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Monday, February 04, 2008

How Kibaki Rigged 1969 Parliamentary Elections In The Same Way

…As Gitobu Imanyara emerges to sue serial slapping first lady for recent attack at State House

Jael Mbogo was a parliamentary candidate in Nairobi’s then Bahati constituency in 1969 and she recently explained to a British newspaper in great detail how she was rigged out of that parliamentary seat.

The amazing thing is that the manner in which it was done bears striking resemblance to how the presidential elections was rigged late last year plunging the country into chaos. And guess who the candidate she was standing against was? Yep, one Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki.

Much as I am a great admirer of Tom Mboya, one of the big mistakes he made was to drive all the way to Makerere University from Nairobi in his VW Beetle to fetch one Mwai Kibaki, then an economics lecturer at that university to become Kanu’s first executive officer. Kibaki learnt a lot of his politics from Tom Mboya but by the time the 1969 general elections were held, Mboya was dead, assassinated by Jomo Kenyatta's inner circle and a member of that evil cabinet one Mwai Kibaki and one who owed his political career to the fallen Mboya was carrying on life as if nothing had happened.

If everybody else missed this, it seems that at least the voters knew about this betrayal and firmly voted against Kibaki. Mbogo told the Observer that she was so far ahead in the early vote tallying that the BBC went ahead and announced that a young woman had defeated a government minister for the Bahati seat. It was not to be. In circumstances that are remarkably similar to what happened in December, the results for Bahati were delayed for several days as GSU officers surrounded the vote counting centre. When those results were finally announced, Mwai Kibaki had won by a razor-thin margin.

Jael Mbogo who is now a civil rights activist told the Observer; 'Kibaki stalled the result, and then robbed me of victory. Because he looks so holy, people are still asking if he really was capable of stealing this election. What I say is "Of course, he has done it before".

Read the Observer story HERE,,2251523,00.html

Meanwhile Gitobu Imanyara emerged yesterday after days in hiding to announce to the Kenyan press that he was suing serial slapper Lucy Kibaki for attacking him at State House. Imanyara who is now also a member of parliament, says that because of Mrs Kibaki’s short stature her “slaps and blows” did not reach the tall legislator. Interestingly at one point rumors had it that Imanyara had been injured very badly from the incident that he had been hospitalized. One sensational version even said that he had died.

Imanyara also says that he had decided not to take any action because former president Mwai Kibaki called him and apologized over the incident.

Imanyara told the attentive journalists that the reason why the First Lady was so upset was because he was handling the case of the KTN journalist whom the First Lady assaulted in 2006.

“Nobody takes the first lady to court and nobody gets away with it,” Mrs Kibaki is said to have screamed at Imanyara.

Imanyara says that the first lady was indecently dressed when she attacked him. He did not give clear details as to what exactly he meant.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, digging the 1969 archives to smear? Why wait for 40 years (over 350,000 hrs!!) to make those ALLEGATIONS? For your info, everyone stole the elections even the hollier ODM. Just that the better thief carried the day.

IMANYARA Getting slapped? Ok, maybe yes, but why wait for 3 whole weeks to come out of the cocoon? That's 500+ hours after the alleged incident for a full grown up learned friend.

Could it be that as Lucy's statement states, it was a form of blackmail, that maybe a cabinet position wasn't forthcoming? Ahem, we shall probably never know!

Kenyan politics just got juicier. I love the whole stuff! You?

Anonymous said...

This is a big shame to the first family.
What is really wrong with our "Mother".
This is one reason that I believe Kibaki is a weak leader not fitting for this country. If he cannot manage a single wife how can he manage 10 million plus people?

Big shame!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01 - Kenyan politics may be juicy, but it is also deadly.

Anonymous said...

A senile sloth and a psychotic gorgon, someone up there must hate Kenyans :(.

kenya1 said...

Anonymous 11:01 - All ye PNU hawks really amaze me. So, Imanyara can actually cook up this story because he didn't deputy speaker? Come on please...don't tell me now you believe all the sheit fed to you by PPS and PNU. I mean, even as much as I support ODM, some things they say I would categorically classify them as BS.

And another thing! You are very convinved about how two wrongs make a right...and how if you wait long enough it will go away, or rather, historical injustices don't hurt anyone. Huh?

Anonymous said...


Just came across another word going round - 'The first lady has also injured Jimmy Kibaki by shooting at him'. Does anyone have a story to tell on this?

Anonymous said...

Imanyara is not a gentleman! He deserves the slap by Mama Lucy!
If he was given an apology by the President, why does he again come to the press to dish out how an indecently dressed first lady was screaming all over SH, how she is the one who controls SH etc?
In my opinion, if he accepted the apology, he should style up and not again come to the press.
And Chris, you have a long way to go. 5 years of mad-slinging Kibaki? I dont envy you an inch. By now you ought to have realized that Kibaki is in SH for the next 5yrs. The talk about a stolen election is outdated. The DOMers themselves have projected that nothing will come out of the Anan talks.

Kimeli said...

anon 11:01PM

You seem to be suffering from schizophrenic crisis. No wonder you are losing focus and engaging in edifying jokes here. Boy, Imanyara was out of the country for the whole 3 weeks and he was in South Africa where his wife is recuperating at a Pretoria Hospital (Nation today). Secondly, would even the unborn doubt that one ugly Hippo, Ruci wa Kifaki is such a lunatic, violent and stupid octogenarian that screams at everyone? She couldn't spare 90 yr old Moody Awori, a VP. Then she will spare who? And don't you remember when she woke up in the wee hours of the night to attack the Nation, she was wearing sleeping gown/Pajamas? Why do you think Imanyara would blackmail her to get an assistant Minister when he is rich, earns more than that through his lawyer job and still an MP? And why would he do so when even the Cabinet is not full? For Kibaki's history, it has to be unearthed for Kenyans to know how evil, undemocratic and poisonous he is. The future can only be understood in terms of yesterday.

Anonymous said...


No matter how you guys are agitated, and DOMers in general, you MUST respect your seniors. Sometimes even when they are wrong. So, all the words you hurl at Kibaki and Lucy are a sign of contempt on your side. Definitely, no one likes it when the first lady slaps people, and this does not in anyway receive support from PNU supporters.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:44 ...You have said it well contempt....I can't help it but that is what i feel for Kibaki....I have tried even with the quoting bible verses that all authority comes from God, i don't just believe for Kibaki did, i feel nothing for Kibaki and his family....He doesn't help me in anyway, i don't notice even when he is around or not....When he comes on screen with his unedited speeches i find myself pressing the mute button or changing the channel altogether.....Like i have said i have tried but i can't help it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Show me your wife and I'll tell you your characters.

Only an insane man with an MBA from LBS can marry a crazy semi-educated woman of the type Loosy Wambui.

A country led by a sick man must end this way. Remember Germany under Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, Uganda under Amin, CAR under Bokassa?

Kenya will dissociate into dusty particles, if Kenya doesnt get rid of this sick man. The faster, the better.

Patriotic Kenyans, risk to save civilization in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon1.28, 1.44- Nothing might come out of Anan talks but God forbid bcoz there is likely to be no Kenya for Kibaki and Karucy to rule over!
Yes you must respect your elders but not when they behave badly they have to set a good example.
If my grandfather steals pple will still call him a thief irrespective he is 80yrs +.
We are not hurling insults Kibaki is a thief and Lucy is a badly beahved serial slapper and those are facts we are just stating!

Anonymous said...

Lucy is just human, just like you and me. Why shouldn't she lash out at anyone who crosses her path? It's just a smack anyway, nothing life threatening! Maybe he even enjoyed it, some fetish? Anyway you guys are talking crap as if you didn't know Nyeri women are that tough. I've heard even Raila got slapped by Karua in parliament, any info? Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

That one of Raila being slapped by Karua am not sure. But there is another one that Orengo got it, a slap, from Karua. And I think this is very likely. Anyone with details on that?

Anonymous said...

Rubbish! Raila, Orengo slapped?? can not be! People frm the Lake are not kids to be played with by toilet cleaners! These are real personalities.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:52

Nini wewe? Ati boys from the lake are real personalities?
Let them face the knife for a proof.

Style up and drop that madness.

Anonymous said...

Political Sons of Lake Sango don't get slapped by ugly "Macho Ngombe" sluts from Kikuyuland qho fornicate with Father Wamugunda in RAV 4s.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 4:04, STUPID..That is the only insult you can get from this girl

Anonymous said...

Lucy's saga is just but a decoy.It most likely that it's true but be sure the gova will use it to divert the attention of the public until guys forget something they really want to forget.Kenyans are known to have a very short memory.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton, Jack Chirac, Angela Merkel, Tony Blare, Margaret Thatcher,Gehard Schroeder, Ronald Reagan,Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, etc WERE NOT CUT. THESE are world personalities, making the world go round.

I bet you can not think beyond your private parts. Hey buddy wake up, the world is civilized. Christians dont need it anymore. Read the River in between.

2nd_lady said...

Mark you, only EA Standard even reported this. I didn't see anything on Nation (or maybe they just omitted it from their website).

Nobody is abusing Kibaki for nothing. And honestly, how can you keep saying someone is human? To slap once, yeah, that is human, forgive. A second time, human as well. But 10 times? Would you live with your spouse who serially cheated on you just because "that is human"? To be human is to control yourself, that is why we don't go and shit on the street when we feel like it...because it is against the decorum of any decent human, leave alone the 2nd lady.

Kimeli said...

anon 4:04AM

You seem that your mother taught you to reason with your clit? A marauding she-goat indeed. No wonder you are leaking both from behind and from the brain. I'm a Kale, and was cut, but I have never came across a silly and saddening mentality, ala Kikuyustan that believes clits and manhood are what drives humanity. Huh, Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I am the last person to say this, but please can you consider moderation again. These silly juvinille posts are here again. Why don't people discuss issues without talking about being cut! I did NOT know that there are so many gay people from PANUA like this! Why are they concern with being cut. Let people benefiting from these services complain and not all Tom and Harry.
Can't we have intellectual discussions please. Others if you fill you do not meet the standards set here kindly go to the cloned site. they may be cheap and below the belt like you ilks.
Please get going. Uphs

Foreskin said...

Someone please stop this foreskin discussion. We don't think, eat, drive, work, speak or listen with it.

Some time back someone said here that mashadites have invaded Kumekucha. I'm thinking it just might be true.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Seems blogging is a world out of this world. Where you can discuss the president, the economy, national security, Kofi Anan, Raila etc etc and where doodler can preach to us from the bible no less, and then come back the next few minutes and the discussion has moved to clits and foreskins!

Anonymous said...

Save yourself, Raila has lost and no amount of Kikuyu-hating on your part is going to change that fact.

Now you are digging the files back to 1969 to accuse Kibaki... Tell me, what about all those rigged elections in Nyanza under your beloved Raila? 98% turnout in Rongo, 95% in Mbita?? Genuine???

Anonymous said...

That's why the common man wants a re-run with EU, UN and AU as election conductors (not the corrupt ECK).

It is about democracy, justice and civilization for my grand grand children. And will come.

Anonymous said...

Pple like anon 5.24 are so obessed with Raila that they wld rather go to hell b4 accepting a plain truth.
- Why did Kibaki swear himself in in a manner showing he was sneaking?
-Why cordone security at KICC b4 announcing the results?
- Why is he wasting our money having GSU guard an open Park?
- Are pple like you just Morons or is it Karucy has infected u with her psychosis?

Anonymous said...

It's very obvious what ails this country is lack of direction. As if its not enough that we have a sleeping dog in state house, we now have a bleeting goat who believes that slapping is the best way to pass a point. Well, we now know why the dog sleeps all the time, he has been slapped left right and centre, made to say strange things for a near octagenarian, made to deny his kin, made to believe he had won when he looked surpised as a dog from outer space during the swearing off (sic) and oh yes made to believe a lie that he has been told repeatedly about premeditated violence. Pray how can the commander-in-chief of the armed forces admit to his clubmates that he was not aware of planned violence apriori??? And now just as you correctly pointed out, Mboya's action of fetching the dog from where it was getting ready bones was the start of a long journey that made sure the dog became rabid and now consumes its own, poisoning them as it crawls along. Even the other equally old dogs who stopped barking long time ago now seem to have found a voice, even the ones who cannot speak the language they so much profess be indigneous to are finding time to drive to Naivasha and spew forth vomit that they had just eaten!. Woo unto us here having to listen to the claptrap that now defines Kenya. Woo unto the future generation who have to stomach nonsense from dogs who cannot even control their own compounds, and look bemused as the silent dog from Tigania keeps baiting him. Maybe just maybe God in his wisdom will save us in good time before the dogs vomit all over us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:24AM....

Anonymous said...


Why is it that when Kenyans and the world at large talk of democracy, some think it is against Kikuyus. Are Kikuyus associating themselves with bag governship and oppression?

Remember the days when STEPHEN NDICHU used to tell Moi to go back to Baringo to graze goats, Kirauti Murungi was telling Moi to watch one day how democracy works. How do these two gentlemen talk today?

This is what we dont want to repeat itself. Kenyans want responsible politics. We want democracy to take care of all Kenyans irrespective of sex,height,rase,tribe,foreskin,origin.

Kibaki's administration has not proved to be just and democratic: Artur Bros,Anglo Leasing,Corruption,appointments,Brutality towards media houses. On the 27th of Dec 2007 Kenyans (60%) said NO to these practices, but their NO were changed to YES by Kivuitu.

IT IS ABOUT OUR GRANDCHILDREN. If we cant stop these characters this year, the Kenya will be another Somali and our Grandchildren will never forgive us.

Anonymous said...


PANUA has accused of cloning your own site. The same people have also accused ODM of plotting the demise of their own MPs.

Whats next…..ODM conspired with Lucy to attack Imanyara and her own son to make Kibaki look bad?

Wacheni ujinga…if there are rotten eggs in your camp deal with it. Pointing a finger at the other side wont make the awful smell go away

Anonymous said...

Please dont stop this discusion. I hear that when kikuyus go for the cut they are tought how to steal.I've also heard that ruci is well cut.Is that why she is slapping every man she comes across?Is it true that when Imanyara was slapped he kojoad on his trousers?And another thing,what was ruci wearing when she slapped that meru man? I hear she was wearing ofwong'o.

Anonymous said...

@kimeli.... do us all a big favor, Before you post any of your nonsensical filth here. Please read it loud to yourself in the mirror...if at all it makes any sense to you....slap yourself very are an egomaniacal idiot with no value to add in any decent conversation...eshhhh go back to your day job at the assisted living home and take it out on someone else for your meaningless ,shallow life. You say your kalenjin…so what??? That makes you of royal blood or excused to talk like a retard??? Most definitely not

Anonymous said...

For all the kibaki haters out here,all your bickering is not going to bring your loud-mouth cynical bigot of a leader raila agwambo to State House.Not now not eEVER. And if you think hurling such insults will make Kenya a better place I have news for you…no one gives a damn about your shrewd ,retarded remarks…not Raila..not Kibaki.Maybe writing such filth justifies your pitiful existence…gives you something to wake up everymorning..if that’s the case then by all means type away.

Anonymous said...

why are guys bashing kemeli? every one has his?/her opinion.if you dont like it just post yours and stop insults. what makes tou think yours is the best? wacha kuteta ukikuyu even want to dominate this blog? tutawakomesha .

Anonymous said...

It is only the Kyuks that had this "cut" problem and that an "uncut" man would never come close to ruling Kenya. We wonder why we are at the crossroads that is staring us in the face.
Wonder why "GROWN" men would talk of another's genitalia, shouldn't that be a woman's topic? Guess when the battle of the intellect fails, that so lacks in men that engage in this sort discussion, nothing else is left to talk about. What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6.56 and 6.57...why do you THINK this has anything to do with kikuyus????when you have nothing to say you blame it on the you also blame them when there is no money in the bank???since you are on a KIKUYU bashing roll,are you also going to blame them for global warming? The situation in Iraq, etc etc…Kikuyus are not going anywhere….no amount of bashing will ever change that so do yourself a favor an shut your bick if that all you bring to the table.
Kimeli is the person who is insulting others here . He is the one who need to start his own blog and if you feel that strong about him...join him there or better yet be is campaign manager if he ever intends to run for office...IN HIS DREAMS

Taabu said...

Come on guys give Kimeli a break, he has a right to say al he wants. And by the way now that the bubble of foreskin is busted what else will fly? Any kite? Kenyans know better than the foreskin and to those still bulling the rag, tushahama.

Anonymous said...

You have to bring back moderation. I think the insults, biases and plain old stupidity are just going out of control. There are other school yard blogs for such insults. I want to believe Kumekucha is more serious.
I believe that if you want to insult someone or preach your tribal superiority, then, someone has to put in more effort than say talk about genitalia. The puerile posts populating this blog are a stain on the effort you put in creating this blog.
The insults on this site since you removed moderation are plainly disgusting. But, again they tell me why I support a few brave souls who say Kenya should be dismembered. The hatred is too much.
I am circumcised but that is only cultural. It does not make me a better or less man. Only my character does.

Anonymous said...

i can assure you kikuyus have coused problems all over the world.just think of this,who went to steal in tanzania?are you aware that they are now all over sudan and the other day they robbed kcb sudan?remember the one who was running a brothel in londan?what about those who were cought in a tax sindicate in the usa? style up bwana watu wamechanuka.

Anonymous said...


I was born well after 1969 and I know the Mbogo-Kibaki story quite well. That you do not know places you comfortably amongst those who have been unaffected by and have chosen to ignore Kenya's undemoractic governments for decades.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.24; Nyanza figures were marked upwards in a pitiful attempt to conceal Central Prov. rigging.

Unfortunately, those who are as feeble minded as you are swallowed the dirty trick hook, line and sinker.

PS: 95% turn out is still within mathematical possibility. When a people are DISGUSTED with a dictatorship they will turn out in droves to vote.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6.49; When on earth will you realise that the battles are more than just about Kibaki and the statehouse?

a)Yes, he stole the election and does not deserve to be there BUT:

b) He has also continued to govern us with an undemocratic constitution.

c)Kenyans are fed up with being dictated to since the sixties. We do not want to bury our heads in the sand for another decade!!!!

Let us get real and solve our problems today for a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

@ ANON 7.38. Shame on you for being so ignorant . You CANNOT EVEN STRUCTURE A SIMPLE ENGLISH SENTENCE, unfortunately by your poor grammar, it is painfully obvious you did not go beyond standard 5. It is amusing you have guts insult a particular tribe. People like you should not even be near a keybord.Go back to school and start from scratch. Learn basic English and spelling then maybe someone will listen to you and respect your point of view

Anonymous said...


Kibaki has failed to respect democracy and is unwilling to give Kenyans the constitution the want.

I will support the man or woman of whichever ethnic group gives who gives my country the 2002 Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Lucy are a national shame, not just PNU. The rest of the world must think Kenya is a banana republic where leaders are slapped, and those in power operate above the law. In the meantime, the shout from rooftops that their protagonists must follow the law(sic).
Kibaki, Lucy and buddies are not content with dragging Kenyans down to the level of just another failed African state. They want to redifine failed and lawlessnes. It is only a PNU diehards that are unable to see the tragedy that these people are driving Kenyans to. The actions of Lucy and Kibaki are criminal.Lucy should remember that they cant hold power forever!

Anonymous said...

Overhead from PNU supporter: Raila rigged Juja and other Mount Kenya areas to make Kibaki look bad.
Imanyara's claim is ODM propaganda.

Lets get real.

I agree with Anon on the Mbogo/Kibaki story. This is an old story widely believed to be true. Kibaki learnt a lesson and moved to Othaya in the next election. He couldn't risk losing to a woman. Lesson is that Kibaki had no national support in 1969 and had little in 2007. I know Kibaki supporters will point out that he got 4.5 million. Lets get real. These are the discredited numbers. It is telling that Kibaik wants to avoid a re-run even though on paper he has adavantage, at least with Kalonzo's votes. My take is that Kibaki knows what the real tally looked like and he knows his real tally and Kalaonzo's tally may consign him to retirement. How else does one explain his paranoia with re-run, please dont give me the crap about he won fairly. Only PNU supporters believe that.

Anonymous said...

South Africa slams Kenya after mediator returns home

The South African government launched a fierce attack Tuesday on Kenya after apartheid-era negotiator Cyril Ramaphosa was forced to abandon mediation efforts, angrily rejecting claims he was biased.

Deputy foreign minister Aziz Pahad said Ramaphosa had a proven record as a trouble-shooter and could have played a valuable role in bringing an end to post-election violence which has claimed hundreds of lives in Kenya.

"The role played by Ramaphosa during the South African democratic process as well as his contribution to the Irish peace process has indicated his ability to seek solutions in the interests of peace and democracy and without taking sides," Pahad told reporters.

"The South African government strongly rejected the erroneous argument by the government that Ramaphosa could not be an honest broker. The reasons given by the government are rejected with the contempt it deserves."

abby said...

Anon 7:52 Can you please proof read your response,before you post it too. You have some grammar issues too. Example["is painfully obvious you did.."].You forgot to put 'that'after obvious. So stop critisizing others when you can't live up to the same expectation.

Anonymous said...

@ Abby ,there is absolutely no problem with that sentence at all....why should there be "that" after obvious??? .Saying" painfully obvious you need " is perfectly ok in any English diction.You have no idea what you are talking about . Your futile attempts to mimic an English teacher are hilarious to say the least.

Anonymous said...

It is widely believed(in International Circles) that Kibaki,PNU and allies are not really interested in the mediation. Their intention is to drag the process for as long as possible, even beyond 2012.He expects that a protracted and drawn out process will tire out local and international opposition to his rule, helping him and his buddies entrench themselves. The rejection of the South African mediator is probably a wider part of scheme to waste time and drag out the process.

kimeli said...

Paul Kagame calls for a re-run.

kimeli said...

South Africa slams Kenya after mediator returns home.

kimeli said...

US Peace Corps Suspends Kenya Operations

Focus on The Future said...

Hehe now you want to round up all questionable elections since.....
Good Luck and in the mean time, the world turns and others try to heal and focus on the future.

jamani said...

President KIGUNYO KIBAKI ANGEKUA AKIMPA LUCY mahasira zi poe amekaziwa sana

kimeli said...

Look how remoseful this Kikuyu is as he states the greed of Kikuyus and their inherent betrayal.

There can be no peace without justice

By Ken S Muriithi

The debilitating anger consuming the country is due to a build-up of emotions over time.

In 1963 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga stepped back to allow Jomo Kenyatta to become founding president. But a certain community took it as their right to dominate leadership.

Kenyatta dished out massive tracks of fertile land, to select people or ‘politically-correct’ politicians, especially from Central Province in the Rift Valley.

The rest of Kenyans felt being pushed aside.

In 1969 Tom Mboya was assassinated. Right-thinking Kenyans perceived this as a sign that no one should dare to compete for leadership.

A promising leader was lost. People perceived this as another plan to sideline western Kenya.

In 1974, JM Kariuki was assassinated and the Government responded with repercussions if any one dared to blame it. His vision had given hope to the middle class and the poor of the possibility of a better Kenya. Again this chance ended with his death.

The brutal way he was killed again reflected the dictatorial and absolute style of the regime. The country had been taken back once more.

In 1982 the one party regime was introduced. Wananchi felt oppressed and unhappy, many were detained, without trial.

Again freedom of speech, thought as and human rights were denied.

In 1991 Dr Robert Ouko was assassinated. He was a respected and honest leader. There were massive protests. Once again western Kenya felt neglected.

In 1992 and 1997 General Elections were rigged and the population felt deprived of their democratic rights.

Interference of the Government into Judicial matters was the order of the day.

The nation was divided along tribal lines. There were tribal clashes, treated as "events" which have not been addressed.

In 2002, Mwai Kibaki was elected, marking the end of the Moi era. It was Raila Odinga’s campaign and declaration of ‘Kibaki Tosha!’ that did it for the then Democratic Party leader who had ran for the presidency twice (1992 and 1997) and lost. There was hope of Kenya being a successful country, with a new democratic outlook.

After Kibaki assumed power, he changed tact and scandals started rocking his Government — dismissing the MoU, brushing over Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, poor performance of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and Artur scam and the raid on the Standard Group premises.

There was no new constitution despite the promise. There was and there is tribal dominance in most public offices, especially the Finance, Security and Provincial Administration ministries.

Under Kibaki the average and below average Kenyan has suffered more than ever with little hope for a better future.

The massive rigging machine, which had been put in place long before the elections, and the subsequent rigging then made people snap with anger. It was the spark next to the dynamite keg. People remember the misgivings over these past 44 years, during which governance has been most wanting, having deprived millions of Kenyans over the years. It is therefore human to respond with anger.

Therefore, the main responsibilities lie with governments whose main objectives have been to rule and stay in power at any cost, rather than serving the citizenry. Equally guilty are the recent poll violators and executors of the rigging.

The election troubles are not a Raila-Kibaki affair it is the injustice done to voters. There must be justice so there can be peace.

Once in power some presidents will do anything to stay in power even if that means having a few hundred of people killed, often for the reason of avoiding being exposed. Their arrogance makes them to think that God come after them. They are a gift to their country and the world at large. If this is not corrected we will always remain at the bottom of the pith.

The writer is based in Kiambu

Anonymous said...

I wonder the kind of tribal chauvinism that some people can have. It is out in the open that Lucy is sick (I truly sympathise). But these people who are saying it is okay to slap people around? The ones deying he slapped Imanyara? If they were there and are denying, this is truly a shame. We are dealing with people who feel as long as things are well with them, everything is okay. Please help Kibaki by being honest with him. Let him take Lucy for medical care and apologise to Gitobu again. When he is out of power (nothing lasts forever) who will you be defending like you doing for him now? I bet you will distance yourselves from him like a plague. Sorry but the world should be wary of the so called PNU supporters (Kikuys or whatever), They are fake!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10.29 you know some things are lost causes-telling pnu people to accept the truth is a waste of time and energy. honey, they are convinced kibaki won, they are also convinced the elections were free and fair!! and you know i thought the belief was just lip service(convince the world type of belief) but no they actually believe it, its in their psyche!! oh by the way for them lucy beating gitobu was okay-after all she was teaching him manners aache kusupport luos!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.11; your response is precisely why I will not be content with any solution that does not include constitutional overhaul.

We need to be protected from thieving, selfish PNU-type hardliners and believe me, there will be more in the future.

Only good instruments of governments will keep them in check.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.32 i totally agree with you a constitutional overhaul is what is needed in kenya-however we must also think about the integrity of the people we elect. the current guy in statehouse doesn't respect the constitution to him its just a collection of printed papers-i dont know whether getting a new one would solve the problems with such a guy in power.

Anonymous said...

Go check the Hard-talk live interviews on this BBC site-Ethiopia President(seems Kibaki borrowed a leaf from him-no wonder he send his minister to show support for kibaki's illegal government
check Tuju and Uhuru too on live HARD TALK very interesting

Ken said...

Since 1975 during Mzee Jomo Kenyatta`s one man regime when Mr. james Orengo used to be in University, his life used to be in danger. When The tyrant Moi took over for 24 years of dictatorship and running the country to the ground economically, Mr. james Orengoo`s life used to be in danger and now during ODM and the elections thief rule General Kiguoya`s regime Emilio Kibaki Mr.james Orengo`s life is in danger. Can`t someone dpo something. Orengo a scare crow who survives on the public mercy and he is a propagada man. How comes he does not leave the country like his brother Githongo for his safety and seek assylum in UK or other western countries?

He should stop fooling Kenyans about being in danger and do something about it or someone will do something about it.Who is fooling who? kenyans now have matured and can not be fooled easily. All he wants is to be pocketing $13,000 dollars plus allowances as an MP per month for payukaring and doing nothing from Tax payers money.

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