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Friday, June 06, 2008

President Who Rode In A Packed Matatu

As Hillary Clinton struggles with a $20 million campaign debt, the whole world seems to have broken into song, dance and celebrations over the Barack Obama democratic presidential win. It is like the man is already president. From London to virtually every African capital you can think of, the name Obama is in the headlines. Believe me, I checked.

I will not pretend to even understand the Obama phenomenon. I leave that to more informed writers than myself. But for this post, I want to talk about just a few of the Kenyan things that tickle me most about an Obama presidency. In fact they tickled me considerably even as I wrote them.

It is quite possible that the next president of the United States spent several nights not too long ago sleeping on the couch in the tiny sitting crowded sitting room of some middle class Nairobi estate.

Don’t even mention the fact that the man who many (including Kumekucha) believe will be the next occupant of the Oval office in the White House rode in a crowded matatu where any Kenyan will tell you humans are packed better than sardines, and nobody gave him a seat. Hahahahahahahaha.

Let us not even talk about the young senators’ emotional visit to the humble village in Luo Nyanza, Kenya where the man who sired him was born, hugging village sweaty folk who cannot even spell the word deodorant.

At a time when everything seems to split the country into two, from the disputed elections to the Safaricom IPO, the amnesty debate and God knows what, it is really great that Obamamania is here with us at a time like this. Something that we can all cheer about irrespective of which part of the country any of us comes from.

But even more importantly we can get inspired once again that as horrible and unfair as the world seems to be, it is still possible for anybody to make good.

Now let me ask a simple question... How many guys out of those jokers we call our leaders have done any of the things Obama has done?

Late Extra: Slain Journalist Told Friends That He Feared For His Life

Investigations into the horrifying murder of the Reuters journalist Trent Keegan continue in earnest. I am informed by sources that detectives are following several leads. Interpol too has joined in the investigations. I too hope for the best but earlier information I received tells me that they will get absolutely nowhere. Mainly because of the kind of people suspected to have been involved, this one will require intervention at the highest level and even then there are no guarantees that anything will come out of it because once again “the stones may be way too heavy to turn.” My heart goes out to this brave soul who dived into the murky waters called Kenya completely taken in by the fa├žade which continues to fool many.

Apparently the slain journalist feared for his life and told friends so. See the story HERE.

P.S. The following information is for the sake of those who are new to this blog. Some remarks were made yesterday implying that I publish speculation in my main posts. Older readers will know that we have an admirable record of accuracy and one of the reasons is my policy of not using any major information unless I get verification from two independent sources. Sadly because of the way I get most of my information I cannot name sources and many times I even have to disguise my real source of information to defend the brave people who trust me enough to pass on usually explosive stuff.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you dont have to justify your means. Let those who question your posts post their own findings and maybe we can all discuss about it. Endelea na kazi (not to be misconstrued with "Kazi iendelee!")

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha- stop worrying the only people complaining on here are those who fear the truth!! they can see you getting closer to the truth with your posts and the fear is what makes such bloggers (by the way some bloggers trust me are members of parliament in coalition government) and some are the elite dreaded who don't even think before they give orders for innocent Kenyans to be slaughtered.

So kumekucha like i said keep posting your news - you are doing a good job and those complaining can move on to other blogs- the point is that if someone has good information then let them post it on this blog we can all verify it with our contacts and connections in the coalition government or elite and ordinary kenyans- it is not that difficult to find out the truth on what is happening on ground!!

keep up your good work. but you should remove the moderation for now!! we need news to flow quickly- there is a change in the air in kenya - things are happening-

1. mungiki revival but look closely were the mungiki are beheading people and skinning their faces off?? ELDORET!!! why i understand sources say they yet again are being used to destabilize the peace and reconciliation in the rift valley- and disrupt the IDP resettlement for those kikuyu's who are doing this never forgave kibaki on agreeing on the coalition they want it to fail.
2. PNU are now in three 2 camps- pro Uhuru and Pro martha karua and Kalonzo musyoka (for 2012 presidency)
3. ODM is now seeing it ain't 50/50 as per the agreement and are now saying the coalition aint working!!

there is smell in the air- kenya there is something happening things are changing very fast.

kimunya finance minister asked for a meeting with the Okemo group to discuss grand Regency -remember previously he was so arrogant and defiant regarding grand regency and pattni - what changed his mind?? i also hear from inside sources the kibaki fund raiser for the IDP's ended up paying back Libya for the money the kibaki pnu group to from them for their election campaign in exchange for the grand Regency hotel!! I tell you guys unless we go back and elect the president the people of kenya voted for and can still vote for now- kenya and it economy will go down the tube- all you see and read about is cosmetic cover up!!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone who visits Kumekucha does so for its reputation for first class articles - gone are the days when I would wake up and look for 'breaking news' from the kenyan dailies. Unfortunately, the first class articles are often marred by mostly'pedestrian' comments which, in most cases spew nothing but hatred, and sadly, nothing to do with the issue under discussion. I respect freedom of expression, but please, let's try not to be too mashadaish. If you want to see what am talking about,visit jukwaa and read the calibre of contributions from both 'divides'.

Anonymous said...


The biggest problem in Kenya right now is not the credibility of stories you publish, but the horrendous fact that our society is getting so messed up so much that increasingly truth sounds like fiction and its more believable to fictionalize or downgrade truth by hiding or distorting facts in order to make it credible/believable.

Just rewind the clock and start playback from 2007 January and the significant events of every month oscillate from Alfred Hitchcok horror movie with gory mungiki murders to fascinating and new comical political antics and tantrums that even 5 year olds would disown but yet these are acts committed or commissioned by grown men and women some in top leadership.

And then of course there is the ongoing "we!!?? are president", "we!!?? are prime minister" ego-feud still playing out daily on kk no matter whether the topic is about a teaspoon or oil in Sudan.

Na bado, nuff said


Anonymous said...


Today's two part posting is superb. The part about Obama is truly uplifting; and the one about Keegan is encouraging because (although murder makes us less human) you are still working hard to bring us any breaking news regarding his untimely death. What is more, today's post is devoid of the usual Kikuyu baitig (or bashing) and that change is refreshing.

By the way, where is Taabu, the Kumekucha resident Armaggedon High Priest? Although I disagree with whatever he stands for, pass my best regards and tell him not to lose hope; one day he will be able to love all Kenyans regardless of tribe. And that day Kenya will have moved one step forward.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris - as you know I am one of the contributors whose identity you sometimes deemed necessary to be protected.

Thanks for having trusted me in the past and I sincerely hope you will continue doing so whereever you are right now.

A special friend - (as you called me many times).

Anonymous said...

In one of my posts I challenged JK to dig into the background of the killing of this Reuter's camera man - JK worked for Reuters in the past before changing to CNN and I guess he still has some contacts there. Should this not be a case for K24 and especially for JK if it is true that he wants to introduce serious investigative journalism in Kenya?

This would be a perfect opportuntity for him to prove to all of us of what he has learned while working for CNN 'brushing shoulders with the worst and the best' as he once called it. Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

I read in the past that JK had given Obama zero chance to even win the prelimiary elections - as he said: Hillary YES - Obama NO too soon, America is not ready yet for a black President.

I am still missing his reaction to the latest developments.

I know you read are a regular reader of this blog. So, JK, tell us what you think now! And please don't hide behind some neutral nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Wish Obama well, and its going to be a worldwide first class theatre of democratic politics to see, how democracy real or perceived plays against vested economic interests versus domestic/foreign policy versus the will of the people for change versus conservative hardliners and just exactly how that will be placed alongside personal prejudices ranging from bigotry to leftist/rightist movements, and the delicate balance of being critical or showing approval without being sucked into the prejudices. Kenyans totally failed in that aspect as we were sucked into myopic ethnic debate, so maybe we may just learn or maybe not, lets wait and see as events unfold.

to digress

if this is going to be enforced then its something to look forward to. if its to be enforced selectively on the hapless citizen while its business as usual for the cats whose impunity will impact generations to come (pattni, kamani, MPs fat checks + amazing retirement benefits, and other sleaze directors) then it should be violently opposed.


Anonymous said...

NATION Cutting Edge
Publication Date: 6/7/2008

Eating a serious humble pie is Wanjeri Marley, who a year ago, declared in this space that Barack Obama, who has just won the Democratic presidential nomination, had no chance at all of becoming the US President due to his ethnic roots, class and race. He says: “I stand corrected. I’m also proud to say that I participated in the movement that staged the biggest upset in recent world political history. It’s amazing to see the biggest brand name in American politics act like the old African politicians who refuse to accept that their time is up.”

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32 - nobody thought that Obama had a chance, at least that's what JK (CNN's award winning journalist) said at that time. You see, even a man like JK could be wrong on this one. Does this not encourage you to believe that sometimes the 'power of people and their votes' can change things? Could this not also apply to Kenya - one day ? I hope your reply is YES - a very decisive YES.

Everything is possible, as Obama has just demonstrated. Against all odds.... even against the prognosis of one very informed JK.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32 - nobody thought that Obama had a chance, at least that's what JK (CNN's award winning journalist) said at that time. You see, even a man like JK could be wrong on this one. Does this not encourage you to believe that sometimes the 'power of people and their votes' can change things? Could this not also apply to Kenya - one day ? I hope your reply is YES - a very decisive YES.

Everything is possible, as Obama has just demonstrated. Against all odds.... even against the prognosis of one very informed JK.

Anonymous said...

If you know where you come from, you will know where you are going to. If you are brave to use your father's or ancestor's name however primitive-sounding it is, you stand a better chance of making making it. This explains the Obama phenomena. The man has his grandma, his cousins and his outspoken, freedom and truth loving Luo people. How can he fail?

Most black Americans are not aware of their origin and are called McCommark, Baker, Jackson, Winterbottom, etc. It is difficult for such a person to excell in the world of politics.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. Even Kifucky congratulated Obama. While he was in Kenya, he never even dare to meet this great Kenyan blood.

Reason: Kifucky is always afraid of changes.

Anonymous said...

If RAO was a Kamau, he would now be busy sleeping, golfing and trading to become a multibillionare at the cost of rahia.

Agwambo on the other hand wants a Continent full of success, free of oppression and cleptomania, corruption and election stealing.

Arap Mibei keep it up. Fight to liberate Kenya and Africa from these dark faced colonialists.

Anonymous said...

chris are you trying to say all 3 presidents we've had have never ridden in matatus before and that makes them unable to relate to the daily struggle of the citizens who live in the countries they preside?

Anonymous said...

Mungiki back to Eldoret

Kalenjin Youth are rotting in prisons while Mungiki members are free in Eldoret, murdering, raping and robbing.

No amnesty calls are for Kalenjins, Luos, Luhyas, Kisiis, Mjikendas only. Amnesty for Central province pekee.


Anonymous said...

Some food for thought (literally)

While we continue with our higly sophisticated and well drawn out battle of "we are president / we are prime minister" and related mchongoano, today i was fascinated to come across some of my colleagues here upset that bagels were served during coffee break instead of donuts (doughnut for you others) and that people are losing touch with their cultural heritage and values etc, because today is national donut day.

This may appear trivial and further subscribes to the view that there are some people with really too much time on their hands, but the reason I bring this up is because we have receded so far back in our national values and pride that it is now almost impossible for people in some strongholds to even dare think anything positive about the other side. I cannot easily see jamaz in western doing a meru dance or in central playing a nyatiti or some other guy rolling snuff and stuffing it up his nostrils. We are now so hateful of each other that we are loosing our collective pride in the things that made us a great and aspiring nation. Step back, refresh your mind, do away with the political hostility and lets try once again to come together as a country.


Needless to say, i was in stiches listening to the arguments on donut vs bagels this morning, but maitained a straight face as i imagined a national waru day followed by an omena day, then mothokoi, sembe, etc who knows one day a mutura day and how some generation would be lost not observing the glorious mutura day


Anonymous said...

Obama searches for running mate.

Why not Kibaki, and Kivuitu as the US Election boss. He would definitely win against Mcain.


Anonymous said...

A major story Trent was covering related to a safari company, who have allegedly been attacking Maasai herdsmen in the Sukenia/Loliondo region of Ngorongoro. One man was shot, allegedly by rangers from the safari company. Another was murdered twelve months ago over land issues, and many have allegedly been beaten and threatened.
The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania are fighting to hold onto their traditional grazing lands, although they are meeting increasing pressure to vacate the land in favour of large Game Reserves.The Maasai are accused of endangering the wildlife, despite the fact that they have lived in harmony with the land and wildlife for thousands of years.
There are some very interesting comparisons to Dee Brown’s ‘Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee’; and the story has also been covered in ‘No Man’s Land’, both well worth reading.
Many people in the region now fear that Trent’s death was somehow connected with his investigative journalism into their plight,although the evidence would appear to contradict this.

Anonymous said...

This remains a puzzle to me. Did Kibaki work with Obama Senior in Kenya? If so what happenned? Was there bad bllod between them? Is it true that Kibaki sacked Obama Senior?
And what about this Pati pati issue? Who said that Obama Senior would be sacked and be poor and walk on patipati?
I know that these maybe history but I am just looking for the truth... nothing but the true!
If it is true that Kibaki sacked Obama Senior, was Obama Juniors act on Kibaki when he Obama visited Nairobi any pointer of a revenge? Does Senetor know that Kibaki was responsible for his dad's sacking and thereafter early death?
I am only asking questions. All that I request are any answers out there objectively.

Anonymous said...


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