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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Standard Reveals Electoral Theft

The Standard on Sunday has today published a story that has confirmed massive irregularities, blackmail and theft that were behind Kivuitu’s astonishing declaration that Kibaki was the winner of the presidential polls.

Indeed, the story reveals a scheme that was mooted to deliberately prevent the ODM candidate Raila Odinga from ascending to the presidency through a fair, transparent and democratic means and it is not surprising no single observer group gave the election a clean bill of health.

The standard story further corroborates some truly tragic events captured in the Kriegler IREC report as well as those that were sensationally revealed by whistleblower Mr Kipkemoi arap Kirui who became a marked man as soon as he addressed an international press conference called by ODM leaders at KICC in which he said:

"I am speaking to the people of Kenya. My conscience would not allow me to see what I have seen and not speak about it. ECK is responsible for this mess. They (results) are altered here, not in the field. Form 16A is sufficient. I did it for the first time but could not proceed to the second constituency because of shameless, blatant, open alteration of documents presented by the returning officers. My conscience would not allow me to sit and keep quiet."

The publication comes against the backdrop of sustained pressure on ECK commissioners to resign and pave way for reforming Kenya’s electoral laws and institutions. It is emerging that a certain group within government does not want ECK commissioners to resign for fear that they will spill the beans with information that will be a threat to the viability of the grand coalition government and their own individual positions with it.

Interestingly, the riggers considered all bizarre possibilities including “allowing” Raila to win the presidency but lose the Langata parliamentary seat by force, and in process create a constitutional crisis that would allow the runners up (Kibaki) to continue ruling the country.

The report puts Kalonzo Musyoka – ODM-K presidential candidate and party leader – in an awkward position. Kalonzo was appointed Vice President in mid-January, just weeks after fighting a 'bruising bitter electoral contest' with Kibaki and Raila. It also shows Kalonzo’s agents actively participated in denying Kenyans the constitutional and democratic rights by putting undue pressure on Kivuitu while abetting what was clearly an electoral theft through fraudulent tallying.

What is the purpose of spending huge resources and have millions of citizens vote in general elections if the winner is already predetermined?

Read the standard story here.


Anonymous said...

Thank You STANDARD!! The truth ALWAYS has a way of emerging, no matter how deep it's burried!!!
Na Bado...Watch as the "intricate" manner in which the elections were stolen will start tumbling. (IT HAS BEGUN)
This is why PNU & ODM-K do not want to overhaul the ECK...ati people will start talking.
Poleni sana, the chickens are coming home to roost!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The greater cause of panic for PNU & ODM-K is; If the current ECK is overhauled (it is inevitable my friends)not only will the truth surrounding how the election was stolen come to light, but that they will NEVER be able to steal another election in their favour.
Pnu & it's supporters do not realize that had they let Kenyans have their way in 2007 (perhaps) all those past injustices caused by the status quo in the last 29 yrs of Kibaki & Moi's rule would have been forgiven. If Kriegler had just revealed the truth surrounding the election, Kenyans would have put the stolen election & the violence behind them and moved on. Kenyans would have had an opportunity to heal once & for all!!
This obviously did not happen.

Attempting to defend ECK, pnu & its partners do not realize they are stirring emotions in Kenyans, awakening a beast that would rather remain asleep. Then again, maybe Pnu & the Kikuyu mafia, know only too well what awaits them should they let go of the ECK.

ECK must go!! Covering up the truth, forcing the status quo & "move on" mentality on Kenyans just postpones the inevitable.

Msema Kweli said...

I've said it here before that THE TRUTH DOES NOT ROT. It always has a way of emerging.

Panua mongrels have been FRAUDULENTLY trying to unconvincingly convince us that Kibaki won fair and square - which to me was a big pile of shit, and is still a big pile of shit. Shameless lies that can only come from people whose core values are FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT

Any honest observer of the pumbavu events of 30th December will tell you without a doubt that THE ELECTIONS WERE STOLEN. Of course I expect akina Kwale and all the other panua mongrels to come out with both barrels blazing with a lot of lies and distortions of the truth trying to tell us that 1 + 1 = 3!!. That will not surprise me for it is their nature - remember their core values are FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT

Anon 5:10 AM has put it so well: "Covering up the truth, forcing the status quo & "move on" mentality on Kenyans just postpones the inevitable".

Anonymous said...

It has always been a bit too obvious why Kalonzo - the so called "saved" christian gentleman - and the panua brigade are defending the discredited and disgraced ECK, they have always been afraid that the truth will come out and reveal them for who they really are: SHAMELESS ELECTION THIEVES!

Anonymous said...

These idiots honestly think people have moved on. Kibaki has to face the reality that he is an illegitimate president who owes his current term to fellow thieves- Karua, Kimunya, Uhuru, Kalonzo and all the ECK collaborators.
Although the standard expose opens old wounds, I think it's necessary to constantly remind these thieves of their evil deeds that caused the unnecessary lose of lives.
As for the Chege and Imbira guy, may they all die of guilt and rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

It has always been a bit too obvious why Kalonzo - the so called "saved" christian gentleman - and the panua brigade are defending the discredited and disgraced ECK, they have always been afraid that the truth will come out and reveal them for who they really are: SHAMELESS ELECTION THIEVES!

Anonymous said...

It has always been a bit too obvious why Kalonzo - the so called "saved" christian gentleman - and the panua brigade are defending the discredited and disgraced ECK, they have always been afraid that the truth will come out and reveal them for who they really are: SHAMELESS ELECTION THIEVES!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kibaki has to face the reality that he is an illegitimate president who owes his current term to fellow thieves- Karua, Kimunya, Uhuru, Kalonzo and all the ECK collaborators.

Kwale said...

Msema kweli, why do you expect me to attack you. FYI, I don't attack people unless they get on my way and you haven't. So, you are very safe mate, no need to worry! But if it makes you feel better by reciting elections were stolen, then I am under no delusions of grandeur to convince you otherwise. You have a choice, either to move on, implement the recommendations of Kreigler's report to avoid future mistakes or stay there sad, bitter and sorry. You may wish to note it took almost 14 years to bring OJ Simpson to justice after almost getting away with murder.

I have asked before, what is more important, having a president of your tribe or social reforms? On Monday past, I watched a Sky1 programme called "glue kids of Kenya" a documenatry about homeless kids in Eldoret orphaned by post election violence. It was the most disturbing thing I ever watched, I could not help but weep. The most horrifying story you will ever see, so horrifying the viewers complained about it shown on television. And before you say it was Kikuyus who suffered, there were few Kalenjin Kids, Luhyia, Luo and Kisiis all united in their miseries. Some spoke about witnessing their parents hacked to death by machetes, raped and all manners of sickening acts of depravity. When asked what they would like to do, they all said "to go to school". Yet, we have two leaders who are filthy-stinking rich earning a very fat salary but cannot afford to take care of young, traumatised children after inflicting them with unimaginable pain. It's just make you sick to the stomach!
To hell with Kibaki and Raila!!! Bastards!!!!

There is no Utube video on this story yet, but here is a taste of what the video is like.

Anonymous said...

Oops you've done it again!Its only through twisted logic and the insatiable yearning for their demi god to be president that Odmers find a 'story' in a weekend newspaper carries more weight than the report of a commision that went around the 8 provinces trying to find out what went wrong.If any other newspaper were to carry a story on the possible credibility of a Pnu win,you would be shocked by the codemnation here about corrupted journalists but according to the warped thinking of O-DreaMers it can never happen the other way!Well the sad fact is there is a president at state house.Period!You can only rant and rave and maybe even get circumcised,but he isnt in a hurry to leave.

Anonymous said...

Oops you've done it again!Its only through twisted logic and the insatiable yearning for their demi god to be president that Odmers find a 'story' in a weekend newspaper carries more weight than the report of a commision that went around the 8 provinces trying to find out what went wrong.If any other newspaper were to carry a story on the possible credibility of a Pnu win,you would be shocked by the codemnation here about corrupted journalists but according to the warped thinking of O-DreaMers it can never happen the other way!Well the sad fact is there is a president at state house.Period!You can only rant and rave and maybe even get circumcised,but he isnt in a hurry to leave.

Anonymous said...

Ever noticed the selective interpretation of the Kriegler report by many an odm supporter?While quick to dismiss the whole report out of hand for not saying what they want to hear,they are eager to endorse the ouster of Kivuitu and his ECK team which in itself is a recomendation by Kriegler.So,what are we supposed to do next?Rush into the streets and buy every available sunday standard and frame it for posterity as irrefutable evidence that the Dec 2007 elections were indeed rigged?

Phil said...

Kwale said.......I have asked before, what is more important, having a president of your tribe or social reforms?


Are you trying to say that Kibaki of all people was a reform driven presidential candidate?

You ask this question because you obviously have not read our history in this forum. There are known Social democrats in Kenya, Kibaki is not one of them. Neither is Kalonzo.

I and millions of other Kenyans voted for ODM and its candidate on the basis of their reform credentials. We read their party manifesto and fell in love in with it. I assume you read it too, but because your hypocrisy come first, you would have voted anti-reform (I repeat WOULD because you never voted in Kenya). Please understand that the ODM was - and still is - mass movement, topping opinion polls throughout 2007 and 2008 , and in the process emerging as an envy of many.

As we speak, many are trying to christen one Kalonzo 'THE CAPTAIN'. Am afraid there is only on captain in this country. I do not need to tell you who he his, but I can whisper he is currently vising France because we still DO NOT have visas to visit EU.

ODM-K has continually tried to replicate and clone ODM but unfortunately our political genius is a several leagues above what Kalonzo can dream about. I love Kalonzo as a Kenyan, but I hate his deceptive and backstabbing ways.

Phil said...

Another thing, Kwale, those of us who live in Kenya do not care what shows you guys watch on SKy1, BBC or C4. We are satisfied with Papa Shirandula's citizen, Cobra Squad's NTV and KTN Leo. Even vitimbi and Je huu hi ungwana on KBC is still on. Keep the Mr Beans to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is in SH house but I doubt he is a happy man. Let him continue crawling to central and ukambani, occasionally run to Mombasa to listen to coastal mps wores and convince himself that he is recognized by the other 6 provinces.
To break the monotony he might want to visit the IDS - can someone remind the old geezer that IDPs are not just in RV.
Now that Lucy has overcome the shame occasioned by stealing the election, she might want to justify the 500,000 'allowance' by visiting the IDpS rather than wait for the next trip abroad.

Kwale said...

Phil, you never fail to amuse me. I always like when someone invite me to an intellectual discussion or debate.

Lol, ati, "I and millions of other Kenyans voted for ODM and its candidate on the basis of their reform credentials"
If you don't know, there is a difference between voting for a candidates on their credentials and voting because you think someone is a f*cking an amazing human being ('hero' worship) without assessing the motives behind them. And clearly I can tell how you voted. I remember few months ago, when I was relatively new to this blog, I commented on few of ODM manifestos and one of them was "equal distribution of wealth" I explained why it is impractical to distribute the wealth evenly in a developing country, I went on to explain the methods needed in distributing wealth and why they cannot apply in Kenya. You have to understand most of these ODM so-called "manifestos" were complete brainwash intended to make people believe change was indeed on the way.

After three consecutive governments that has failed to implement social changes to the country, what Kenya need is a revolution of some kind. A fundamental change in power and an overhaul organizational structures like the French revolution of 1700, Nicaragua revolution of 1979 or the most recent Orange revolution in Ukraine.
ODM was unable to bring that kind of revolution, because their "kabila adui" strategy. They believed a change can only be brought about by demonising one tribe and centralising them to "Lesotho". That is revolution ODM style! But of course it can never happen and that's why they find themselves swallowing some bitter pills and recriminations.

Revolutions have occurred throughout human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration, and motivating ideology but never on ethnicity - the one single biggest and costly mistake by ODMers!!!

Taabu said...

Please spare Kwale and his obsession with C4 documentaries. Some ailments have no cure especially when they are premised on character complesxes.

You see OJ has been found guilty but not the on murder 14 years ago but expect village C4 to distort that and rant otherwise. The crocodile tears from the doc reminds you of Sarah Palin's intellectual depth in denying causes of global warming while pretending to craft solution.

To some people it all amounts to permuting between the egg and the hen which came first. Predictably they shout loudest led by the decibels oblivious of the reverse correlation between content and volume. The price of stealing elections is huge and no amount of self-denial will wash. Indulge.

Kwale said...

Taabu, what is this obession with me? I told you to skip my comments anytime you see my name. Is that hard to do as well?!

And FYI, the "glue kids of Kenya" was not on Channel 4, it was on Sky 1! There are about 63 channels on statellite and digital television. Indulge.

Anonymous said...


Whoever reads "THE STANDARD" and believes it wholeheartedly should be placed on an intellectual suicide watch list.

The reporters and editors at that "newspaper" have distinguished themselves as manufacturers and pervayors of rumours. What is most unfortunate is that their raison d'etre is to feed on the weekly illgotten scraps thrown their way by ODM.

Fortunately, the readership of "THE STANDARD" is limited to intellectual stone throwers and they are few!!!

Anonymous said...

Good people,

Someone come to the rescue! The "election was stolen" crowd is again choking on their vomit!

Anonymous said...

We, the majority of Kenyans, do not need to worship another human being whether he is a Capatain or a Molasses thief. We worship the True God on Sundays and on the other days we go to our shambas and small businesses, and take our children to school.

Tunatosheka na kumheshimu Mungu peke yake.

Kwale said...

Taabu, sorry I forgot to let you know I am watching "Big Cat Live" on BBC 1 from Masaai Mara.
I am done with comments today!
Gud nite!

Anonymous said...


Is there something Raila will not do to become the president of Kenya. He forced his son to marry a Kikuyu girl so that he can go around calling the people of Central Province athoniwa (in-laws). Last year the Kikuyus saw through this crap and ignored his athoniwa cry for votes. Now he has ordered all Luo males to get circumcised so that he can tell the Kikuyus that Luos are not ihii anymore. In the meantime, he has been thirsting to be initiated into a Kikuyu elder. Doesn't have any little shame (or pride) left?

What is next? Order the Luos to stop inheriting wives or eating fish or what? I mean, don't Luos have a say in their lives!?

Anonymous said...

The Standard + ODMers = Idolatory

Anonymous said...


Don't argue with Taabu, the tribalist. If you do people will not notice the difference. Remember him telling us in January that the Kikuyus brought rape and murder upon themselves in the RV. Kwale, be forewarned: Have you ever heard of e-rape? Please, keep some distance from this armaggedon guy.

Vikii said...

It is just a shame that people consider a supermarket tabloid authoritative enough to cite. This is a real sickness we are staring at right now.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

EA Standard has NO credibility whatsoever, so please spare us the sanctimonious preaching and usual whining. NOBODY OF SUBSTANCE OR WHO MATTERS will believe their rubbish, starting with most honest Kenyans. The Kriegler report has been there, done that, and has the tie and blazer with the gold buttons to prove it. The Standard cannot even prove their allegations, just quoting unnamed officials and some anonymous watchman who allegedly saw Kivuitu lock himself in his office for 1 hour before allegedly receiving a phone call from someone and then going on to announce the results. WHAT WAS THE WATCHMAN DOING THERE AT THE TIME IF THE ENTIRE PREMISES HAD ALREADY BEEN CLEARED BY THE GSU OFF EVERYBODY EXCEPT COMMISSIONERS? Ha! What a howler!
Even bar flies have better tall tales, at least you can see them and hear their buzz as they hawk their loathsome wares.

John Maina said...

kwale you seem to watch similar programs that i watch but not sky, it confirms you most likely in uk. i wanted to watch big cat lives but my sister and g.f refused so that they can watch X Factors.

My point is that, if you are not a young guy below 27 yrs hence the reason you present as sick, then i can surely bet that if you are over 30's that you have undiagnosed mental illness going by your rhetoric, the hard bit is that i cannot pin point but i do have a solution, provide your email address and i will forward you 2 assessment forms i use in my line of work and you be as honest as you can be in completing them.

Its not that i have anything personal against you but i believe many of my bro/sisters in U.K who need support should get it, and i can tell there is something with you hence your illogical thinking/reasoning.

pls don't send me insults.

Anonymous said...


No point arguing with the idiots about the obvious. Kibaki is an illegitimate president and that is something these fools including duckie himself are aware of.
Problem is, they are used to getting their way through DECEPTION and FRAUD. A normal human being would be embarrased when caught red-handed, but not these people.

Anonymous said...

John Maina,

How kind of you. Kwale surely needs help - he is not alone there are a number of them on kk. Could you consider extending the same help to KIMI? I think these are the two disturbed individuals that need immediate help.

Kwale said...

John Maina, so what if I am in UK? Does that you give you the right to tell me what to think and write here?! You brought your village stupidity to the United Kingdom, as of now, Iam gonna totally ignore you completely. I have told you millions of times not to reply to my comments! I am not your brother, you are a loser! You can't even contribute to this blog other than wait for me to comments so you can prove yourself you are in UK .
You have a serious problem you wanker! What line of address do you work on, washing shit out old people after 100 years in UK? Who can give you a job with your crackling Kikuyu accent, except London borough of Hackney as a parking attendant or Tower Hamlets PAL for mental patients?

FYI, I lived in UK once, got my education, made money, and then moved on to a sunnier place where I can still watch Eastenders and Xfactor. I bet you have never lived anywhere else except East London mainly East/West Ham - Upton Park area, a Kikuyu ghetto full of scandals!

If you want I can show you how to make money and move out of East London. All you need is a good high-powered computer with speedy internet connectivity and then you can trade shares on London Stock Exchange, NYSE, and Tokyo Stock excange bearing in mind the credit crunch. No need to wash old people for the rest of your life!

Anonymous said...

The standard again has scooped the winning cup on sambazaring hatred, rumour monger and abeting genocide. Frankly why the obsession with ODM and rigging after we have killed 1500 of our own, maimed thousands and turned hundreds of thousands into refugees in their own country. If the standard thought by publishing this rumour they will raise the status of Rao and demonise Kalonzo and Kibaki- they have failed miserably. This is the worst to come from professional journalists. Am most dissapointed.

Why could they not share what they know with Kriegler commission? Where were they all the while? Do they mean well for Kenya? Only time will tell.

Standard - for the sake of the the children born and unborn - lets spead the message of peace. You remain guilty as charged.

Mzee wa Kijiji

b-carotene said...

What does anyone expect from a cheap rag that takes pride of place in inciting Kenyans to murder each other and which serves as a tool for ODMs genocidal tendencies?

The cheap rag's sneaky move can be seen in its timing--instead of presenting concrete evidence to the Kriegler team, they resort to publishing malicious rumor and innuendo.

If the aim is to pressure the ECK to resign, there is no shortage of solid arguments for that--no need to fabricate stupid unsubstantiated stories.

The ODM high command has clearly run out of ideas and is as desperate as they come. This story will NOT unify a rapidly unraveling ODM. Neither will it sidetrack Kenyans from the pressing issues at hand eg review of constituency boundaries, constitutional review, and paradoxically, the reform of the ECK itself.

It will not keep Kenyans from wondering what happened to the proposal to tax MPs salaries.

Overall, the standard newspaper lost credibility as a dispassionate purveyor of information several years back. Consequently this story should be dismissed with the contempt it sorely deserves.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know that THE TRUTH HITS WHERE IT MATTERS MOST, just check the anti-standard, anti-ODM posts. Funny that NONE of them are actually giving logical arguments against what the Standard has revealed, telling isn't it?
Well your outbursts will not dilute or deviate the truth one bit!!!

I commend The Standard for remindidng Kenyans of what was lost & that accountability for the stolen election is drawing nigh. Kumeucha has been doing an extremely commendable job of always reminding us, urging us never to forget the 2007 stolen election, but that has only been for the few...the majority cannot access Kumekucha. Therefore Standard thank you again for playing your part.
P.s this is the standard of pre & post 2007 election. This is what Kenyans expect journalists to do and may they keep this up ALWAYS. And may the truth & only the truth set us free!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans know Kiviutu and ECK officials received large payments of $$$ i hear some sources with the help of super powers actually found where Kiviutu's millions payment was deposited:):) soon it will be posted on the internet(bloggers will have the first preview)

This reminds me of the case of former prime minister of Canada- who's partner in crime released banking accounts of his Swiss account payments and cash payments that he received during his time as prime ministers as kick back for some big deals he gave his cronies...

the ECK officials were also paid money up front and they know they are now cornered:):)
let the truth come out..

the only fear of the Western powers is that the truth might not withstand the coalition government when the fact remains Raila won the 27th December elections and many kenyans lost their lives fighting for democracy....

KIBAKI AND CRONIES PLUS ECK OFFICIALS SHOULD BE IN JAIL - FOR HAVING INNOCENT BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS ...kalonzo musyoka is part of this filth and he should be hanged with the rest too...

not surprising he is coming out strongly in support of the ECK he has plenty to hide just like kibaki...

Anonymous said...

anon6:08 AM
yup why should the senile filled Alzheimer brain filled kibaki leave statehouse?? he needs his d---k to be cut off too at least circumcision is ok how about his being cut off for incest with his daughter Judy Kibaki?? and siring a daughter with her shame shame!! we will remove the kibaki filth from statehouse soon watch kenyans..... kenyans will never forgive the blood thirsty goon named Emilio kibaki.. mark my words on that, tooo many innocent death at his hands shenzi sana

E-cop said...

Kriegler told us our voting system is BAD- who do we blame for that? does blame lie with voters for being so naive in thinking something good can come out of using something bad?
can we blame the people in the system for continuing to do the bad that they do so well?
finally can we blame politics for doing bad by not changing a bad system when there was time to do good?
Lets admit it, what happened was no was planned and executed either pre-meditated or on the spot. we should have seen it coming and indeed some of us did

When Kenyans eventually find out the truth (and we will) and they discover who took them for a ride and made fools of them it will be better for that person(s) never to have been born.

proponents of "move on" philosophy seem to forget truth never fears scrutiny and peace needs no enticing. The sham of an election has shown its easier to be circumcised than to have integrity. we're patient and time is on our side. hindsight reveals more than 20/20 vision

Anonymous said...

anon9:53 AM

Ha ha!and you are the brown teethed kikuyu who reads the daily nation gutter press which kibaki owns shares in???? shenzi wewe - you are all scared of the Standard newspaper( known as the only newspaper that prints the truth) even before the elections you tried to put it out of business but kenyans fought back and it was the daily nation gutter newspaper that was being used in Nairobi and all over the country for toilet tissue - no sales were reported when kibaki started slaughtering kenyans...
you seem to forget very easily mpumbavu wewe....

Daily nation kibaki and kalonzo paper only sales to the central Lesotho province and it's thieving grounds in Nairobi. kibaki's face ends in peoples asses in most places as toilet paper or rapping nyama choma(pity those that use that poisoned paper)

daily nation gutter press is a dead newspaper to many kenyans the truth be told!!

Anonymous said...

anon10:21 AM
the fool that you are can't see beyond two people loving each other and deciding to get married regardless of tribe and that is why kikuyu's will always be backwards

and by the way how do you feel that your kikuyu lady is being banged by a kihii as you call luo's??

Better a kihii anytime than being banged by a kikuyu filled incest tool should I say more.
circumcision or not being circumcised is acceptable in many societies all over the world but the practice of incest that kikuyu's are known to practice generation to generation is not acceptable this is filthy and sicko- go tell your relatives to stop practicing incests or else a law will be put in effect in kenya that they have to face castration period jinga wewe

Anonymous said...

anon10:35 AM

e-rape is what kikuyu's call incest and beyond that is the mungiki raping and circumcising their own tribesmen and burning them in the eldoret all this as we now know was planned ahead just as the rigging of the elections was planned ahead as the ECK now explain to kenyans!!

Taabu was right all along.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:49 AM

thanks vikii for seeing tghe difference between the daily nation kikuyu gutter newspaper and the East Africa Standard the |Kenyan peoples truth newspaper that does not hide anything that they think kenyans should know!!

why don't you advise the daily nation to sell their gutter news to central lesotho or maybe River-road and Korokocho is giving them good business since kikuyu inhabitants are plenty there?? eh

I sincerely hate anyone comparing the daily nation kikuyu owned paper which Kibaki has share in with the Standard Newspaper (named the kenyans peoples newspaper!!!

Vikii it is proper for you to point out the difference i give you top marks seeing that you are a PNU supporter who has seen the light.

Anonymous said...

anon10:52 AM
you wish:) ha!!ha!! sorry most kenyans know that the daily nation gutter press is to be flushed in the toilet- on ground in kenya we have a name for the daily nation KIKUYU GUTTER PRESS - "gazetti ya mavi ya kibaki" so i guess you have kibakis shiate on your face too.

now the standard is the only paper in Kenya that stands for the truth and i guess that pisses off the kikuyu gutter press daily nation readers:):) ha!!ha!! poleni sana kenyans know where to seek for the truth and that is called EAST AFRICA STANDARD NEWSPAPER FOR EVERY BREAKING STORY WHICH BBC, THE GUARDIAN AND MANY INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPERS HAVE COME TO RESPECT.

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji

12:30 PM


puke if you want it must be with fear- kikuyu's know they have no place to hide in kenya anymore and if the want to live in peace with other kenyans tribes then they must stop their thieving and murderous habits(mungiki)shiate,

well done to the standard newspaper for bring kenyans the truth no matter what at least the journalist know with the protection of the coalition government they kibaki can't jail them for speaking the truth!! ha!!ha!! ironic ain't it.... you my friend can huff and puff on here but the truth will be printed out their by the standard newspaper and you can not stop them!! hallelua- God is great!!and the truth shall set us free.

Anonymous said...




Fear and anxiety as prime minister hiccups at dinner

Posted Saturday, October 4 2008 at 17:51

In Summary

* No confidence in the Government Chemist.
* Sources demanded that the president issues a statement to clear the matter.

Prime Minister Juma Hodari hiccupped six-and-a-half-times while having dinner at his Karen residence on Thursday night, we can authoritatively reveal.

The prime minister, dressed in a blue polo shirt, a beige jacket and a pair of whipcord trousers and suede loafers, was seated approximately six inches from the edge of the European oak dining table when the incident, which has caused strain in the coalition and threatened national security, occurred, according to an impeccable household source, who would not agree to be named discussing delicate food issues.

“The prime minister is known to hiccup three times when he is having supu and ugali, the food he was served on the material night. This is a wild deviation from the mean,” Party chief whip Joko Owadi said. “You can report that parliament will be investigating it.”

MR OWADI SAID HOUSE FINANCE COMmittee chairman Sulumu Sukumaka is to chair the team, to be named the House Select Committee on the Hiccup Affair.
The party has launched its own investigations with one official saying: “We have seen enough tricks in this coalition. We are the senior partner in government, and we are not prepared to be robbed twice.”

The official, who did not wish to be quoted expressing an opinion, said they had no confidence in the Government Chemist and were considering sending samples to the Tanzanian Chemist instead.

The official said they have so far been unsuccessful in obtaining a sample of the food, accusing a top member of the household of blocking their efforts. He said the household member told a sample-seeking delegation to “leave my family alone, you idle morons”.

But the party is undeterred, the official said, and has people on the inside working on the case.

This reporter was not allowed into the prime minister’s compound as one guard claimed that the family had advised this reporter to go and find something more useful to waste his time on.

Efforts to reach the prime minister to dispel this false claim by the guards, who were appointed by Party of Native Unity in Africa (PANUA), were fruitless by the time of going to press, but more efforts will be made in our follow-ups.

“It is an absolutely important political issue which must be investigated. It goes into the heart of power, has linkages to the presidential succession and significant correlations to our history,” said political analyst Mwatao Mutai on (sic) telephone.

Mr Mutai, though reached halfway through a steam bath at the Hilton health club, was, however, able to quote Nicolo Machiavelli and Karl Marx six times, to support his arguments.

At party headquarters, work was at a standstill when we visited, with workers huddled in small groups, discussing the incident in low tones.

“We ordinary, hard working people will not allow the people’s movement to be hijacked by reactionary and anti-change elements,” a top official, who did not wish to be quoted expressing an opinion, said before he was driven away in his official Mercedes Benz S-Class, blue in colour and left-hand drive.

“Don’t put that monkey on our shoulder, it has nothing to do with us,’’ PANUA spokeswoman Samantha Omwea, a lawyer by training and the president’s blue-eyed girl, said.

Vice-President Maridadi Maridhawa’s spokesman, Mr Kasoso Basoto, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “We wish our brother well, he is a national and not a party figure. But he should not dance himself lame before the main dance. Sympathy votes can expire in four years.”

THE INVESTIGATION IS CENTRING ON an uncomfortable relationship between the PM’s cook and a security guard.

Sources said the guard has been too cheery in his greetings to the cook, who has not demonstrated rebuffing of such inappropriate advances.

A security expert who worked for a city guard firm before he retired in 1980 said: “There has obviously been a serious breach. This is a national security crisis bigger than any we have faced before and it requires immediate attention from the highest offices in the land.”

Party officials, who did not wish to be named for reasons they did not reveal, said they were furious with Head of Public Service Nthiga Mutaratara, who has not issued a statement distancing the government from the incident.

The officials said Mr Mutaratara was “not treating the matter with the seriousness it deserved” and had maintained his stance of being “unhelpful”.

Sources demanded that the president issues a statement to clear the matter. The president’s spokesman, Mr Isa Matata, promised to comment but switched off his phone. Later he issued a terse press statement about “media madness over trivia” and “infantile cult of personality.”

The president was not seen in public the whole of yesterday and questions are already being asked about who is running the country.

Meanwhile, a civil servant claiming to be the Prime Minister’s spokesman yesterday issued a statement in which the PM extolled the media’s importance in democracy and the development of the country.

The civil servant claimed the PM asked the media to desist from confusing the public with “fiction, imagination and a sinister affinity for trivia.”

The PM’s official spokesman, Mr Slim Kaburu, retired last month and could not be reached for comment. Mr Mutaratara has blocked the appointment of a replacement.



This important story was intended for the front page and was printed here due to unavoidable inconveniences (sic). The error is utterly regretted.

Mutuma Mathiu is the Sunday Nation managing editor. """"

Anonymous said...

Its very much like ODM bullshit factoy to wait till th kriegler commission is gone before publishing 'the truth' about rigging. Makes you wonder why theis 'Truth' was not presented at the commission.

Remember Orengo and his 'Truth' about Grand regency? when asket to repeat the stuff he kept mouthing at Press conferences and ODM political rallies before justice cockar, the guy suddenly starts dodging summons and when he finnaly shows up its clear why he did not want to testify; he had nothing other than press clippings of a press interview HE HIMSELF HAD GIVEN! talk about stupidity!

Just ignore these sore losers. idlers who have nothing else to do but churn out fake story after fake story and hide from reality.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I'll support dwelling on the stolen election for a moment and see what happens.

If nothing happens, then I'll support 'moving on' by way of, at the very least, establishing a credible commission (not of inquiry! some electoral commission. of sorts). And getting these geezers out, all and sundry. Surely, we can't be stuck in the 1960s thinking for ever.Ababu Namwamba, are you reading this? I'm betting on you and your likes.

In the mean time, I'll wait for the Satandard to tell us how some ODM areas ended up with as much as 120% voter turn out, and allegations that even their preacher candidate was 'stolen for'. I know, I know, that's a pipe dream!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Guess what? It is now Monday morning and nobody has bothered to comment on the Standard nonsense. It is obviously not worth it dignifying the lies with a response.

Anonymous said...

The Standard is the best newspaper in kenya because it has helped us become a more open society. We owe Standard newspapers a whole lot of credit.

M-Pesa said...

Whose goat has Kibaki eaten???

Kibaki amekula mbuzi ya nani??

M-Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."

Kumekuchans Isn't this very much in order especially when you think of "Kimi", Kwale, Vikii, Pkw & co.

Taabu said...

John Maina,
Please leave Kwale alone to enjoy his channels of choice. You know by attacking the Bw Kwale we will starve when he throws a tantrum as already done. Now that you have caught a live wire I kindly ask you to let go and stop battering plastic egos moulded on e-CVs. The UK complex galore and woe unto you if you cannot watch C4 or Sky1. Please belive in better, won't you?

Anonymous said...

How dare you degrade East Ham my neighbourhood? Where else in London can you get Nyama Choma, githeri, gwaci, duma, walu na roika mchuzi mix?

Anonymous said...


Kibaki is busy going on with his God-given-and-people-supported second term. If you don't like it, do what a real man would do when he is angry - go remove Kibaki.

Lakini hii DOMO DOMO ya uchafu mtupu kama ya mtu hajatahiliwa, wewe acha kabisa.

Anonymous said...

What do yo say to people who want to believe that a sitting president who insist on choosing single handedly the entire electoral comission, has having no sinister motive?

For the retards, thats like one team in a soccer march coming with its own ref, and linesmen plus commentator and cameras.....what was so hard about at least an appearance of an even playing field by having a comission agreed on by all players?

What do you say to people who will then go and declare a victory that the same comissioners say is doubtful as a clear win fare and square?

Isn't arguing with such people nothing but an excercise in futility?

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex,

Instead of arguing with such people go sit in a corner and suck you thumb until 2012. The alternative is go throw some stones until Mungiki catches you and ends your misery!

The choice is yours and is easier than arguing with such people.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex, Kibaki chose the entire elections commission because he could, and he did. What is so hard understanding that.

Sasa leta ingine.

samson said...

It is times like these that Kenyans must be reminded of the person responsible for the massacre of mostly Kikuyus, Luos and Kalenjins, Kisiis etc. I will deliver these undisputable points in the common man language so everybody can understand:

1. NARC win in 2002. Kenya is the most united and optimistic country. Kenyans in Diaspora want to return home. New constitution in 100 days. The future was WOW.
2. 2002-2007: Kibaki squanders the goodwill of Kenyans by enabling and energizing a powerful and corrupt Kikuyu kitchen cabinet…Moi style (remember, pple were trying to get away from Moi). Burns newspapers. Anglo Leasing, hoodwinks citizens by way below standards free primary education, allows tribal ministries just like Moi e.g. Finance Ministry. Allows Mungiki and its politicians to flourish. Fires ODM aligned ministers, introduces gun runners to Kenya, Fabricates economic data to show fake growth, sells govt. assets to pariah states. The list is endless.
3. In doing all in #2 while openly favoring rich Kikuyus, Kibaki was about to hatch the rotten eggs of hate. Opposition politicians took advantage of the news and opinions in the public domain to fan anti Kibaki propaganda. Here you start hearing terms like ‘adui’ etc. Between 2004 and 2007, the general and most accepted opinion is that Kikuyus are ‘eating like gluttons’ alone. In reality only the rich were benefiting but still we cannot deny that Kikuyus got approx. 80% of the youth fund from Equity Bank.
4. Knowing that Kibaki was leading them to hell but unable to willfully stop the gravy train flowing to Central, the Kikuyu began demonizing Raila esp. thru thousands of emails, texts comparing him to dogs, Amin and even the devil. After Kibaki single handedly appointed ECK commissioners and then began transporting weapons in government vehicles, all Kenyans knew the fix was in.
5. The arrogance displayed by the common Kikuyu man did not help matters. The hate was at boiling point. Some suggested that the elections be postponed but to no avail.
6. What followed, death and election theft, was expected by every genuine Kenyan.

The ECK was just a tool in Kibaki’s master plan. I wonder why he killed my friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Phil, Taabu & Sir Alex, please, move on. Even the hardcore supporters of Raila in Kisumu have found something more useful to do. They have moved on to circumcision.

Anonymous said...

Samson, what are you going to do about Kikuyus, just whin until you choke to death on your vomit?
Brother, go, get a life; or at least be more creative with your hate song.

Anonymous said...

What is it with some communities specializing in complaining and playing victim instead of going to work? Who will catch the fish for them if they don't go and fish? Or until when will they pretend they had a fish and was stolen?

Anonymous said...

"Samson umerogwa na Wakikuyu!" That is what Raila told Samson.

Anonymous said...

The election was stolen.So WHAT?let standard continue like this blog,crying over spilt milk..others are continuing with their lives!hate kibaki or kikuyus,shida zenu.Just pay rent in nairobi mkishindwa,go to kibera or wherever u came from!

Anonymous said...

9:23 AM
when you practice incest and thieving is in your blood!! what is new.. you all central province thugs belong in jail with your kibaki thieving murderous thug you call your leader!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm aware that many Kikuyus suffer acute Railaphobia, but why the assumption by all the hateful pro duckie commentators on this blog that anyone that does not support Kibaki is automatically a luo? I am a coastal and I hate how ECK and kibaki cronies took us for fools - I have taken every opportunity to write as much. It's amazing how much you haters fear luos. remember it is still central, some misled kambas and the rest of kenya.
Now take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...


you are right, excellent summary

Anonymous said...

A thief is a thief is a thief! So there!

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