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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Reign of Armed and Uniformed Impunity

As the Waki flame continue to gather more powerful wind, Kenyans are conveniently focused in discussing the post-election violence without pausing to ask the tough and simple question of the root cause. Well, talk is cheap and weak minds are prone to bandy epithets at each other oblivious of the consequences.

Give Kenyans a new constitution that entrenches institutionalized governance and nobody will care a whiff about the tenant at State House. What is more, the respected address will no longer be reduced to a rendezvous for militia planning to murder Kenyans. But that will remain a coloured wish given the aging scoundrels masquerading as our leaders. Last year’s bungled elections only provided the spark that ignited a hitherto simmering time bomb.

The impunity monster that is currently mauling Kenya was conceived by Kenyatta, weaned by Moi and married off to Kibaki. Between these three devils lies two communities who have the highest political stakes and numerous scores to settle. Forget about the Luos, Luhyas and Kambas (not to disparage other 30+ Kenyan tribes). These are three only serve the purpose of completing the quest equation to join to the club. The hatred and occasional embrace accorded to these later three are mostly premised on the Machiavellian doctrine of doing all it takes to demonize a competitor or co-opt as a ladder to the top.

The list in the Wakis’ envelope and the KNHRC original (not the THIRD version) reads likes who is who among the Kikuyus and Kalenjins. It is no coincidence that Jomo Junior tops the list. He has plenty at stake personally and communally and above all else the family name to both protect and expand. And Ruto? Well, the Kikuyus will drop his name in their day time dreams in the belief (real or perceived) that he stand between them and political supremacy.

As much as we would wish to bandage the festering wound, LAND remains the root cause of all the souring political temperatures. Kenyatta grabbed all the prime chunks of Kenya to his fill creating the Kikuyu Diaspora mainly in the rift Valley. Owing to his own insecurity, Moi made unchallenged political supremacy his principal objective for 24 years.

When naive Kenyans thought they had banished personalized selfish rule to hell in 2002 they had no glue that Kibaki had his own unfinished business and dream to fill. Unfortunately that dream was at variance with his voters save for his few supplicants. The rest as they say is history whose text we are painfully living now.

Postponing Armageddon
Times have changed and the Kalenjins will not buy the naive crap of willing-buyer-willing-seller. The superiority complex only helps in boiling the rage. Having both tasted personalized power, the Kikuyus and Kalenjins are simply playing political checkmates. Back to the trenches they will both do anything to reclaim or retain it power. And no price is big enough to pay in that pursuit.

The Kalenjins are (rightly or wrongly) bitter with Kibaki’s orchestrated resolve to cut them to size during his first term as president. On the other hand the Kikuyus are cursing in arrears Moi’s determination to incinerate their hitherto political and economic advantage.

It may sound like a cliche but the truth is that after last years bungled elections Kenya will never be the same again, NEVER. Kibaki’s penchant to resort to the tried and tested political games dolled in stereotypes became his Achilles heels when he underestimated the resolve of Kenyans who know what they want and they are determined to get it at whatever price. The era of using power to selectively reward and punish is gone forever and the sooner the dinosaurs knew that the better.

No amount of uniformed and armed impunity will kill the will of a population determined to regain their right to choose the way they are governed. Only a new constitution reflecting institutionalized governance will save us from the imminent jaws of apocalypse.All else amounts to pretence whose only success is guaranteed in postponing the inevitable.

No wonder Justice Waki's wisdom informed him to ignore the sovereignty balderdash by handing over the secret envelope to Kofi Anna. Message: you can run but not hide.

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Anonymous said...


You need to come out your holier-than-thou pedestal and clear your name with respect to the burning of Moi Univ lecturers's houses in Eldoret this past January. One of the lady lecturers can't sleep upto today at night because of nightmares; she sleeps during the day. Those lecturers were not there to own Kalenjin land but to teach. Their own crime was to belong to the Kikuyu community. They did not deserve what you are alleged to have done (or aided and abetted) to their hopes and dreams.

Please, Taabu, you need to come out clear on this matter. You can run but you cannot hide for ever.

Ivy said...

Anon 10:34 At least the lady sleeps during the day, there are some who slept and have never woken up.

Mutua, Ali and their like minded fellows will rant, rave and foam in their mouths. Kibaki can traverse the whole of Kenya but at the end of the day the buck stopped with him as they connived to steal our birthright he was also promising to protect we the citizens of Kenya and he failed miserably and i will bet that he even assented to some being killed that one the carots can climb mount everest and come back but i will not buy some crap. Ukishindwa job, who is forcing you to sit there go home and do something you know best...Play Golf.

Kwa hayo machache, Taabu some comments are just not worth your input.

Anonymous said...

The Kalenjins will have to understand that Kikuyus, like any other community, are in the RV to stay very much as the Kikuyus have understood that the Kalenjins are in Nairobi to stay.

Kenyatta didn't take Kikuyus to RV, the whites did; Kenyatta only accelerated the pace. If you read your urban planning history, you will learn that the first african to to construct a multi-storey commercial building in downtown Eldoret was a Kikuyu way back in the 1940s despite antagonism from the white settlers. Kenyatta wasn't there to help him.

The most arable land in non-Kalenjin hands in RV is not owned by the Kikuyu peasants whom you are happy to see killed. It is owned by large-scale individual owners from all tribes and international corporations. So if you are man enough, direct you anger to those big boys and girls and multi-national corporations. Wanjiku has no problem with his Kalenjin neighbour untill the Rutos and Betts appear in the neighbourhood looking for votes.

In this era of globalisation, any ethnic group fighting to live in a pre-historic tribal cacoon of ancestral land is fighting a losing war. They may win one or two battles but ultimately their efforts will be consigned into the garbage heap of history.

Going forward, the communities and individuals that will do well are those that are quick to adapt to shifting paradigms. Those who find solace in the primitive bitterness of arrows and bows will have to go the way of dinosaurs. There are no two ways about it.

Anonymous said...

The problem with you IVY is that you think Kenya is the Uganda of Idi Amin where your parents came from. In Kenya human life is valued regardless of tribe. And when some are shot by the police, as it happened after the elctions, it is to protect the Republic from being overthrown by barbarians. However, any loss of human life is regretted in Kenya, unlike in your fatherland, Uganda. So don't pretend to know better about Kenya than the Kenyans.

Ivy said...

Anon 11:28

Oh really? Tell me more

Joe said...


Quoting what you said.....

In this era of globalisation, any ethnic group fighting to live in a pre-historic tribal cacoon of ancestral land is fighting a losing war

In case you haven't noticed, globalization is failing.. what with the credit crunch..

That said, i am sick of the way commentators have fallen back to the tribal argument. It is as if the death of one tribesman(woman) equates to two deaths elsewhere.

Folks, we should treat the death of any Kenyan as a tragedy, and we should do all that is necessary to prevent the same! Anybody who killed a Kenyan should face the law, and that includes those that ordered the police and the army to kill fellow Kenyans for political expediency. For the record, here is the breakdown for deaths by tribe from the Waki report.

Kalenjin 158
Kamba 11
Kikuyu 268
Kisii 57
Kuria 2
Luhya 163
Luo 278
Maasai 7
Meru 1
Pokot 1
Taita 2
Tanzanian 2
Teso 4
Turkana 6
Uknown 165
Others 8
TOTAL 1,133

UrXlnc said...


That said, i am sick of the way commentators have fallen back to the tribal argument. It is as if the death of one tribesman(woman) equates to two deaths elsewhere.

Folks, we should treat the death of any Kenyan as a tragedy, and we should do all that is necessary to prevent the same! Anybody who killed a Kenyan should face the law, and that includes those that ordered the police and the army to kill fellow Kenyans for political expediency.

agree with you completely

have also been tabulating those numbers

as % of total fatalities

Kalenjin 13.9%
Kamba 1.0%
Kikuyu 23.7%
Kisii 5.0%
Kuria 0.2%
Luhya 14.4%
Luo 24.5%
Maasai 0.6%
Meru 0.1%
Pokot 0.1%
Taita 0.2%
Tanzanian 0.2%
Teso 0.4%
Turkana 0.5%
Unknown 14.6%
Others 0.7%

any %age above 0.0% should be considered criminal and perpetrators tried in court

E-cop said...

Kenya is a sovreign state and the true success story of Africa,plus we have PEACE to show for it Dr.Kibaki&co and Dr.Raila&co believe in and practise Winston Churchill's time-tested mantra "NEVER EVER GIVE UP, NEVER" and this applies also to impunity in our nation
Alice woke up in wonderland and chased the rabbit down its hole-
Reverse characters and roles and star Kenya as Alice and Waki report as Wonderland-we are scared of what awaits us on the other side of the rabbit hole
or are you man enough to plunge in head first? you need a PhD. bro its not for the faint hearted or bum washing Diasporans
A New constitution is the promise land but we need a Moses to take us there otherwise Israel(Kenya) will continue wondering in the desert of empty rhetoric and cheap lip service in the game plan to buy time until 2012 before we self-destruct again like Curtis Jackson's new album

Joe said...


Thank you for the percentages.

It is a fact that in this country those who have the money get justice. Now, it seems that those who shout the loudest carry the day!

People died everywhere! I haven't heard anyone talking for those that died at the coast. All i hear is Rift Valley! Who is talking for those that died in Kibera and mathare? They are Kenyans too!And they have relatives just like you and me!

Unless we treat the death of every Kenyan as a tragedy, these politicians will ride on us till kingdom come. Personally, i think one less politician is a blessing any time. Lets get rid of those on that list!

Who knows who they will kill in 2012? It could be me or you!

Edward said...

Back to the USUAL CRAP on Kumekucha????Which tribe,which party,which "leader"?

Taabu,Ivy,Who is paying you to defend them?Why the obsession with tribe,Kibaki,ODM?Cant you be just Kenyan?!

As i said yesterday,the choice is very simple,KENYANS or MURDERERS,pick one.

Kindly stop insulting our intelligence with the spliting of hairs and sideshows of which list is valid which is not.I have seen the human rights list and i have seen the Waki list and the MURDERERS are all there with just slight differences.

So let us not get swallowed into the stupidity of blindly following this murderers.We need to end the culture of IMPUNITY and all these MURDERES have to force the law.

Its very convenient to split hairs and engage in pointless intellectual discourse from the comfort of our houses either in Kenya or the Diaspora but for those in camps,those were were traumatized,those who were massacred,when will their JUSTICE be served??


Ivy said...


For the last time, their is no where i mentioned tribe, ODM i only mentioned the CEO of Kenya.

And by the way I hate any form of corruption...So trust me no one can buy me that easily. You have your views i have mine.

Anonymous said...


would you kindly post the waki list?

thank you


Anonymous said...

I think to get to the bottom of this we should ask ourselves what really ails us as a nation....

The answer is greedy people who use politicians and politics to further their own ends...we can then investigate all the big names and what find out who stood to gain.....the motives.... forget the wanjikus and the chepkoechs on the ground.

Who stood to gain by having kibaki relected? Was it not the floggers of Grand Regency? Was it not the arms dealers selling arms to sudan? anglo fleecing? Transcentutry....? This are guys that needed power the had a very good reason to ensure they stayed in power no matter what. Its is a very small group of greedy people not numbering more than twenty that are causing all the mayhem in this country.......We get rid of them...we can forgive each other.....or we do the stupid thing and continue fighting each other for them.

The poor wanaanchi that got caught up in this war are just gullible poor people,looking for an outlet to vent their frustrations.

Kwale said...

For a better analyis on Kenya, please read a neutral view by London Financial Times 5 pages reporting;

Anonymous said...

poor taabu, still trying to apply butter on stale bread. odmorons led by your idol molasses are going down big tyme. no amount of noise from you or ua cheering minions like ivy, kalamali, phil and all other morons will change that fact.

they are all going to face justice. a house built on innocent blood will crumble. continue applying paper clips taabu hold it intact. you are also guilty of fueling the violence thru loopsided reporting. chuma chako ki motoni.

pnu killers will also face justice. no kenyan life is useless...tell that to molasses and all his dimwits..

Msema Kweli said...

Another excellent post Taabu. I would like to quote you:

"As much as we would wish to bandage the festering wound, LAND remains the root cause of all the souring political temperatures. Kenyatta grabbed all the prime chunks of Kenya to his fill creating the Kikuyu Diaspora mainly in the rift Valley."

I would also like to quote Madame Mrs Charity Ngilu:

"Ngilu said Kenyans were missing the point.

"Let us retrace our steps and single out where the rain started beating us," Ngilu pleaded.

"With due respect, President Kibaki reneged on the promise of a new constitution within 100 days. Six years later, Kenyans are still waiting for the Constitution.

"If Kibaki did not dump the making of a new constitution under Narc, Kenya would be several miles ahead," Ngilu said.

She said the President trashed the memorandum of understanding he had with political parties to share power under Narc, before arm-twisting the ECK by seconding proxies to it.

In the hardest hitting statement from a Cabinet minister so far, Ngilu cautioned Kenyans to tread carefully by not apportioning blame" to the wrong people and place it (the blame) where it should lie - with Kibaki. Had Kibaki executed his leadership responsibly Kenya would be far far ahead. Unfortunately for Kenya, Kibaki failed and is still failing in executing his leadership duties and responsibilities. The time bomb is still simmering and unless we accept and deal with the real causes of our problem the explosion that will occur in future will make January and February '08 look like a Sunday school class.

What was your role in chaos? Ngilu asks Kibaki. Read the whole article here:

Anonymous said...


Will you ever in the fullness of time rise beyond tribal talk? small talk? village talk?. The Kenya of today is looking for guys who can be above board and see Kenya as one people, one country. On this you score poorly. Heal the nation and Kumekucha Bro!!!!

Mzee wa Kijiji

Ken said...

I am greatly dissapointed when I hear Kumekucha's, who I assume are learned people talking about Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo, Luhya etc.

Let me put this accross to you. There are ONLY TWO Tribes in Kenya namely:

1) THE RICH (a.k.a The Haves)
2) THE POOR (a.k.a The Have Nots)

If I may also define for you politics:


Now, that said and done, We should forget about ODM and PNU and say that whoever was responsible for the loss of life and the Mayhem witnessed in Kenya should be sent to the Hague and after that to Guantamo Bay to rot there for the rest of their miserable lives.

It does not matter if its Kibaki, Raila or any other person.

If we are talking about amnesty, it should be for Kipchoge, Kamau, Owino or any other ordinary Joe who was paid by those assholes to cause the mayhem. They were just earning a living in this difficult times.

For the people who financed, organized OR did not play their part to stop the mayhem, Guantanamo Bay should be their destination.

From now on, let us have constructive debates in Kumekucha. By playing tribal cards here, we are falling into the hands of those Murdering assholes and we are not different from them.

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji @4:11 AM,

Taabu has written a fairly objective post.

I would also like to remind you that we can only heal Kenya once we confront the the real cause of our problems instead of engaging in side shows and avoiding to apportion blame where it truly lies.

Kenya has suffered from very mediocre leadership since 1963 and the instilling of pumbavu values in the common man and woman.

Just one example of this pumbavu values BS: I remember Kenyatta telling Kyuks that it is OK to STEAL, the mistake is to get caught. Now surely, that was a whole mzee speaking and ingraining the culture of theft within his own people - something that has hurt Kenya a great deal.

Edward said...

Mzee wa Kijiji,

I like your reasoning!

With posts like this little wonder every five years these MURDERERS have fools to recruit to their militias.

Kumekucha two/three years ago used to be a ray of freshness and new ideas for a brighter Kenya.Too bad it got hijacked by people with a tribal,political agenda.

Once again i repeat,there are only two sides:MURDERERS or KENYANS,pick one!Do not insult our intelligence by raising irrelevancies and sideshows.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

anon @ 4.24am. How old were you when Kenyatta said that it is ok to steal and where did he say it, since you say you remember?

Joe said...

Do you have the list? Publish it!

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen, you appear to be a young man/woman OR a middle aged man/woman whose eyes and ears were "shut" when Kenyatta said this or maybe you actually heard, applauded and heeded.

This realization about what Kenyatta said can only sink into your skull the hard way: honestly, I repeat honestly, study the true history of Kenya - not the 4th rate propaganda that your wezee's have fed you from since around the late 1960's to date that you have swallowed hook, line, sinker and matope.

And since your query is about Kenyatta, Focus on the years between 1963 and 1978. Once you do that, your "eyes" will open and realize that Kikulacho Ki Nguoni Mwako and not from "outside"

Just to give you a small hint that may help you if you are really interested: In the 1960's Kenyatta publicly chided - this reminds me of Kibaki's use of "pumbavu" - Bildad Kaggia for not GRABBING LAND AND NOT AMASSING PERSONAL WEALTH BY STEALING MALI YA UMA. He did not use those exact words but that is what he meant.

I want you to note that Kenyatta said this in public without any hint of SHAME. What signal was he sending out: STEALING IS OK. STEALING PAYS.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:05..(taabu)

stop tired diversionery tactics silly....we are talking of Waki not your babu stories....go tell that to ua moron low brains

Joe said...


I don't see why you feel obliged to defend the dead. Kenyatta is the one single person responsible for what is ailing this country today.

It would be Ok if that was the end of it,but now his son has taken it upon himself to continue where his father left.

Like Ngilu said, we need to find when and where the rain started beating us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12 AM, anon 5:05 is not Taabu. You are barking (Nyef, Nyef, Nyef,) up the wrong tree - as usual.

What anon 5:05 said is the plain truth and not diversionery. These babu stories as you call them have a bearing on present day Kenya: It addresses the issue of IMPUNITY which is at the core of some of the issues that waki raised in his report.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Kimi Raikkonen, you appear to be a young man/woman OR a middle aged man/woman whose eyes and ears were "shut" when Kenyatta said this or maybe you actually heard, applauded and heeded.

Our Comment:

(a) Specifically, what Kenyatta said about Kaggia can be read in Ngugi Wa Thiong'o's book: Ngugi Detained.

(b) It has also been written "Mau Mau ... had entered the forests in groups,not to seek their fortune but to serve their elders in the hope of futur reward. Kenyatta needed their help in banging his head against the tree of power, so that Gikuyu's children could eat the fruit that fell to the ground. At independence he was able to shake its top-most branches with a word." In the following sentence, it is said he waived payments for widows of Dedan Kimathi and Stanley Mathenge. Nothing wrong with that, but, how many more benefitted from this shaking? If interested, you can read: Unhappy Valley Conflict in Kenya & Africa by Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale.

(c) In the same book by Bruce et al, you will see that Kenyatta stole money from Kiambu people to build his stone house.

Thus, you need to read Kenyan history and not rely on myths.

Anonymous said...

I quote Madam Charity Ngilu

"The violence was a reaction to the anger of a flawed election in which Kibaki was a striker, a goalkeeper, a referee and a linesman. It could not be fair in any way. He failed where former President Moi succeeded."

She was referring to the unilateral appointment of "interested persons" to the Electoral Commission of Kenya by President Kibaki, in total disregard of the Inter-Party Parliamentary Group (IPPG) rules endorsed by then President Moi in 1997".

"Why should we have youths in jail yet their masters are holding big offices in Government? Let us implement the two reports to the letter," she said."

Anonymous said...

u can talk baabu all you want you loosers until the cocks crow but that will not make any differnce to the bulls eye mark on molasses and his leutenant ruto faces. these are marked killers and they will pay...they are enroute to hague...

go on, tell us about 1890's but killers will not be let free because babu took land...thats an argument best left for hyenas..
dimwits....continue the whinning, the clock is ticking...

Mwarang'ethe said...

Genesis of the Kenyan crisis:

The trouble with Kenya, can be largely be traced to both Kenyatta and Moi administrations.

Once again, Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale (Unhappy Valley) at pages 465 - 466 notes that:

"Patronage feeds on the POLITICAL REDISTRIBUTION of STATE REVENUE. This may FURTHER ENRICH ALREADY WEALTHY regions, perhaps to the benefit of the national product but at the RISK OF INTOLERABLE POLITICAL STRAIN; or it may SUBSIDIZE ECONOMICALLY weaker but factionally importunate areas at the EXPENSE of investment, without which revenue fails. The FORMER TENDENCY charactarized Kenyatta's rule, the latter arap Moi's reflecting their different ethics origins."

In our view, the above statement is self explanatory on where the rain started beating us.

Joe said...


Good. the clock is ticking. And guess what? its ticking for Babu's son and Mary Wambui wa Mwai as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Taabu

My relative is very high placed in KNHRC and says your list is not the original List.. and does not reflect the Waki report.

Says that the original list was curropted and the only people that have it are Maina Kiai, USA Government, British, German those are the countries that can be confirmed having the original list.

Says your list was the one that was reproduced just before Maina Kiai left office with pressure from some individuals in Government.. says ask Kiai maina why he was in a hurry to leave office during clashes when he was the one who spearheaded the Visa rejections for many of the folks who some are not even on the list...

Please stop peddling to kenyans lies on kumekucha blog.

though by reading this blog I'm glad that kenyans don't take anyone ones words as Gospel and the bright kenyans can see your list is full of whole where the main instigators of the clashes are concerned.. They state in the original list Martha Karua's name is prominent to the statehouse meeting with Mungiki??

I'm glad Kenyans have learned to take all news nowadays with a pinch of salt


Ivy said...


It is always a joy reading your posts. Thank you for the source.

I think Ngilu is the only one who has gotten the point. Where the genesis of our problems started and that is what we should begin, otherwise we will cut the branches but the root will still be intact and come 2012,2017 Edward will still be wondering who paid me to defend them. The ones mentioned will go to the Hague and be locked in Guatanamo bay, then the key will be thrown in the lake......Then what next? Will Kenya be set free?

Ivy said...

And before i forget, Edward i am also eagerly waiting for the list

Anonymous said...

Taabu- The main list should have Kibaki's name on- check below!!

This secret and redacted list of Kenyan violence financiers, planners and perpetrators is released in the public interest.

Within minutes of the announcement at 6 pm on Sunday December 30, 2007, that Mwai Kibaki had been reelected as President of Kenya, the country, famed for its relative stability, erupted in a violent conflict in which citizens were pitted against each other on political and ethnic grounds.

Many believe to this day that the election was rigged and that President Kibaki retained power in a civilian coup at the expense of the Orange Democratic Movement Party presidential candidate, Raila Odinga. Evidence at an enquiry into the electoral process appears to bear this view out indeed a suppressed exit poll taken on Election Day (December 27th 2007) by the International Republican Institute found that Odinga would have defeated Kibaki by a margin of 6% of the vote.

Following a political settlement between Kibaki and Odinga, brokered by former United Nation Secretary General Kofi Annan, a National Accord was signed on February 28th 2008 ending most of the violence. Investigations were commenced by several State agencies and special Judicial Commissions into the causes, perpetrators and effects of the violence that resulted in the violent death of over 1,000 Kenyans at the hands of mobs, militia and state security agents including the Police and paramilitary units. By February 28th 2008, over 350,000 Kenyans were classified as internally displaced persons, living in refugee camps. In July, nearly 80,000 people according to the Kenya Red Cross were still living in camps, afraid to return to their homes.

The Kenya National Commission on Human rights (KNCHR) is the countrys lead agency with the statutory mandate to protect and promote the human rights of all individuals living in Kenya. It commenced an investigation into the character and scope of the human rights violations which happened following the December 2007 election results crisis.

In the course of the investigations, the KNCHR established the names of the alleged perpetrators and planners of the violence.

Africa Confidential of August 22nd 2008 - Vol 49 - No 17 has stated that among the alleged perpetrators named in the politically explosive investigative report are six cabinet ministers: Uhuru Kenyatta from President Mwai Kibakis Party of National Unity, Sally Kosgei, Henry Kosgey, William Ruto, Najib Balala and the late Kipkalya Kones from Prime Minister Raila Odingas Orange Democratic Movement.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation records that the Chair of the KNCHR, Florence Jaoko who replaced Maina Kiai in July 2008, presented the report to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (the Waki Commission) investigating the post 2007 election violence on August 19th 2008.

The KNCHR report also makes allegations against a bishop and several preachers, Christian and Muslim, for involvement in the violence. To substantiate its list of perpetrators, which includes 20 MPs, the KNCHR report goes into some detail about political meetings leading up to the election crisis and some held once the violence had started. It argues forcefully that at least part of the violence was well organized prior to the election.

Now politicians and journalists are taking aim at the KNCHRs report. Nairobis Daily Nation claims that an annex with the full list of names was removed at the last minute and suggests that the names of Odingas allies were removed but those of Kibakis stayed. KNCHR officials deny any such doctoring.

The KNCHR emphasizes that it is not making any conclusions that the persons mentioned are guilty. It insists that it has made every effort to ensure that the information about the named persons meets a threshold of credibility and that it has subjected the list to review by independent persons and national experts.

The Daily Nation reports that the details of how Cabinet ministers, among others, planned and promoted post-election violence can now be revealed, following a legal ruling by the Waki Commission into the mayhem that followed last years General Election.

It states that the report by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, which names the perpetrators, was not, in fact, subject to any order banning its publication.
This is the redacted annex.

Anonymous said...


My friend the KNCHR list is bogus!(Maina Kiai now abroad in his safe heaven can attest to that. did you read any mungiki names and yet they slaughtered and beheaded kenyans?? where are the names of their ring leaders?? though of course Kibaki and Martha Karua made sure they were executed after the clashes for a job well done...

Waki report was so general it did not touch the root of which thugs where coordinating and financing all this clashes some buying panga's openly fro Nakumatt, and by the way what happened to that MP who was caught with a car full of pangas??? didn't see their name on list...

The best people to Judge this Killers are those that lost their family members.. they should be allowed to hang them or forgive them....

Taabu said...

I pity you my brother for you are engaging in monologue. Kenyans love their gutter press for info and that remains their source of authority. So you trying to educate them with seasoned facts is akin to preaching to Pope Benedict. I admire your resolve but fear for your wasted energy.

Expand the box and stop reducing life to binary options. Why don't you look at it this way, only limited capacity prescribes 2 camps and becasue others can go further they have chosen to ignore your choises. You may have convinced yourself that the 2 options was a masterstroke but come on blink and EXPAND.

Regards from Berba. CR is paying for disloyalty. Poor Hull for flying too high next to the sun oblivious of the waxed wings.

Anonymous said...

This thing is simple. Let us not blame the Kikuyu, the Kalenjin or any other tribe for that matter.

In 2002, ALL TRIBES put their faith and hope in Kibaki. His assignment was simple. Unite Kenyans by completely destroying and ending the Kenyatta/Moi culture of entrenched impunity. We told him to arrest Tribalism, Corruption and Insecurity. Even the Kalenjin who benefited during the Moi ‘errors’ requested Kibaki to end Nepotism and Thievery. We asked this man to transform Kenya into a world-class country. Well, he refused.

There’s no question in anybody’s sincere mind that Mwai Kibaki failed terribly in uniting Kenyans. The man hoodwinked Kenyans with extremely poor quality ‘free’ education and then turned around and stole the election in 2007. In so doing, he has not only given the Kikuyu extremely bad press but has embarrassed and ashamed them in the worst possible manner by hosting Mungiki at State House and selling GR for a song.

If Kenya was not a tribal society, not even one Kikuyu man, woman or child would support Kibaki. His tattered record of concentrated impunity is there for all with non-partisan eyes to see. Kibaki created the explosive atmosphere that resulted in Kenyans killing and maiming each other. The Kikuyu are innocent my friends. Kibaki, however, is the dark angel that escaped from hell through a volcano.

The healing of Kenya must begin with jailing Kibaki and throwing the key in the deepest trench in the Indian Ocean.

Other than that, I have no strong opinion on the matter.

Andy Capp

Ivy said...

Andy Capp

How i wish i could write like you. No more less no less... I have smiled for the first time reading these comments. Thank you


We are not badly off at the moment and soon and very soon AW will start dancing to a differen tune that thou knowest not.

Anonymous said...

Andy Capp, you have said it

"Kibaki created the explosive atmosphere that resulted in Kenyans killing and maiming each other."

Edward said...

@Ivy and Joe,
i said i have read the reports.I did not say i have them to give or post hear.So do not ask me for the reports.In this day of the internet and blogs.Look around,there is more to life to than just Kumekucha.

I will not be drawn to the intellectual posturing.Yes i still maintain the option are those defending MURDERERS and those defending KENYANS.Everything else is a sideshow which is what these MURDERERS want us to get sucked into and trust some Kenyans to still be suckers.

Yes the origin is important and yes Kenyatta fucked this country up and yes Moi fuatad nyayo and was worse and yes the student of kenyatta and moi i.e Kibaki has been the biggest fuck up yet but that does not change the fact that MURDERERS masquerading as leaders murdered innocent Kenyans!Period.

That is why i called it pointless intellectual discourse.Just like Ngilu seating in the ODM ministers crisis meeting and watching the MURDERERS and those with KENYANS at heart fight it out and say nothing then coming out and talking about Kibaki's role!What hypocrisy!!!!!!


Joe said...


Quoting you

I have seen the human rights list and i have seen the Waki list and the MURDERERS are all there with just slight differences

Everyone has seen the KNHRC list. Its on Wikileaks. What Ivy and I were asking you is to publish the Waki list. Turns out you don't have it. What DECEPTION!

Anonymous said...

taabu is a killer!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon7:49 AM

Opps!! you mean Alfred Mutua has crushed on here pointing fingers at people now??

Go tell your f...king Kibaki the killer that Hague awaits him.. wewe shenzi sana

Anonymous said...

anon7:28 AM


Kibaki is a serial Killer like it or not... you can't protect him... Hague is calling:):)
shouting loudly at Ngilu will not help you or him....Emilio Kibaki= murderer na nimesema..

Edward said...


Yes i have read both lists and yes I could post the link that has the Waki list but have chosen not to.

I know about reputation and credibility and i have both so i opt not to publish it anywhere else inasmuch i (that means me) believe its the list.You see what nonsense we are having of people saying this or that list is version 1 up to list version 10.And thus sidetracking the issue of what to do with the MURDERERS.

How does that translate to DECEPTION?

As i said if you really want the list hard enough you will find it yourself and read and decide yourself if it is the list or not.

Please spare me the daily nonsense on Kumekucha.I will not be dragged down to sideshows and insults.Kenya is bigger than all of us.


Taabu said...

You are very CONSISTENT in being stubbon. That may be a virtue but come on who is fooling who? We have been that high road before and YOU know it. Cut the crap and comeback to earth where you live. You signature tune of GOD BLESS KENYA is a re-incarnation of Moi's hollow PEACE, LOVE and UNITY. You see even Moi thought his slogan made him Kenya's Plato + Aristotle.

Joe said...


Truth be told you do not have the list. Unless of course you are talking about the speculation on MASHADA.

Anonymous said...

When TAABU looks around through his Mogotio eyes he sees only Kikuyu Diaspora. Then he writes home to his mom and says he has seen the whole world and Armageddon is coming.

Taabu, wash your eyes and wear some glasses, and stop scaring your mom.

kalamari said...

Yes Ivy,

Kibaki is the one and only culprit. Some will say it’s the kitchen cabinet around him but that argument was thrown out of the window together with Moi. The days of blaming Biwott for the Moi evils are gone. We did not put Kimunya and the forty thieves on the drivers’ seat. We put Kibaki.

This man Waki has not only told us the truth but he has also given us an undisputable series of events that led us to where we are today. The deliverance of Kenya came in 2002 but unfortunately ended right after Kibaki was sworn in at Uhuru Park. We failed to see his poker face and intentions as he sat on that wheelchair with a white neck brace supporting his balding head.

Tis’ the sad culture of violence my gal. Mungiki was not only allowed to flourish but was also given allowances. I remember being in a mathree that was stoned by Mungiki because the driver refused to hire one of their touts. The guy drove himself to MP Shah with a bleeding skull.

But even with that, at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself why you dislike that Kikuyu shopkeeper who has been selling you milk since you were a toddler. Honestly, he’s not the problem. The problem is Kibaki. He has manifested distrust in the Kenyan community by condoning and continuing the legacy of Moi. I mean, the guy has done such a ‘good job’ on us mpaka fellas started missing Moi. Can you imagine that? Moi is a guy who we pelted with mud balls on his way out and two years later, we were praying that he comes back.

That’s where the revolution ended.

Anonymous said...


If there is insane stubbornness, it resides between your ears. What comfort do you find defending murderers and rapists of mama mboga?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon @9:06

Ati Taabu plays scarecrow with his mom!!!!! Heeeheeehee! That is a new one.

Good night and shut out the Mogotio idiot.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I am not anon 9.18...
why do you type your comments on word document cut and paste it here???
spells checks or grammar problems???

E-cop said...

Please Kenyans let us stop pointing fingers and laughing at the monkey in the mirror when its really our own reflection we're seeing

Blogger Kalamari said "the problem is Kibaki" yet in the very same sentence you say" ask yourself why you dislike that Kikuyu shopkeeper who has been selling you milk since you were a toddler." those are two different problems side-by-side and blaming the second problem on the first is like trying to transfer sole responsibility for breathing air from the lungs to the nose

Kalamari i am almost positive that even when Moi was there "joe the kikuyu shopkeeper" was still disliked-kweli au sio?
In Moi's time it was the man himself that we loathed and not his entire tribe
In Kibaki's time the man himself may be a vexation to the spirit but the sad truth is his entire tribe would have been loathed regardless of the occupant in that State House residence

Bad politics and poor leadership is one thing-tribalism and negative ethnicity is another

kalamari said...


Why is an attack on Mwai Kibaki an automatic unsolicited attack on the Agikuyu people?

I’m not asking the impossible here but I think we can separate the two. Au sio?

E-cop said...

i think in your mind and my mind we are clear about this but let me just ask this is an honest open question:-

If Mwai Kibaki is NOT the entire kikuyu tribe then why would a whole community have been disliked (ala joe the shopkeeper) regardless of who was the occupier at state house?

just asking you know?

papa plus said...


I hate to disappoint you but tribalism is real in Kenya. I remember back when Kibaki/Wako lost the referendum, and Anglo Leasing had been exposed, and the Artur brothers were waving guns with impunity; Kibaki was at state house mombasa celebrating New Year's eve apparently unaware that Kenyans were going hungry. The papers then published stories of starving citizens in the North and some white woman offered to give the Kibaki administration gunias of dog food for the starving citizens if the GK would ship. Anyway, I remember talking to a former classmate about this. Now my friend is a Kikuyu, a doctor educated in the UK. However I was suprised at her reaction about all these issues. To the starving kenyans she said kwani what was the big deal? These guys have always been starving!

So in the end, Kenyans still identify themselves by clan/tribe. Don't expect any Kikuyu to come out and admit that the dignity of tribe has been smeared. Even when one of their own (Githongo) stood up and called a spade a spade, they vilify him. And there are many Kikuyu who agree that this is not where Kenya should be at this time but they will bite their tongue.

Many many folks confuse issues with tribal politics.

kalamari said...


This I will address just for the fun in it. You said:
…..i am almost positive that even when Moi was there "joe the kikuyu shopkeeper" was still disliked-kweli au sio?
You are right. Kweli, Joe the shopkeeper was disliked. So was Omondi the fisherman, Mutiso the beekeeper and Kiprotich the goat herder. That was Moi’s divisive style of doing business.
When we gave Kibaki the job in 2002, we requested him to institute and empower institutions to work against tribalism and the fore mentioned. The man slept on the job.
Now you tell me, would Kenya be a different country today if Kibaki chose to do things differently? You are astute so I know you have an answer.
You see, Kibaki had five years to turn things around. He didn’t. In fact, by his actions, he further alienated our Kikuyu brothers. Do you agree ama you want examples? That’s a rhetorical question.

E-cop said...

Bravo-" Moi’s divisive style of doing business" not the Kalenjins
"Kibaki slept on the job" not Kikuyus

I have a problem though with "He further alienated our Kikuyu brothers" He alienated them?what did they do? all 5 million of them?

are you saying there's a direct co-relation between Kibaki's poor performance and the deepening dislike of Kikuyus among the other 41 tribes

I'm curious bwana

kalamari said...

papa plus,
Tribalism is indeed a reality in Kenya. I fully agree. I also agree that it has not always been this bad. You can actually trace the roots of this beast if you want.
The mere fact that we know where and how it began proves that if we look hard into it, we can collectively find a solution. A people driven constitution is a good starting point.
Look Kenyans, we can continue throwing tribal barbs at each other until Jesus returns…..or we can start holding jamaas responsible. Here I am persistently ridiculing Kibaki’s record but knowing too well that my quips, no matter how clever, will not move any mountains.
But I also know that a good constitution can protect us all. I know that an independent judiciary will distribute fair justice to all of us. I know that a properly constituted ECK will deliver true and fair election results. I know that an accountable security force will arrest anyone brandishing Ukrainian guns at the airport. I know that a professional traffic police force will reduce road carnage.

All this I know but Kivuitu is still sitting pretty at the helm of the ECK. Is asking Kibaki to fire this chap partisan?

papa plus said...

That's true Kalamari but I doubt will have anyone willing to serve the people of Kenya towards this end. For some reason once someone gets to state house they find that having the current constitution works for them. The Kibaki administration came out and said that they could not keep the MoU because they found that it would not have worked for Kenya. Lucy Kibaki has said that being president is not an easy job and that no one can do it easily. So we have this mentality that only a few know exactly what is good for the rest of Kenya and that even Kenyans themselves don't know what is best for them.

kalamari said...


Politics is about public perception. I think Kibaki knows this.

When his surrogates, who just happen to be his tribesmen, are having a field day at the Finance Ministry (and that’s just one example), the perception among the rest of Kenyans is that the Kikuyu are eating. Now of course that’s an inaccurate assumption but sitting silently by the fireplace at SH does not help things. In fact, it infuses complicity. Before you know it, it becomes clear that Kibaki is in fact the protector of that gravy train.

So there you have it. His inaction and hesitation in quelling the unfortunate perception that Kikuyus are eating puts ‘Joe the shopkeeper’ at risk of, and I emphasize, inaccurate and unjust animosity.

My point is this; a presidents’ job is not just about providing tapped water to everybody. He must gauge the pulse of the nation and address it accordingly.

Kenyans want to feel that Kenya is for everybody. To me, a president who fails to establish that ‘pride’ in very citizen should not only be hounded out of office but made to collect rubbish in Dandora.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kalamari said...

papa plus,

The savior of Kenya will not be seen coming from the horizon on a misty morning riding on horseback. In fact, our savior will not arrive by boat nor will he float from the heavens when the skies open. I say this because I know you’ve never been on a horse, don’t own a boat and have no wings.

That said, if our goal is to move the country of Kenya forward, we must make sure that we make it a point not listen to anything Lucy Kibaki has to say.

UrXlnc said...

not to digress from the above interesting discussion

wako whacks waki

karua disowns PNU

money minting troubles

Anonymous said...

What was your purpose in publishing the list of those involved with post election violence?
What was your motive? You have failed to call upon Kumekuchans to take ations, and we have yet to hear your views on that post.

papa plus said...

Actually kalamari,

I have been on a horse but it is true i neither own a boat nor sprout a pair of wings.

I normally don't listen to what Lucy says but sometimes truths are reflected in her off the cuff comments. Her thinking is a window into Kibaki's way of thinking. I would put forth that Kibaki has an almost messianic zeal towards leading Kenyans to the promised land and that he and he alone can do this.

You might be amazed at the thinking of our so called leaders. I was asking one of them what preparations he had for kenya in 2012 should they win. I wanted to know exactly how they would tackle the problems bedeviling the presidency and GK. I wasn't interested in the standard "I will stop corruption" shpeal. I wanted the bare facts. Am sad to say all i got was rhetoric. I asked them if they had identified even a handful of people whom shared their vision and moral ethical stands on service, but all I got was I will demystify the presidency blah, blah, blah. It was evident that this person still thought that running the country was done by one person i.e the president. Even Raila, when I met him I asked him particularly what he had for the youth (25- 45) participation in his government before the elections and all i got was standard shpeal about the youth getting jobs and so on.

What I wanted to hear was that the youth are going to be heavily involved in running the GK. These are the folks with the energy and ideas to take cahrge of their destiny.

papa plus said...

Memo to kimunya:

get out of town while the getting's good.

we summoned De la rue but they sent a lawyer and we REFUSED to talk to the lawyer becuase we wanted to talk to management.

This shit can only happen in Kenya. Anywhere else, talking to a lawyer is a prudent legal move. Was it too much to have our own lawyers present? Then have the meeting and take it from there? Only in Kenya.

papa plus said...


Ehhh, you read that Wako interpretaion of Waki report? I told you man, watch how this game is played. You have Wako who is supposed to be defending the citizens but clearly he knows which side his bread is buttered. I told you man, you have way too much faith in the same guys who watched (at the very least) Kenyans of all tribes raped, sodomized, burnt and killed and expect them to be on the side of justice.

UrXlnc said...

papa plus

to be fair Wako quoted verbatim from the Waki report page 17 middle para.

but in any other country the AG would be jumping at any chance to prosecute and leave the defence attorneys to be the ones looking for loopholes, as you say its only in kenya where the prosecutor provides free of charge escape material to criminals and then we stand wondering and clicking tongues at the impunity (BTW i've heard this word impunity so many times) and i dont really think it underscores that it is the recalcitrant attitude of rogue leaders and their footsoldiers that is the problem and not necessarily the immunity from facing the law.

papa plus said...

exactly! He quotes from the report but then proceeds to add that,

"The debate on the Waki Report is taking the form that as soon as the tribunal is constituted, the persons mentioned will immediately be arraigned before the tribunal, charged and prosecuted."

Apparently that would be too easy for our fearless procecutor Mr. Wako. Nevermind that expediency in meting out justice is a key ingredient in boosting faith in the legal due process and the system in Kenya. In kenya, the law has such looooong arms that it takes years to move those wheels...eer scales of justice. In short what Wako is telling us is hakuna haraka, vitu kenya ni moss moss and we should relax.

This nonesense really chaps my ass!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Wako can say whatever he wants but what he is not telling you is that even if the tribunal is set up in Kenya, it will not be a body under the direct influence or jurisdiction of the Kenya Govt, but under UN jurisdiction. In other words, it is like the Hague coming to Kenya, and if the Govt doesn't move fast to set it up in Nairobi, it will simply move to the Hague, Netherlands.
THAT is what has cringed and tightened the scrotums and turned to water the stomachs of the likes of Ruto, Kosgei and Ntimama. The matter is effectively out of the hands of Kibaki and Raila. The impunity of the Rift Valley warlords has suddenly come to a screeching halt.
That is also why there is now an orchestrated ODM campaign to impugn the character of Mwai Kibaki by absurdly alleging that there were Mungiki meetings in State House, so that he can be mixed up together with these odious fellows, forgetting that even if Kibaki were guilty, he cannot be prosecuted until he leaves office.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kimi Raikkonen said...

That is also why there is now an orchestrated ODM campaign to impugn the character of Mwai Kibaki by absurdly alleging that there were Mungiki meetings in State House,... forgetting that even if Kibaki were guilty, he cannot be prosecuted until he leaves office.

Our Comments:

The immunity of Head of States Under Special Tribunals:

On May 31, 2004, the Appeals Chamber of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) in Freetown ruled unanimously that Charles Taylor does not enjoy any immunity from prosecution by the Court though he was the serving Head of State of Liberia at the time criminal proceedings were initiated.

This is significant ruling which amounts to the view that Heads of States, Prime Ministers are not absolved of criminal responsibility for serious international crimes. It is worth noting the SCDL is more in the line Waki has taken.

On June 29, 2001, the Prosecutor of International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, in terms of Article 18 of the Statues indicted Slobodan Milosevic while he was the President of Yugoslavia.

Furthermore, the ICC Article 27, provides:

1. This Statute shall apply equally to all persons without any distinction based on
official capacity. In particular, official capacity as a Head of State or Government, a
member of a Government or parliament, an elected representative or a
government official shall in no case exempt a person from criminal responsibility
under this Statute, nor shall it, in and of itself, constitute a ground for reduction of

2. Immunities or special procedural rules which may attach to the official capacity of
a person, whether under national or international law, shall not bar the Court from
exercising its jurisdiction over such a person.

Joe said...

Blogger Kimi Raikkonen said...

That is also why there is now an orchestrated ODM campaign to impugn the character of Mwai Kibaki by absurdly alleging that there were Mungiki meetings in State House, so that he can be mixed up together with these odious fellows, forgetting that even if Kibaki were guilty, he cannot be prosecuted until he leaves office

The truth is, a meeting took place in state house.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Blah, on and so forth.
ODM are like the fierce dog that chased the car, but when it caught up, had no idea what to do.
The same is the case now with the attempt to divert attention from the fact that most of the perps in the Waki report are in ODM, the fierce proponents of "accountability". They have no idea what to do with the gangsters in the family. They are damned if they do, damned if they don't. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Taabu said...

And so what happens to your 3K express when Jomo Jnr boards Hague bus? Selective amnesia ama nini? Koskeiy/Ruto yes but imagine a Kenyatta name in Hague. No crime is lower than the other. Open your eyes and see the murk, won't you bro?

Kwale said...

When it gets to Hague, everyone will be given the opportunity to defend themselves. And we and the world shall get to hear how they did it.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, unlike you, i do not worship at the feet of those in charge at PNU as you do those at ODM, whom you will never ever bring yourself to condemn when they go wrong. If Uhuru is one of the names on the Waki list, then so be it. He will have to go and defend himself, and i will not try to defend him either until we hear what he has to say. But you: Do you EVER see the rot in your party and can you bring yourself to be objective about the crooks in it, or is it akin to asking you to remove a tooth without anaesthesia? The moment you are able to do that, then you will have liberated yourself,you will KNOW freedom and you will be taken seriously.

Taabu said...

Folks hope your weekend is superb. Mine poa. Another weekend again we find ourself sanely here as people throw murk in lastet post. Design or coincidence? I have no clue.

Now back to the poing. I get and agree with both of you-WE MUST FIGHT AND ERADICATE IMPUNITY. Kwale Hague will roll on and no GUILTY HEAD will be spared, we live in a different world.

Kimi NO ASSUMPTIONS. I hold brief for nobody except myself. Kila mtu na msalaba wake. You are always very sober and articulate until you throw in the tribal/party jibe. Not that it is bad but temper it with facts instead of donning the street 3K upende usipende. You are above that and I get MAD AT YOU for going that low.

Otherwise remove the blinkers and smell the TUSKER on me. You know as I do that dragging the Kenyatta name in mud will be communally scandalous, ama? As for Ruto your take on me is premised on assumptions which unfortunately is WRONG. His body language gives him away and the days are numbered. Ala msiki.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, You say:

"..You are always very sober and articulate until you throw in the tribal/party jibe.."

Where is the tribal jibe, can you point it out? I suspect that you can't.

"...Not that it is bad but temper it with facts instead of donning the street 3K upende usipende..."

What is donning the street 3k? What the hell are you talking about?

"..You know as I do that dragging the Kenyatta name in mud will be communally scandalous, ama?.."

Contrary to what you think, many Kikuyus now say that it is far better for Uhuru to go to the tribunal and defend himself rather than run away or fight it. The others accused on the list and who are in ODM will then not be able to find an excuse to run away themselves or start panicky nonsense as Kosgei, Ruto and Ntimama are doing.
Chances are very high that the evidence against Uhuru is very flimsy indeed and is most likely based on civil society hearsay. There is no NSIS evidence that Uhuru actually met with mungiki to plan vengeance, just biased civil society hearsay(read KNHCR),the same civil society organisation that had earlier in the year claimed that there was no ethnic cleansing going on in the RV only to turn around and admit the same later(Maina Kiai and Muthoni Wanyeki). Uhuru therefore has nothing to really worry about, unlike Ruto, Kosgei and Ntimama. In any case, he has the sophistication and money to hire extremely competent lawyers, probably QCs from London. Take it from me, if you are the typically know-it-all arrogant civil society type from Kenya like Mwalimu Mate or Gladwell Otieno and up against an experienced British QC, you will wish you had just stayed home because by the time the QC is through with you, you will not even look like a wet hen, but a hen without feathers and sunburned to a crisp. Oh, not to forget, Waki too will have to avail himself for the same cross examination.
I cannot wait for that special tribunal to begin its work, if at all it does.

Taabu said...

Can't fault you but why the double speak? You said:
.........Contrary to what you think, many Kikuyus now say that it is far better for Uhuru to go to the tribunal and defend himself rather than run away or fight it..

And then embrak on a self-appointed defense of the same guy even insinuating guilt that will be washed by a QC. Well, your take gives you away. So you know the truth and would want it sanitized with a QC? I get you.

As you claiming that Kikuyus would have UK go, I suspect your sample must be one=Kimi. Ever wondered why Justin Muturi has been reduced to a UK aide? Jijazie and make no assumptions. Please don't eve assume where I come from becoz till I tell you you are assuming.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, if Uhuru mobilized funds for IDPs to be defended by fellow Kikuyus, i have nothing but admiration for him. Uhuru NEVER pre-planned premeditated violence to attack anybody. If he pre-planned RETALIATORY violence to stop Ruto's hordes of savages from massacring his kinsmen, then i applaud him heartily and i have no apologies for doing so. In fact, i would encourage him to do it again and again.
I suppose that is a concept too hard for you to understand.

papa plus said...


I see your point.

Q. Are we to assume then that kenyans have to take matters (of security) into their own hand now?

Uhuru knew that the RV warriors were headed for his people's door step with intentions of collecting heads. Instead of alerting the police, he (being the decider) decided to prepare in his own way by financing youth.

Q. Did you just make the case that the Kibaki administration failed to protect the citizens of Kenya?

I think so.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Papa Plus, to respond i will answer as follows:

1. "..Q. Are we to assume then that kenyans have to take matters (of security) into their own hand now?.."

When the Govt abdicates its duty to defend all citizens equally, then natural justice dictates that you use all means necessary to defend yourself. Kibaki did nothing when the mayhem started, he abdicated his responsibility, and only woke up from his slumber when the retaliatory violence in Naivasha and Nakuru began and started spiralling out of control and then he belatedly realised, or was advised, that the country was headed either for full scale civil war or an an irrevocable split down the RV fault line. Even when there were clear signs before the elections that violence was afoot, he refused to take action. Do you remember when he was in Eldoret campaigning and houses were being burnt a mere 200 metres away, and all Kibaki could say was "wachana na hao wapumbavu..blah,blah? Yet those were peoples homes being burnt to the ground? You have to realise that the election was a choice between two devils, and most PNU supporters chose to stick with Kibaki, the lesser devil in their eyes.

2. "..Uhuru knew that the RV warriors were headed for his people's door step with intentions of collecting heads. Instead of alerting the police, he (being the decider) decided to prepare in his own way by financing youth.."

What could the police do even if he had done so? Weren't they pre-occupied elsewhere trying to prevent Kisumu and Nairobi from being burnt to the ground? The police force is undermanned and under funded and could not possibly have coped with a full scale insurrection. This was a crisis only the Army could handle and when Kibaki failed to send it in, then Uhuru and other leaders had no option but to mobilize funding and organize self defense units. Only when this happened and the retaliation had began, did Kibaki find it prudent to call in the Army, and within a week, the fighting stopped.

3. "...Q. Did you just make the case that the Kibaki administration failed to protect the citizens of Kenya?
I think so..."

Of course i am making that case. Everybody especially those who supported him in the election have said so. Even worse, after making that mistake,he now has the temerity to ask the victims to forgive their tormentors, yet we don't even know for sure who these tormentors are. He has now realised the stupidity of that call and some of his handlers are now trying to spin what he meant, but we do know what he meant, that he is out of touch with reality and the sooner Kenya stabilizes the better so that he can go home.

Taabu said...

Kimi said:

.....The police force is undermanned and under funded and could not possibly have coped with a full scale insurrection. This was a crisis only the Army could handle and when Kibaki failed to send it in, then Uhuru and other leaders had no option but to mobilize funding and organize self defense units.............

In one stroke you have rubbished Kibaki except you conviniently fail to labekl him what he is SCOUNDREL for a leader. But your obsession will not allow pull the wool off your face. There lies the genesis of our problems. Staring a problem in the face and refusing to see it-NAKED KING.

Becoz of the myopia, you are cleverly propping alternative from BASE=UK whom you have crucified without knowing as a mass murderer. It doesn't get any bloodier, or does it?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Taabu, you say:

"...In one stroke you have rubbished Kibaki except you conviniently fail to labekl him what he is SCOUNDREL for a leader.."

Why should i call him names? What for? How does it deviate from my message or even enhance it? Taabu, i am not an extremist hater like you neither am i as immature. Just because i did not call Kibaki names you now want to insult me by making provocative statements AND labelling me? Grow up Taabu.

papa plus said...

Thanks for the response Kimi.

I see your point about Uhuru although I disagree with how he handled it. He should have followed the law and made everyone aware of what was happening on the ground via the media. But essentially what you have laid down is exactly what all these guys mentioned on Waki report will say. And yes I remember houses burning as a backdrop for Kibaki in Eldy on BBC. It was a stark vision of exactly what was happening in Kenya.

In your opinion then, do you think it is prudent for so called leaders to continue to prop up the Kibaki administration in the face of such failure?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Papa Plus. The issue is bigger than just propping up the Kibaki regime. For PNU supporters, it is a matter of who to trust to take care of our interests and to ensure our survival. I am glad that you remember the house burning in Eldoret as it trashes the claim by some ODM supporters especially from the Rift Valley of spontaneous reaction after the election to the election result. Ethnic cleansing trial runs were already under way at the time Kibaki was campaigning there. The emergence of new facts about that especially in the Waki report only vindicates PNU suspicions and like i said elsewhere, much as i don't like Kibaki, he is the better choice between two devils. When those houses in Eldoret were burning Raila did not say a thing,not even state an opinion; When the likes of Najib Balala and Kalenjin MPs were making demands to evict Kikuyus in Eldama Ravine in the presence of Raila and yet he failed to reprimand and instead seemed to applaud them; how on earth would you expect me to trust Raila as a powerful President in the place of Kibaki? Men are measured by what they do or do not do, not on what they say.

papa plus said...


Again I see your point. .Although am disappointed that you are willing to settle for two evils. By your own standards, both Kibaki and Raila failed to take action. The onus was on Kibaki as he was president. Also, you have shown the perspective of many kenyans by looking at it in terms of tribe. This is the reality. But we have to get away from that. A kikuyu's death is just as unacceptable as a Luo's death. And we should aim for a GK that protects all it's citizens.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Papa Plus, that is why we should have new free, fair and civilised elections as soon as practicable.

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