decency.

Anonymous said...

why i wonder, do luos pose such a threat to others, especially bigotted kikuyus?
so much noise and anger.
afterall we are poor primitive and pathetic aren't we?
if you are secure in yourselves why the endless malice and hate?

Mzalendo said...

Folk, don't be fooled this is a FACT

Anytime you see these name they respect these IDIOTS.

Joe – Phil
Winnie – UrXlnc (faggot)
King Charles – Kalamari

This is how this blog has sunk!!

Anonymous said...


MZALENDO thinks with his penis........ no wonder..

Joe said...

Those brought up in a culture of DECEPTION think the rest of the world is like them. Enough said.

Mzalendo said...

@anon 4.57, i meant they represent not respect... there is no respect in them.


Phil - LUO (uncircumsed)
UrXlnc - LUO (uncircimised faggot)
Kalamari - Luhyia (K-st regualar)

more to come!!!!

Creative said...

And what if Obama had some kikuyu blood and not Luo? Would the perception still be the same?

Kikuyus, please think beyond your tribe!

M-Pesa said...

Chris, why bury down the Waki report with this bootlicking piece on Obama who can fight his own battles? On Waki report, why the deafening silence from the establishment? Who are the evil doers who met in Statehouse to plan mass murder in Naivasha? Why is Ali is still in office if he has any sense left inside his shiny dome? Why has Ruto gone into hibernation? What goes round, surely comes around.

Anonymous said...

Mzalendo is Kwale we all know that with his lack of education and riding on his kikuyu fathers stolen money:) what does one expect from the likes of un- educated piece of skunk?? one has to feel very sorry for this human being with no brains removed from the village and directly deposited abroad.. it is a wonder this disgusting poor excuse of a human being can even hit the keyboard here- I bet if you check further he is paying someone to read and write for him on here:):) proof is on what this goon posts here -such waste on here... mavi hole is where Mzalendo aka Kwale belongs!! in a shiate hole.

Anonymous said...

Taabu's mistress

10:55 PM

Opps here is Kwale again or is it Mzalendo?? Kikuyu packed shiate head!
now you think you can come on Kumekucha and abuse others??

You are the incest filled sucking shiate sperm produced human being and that is why you have no brains to even hold an intelligent argument on here... calling people names here won't stop them discussing important issues- your IP address is the same on Mashada and looking at what you post there why am I not surprised that the truth posted on Kumekucha is indeed driving you crazy and if you had a way to dive through your computer to harm Kenyans on here you would do it.. you are a very violet kikuyu shiatehead and you think by thoughing abuses on here will stop kenyans posting the truth on Kumekucha! think again you are over powered and now you feel useless and the only way to strike back is to rant stupidly pole sana... you ignorant piece of shiate.. Kibaki and his cronies do not own Kumekucha and therefore you are wasting your Kibaki time on here...

Now you seem to be afraid what is going to be facing Kikuyu's from other tribes and eye for an eye brother soon your only home will be central Lesotho goon..

Anonymous said...

Mzalendo (kikuyu confused shiatehead)

You fool- you are so scared of your own image in the mirror that you have to come on Kumekucha to abuse people?? go spew your normal shiate on mashada, the kikuyu skunk in you can not handle the truth so you resort to abuses:):) ha!!ha!! you are like a 4 year old who is peeing on himself in fear of being caught with pants down.

Push off Kumekucha does not need the likes of you here- and get it straight we know what you are trying to accomplish- post here filth so that Kumekucha becomes like your usual mashada shiate kikuyu blog.... "IT WON'T HAPPEN"

Chris get Mzalendo IP address and surprise surprise... check the same IP address on will discover a very disturbing trend on from this individual with his hate posts on other tribes....

Anonymous said...

If Obama fail to win, will it be kikuyu stealing the election???

Anonymous said...

Obama Juu- some people in Kenya are already shitting on themselves!! we know who they are ! the same people who organized and were (paid big $) to host Corsi the author to bring down Obama in Kenya(that failed) I wonder what other plot they have on their sleeves??

Sources say this same individuals have been planning to harm Obama's grandMother! to hit the nail on his coffin and I would not put it this past the same individuals who are so blood thirsty they killed thousands of innocent kenyans in cold blood(Kenyans have not forgotten they have it coming to them soon)

So let all eyes be on Obama's grandmother I hear plans are in place to harm her... This animals of human beings do not know when to stop.. let as see their next move after their failure with Corsi.

Anonymous said...

anon8:22 AM

Only a brainless fool can ask such a question

STOP CONFUSING KIBAKI'S RIGGING ELECTIONS IN KENYA IN BROAD DAYLIGHT TO AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN... ha!!ha!! are you for real?? no comparison between kibaki's filthy thieving, rigging campaign to America campaigning- go home to othaya you kikuyu fool,

Let the Americans decide- and shut up.. while you are at it get yourself some good education before posting nonsense here.

Papi said...

If Obama is defeated on Nov 14 its because the white folks went to the ballot and said....."F*&% that nigger", but so I wish that is wrong. Many things can go wrong on Nov 14, so far all indications are that he will sail through but you never know. If he does then he would have inspired a whole race, black folks on every part of this world. That thought alone is sending shivers to that mzungu who is still ingrained in the past, those who see mwafrika as so inferior. Are we really inferior or are the circumstances against us.

We need to learn from Obama and the people who will elect him, that we can rise above petty politiking and forge a movement that we trust will deliver us. Its not as issue of saying "he is uncircumcised, they only produce watchmen" its well beyond that.....and the earlier Africans realize that their destiny lies in their hands the better.

One thing that I wish Obama could do as he will be in that position. With his diplomatic style, he should put a stop on the "west" and its meddling in African countries...but ultimately he must ask Africans to demand better from their leaders.

To this Kenya is very central.


Anonymous said...


I have noticed a very disturbing trend from mzalendo who sometimes posts as anon.
The fact that he picks on a harmless female (Ivy) tells what a sick wealking he is. Ivy has clearly taken the high ground - and not dignified his stupid comments with a response. What I particularly find very disturbing is that this sexual harassment has been going on without any reprimand or warning from kk- yet we know how quickly you jump to the defence of other bloggers (you know who).
Can you please do something?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.47, no favors, everyone here should be exempt from abuses and tribal jibes.
Everyone should be able to blog free from abuse or harassment and all tribal language should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

To those whose heads are thick enough to understand simple things,seems like it will take upto 2012 for reality to sink in.STATE HOUSE IS OCCUPIED!!You can post all the garbage you want but it doesnt change a thing(it only probably increases your blood pressure ha ha).Other than that you can either twist your dick and put it in your ass if you are male and if you are the other sex,stuff four fingers inside.Get the point?And Obama is an AMERICAN with civilized blood relatives in as far as Indonesia,so what makes these Idol worshipping,ass licking,widow inheriting,corpse fucking HIV carriers LUO'S think Obama is one of them?

Anonymous said...


anon8:58 AM


CHRIS IF YOU HEAR US PLEASE EXPOSE THIS BLOGGER (Phil- you mentioned you knew his/her identity please post it here and let the shame be on this uncouth kenyan - who seems to be a very disturbed violent and dangerous human being.

this individual should pasted on every kenyan blog with his or her true identity....

Anonymous said...

We demand the identity of
anon 8:58 AM

This is the same person who poses as
1. Kwale
2. Mzalendo
3. Taabu's Mistress
4 and the fake ivy

Chris if you don't know how to hook up this individuals IP address and follow it to his/her service provider and get the records- please ask as for help some of our friends work in the Internet security section on pedophiles section where they catch all this internet fagots who go after children for sex...... we can call in a favor to catch this poor excuse of a human being...

Pass as this individuals IP address please!they can hide under anonymous but they can't run... internet security is big this days and you can find people very easily through their service providers.. hell I even know some hackers who can find this GOONS for you in seconds.....


Anonymous said...

Anons 9:19 and 10:16,so you now resor to threats and yet you are the ones who always if am right advocate for free speech.Am talking of anon 8:58 and am in no way linked to all those you mention.Am under no illusion to post what pleases you and am not in any way scared by your infantile threats and I dare even Chris to confirm that am the one he was talking about and I will shame him publicly and I repeat without any apologies that Obama is an AMERICAN who has no time for backward,myopic foreskin owners!!

Mzalendo said...

Anon 7.56, Mzalendo is not Kwale and not in way any associated with Kwale or Taabu's mistress.
Mzalendo is a nationalist, ant-foreskins, anti-mediocrity, blogging from Kajiado. You can check my IP address and come arrest me if you like …. yes you can find me in Mashada too .

Anonymous said...

anon12:01 PM

Mzalendo yuks!! you are one of those incest filled pricks that go around screwing your mother, sister and cousins uncouth human being that can't look elsewhere for a funk but commit incest with family members- no wonder you have nothing of substance to report here? go carry your incest filled d--k elsewhere shenzi wewe.

Anonymous said...

anon11:15 AM
Hiding your stinking ass and incested prick behind names like Kwale!! Mzalendo!! Taabu's Mistress will not help you fagot!!
You will be displayed here for all to see what type of poor human excuse of an animal you are- Mpumbavu wewe go hang your stinking filled prick in Central province of Othaya where the same Kibaki commits incest with his daughter Judy maybe you have a child with your mother or father too jinga were- who ever born you must still be in pain.

Anonymous said...


MPs’ fury over text from party Chief Whip

Published on 15/10/2008

By Joseph Murimi

A text message ordering MPs from PNU and its affiliates to attend President Kibaki’s Nakuru rally has angered some.

The message sent by Government Chief Whip and Juja MP George Thuo says the MPs must attend the rally.

"Colleagues, please not that HE the President Hon Mwai Kibaki will hold a PNU rally at Afraha Stadium on Saturday October 18, 2008, starting 10:00am. It is a MUST that you attend. Thank you. G Thuo. Govt Chief Whip", read the message forwarded to The Standard by one angry MP.

Some legislators took issue with the tone of the message, especially the use of ‘must’ in capital letters. But when contacted, Thuo defended his text message, saying it was his business to remind MPs to attend party functions.

Anonymous said...


State officials, businessmen sponsored chaos

Published on 16/10/2008

By Beauttah Omanga

The main perpetrators of post-election chaos were Government officials and other influential individuals, Justice Philip Waki said.

Waki said the financiers included senior police officers and top businessmen. He said names of the perpetrators would be presented to the Panel of African Eminent Persons in a sealed envelope.

Waki said State officials and police implicated should be relieved of their duties pending the outcome of a proposed special tribunal to investigate them.

"Those found guilty should eventually be banned from holding any public office, while the businessmen should be fined heavily," said Waki.

Anonymous said...

At last the truth comes out! but wait a minute... shoot to kill order only come from one person and one person alone "Emilio Kibaki

Facts are facts....

Waki team partly blames Kibaki for post-poll chaos

Published on 16/10/2008

By Joseph Murimi

Justice Phillip Waki’s Commission investigating post-election violence poked holes into President Kibaki’s style of leadership and partly blamed him for the chaos.

The commission, in its report released yesterday, concluded that post-election violence was in part a consequence of the failure of President Kibaki’s and his first Government to exert political control.

"The post-election violence, therefore, is, in part, a consequence of the failure of President Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilised contest with him at the polls to be possible," says the Commission of Inquiry into the Post-Election Violence (Cipev).

It says Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalisation to fester into violence.

Anonymous said...

here are the facts the senile Alzheimer filled Kibaki must get out of statehouse.... the only illegal goat that is heading one area in kenya Central lesotho -everywhere else in kenya people look at him like mavi ya kuku

Motion on the legality of Kibaki’s tenure mooted

Published on 09/10/2008

By David Ohito

A fresh storm over the controversial presidential election last year could erupt in Parliament as a notice of Motion on the Kriegler report is set to come to the House.

In a move likely to set Parliament on a collision course with the Executive and with the potential to reopen fresh political wounds between the coalition partners, Webuye MP Alfred Wekesa Sambu (ODM) is asking Parliament to establish a committee to determine if President Kibaki is in office legally, after an election where there was no winner.

Sambu’s Motion also seeks fresh presidential polls ordered so that there is a known winner heading the Government.

Anonymous said...

Livondo Vs OBama

Isthis what we have in Kenya?

Livondo moves to challenge PM ruling
Written By:Walter Dzuya , Posted: Thu, Oct 16, 2008

PNU parliamentary aspirant in the last general election Stanley Livondo moved to the court of appeal on Thursday to challenge a ruling by the lower court in an election petition he filed against Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Livondo through his lawyer Gibson Kamau Kuria told the Court of Appeal judges' Philip Tunoi, Samuel Bosire and Daniel Aganyanya that the High Court judge errored by dismissing an appeal to cross examine Langata MP and Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the content of his affidavit on how he was served with election petition papers.

But Raila's lawyer Julie Oulo defended the ruling arguing that the decision by the judge was fair putting into consideration the prevailing circumstances.

The judges will rule on the matter on November 21.

Meanwhile the case against Java's manager John Wagner who is charged with defiling three minors continued with the girls' former class teacher Mary Magdalene testifying.

Magdalene told senior principle magistrate Teresiah Ngugi of her encounter with the girls from the time one of the girls was taken to her school as an I.D.P from Coast Province.

She added that the girl dropped out of school early this year.

She is alleged to have been sent by her aunt to look for girls in her former school to be hired as house helps by a white man.

And at the Chief magistrate's court, three men were charged with manslaughter.

Mohammed Abdulahi Mohammed, Abdirahman Abdi Mohammoud and Khalid Abdulahi Abdi allegedly killed Omar Madhi Abdi.

They were remanded until investigations in to the matter are completed.

Anonymous said...


"""The National Social Security Fund’s Investments Committee had invested a massive Sh1.4 billion."""

Did they check or do a due diligence report on Discount Securities Ltd before they poured in all those billions??? Let them table the due diligence report to kenyans(where are all those loud mouth MP's like Ababu?? how come I can't hear outrage pouring from their big mouths??

it is a fact this MP's like Ababu and Jirongo were compromised!! they eat from behind and can't stand up for ordinary kenyans because they are eating from the looting thugs from central province!!

Centum Investment Ltd MD resigns

Updated 37 min(s) ago

By James Anyanzwa

A top Centum Investment Company Ltd offical resigned under unclear circumstances.

Mr Peter Mwangi, the managing director stepped down on Thursday.

However, people familiar with the matter indicated that the manager relinquished his position amid mounting pressure over the firm’s possible link with the troubled Discount Securities Ltd.

Mr David Owino, the current Investment Manager and Company Secretary, will in the meantime take over as Managing Director.


The company, which announced a first and final dividend of Sh0.45 on June 26, postponed the payment to January next year without giving details on the sudden change of heart.

"The dividend would be paid the day after the Annual General Meeting scheduled for January 14 next year,"Muthoni Njoba Personal Assistant to the former MD told The Standard yesterday.

A statement issued by the company however said Mr Mwangi resigned after requesting for time to pursue personal interests.

"We are sad that he is going but we have allowed him to leave the company on his request to pursue ot erpersonal interests which need more of his time and dedication," Mr James Muguiyi the company’s chairman said.News of the management changes triggered 4.7 per cent drop in the company’s share price to Sh17.5 from Sh18 the previous day.

Investors wealth

Discount Securities Ltd was put under investigation by the Capital Markets Authority on Monday, for being in financial distress and locking up millions- of- shillings worth of investors’ wealth.

The National Social Security Fund’s Investments Committee had invested a massive Sh1.4 billion.

The members have so far been asked to step aside pending investigation over the transactions. The fund has also interdicted all managers involved in the transaction of shares while failing to secure share certificates.

"Necessary investigation to ascertain the conditions that precipitated the situation are being reviewed,"Ms Jane Mwangi, the NSSF Board of Trustees Chairperson said in a statement.

Discount Securities is now under the management of the auditing firm KPMG that replaced Executive Director David Githaiga.

Centum Investment Company chairman Muguiyi however said the Board of Directors had accepted Mwangi’s resignation as the MD and wished him well in his future endeavours.

Anonymous said...

anon1:49 PM

Ha!!ha!! people should not worry about Livondo- I hear Interpol is soon getting him on major drug trafficking and I guess Gibson Kamau Kuria will be singing the same tune on Money Laundering for Livondo:):)

Watch this space for more details...

Livondo has been on watch for quite sometime... hey add on the arms deal for the government I hear he was one of those who was fronting the deal:):) na Mambo bado
watch out friends you hang around with this days in Kenya especially connected to PNU and former Kibaki government... this are dangerous times:)

Anonymous said...


DSL: Now Munyes fires NSSF Board

NAIROBI, October 16 - Labour Minister John Munyes on Thursday dissolved the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Board of Trustees with immediate effect.

At a press conference, Mr Munyes cited a preliminary report which showed that the Fund stands to lose nearly Sh1.4 billion from shares bought through Discount Securities Limited (DSL), for which it didn't get share certificates. They were trading using nominee accounts.

“We have established that the Board approved a purchase of shares worth Sh2 billion but it has since emerged that NSSF does not have share certificates worth approximately Sh1.4 billion. NSSF could lose this money, if Discount Securities does not deliver the shares in form of the certificates,” Munyes told reporters.

Anonymous said...


Police and militia groups blamed for post-poll chaos

Published on 16/10/2008

By Alex Kiprotich and Steve Mkawale

Police laxity fuelled post-election violence in South and Central Rift Valley.

The Waki Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence said the security forces concentrated on clearing roads and dispersing crowds instead of responding to people under attack.

Allegations were made to the commission that an officer in charge of special operations at the provincial police headquarters was the secretary of Mungiki in Nakuru.

In their findings, released yesterday by Justice Philip Waki, the commission blamed security forces in the region for failing to act on intelligence reports.

Kikuyu militia

In Nakuru, the commission blamed the violence on Kikuyu militia, who were allegedly supported by members of the Mungiki sect.

The same group, the commission noted, spread terror in the neighbouring district killing members of the Kalenjin, Luo, Luhya and other groups perceived to have been against PNU.

The report also blames businessmen for allegedly financed the violence

"Influential Kikuyu business people allegedly held meetings to raise funds for attacks against the Luo, Luhya and Kalenjin," reads part of the report.

It said angry displaced Kikuyu youth armed with pangas, knives and petrol bombs were assembled and deployed to various estates in Nakuru to flush out non-Kikuyu members.

Paid to fight

The report also said the Kalenjin in Nakuru were mobilised and paid to fight the Kikuyu at Kaptembwa, Mwariki and Githima.

According to witnesses, the estates of Kaptembwa, Free Area, Kiti and Githima were the hardest hit by the violence, which lasted from January 24 to 27. But Kiamunyi and other middle and upper income neighbourhoods were unaffected.

The report said there was evidence that post-election violence in Nakuru was well planned and organised by Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Luo gangs.

Planned attacks

The report says the security agencies knew in advance about the planning and organisers of the attacks, but did not take action.

The commission also received evidence that police and other security personnel were involved with the criminal gangs behind the violence in Nakuru.

"Some police officers actively sided with Kikuyu gangs, while other officers aided and abetted Kalenjin attackers," reads the report.

It adds: "Administration Police were moving from house to house in Nakuru in search of members of non-Kikuyu."

Anonymous said...

kweli nyani haoni kundule...bloggers are up in arms against mzalendo & kwale but they post more retrogressive insults and accusations.

guess its in ODMers DNA to be imbeciles..!!!!

Anonymous said...

obako must be s$#@%^ in his pants - what with one crisis after another. Unfortunately for him, these are not the types to be swept under the rug as he snoozes away at SH.
The arms deal is yet to be resolved, the sudanese government statement is yet to be given attention and now the waki report.
Surely was stealing the election worth all this stress?

Anonymous said...

too early to call. don't jumb the gun yet. wait until thanksgiving weekend, yaani, mwesho wa mwezi novemba, then head for the endzone with whatever touchdown dance style you have been working on since the day you predicated who would be the 44th ... of america. hold your horses, gamia, farasi, punda, boats and boda-boda for the time being. too early to call. mambo bado, kura bado, election day bado and it will not be over until it is over when the fat lady liberty sings "ladies and gentlewaume, here is the new president of the free world".

Anonymous said...

new post please!

Anonymous said...

I am slowly beginning to buy into the school of thought that Chris was paid to go slow on kumekucha & its agenda.
Why did he introduce this post at a point when the previous story (explosive hot story) had just been
released? It is quite obvious this post on Obama is plain distraction.
No, I am now convinced Chris did this intentionally, to divert attention from & discussion on the waki report!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans,

William Ruto's political career is coming to premature end. The blood of the children who were burnt alive in the Eldoret church will extinguish what looked like a bright career. Egged on by Raila, he was in a hurry to fly to the gods and in doing so flew close to the tribal flames.

Lately, he has tangled with Raila in ODM, and Raila will have te last laugh. And people said Raila is not a strategist?

Anonymous said...

anon7:33 AM

Wake up from your central Lesotho dream.. Kibaki with the help of Moi burned his own tribesmen in the Eldoret church to divert attention on his rigging elections.

Kibaki is in statehouse with the help of those poor dead people in Eldoret church go ask Martha Karua.. she has opened her mouth Loud and clear sources confirm.. Kibaki can hide but he can't get Senile brain and old body to run.
1. paid and planned the burning of his own tribesmen in Eldoret church

2. planned and paid the Mungiki murderous gang to slaughter, behead and burn innocent kenyans in Nakuru and Naivasha

3. Ordered the Police to shoot and Kill innocent kenyans( Waki report was too scared to mention facts and for that matter they failed to kenyans Waki report is a useless report if Kibaki is not the main culprit.

Keep repeating your useless propaganda and lies here.. it won't wash.... divide and rule does not work with kenyans anymore ati your pointing at ODM members ):) what a joke...

Now Kibaki is back at executing mungiki youth - they will be the same mungiki youths that will take him 6ft under the mpumbavu kibaki will deserve it in a big way.

Anonymous said...

where are all the haters who expected RAOs name to be all over the Waki report? Instead, the illegitimate sloth and his partners who financed mungikis to kill non kikuyus come out with smelly egg on their faces.

Anonymous said...

7:33 am, walala!
You are still on "propaganda mode"
that was just pnu propaganda, they even wrote a letter during the mediation efforts, claiming it was done by Ruto ordering the deaths of people in R.V, guess what Annan ordered forensics on the documents & it was traced back to Martha Karua(kweli huyo ni shenzi type)
How do we know they were false accusations? Would Annan have allowed Ruto to continue representing ODM at the talks, if there was blaring evidence that he had blood in his hands? Leta Ingine.
If you have been depending on hearsay & rumours from Nation Gutter Press (which is reporting today ati Ruto & other ODM mps & cabinet ministers did this n that, blood in their hands, bla bla bla etc etc) holoipoloi!! You will be greatly dissapointed when that list is revealed
"Bole zana" Ruto, unless & only unless his name is revealed from that secret envelope, is not going anywhere. Meza hio

UrXlnc said...

ye gods

is there no end to this circus of task forces, commissions, committees, inquiries, etc

why can't someone just make or take a decision? resign, fire/sack someone, jail someone.

chris i need to drink water, lets have a task force to determine whether i should drink from a glass while standing


after the task force presents the report to Ali another committee will be formed to review the recommendations. the recommendations from the recommendations committee will be passed to ALi who will hand over to the president who will set up a commission to establish the extent of the allegations. after the report by the allegations committee, we will have a select cabinet committee to revamp/restore the police force etc etc ...

... and suddenly just like that, out of the blue, its 2012 .. very unexpectedly ... and we are back to campaigns... no election pledge fulfilled, still no new constitution, 700 + reports, the 500,000 IDPs in camps have now morphed into yet another slum estate/ghetto with some corny name like "eye ndhee fee" regularly and faithfully served by the ever enterprising matatu industry .... (with apologies to those affected)

Anonymous said...

Good question, I have been asking myself where are Kwale, Kimi, Vikii & the rest of the cartoons?
It is extremely telling & revealing that this waki report is extremely damaging to pnu & its handful of supporters.
The loud silence from those quarters & ranting from 7:37 am is more than enough. It is all we need to know that kweli inachuna na inauma vibaya: ): )

Annan has just declared today that the implimentation of the reports will be inevitable, as it is the only way to get rid of impunity. He also asked the media not to SPECULATE what & who is on the list, Did you hear that Daily Nation aka pnu gutter press?

Anonymous said...

after the task force presents the report to Ali another committee will be formed to review the recommendations. the recommendations from the recommendations committee will be passed to ALi who will hand over to the president who will set up a commission to establish the extent of the allegations. after the report by the allegations committee, we will have a select cabinet committee to revamp/restore the police force etc etc ...

Urxlnc, I understand your frustration. But take heart these tells you, the inevitable will happen soon!
Ati task force? That is just PR tactics, heads are about to roll, he knows it & thinks his task force will save face.
Funny, I think Ali has been rattled. Because, he would have presented us with his oozing arrogance instead.

Anonymous said...

Ruto thinks he can displace Mudavadi in the ODM-lineup. in ODM, we only recognize the leadership of Raila deputized by Mudavadi. Mambo kwisha.

Ruto needs to clear his name with regard to RV rapes and murders before he can set his eyes higher.

Anonymous said...

anon9:41 AM

""""Ruto needs to clear his name with regard to RV rapes and murders before he can set his eyes higher."""

Keep fooling yourself dear.. the only person on the Waki ticket who ordered mungiki to rape and murder innocent kenyans in Rift Valley is Kibaki and cronies:)

1. Naivasha rapes, beheading and burning people i homes(Mungiki paid by Kibaki and cronies

2. Nakuru Rapes, beheading, burning innocent kenyans in their homes (Mungiki paid by kibaki and cronies
3. Kibaki ordered the Police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans all over the country( Kibaki must pay for all the people who are now 6ft under being eaten by maggots!! he must also be buried with them soon- the murderer..

4. The major burning in Eldoret church by Mungiki paid by Kibaki( confirmed by Martha Karua now) what sicko people from central province?? in order to stay in Power they burn and execute their own tribesmen!!
Kibaki and cronies must face Hague or they should be dealt the same card like Saddam Husein of Iraq- in my view that is what this sicko kikuyu's deserve period..

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.55,

Whoever you are - remember you are just lucky the post election did not affect you. Say what you will say - who will speak for the dead. Whoever is responsible kibaki or ruto - should take the heat. By the way why did you not share what you know with waki commission if you know better.

Anonymous said...

remember Obama's speech in University of Nairobi about how his father had to leave the University because of his beliefs on economic policy; my guess is USA's goodwill will dependent on a country's steps to ensuring human rights and good governence.

Anonymous said...

anon8:58 AM, you are my hero!! Men that is tough,
"…so what makes these Idol worshipping, ass licking, widow inheriting, corpse fucking, HIV carriers LUO'S think Obama is one of them?…"
The best I have read in this blog. Keep it up!! MORE PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are Kikuyus so narrow minded and think anything not Kikuyu is against them!!! You should stop and think why the whole Kenya hates seeing your brown teeth and jigger infested feet!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I think the worst thing which happened to Kenya is Kikuyu! Even a dead one will wake up at the mention of the word money!!!Thieves..thives thives

Anonymous said...

Obama's father was a LUO whether you want it or not and he will and can never be a Kikuyu!

Anonymous said...

I hear some Kikuyu thieves living illegaly in the USA are saying they will not vote for Obama! as if they are registered voters!!! ha ha ha! go back to Kenya and steal votes for your senile Kibaki pumbavus...

Vikii said...

8.10, do you want to know where I am? Well, Iam laying on the couch with a bottle of crown whiskey and pepsi. I am watching my girl play ping pong with her friend.

What do you want me to comment on here? Are we talking about Barack Obama and his chances,the Waki verdict, kikuyu incest shiate or Luo's smelly foreskins? I am confused, but I will be happy to say something about anything that makes sense.

kalamari said...

Every Kenyan should read the Waki report. This man has not lied.

Anonymous said...

ah ah kalamari is back home from K-st.

Kalamari gots AIDS!!! FACT! from kikuyu malayas!

Anonymous said...

Obama will win but Mcain will be the next president.

Mcain will emulate Kibaki.

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