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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Waki Shames the Devil, Starts War on Impunity

Justice Waki has proved being Kenyan and having his fingers on the country’s pulse. While Kriegler skirted around the causes post election violence, Waki and his commissioners have not only named names but let a noose hanging precariously over the present kings of impunity.

At the heart of Waki’s recommendations is the resolve to address IMPUNITY as epitomized by Kibaki’s regime. Faint hearted Kibaki’s political apologists may not like it but reading Waki’s report leaves no doubt Kibaki is singularly to blame for his singular resolve to concentrate on bungling last year’s elections having known before hand the outcome.

That anything premised on DECEPTION is eternally unsustainable couldn't have proved more true. No amount of serial and shameless propaganda that Kibaki's cronies crafted to dovetail into tribal stereotypes will wash. The facts are stack and Waki has tactfully given Kibaki the leeway owing to FRAUDULENT incumbency to clear his act for a better Kenya.

The Hague option was Kibaki to fail in setting up a tribunal to try and punish IMPUNITY is not an empty threat. With daring Hague prosecutor Ocampo Moreno breathing fire on neighboring Bashir, the stakes couldn’t have been higher. Waki has expertly managed to juggle diplomacy in calling his appointing authority bluff without loosing sight and fidelity with the truth.

No more gimmicks
Waki has measured up to the calling and expectation in telling the king he is nude and not immaculately dressed as his cronies would want him to believe. But don’t count your chicks yet given Kenya’s reputation to defend the impossible. Soon we won’t be surprised when PNU troops start trumpeting Waki’s report as revenge act to his dismissal from the bench on corruption allegation which he successfully challenged before being reinstated.

Whatever the gimmicks, Waki has started the guillotining machine rolling downhill and beckoning our masters of impunity. By indicting our security agencies for their role in murdering people they are employed to protect, Waki has left no doubt where the buck stops.

Waki’s verdict disabuses us of the hitherto penchant to embrace anything from outside especially from the so-called whites. The die is cast and the reign of impunity is speedily hurtling to unceremonious and shameful demise thanks to Waki’s selflessness.

Time is ticking and soon there will be no corners (commissions) to cut. Waki's commission is like no other and the circumstances have dramatically changed. The cumulative wages of national sin is simply incalculable but somebody must pay. It only remains a matter of when and not if.

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papa plus said...

Yes, "it remains a matter of when and not if"

Hakuna matata na hakuna haraka kwani haraka haraka... in Africa and Kenya in particular, molassis moves faster than time. Viongozi wa kesho are almost grandfathers and yet Moi and his mates are still viongozi!

Taabu, you have hit it when you talk of time. watch this drag on until Kibaki retires in 2012...

Am still not convinced exactly how we are going to get to the Hague. Seems to me a special commission will be formed and work will be done at a snail's pace if slower.

Anonymous said...


You spin it the way you like - but facts are facts. Impunity will never prevail again in Kenya. Kill at your own peril - thats the message. Kibaki should go to hague for failure to protect our loved ones - but will he be alone? He will be followed by the Majimboists, madoadoa, the RV inciters and planners. Kenya will never be the same again, especially in RV - alternative leadership will be required. Guilty by association will never take centre stage again. This time round - the principles are sucked completely. Waki commission is not your other type of commissions.

Taabu says:
"No amount of serial and shameless propaganda that Kibaki's cronies crafted to dovetail into tribal stereotypes will wash':
Taabu - my quick advise, read the whole report first before bringing the same Phil, Taabu etc propaganda. If its documented, its there. This is for real.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...


Assuming that Waki report is implementated fully, is ODM ready to lose its bravest and brightest warmongers from the RV? Equally, can the Kalenjins withstand the psychological trauma of losing their newly minted and most promising political cadre?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the "kabila adui yetu" preachers or
the "madoadoa" singers repeat their choruses before a tribunal.

Anonymous said...


Where are the Mogotio warriors to derail the Haigue Express? Where are they when they are needed most?

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji

3:32 PM

I think you missed the point somehow?? rift valley had no inciters- before the elections of 27th December 2007 - Moi and Kibaki met and made a deal! go check what the deal was or ask Martha Karua who has not stopped saying it as is... Rift valley was the destruction Kibaki asked moi to put in place so that by the time the rigging was taking place the rift valley was a mass confusion...

Then fast forward on the other tribes who were based in Central... and we are still counting the dead at the hands of the mungiki who are coming out and are ready to stand in the witness stands to confirm that Kibaki and cronies paid them to burn Eldoret church and burn some more in Nakuru and naivasha while beheading and slaughtering others.. na mambo bado

Anonymous said...

The RV barbarians will have an opportunity to tell the tribunal that historical injustices made them rape and kill their madoadoa neighbours.

Anonymous said...

anon4:16 PM

The Hague Express is already in the bag The same guy who handled the Sudanese Presidents indictment is already working on the Kenya file international sources confirm.. Kibaki has nowhere to hide he ordered the murder of innocent kenyans in cold blood .... and if he claims he was asleep in statehouse when the order was given by his right hand people then he has to produce them.. or the buck stops with him "Kibaki the cold blooded murderer.... i strongly believe the order was directly from kibaki even the execution orders of the mungiki youths since 2006-2008 and still going on...

Anonymous said...

anon4:20 PM
the only barbarians in Kenya are kikuyu's - Mungiki thai thai army controlled by Kibaki the thieving thug..
RV rapes and murders(Naivasha, Nakuru, Molo were all executed by the mungiki murderous gangs- so if it makes you happy to blame other tribes:):) nice try..

Kibaki will pay- the HAGUE is waiting for him but most kenyans prefer for him to get the same treatment like Saddam Husein or a more painful death... Kibaki is a monster with his group of kikuyu shenzi mavi who hide behind the mungiki murderers - they use this youth to kill other tribes then turn round and execute them...

Anonymous said...


Towns ruined by criminal gangs

Updated 3 hr(s) 16 min(s) ago

By Boniface Gikandi

After years of toiling on his coffee farm, Peter Ngaruiya saved enough money to open a retail shop. His goal was to start a stable business to supplement the dwindling returns in coffee farming.

Compared to Murang’a town, Geitwa is a ghost market.
But Ngaruiya has been forced to close shop after years of success in business. His story is similar to many others at Kamune market in Murang’a North District. Following a spiral wave of crime, many businesses have closed down in the once vibrant market. Some traders, tired of harassment and extortion by criminal gangs, have relocated while others have closed shop.

In other market centres, demolished buildings and shattered windows are a bitter reminder of once vibrant businesses. Abandoned buildings are a common scene. Some unlucky businessmen have died in the hands of these gangs.

Geitwa, once a household name in Kiharu division, used to attract traders from far and wide. It is now a ghost centre.

"I was shocked by the rot and neglect when I visited the township early this month. It was unbelievable, especially when I remember the stories my grandmother used to tell me about Geitwa. They used to go shopping there when they were young," says Ryan Mathenge, a resident of Mukurwe-ini division.

Thugs have taken control of the market, forcing traders to leave.

Abandoned and vandalised business premises at Geitwa.

"This area is a no-go zone. Unemployed youth who have remained idle over the years are the source of terror," says Jane Wanjiru, who grew up in the area.

Geitwa’s story is similar to Kaharati’s, located on the Thika-Murang’a Road. Nearly all the shops have closed at the 20-year-old market.

A resident, Njuguna wa Muchemi, says his grandfather was forced to close down his shop due to frequent attacks by thugs.

Criminal gangs

"They even knew the exact amount he had in his cash box. They would strategically position themselves outside the shop for the better part of the day calculating all items the unsuspecting trader had sold," says Muchemi.

Kaharati is believed to be the cradle of Mungiki sect.

Jane Nyambura, a resident, says they have watched in despair as traders shut down their premises for fear of criminal gangs.

Not faraway, another market has also been ruined by crime. Traders at Kianjogu shut their premises and relocated due to frequent attacks by gangs associated with Mungiki.

In fact, Kianjogu hit headlines last year when three men were beheaded shortly after they left the centre on a Sunday evening.

While most buildings are still intact, little business is going on in Kianjogu. They only open for a few hours, usually in the afternoon.

In Maragua division, the situation is not any different. Gakoigo market, which used to host regional Agricultural Society of Kenya show, is deserted. Most of the shops have closed.

Peter Mwangi, a resident of Kaharo village, says violent robberies and extortionist gangs have forced merchants to relocate or close shop.


Maragua town is also on the verge of collapse. The few who have remained are trading in fear. Recently, two retail traders were shot by a gang that has residents living in fear.

A butcher, who declined to be named due to fear of reprisals, told The Standard on Saturday most traders in the area literary carry home their merchandise at close of business due to fear of break-ins. Peter Kamau, who has closed his shop, says traders are looking forward to the establishment of a police post in the area to improve security.

Last month, Murang’a North District Commissioner George Natembeya issued an order for the construction of a police post in the area to help revive the abandoned market.

"I am sure with establishment of a police post, traders will reopen their premises," said Natembeya.

According to the DC, security is key to protecting these centres from dying. For instance, Gatang’ara in Kangema division was almost brought down by criminal gangs. But traders have started trickling back after a police post was erected.

However, it was not easy reviving Gatang’ara, says Natembeya. "The place was a criminal breeding ground. They even tried frustrating the construction of the police post funded by Murang’a County Council," says the DC.

In neighbouring Murang’a South District, efforts are being made to protect traders from thugs. "Security posts have helped create a conducive atmosphere for traders," says the area DC Maalim Mohammed. But it is not only traders who are affected by the spate of crime in Murang’a.

For instance, most homes near Gakoigo market are deserted despite the presence of a police post nearby.

"Many of the well-off families who stay in the city only come here for weddings, burials and leave immediately after the function," says Muchemi.

A former DC, who served in the area in the 1990s, says "it is a pity to see rural shops close over insecurity."

Illicit brew

The administrator says business premises put up by proceeds from coffee lie in waste today.

Indeed, the only thriving business in most of these centres is illicit brew trade.

Father John Gatobia of Ichagaki Catholic Parish says the Government should beef up security in the district to restore confidence of traders.

To demonstrate how serious the problem is, nearly all constituency development fund committees in Murang’a have dedicated a big chunk of the fund towards construction of police posts.

Anonymous said...

waki has done a commendable job

the devil will be in the details.

evidently there is much anxiety about whose names are in the roll and whose is not. clearly from the foregoing if those perceived guilty are ommitted there'll be even more acrimony.

i only hope that as many perpetrators as possible are included (organizers, coordinators, sponsors, leaders and foot soldiers) and most important that justice is server to all without discrimination or favor based on status.

there should be no room for selective justice.


Anonymous said...

anon@4:43 pm
kiwakulacho ki nguoni mwenu. or rather, kitukulacho ki nguoni mwetu.

and it does not matter what ethnic background one belongs to, or what part of the country an individual hails from. criminal gangs are wreaking havoc on their own kind.

the equivalent of localised mungiki hydra are on the rise and have become so entrenched in criminal enterprises around the country.

the sad scenario is so familiar in various regions of the country, and one wonders where the so called "one of the best security agencies in africa, and their networking skills" are when they are needed most.

it's so difficult to change criminal attitudes that have become so deeply entrenched over the years.

that's why some senior politicians, tribal warlords and business kingpins that have been cited in the waki report, must be brought to justice by all means necessary in order to affect law and order where they most needed.

Anonymous said...

anon@ 4:06 pm
yes, odm as well as pnu will have to surrender their warmongers and disassociate themselves from their hit-squads (mungiki and rv death-warriors), in the same manner the ancient diehards from the nazi and fascist regimes did, and ended up giving rise rise to two nations (germany and italy) with whole different mind set.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, your bitterness is eating you up alive so much so that you cannot distinguish truth from fiction, more the reason why you may end up committing suicide when you realize that WAKI'S SECRET ENVELOPE contains more ODM than PNU names. Of the 6 Cabinet Ministers mentioned in that envelope, 5 are ODM. We definitely know two of the names are Ruto and Uhuru, but who are the remaining ODM 4? Please chew on that. The era of IMPUNITY is over forever, across the board, whether you are PNU or ODM.
Moreover, the Moreno Ocampo you are so giglingly girlishly quoting is the same Ocampo who made it clear early this year that what was taking place in the RV was ethnic cleansing and that he would pursue the culprits regardless of their position in Govt. He is after all, the Chief ICC Prosecutor. The sword for cutting down those RV thugs is now with Kofi Annan, guess who he will pass it on to when the time comes?
You naively and gigglingly girlishly assume that this is an opportunity to punish Kibaki and PNU for denying your hero the prize his family has sought for all those years, but soon, very soon, you will be very shocked and the truth will be permanently seared into your brain.
On another note, is it not prophetic how Kenneth Matiba described Kibaki as a "Big Joke", and that Raila had no leadership qualities,unlike his father?
One thing you ODMers have never understood is that PNU supporters were not voting so much for Kibaki as they were voting against Raila. Once you understand that, you will be truly free.

Anonymous said...

Instead of dwelling on personalities, (and yes let every personality that that committed crime from both side of the divide face the law and end impunity) lets check our hearts first. If you hate your brother because he belongs to a different ethnic group,doesn't that make you equal to a murderer? Its just that have not had the opportunity to act on it or you don't have the guts to do it- kill! Yes if you hate someone with such passion as shown in these comments and mostly in this kumekucha blog, then you are a murderer. A good starting point will be to repent and ask God to help you get rid of all the hate and give you the power to forgive.

Next we need to know that problems being faced in Kenya affects all of us, it does not matter what tribe you belong to. Unemployment, Crime, Inflation, Diseases etc affects us all. We are one nation and we have got to be united to face these challenges together or we will perish.

You see as much as many Kenyans worship their politicians thinking they are messiahs sent by God to redeem them from their sorry state, they should realize the politicians are in their own class and usually work for their own interest e.g. rising their salaries to ungodly levels to benefit themselves without caring about their constituents. They only use the masses for their power games and the masses who eventually end up loosing and hurting. We have people in IDP camps, others are dead, others scarred for life and others maimed. The suspected foot soldiers for these politicians are languishing in prisons with no hope of getting a fair hearing in court as their political masters enjoy their five course meals in their villas in Karen and ride in air conditioned luxury cars.

Do you get my point? As individuals and as a society we have failed ourselves. We have failed ourselves by allowing ourselves to be used as pawns in these political power games as the politicians continue to benefit themselves, we have sinned by worshiping these politicians instead of worshiping God, we have failed by failing to elect leaders of moral integrity instead we voted for ones that offered us cash, we have failed by engaging our own neighbors in tribal rhetoric and speech that promoted hatred and divided our nation, we have failed by not demanding integrity, accountability and service delivery from these politicians but instead dance to their tunes. And yes as long as the multitude continue to be ignorant and the educated who should know better continue to seethe with tribal hatred this country will not move ahead.

We start by cleansing ourselves as individuals. Start loving your neighbour. Be genuinely friendly to them. Rid yourself of hate speech and rhetoric. Be a person of integrity, raise your children with integrity and hopefully we shall bring up a generation that is full of good people that shall make great leaders of tomorrow.

As Kenyans we all love B. Obama and would be disgusted by racist rhetoric against him. See this video. If it disgusts you, just now, if you post negative comments about people of different ethnic groups, you are also disgusting!

Anonymous said...


One thing you ODMers have never understood is that PNU supporters were not voting so much for Kibaki as they were voting against Raila. Once you understand that, you will be truly free
there were 9 names on that ballot paper, voting against would have been manifest through random distribution across the remaining 8. and also raila was in the race from 2005, why didnt these supporters campaign for and rally around another candidate? no sir, pnu voted for kibaki for kibaki, there's no need to deny that, but thats water under the bridge.

The era of IMPUNITY is over forever, across the board, whether you are PNU or ODM.

well said, i agree and if at all possible we could at least work together to put an end to this culture.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

"...there were 9 names on that ballot paper, voting against would have been manifest through random distribution across the remaining 8. and also raila was in the race from 2005, why didnt these supporters campaign for and rally around another candidate..."

Like who? Stop being cheeky. There was nobody IN or OUT of that list who could surpass Kibaki in clout and influence, that is why PNU rallied around him. If the Matiba we knew in 1990 BEFORE he was detained had somehow arisen, now THAT is something worth contemplating, including the fact that Raila would have looked like a schoolboy running against THAT Matiba. Kibaki would have been swept aside into the black hole of history.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo was on the ballot paper... why didnt you vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Its now time for justice it will be painful, but for Kenya to move on the truth must be told and just must be done. Those days of impunity are long gone. Waki’s recommendations are just the start. Kibaki, moi, raila, ruto and all those who committed crime agents Kenyans, mukono wa sheria is long it will catch up with you. Kenya for kenyans

Anonymous said...

This Kimi Raikkonen has finally exposed himself for who we could see he was: A HATE filled rascal, a pathological TRIBALIST and someone who's attitudes and behaviors belong to the STONE AGE.

Kimi, you have exposed you bare buttocks in the middle of Kenyatta avenue at noon - the sun is shining very bright, I can see people staring and some even trying to cover you up but you refuse; instead you keep on shouting to the crowd that has gathered around you that you are immaculately dressed.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 12.26AM, Please elaborate, i don't understand your question.

Anon @ 3.31AM, Keep up the extremely mature jive talk. You sure got style.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen is not only a hate filled soul , but also a religous bigot.He used to call himslef the "royal klinki" during the electioneering period advocating religous hatred ,I am not sure what he could have achieved were successful then.I wish We Kenyans had repsect for each other and accept our difference.As you know there are Kenyans who feel that they are more close to Wazungus ,just because they profess the same faith but nothing is far from the truth than this.Look at those missionaries who lived in Kenya for close to 20 years when ,Barack Obama entered the presidential race they starting circulating hate mails.So fellow Kenyans lets realiza the fact that we will have to respect each other to prosper lest we blunge into abyss of hate.

Anonymous said...

I dedicate this line to Kimi Raiknonnen, who was making noise at the "hague is beckoning" post. Attempting to claim that anyone who has not read & understood the report like he has, should read it again, flip pages or something like that. Enjoy!

"Faint hearted Kibaki’s political apologists may not like it but reading Waki’s report leaves no doubt Kibaki is singularly to blame for his singular resolve to concentrate on bungling last year’s elections having known before hand the outcome."

Crazy Jack.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new.

Ask any child in Webuye, Keroka, Voi, Lomolo, Kibigori, Rangwe, Narok or Namanga: WHO IS THE CULPRIT, WHO IS THE CRIMINAL behind post-election violence.

The answer will be...always: KIBAKI.
The reason is very simple for even an ape to understand: Before a new govt is sworn in, the old assumes powers to protect ALL KENYANS.

KIBAKI refused to protect ALL Kenyans. He was told in advanced by his advisors and the Intelligence.

He went on to plan the stealing of votes by avoiding the IPPG, sending off the APs to steal and using IT men to interfere with voter registry, using force to disperse people at KICC, ordering Police to kill Kisumu people, etc.

KABAKI was in charge and nobody else. We can not blame anyone apart from him. Not even Uhuru who financed Mungiki.

Kenyans must at last understand what a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY is all about. If a doctor treats a patient wrongly and the latter dies, he should be charged, if an engineer designs a brigde wrongly, which at last collapses he should be jailed.


Remember Milosowitc, Karadzic, Vladic, etc. These people were or are in the Hague because they misused their powers by not protecting but to kill their fellow citizens.


E-cop said...

Justice Waki is a professional who has tried his best to live up to the mandate he was given to get to the bottom of post-election violence causes-however the issue in contention has never been who is guilty-both PNU and ODM live in glass houses and its dangerous for either of them to start throwing stones at one another lest they be exposed for the disgenuine politicians they are

The issue has always been which individual politician is willing to bite the bullet and pay the price for the future of this country starting with stepping aside from Govt. if their name is adversely mentioned as a suspect behind the post election violence

Who will lead the way? certainly not the two principlas, as a matter of principle-they are willing to sacrifice everybody else but not themselves
How then can their foot soldiers be expected to go down without a fight?
If Kenyans really want to know who is the leader to watch for in 2012 they should look at who is the leader willing to pay a great price for the future of the country-stop wasting time looking for clean hands when everybody is eating a pie

Anonymous said...

The Daily Nation never ceases to amaze, cheat, steal or lie!!
They claim (it seems Kimi Raikonnen bought this hands down) that they have a lead into who is in the list, 6 cabinet ministers, 5 mps etc etc.
But what Samuel Siringi, the writer of the article on yesterdays paper & the editors of this gutter press, forgot is; REASON.

In the list are certain "cabinet members & mp who have since died"
The waki report is recommending a special tribunal so that perpetrators, financiers & organizers of the PEV can be prosecuted.
The biggest joke (actually its not funny)is naming dead people in this list of shame. It is obvious that the list is of current living beings who will account for their actions before the tribunal or the hague. Waki just presented the report & since this was done after the deaths of the said deceased individuals, there names are certainly not in the list.
Why? Because all the 10 are expected to appear before a tribunal in within 6 months, need I say more...

C'mon Nation, you are playing the "elimination game" & in the process attempting to "fix" some & leave others. Even if the departed played a role in the violence & time will tell, they are CERTAINLY, SURELY not part of the 10 who have a date with the hangmans pun!
Nation, ver soon you will realize how inaccurate "your list" is!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually 6:14 AM, the list is much longer than 10. Only that the 10 were "outstanding" either way, it is impossible to imagine how the dead can have a case with the tribunal or ICC. They may be mentioned within the report but they are not in the, top secret list.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

4.15, 4.55 & 5.08.

You are entitled to your limited world views, and if you are Kenya's future, God help this country. You obviously don't read well, and take offence at being corrected. Since you like to associate yourselves with Obama, you need to learn something from him, and that is his ability to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND his opponents. John McCain has called him all sorts of names and but not once has he risen to the bait.He is way above cheap Kindergarten insults, which you fellows excel at when you cant argue. Well, you are free to stagnate and suffer in ignorance, its a free country.

Mzalendo said...

kimi, you should never compare Obama with these backwards primitive tribal myopics who know nothing but to argue and bark like wild dogs when somebody post anything they don't agree with.

Ignore them and their foreskins! they are emotional, sensitive sickos with inability to reason or understand anything.

Anonymous said...

Waki report:

Irrespective of the names in that envelope, what is already in public domain screams.

"What is "Hon" Kibaki doing in State House.was he not the President and the commander in chief when Kenya burnt ?"

Anonymous said...

we need the amnesty debate back. I wonder what central lesothians will say this time, now that they seem to be deeper in the mud than they originally thought. Heheheheheheheeeee.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen

I hate it when people use Kumekucha to spread rumour(ahow proof please that shows Ruto's name on the list) or else shut your rumour mongering mouth- just because every one in kenya can point out on Uhuru activities and the Mungiki have confirmed having the meeting at statehouse with uhuru, martha Karua and Michuki among others and BBc had that proof even before and when they confronted the PNU party with facts Alfred Mutua their spokesman denied it on international Media..... NOW THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT WITH PANTS DOWN, by waki report confirming the meetings to plan a chain of mungiki murders in the rift valley took place before and after elections..

Now trying to add people like Ruto in the list is hopeless... no facts my dear Kimi no proof even though PNU fromn the beginning has been trying to pin Ruto down when now it has been confirmed that "Moi" kibaki's best friend ordered and arranged with Kibaki to slaughter Kikuyu's in order to lay blame on Kalegins so that the rigging of elections would be easier while kenyans were being slaughtered....
Kimi wishful thinking will take you nowhere Pole sana..

Anonymous said...

anon6:50 AM


Opps! Mzalendo the incest filled dick is back- please go get castrated stop posing here with your filth.... Kenyans are having a good discussion on when Kibaki, Uhuru, Michuki, Martha Karua, Kalonzo, Karume and Saitoti will appear in Hague( do Keep quiet)

Mzalendo said...

Anon 7:58, hahaha... a discusion you are having here? Lol! what discussion when it is one-sided.

i don't care who go to hague! i hate foreskins!!
na mimi ni masaai/kikuyu from kajiado, kwahivyo acha hiyo maneno ya central lesotho.

Anonymous said...

Justice Waki team has not done anything worth mentioning in this blog, infact its thing as ussual , why the hell MENTION PERPETRATORS OF VIOLENCE IN A SECREART ENVELOPE ? SO THAT RAILA AND KIBAKI CAN DECIDE HOW TO PROTECT THEIR SUPPORTERS?
THIS beats logic and infact injustice to withhold names of criminal. its shielding the criminal, abeting the crime committed. When are we going to have leaders who will CALL WHITE AS WHITE AND BLACK AS BLACK. lEADERS WHO SHALL ONLY BE UPHOLD THE LAW AND NOT INTEREST OF HIS COMMUNITY,

Anonymous said...

Central lesothians,

why blame jiggers for spresding HIV when you are notorious for incest and prostituting? Heeheheeheheee.

HIV twist to jigger menace

By SAMWEL KUMBAPosted Saturday, October 18 2008 at 22:13

Health officials in Murang’a North District are concerned that the jigger menace is fuelling the spread of HIV.

Members of 13 families are reported to have contracted HIV from sharing pins to remove jiggers..........

Kwale said...

Kimi Raikkonen (iceman),

Happy Birthday! Only 29!
Hopefully Massa delivered a pizza to you. A better present await for you tomorrow in China if you steer clear behind hammy at the first corner.

Buona festa e in bocca al lupo!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, Ham has his work cut out for him today. In both Shanghai and Brazil, Ferrari has better race pace, just wait and see.

Kwale said...

Come first week of November, we are going to have the first black president of America and first black & youngest F1 World Driver Champion in history!

All Ferrari can do now is pray that Hammy engine blow up. No contest, McLaren pace has completely out-classed cocky Ferraris!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, congratulations and good luck.
Meanwhile, we pray for Obama,he needs only 21 more electoral votes more to win, just cross your fingers. McCain is finished, he needs 115 and there are only 97 uncommitted. I say good riddance to the Republican repugnants who have ruined the planet since 1985 with Ronald Reagan, except for the break with Bill clinton for 8 years.
Mos important, I hope Obama's victory will teach and inspire Kenyans to look for quality leadership from amongst our youth. My feeling and my prayer is that Obama's victory is going to profoundly change the thinking of our more educated young people to come out of their shells and offer themselves for leadership. This will stop the more impressionable youth from following the perverts currently in power now. It will be like switching on and lighting up with a thousand watts the darkest minds.

Taabu said...

Pole and congrats respectively and may the best driver win in Brazil.

Now back to teh post and Kimi's apt analogy of inspiration fro Obama. If only we practiced what we preach. Kimi if you scroll up you will have your face plastered with your shameless jibe that you were voting against an individual and for soembody. Well, the best info lies in what you never said which is commo knowledge. Enjoy the wine bro and foam at the mouth preaching water.

Obama's presidency will change the WHOLE WORLD. We have more gain from him as Kenyans if only we took the lead in self-assessment. Lakini wapi?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Precisely, Taabu, right back at you buddy. Please practice what you preach instead of making unwarranted accusations. We all(Kenyans) suffer from rabid hypocrisy so don't act holier than thou when we all know you never want to listen to alternative points of view unless they agree with yours.
Now that you have Obama as an inspiration, you have no reason not to raise your game and dump the ODM pettiness and know-it-all attitude.
Look at it this way: Instead of trying to shove Raila down our throats, and if the Luo can produce an Obama for America, why can't they produce an Obama for Kenya so that we can all vote for him?

Taabu said...

With you all the way. Hata Collin Powel smells the rose from afar. You see a good thing from without and falling to PETINESS of voting against instead of for is below you, me and you know it. Otherwise all your other insinuations are premised in assumptions about me which I faer to disappoint are not correct. Tuzidi and as always keep it civil and agree to disagree without being disagreeable, ama?

Kwale said...

Taabu I beseech you to leave Kimi alone! You can have a go at me like you always have, but leave Kimi out of your rants. Kimi is one of the few positive minded people in this blog. He argue facts and not hallucinations like you do.

I was only trying to bring Obama up to inspire people like you who cannot see beyond ODM and tribal politics.
Obama like Lewis Hamilton are both black with mixed parentage, they both are brought with odds stack against them but they have managed to transcend beyond class and culture barriers. Obama father left him when he was a young lad and so is Lewis Hamilton, his white mother walk-out of marriage and left Anthony Hamilton to raise his son as a single father. (To be a single black father is a remarkable feat in its own right!) but that did not stop young Lewis to dream big.

Quite simply what I trying to say here is, you can achieve anything you wish in this life irrespective of your tribe, race, class, education or any of those nonsense people try to attach on people. All you have to do is believe in yourself and you will begin to see things falling into place. In this life no-one can stop you if you have a clear crystallised way in which you want to go. If you have a DREAM no-one can stop you!

Taabu said...

I totally agree with you. If only you avoided blinkers and looked at yourself too in the mirror. BTW why would you abrogate yourself the univited role of protector of a capable guy like Kimi? Speak of cheap adulation and that is it. Kimi is articulate enough and is yet to ask for your misplaced protection.

As Obama and Lewis you are spot on except you are still VERY FAR FROM learning anything from either of them is your posts are any indication. Otherwise I appreciate your desire to learn only that for some it takes time, keep trying-dreams are realized at different paces.

Taabu said...

Remember this: Sarah Palin makes Bush sound like Shakespear€! Jijazie (oh, you said you are swahili iliterate, sorry).

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, even for Powell, "there come a time...." hehe.
Also Kwale, thanks for your hilarious jousting, all in good faith.
Now, what say you guys we start looking for the Kenyan Obama? We seriously, seriously need to discuss ideas on how to go about it. We need a charismatic, highly intelligent, inspirational young guy who can help rescue our country from the political perverts who rule and have ruined our country, just like the Republican repugnants. Any names come to mind? Maybe you know of someone in the Corporate world or Academia who fits the bill. Could you name him, describe him and tell us why you think he is our potential Obama.

Joe said...


Kalonzo was on the ballot paper... why didn't you vote for him?

This is really a simple question. Kindly give us an answer. Remember, you had 5 years to evaluate Kibaki before last years elections. Within those five years, there was Aglo leasing, Artur brothers, The standard attack, the killing of Mugiki youths, reneging on MoU etc.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Joe @ 11.24AM, You are the kind of guy who keeps our Nation wallowing in mud and sewage. How do you want me to answer your dumb ass question?
What is it you do not understand about my proposal to Taabu? I am proposing that we move away from supporting the likes of Kalonzo, Raila, Kibaki, our usual politicians etc., move away from usual political practise and look for newly minted younger leadership with Obama as our beacon and inspiration, yet here you are wanting us to continue pushing old brands like Kalonzo. To answer your question, only fools don't change their minds or do not recognise better opportunities when they come along, and that time has arrived.
If you want to continue discussing politics as usual, that is your choice, unfortunate as it is, but leave me out of it. I am not interested in the used pornographic merchandise you are hawking.

b-carotene said...

Great point Kimi: we need our own Obama. I think the question should be--HOW do we create her/him, rather than where do we find him? But if we go with the latter, a good place to start would be Tseikuru.

But I disagree on PNU voting. It was first an endorsement of President Emilio's good works and capability as well as distrust and disgust with Hon Rt Dr. Bumpkin's time-proven malevolent ways. On the other hand, ODM voting was purely tribal and hate-filled as many of them did acknowledge the social and economic gains of Emilio's presidency but went ahead and voted for the Bumpkin, many thanks to Messiah's mind control. Sadly, the Rift Valley component was hate-filled, fueled by the Bumpkin, who promised immunity from his administration. Ditto for the Muslim Coastals. ALL (save for those that underwent mass surgery) are now monumentally disenchanted with the sleazy Bumpkin-Messiah and we watch a bright new future unfolding.

The question that Hon Dr Kalonzo was also on the ballot is a silly one, seeing that Kimi had addressed the issue quite nicely in his post preceding the question. The questioner, like many others in KK, clearly in need of reading/comprehension for dummies.

Joe said...


No need for insults. It is you who said the people who voted for Kibaki were infact voting against Raila. What i am putting across to you is that Kikuyus, Merus voted for Kibaki. Kambas voted for Kalonzo, and Luos, kalenjins, Luhyias voted for Raila. So your argument, and i quote:

Like who? Stop being cheeky. There was nobody IN or OUT of that list who could surpass Kibaki in clout and influence, that is why PNU rallied around him

does not wash. I also point out that those who voted for Kibaki had 5 years to evaluate him.

What i am pointing out to you without insulting you like you did to me, is people voted along tribal lines. That is a no brainer.

Taabu said...

I hear you. I may be having a name called John but trust me the next question will be John who? And the implication is OBVIOUS. There lies the Achilles heels. Way to go?

Kwale said...

Taabu, I have a question for you, if Kimi (our kimi) stand for presidency would you vote for him? A young and visionary, articulate (your own words), moderniser, neither left nor right (socialist or nationalist), uniter, a man with a plan, grit and determination and capability to transform Kenya from a third world country into a tiger economy. Or would you stick to your old inadequate tribal grumpy old men who promise you nothing but tribal loyalties?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Joe, i admit i said those things, but this is today(now) and politics is dynamic and fluid so i have changed my mind. The man of the moment right now(WORLDWIDE) is Obama and he has shown that we can jettison old thinking and try out new things, that is the point i am making. Please do not be left behind.
B-carotene, i understand where you are coming from, but Kalonzo should also show us that he can carry out and implement the Obama political brand, and in this case, he will have to compete with others and we can vote for the most persuasively convincing. I really do not see any other way to unite the country and if the Kenyan Obama is Luo for instance, we vote him, with unqualified support and passion. In other words, where he comes from will not matter, just that he is an Obama clone. I am convinced that we need a message beyond tribal alliances, which both ODM and PNU are, to get this country moving. How is it we have the most educated middle class outside white South Africa yet we are so backward in our politics, that we should settle for Kalonzo or Raila?
Taabu, you are already giving up before you have even started? Don't be afraid to deal with the who after John, and the earlier you reveal him the better. We can then assess him on his merit after parrying and fighting off and dumping any negative tribal characterization he may attract. That will come for sure, and it will be like the early racist labels Obama had to endure, until even moderate republicans realized that Obama had a deeper message than just being a black Presidential candidate. Why can't we get our own Obama with an equally deep message that is beyond tribal differences?
Obama the political brand is going to influence politics far beyond America. Would it therefore not be utterly shameful that in the country of Obama's ancestors, we will potentially be going into the next election practicing the same old primitive politics of destruction and hate that brought us to the brink, in the process showing to all the world what a bunch of sorry lost souls we are, that we could not even be influenced to right our wayward ways by the most spectacularly successful and charismatic politician in a generation?

Joe said...


I am not left behind. I am not a pessimist either. However, the situation in Kenya today is more like in the US in during the civil rights era. Do you honestly think Obama would have made it in the 60's?

We must change the way we view fellow Kenyans. Ask yourself, if Obama was kenyan, would you vote for him?

Right now, i would vote anyone in who promises to change our politics.

Anonymous said...


You asked asked Kimi a very good question:

If Obama was Kenyan (and vied for the Kenyan Presidency) would Kimi and the rest of the people who think like him - Kwale e.t.c - vote for him?

Your guess is as good as mine. The would have the same pumbavu attitude towards Obama as they have towards Raila. They would spalsh him with huge amounts of irrational hatred, lies, insults and third rate propaganda aimed at soiling his name at every opporunity they would get.

As for us looking for somebody young to vie for the top leadership, I am a bit pessimistic because a lot of Kenyan young poeple have been severely infected with ethnic hatred and the pumbavu values of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT. They are no better than the wazee's.

You just have to listen to guys like to Kwale and Kimi to realize that they may be young but their whole mix of attitudes is no better than that of Njenga Karume, Mwai Kibaki, Michuki et al

Taabu said...

You may differ folks but the common message or desire in all of you is CHANGE. The challenge therefore remains what next or better still what must we do to have the first step in.

Kwale you and I know what is good only that sometimes we chose to get lost in the mix. If only we can singularly concentrate our energies into winning souls and attitutde for the better good.

We are not where we are for lack of ideas. Better still we are not colectively sinful for lack of smart preachers. I will AMPLIFY Joe's question and please reflect on it and only answer yourself: IF OBAMA WAS VYING IN KENYA WOULD YOU VOTE FOR HIM?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Joe Says:

"...the situation in Kenya today is more like in the US during the civil rights era. Do you honestly think Obama would have made it in the 60's?..."

Wrong.The situation in Kenya is the way it is because of ignorance and lack of enlightened leadership. The situation in the US in the 60s was the way it was by legalized discrimination. Blacks only started voting in 1965.

Joe says:

"...We must change the way we view fellow Kenyans. Ask yourself, if Obama was kenyan, would you vote for him?..."

What have i been saying all along? I would vote for Obama in a heartbeat, and so would millions of Kikuyus.

Joe says:

"...Right now, i would vote anyone in who promises to change our politics..."

I agree.

Anon @ 7.31am, as i said before, if you want to continue discussing politics of hatred and self-righteous, know-it-all bigotry, count me out. I AIN'T interested.

UrXlnc said...


What have i been saying all along? I would vote for Obama in a heartbeat, and so would millions of Kikuyus.

am perplexed ? why do you always throw in this tribal angle ? and why or what gives you the right to speak on behalf of these "millions"

you usually start off by making some sound arguments but for some reason you always end up with a tribal jab that completely throws off those of us that don't really care about tribal affiliations, inclinations and/or afflictions.

do re-evaluate yourself bro, you are a lot bigger than that

Taabu said...

As always with you all the way and won't atke anything from your. I am sure if you have done some psychology then you are aware of the unspoken intent that is latently implied in speech albeit poorly disguised. How I wish that you keep fidelity with both sides.

b-carotene said...

Let's push the speculation a little further, for what its worth. If Obama were campaigning for Kenya's presidency in 07, would he have gone round dubbing whole communities "kabila adui," "madoadoa," and so on?
Let's be honest about this and stop uttering Obama's name in the same breath as Raila Odinga's.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrXlnc, Taabu asked:


That is a question loaded with sarcasm and skepticism precisely because if you read between the lines, Taabu is asking if i and those who supported Kibaki would really ever vote for Obama. Taabu has said numerous times on this blog that Kibaki only got support from Kikuyus, the 41 against one mantra. It follows then that when he asks this question, he is just trying to bait me. Who is now reducing this issue to a tribal discussion? He even says in a follow up post:

"..I am sure if you have done some psychology then you are aware of the unspoken intent that is latently implied in speech albeit poorly disguised...."

The key phrase is "unspoken intent latently implied". In other words, when Taabu is hypocritical it is perfectly okay, but the moment you IMAGINE i am being hypocritical you all jump on me like cats. Hilarious! You really need to get serious.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

B-carotene, i am with you. Couldn't have put it better. There is an unspoken attempt to equate Raila with Obama, the same Raila who with Kibaki are now asking Kenyans to forget about the Waki report and forgive the evil pervs named in it.

Anonymous said...


allow me to indulge you further on this

joe and taabu asked whether you (singular person) would vote for kibaki. i do not know if theres a history of coded speech so i cannot judge what the intent is other that whats written

your response partially deflects the direct question by resorting to rabble rousing (and surely some will rise to it) ro some sort of crowd mingling thats the part thats uncalled for. i have read Joe's comment and question and taabu's they are directed at you. a simple yes or no would suffice, a justification/elaboration on why would certainly be refreshing, but calling for crowd support .... ? ..


Anonymous said...


vote for obama


b-carotene said...

Worries me how Obama's name gets dragged around this blog, yet very few of the values he stands for are practiced by the KK community. Take for example how the silly book launch was thwarted and the writer flung out of the country, amid roaring support from KK sideliners. One dumbass even went on to say that i lick white bums. Kwani am i supposed to bite them?! Very disappointing, really. Obama (God love 'im!) would be appalled at this all.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is talking about Kibaki and the Kikuyu but look at the bigger picture.Why dont I hear anybody talking about Raila, Ruto or Ntimama? This report will raffle alot of feathers and I dont believe Kibaki and his inner circle will be the only ones.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrxInc, As an individual, i would be one of Obama's most vocal campaigners if he ever stood in Kenya.
If he loses the election in the US because of racial bias, we shall demand he comes and stands for the Kenyan Presidency.

Taabu said...

Kwenda, stop crucifying me on a cross I never bought or asked for. You are one smart bloke but not you are loosing the plot with false accusations. Where is the hypocracy in the swali? Just answer, yes or no and stop imagining what is not asked-that is called questioning intent (never known) and not the act.

Kwale said...


My goodness! We started this discussion on Sunday now is Tuesday and you are still at it?!

Look no further, we should have Kimi as the commander in chief(president) and taabu as PM. They have shown us they are politically adept to be the next leaders of kenya!

Taabu said...

You cheeky bloke, you are very smart in canvassing as COP in whose office now?

Otherwise we keep it here soberly outside the din in latest posts. Lunch on me and bill me, won't you?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, The discussion continues because it is intelligent and interesting. Haven't you noticed that most of the abusers have disappeared?
About being a President, just forget it, but thanks all the same. When would i ever go and see an F1 race in private without all the baggage? How can i chat up a pit babe without paparazzi hounding me? In any case, the office of President in today's world would require a very dedicated person. Also, a guy like me loathes that kind of limelight as inevitably, you must pretend all the time, which i find very difficult to do.

Taabu, okay, i withdraw any accusations. To answer your question; Yes, i would vote for Obama without question.

UrXlnc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UrXlnc said...


as you may have noted, i usually follow balanced contributions.

the reason i get perplexed or exasperated is when otherwise upright chaps in this forum (who should lead by setting appropriate standard for mature discussion) get caught up in mindless exercise to subjugate, smother or otherwise intimidate other contributors on account of ethnic or any other type of prejudice.

this prejudice is cloathed in veiled or blatant stereotyped references as the "brainless" "worshippers" "thieves" etc.

am sure only a handful of people will come back to this thread but if anyone of you have a moment kindly read the following two articles which may not be authoritative but provide some clear definitions and insight.

if possible try to relate directly or through proxies (loved ones, etc) to the definitions from both perspectives (i.e the aggressor as well as the victim of such attitudes) and yes i know "am preaching to the choir" but my take is that there are many in this choir that still "just dont git it"

our favorite pastime on this blog appears to paint all those opposing as belonging to some stereotyped group and then we try real hard to paint ourselves as being above not just that group over there but even among our most ardent fans (group) over here. lets blame this on our parents or teachers or anybody else who stoked our egos and made us believe that we are God's gift to humanity and that where we are not, there can be no life.

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc, all LUOS are born of incest from inherited mothers with HIV and extra long smelly foreskin!!!!
enda ukatwe sa hii and stop spreading HIV!

Taabu said...

We are not done yet. Here we go and you said:

.....In any case, the office of President in today's world would require a very dedicated person...

How dare you disappoint Kwale? On a serious note amplify that attitude and it reflects why we are where are in this filth. Somebody (Obama clone) must dirty his hands and you cannot selfishly distance yourself like that.

You owe me and apology lest I pronouce a CURSE, dare you? You must accept to join the committe to bell the wild and randy cat.

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