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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kimunya Falls Back On The Tribal Card As History Repeats Itself

“I will NOT resign!! Muta-do?”

It is rather fascinating that on the 39th anniversary (to the exact day) of the assassination of Tom Mboya, who was murdered just shy of his 39th birthday in a killing planned from State House Nairobi that from the same address should emerge such a putrid tribal odor at a time when ethnic tensions in the country are still so high.

Let’s trace it from our history first.

Mboya whom some are now comparing rather inappropriately to Prime Minister Raila Odinga, always got elected by mostly Kikuyu voters in the Nairobi constituencies that he represented throughout his life (no Luo voters were imported from anywhere) and amazingly even when he had Kikuyu opponents like Munyua Waiyaki. Yet the people who rioted for days after his death were NOT the same people who had so faithfully kept him in parliament since 1957. They were in fact the people who disliked him most mainly for his non-tribal stance… his own tribesmen. In fact the rioter’s anger was even released against some of Mboya’s own constituents in Nairobi.

David Goldsworthy in his epic work; Tom Mboya: The Man Kenya Wanted To Forget Puts it thus;

“It (Mboya’s funeral) was to be a tribal burial….

“It was bitterly ironic that these feelings should have been released by the death of Tom Mboya, the pre-eminent non-tribalist of Kenya politics; the man whom so many Luo had regarded as not a ‘good’ Luo, and, indeed, not even a ‘true’ Luo.”

The political events that followed that dark Saturday July 5th 1969 are well recorded and keep on repeating themselves like a broken record repeatedly playing at the very same place again and again.

The mantra is simple; when you have messed up, fall back on your tribe and tell them that they are being finished.

Go steal and then when they come after you, play the tribal card (although you never shared the loot with them). Fall back on your tribe and say that it is a plot to finish your entire tribe.

Mwai Kibaki lost an election in a Nairobi constituency in the general elections that followed Mboya’s killing, but rigged himself back to parliament in circumstances uncannily similar to the events that followed the disputed presidential general elections of last December (read the account here). Knowing that the voters were waiting for him in the next general elections, he quickly retreated to his tribal fold and has represented his tribal Othaya base ever since. It is instructive that under the same man’s watch as President, the nation has sunk into its’ lowest ebb of tribal hatred and bickering.

My appeal to you my dear readers is simple; you CANNOT intelligently comment, let alone understand Kenyan politics if you have no clue about our history and about the man right at the centre of our political history, Tom Mboya. I hope to see you all at my weekly entertaining summaries of the life of Tom Mboya. It’s FREE.

This photograph was taken on Saturday at Rusinga Island during the 39th anniversary celebrations to mark the dark day Thomas Joseph Odhiambo Mboya was murdered. Some of his killers are still alive and well in Kenya.

Now embattled Finance Minister Amos Kimunya was at State House, Nairobi to see the President on Saturday, July 5th (President Kibaki is always holed up in State House Nairobi and is the first president in Kenyan history to live there). Those who do not understand what is really going on expected that Kimunya’s resignation would follow soon after. They were wrong. Amos Kimunya emerged smiling and looking very confident. In fact State house has very different concerns over the Grand Regency scandal which I discuss in detail in my latest raw notes.

It is instructive that it was from this State House meeting of Saturday that Kimunya launched his ongoing tribal campaign not to resign. And guess who was the only other cabinet minister at his side cheering him on during his I-will-not-resign rallies? None other than Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the deputy Prime Minister. Now doesn’t that tell you something, incase you doubted what I am saying?

I have to finish off this post that is threatening to be too long, now, and I will finish with the question that is on many minds. Will Amos Kimunya’s strategy hatched in the precincts of State House, Nairobi work?

I don’t think so.

What amazes me so much these days is the tendency right across the political divide to fall back on ancient political tactics, and yet we are in a very different country. The tribal card may have worked devastatingly well for the foxes that we call our politicians, last January. However this time round it may not work as well. There are a number of factors that are against Kimunya’s survival.

For starters it is clear that the vitriol we saw in parliament during the historic censure debate last week was mostly personal. Amos is a very proud man and mainly for that reason many do not like him, and that is putting it mildly.

In fact I would dare to add that if Kibaki handlers are not careful; this bid to keep Kimunya in office may end up with the president begging parliament to have his job back. It should be clear to the president’s kitchen cabinet by now that the events of last week have set a dangerous precedent—dangerous to the presidency. And to make matters worse we have a somewhat weaker presidency with fewer options to exercise to get troops back into line. Interestingly many have clean forgotten this.

For instance the president can no longer fire cabinet ministers as he wishes. Legally he has to consult with the Prime Minister before he dares to touch an ODM cabinet member. And then political expediency says that firing a PNU minister is akin to political suicide bearing in mind the ODM/PNU undercurrents that have always been visible in this grand coalition government. This will make it a lot more difficult for PNU legislators to be threatened back into line.

What seems NOT to have sunk in yet for Kimunya is the realization that calls for his resignation are also coming from many prominent PNU legislators including a vast majority of his own cabinet colleagues. This is why the tribal card will just not wash this time round.

P.S. Amos Kimunya seems confident that the only support he requires to survive is that of the president. There is another factor that makes the member for Kipipiri so arrogantly confident. And that is the fact that somebody very close to the president is right at the center of the Grand Regency scam. To protect that person, the president has to protect Kimunya.


Anonymous said...

We thought Moi was crazy when he said that everybody in Kenya has a price and a Luo never costs more than Shs 5 millions. The one and only Orengo was asking for Shs 3 millions in the Grand Regency saga. No wonder this lawyer was fighting in public a couple of months ago with his wife over money. It is very sad that Moi was righ after all.

Anonymous said...

Carifying a comment somebody posted here on the sale of the Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi to a Kuwaiti Company. It is not correct that the hotel is privately owned. The State-owned Kenya Tourism Development Corp. KTDC owns 33.8 % of it via Kenya Hotel Properties KHPL. Since the Minister of Finance and other Government bodies have not been informed or better say that they have not been informed, here is another case of selling State Resources under the table going on. Sea for further details the East African.

Taabu said...

The mta-do mentality sums it all. Amos is in SAFE hands and the King owes the prince alot lest he throws tantrums and lifts the lid to have the worms crawl. We are living in interesting time with very DULL dull life.

Anonymous said...

Comment Moderation again! Free expression of speech has become an empty word here on this very blog. Selective comments publication make posting here a nuisance. It will be the end of Kumekucha as we all knew it. Chris, think about it.

Anonymous said...

Comment Moderation has become a tool to convince us to subscribe to the Raw Notes. It's very obvious now. Chris needs some financial resources to support his family in Kenya. Kumekuchans, help him. Subscribe to the Raw Notes and send him the money.

Anonymous said...

Why should Kimunya resign. He has done nothing wrong!

Anonymous said...

You guys just dont get it, do you?? Anon 12.46, Kimunya has engaged in corruption, then decides to fall back to the tribal card. In the process, he invokes Orengo's name, and you being as thick as you are (my apologies in advance), think that it's a Luo Vs Kikuyu affair. When will this Luo-Kikuyu thing end?? Kenyans, we need to move forward. Let's stop this tribal hatred!! This GR thing has now turned from corruption to a Luo Vs Kikuyu affair.

Let's go back a few months ago, to be precise, after the December elections. Kalenjins attacked Kikuyus in Eldy. Instead of fighting back, the Kikuyus went for Luos in Nakuru. How funny!! I hear Vikii saying "Kikuyu this Kikuyu that". What about "Luo this, Luo that"? If Luos are as cheap as this Anon 12.46 guy seems to suggest, why are the Kikuyus pre-occupied with them all the time? If they are inconsequential, then just ignore them.

Chris, I like saying this; Kenya will never heal easily and come 2012 or any other election before then, the 2007 debacle will seem like just a preamble, a child's play!

On the same issue still, I said here last week that Raila is just a mere passenger in this GCG thing. Phil, you seem to agree with me now. Infact, the only reason Kibaki needs him now is to sell the face of Kenya around. Once Kenya is back in the good books with the West, the real political war will begin. Nilisikia Bishop Nzimbi akisema eti he's happy with this thing called the GCG because they are keeping each other on check. Ati this is Democracy! Tuliambiwa the same about NARC, and when they could not hold on to the "Democracy", everyone went for the other's neck. That's Democracy, Kenyan way, ama?

Chief Dr. Aj Hajj, M.A, (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP.

5th Estate said...

The culprit is creating a big fuzz about who he told what when , if he wants us to believe him, then he should also tell us when he was given the ok to sell ....Ops ! ehh sorry I mean when he told the " dury elected " did he know or did he not ? If he knew, when and what did he know ? I dont believe he read it from the 5th Estate ( Here ) when kumekucha first broke the story. Everybody should remain focused until this case is legally closed. Somebody must go to jail.

JUSTICE must be done and lets see if he kills himself as he has promised or its just talk like all the previous talk. Its time to hold these so called leaders to thier words.

Anonymous said...

Lets hand him the rope. keep the focus

Anonymous said...

I am laughing when I read that it was Kumekucha who brought the Grand Regency first. Give credit to the East African since it was them who mentioned this first the same way they published all the other deals Kenya has signed with Libya. And now also about the sale of Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi. Just read which other companies and hotels Lybia has bought in Uganda and Rwuanda the same way they did with the Grand Regency, Kenya Petroleum, Kenya Pipeline etc. not to forget some lucrative oil deals. Lybia claims to have started all these dicussions already some years ago when Raila was still the Minister for Energy and they also claim to have supported his Election in 2002 and also now. ODM had published a list in which Lybia figures amongst those who supported them. Go, check these documents and come out to try to tell us that Raila and ODM are saints. Orengo knows all this, that's why keeps so quiet these days. Besides the fact that he had promised to settle the land issues knowing that Raila (Spectre) had illegally aquired the land on which the Molasses Plant stands (which in itself is another subject for future corruption investigations). So how can Orengo fulfill his tasks since it would mean to go against Raila himself? We will hear a lot of accusations, counter-accusations, in other words hot air, nothing else.

Kwale said...

Amos Kimunya is the best Finance Minister Kenya has ever had. He has given a clear and lucid account of what happened and denied categorically of any wrongdoing. Furthermore, he has the president and Party’s unequivocal support. And so we must now take him by his word and stop this nit-picking of PNU politicians.

He should not be judged by Grand Regency criteria alone but by his track record. He has done an impeccable job so far. Handling country’s finance is one the most daunting job anyone can do and now we must leave him to continue with his work.

Anonymous said...

I repeat its quite simple. Hand him the rope. keep the focus

Anonymous said...

" I’d rather die than resign " - Parliament is the representitive of the people . The poeple have spoken. Lets see you are bigger than the people. I can assure you you will not die on that chair , Its not your personal chair to do what you wish to do as you have been caught doing . You will leave and we will hold you to your word . Kipiripiri is NOT the republic of Kenya. PREPARE HE ROPE

demogod said...

I am very amazed by the people who defend the likes of Kimunya. Whatever the case, he has to step a aside and make way for investigations. Although he is one of the soldiers for Kibaki, he has a duty to the people of Kenya to move aside and let the deal be investogated. Yes, this whole thing has become a charade, but the biggest charade is Kibaki keeping quiet and not making any decision. we might as well replay his statement whereby any ofthe ministers found or suspected to be involved in coirrupt deals must step aside. How ironical that his blue eye boy is now caught in middle of this whole thing, and crying wolf to the world that he has done nothing wrong.

Kibaki should make his stance known since he is th eonly who can decide the final outcome, the parliament has made its decision. Politics is a bitch, what goes around comes around....Kimunya, breath while you can, you shall become a sacrificial lamb!!! Martha on the other hand played her cards right, she is smarter than we all think....

As for Raila and the gang, the ball is in your court, if they dont get to the bottom of this whole thing, then they do not deserve to lead the people of Kenya, so make your leadership count!

Anonymous said...

Parliament is the representation of the people???!! bull crap were they representing the will of the people when they fattened their wallets of refused to pay tax? why is everybody suddenly thinking that this (mostly) bunch of loosers acted with integrity this time round?? look for other explanations but not this obviously hypocritical one!

i repeat, Kimunya your still my no. one choice for ceo.wenye wivu wajinyonge ama?

why is no one talking about Mr ADAN's news release? he said everything Orengo tabled (ofcourse with the full support of Raila the liar) was mere fabrication this is headline news cant wait for the guy to toboa all. if this is true then the little dimwit should resign for he cannot be allowed to operate in that juakali manner. ODM is trying to use the same strategy they used after loosing the elections, its sad that their blind followers believe they trully won the elections. the shouting of lies from the rooftops strategy works well in kenya for as we all know kenyans hate details and always prefer the street gossip and bar talk as the source of facts...who will save us?........lakini hako ka-mwenda Orengo, karudi backbench !!!!!

Karua Girl.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's assume that Raila knew (and was briefed) about the GR sale. According to Kimunya, Raila MUST resign as well since he (Raila) knew. Then can someone answer me on this; Is it that Kibaki did not know about the sale, was not briefed or did he ask Kimunya not to but he went ahead?

Chief Dr. Aj Hajj, M.A, (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

mr minus opportunity the question of whether kibs knew or not does not arise. did he form a committee to investigate kimunya? NO! so he had faith in him. as for the kihii he sent his foot solders to shout in the media then ati a commitee was formed to investigate the adorable kimunya what a load of shit!does raila imagine people dont know how he works? whats with putting in the committee all the people who've got something to hide!!! what is he covering up?

Anonymous said...

Stop fooling us.GR was sold last year before the elections.What Kimunya and co. are doing is the 'paperwork' - a year later!
PM and Orengo were 'in the picture' but watching the wrong movie.Yes they knew it was to be sold but not fraudulently (get the difference?)Kibaki and co. were desperate for funds then,the payback time has come.
Let Kimunya roast alone - he never ate with his constituents or tribe:shame on him!

Dj Rik.

Anonymous said...

We need a slogan for " I’d rather die than resign "

The right question to ask now is how does he prefer it. People normally are ready to die protecting thier personal property , does that ring a bell ? Mugabe would rather die that relinquish power. Musoveni " life president " would rather die that lose an election and we all remember Idi Amin and the list goes on and on. A new dawn is here. Lets do the honorable thing and respect his words - Hand him the rope.

Keep it simple in focus and on message .

Anonymous said...

So Chris you are a Luo. I didn't know that.

vipi said...

kimunya is behaving like mugabe.why not step a side an let investigations clear him. long term PANUA's will loose the game coz kenya is a different place.

Anonymous said...

If Kimunya must step aside to the investigation so must Otieno Kajwang. It has been reported the ministry is riddled with corrupt deals.

Anonymous said...

a different kenya? my foot! whats the difference between kimunya if hes guilty and mr mollases raila? ofcourse they were watching the right picture only they were waiting for the right time to fungua domo. any way kimunya is here to stay reason, raila is the pm, kajwang ,ruto, kosgei, ntimama etc are ministers let the one without sin cast the first stone or the ODMers want us to look at cases from this year? HYPOCRATES!!

Anonymous said...

Hand him the rope - Kamba, Kamba kalonzo does not seem to agree.

Anonymous said...

me too want to hear what adan has to say this jokers have been taking us for a ride. someone should reveal the hypocrates that they are.ORENGO AFUTWE KAZI!!!!!

Anonymous said...

orengo if found to have tabled false papers must be fired! am shocked that this kind of lies are happening in ODM this is not the change we fought for.i have a bad feeling that ODM will end up being a new boat for these old timers and known corrupt individual to try and masqurade their real self and we will be shocked at the end. Let the truth be told.The captain should be warned,the party is loosing its youthful base.

Taabu said...

Did you say ...Amos Kimunya is the best Finance Minister Kenya has ever had? So he has overtaken his LSE-trained boss? Thanks for letting me know bro much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

" My hands are clean " shouts Amos back. What kimunya is saying is that the orders came from above. The trail starts from the people on the PNU election finance commitee , can somebody please remind us thier names , remember the million a plate - that was an attempt to launder the gadaffi funds .

The big question know is when did this change from a Gava to Gava deal as kimunya is on record stating to a CBK to private libyan arab investors deal , when did dury elected know about it ? Was he told before or after it was sold. Or did he send the security chap to do his bidding. Kumunya has dared dury elected to fire him after the dury elected asked him to resign. " I would rather die than resign " came back the answer - the tribals are back with a vegence against each other. Set up a thief to catch a thief.

CHECKMATE - Keep it simple. Hand him the rope. Lets honour his words

Anonymous said...

getting tough for the King

Orengo to by-pass the Prince

Orengo threatens to sue Kimunya for defamation
Written By:Rose Kamau/KNA , Posted: Mon, Jul 07, 2008

Caption: Lands minister James Orengo says Kimunya has defamed him by claiming he decided to blow the whistle on the Grand Regency saga after his demands for a Ksh 3M bribe were rebuffed

The minister for Lands Mr. James Orengo on Monday challenged President Mwai Kibaki to break his silence over the raging Grand Regency Hotel saga and tell the country whether he indeed gave his blessings for the disposal of the facility.

Addressing a press conference in Ugunja Township, Orengo denied allegations by Finance Minister Amos Kimunya that he solicited for a Kshs. 3 million bribe and only exposed the hotel sale deal when he was denied the money.

The minister, flanked by Ugenya Orange Democratic Movement party officials said he had instructed his lawyers to commence court proceedings against his cabinet colleague for defaming him.

Orengo said President Kibaki is on record saying that his administration would fight corruption to the hilt and urged him to show by deed that he was committed to the same.

"He cannot run away from this, he must come out and tell Kenyans whether the deal was regular or irregular," he said.

Orengo said attempts by the Finance Minister to mudsling him and others had terribly failed.

"I cannot take his lies lying down" he said adding that some of the problems dogging his docket at the Lands ministry were created by Kimunya whom he said still had his network intact at the ministry of lands.

Prior to taking up the finance docket, Kimunya was in charge of the Lands Ministry.

Orengo challenged the Finance Minister to table documents proving that he indeed informed him of the sale and whether he (Kimunya) prepared cabinet paper for the matter to be discussed by the cabinet as is the procedure.

Anonymous said...

Something to think about: Also the Molasses Plant was State owned property. So who gave Moi the right to pass it over to Raila and who gave Raila the right to take it? Worse than that, Moi even cancelled the debts (around 100 Million $ which Kenya had to pay to the Swiss Banks) before. Whose money did Moi use to pay for this? Raila then sold 51 % to some dubious South African Arms Dealers (internationally known crooks who made their money with arms sales and blood diamonds) who are still upto today his partners not only the Molasses Plant but also in Spectre where they also have 51 % shares. This is how Raila made his first Million (Dollars not Shillings). More followed soon after when the same group (his partners now) was then given some lucrative oil deals as soon as he became Minister for Energy which are still ongoing this very day and therefore continue bringing more money into his pockets. Other countries where this group did similar deals with some corrupt officials have expelled them meanwhile, like Malwawi, Zambia etc. - why Raila still does business with them and defends them whenever the question comes up, is an open secret: they have been his main financiers during the last Elections. It was also this group which made the first contacts for Kenya on request of Raila as Minister for Energy with the Lybians when Gadaffi was still persona non grata to the rest of the world and Kenya therefore feared to get themselves into a diplomatic row with Western Donor countries. Raila has a lot to answer for when it comes to corrupt deals. Just ask him how and when he bought the land on which his house in Karen is built. The title deed will show you that this was another present by the State (Moi) for services rendered.
You only have to scratch the surface, you don't even have to dig into all this and you will find that your God is a very human man with all the sins he likes to attack others for done by himself too. His political enemies know his weakest point, making money, millions and millions of it so he can finally start believing to have become a member of the Kenyan elite society. This is the driving force of Raila, nothing else: money - and entering politics was only a tool to reach this goal. But he is not even really to blame. Who of us doesn't want to be rich? Even if like in Raila's case it meant stepping over the bodies of the poorest people. For many only the result is counting and not the way how to reach it. Won't you agree?

Anonymous said...

The trail starts from the people on the PNU election finance commitee , can somebody please remind us thier names

Anonymous said...

And if you want to have insight on this case - check out thier relatives

Anonymous said...

The rest is KELELE . Pass the rope please

Mcheku said...

This is now a circus!

Ati Orengo wanted a 3M bribe? Please leteni Ivy would say.(Ivy where did you go?)

Chris, you are right falling back on the tribal card is an ancient practice but it seems as though some bloggers here are living in the past. The tribal factor is still alive on Kumekucha, you see, some were taken in by it and are all up here in arms trying to defend a thief simply because he is from their camp, their tribe, their whatever, not knowing how ignorant it sounds defending someone who stole from you, unless of course we have bloggers on here who are already lining up to share the loot.

Kimunya did not steal from kikuyus or luos or luhyas, he stole from Kenyans and until people get that I guess we are going nowhere. We will still have people defending 'their own.'

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo now realises he has been played all along , wanainchi can now see exactly what he is all about - the little cash he was given to run around the country has compromised him. Judas is between a rock and a hard place. Now is the time for Ngilu to finish him off. PHULIIIIIIIIZ pass the rope.

Kwale said...

Chris, too right, you cannot compare Tom Mboya and Raila Odinga. Two different species with two completely different political ambitions.

Just like you, I wasn’t born when Mboya was killed, but I have heard and read many different stories of this fearless and true champion of the poor. From what I have heard most people who mourned his death bitterly were Kikuyus. Could it be because he was born in Kikuyuland on what was known as white highlands and went to school in Kikyuland (Mangu) and later went on to represent the majority Kikuyus in Nairobi Constituency. I don’t know but I think he was a man who saw beyond tribes.

When Mboya returned to Kenya he entered into politics straightaway forming a People's Congress Party which he later ditched to join KANU in an attempt to form a party that would transcend tribal politics. So you see this man was able to sacrifice his political ambitions for the sake of ethnic harmony which Mr Odinga cannot do.

Raila Odinga interest is only for the Luos and the devolution of the country in order to alienate the Central Province with his stupid idea of Majimboism. You cannot say you want to lead the nation but yet you hate one particular group of people. Kenya is for all, good, bad and the ugly and it should take a person who is politically adept enough to unite all the 42+ tribes in Kenya.
A man whose mentor is Fidel Castro, one of the worst dictators in the world, even he went on to name his son after him; you can call him a hero. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

When did kalonzo know , before or after the elections , before it was sold or after it was sold ? Keep it simple . Pass the sisal kamba i undwe .

Msema Kweli said...

Anon 5:58 AM, your pumbavu PANUA spin on Raila will not work. I put you in the rank of imbeciles - trying to turn lies into truth. Sorry, It will not work. forget it.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes open. They may be keeping us busy talking about what has been stolen while pilfering whatever else is left.
Lesotho please.

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is a personal, is there a way of deleting these abuses and insults? Or better still, you can move them to a section called "Garbage". Let's stick to the issues guys. I don't know how the molasses thing comes into this. If Raila corruptly acquired the Molasses plant, why hasn't he been prosecuted? Let's deal with the GR for now. Let's stop diverting attention from the real issues.

Anonymous said...


I have been up and about touring this beautiful nation trying to see why some places are different from the others...Trust me there was NOTHING to show. But at the end of the day i have realized that Kenya has potential to grow, the only obstacle is someone to provide leadership ant to tap the resources we have from the grassroot.

I have just been reading comments from the bloggers and i am surprised. You know this thing was closed long time ago..Kimunya mumunyad GR alone unless he was with his tribesmen or the people of kipipiri. Is he the minister for finance for Kipipiri or kenya? The fate of Kimunya lies with the Mps...He wants to be investigated while he is still in office?
KImunya has been cornered and he must hold on to every branch that he can before he falls.
Did i hear that he wants to be the president of Kenya?
From the Chairman of Muthaiga Golf club to the CEO of Kenya( Enyewe from rags to riches....I cant wait


Anonymous said...

Raila got the Molasses Plant for political favours in helping Moi to survive another term. Asking for prosecution is a joke. Nobody has ever been brought before any court in Kenya for having looted the country or for killing certain people, starting with Moboya, Kariuki, Pinto, Muge, Ouko and others. Politicians and their criminal deeds are above the law. As somebody here said: you steal a chicken and you end up in jail, you rob the country and kill its people for political gains, makes you a hero, a Mr. Untouchable. Maybe hated by some, but adored by the majority. You can ask Chris to delete certain comments which touch on Raila's and his croonies weaknesses, but you cannot whitewash them. His sins are following him into his grave.

taabu said...

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Tho' tis hard, I'd ratha luz honorably than with dishonesty....... !!

Taabu said...

Rumours has it that you were seen in Tripoli. Please deny or confirm and DON'T promise to die. How is that for diverting attention?

Anonymous said...

Stop posting this kind of crap here. I thought you could do better than that. I have always respected you but this is really cheap coming from you. Just give us a break.

Anonymous said...

All what you see is raila game plan. Kenyan is like big prison and we have two major groups working together out to finish each orther. This how raila operates gang leader

Anonymous said...

Amos " i`d rather die " kimunya , the rope please.

Taabu said...

@Anon 8.19,
If you are NOT NEW to this blog then you must have seen the trash posted by taabu (black letter) above. So just relax and skip the garbage. I will protect the clone's right to be petty and please join me, won't you?

Taabu (in BLUE)

Anonymous said...

yes anon

our taabu is in blue, and the imposter has only two functions working on his computer copy / paste

Anonymous said...

will somebody explain to me where is libya,is it in central province???>>{{}{:*_+<

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