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Monday, July 07, 2008

If Caught Just Reduce Theft to Luo-Kikuyu Tiff

With suffocating political pressure to resign, Finance Minister Kimunya has finally landed a vent to exhale in two predictable soft under bellies. One the tribal card partially worked with Uhuru and Thuo is tow drumming up ellusive surpport for the Kiambu homeboy. But the most dependable life jacket is the emotive and time-tested Luo-Kikuyu angle. This effortlessly gains a life of its own as proved here by bloggers going tongs in hand wading in familiar waters as they conveniently shove the original to the back waters.

Introducing parallel tracks is a sure way to derail a race. In our efforts to whitewash THEFT we now have singularly and selectively trained our guns on source of the bad news. Witty Kimunya has successfully roped us in and we haven’t disappointed. Just look, nobody is asking the basic question of why did Kimunya deny on camera that no sale took place until Orengo spoke? Granted, Orengo is no angel but we only succeed in messaging our collective egos by conveniently rubbishing the expose/message while lynching the messenger. The script so nauseatingly predictable so much so that once cornered you readily fall back to your TRIBE and while at it invoke the bigotry byline revolving around wives, esteem, rich, poverty etc.

Trust and integrity are like virginity, the two virtues are irreplaceable. Kimunya cheated a whole nation and the most honourable thing would be to step aside to allow investigation. But again this is Kenya where the accused has the luxury of choosing his investigators. The tribal crowd are playing ball by selectively sidestepping the recommendations while baying for the blood of committee members. Mutula and Ringera must have been of sentimental values as evident in their loud silence after consultation from their respective masters.

Leadership by slumber
In the blind rage to demonize political opponents, Kimunya is latently roping in Kibaki as complicit in the scam. Whoever Amos briefed is inconsequential because Kibaki was and still remains the final authority in an inter-Governmental deal as Kimunya himself unwittingly told us last week. Cheap gloating and bravado may infalte egos but the verdict from the public court will eventually be very harsh. The politically uninitiated may smell in it the aroma of REALPOLITIK. Well, unfortunately the two principal ingredients of DECEPTION and THEFT defining this grandstanding guarantees the fact that the unpleasant truth will bounce back hitting the face hard and even politically fatal.

Only in Kenya do two wrongs make a right. Our political strength lurks behind propping expensive smokescreens. There is a first time for every sacrifice and until we start from the known instead of chasing cleverly crafted mirages, we will remain at standstill chasing our own tails. We must make our leaders know that the offices they occupy are larger than their personal interests. But again with the prevailing rabid ethnic loyalty that plea amounts to preaching to the converted.

In the spirit of elevating trivia to pole position, it won’t be a surprise to see Kibaki on TV soon clarifying that his family has no son-in-law. What is more, top Kenyan politicians shamelessly engage in sacrilege by swearing in God and Jesus name in vain. The whole charade leaves you wondering whose bluff Kimunya was calling when he thundered that he would rather die than resign. The baby-faced assassin is in SAFE hands and company, mta do? Na bado.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean?? kibaki son inlaw?? is Kimunya his son inlaw?? I thought he was married to someone else?? not kibaki's daughter??

Anonymous said...

what do you mean?? kibaki son inlaw?? is Kimunya his son inlaw?? I thought he was married to someone else?? not kibaki's daughter??

Anonymous said...

We hear through the grapevine that Judy Kibaki is his lover and partner in crime and that is part of the reason why daddy cannot touch Kimunya.

Daddy had better crack the whip because we are tired of all the drama from his DAUGHTERS AND WIVES.

Not my words...but why else should they share a hotel room during their failed trip to the US during the campaigns.

Abass said...

Can I ask a question? Wouldn't Kibaki's approval (signature) be necessary for the deal to be carried out? If so, then why are we blaming Kimunya ONLY then. We all know the buck stops at Kibaki. He is the president with executive power who can even cancel cabinet meetings. And he will do as he wishes. So let us just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

anon1:41 PM

Thanks for the clarification- I guess if it is affairs in the dark the label fits most of those MP's and most of the men in kenya:) what is new:)

Anonymous said...

Whats new is that affairs are used to further ones career and solicit favours and imunity at the expense of the taifa.

Abass said...

Did anyone see the editorial of today's Nation? It is shocking how they shamelessly support Kimunya.

Abass said...

Sorry, that was a mistake. I meant the commentary by Gaitho.

Anonymous said...

Many of us probably are failing to take notice of how Kibaki daughters have a unique ability (may be embedded in their genes) to over-excite their male friends. Does anyone remember the effect the daughter of the Othaya activist had on the Artur brother and compare that with the latest revelation? God forbid men who tread in those murky waters!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:20/21 - Don't you remember on Amos Kimunya rented airtime to lead Kenyans away from the GR scandal and to show off his rented crowd? In the same respect Macharia Gaitho must have received payment from one Uhuru Kenyatta. I recall the guy once wrote that his home and the Uhurus are separated by a mere ridge. Does that tell you something?

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Tuju was sidelined after he lost. The new foreign minister has vested interest in the new power games

Anonymous said...


Huh? Link please or elaborate

Anonymous said...


Wake up and smell the Kenyan politics. This is not a fight against corruption. If it were, a cabinet committee would have been set-up to investigate and report back in 24-hours Raila's acquisition of the Kisumu molasses plant (currently worth over 8 billions).

This is a struggle for power between Luos and Kikuyus. The other Kenyans are being treated as flower girls. The Kenyans (including the GEMA) had originally thought it was a honest endevour to unearth a possible corrupt deal. Then they soon realized they were witnessing a Luo script for power grab.

As usual, the Luos (Raila, Orengo, and Jakoyo Midowo (Raila's cousin)) picked the fight without provocation. They started off with Kimunya, CBK boss and NSIS boss. They soon realized that was too much to bite without some lower teeth; and have since focussed all their attention on Kimunya. The ultimate prize is not Kimunya; Kimunya is just an appetizer to them.

But suppose they were given the appetizer and denied the real meal for the next half century. They should be careful what they wish and the battles they choose to fight first - that may determine whether Raila gets to lead Kenya before Kalonzo.

papa plus said...

The leopard of Zaire used to say," steal but leave enough for others"

Kibaki and PNU for some reason can not get this concept down pact! Does anyone remember the PIC and PAC commissions ran by FORD mps? All it took was for anyone of them to be seen entering state house to drink tea and they came out singing a different tune.

All this talk of Raila and ODM going after small fry Kimunya and trying to distabilize the GK is utter nonesense. PNU shouls blame themselves for trying to eat everything alone. What do they expect the rest to do? Sit by and watch them engorge to the point of regurgitation?

Hell no, you bet your sweet ass they are not going to allow that. Even Moi allowed Kikuyus like the kenyattas, Kamotho, and members from other tribes to come to the table and eat. That is the main reason why no one has ever gone after him ana kwa ana. And Moi wasn't even the one eating the most!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Maze, leo kutanesha-just look who talking :-) Finally, the Kikuyu vs Luo nonsense is cut to size. Tumetoka mbali.

Anonymous said...

The thought of trying to take a whole nation as fools just makes me boil with rage.

What is it with Luos this and that. I know there are bright and bold Luo sons, but are they the only ones who have made noise about the brazen theft? Ababu, Khalwale, Mungatana, some brilliant mps from north eastern,kina ruto, ngilu and all have all condemned the impunity.

Why the luo bashing and shoot to kill luos even when Kales were whipping their sorry ass in rift valley after the electoral theft.

I know history partly explains this, but can a brave Kikuyu out there explain the source of this continued inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:22, your first paragraph reminds me of the early months of Kibaki's presidency when the common enemy was Raila and everyone was out for a piece of the poor man. Minions like Mungatana, Beth Mugo, Munya etc went on and on...Raila this and that.

The Mollases issue fell flat on its face even after all the drama including sending menacing NSIS guys to intimidate the Odingas and workers at the plant.

People trying to divert attention even after being caught with their hands in the cookie jar should therefore give up. Others have tried and left with egg all over their faces.


Anonymous said...

while we await for kibaki to do nothing and again more nothing.

i always wondered why he chooses to use pumbavu, but it gets clearer every crisis, a pumbavu is the guy whose house is on fire, but nonchalantly puts on a dinner suit and goes out to party. some call it heroic, others dare-devil, but our duly calls it pumbavu. i guess after saying it many times in front of a mirror, it slips out easily at public functions.

meanwhile not to change topic but
is there anybody out there with some insight and can shed light on this saga" face value it appears the way things should be, with more grassroot participation in decision making. what i dont get is the foreign funded NGO part and why the councillors took this rather strange stance against the people who will elect them in future

Anonymous said...

There are three branches of govt in Kenya and one cannot dictate to the others. The parliament cannot contravene the constitution and dictate t the executive which minister to fire.

And Raila let the nation down by setting-up a partisan probe committee headed by his side kick and complaint (Orengo). No wonder the committee did not even invite the accused (Kimunya) before compiling a report of their hallucinations and pronouncing the accused guilty - all in a single sitting. Dear Kenyans, you better take cover, the new leadership by stone throwers has started work in earnest.

Anonymous said...

Wow kudos to the standard for new snazzy look.

evidently the write of this article scanned my last post about party manifesto and instead of admitting that previous party manifestos have been shoddy, but ODM did a sterling job to produce the party and regional manifestos, he as any other PNU apologist did was to try to water it down

sorry whoever you are, ODM party and regional manifestos are great.

Anonymous said...

Remember last year when Steve Mwanga's Ugenya nomination was stolen from him and given to Orengo in broad daylight? In a rare moment of candor Raila justified the theft by saying that he needed Orengo in the next Parliament to do some jobs. Nobody took Raila seriously. If only people realized that Orengo had already been identified to be Raila's hatchet man. And he hasn't disappointed his master!!!

Anonymous said...

8:10 you are boring

Anonymous said...

shameful, can kajwang act on this as well and net these corrupt thugs,

kenyans are jobless, how can that asian businessman bring in his cronies

Anonymous said...

Am amused by the fact that non of the replies to this post even gitched what the poster was trying to say. He/She/It wanted to pass across a simple startegy that Kibs and his buddies have discovered to help them get away with crime.

Knowing that his opponents are rabid kyuk phobics who whan think logic whenever central province pops up, they just bait you with an uhuru Kenyatta statement knowing the tribal venom that will spew out and obscure any crimininal issue at hand.

Thats how they got away with rigging the election in case you are interested

Anonymous said...


we didnt miss it. we also know how dangerous a game it is. somewhere amongst them, there are solid guys who understand the ramifications of that and are doing everything possible to avert another crisis. out of respect for such i personally reserve my comments. the bigoted idiots luckily are few although rather loud.

Anonymous said...


What was the post again?

And no i wasn't last seen in Tripoli and if someone has photos to prove that, then i guess someone is out to finish me and trust me i can't be mumunyuad alone, i will go with someone....LOL

I am so annoyed with this post, many guys have cried foul over GR saga and apparently you still reduced it to Luo/Kikuyu affair? I will repeat it for the last time if Kimunya is guilty of the charges then he is alone....Leave the like minded like Wanjiku out of this tafadhali


Anonymous said...

If the replies to the post represent the intelligency of the average Kenyan, then I am really disappointed. The majority of the respondents seem to either have read a different post, or are armed with a single stock response that they spew out, with disregard to changing topics.

Henrik Ibsen says in An Enemy of the People, that majorit of citizens in all countries are idiots. Thus, when a clever man sees the way out with the conniving criminals who represent them, he will be hounded and run out of town like a lowly criminal.

If all the idiots who don't seem to understand the post could get in touch with me, I will dedicate some hours every day to help. But then, with 'anonymous' as their names, they probably wouldn't admit their own idiocy - prefering the 'genius' label their inflated and false self esteem has duped them into believing. Read people! Read. Strive for understanding. If the language is difficult, request for a translation. There is no shame in accepting our limitations. It is ok to be an idiot. What is wrong is to refuse to be one, when all the evidence indicates otherwise.

Mwalimu Johanna

Anonymous said...

KIMUNYA FINALLY RESIGNS. LIKE aperson suffering from HIV, HE will always denie that , he is infected. This the HIV/AIDS counsellor call the denial stage. then he under goes so many other changes pschologically and finally HE RESIGNS and accept , THUS IT

Anonymous said...

kenyans, especially ODMers, are stupid. They are taken round in circles by a 70 + year old politician simply because they have some morbid hatred for a an entire ethnic community. they cant see beyond that.

He blantantly rigged an election and all they could think about was raping some poor peasants. . Now he and his buddies have made millions out of GR and all they see is the kyuk circus.

Kubaffu kabisa. Even when its explained to them by one of them, they still dont shika and revert to the same old script about okuyos.

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