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Monday, July 07, 2008

These Guys, Politicians, are taking us for a Ride

But they always have, haven’t they?!...

(Please note that it is not POLITICIANS but POLTICIANS to prove how convoluted the whole thing is!)

These past few days have been inundated with scream after scream urging (nay, “commanding” President Kibaki to sack Finance Minister Amos Kimunya). The same people who have been screaming (the loudest!), have been trying to asphyxiate the said finance minister so that he will only have enough time to gasp “I resign!” before he is dragged to oblivion.

When asked to resign he said that he’d rather die than resign. It is clear that huyu Msee) has been promised protection against any ‘unfavourable occurrence’. Otherwise, how would you explain his being blasé about the whole shooting match.

Ironically, despite previous belief, it emerged yesterday that the Prime Minister (Raila Amolo Odinga) did sanction the selling of the Grand Regency Hotel to the said Libyans. This was “broken” by Bwana Amos Kimunya.

When the scandal came to the knowledge of the public, all of us remember that the PM set up a commission to look into the matter. (to look into himself and others of his kind?). But, then, so many politicians have been so loud (condemning this act of misdemeanor by Mr. Amos and co.). I just hope that they are doing it with a clear conscience regarding the whole matter.

I want to believe that what the politicians are doing (including President Kibaki and his profound silence on the matter) is different from what we were doing when we were children.

Those were days when getting a chwani (fifty cents) or a bob to buy ourselves sweets was somewhat hard. So the only “easy” sweet thing to get in the house was sugar.

I would wait until my mother had left the house and then I’d head straight for the cupboard, take out the sugar jar, dip my fingers in it and start savouring the wondrous sweetness of the Mumias product.

But when I heard footsteps coming towards the door I would return the jar at lightning speed, wipe my mouth and pretend to be arranging furniture. When the door opened and there stood mum, I would smile ‘professionally’, and ask her how her day had been.

If she made as if to move towards the cupboard, there and then my confidence would fizzle out for fear that my little “expedition” would be found out.

“Sijakula sukari, sure mum,” I would start, with the most desperate look on my face.

Mum would look at me and ask, sarcastically, “Nani amesema umekual sukari. Wewe na wewe!” but the conversation would take a different course if I had not rubbed my mouth well enough and there were still some crystals of sugar on my upper lip.

Well, I hope that the politicians are not condemning corruption and corrupt dealings while their hands are in the sugar jar. But, sadly, most of them have sugar crystals on their upper lips!

Let’s see what this circumstantial comedy avails on the stage for the matinee show.
Warning: Don’t laugh before the end of the show. You just might be surprised.
But, what I have always maintained is: He who laughs last, laughs loudest (and longest).


Anonymous said...

at this point in time, its immaterial whether kimunya is "guilty as charged" or not, its also immaterial whether there were others involved or not.

parliament, the highest organ of administrations passed a vote of no confidence almost unanimously.

kimunya and kibaki have to either respect their colleagues or pass a clear message to the electorate that their MPs are nothing more than rubber stamps to the president and the president alone.

Anonymous said...

the credibility of parliament and MPs is at stake, not kimunya and not kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Raila is as guilty as Kimunya. Period!

Taabu said...

How things change so quickly the Kenyan way? In a flash THEFT mutates to a wide broom looking for any shed leaf.

When caught you are safe once you have managed to reduce the whole scam into the EMOTIVE Luo-Kiuk tuff. Meanwhile the horse bolted long time ago and no need to close the stable.

ritch said...

Well said. Each is as culpable as the other: Raila and Kibaki.

deroo said...


Just a one-off. Have you heard the PATRONS of CORRUPTION raising their voices? No. have you heard William Ruto, Sally Kosgei, Harun Mwau, Henry Kosgei, Dalmas Otieno and others with track records make any noise. I dont think you heard them.

As you call it, it is a show of musical chairs, the biggest comedy show on earth touring Kenya. The world famous Russian circus brought to your doorstep.

Then, there is that PARODY of the MASSADA Complex agreement. WE WILL DIE TOGETHER and WE WILL NOT LET THEM RUN OVER US.

Even those who grabbed MOLLASES have not spoken about it, yet, one of them is a deputy to Kimunya, and to cover their acts, they unleashed their own COUSIN Jakoyo Midiwo with documents to tear into Kimunya.

And then, another power-hungry, publicity seeker sets up a committee that includes co-accused, associates and youthwigers to investigate a fellow cabinet minister. Honestly, Ritch, this is a roadshow!

Anyway, I said here on December 31 2007 that ODM will cry for five years. They will not rest. Never. Every week, something new comes up, a new complaint is raised and the charade covers another mile.

As for the CONSTITUTION, I said here that it will not be in one year and one of the famous women names here told me that I dont know what I am saying, now, it is true that it will not happen in one year.

Not until 2010 that the matter will be solved and meantime, wait for a madman to run to court for a restraining order. That one is as sure as day follows night, or as ODM told us last year, that as sure as Nile drains into the Mediteranean.

Oh yes, the courts are working and be prepared for another tussle about the constitution for two years. In fact, the case will not leave the corridors of the High Court. Mark my words.

But, I am wondering something about Kimunya's fight. Is it because some section of the Kenyan polity promised to scrap ETRs? Is it because a section of the polity offered to take over the income tax and customs and excise department? Is it because he was one of the few untainted Kibaki sidekicks? I will have to find that one out.

Meanwhile, to ODM and and your aspirations, it is only SIX months. I told you FIVE YEARS of Mwai and then, brace yourselves for the most abbrasive machine ever mounted, and watch the only miracle since the Birth of Christ or Ascending to Heaven. Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kwa hayo machache...


ritch said...

Kenyans have woken up but our politicians continue treating as they do their children at home. Wewe tumechanuka. Wanajaribu kuturingishia ukweli. Hiyo hatukubali...

Anonymous said...

no no guys

no need to deflect attention from the crux of the matter

parliament censured Kimunya

Kimunya or anyone else can also bring a motion to parliament to censure all those other fellows you mention

but for now, its Kimunya that was censured. he needs to respect his colleagues or if not then Kibaki needs to respect parliament and if not, then Parliament should not waste or pretend to be holding sessions and should instead let Kibaki run the affairs of the country from Muthaiga, statehouse, choo or wherever.

deroo said...

Anon @ 7:33, the credibilty of Kenya as a NATION, as a PEOPLE is at stake. The credibility of our nationhood, that includes me, you and our neighbours is at stake.

No winners in this. No losers. We are in it togethr. Massada Complex.

Who stopped the constitution that was 80% ready?

Majuto ni mjukuu....


ritch said...

Eh, Deroo,
"And then, another power-hungry, publicity seeker sets up a committee that includes co-accused, associates and youthwigers to investigate a fellow cabinet minister."

Deroo, this generation is going to teach these old fellows some manners. We ngoja tu utaona!!!

Anonymous said...

Derek you seem to have some wise counsel. Why not give some of it to the thief in chief who, having been boxed into a corner does not know what to do. While at it, tell him that keeping quiet will not make this one go away.

Bobie Bristol said...

Incredibly veracious, museful and funny but we wait, with baited breath albeit...

The 5 year Panto begins

ritch said...

Let us not take a detour here. Corruption must be called what it is. Kuona haya hapa when the nation is smouldering is for other guys but not Kenyans at least for now.

Bobie Bristol said...

bated breath*

Pliz excuse the typo 1 & all

Anonymous said...

I am glad, people here on this blog have woken up. They see the bunch of crooks called MP's finally for what they are. But don't condemn them, they are only following those at the top - like sheeps - with only one thought in mind: grab and loot, maybe less than those at top, but nevertheless do your best. Five years is a short time and who knows what comes next?

deroo said...

@ 7.47, I have said here many times before. Until the day our constitution will be changed to curtail the powers of the president, I wnat to tell you that nothing will change. Never, until Jesus comes back to save Kimunya.

The president has powers. The Executive has powers and that is where I differ with my ODM brothers.

Can I tell, you one thing, parliament did not approve the construction of Eldoret Airport, Eldoret Army Training Camp (they had one in Lanet and another one in Langata, why start another one?), the Eldoret Bullet Factory, The Turkwell Project and many others, but the EXECUTIVE held sway.

As per the prevailing constitution, the president has sweeping powers that overrides the legislature. What did Kimunya say, PARLIAMENT IS NOT AN APPOINTING AUTHORITY. It is the president. Until the day that the constituttion will change to curtail or check the powers of the president, then, ngoja. Sana. Tena Sana.


Anonymous said...

Ritch can you be clear in your head about what you are writing. You might want to go back to mashada.

ritch said...

bobie bristol, there is no time to wait with bated breath as you say:
"Incredibly veracious, museful and funny but we wait, with baited breath albeit...

The 5 year Panto begins"

We shold act now...

Anonymous said...


i agree with you entirely and have always agreed with most of your arguments, pity we are in different camps

but right now, its a matter of respect and juggling/balancing a rather precaurios grand juggernaut. there will either be mutual respect or these guys in parliament have to admit they are toothless, or they have to stamp their presence "in your face" to the president. president cannot run the affairs of this country solo

so am waiting to see what happens

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55 AM - I would even add: steal and loot as much as you can because you can be sure that no court will ever condemn you. There may be some shouting, some noise in the media or in certain blogs. Just close your ears and you will survive enjoying the fruits of your hard work in looting the country. The noise will slow down. It always did and it always will.

ritch said...

Anonymous, Ihave never been as clear in my head as I am today.
You said: "Ritch can you be clear in your head about what you are writing. You might want to go back to mashada."

Bobie Bristol said...

@ Ritch,

I am just reasserting an already observable and existing phenomenon of the 5-year perpetuation of the same grand corruption instances that have become characteristic of our so called democracy

Mind you; this is not unique to Kenya but we just happen to perfect it

deroo said...

@8.01, the president at the moment with the constitution in operation is doing it.

Take it this way, Joseph Muchemi, the High Commissioner in London was sacked by Moi about 11 years before Kibaki campe to pwer. A mopnth later, he was recalled from retrirement, appointed High Comm and has stayed in London longrer than any other in the country's history.

Take Dr Ongonga, the Torurism Board, Rateng Ogego in Washigton, Mwaniki at Kenya Airways, Gechaga, countless people. Who ever does anything despite me and you having even better qualifications. Until the constitution changes, you wait.

Kibaki will remain quiet and let you spit feathers, call each others names while he enjoys the show.

If he is content that Kimunya will be there, he will do nothing, but allow for that crucial impetus in the whole thing. ANIMOSITY and MISTRUST among the ministers. have you heard of DIVIDE and RULE...Easy for Kibaki.

Inaendelea, Tena


Anonymous said...

Ritch, Derek and Bobbie bristol only re-surface when it's a PNU pro post. You cowards where have you been all this time long since the Grand Regency saga started?

ritch said...

Vent but don't release a string of expletives. You know when a person is angry about something then the only way to deal with it is to face what is making them angry head on. That's what I am doing here. My country will not go to the dogs. Period.

ritch said...

Wewe anonymous before you say anything, who is the author of the post. yo said: "Anonymous said...
Ritch, Derek and Bobbie bristol only re-surface when it's a PNU pro post. You cowards where have you been all this time long since the Grand Regency saga started?

8:09 AM

deroo said...

Anon, I have been around for the last 19 months. I am among the 4.5 million Kenyans who got it right by saying...PNU KIBAKI TENA...KAZI IENDELEE.

What is wrong about Grand Regency? What is actually wrong with CBK disposing of a fish and chips shop? What is wrong with CBK disposing of a boarding and lodging?

If you go back in time, you will notive that the government had a parastatal that used to run hotels in the country. As we speak, it is a shell and Milimani hotel and Sirikwa Hotel are living testimonies.

Okay, ODM promised to bring investors, Kimunya has brought some blokes to invest in the country, what is wrong. Actually guys, what is wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

Derek and company don't get it, do you. The issue of contention is the idea of doing things in secrecy. Can't we have a thinker who doesn't survive on impunity emerge from your lot?

Please don't tell me Raila and the rest were informed because Raila, knowing the thieves he is dealing with, wanted everything in writing. Now, the idea of he said, I said etc isn't going to wash as Kimunya and the rest of you seem to be doing.

Tell me, how will Kimunya/Kibaki operate if parliamentarians make good their threat not to recognize him as the minister. Is the country going to come to a standstill just because some thieves at state house have to be protected?

Bobie Bristol said...

@ 8:09 AM,

I notice this is getting a tad personal and while it is;
Let me just say that as far as I am concerned I do not currently ascribe or know what PNU or ODM or whatever other affiliated outfits stand for. I do no NOT care for anyone of them.
I write, speak and comments on Anything Kenyan. Note that says Kenya and not PNU. Fcuk party politics; It’s the bane of our society. Kenyans form coalitions of convenience that are far removed from what others tend to see as left, centre or right wing.

As for being a coward; you can eat shyte, you never know, you just might emit substance

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that Raila has to be informed or even has to give his consent if and when the State which is still run by the President agrees to sell something. Did Moi inform anybody when he passed the Molasses Plant to Raila and even paid those 100 Million $ debts? Why all of the sudden this has become such an issue. Maybe it's because Kibaki did not share with Raila and Orengo taking into consideration that this Lbyan connection was first established by Raila? Maybe he should ask Gaddafi's son where his part of the deal has gone to. I suppose it was the amount the Libyans contributed to the ODM campaign. That's why also this saga will slow down very fast. Too many people from all sides are involved. Raila has made a lot of noise about different subjects in the past. What came out of it? Nothing. Just some noise and hot air.

Anonymous said...

Amos " i`d rather die " kimunya. Somebody please pass him the rope.

Anonymous said... are all 'beyond repair' and prayers may not work when the capacity to handle the truth is lacking or when you, including you leader has his head firmly in the sand. I guess it's now time to reply to each others' comments and cheer each other on.


Anonymous said...

no no

this is not about ritch, derek, ODM, PNU or whatever guys

this is the integrity and credibility of parliament, its not even about the MPs per se.

Its about whether Kibaki and kimunya respect parliament.

Parliament made a decision, whether it was right or wrong is not the question. the question is whether kibaki and kimunya will respect parliament

if not then there is absolutely no need for those 220 busybodies to pretend to conduct business

kibaki and kimunya cannot play god either, its not about canvassing but respect of that institution. if a vote in that house amounts to nothing then there is no need to have that dog and pony show, they should go tend to their shambas, businesses or whatever else.

Anonymous said...

Every sane person in Kenya should unite and rally behind Kalonzo Musyoka for 2012. He is the only one with untainted image. Raila should be shown the door.

Anonymous said...

Neither Kibaki nor Raila have their heads in the sand. Both of them have their heads in money, millions of dollars. They are both too busy to count and need a break from all this nonsense here.

Anonymous said...

keep focused the big question is when did Amos " i`d rather die " kimunya given instructions to sell. Before the elections , during the libyan trip or after the elections. In a nutshell when was duly elected know. remeber the cabinet meeting was postponed due to " unavoidable circumstances " Send a thief to catch a thief.

The rest of the kelele are just tribals venting thier sentiments, dont get caught up in thier frenzy . The rope must be handed to kimunya . " i`d rather die " his own words not mine.

Anonymous said...

Parliament " Kimunya must go "

Anonymous said...

He rigged himself into goverment through violence and false claims that election was stolen from him.
6 months gone and he has not yet produced evidence of vote rigging! He MUST go now!!!

Kenya does need a Prime Minister!

Anonymous said...

Adan said in a press conference he called after Kimunya’s allegations: "Orengo is a close friend, a polished lawyer I have worked shoulder to shoulder with. Kimunya’s allegations are falsehoods, baseless and the bribe theory totally unfounded." PASS THE ROPE

Anonymous said...

Ok guys please tell me if Kimunya is good at dancing too? musical chairs::) watch?? amazing

Anonymous said...

At the weekend, the Government used Sh1.5 million when 269 families camping at the showground were resettled.

Mohammed, who flagged off the returnees, said they received Sh10,000 and food rations to last them one month.

At the rate things are going its a matter of time before they come back

Anonymous said...

anon 9:34

Thanks you made my day- this is really funny- video(Bulls eye) on Kimunya- ha!ha!ha!!hee!hee!

Anonymous said...

Reading some of your comments makes me a sad Kenyan. KALONZO ,is it because he has shown willingness to shield thieves?

Anon 9:10, I know I am not insane, but Kalonzo (status quo) will not be my choice whenever elections are held. I'd rather vote for Kukubo at least I don't know of any skeletons in his closet.

Kalonzo and his overblown ego should forget the okuyu votes and only trust whatever promises he was given to sanction the theft at his own peril. Have you all seen him smiling foolishly when speakers at his endless homecoming parties endorse him, only for him to 'predictably pour cold water on these suggestions'. He then goes on and on about how everyone should stop talking about succession when kibs has just started his term - bullcrap!!

He is a politician and I hate the way he invokes God's name and puts on an innocent face when we all know he is a con like all the rest.

Isitoshe, can anyone mention when he has provided leadership, and please...not the one of coming to Kibaki's aid when the country was about to explode after the theft, or the Moish...Kibakiish way of forming committees to handle crises (prison warder's strike).

A leader even untested ones need to inspire confidence by their words and actions (YAY OBAMA!). Does Kalonzo or Uhuru or the dullest of them all Kibaki fit the bill? HELL NO!!

By the way am neither ODM nor a RAILA worshiper as ODMers are called, but fact is, he is probably the only inspiring one we have at the moment; bold, effortlessly influencing the masses, and in all honesty the only one capable of confronting ALL THE THIEVES.

Haya, you can all eat me now.

Anonymous said...

MP's and Parliament have been and will be just a cover up to call Kenya a democratic country. The only one who makes decisions is the President and Raila knows this. That's why all MP's so shamelessly take their dues and even increase it on a regular basis. They know they are puppets in the game called Kenyan politics. Parliament is like a circus full of clowns and we the people have to applaud. Except some bloggers here, nobody takes anything coming from that circus serious. There have been votings in the past which were forgotten as soon as the day ended. And it will not be different this time.

Anonymous said...

We would rather eat Amos " i`d rather die " kimunya . How many days have passed since the story broke and dury elected is "SAIRENT ". Jameni hata kukohoa , ama he is in hosi ? OK OK give him a break lets not count since the story broke here on kumekucha but when Orengo came out and shouted the emporer has no cloths.

I guess its my turn to be eaten with the tribals LOL .


Anonymous said...

r u still censoring posts?

Anonymous said...

anon9:50 AM

ha!!ha!! you are still asleep? ati kibaki ni mambo yote- so why did he not get the whole cake?? why is there a coalition?? and why are the shoddy deals coming into light?? unlike before when they hide everything under the table?? I predict this is just icing on the cake- there are worse shoddy deals that were signed under kibaki's and kimunya's watch with Libya and others- let the ball roll- kenyans have woken up to the thieves who keep on stealing from them while being paid hefty salaries-
you my friend keep sleeping and soon you will be sleeping on the streets if you are one of those who is used to stealing from others instead of working hard like most kenyans- 40 days of theiving are over pal!

Anonymous said...

The working day is over and not a word from the duly elected. Lucy, can you take charge of the situation. At least when you do, we normally get a prompt response to 'issues'- from SH. I'm talking about the ones that outline who the members of the first family are etc.

Usually after whipping up tribal emotions over the weekend and 'elders meeting over mutura and goat meat', we normally get some kind of response to some issues.

Instead all I hear is the blue-eyed errand boy thumping his chest and clutching onto Raila as his drowns, as he is cheered on by Jomo jr.

Duly elected can you provide leadership even though we know it's not one of your strongest points.

Anonymous said...

The protagonists in 2012 presidential elections will be "No Molasses" Kalonzo and "Molasses" Raila. It will be between Kalonzo, a man who vehemently condemned the Eldoret massacres, and Raila, a man who owes his power to Eldoret murderers, arsonists and rapists. Simply put, it will be a contest between a man who sees goodness in others and a man who glorifies violence; it will be between a man of God and an alley cat. When that day comes, all peace lovers (who form the silent majority) will rise up to the occassion and place Kenya in the hands of Kalonzo. As for Raila and his worshipers, they are a minority and must learn to face defeat with grace, and not delude themselves that Kenyans will continue to accept their murderous ways!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Talking points

. Orengo 3 million
. Raila mollasses plant
. So and so was told etc etc
. The price was right
. I`d rather die

All these are resignation demands, trying to negotiate terms of his exit. No way J`ose we are going to hand you kamba , ujinyonge like you said

The facts
. Zero tolerance in corruption as articulated and hopefully will be practised by the emporer himself in his now famous " inagural speech "
. No confidence - as almost unanimously passed in Parliament. kalonzo et al disented.
. Who would benefit when the deal was signed. In this day and age you cannot just print more money.
. Unlawfull - As in breaking the public ethics and privetisation law while dealing with private property.
. The sums involved . Pattni and company nearly bankrupted the country . 300 billion and counting. 2.9 billion is not even touching on the interest alone of this fraud. Bravo for a very good job well done.
. The sale has muttated from Government to Government no bid contract to "it is not sold" to its is sold to private arabs.
. The sale was breached by the chief security goon. His main job is protecting our interest - translation - wealth , not peddling it to the lowest bidder and pocketing the diffrence to finance his cronies
. The signing of the deal was done in Tripoli and ratified in a mosque in Uganda.

Tayarisheni Kamba, we want to witness the first " Kenyan Harakiri "

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:58, did he also condemn the Naivasha and Kisumu massacres?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, also Orengo has some dirty linen in the hiding. He had participated in some dirty Moi deals until he fell out with Biwott and joined Matiba. Not because he was such a patriot, but because he saw some lucrative legal cases coming his way. His clients have paid a lot of money, but he almost lost all those cases. Ask Paul Muite, Matiba and so on. That's why Orengo always eyed on going into politics, but nobody wanted him until he met Raila and became his personal lawyer. That's why he entered ODM.
Orengo is a looser who like his boss shouts loud, but shuts up like a real coward when it comes to reality. He was and never will be able to play the game which is called Kenyan politics. He has missed to become a serious player years ago.

Anonymous said...

The ODMers must stop defending Orengo and company. Orengo was not asking the 3 millions bribe to go and share with them. It was to go and entertain his Kikuyu mistresses.

Just two months as the Roads Minister and Kones had moved from a bankrupt guy to hunting for a 20 million home in Karen to move in with his prospective third wife who happens to be a Kikuyu journalist.

Also, Raila will never leave the molasses plant to his Luo tribesmen; he will leave it to his son Fidel to enjoy it with his Kikuyu wife.

So, stop worshipping these guys, they are conmen and you need to tell them to come out clean (with or without pants).

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:58 - who are these "Kenyans" you keep referring to because I don't think majority of like minded Kenyans like myself share in your tribal prism? Spare us the line you borrow from politicians who only mention the word "Kenyans" when they are in deep shit otherwise when it is meal time they invoke by invitation ONLY.

How I wish true Kenyans will chanuka!! Shame on you and the same for all people with similar mindset like yours.

Anonymous said...

A question to everyone here determined to divert attention from the real issue of the day which is GR scandal, by running us through parallel tracks what exactly are you trying to achieve? As a group do you opine that the omission of one Amos Kimunya in the GR saga should be forgotten because there are similar crimes that need to be prosecuted or is it a culture of let the status quo prevail because the log in my eyes equals that in your eyes or is it that of now is our time to eat because one of us is in the drivers seat? I would be glad to know what this group subscribes to so that we can have a level-headed dialogue here rather than the usual regurgitation of ODM this ODM that without any tangible proof.

If this is the path we are taking as Kenyans then I am sorry we are still far from "civilization".

Anonymous said...


It is sad that the discussion in this blog is losing soberness in the tribal/political angle:

Whether kimunya is guilty/corrupt or not, these are very basic reasons why he should step aside and allow investigations to clear him

-His position is very important to the Kenyan people.He should be able to differentiate himself from the position he holds, in terms of the honesty/trust that is expected.As someone noted, his is very constitutional ministry-close to presidencey in terms of ppowers and duties bestowed in it. By sticking and justifying to do so, this position is getting unwanted negativeattention/lime light
-Kimunya has LIED/contradicted himself since April.This is a recorded fact.He has watered down the trust that Kenyans had in him
-He is "forcing" the president to LIE-that any minister mentioned in corruption would be required to step aside.This was said in good faith when the Grand coalition was formed.
-His not stepping aside is an afront to existing institutions-specifically Parliament-which, is meant to be the voice of the peolple in a democracy.
-By insiting on the president to set up a comitte,alongside that set up by the Prime Minister,sends some very worrying signals.That the PM and to an extent,the ODM are not equal partners in the Grand coalition.It undermines the SPIRIT of the coalition, such that Ngilu's sentiments are not to be dismissed at face value.
-That Orengo has indicated that Kimunya defamed him (and the lawyer who was supposed to be receiving the bribe gone public to say otherwise) leaves Kimunya with little choice but to give a PUBLIC apology-he will of course do this if Orengo pursue the case in court.
-Kimunya failed to mobilise support,even from any sizeable number of his cabinet collegues during the censor motion.Whatever a few,UK included have said in public,but not in parliament is an After tought" and not official.Seems it is out of sympathy! In this regard, Kimunya is embarassing them.
-There is a mess in the Lands ministry as Kenyans know.Orengo has picked this very well and Kimunya, as the immediate former minister will have so much to rectify this in the public court
- Kimunya,the Prince is exposing the King to direct attacks as being seen by direct afront by Orengo.Kimunya can save this situation before it becomes elephant

By stepping aside, Kimunya will be more stronger than what he is doing now.

My case is that all others who are compromised must do same.But Kimunya was outdone by them
Two wrongs dont make it right.Lets deal with the above,while we move on to the others.

It is time the Kenyan politicians realised that their official positions are larger than them/their personal interest

Anonymous said...

Minister Otieno Kajuang' must step aside to allow full investigations into what has become a money minting press at the Immigrations Ministry. It is said that a month ago Kajuang' engaged a mzungu lawyer to go ad open him (and the "captain") an off-shore numbered account. Before we condemn Kajuang' let us demand that he steps aside temporarily to allow unhindered investigations. Insiders say that there will be fireworks in that ministry.

Anonymous said...

Just allow me to wonder loudly: Is it a custom or a status symbol for the successful ODMers to marry Kikuyu women?

Nauliza na roho njema!

Anonymous said...


exactly what i've been saying,

kimunya and co should at a future date work out counter moves but at this point in time his insistence is damaging the credibility and integrity of parliament to which he belongs (in a few days they should be debating various proposals that Min of Finance has tabled) exactly how does he expect the legislators to debate these bills?

like you say Kibakis integrity is also on the line having said clearly that if a minister is mentioned then he needs to step aside. and for those idiots saying PM this that, the three fellows at the top are too clever for us

one is president, the other is PM and the other is VP, those positions are not ministerial per se and they way they worked it out is that they will always be secured of their positions (except of course VP which depends totally on Mr Indecision Penultimate) so please spare us juvenile thoughts

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.33 people like you need some schooling before give your warped opinion on a popular blog as Kumekucha. The mere fact that it was written in one of the local dailies that there are KACC investigations ongoing at the immigration department does not mean that Hon. Kajwang' has anything to do with them. Who doesn't know that immigration department has always been a den of thugs exploiting people like you and I who are seeking well deserved public documents. If in the end the outcome of KACC investigation finds Hon. Kajwang's to have engaged or failed to act even with the knowledge of what is going on, people like us will be the first to go for his neck. Otherwise do not bring your delusion in this public forum by trying tosway us away from the GR-Amos Kimunya saga because it is the matter we are trying to solve right now and not some wild dream that you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.41 why do you tell us the motive behind asking such a question? It is clear that your thoughts are not well intentioned and therefore you do not deserve any answer from anybody.

Anonymous said...

If parliament passes a vote of no confidence on kajwang we will ask him to step down , in the mean time let kimunya step aside for investigations to proceed , his case has already passed parliament and we know what the committee recomended - the rest is just Kelele

Anonymous said...

anon11:33 AM
You now sound like Kimunya yet again peddling lies :) how desperate are you ready to go??

can we start with all the offshore accounts owned by kibaki in the names of wakina Judy, David and even his grand children? and when he rushed to Uganda after he lost elections and transferred billions of shillings in one bank we all know about-
you want to go there we are ready for you- and you see some
of us have facts not lies or propaganda
should we continue with the PNU list of offshore accounts???

Anonymous said...

anon11:14 AM

A THIEF CAUGHT IS A THIEF:)who is that thieve?? KIMUNYA AND HIS CONTROLLERS AND WHO ARE THEY ?? KIBAKI, MICHUKI, ADD KALONZO MUSYOKA AND UHURU- you can POST ALL the propaganda you want and dig your head deeper in the sand- the fact is your golfer /financier called kimunya was caught with his pants down and we are uncovering more thieving deals


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41, where success means...moneyed?

Of course, as a Kikuyu woman who naturally/culturally loves money I will always look for a moneyed man - circumcised or not.

Anonymous said...

11:41, 12:30

women are progressive and will try to escape myopic enclaves and meaningless traditional values

thats why mungiki is forcing FGM on them

Anonymous said...

At least Raila has said he will give a news conference tomorrow. He better have answers as to why the thief Kimunya is still grabbing every microphone and spewing vomit all over as his tribesmen cheer him on.

Meanwhile, the pumbavus who voted for Kibaki may join him in slumberland. May you all wake up in jail or hell.

Anonymous said...

Only after a Luo marries a Kikuyu or at least his children get married to one, does he regard himself to have made it in the Kenyan Society. Raila has understood this and so does Orengo and others who have taken Kikuyu women at least as a second or third wife like Otieno. The self-esteem of most Luo men is so low that it needs a Kikuyu woman to get them up - in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

kikuyu women are escaping entrapment from the likes of you 12:47

Anonymous said...

The key word is second or third wife - those are really self respecting women

Anonymous said...

SECOND or THIRD WIFE and self-esteem shouldn't be used in the same sentence.

Try another, while at it don't forget the issue at hand.


Anonymous said...

To the extent that your women even steal husbands to be second or third wives - in the name of money.

I'd better be poor but maintain my respect and self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

With the set precedence, who would bear the thought of one day grappling with the idea of parenting future potential thieves? I would rather not be caught in that web.

Let the issue of GR take lead because that is what is important to Kenyans right now. If we are going to manage the corruption monster, dealing with Amos Kimunya is paramount and there is no two ways to it.

Anonymous said...

wives have nothing to do with this debate

kimunya must resign to save Kenya, if he truly cares about kenyans, parliament and respects the presidency, its the right thing to do

what is it with PNU supporters that every time they are caught up with they come up with this nonsense of wives, esteem, rich, poverty, stupid, the man did not follow procedure

Anonymous said...

Use your brains before talking. It was Raila himself who called for intermarriages after having been caught in the arms of one Esther Passaris, Ruto had to buy sex in Oslo by a Kikuyu woman to get what he does not get at home, Orengo continuously marries Kikuyus and so on and on. What does this tell you? A Luo is only a man when being together with a Kikuyu woman leaving behind their first Luo woman somewhere at the Lake and enjoying life with a Kikuyu wife in Nairobi. Forget about the fact that maybe she is wife No. 2. Truth is, she is the one which brings him happiness and a fulfilled love-life and she is the one whose children will be successfull in life. She does not have to steal your husband. He has more than willingly run into her arms himself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:51 give us a break. There is nowhere it is written that Raila ever called on non-Kikuyu men to marry Kikuyu women but rather intermarriage among Kenyans. Do you want to tell us that Kikuyus never inter-marry among other Kenyan tribes? I believe it is you who should spare us your warped way of thinking which nobody is ready to entertain here.

Once again I need to remind you that the main topic here is the resignation of Amos Kimunya which has nothing to do with the call of inter-marriages.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:51, why continue belittling your women, Passaris..and now the woman 'selling sex' to Ruto? Have you asked yourself hy they are all Kikuyus? Kam ni 'prowess' why aren't they first wives.

Where are the Kikuyu women on this blog? Can you defend yourselves.

There children are more successful? lakini wewe umefika clasi gani?

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