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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scoundrel Lawyers Scavaning Carcass Kenya

Mouths or legal scoundrels for hire. Lawyers will smell opportunity to scavenge even before the prey is identified leave alone falling dead. What is more, they have no qualms how the prey met her death. Now the smart pair of Kibe Muigai and Ahmednasir are circling carcase Kenya with their claws all drawn out to curve out the choicest beef.

Best known for superlative splitting of hairs, the pair are now busy trashing Waki’s report for claiming he breached Kenya's Commission of Inquiry Act oblivious of the fact and circumstances that fathered the commission in the first place. Hawky Ahmednasir started it over the weekend by showering MUTE Kriegler with praise for his objectivity while selectively knit picking on Waki’s report for playing to the gallery.

You don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to see the thinly veiled cry now that Waki saw it coming and sealed all rent-seeking loopholes. Soon we will see the politicos join the fray claiming that Waki report was designed to settle scores originating from Kiaritu-Ringera radical surgery that never saw the inside of a theatre. It will be interesting to see these pair of loud-mouthed unofficial STATE LAWYERS manufacture law or twist the present one to pin Waki down.

The devil is securely housed in the secret envelope. All efforts will be made to belittle Annan and his next move with the envelope. Fortunately the die is cast and rolling fast down hill. The Hague Express is beckoning all her fully paid up passengers. No amount of sideshows however cleverly crafted will fly. What an obtuse paradox how lawyers foam at the mouth warning all and sundry about the perils of impunity oblivious of the naked fact that their actions weans the same monster.

Waki is no angel but on this single score he saw the devil, cut a responsible corner with the trophy. All the mongrels can do is to shed crocodile tears over spilt milk while atop the tree on the opposite bank of the raging River JUSTICE.

More wood to Hague pyre
Kibe and Ahmednasir can shout all the legal niceties claiming Waki overstepped his mandate in authoring the contents of the secret envelope, but Kenyans are no longer the naive lot let by the leash of NGO/LEGAL parasites sucking us to the bone marrow.

Waki’s smart move must have been informed and inspired by his desire to free Kenyans from the chocking bondage of IMPUNITY premised on fraudulent and deceptive leadership. The political class shamelessly continue digging even after plunging us into a bottomless hole.

Philip Waki has immortalized Achebe’s wisdom on its head. Because we have been serially turning and turning in the widening gyre of rudderlessness, the falcon cannot hear the falconer and things fell apart with devastating thud. The centre can no longer hold and we need the international community to punish and eradicate IMPUNITY.

More dry wood to the Hague pyre please.

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Anonymous said...

this is very relevant....keeep on deleting looser

It may seem a little ridiculous to medicalise what are essentially extreme opinions, but the move is interesting for what it says about psychiatric diagnosis in general. In particular, it cuts to the very idea of what defines a mental disorder.

For example, the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia are based around two ideas:
The first is that there are behaviours and experiences present that are atypical or culturally anomalous (e.g. 'hearing voices' or delusions), the second is that the disorder involves some form of disability - in the case of schizophrenia, the criteria specify social or occupational dysfunction.

It could be argued that extreme tribal hatred like the one shown here in Kumekucha could involve both. Extreme tribal hatred is indeed uncommon, and in today's Kenyan society, might involve a significant social deficit if contact with tribes perceived to be "wrong" is consistently avoided or becomes distressing.

In fact, considering that about 11% of healthy adults score above the average of delusional inpatients on measures of delusional thinking, it could be argued that ethnic hatred (at least in Kenya) might be more atypical than the sort of beliefs that are typically diagnosed as signs of mental disorder.

In other words, it's quite hard to refute the idea that extreme tribal hatred like that of some bloggers here isn't a mental disorder within the general philosophy of the current diagnostic system.

This highlights the social relativity of the diagnostic system, which you might either use to argue for the inclusion of a new diagnosis of 'tribal hatred disorder', or, perhaps, more realistically, to draw attention to the fact that the current system does not adequately define mental pathology in all cases.

Then there is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a mental disorder with repetitive obsessions and/or compulsions that cause anxiety. Everyone has unpleasant or obsessive thoughts occasionally; people with OCD can't ignore these thoughts. E.g. constant repetition "elections were stolen" and "this tribe, this tribe that", FRAUD and DECEPTION etc.

I hope you (those feeling to hate other people so strongly with no logical reasons) get well soon!

There is help available.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Anonymous said...

Waki Report too hot to touch

Updated 3 hr(s) 1 min(s) ago
By David Ohito and Lucianne Limo

The Waki Report appeared too hot for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to handle Monday night after it abruptly called off a meeting of its Members of Parliament scheduled for Tuesday.

This came in the backdrop of a meeting by Rift Valley legislators, who sought to present a united position on the post-election violence report at the cancelled Parliamentary Group meeting.

Party leader Raila Odinga was the man on the spot, following sharp divisions among his supporters over the Waki Report. Today’s aborted meeting was to come up with a common stand for the Orange party.

Whereas Raila favours a "full implementation of the report", MPs from the vote-rich Rift Valley — that backed him to a man in the last General Election — have a different view.

Agriculture minister William Ruto summed up the feeling of the province’s leaders when he dismissed the Waki Report as "shoddy" and having "missed the point by a wide margin".

Last night, in a dramatic twist, party Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo — who is on official trip in the United States — sent a short text message cancelling the meeting.

The text, forwarded to MPs, read: "Dear MP, due to unavoidable circumstances, the PG meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28, has been postponed until further notice. Any inconvenience is highly regretted, Hon Jakoyo Midiwo, Chief Whip."

Shocked MPs who received the text messages said the cancellation was a sign that things were not okay in the party.

It is understood that the meeting, planned for 10am at Parliament’s Old Chambers, was called off at the request of the party leader "to ease tensions building over the Waki Report".

The meeting would have seen Raila come face-to-face with MPs who have expressed disquiet over his stand on the Waki Report.

Change tactic

In a hard-hitting statement yesterday, Rift Valley MPs asked Raila and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi and other ODM ministers to change tact for the unity of the party or suffer a split.

A Cabinet meeting expected tostate the way forward on the Waki Report this Thursday at State House, Nairobi, now appears unlikely as the President will be hosting the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD). And Raila is scheduled to travel to China tomorrow on official engagement.

The report has divided ODM and PNU parties, with members differing on its implementation.

MPs from the Rift Valley, one of the region’s affected by post-election violence, has particularly been vocal.

Nominated MP Musa Sirma told Raila: "You are either with us, or against us."

Agriculture minister Ruto remained tight-lipped, refusing to be drawn into commenting on today’s aborted meeting. Sources last night intimated that the minister may have been meeting with 26 Rift Valley MPs at a city hotel.

The MPs from the province said they read a sinister motive to unfairly target certain leaders. Said Sirma: "The PM was all over Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western, Nairobi and other parts calling for the release of the youths arrested in post-election violence. What has changed to make him say they (the youths), together with their leaders, should be tried?"

MPs Dr Julius Kones (Konoin), Isaac Ruto (Chepalungu), Benjamin Langat (Ainamoi) and Joshua Kutuny (Cherang’any) challenged Raila to rethink his stand on the Waki Report.

Turned against them

"The mass action propelled the PM and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi to the high seats of power; now they have turned against the people," said Sirma.

Ruto said the implementation of the report was akin to opening more wounds, adding that what was needed now was reconciliation. The Agriculture minister said the violence was widespread, but the report narrowed its findings only to Rift Valley. Sirma denied that the violence was planned. "We want lasting peace in the entire Rift region. We have been victims of violence since 1992 clashes".

Mau forest

He said Rift Valley was asking why Raila and Lands Minister James Orengo had made an about-turn on the issues affecting their people, like the violence and the Mau Forest.

Kutuny said many cases were still before the courts, including one against one Mr Jackson Kibor, and it would be dishonest for the party to dump them midstream.

He added: "Even President Kibaki has gone slow on the Waki Report. Why are Raila and some ministers rooting for its immediate implementation?" Sirma said they wanted ODM to bear collective responsibility for any wrongdoings in January.

Nambale MP Chris Okemo said many MPs relied only on media reports. "Those accused must be given fair hearing," said Okemo.

Anonymous said...


You have deleting my comment twice now...i will however write again no matter how hard you try to muzzle my voice. seems KK is running out of democracy that they harp to all and sundry!!

what is relevant today is the imminent battle piting on one side molasses, wearing an orange short with bloody spots and on the other side ruto with his hands and blood dripping in blood. the contest is on and we KK fraternityy want to contribute.

so these attempts at sideshows are not only stale and tasteless but a subversion from the truth that u pretend to harp here day in day out. infact it alludes to DECEPTION and FRAUD embedded in your odmorons DNA. but not all KK audience are dimwits....we know that orange house that houses a paper party built on innocent blood is tumbling down and molasses will soon be left hanging on a thread at the cliff end of political oblivion.

just delete if you want but i will not engage in your molasses praise choruses that KK has taken.
even your standard gutter paper the KK takes as gospel truth has more clout in highlighting this truth.

taabu, you need dr.murinho free mental rehabilitation. please check yourself in ASAP.

Anonymous said...


there is a Tsunami, sweeping all killers and rapists..their financers and inciters to hague. molasses and his gang of 40 thieves and killers are stark scared. the tsunami is soon sweeping them to hague. continue your side shows!!!

Anonymous said...

In the book Good to Great, the author (Jim Collins) makes the analogy of a hedghog and a fox. A fox is smart, fast, cunning and brilliant. it knows many things. A hedgog is slow, clumsly and unweildly. But it knows one thing, just one, that when it sees the fox (or any other potential predator) it curls up into a ball of sharp nasty spikes and that simple fact is usually enough to keep it safe from foxes and othr predators. In short, genius, more often that not, lies is simple insightful strategies not complex ones.

Looking at kalonzo and Raila; one sees a fox and a hedghog. raila is smart, cunning, a political operator par excellence. he has his army of unquestioning zealots and a press that swoons to him. he moves fast, operates brilliantly and often dazzles with his political machinations. Raila is a fox in terms of cleverness and speed. Problem is; more often than not; it takes him nowhere.

kalonzo on the other hand campiaigned and lost. then in the wake of the PEV, he simply woke up one morning and backed Kibaki. ODM and raila maniacs probably will never forgive him for that move. We could argue about it for months on end but that simple little announcent was enough to make him the second most powerful man in the country. If kibaki was to step down today, it would be Kalonzo that would succeeed him as pr the current constitution. While ODM was busy butchering and raping women in RV to get a position in the political table, Kalonzo got an even better place simply by uttering several sentences

In the wake of the Waki report, ODM is increasingly looking like a beseiged city. It has not escaped anyones notice that inspite of the fact that the Waki report accuses polticians across the political divide, it is mostly from the ODM stable (RV in particular) who are most vocal about amnesty, moving on and shoddy job by waki. They are increasingly begining to sound like the Nazi suspects at Nuremberg. Men with dirty little secrets to hide, a party weighed down by the baggage of corpes and blood it carries as the price to get a few men cabinet positions.

Meanwhile, kalonzo still looks a few million light years cleaner than the cleanest politician in ODM. He can authoritatively talk about prosecution of waki suspects knowing perfectly well that if the sword was to cut across tODM/PNU, he would be the biggest beneficiary. he can talk about peace and recncilliation wella aware that he is the only contender not burdened with hate talk and tribal trash. Raila and kibaki on the other hand are struggling to keep their houses up in the face of vicious infighting all the while trying to keep them selves from being dragged to the Hague to face charges of crimes aganist Humanity. Pitiful foxes ensnared by their own clever wiles.

Kalonzo meanwhile, smiles on. Clean and unblemished. the confident hedghog.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

In the EA Standard:

"...In a hard-hitting statement yesterday, Rift Valley MPs asked Raila and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi and other ODM ministers to change tact for the unity of the party or suffer a split..."

As usual, Raila never misses an opportunity to put a foot in his mouth. He should know when to speak and when to shut up. Now he has put in danger the unity of his party and this will manifest itself in parliament. If he splits with the RV irrevocably, his own position as PM could be in jeopardy. We all know how fluid politics can be in a crisis.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"...Nominated MP Musa Sirma told Raila: "You are either with us, or against us"...."

This position merely strengthens PNU as Ruto does not really have much leeway either. Given his bloody hands, PNU will not touch him with a ten foot pole, except on their own terms of course.

Anonymous said...

molasses brand seems like its going Softa way....favourite at first but boring in the long run. he better revives his Luo Dumb Party (LDP) if he misses the Hague for his odm bloody party seems like is being swept by a Tsunami to Hague...

now who will give taabu another hawking job????

Anonymous said...

anon7:38 PM

You Skunk your Kibaki has blood dripping allover shading on his wife Rucy and his other wife wambui who hired Mungiki murderers to behead innocent kenyans and where do you see in the Waki report mentioning others?? did you see Raila's name in there wewe shenzi sana?? Taabu id right by deleting your shiate on here you since you seem to be a very blood blood thirsty individual.. stop posting here your lies and propaganda given to you by Alfred Mutua via your relative Kibaki.. we know that already..

Anonymous said...

anon7:41 PM

MY friend the only Tsunami, sweeping all killers and rapists..their financiers and inciters to hague.

1. Emilio Kibaki(shoot to kill order of innocent kenyans by the police and army and his mungiki foot soldiers (at statehouse before the rigged elections)

2. His wife Madam Wambui Kibaki- financing the mungiki murderers

3. Uhuru Kenyatta financing mungiki murderers ( at statehouse meeting before the rigged election)

4. Michuki financing mungiki murderers (at statehouse meeting before the rigged elections)

5. Karume financing mungiki murderers (at statehouse meeting before the rigged elections)

6. Martha Karua financing Muniki murderers(at Statehouse meeting)

7. kabando wa kabando (financing the mungiki murderers at the statehouse meeting before & after the elections

Kibaki and his gang of 40 thieves (Anglo leasing, Grand Regency, Transcentury(Rift Valley railways)and the Somali's are waiting to be paid for the crooked Army trucks and ammunition and killers( refer to the above) are stark scared. the tsunami is soon sweeping them to hague. No side shows!!!here this are facts and like it or not your your relatives are doomed .... no where to hide this time:) pole sana

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The Tribunal must be set up before parliament adjourns for Christmas holidays next month and it will not resume sittings until March next year. The tribunal, to be constituted through an amendment with 145 MPs supporting, must be in place by February 28 next year, failure to which the matter is taken up by the Hague.
Given the acrimony and bitter infighting inside ODM, and the fact that it is unlikely this issue will be resolved in time as the RV MPs will not support the amendment, we may actually see a Hague process in place. Regardless of the outcome, the RV MPs are politically finished and will probably end up in jail, as even the local tribunal will be out of the control of the Kenya Govt because it is also a process under the National Accord agreement signed by both Kibaki and Raila under UN auspices. Only two judges in the tribunal will be Kenyans, but the chief Judge and the Chief prosecutor will be foreigners. So it is misleading to claim that holding the tribunal in Kenya somehow vests control of the outcome in Kenyan leaders. That is just an ignorant fantasy, and so typical of our politicians and media.They never look at the fine print until it is too late.
The only way out of this is for both Raila and Kibaki to disavow the National Accord they signed and create a new homegrown agreement. If both of them agree to do so, then even the threats of punitive action from the UN and the International community will be null and void and will have no basis under International law. I am surprised that no Kenyan lawyer has pointed this out. Anyway,what do i know,they are Kenyan lawyers after all.
However, even if the two were to consider the above scenario, they have vested interests in bringing the post Moi Kalenjin Mafia of Ruto and Kosgei to heel and to finish them once and for all, and both tribunals are a golden opportunity to do so.
So which tasty meat will they carve, the ranch beef, the mogotio goat or start roasting fresh meat all over again?

Anonymous said...

9:40 PM

PNU- kibaki killer brand seems to be dead(can smell Hague) can't even utter a word but keeps crying and having nightmares - I hear he is peeing in bed while shouting in his dream!!amnesty amnesty!!:):) go tell Emilo Hague is already hanging round his neck and this time he will not get away:) he better revives his DP Party (DP) if he misses the Hague for his PNU bloody party seems like is being swept by a Tsunami to Hague...

now who will give You my friend Lesotho mis-shape another hawking job????

Anonymous said...

Not to mention I hear PNU are all shitting in their pants... same are already selling out to cover their butts... stories on ground is that some PNU members wrote down full disclosure on how it went down and have handed the reports to their lawyers just in case someone high up in the PNU party tries to use them as fall guys.... na mambo bado.. some lawyers on ground are talking.... PNU wacha too..

I think some of the guys who were at statehouse meeting and other were send to follow up with the mungiki gang... are saying they will not be used to wet blankets they are already singing.... I pity Kibaki.... people in PNU are saying he should carry his own cross...

it is indeed getting very interesting.... guys are scared and this time each to his own...

Anonymous said...

I agree with your posting but just want to correct the quote you gave. The "turning and turning in the widening gyre of etc etc" . The original poem was written by William Butler Yeats and it is entitles "The Second Coming". Indeed Achebe admits that he got his title from that poem. The whole poem goes thus:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
-- William Butler Yeats, January 1919
Otherwise again I believe Kibe and Ahmedinajad Nassir are soon heading for appointment as judges. They will be rewarded - just wait and see

Anonymous said...

anonymous11:09 PM

Pss!! you have hit the nail on the head. Yes I know of a lawyer who received a sealed envelope from an MP from central- ati just in case things get dirty, apparently one MP has come out saying he doesn't want to end up like MP Were!! can you imagine such a comment? why would he say that and give his testimony to his lawyer and his immediate family??while advising other MP's to do the same?? this Waki Report is getting dirty and dangerous to those who were involved in the deaths of innocent kenyans and I'm very happy they are having sleepless nights.

Don't get me wrong people, I'm married to someone from central province though I'm a Taita and i can tell you with no doubts in my mind there will soon be people destroying each other in fear of going down alone. the MP - I will not comment whether he/she is a minister/assistant minister or otherwise let me just say same people who were joined as one then are fighting each other and holding backroom meetings in homes and writing wills and narrating to their lawyers exactly what went down during and after 27th December 2007 election - all i can say here is that everyone is pointing fingers at each other and documenting what happened -so that they are ready to defend themselves... one MP said at a gathering that he is not scared because orders come from above, I wonder what is this individual implying?? is he saying he followed the orders given by then head of state?? and my question is what makes him less guilty??

Anonymous said...

ANON11:09 PM



Anonymous said...

Taabu, for once drop the anons...its an old trick..we can see your IP protocols...

what a hypocrite!!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:28 PM

please read;

anon11:21 PM

post, apparently some of the PNU Members are saying they followed orders****** from above***** isn't that something?? and I wonder what the orders were that makes them so scared that they hand their lawyers statements Waki style in a sealed envelope?

maybe they are afraid for their life's too?? who knows/

Anonymous said...

are Luo's still getting circumcised? whats the status of Oburu Odinga, and our own Sam Okello and pHIL?

chris please give us this update!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:33 PM

Excuse me I'm not Taabu and i don't plan to be... I will post here the way I chose too, and I sincerely don't care whether you can see my IP address or not and it is sure not Taabu's that is why I have caught you in your lie!!

I can see you do not like reading the truth and that is too bad. Central province PNU will be it's own death trap, I can see some bloggers here are hearing the same stories on the ground like some of us-

keep digging your head in shiate, and keep posting your lies I pity you maybe you are one of those heading for Hague too.

Anonymous said...

someone seems to be busy asking questions and answering himself...the levels ODMorons will go amazes all sane Kenyans...

drop it Taabu!!!

Anonymous said...

11:39 PM
same old same old kikuyu fargot with nothing else to do but salivating over kihii's -go get a life and your IP address I have just checked is same as 11:33 PM :):) you can hide but you can't run. that is why hackers make a good living. we see you but you can't see us:)

Anonymous said...

seems molasses worshippers are over themselves today defending the killers by sneaking in PNU, sijui envelope..bwa ha haha haaaaaaaaaa....that doesnt wash Sir...everyone will carry his own cross..

maneno ya even PNU did this will not suffice...hague is not like our second rate politicians. so keep playing 'ODM guilt' game but your days are finally over...

your small gods are going down!!!

bwa ha hah aha ahaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

7:38 PM
7:41 PM
9:40 PM
11:41 PM
11:33 PM
11:39 PM
11:41 PM

Same IP address. this individual keeps posting abusive posts here with due respect Chris if want help on burning this individual for good it can be done..or else hand him over for soliciting sex on Kumekucha seems he has a craving for uncircumcised ....?? and hides behind asking about it.

Anonymous said...

11:45 PM

Ha!!ha!! you seem scared:) PNU are going down because as usual the only way they know how to do it is to sell each other like mandazi's ha!ha! I better tell my lawyer friend to go get some business from central Lesotho goons...who are so scared - facts are they are handing sealed envelopes to their lawyers

1. to make sure they don't go down alone

2. just in case they are handled by a hit man(Kibaki is known to execute anyone that he deems a threat- the mungiki that went to BBC with their story are 6ft under now as we all know
3. Good advise - Let them seal them envelopes and hand them to their lawyers the only name thy will all have in common in their sworn affidavits is Emilo Kibaki:)

Anonymous said...

where is dr. Murinho, seems we have a patient today in the name of anon


Chris, this moron is spaming this good molasses mouthpiece!!!

Anonymous said...

very smart move for those central province PNU members with Kibaki on can never tell when they are going down. road side shoot to kill or when they are just entering their home gate, they can be history or thy might be picked from karura or Ngong forest. I agree totally with the idea of them handing over sworn affidavits to their lawyers and copies to family members. at least if they go down someone will be able to use their affidavits to catch their killers if it was ever to happen.. and yes it is a very clever idea and plan to protect themselves and hire lawyers- since they are not sure if they will be used to be instead of the real people who financed and gave the mungiki's the orders to go slaughter innocent kenyans..

I would also if i was them get hold of some of the mungiki's who attended the statehouse meeting and have them on tape..many a times the wrong people are jailed in kenya, by the people in power.

Anonymous said...

kenyans will never learn??

No no The Members of Parliament that are using their lawyers now should come up in the open and shame the devil! how can they trust their lawyers?? Most of the Nairobi lawyers can't be trusted, $$$$$$$$$ is all they know. it is foolish to trust them with such sensitive material.

Anonymous said...

where is dr. Murinho, seems we have a patient today in the name of anon:

" facts are between 2005-2008'
here is what Kibaki did to hide his filthy murderous ways"

10:46 kibaki executed mungiki youth
10:57 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:03 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:09 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:21 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:28 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:33 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:40 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:43 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:52 kibaki executed mungiki youth
11:59-kibaki executed mungiki youth

this Kibaki moron is spaming this good Kumekucha Blog!!

Kibakimouthpiece12:07 AM

Anonymous said...

anon 12:09 = anon 12:13...this little odmoron is trying to create his own small agenda. he was taught by molasses in Jan 2008 that if you repeat a lie many times it becomes a truth to the simple minds. remember the stolen election anthem!!! the fools bought the ODM the good molasses student is trying to do the same here...

shame on you, you have been smoked out moron!!! gotcha!!!!

Anonymous said...

where is dr. Murinho, seems we have a patient today in the name of anon:

" facts are between 2005-2008'
here is what Kibaki did to hide his filthy murderous ways"

10:46 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
10:57 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:03 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:09 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:21 kkibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:28 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:33 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:40 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:43 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:52 kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead
11:59-kibaki gave shoot to kill to police(more than 3000 kenyans dead)

this Kibaki moron is spaming this good Kumekucha Blog!!

Kibakimouthpiece12:07 AM

Anonymous said...


I will ask the following question for the third time in a week:

Can the Kalenjins withstand the psychological trauma of losing a whole generation of politicians, and to a lesser extent, can ODM afford to lose their brightest warmongers to the Hague Express?

Anonymous said...

How true is the claim by Ntimama and Kalenjin MPs that Waki Report targeted the leadership of RV communities?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:09 = anon 12:13...this little PNUmoron is trying to create his own small agenda. he was taught by Kibaki and cronies in Dec 2007-Jan 2008 (remember the famous PNU master plan - repeat ethnic cleansing every time you mention other tribes not kikuyu that if you repeat a lie many times it becomes a truth to the simple minds. remember the stolen election anthem!!! we kikuyu's stole the elections and the sad thing is the mantra didn't work the fools did not buy the PNU we have to encourage our student is trying to do the same here...

it is a shame on we were,smoked out with the rigging and our mungiki murderous gang who did the job and luckily we managed to kill most of them before they opened their mouth!!! remember the ones that were on their way to see their leader Njenga?? we nailed them in time:):)gotcha!!!!I enjoy posting facts and the truth and nothing but the truth.. don't you agree you??

12:20 AM

Anonymous said...


I will ask the following question for the third time in a week:

Can the Kikuyu's withstand the psychological trauma of losing a whole generation of politicians, and to a lesser extent, can PNU afford to lose their brightest warmongers to the Hague Express?

answer me dammit!!!:)

Anonymous said...

How true is the claim by Martha Karua and Kikuyu MPs that Waki Report targeted the leadership of Central Lesotho communities?

12:30 AM

Anonymous said...

Good People,

Get ready to watch RUTO vs RAILA slagfest.

There is no way Raila can be allowed to use the RV people to ascend to PM and then betray their leadership to the Hague Express.

Raila will have to fold his tail. There are no two ways about it!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35 & 12:36 AM

Try to be original. Your mental laziness betrays your cultural upbringing!

Anonymous said...

Good People,

Get ready to watch Kibaki vs Karua slagfest.

There is no way Kibaki can be allowed to use the Central province lesotho people(especially Martha Karua who kept all his secrets including how he rigged to ascend to be president this time with her special help and then betray her leadership campaign and some of her cronies involved in the financing of the mungiki murderers to the Hague Express.

Kibaki will have to fold his tail. There are no two ways about it!!

na nime sema!! truth is the truth no lies on here.. Kibaki must be frog matched to Hague

Anonymous said...

12:49 AM

Try to post facts here not propaganda
and lies. Your mental laziness betrays your cultural upbringing! and your kikuyu filled shiate head.. you need to be booked in Mathari hospital or better yet Hague with your darling Kibaki:)

keep posting so that I can correct the facts ...... you seem to be a very scared individual?? who born you?? Kibaki and mama wambui or Rucy??

Anonymous said...

40 comments and a persistent ODM mad man on KK.

since he reported to work at 9:00am his work has been to re-edit intelligent comments.

God help us all

Anonymous said...

40 comments and a persistent PNU mad man on the PM.

since he reported to work at 9:00am his work has been to post propaganda and lies on the PM and ODM party members and unintelligent comments.

We as Kenyans from other tribes are so blessed by God that soon KK and cronies will be facing Hague express:)

Anonymous said...


Who let the dogs out?

Anonymous said...


Who let the brown teethed jiggers invested dogs out??

Anonymous said...


Who let the brown teethed jiggers infested dogs out??

Anonymous said...


Who let the brown teethed jiggers infested dogs out??

Opps.... Taabu I forgot! answer is "Emilio Kibaki" he let them out to shoot and kill innocent Kenyan..


Anonymous said...

while some Kenyans are busy making money, there is an ODM moron busy fighting for his kin killers at no fee. no wonder 2/3 of kisumu is a slum!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kimi Raikkonen said

The only way out of this is for both Raila and Kibaki to disavow the National Accord they signed and create a new homegrown agreement. If both of them agree to do so, then even the threats of punitive action from the UN and the International community will be null and void and will have no basis under International law. I am surprised that no Kenyan lawyer has pointed this out. Anyway,what do i know,they are Kenyan lawyers after all.

Our Comments:

At first, your idea seems brilliant. However, we doubt whether it will save anyone’s skin under these circumstances. Have you considered this:

(a) On 31 March, 2005, the United Nations Security Council voted to refer the situation in Darfur to the ICC? To our knowledge, there was no Sudanese municipal law that authorised such a move.

Thus, just to state the obvious, the UNSC does not need any authorisation by the National Accord to refer the Kenyan case to the ICC. In that case, your argument does not hold any water.

(b) On 15 March, 2005, Kenya ratified the Rome Statute of the ICC. The Statute entered into force for Kenya on 1 June, 2005. Thus, it is sufficient that Kenya is a signatory to the ICC. Once again, your argument stumbles.

Anonymous said...

Malo Malo kisumu slum Malo,
kidokie somo Jaluo jinga malo,
Jokanam Jaluo fara malo,
Kidoke ber Jaluo moron malo,
Kata e siasa molasses malo

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"...UNSC does not need any authorisation by the National Accord to refer the Kenyan case to the ICC.."

Rubbish. You cannot compare the Kenyan situation to the one in Darfur. In Darfur, there is an ongoing conflict between two parties to a dispute. In Kenya, there is a governing coalition Govt that exists as a result of a peace agreement. The UNSC does not exist to police and impose its views on Nations when and where there is peaceful coexistence. Since when did Kenya sign off its sovereignty to the United Nations? The National Accord was drafted by lawyers from both protagonists REPRESENTING the two principals to a dispute. It WAS NOT drafted by UN appointed lawyers. In that sense, the National Accord is an agreement by Kenyans for Kenyans, not a UN imposed agreement, check your recent history. The UN, in the person of Koffi Annan, was a mediator AND SPONSOR in the National Accord, NOT big daddy or big brother dictating what could not or could not be agreed on by the principals. That is why Kibaki and Raila were meeting in camera without handlers to agree on the terms of their agreement. It follows then that if they could sit and agree on the terms of the agreement, an agreement that formed the basis of the Waki commission, then they can meet again to unsign it. After all, THEY are the principals, NOT Koffi Annan. Koffi Annan's legitimacy in that context only exists so long as the National Accord is in force and so long as one of the parties to the agreement disputes the legitimacy of the other and needs the services and INTERVENTION of the UN.
Also, under the same Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the ICC is a court of last resort vis:

"...The ICC is a court of last resort. It will not act if a case is investigated or prosecuted by a national judicial system unless the national proceedings are not genuine, for example if formal proceedings were undertaken solely to shield a person from criminal responsibility. In addition, the ICC only tries those accused of the gravest crimes..."

So if the Kenya Govt as represented by Raila and Kibaki is a legitimate Govt recognised under International law, of which the Rome Statute is part and parcel of, under the terms of that statute, the Govt can agree, under another mutual accord, to "investigate or prosecute by a national judicial system" the likes of Ruto, Uhuru or Kosgei, and there is not a damn thing Annan can do, because, hey, he too signed the Rome Statute!
The ICC would have to prove that the proceedings being undertaken are sorely for the purpose of shielding the culprits, but you would have to set up the court first to prove that, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...


you seem to be a parrot with very limited cognitive understanding.

Wether the Waki report is good or bad should not be an issue. The order of prosecution of the people adversely mentioned should be from President to beggar.

President was in charge. He should face of the law first. He earns millions to protect Kenyans, he failed to do so.

JEFF said...


Today i agree with you and Raila. The Waki report should be implemented in full. Whatever the consequences, either a breakup of GCG, ODM or PNU, the ordinary Kenyans are ready. We will begin to face our problems in the face and resolve them accordingly. We are here today coz we have buried our collective heads for far too long.

JEFF said...

And Phil,

Please give us a glimpse of the way forward in ODM.

dr murinho said...

Dear Taabu,
Your diagnosis is easy but complex. Complex in a sense you have more than one component that contributes to your ethnic hatred.

First, you suffer from Envy, defined as the pain caused by the good fortune of others, or reluctance to see your own well-being overshadowed by another's because the standard you use to see how well off you are is not the intrinsic worth of your own well-being but how it compares with that of others

Second, you have pride. Pride is a lofty view of one's self or one's own. Pride often manifests itself as a high opinion of one's ethnicity (ethnic pride), or appearance and abilities (vanity).
The opposite of pride is humility and Pride goes before a fall.

Pride and envy according to Christian church are among the seven deadly sins. But in psychology, Envy is a complex and puzzling emotion. It is, notoriously, one of the seven deadly sins. It is very commonly charged with being (either typically or universally) unreasonable, irrational, imprudent, vicious, or wrong to feel. Whilst Pride is a pleasant, sometimes exhilarating, emotion that results from a positive self-evaluation, in your case it is a resultant of self importance which has lead to 'tribal hatred disorder'.

Should you require help, there is help available.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Anonymous said...

well said daktari...

we are grateful to have you in KK.

taabu plz get help ASAP!!!

Phil said...

Blogger JEFF said...
And Phil,
Please give us a glimpse of the way forward in ODM.

In recognizing that gross atrocities were committed earlier this year and in view of the recommendations of Justice Philip Waki, ODM has consulted a group of non-scroundrel LAWYERS who will be expected to make a professional presentation to MPs during the party's parliamentary group meeting. On the basis of this professional advise, ODM is expected to come up with a COMMON stand.

However, please be advised, the party will not (EVER) align itself with murderers, rapist or arsonist, and their sponsors.....but lets be patient, after all this is the people's party so expect it to align itself with the people.

Watch this space, Jeff!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe said...
Kimi Raikkonen said

The only way out of this is for both Raila and Kibaki to disavow the National Accord they signed and create a new homegrown agreement. If both of them agree to do so, then even the threats of punitive action from the UN and the International community will be null and void and will have no basis under International law. I am surprised that no Kenyan lawyer has pointed this out. Anyway,what do i know,they are Kenyan lawyers after all.

Our Comment:

Lets get your muddled thinking clearly, and then we shall respond accordingly.

You say that the two principals should/can create a homegrown agreement. Fine. For what pupose do you propose they do that?

mzee majengo said...

pliz,pliz,pliz let's be sober for once!whats with all this blaming of this or that person.serious atrocities were committed by both sides!they all killed...and are all bound to go to the hague.however much these leaders say 'temper forgiveness and justice...' and "kwani huko hague ndo nini' they know they are just scared because for once there's a law that they cannot escape neither use Amos Wako to enter a nolle prosequi if my latin is correct.calling others names and downgrading other tribes doesn't help much but only creates a bigger problem. infact those who fan hate speech here are no different(if not worse) from those headed for are also a killer only that you didn't get a chance and were a coward because you loved your family so much!those luos shot dead by police were no less human than those kikuyus killed and raped in rift valley. I am not condemning anyone but all i want to be is the voice of reason in this blog.A stolen election doesn't justify raping and killing,neither does maintaining peace justify shooting innocent children,women and men.Even if hague doesn't deliver justice,the blood of the innocent is still crying out to God...

Anonymous said...

Malo Malo Othaya slum Malo,
kidokie somo kikuyu jinga malo,
Jokanam kikuyu fara malo,
Kidoke ber kikuyu moron malo,
Kata e siasa kibaki killer malo

and it is well said Kibaki=Hague

Anonymous said...

othaya slum? is someone confusing kisumu, kibera...where molasses is there is a slum!!!

Anonymous said...

while some Kenyans are busy making money, there is an PNU moron busy fighting for his kin killers at no fee. no wonder 2/3 of kikuyu central lesotho has been taken over by the mungiki thugs.. and no one dare open for business ... soon othaya is gona turn into a slum!!!Muranga Town is already a slum ghost town:)

na mambo bado:0

Anonymous said...

the odmoron dimwit hater is back spaming KK....

eti muranga is a slum....u must have been blinded by the situation in Kisumu and Kibera. the two areas represented by bumpkin molasses and his equally fat lady...

keep dreaming. na eti mjengewe interbnational airport kisumu for obama airforce 1? are luo guys crazy?

Anonymous said...

6:51 AM

No my friend Central province towns are ghost towns and have been taken over by Mungiki thugs... haven't you been following the news closely or you are abroad and have no idea what is happening in your slum towns??

****othaya slum? is someone confusing kisumu, kibera...where molasses is there is a slum!!!***

Na Kibaki is singing and peeing in statehouse with no where to hide:)


Anonymous said...

give up Kibaki is going to be frogf matched to Hague Upende usi pende quite your blabbering on here:)

the PNU dimwit hater is back spaming PM....

eti muranga is a slum..."yes yes Muranga, thika, othaya all are ghost towns taken over by yours truly Mungiki murderers hey come on get some education and read the Kenya news or get someone to read it for you.. .u must have been blinded by the situation in OTHAYA and MURANGA. the two areas represented by bumpkin MPUMBAVU KIBAKI and his equally SENILE SHENZI RUCY ...

keep dreaming. na eti mjengewe international airport OTHAYA for KIBAKI air force 1 FOR KIBAKI TO USE TO DISAPPEAR RUNNING AWAY FROM HAGUE? the poor senile Alzheimer kibaki has nowhere to run are kikiuyu guys crazy?

na wakenya wamesema!!!

Anonymous said...

My family member has a video recording of the state housing meeting! we will only make public if some senior PNU guy ever try to use him as a fall guy.

Anonymous said...

8:44 AM

You are hilerious my friend:) do you also have the video recording of the orders he gave the police to shoot innocent kenyans??? you see that video is live on all the news media around the world and it will be used in Hague... he has already fallen... PNU senior officials do not need a second video to make him a fall guy and by the way as someone mentioned on this blog those PNU senior members are already handing over sworn affidavits to their lawyers!! they say they followed his orders:) and what my friend is your friends answer to that??????????

""""My family member has a video recording of the state housing meeting! we will only make public if some senior PNU guy ever try to use him as a fall guy."""


Kwale said...

If you're a good Kenyan, pray for Obama.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), he will appear in Florida, home to a large number of white supremacists and neo-nazi skinheads. Even as details of assassination plot emerged today, the secret agents guarding obama only found out about it yesterday.

If you want Obama to win then pray for his safety!

Anonymous said...


Round one goes to Ruto.
ODM lawyers and RV MPs have deflated the tyres of the Express. They demand the envelope back. That leaves Mr Molasses alone howling at te moon with his tail coiled between his balls.

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua VERSUS Kibaki SLAGFEST,

Round one goes to Martha Karua(behind the scenes is demanding kibaki no amnesty while she knows the poor old man will head directly to Hague.
PNU lawyers and Central province MPs have deflated the tyres of the Hague Express wakina Uhuru, Michuki, kabaonda wa kabondo and former like karume. They demand the envelope back. That leaves the senile Murderer Kibaki alone howling at the moon with his tail coiled between his balls.

KIBAKI= HAGUE LIKE IT OR NOT HE WILL BE FROG MARCHED BY KARUA TO HAGUE - I hear she want's that presidency in a bad way in 2012 and will not allow Kibaki and cronies to mess that...

Karua toboa siri...... spill the beans girl go lady go....Kibaki is not someone to protect... he is a murderer...

Anonymous said...

e he he he heee..

70 comments and over 90% just trash...surely this is a junk yard site...
i came to vomit, let me go back to

bwa ha ha hahaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Best Video ever- the truth shall set you free......?? which truth ask yourself that question.. the truth forced on African's or??do we really know what is out there...lurking in the dark..

Anonymous said...

Rebel MPs call for meeting

Updated 3 hr(s) 4 min(s) ago
By Standard Team

Prime Minister Raila Odinga was last night seeking to stave off a falling out in ODM, after 30 MPs defied the cancellation of a PG meeting and held parallel talks.

The rebel MPs dismissed the views of the PM and his deputy, Musalia Mudavadi, on the Waki Report as personal and not of the party.

Speaking for the MPs, the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) Parliamentary Group Secretary Ababu Namwamba called for a new PG tomorrow to discuss the Waki and Kriegler reports and take a common stand.

Fighting to keep the party — that is facing a split middle over the Waki Report — united, the PM is said to have later held a meeting with Ababu and three other MPs over the talks.

The MPs reportedly told the PM that should the Waki Report be tabled in Parliament without amendments, MPs would oppose it.

And speaking to The Standard, Raila welcomed tomorrow’s meeting, saying he "did not want to muzzle MPs".

Said the PM: "Those views should be seen as a sign of democracy in our party. We cannot muzzle MPs who want to express their views".

He went on: "ODM has not made an official position on the Waki Report and we will be meeting on Thursday to discuss the report and take a common stand".

The PM conceded that the views expressed by individual MPs were personal and did not reflect the party position.

Earlier, a combative Ababu said MPs would not be bound by views and decisions expressed by Raila and other party leaders until they discussed the Waki and Kriegler reports.

"We are advising party leaders and MPs to follow laid down procedures for party communication," Ababu said.

Abandoned the people

Tuesday’s meeting at Parliament was attended by MPs mainly from the Rift Valley and Western provinces. They included Mr Zakayo Cheruiyot, Mr Magerer Langat, Mr Joshua Kutuny, Mr Alfred Sambu, Mr Wilbur Ottichillo and Mr Manyala Keya.

Others were Dr Julius Kones, Mr Fred Kapondi, Mr Hassan Joho and Mr Boaz Keino.

Agriculture minister William Ruto has been clear on his position on the Waki Report, which he dismissed as "shoddy" and a "collection of rumours, hearsay and innuendo".

On Monday, Rift Valley MPs accused Raila of abandoning the people of the region who had supported him all along.

Nominated MP Musa Sirma, who spoke for the group, told of how Raila had campaigned for the release of youths in police custody over the post-election violence, but was now calling for their prosecution and that of their leaders at the International Criminal Court at The Hague, the Netherlands.

And on Tuesday, Namwamba said they were gravely concerned "with recent events portraying the party as divided, rudderless and unconcerned" following individual comments.

No MP from Nyanza attended Tuesday’s meeting.

They, however, rallied to Raila’s defence, saying there was nothing wrong with the PM taking a position on Waki.

Individual comments

They included MPs Mr John Pesa (Migori), Mr Edick Anyanga (Nyatike), Mr John Mbadi (Gwassi) and Mr Martin Ogindo (Rangwe).

Acknowledging the potential of the report’s implementation to "cause fresh wounds", Mbadi called for its suspension.

"We have not fully recovered from the effects of post-election violence. It’s therefore needless to engage in unnecessary confrontations," said Mbadi.

Pesa said it was saddening that some politicians were using the Waki Report to settle personal scores.

"Kenyans want to see a raft of institutional reforms effected to avoid a replica of what triggered the post-election violence. We don’t want people to fight," said Anyanga.

Creating discontent

He asked Kenyans should be patient to allow the Government to look into issues contained in the report.

"We need to exercise patience to allow the viable recommendations in the report implemented to strengthen our institutions of governance," Mbadi argued.

Said Ogindo: "We should hold our emotions and speak about the Waki Report with caution to avoid creating discontent among party members."

It remains to be seen if tomorrow’s meeting takes off as the PM was reportedly set for a visit to China.

It is understood various groups were on foreign trips, including Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo.

The meeting comes on the day that a routine Cabinet meeting had been expected to discuss the controversial report that has similarly divided ministers from the major coalition partners Party of National Unity.

Efforts by The Standard to reach the ODM Secretary General Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o were futile as he could not been reached on the telephone.

Cabinet minister and former Pentagon member Mr Joseph Nyagah said he was not aware of the PG and would attend if invited.

When contacted last evening Nyagah said he was in his rural home of Mbeere and was not aware of the developments in the City.

"I am in Mbeere and I am not away of any PG. If I am invited I will attend but so far I have no information,’’ said the Co-operatives minister.

In the agenda of tomorrow’s meeting, according to Ababu, is the Waki and Kriegler reports, the review of the Constitution and the party’s legislative agenda in the House.

Also to be discussed is the forthcoming party grassroots elections scheduled for November 22-29.

Furious against party

Sources said that MPs from Western Province shared their frustrations of party leaders taking unilateral decisions and not valuing their input through consultations.

They were furious against party Whip Jakoyo for acting out mandate by summoning a PG meeting and cancelling the same through a text message forwarded to MPs.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to be Part of a country, that has NO respect for humanity, A country where we kill, rape,maim and blame it on stolen elections, a country where we circumcise people, chop off their manhood in the name of protecting "our victory" Why are we rushing to defend inciters? Raila never told you to fight for him. BEBA MZIGO WAKO!!!! Mshenzi.
This is what is ailing Kenya. Murungaru akiiba he runs to Kieni ati oh ni sisi, Kimunya vile vile, Now Sirma Ni sisi. Sema ni mimi!!!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Looks like ODM as we know it is now in its death throes, or at the very least, the Kalenjin component has made a decision to jump ship. This will considerably weaken Raila in parliament but i don't think Kibaki will now dump him as PM if indeed the Kalenjins have irrevocably rebelled because he needs Raila to stabilise the Govt. However, where will the MPs come from to amend the constitution in order to set up the special tribunal? They need 145 of them to do so. Looks like it is inevitable the Hague tribunal will be it. The Kalenjins will probably now be left to their own devices, including cutting off their nose to spite their face, truly a bunch of black belt idiots if you ask me. They even think the secret envelope can be recalled by Raila? Hilarious!
The very Hague they do not want will now become their worst nightmare. What now?

Anonymous said...

has anybody noticed how quiet uhuru kenyatta is?????

b-carotene said...

Mambo ya kupayuka payuka ovyo ovyo iliachiwa Raila Dear Leader, ODM na wafuasi wao wengine.

Anonymous said...

yes i have noticed how uhuru kenyatta is, he is now where to be seen!

ajwang' said...

Raila has been asking for Amnesty. Lesotho said No way. Now Raila is asking for 'full implementation". Lesotho is shouting 'Amnesty'. So back to Amnesty. Raila always wins. You can replace the word 'Amnesty' with 'Premiership'. ODM will not split...sorry. Goal achieved.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Kenyatta is quiet because he is not a DOMO DOMO person. DOMO DOMO lifesyle has its owners, who throw stones and occupy other people's houses without paying rent.

Anonymous said...


What would you do if you were Raila and the RV MPs (read Ruto) had your balls between their pliers? Raila will soon be singng the "AMNESTY" song apende asipende. Yeye na Kibaki ni wapumbavu sana.

Dr Murinho said...

Dear Taabu,
I have made further diagnosis on your behaviors and I believe you are in fact suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, so allow me to explain more about this disorder.

An individual with narcissistic personality disorder exhibits extreme self-importance, inability to empathize with others and heightened sensitivity to criticism. Self-involvement and lack of empathy characterize this personality disorder.
People with narcissistic personality disorder are frequently perfectionists and need to be the center of attention, receiving affection and admiration, and controlling the situation. To get the attention he craves, he may try to create crises that return the focus to him. Like patients with antisocial personality disorder, this person places entitlement issues at the fore. He feels that the world owes him, regardless of whether he makes a contribution.

Patients with narcissistic personality disorder are often perfectionists. For them, the best way to approach their problems is from a "no-fault" disease perspective. This removes blame from the patient and allows her to perceive her illness as a biochemical disorder, reducing the sense of failure that can make treatment more difficult.
A patient with narcissistic personality disorder tends to become depressed when his feelings are badly hurt, when his defenses have let him down and when he believes his world is collapsing. When wounded, he is at the greatest risk of acting out, either against himself or others. A patient experiencing a narcissistic rage may become homicidal, particularly if he has a need to seek revenge. Because of the intensity of the narcissist's emotions, the counselor needs to deal very carefully with this anger and avoid a power struggle.

Should you require help, there is help available.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

UrXlnc said...


it appears that one dr murinho is e-stalking you.

pole sana bro,


anon 11:11

i hear you.

there are criminals who masqueraded as politicians, criminals who masqueraded as electoral officials, criminals who masqueraded as political activists and criminals who masqueraded as police officers and defenders of the defenseless or avengers

these are the people whom we need to uproot from society across all the parties and institutions. let them account individually for their involvement and not use politics as an excuse.

those who are found innocent let them pursue libel and slander cases against their accusers so that malicious intent is also put to an end.

UrXlnc said...

and to all haters in both camps

i request and urge that you reconsider your stance.

we have all gone through very trying moments in kenya. some have experience this all the way from independence and others only in the recent months. but we all have opportunity to think beyond and above our circumstances to make things better for the future. if we maintain our current hardliner attitudes with snide jabs and diatribes at each other without ever addressing the root causes of the grievances (see the Waki report - ignore the list of accused if you must or if that really aggravates)

then we have to accept the reality that we will be at war for a long time and our ethnic bigotry, rivalry, intolerance, hatred and any other ill conceived perception will be entrenched in our core and become our way of life.


this article and you will come to the humbling realisation that the ethnic strife in rwanda has actually not been resolved but just relocated. very very sad indeed.

guys before you post your next comment do think about it and lets stop pointing fingers and start the long journey towards short and long term solutions

Anonymous said...

Men, this how you should behave;

Anonymous said...

no surprises here either

just like in the ODM camp, there are those in PNU that cant handle the Waki report.

only one solution

the ICC in Hague for all these frauds

Anonymous said...

Mazee u guys, u know the wazees in both PNU and ODM are almost chipping. If us young guys don't take charge of our beloved country by rejecting any anti-Waki politician, whether he/she is in PNU or ODM, then we'll have uzad ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren.

We want a country where we can slave for 15-25 years paying off a mortgage knowing very well that we're not gonna loose our digs/life one day to some political thug.

For goodness sake, the new politics shouldn't be about ODM vs PNU. It should be about pro-Waki vs anti-Waki and that's why I've officially defected from Kibaki/Kalonzo to Raila/Mudavadi/Martha/Mutula.

Anonymous said...

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