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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

US Elections Necessitates High Terror Alert in Kenya

Senator Barack Obama’s grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama during a past interview with the press at her Nyang’oma Kogelo village in Siaya. The press has been barred from the home until Nov 5 to give her a break from constant media engagements.

Latest news in Kenya indicate that the Kogelo based family of US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has halted all media engagements until after the US presidential election on November 4 . According to the reports, the move has been taken to give Obama's paternal step grandmother, Mama Sarah Onyango Obama a break, so says spokesperson thura Said Obama.

However, and contrary to this information, the REAL reason for curtailing press interviews and effectively ring-fencing Mama Obama are far much more serious. Coming soon after a personal and unannounced visit to the homestead by ODM party leader Raila Odinga, whereby closed door meetings were held between Raila and Mama Sarah, it appears the grand coalition government does not want to take any chances. Although the family is promising to open up to the public after the elections, it is highly unlikely the jovial Kogelo villagers will ever again step into the currently-under-tight security-Obama-homestead, let alone see the Obama matriarch at the local market rendezvous, given that Obama has very high chances of emerging the winner against John McCain. (Make that a landslide!).

Information reaching this blogger indicates that Kenyan and regional security forces, working closely with American Secret Service and FBI, have put all exit points out of Kenya on HIGH ALERT following credible intelligence information indicating that the Al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Eastern Africa under the leadership of 10 years-yet- to- be arrested- Harun Fazul is planning a terrorist attack on local vital installations and Western interest in the Eastern Africa region. Mama Sarah is, according to intelligence sources, an obvious and vulnerable target!!!! Infact, the IGAD summit on Somalia taking place in Nairobi today is just but a smokescreen to have the Heads of State/Government confer one-on-one and face-to-face on the serious security threats arising out of the imminent Barrack H. Obama presidency in the U.S.

Interestingly, even the normally vocal and social US Ambassadors in the region (including our very own MR in Kenya) have ‘gone underground’ because the threats of attack are allegedly already in advanced stages and are aimed at petrol stations (forecourts in Western lingo) oil tankers and airports and other strategic interests. The attacks are allegedly planned to coincide with the US Presidential Elections in early November when the global attention will be singularly focused on witnessing the elections of a candidate whom the Al Qaeda are not supporting because his victory will mean end of the war. Not surprisingly, the public concentration in Kenya is expected to reach the same levels or perhaps exceed what was witnessed in December 2007 during the country’s own presidential elections.

As it is, the Al Qaeda group is reportedly already IN-REGION crisscrossing the borders and mingling with common mwananchi with intentions of identifying escape routes and camouflage.

Security has therefore been enhanced to an unprecedented level at all regional seaports, airports and border points while anti-terrorism vigilance is a step or two higher than usual. Accordingly, customs, immigration and security officers are having sleepless nights as we approach the D-day in the US.

It may surprise many that a peasant granny in poverty-stricken, AIDS ravaged Nyanza Province of Kenya is now centre of global attention and supposedly a terrorist target, but this is what being President of the United States of America means.

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Anonymous said...

Phil, stop scaremongering!!!!!There is no threat to Kenya becoz of Obama!

Anonymous said...

VIVA OBAMA, the uniter and prince of hope worldwide!

Down with "kabila adui yetu" singer and patron of ethnic cleansing in Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Phil, NYANZA IS NOT POOR!! All the people of Nyanza need to do is stop looking upon another human being as the saviour. You will be surprised by amount of wealth Nyanza have if they drop the name "ODINGA" from their lips!

Anonymous said...

Phil are you serious or have you been watchingzombie movies???

phil wrote 'witnessing the elections of a candidate whom the Al Qaeda are not supporting because his victory will mean end of the war'

i mean maybe you should stick to molasses worship and give global terrorism analysis a wide berth. here you missed the course by a whole river.
and for your own sake stop talking of CIA, FBI...and all that crap. that kind of talk is best left to idlers who still believe mentioning them creates an air of seriousness. this piece of article is what i expect to read in the 10 bob gutter press on the streets.
and of course you had to remind us that molasses visited the obama granny....the lengths you will go to just to inflate this deity of post his photo and his hummer in Kibera if that makes you proud.

and on to the real issue.

Raila faced with an iminent split of his blood soaked party, he has agreed to adopt a middddle safe ground on the WaKI report. The lengths this luo ddeity will go to gat a grimpse of state house is amazing.
he was told by ruto 'you are either with us or with a bunch of cirrcumcision healing luo's'
the midget choose the killers to his poor moron kinsmen.
read the whole story in todays dailies.
just avoid phils junk...

Anonymous said...


Now on issue of high terror alert i will take your word. Most of the times your predictions have come to be and especially where ODM is a player.
On a second note, why is Raila negotiating with Ruto? I thought the issue of HAGUE express was sealed? Would'nt this make Raila a political chameleon?. If Raila joins Kibaki in "tempering justice with forgiveness" he should as well forget a presidency in Kenya. My vote will be gone. Am realising rather late, he could be the only person to bring the culture of impunity in Kenya. Tell him Phil - tell him to remain steady. If someone killed, let him pay for his sins in this world. On this he has my support.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Vikii said...

".....a candidate whom the Al Qaeda are not supporting because his victory will mean end of the war."

Which war?

Abass said...

What an utter rubbish! Al-Qaeda has nothing against a poor old woman in Kogelo village. They only target the US or Western installations. Besides, it is clear that you are talking pure rubbish( if there is such a thing) because people would have seen the tightening of security you are mentioning. But yeah, it is information that only you are aware of, isn't? Because you are.... a genius!

UrXlnc said...


whereas you may have some truth, i think therein probably lies the difference. we in kenya are almost from birth inculcated to react to situations (sometimes long after it has happened) whereas those in developed countries try their best anticipate the unexpected and plan well ahead. somewhere in there there is the proverbial "sweet spot" where there is no "over-kill on assumptions" and there is no "oops how could that happen"

what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Instead of posting fantasies why cant Phil tell us about the rot that is currently being unearthed at the Health ministry?But I guess since it is being led by those 'angels' Kumekucha has so often been saying are our salvation from the ogres of the past,those who even dont know the spelling of CORRUPTION.Its something that am sure he would like to skip knowing that before Ny'ong'o it was Ngilu.

Anonymous said...

2:24 PM

the only difference between Nyanza and central is people in Nyanza have been oppressed from Kenyatta era(the old thieving thug who stole land from his own tribesmen and catered only for his cronies... then Moi went followed kenyatta's nyayo and continued oppressing nyanza and out from under the dog come another thieve from central province called Emilio kibaki... shenzi sana

Central province goons have the word steal on their lips they were taught well by Kenyatta and now kibaki...

Thank god Nyanza people say the name Odinga with their lips... Odinga name has is not attached to the Kenyatta and Kibaki looting names.... you don't get it to you...

Anonymous said...

3:50 PM

Oh boy Look at this central Lesotho shiate with no brains opening brown teethed mouth here.... Uhuru has been having diarrhea we here.. the ugly faced Murderer coming out screaming for his life!!! Uhuru will face Hague...

CONTINUE READING(a mungiki sources confirms after reading the newspaper ,adding Kibaki, michuki,saitoti and Karume.. the rest of the MP's on this list are the MP's who attended the meeting with them... go figure!!!!!

Central MPs turn their guns on Waki

he MPs — under the umbrella of the Central Kenya Parliamentary Group — scoffed at the Waki Commission for "leaving out those who incited violence by calling for mass action".

These people, they said, were on record, and included those who asked people to reject the presidential election result.

Mathira MP Ephraim Maina, who chairs the group, said the victims of the violence "who rose to defend themselves" are now the ones being targeted by the report.

He said President Kibaki was fully briefed on the position they were taking.

"It has become very necessary to hold a consultative meeting to discuss the way forward on various issues touching on our community, e.g. the Waki and Kriegler reports and a new Constitution," read the invitation text message sent to MPs by Maina.

"Please avail yourself (sic)… it is important to attend in the interest of our community…"

Maina said Justice Philip Waki was playing a political game with the report and did not do thorough investigations.

Ivy said...

Anon 8:43

Correction before Nyong'o, there was KANU ni baba na Mama (Was it Paul Sang)

Ivy said...

Just a thought reading from this quote...."It has become very necessary to hold a consultative meeting to discuss the way forward on various issues touching on our community, e.g. the Waki and Kriegler reports and a new Constitution," read the invitation text message sent to MPs by Maina"

I mean will we ever fight tribalism, the more you yap around abt your community, dont you think your leaders are the ones who are alienating you further from the rest. When did Waki report become a community thing? Let everyone carry his own cross

Anonymous said...

ivy drop posting as anon and responding to your tired comments.......raila bows to mighty ruto is what is important now.
the molasses bumpkin has no moral authority to criticize anyone. he has shown what matters to this killer slut is presidency...well its a mirage i will accurately say...

Taabu's mistress

Anonymous said...





Kimi Raikkonen said...

"....Although the family is promising to open up to the public after the elections, it is highly unlikely the jovial Kogelo villagers will ever again step into the currently-under-tight security-Obama-homestead, let alone see the Obama matriarch at the local market rendezvous...blah,blah"

Oh sure. The rumour is also that the Kogelo village home will become an extension of the White House and there will be a permanent secret service detail complete with x-ray shades, two way radio earpieces and wearing Giorgio Armani suits, bomb sniffing dogs, a marine corp detail with an attack helicopter(a stealth Apache)nearby, all to guard Granny Obama from terrorists and White extremists. Even APs will not be allowed into the compound.
Another rumour is that there will be a Kogelo "Internasonal" Airport to be built in order to accommodate Air Force One when Barack comes home to show off the prize.
Frankly, i have not laughed so hard in a long time after reading Phil's infantile exaggerations. It is incredible how grown men are getting breathlessly excited here in Kenya, complete with harebrained fantasies of how Obama will come to Kenya to display unseen before trappings of power like he is Caesar returning from wars of conquest. They are forgetting that Obama's first constituency is the United States of America, NOT Luo Nyanza or Kenya for that matter.
Did anyone see his 30 minute infomercial yesterday? Not once did he mention his father, but he remembered to mention his mother, Grandmother and Grandfather and how they influenced him.
It would therefore be wise for Luos to temper down their monumental expectations as Obama does not think of himself as a Luo boy made good, but as an American offering leadership to his Country, otherwise they are going to be very disappointed, again.

Anonymous said...

After meeting with ruto, raila agreed to get back the envolope handed to kofi annan.

Anonymous said...

Security at the UN in Gigiri has been beefed up big time.. may be some truth!

Ivy said...

verbal diarrhoea i must say. Yes verbal diarrhoea and bar talk. I see Obama as a kenyan first then luo.Just how i wish that he was a samia, even if his great grandfather/mother was a samia. In high school we were taught synopsis of a a paragraph in a story and we were told tusijijazie. Keep it short and factual; I mean if we have Kogelo "international airport" what is the problem? I mean i will be reaching funyula in just about 1hour.May it come and come quickly. Amen

What is the point in a few words?

b-carotene said...

Obama is a GREAT man.
I figure its OK to view him in whatever way appeals to you, just for as long as it does not violate the values he so strongly stands for, nicely summarized in his recent infomercial.
For ONCE I agree with urxlnz(ero)--better safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...


You forgot to throw in the works the fact that his 'cousin' molasses will also get state of the art security detail to protect him from phil's imagined threat now that he 'talks all the tyme' with the to be 1st black president of the US.
this is the kind of thoughts that make Phil jerk the whole night.....bwa ha ha ha haaaaaa

E-cop said...

he he he....e-combat i tell you daughter of Samia

Ivy said...


I thought Obama had an option of dropping the name (obama) ama? I mean if his father was just a useless jaluo man, why keep the name change it and sign an affidavit it is that easy. Kwani who forced him to keep it?

E-cop said...

you are preaching to the choir but i fear your breath could better use reciting loyalty pledge

not to discourage you further but someone here is already wondering Obama is cut??

Anonymous said...

loosers e-cop and Ivy are trying to bring Obama into the mix...
drop it perverts, we are dealing with molasses sorry ass on rutos leash!!!
he has no balls to say no to Ruto and RV mp's, you can sing crap as you want but molasses is not worth mentioning in the same breath as Obama..
he is a killer and a war mongrel..a passanger into the hague express...

no wonder Taabu and his choir of molasses dimwit are mum!!!

Anonymous said...

When i saw this post in the morning, i thought you were blowing things out of proportion by imagining that the presidential election in the US is putting kenya in danger of terrorist attacks.
I have however been forwarded a circular that is doing the rounds in Govt depts and yes, it is true. The threat is very real and all concerned security bodies are on high alert. Based on your post, i am sure you have seen the same circular because in some paragraphs you have quoted it verbatim.
Actually, if u can tell me how to upload a pdf doc onto this comments page, i can go ahead and put it up for all to see.
Kumekuchans, better believe the terrorist threat. The same faces Uganda too.

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...

It seems RAO has finally decided to show his true colours. As I said before, this 'grandioso' image of him being created by the likes of Phil & Co. will shatter to pieces, and all we have to do is wait. RAO is just like all the other politicians, charismatic but will always toe the political line when push comes to shove.

We have been placing our hopes and ambitions on a man who is cut from the same political cloth as the rest of his peers, hyped him, and somewhere along the way, we believed in the hype. Case in point, The Baks and the NARC dream that was shattered so early in his presidency. More disappointments from RAO are bound to happen, prepare yourself.

What does this mean for these idiots aboard The Hague Express???

E-cop said...

Anon 4:16

why are you being impartial? you forgot looser anon 4:19
now that you are NOT mum tell us what is going to happen with Ruto and the bumpkin since you know?

Anonymous said...

Some politicisnd and their fanatics amaze me!!! who said Raila is a clean man!!! all the big-wig politicians are dirty to the core [including Raila].....The guy is re-nowkn for relly hating Kikuyus, yah what with Kabila adui yetu!!!, Mass xion an all that crap! kwani what was he thinking mass action was gonna result to what?? The guy also belongs to hague! If he were that clean and non-hypocritical, why negotiate with the so called killers...

Anonymous said...

A court heard that one of the suspects charged alongside Java Coffee House manager was allegedly fished from under her bed.

Ms Faith Nyawira was given away by her four-year old son with whom she hid under the bed when police officers went to arrest her at Uthiru, Nairobi, a court heard.

An officer, Amos Tiren said they visited the house in June with four officials of Women Rights Awareness Programme (Wrap) lobby.

He said the boy emerged from under the bed and revealed the mother was hiding there. She was then identified by one of he Wrap officials.

Nyawira is charged together with Ms Judy Nyaguthii with offering two girls aged 13 and 14 years for prostitution while Wagner is charged with defiling them at his Lavington home in June.

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said @ 4:19AM said...
When i saw this post in the morning, i thought you were blowing things out of proportion by imagining that the presidential election in the US is putting kenya in danger of terrorist attacks.
I have however been forwarded a circular that is doing the rounds in Govt depts and yes, it is true. The threat is very real and all concerned security bodies are on high alert. Based on your post, i am sure you have seen the same circular because in some paragraphs you have quoted it verbatim.
Actually, if u can tell me how to upload a pdf doc onto this comments page, i can go ahead and put it up for all to see.
Kumekuchans, better believe the terrorist threat. The same faces Uganda too.

Poison, Thank you. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you should know by now that I do not publish rumours nor do I rely on 'bar talk' to validate my posts. However, some bloggers, especially those voteless diasporans are always looking at everything negatively and suspiciously. Perhaps when a bomb goes off in down-town Nairobi they will believe this post.

In the meantime, I hope that - unlike the Vikiis of this world - are aware that George Bush started the war on terror following the 911 terrorist attacks in the US and that is why Al Qaeda want McCain to win so that the war can continue.

Poison, the information on my post is from NSIS sources and I would not be surprised if the circular you allude to could have been adopted from this post. I mean, why should you think I am the one who is quoting from a govt circular? Does that circular also mention Granny Sarah or Somalia summit???

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:59,

You are spot on. Lies, deception, fraud, prostitution - this (prostitution) is what their mothers promote and excel in.

And most of you Mt Kenya married males, most of those children that you think are yours are not yours. You have been fooled by your very own women who have been screwed by other men (even the jaluos that you hate so much) and you are raising thier kids.... Poetic Justice.

dr murinho said...

I think this site purpose is to feed on people's fear, and to get many readers, the contributors feels the need to report from imaginary world.

There is something you need to know about Phil. Phil is probably the least tribalist person in this site. A person who is least likely to offend anyone here or anywhere because of their ethnicity, and that gives hope to people like me, not everybody needs psychiatric help in Kenya when it comes to ethnic hatred.

However, his obsession with fellow human being is a big concern. Phil manifests a high level of OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). And in particular obsessive love.
Obsessive love is a delusion, and therefore can lead to dangerous consequences. Fortunately, Phil's obsessive love is not a danger to the society and no need to worry. But, it makes it impossible for him to reason within general permitted level of delusion.
And with that, he will always have a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everybody else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.
And he will always hold his beliefs with absolute conviction which are unchangeable even by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary.

Phil, should you require help, there is help available.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Anonymous said...

dr murinho - The resident clown/marketplace madman at Kumekucha. You are a Quack.

This clown repeatedly, deceptively and fraudulently trie to convince us that 1 + 1 = 3.

"murinho" (that is not your real name. Ni ile umejibandika) 1 + 1 = 2 - Get that thru your prejudiced, hate filled, fraudulent and deceptive mind.

Anonymous said...

Taabu's mistress

11:46 PM

The only slut and murderer known to Kenyans is EMILIO KIBAKI who gave the order to the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans and that was watched by media all over the would...

the only confirmed names on the list of 10 are
1. emilio Kibaki
2. Uhuru(Mungiki war lord)
3. Michuki the executor of mungiki youth after they do his dirty jobs of beheading...

stop confusing Kibaki the Murderer with Raila.. shame on you..

Anonymous said...

11:49 PM

another brown teeth central goon with head stuck in the sand... the only known murderer in kenya today with facts is

EMILO MWAI KIBAKI.... THE SENILE ALZHEIMER FILLED MURDERER!! you can scream Raila's name all you want but facts are facts darling and you can take this facts to Hague

KIBAKI=HAGUE mupende musipende
abusing Raila here will not help you.I suggest you start cooking mukimo for your beloved kibaki he will soon be behind bars.

shenzi sana

Anonymous said...

1:14 AM

Nope sources say Rucy kibaki whispered that kibaki is having diarrhea wehn anyone mentions the envelope the poor old man is dressed up in adult napkins now incase he has an accident with his mavi poleni sana wa shenzi wa central province

Anonymous said...

4:16 AM

You my friend are the damwitt and slut you even don't have guts to use your own name on here- but keep abuses people on here and calling them names. you must be one of those malaya's from central province whom we all know sing kibaki praise and lick his ass at every corner My friend your kibaki is going to face hague like it or not. while sleeping with your own relatives -you incest filled mpumbavu sana go to mashada where you belong i have seen you using the same trends of abuse there.

Anonymous said...

2:27 AM

Do shut up with your foolish garbage on here are you sixteen years old? I would hate to imagine who born you.


no amount of your abuse on here will stop this from happening and by the way MARTHA KARUA IS TALKING TOO MUCH. her facts are for real. Kibaki and Uhuru are going down in a big way:):)

ha!!ha! where is threat Video that someone claimed that will be used to protect Kibaki if people used him as the fall guy???


Anonymous said...

anon 5.55

you are the same shiate. see dr murinho ASAP!!!!

Anonymous said...

4:27 AM

The only disappointment to kenyans is the senile fellow in statehouse and most kenyans are happy now that he will be facing the HAGUE express.


Anonymous said...

4:37 AM

known Killers in Kenya to face Hague express:

1. Emilio kibaki
2. Uhuru Kenyatta
3. John Michuki
4. Njenga Karume
5. Martha Karua
6. Saitoti
7 Kabondo wa kabondo
8. Wambui Kibaki
9. Ephraim Maina

Mr Lee Kinyanjui (Nakuru Town), Mr Kareke Mbiuki (Nithi), Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri (Laikipia West), Mr David Njuguna (Lari), Mr Dick Wathika (Makadara) and Mr Njeru Githae (Ndia)Mr Nemesyus Warugongo (Kieni), Mr Ferdinard Waititu (Embakasi), Mr Elias Mbau (Maragwa), Mr Simon Mbugua (Kamukunji) and Mr John Muthutho (Naivasha)Mr Joseph Kiuna (Molo), Mr Jamleck Kamau (Kigumo), Mr Moses Mwathi (Limuru), Mr F T Nyammo (Tetu) and Mr Kihara Mwangi (Kiharu).

The above MP's were the financiers and organisers of the Mungiki murderers gangs.

Hague express is waiting for them.
They will be taken kicking and screaming but the Kenyan People have spoken.. Killers must be brought to Justice..

Anonymous said...

anon 5.55 Kibaki the Murderer
5.59 kibaki the murderer
6.02 kibaki the murderer
6.09 kibaki the murderer
6.13 kibaki the murderer

Hague express is waiting for him

kibaki the same senile kikuyu shiate. see dr murinho ASAP!!!!

Anonymous said...


Ever heard of AUTOEROTISM, you can do better then that can't you? Indulge

Anonymous said...


Separately Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said the Waki report should not be implemented in full saying doing so would open up old wounds that had started to heal.

Mr Musyoka regretted that several people were killed during the post-election violence but warned that if careers of politicians implicated in the violence were to be destroyed it would be detrimental to the healing process in the country.

“We will be rubbing wounds that had already begun to heal. And this will take the country backwards,” he said. “Anything that takes us backwards, I am opposed to. It should be rejected.”

The Vice President also said that President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity is still consulting and would soon come up with a position.

Instead, he suggested that the country explores ways to bring about reconciliation among its peoples.

“Having read the document and as a lawyer I know it is very difficult to implement it even if threats of International Criminal Court fly in the air.”

Mr Musyoka was speaking after he officially opened the 6th Annual Conference for Gambling Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF) in Nairobi.

On Wednesday, 20 MPs from Central Kenya rejected the report in totality saying it was too flawed to be acted upon.


The MPs led by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Cabinet colleague Kiraitu Murungi faulted the report saying the real culprits have been left out and instead the victims were targeted.

Thursday’s reaction comes ahead of a special retreat of Cabinet Ministers, Assistant Ministers and accounting officers. It is expected that the issue of the report could be on the agenda of the get-together.

Even as the comments on Waki report takes the centre stage, the United States and German envoys said Thursday that they were keenly watching the government’s action on the report.

The two envoys also said they will make their final decision on the report once the deadline expires.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is the cause of all these Problems. If he had not STOLEN THE ELECTION, all of this nonsense would not be happening.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

On a more serious note, what impact will the Obama Presidency have on Africa and Kenya in particular? Any ideas? What will be the impact in immediate terms, and also in the long term? Lets have more cerebral contributions than has been the case so far on this forum.

Kwale said...


Why do you like complaining about Kenya and Kibaki?

Take a look at this video,,

Kenya is a great place; it has greatly improved since Kibaki took over. Don't you agree?

Ajwang' said...

Big news was supposed to be the split of ODM. Well, that is not going to happen. As Prof Nyongo said recently, there are only 3 parties in Africa (ANC, CCM & ODM). The Captain wants 'full implementation', the party wants 'shelving'. The party wins. Raila always wins. Sorry Lesothians who were waiting in glee for a bloodbath!

Anonymous said...


As long as some people like TAABU keep believing that their mental constipation is caused by Kikuyus, we cannot have a cerebral discussion on important issues.

Kwale said...

Good point. What impact will Kenya and Africa have?
Well, if you are one of those thinking that Obama's Kenyan roots will benefit Kenya or Africa then, I am sorry to tell you that it's far from it; Africa need to take care of it own problems. Most of Africa problems are self-inflicted and don't expect any favors from Obama or anyone. Nobody will sort out African problems except Africans themselves!
You should not expect gold or silver or instant debt cancellation if Obama takes over. I rather expect him to toughen the stance for better democracy, violation of human rights, state looting and so forth. I also expect to see the Obama phenomenon being replicated on the Kenya's political stage where more young people are given the possibility of engaging in politics and being decision makers for the future. Thats what I want from an Obama presidency.

And of course my favorite mantra, "if you have a dream no-one can stop you". I would like to see Obama inspire young and old alike to aim high and achieve great things in life.
All you need is to belief and all things will become possible.
Don't you ever let anyone tell you, you come from the wrong tribe, country, race, religion, age, or lack of education etc. You can become anything you wish in this life, and that's a fact!

Half of world billionaires (in hard currency) are school drop outs. 4 of 10 top world billionaires are from India, and 12 out of 25 world top billionaires are either from India or Russia, two most unequal societies where world poorest people lives.

Anonymous said...


Please, for once be honest to yourself. The Captain wants "full implementation", Ruto wants "shelving". Ruto wins big time. Raila and his Kisumu mafia go back to the drawing boards licking their injured balls.

The question is whether Ruto can continue at will to wield his pliers on the Captain's balls. Personally, I don't think so; it is a matter of time before Ruto is made to sit and suck his political thumb in a corner. But you never know how the day will break in politics.

We wait for round two of the slagfest.

Anonymous said...


Where are you when we need you most to condemn ODM for rejecting your "Hague Express." You are such a silly armaggedonist! Ruto na Uhuru juu saidi! Raila and Mudavadi chini kabisa!
Lowlife Raila wanted to use Waki's report to eliminate his political cmpetition.

Blake said...

Aain I say this emphatically: THERE IS SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY VERY TWISTED ABOUT OBAMA - This family man actually believes its perfectly NORMAL for one man to mount another man's asshole and engage in a perverse sexual union!

He not only believes in this depravity known as HOMOSEXUALITY, he's going to change laws to ensure it continues in America without protest from right thinking people.

And Africans believe this guy is some sort of hero or messiah? What crap!

Mark my words Kenyans, in your blind adoration, you'll come to see that Obama is certainly not who he claims to be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patriotic Kenyans:

It is time a warrant of arrest was issued for the apprehension of Judge Waki for treasonable and theft offenses. He conspired with others (some of them foreigners) to sabotage the national constitution. He has also stolen state property (the "envelope") and handed it (possibly sold) to a foreigner (Annan). It very urgent that he be arrested before he can further cause untold harm to our Republic.

Patriotic citizens should be encouraged to effect an immediate arrest without waiting for the police. Waki should be considered a flight risk and an all-points bulletin should be issued to all border crossings and airport.

With Judge Waki a free man, Kenya's sovereignity is at risk and our national healing process will be aborted.

Let us arrest him at once!

UrXlnc said...

ODM rejects the Waki report

PNU rejects the Waki report


ok - this and the arguments presented would be near acceptable if either party had used their networks and already conducted intensive research and investigations and presented their own findings alongside Waki's report for comparison.

where are the well researched/investigated reports (not using taxpayers or donor funds but fully sponsored by the parties) to challenge Waki's report. These politicians should not think they are some kind of gods and that their word is sufficient. In order to challenge or refute Waki's report they need to table credible information with evidence or else that report and list of suspects should move on to the Hague. Why should kibaki continue constituting endless commissions using up public resources (time, money etc) and yet it only needs one MP to trash the findings and the report gets shelved.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelieverable how Raila has changed position on the implementation of the waki report the man has no balls to stand up to general Ruto. Coward luo bure kabisa...

E-cop said...


how about this video?
(Visiting Obama's Kenyan Town)

Kenya is indeed a great place; and US elections have necessitated media attention and high terror alerts don't you agree?

UrXlnc said...


just to reinforce/support that.

as much as some people would like to believe otherwise, biological parents even if legally or otherwise disavowed does not alter reality and many have accepted that.

interesting to note how easily we forget that it is only very recently that the late James Kamangu spent some considerable effort/energies in somewhat similar circumstances trying to re-affirm that indeed he is/was the father of .... and he had his fair share of supporters. and yet perhaps now some of that crowd would like for BO to disown his roots ... amazing i'nit

double standards, double speak or what.

anyway, truth be told, BO's character, strength and achievements are all due to who brought him up, where he grew up and how he has used what he learnt to face and overcome his challenges and mould his successes. we should just be happy and grateful that we have some near or perhaps infinitely far off association that perhaps somebody else in say India or Nigeria cannot lay claim to. Will that add more sufuria's of ugali on the table, maybe not, but it certainly swells the heart to know that (as kwale puts it) someone can follow their dream and come really close to or in fact achieve their dream.


The Muslims have been in East African coast well before the 8th Century. They intermarried with the coastal African tribes and gave birth to Swahili language.

This means, the Muslim community have peacefully lived side by side with the local Africans for about 13 centuries. There is no evidence that the Muslims ever tried to force their Islam faith on any Kenyan or any African. If if this was true, many Kenyans would be Muslims instead of Christians! There are muslim communities in HomaBay, Kisumu, Kendu Bay and other small towns in Kenya.

The bombings of the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya wwee vicious acts of terrorism. I know this because I lost a schoolmate in the attack of Us Embassy in Nairobi.

I do not believe that every muslim in Kenya is a terrorist.

With the resources they have, United States should isolate the bad apples who were involved in the bombing of it emassies and deal with them instead of creating an atmosphere in which all muslims are being labelled terrorists. It has come to a point where anybody who had a muslim friend must cease and desist from continuing that friendship for the fear that s(he) may be labelled a terrorist!! This is wrong. Neighbours are now under siege. If this is not the best way to divide and control human beings through fear, I do not know what is!!!!!

United States must try to explain to the rest of the world why their embassies were bombed instead of creating an international fear of innocent muslims world wide and blanket bombing thousands of them with a hope that some bad apples among them will die!

Anonymous said...

And finally ..a luo greater than tinga..gues waat he is not an odinga

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kenya now has two choices. Either implement the Waki report, which the principals have agreed will not be done, or have sanctions imposed UNLESS the accused are handed over to the Hague.

Kwale, it is true that Obama will inspire many young Kenyans to try out for leadership, but without money, and lots and lots of it, they will be sitting ducks for the current political class and its leadership. A potential Obama clone has to have more money than the current political class to have any impact. To be an Obama clone will require that you be absolutely financially independent. You could try contributions from supportive members of the public. However, to convince ordinary Kenyans,most of whom are poor unlike Americans, to contribute to ones coffers in significant amounts, will be an uphill task.

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