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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MPs and the Media: Stop the Hypocrisy, Kibaki Stole Grand Regency Hotel in Broad Day Light As You Watched!

The secret “sale” of the Grand Regency Hotel at a throw away price and the boring subsequent debate has exposed what our MPs and the mainstream media are – they are grossly incompetence and lazy to do even simple research.

The media behave like secretaries – taking dictation from our politicians without questioning a word and reproducing it as “news”. On the other hand, our lazy, tribal and incompetent MPs digest the same raw garbage channeled out by the same media, which disguised as news, and shout from the roof tops pretending to have made new discoveries. The MPs and the media and just two sides of the same coin.

The poor Kenyans are daily treated to a game of musical chairs by our politicians and the mainstream media. And they believe them. As expected, the mainstream media and the MPs are now trying to outdo each other contributing to the debate of the theft of the Grand Regency Hotel – as if any of them had the correct facts regarding the whole episode.

The James Orengos of this world, the Standard, the Daily Nation and its sister Sunday Nation (both of which are Kibaki’s mouthpiece) are now shouting loudest to capture the eye and sympathy of the public yet the deal was hatched and executed by Kibaki himself right under their nose. And none of them noticed it then due to their laziness and incompetence. Kibaki committed the crime of trading off the hotel way back in June 2007 and an year later, the MPs and the media are now shouting from the roof tops pretending to have made shocking discoveries! Please spare us your garbage-spewing mouths.

This is how it all began . . . .

President Kibaki made a three-day visit to Libya between June 4 and 6, 2007. A dispatch from the Presidential Press Service (PPS) to KBC and all the other mainstream media houses plus a posting on the website of Dr Alfred Mutua’s Office of Public Communications clearly stated in back and white that Kibaki and Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi had signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Titled "Agreement on Promotion Guarantee and Protection On Investment".

Under the MoU, President Kibaki committed Kenya into granting an exclusive trade pact to Libya, making Tripoli "most favoured nation" status - making it possible for Libyan companies to start at an advantage over investors when competing for lucrative contracts. The Grand Regency Hotel was as among the six projects that the Libyans had expressed interest in the Mou.

The MoU was signed by Kenya's then Minister for Trade, Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, and Dr Ali Elisaue, Secretary General of Libya's General People's Committee for the Economy and Investment. The document was endorsed by Presidents Kibaki and Gaddafi.

Interestingly, Kibaki was committing himself to sell Grand Regency Hotel to a group comprising Libyan investors trading as Libyan Arab African Investment Company almost nine months before Kibaki’s cronies persuaded Goldenberg scandal architect Kamlesh Pattni to surrender it to “the Government” (Kibaki is not the Government). By then, the hotel was still Pattni’s property and there was no indication that he would surrender it to anyone. Why was Kibaki so confident into signing such an MoU based on a property in private hands and why was he so desperate to do so?

Our MPs have offices at Continental House, which they rarely use. They are always out in rallies politicking. The MPs have access to a modern library and research staff services, but they don’t use them. Our mainstream media – the National Media Group and the Standard Group – have well-trained journalists and modern libraries. But they rarely make good use of them.

If the media and the MPs are the public watchdog, they are supposed to scrutinise every deal that “the Government” enters – even with devils - with a microscope. Kibaki stole Grand Regency Hotel in broad day light while our MPs and the media slept on their job.

A PPS dispatch from Libya in June 2007 gave very strong hints about “the sale” of the Grand Regency to Libya (when it was still Pattni’s property) and yet that did not raise eyebrows amongst the lazy and incompetent MPs and media houses (most of them are run by Kikuyu managers and editors who are Kibaki’s loyalist). Why didn’t they smell a rat from the PPS hint?

Kumekucha, which doesn’t have the resources that the MPs, the Nation Media Group and the Standard Group have access to, was the first to expose how Kibaki gave away Grand Regency to Libya in exchange for campaign funds. That was in May. And as expected, some readers who read the story in this blog attempted to pour cold water on it yet the facts in the story were water-tight. The facts in the story were vindicated last week and everybody now seems to be in a hurry to catch up and contribute to a debate they least understand.

Just to re-cap for those who are not conversant with the facts, Kibaki had gone to Libya in June last year to beg money to fund his PNU campaigns and he promised to sell Grand Regency Hotel at peanuts value in exchange of the funds.

How did such funds help the Kenyan public? The money funded Kibaki’s and PNU’s campaigns and had nothing to do with the Kenyan people. The Sh2.9 billion Kimunya claims the hotel fetched will in no way go into public coffers. This was a debt Kibaki incurred and the Sh2.9billion was going to offset that debt. So, how does the public benefit? It’s like when you sell off a vehicle to offset a bank loan you had taken. The cash generated by the vehicle sale will in no way land in your pocket. In this case, Kibaki had already spent the cash he got from Libya in his campaigns and, therefore, not a single cent of the Sh2.9billion will go to the public. That’s the simple mathematics Kimunya is not telling the public.

Kibaki was to hand over the hotel to Libya as soon as he sworn in for a second term in office. But that didn’t happen because Kibaki topped up his votes and this triggered the post-election violence. Libya on the other hand was getting impatient that Kibaki had not honoured his deal and Gaddafi started exerting pressure on Kibaki to deliver what he promised.

On May 19, this year, President Mwai Kibaki flew to Kampala to meet Gaddafi in the thick of a political stalemate back in Kenya brought about by theft of presidential votes. President Gaddafi was in Kampala to commission a new mosque. President Kibaki’s only mission to Kampala was to plead for more time from President Gaddafi for him to honour his part of the MoU.

According to a PPS dispatch to newsrooms, the two leaders held bilateral consultation “to review the status and progress of the implementation of the agreed framework of co-operation between the two countries which was signed in Sirte during President Kibaki's visit to Libya mid last year.” Why didn’t the MPs and the media bother to find out what was this MoU and why was it that important for Kibaki to leave his house on fire to go and meet Gaddafi?

This is where Mr Justice Aaron Ringera, the head of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, and Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, Prof Njuguna Ndung’u, come into the Grand Regency picture. The two were under instructions to beg Pattni to surrender the hotel in exchange of amnesty over his role in looting public coffers through the infamous Goldenberg scandal. And the media happily reported what was on the face value when Ringera and Prof Njuguna woke up one day and put up a public show with Pattni announcing the Government had “recovered” the hotel from the Goldenberg thief. Media houses didn’t bother to dig beneath the surface. Why?

Ringera knew what he was doing contravened the same law he is paid Sh2.5 million monthly from tax-payers to uphold. Ringera has taken to court small fish (permanent secretaries, civil servants and watu wa mikono) for procuring goods or committing the Government into deals that had been single-sourced without putting up public bids. What’s so different between such deals and the Grand Regency rip off? In fact, Kibaki was signing hot air in the MoU since the hotel was then the property of Pattni! Why would Ringera sanction law breaking by Kibaki – a duly-elected President who has sworn to protect Kenya, her property and the constitution?

Kimunya – Kibaki’s blue-eyed boy – is merely legalising his master’s grand theft. Poor Kimunya. And he prefers to take the heat and filth from MPs and the media – who have made new discoveries - as his thieving master sits pretty at State House. That’s why it’s laughable when I hear MPs and Cabinet ministers demanding Kimunya’s sacking. Who will sack Kimunya? Can Kibaki sack himself?

In addition to Kimunya, Kenyans should unequivocally demand the truth from Kibaki himself, Dr Kituyi and members of delegation that visited Libya with Kibaki. Kibaki, Kimunya, Ringera and Prof Njuguna MUST all be forced to resign by the public and refund the campaign bribe Kibaki received from Libya.

Our MPs – Prime Minister Raila Odinga included - and the media are only shedding crocodile tears to cover up their collective incompetence. Kenyans are being fooled. Where were the MPs, the James Orengos and the media when Kibaki was stealing public property? Which other public property are in the Mou which Kibaki committed himself to give away?

The only MPs who can somehow escape blame are the new ones who were voted in during last year’s General Election. But Raila and the other MPs who were in the Ninth Parliament should give us a break. They were in Parliament when Kibaki stole Grand Regency and none of them raised a finger till now to endear themselves to the public – to be seen to be championing matters of public interest.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Chris said:

Under the MoU, President Kibaki committed Kenya into granting an exclusive trade pact to Libya, making Tripoli "most favoured nation" status - making it possible for Libyan companies to start at an advantage over investors when competing for lucrative contracts. The Grand Regency Hotel was as among the six projects that the Libyans had expressed interest in the Mou.

Our comment:

We are not intent on pouring cold water on this story, for as we can recall, you were the first to write about it.

However, your understanding of MFN clause is faulty. A MFN clause, as we have stated two times here, does not mean Libyan investors gets a head start.

We will repeat what we have said. MFN simply means, ANY benefit, concession, favour given to any other foreign investor, SHALL be EQUALLY ACCORDED to the Libyan investors as well.

Likewise, all other nations that have Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), have the same clause.

Thus, any favour, benefit, concession award to Libyan investors, SHALL/MUST BE EQUALLY AWARDED to the investors from nations that have BITs with Kenya.

Therefore, apart from violating the domestics laws, i.e. Privatization, procurement and disposal of public assets laws, Kenya has also violated its international obligations by not according investors for insance from UK the same benefit it has accorded Libyan investors.

Phil said...

Chris Said....

Our MPs – Prime Minister Raila Odinga included - and the media are only shedding crocodile tears to cover up their collective incompetence. Kenyans are being fooled. Where were the MPs, the James Orengos and the media when Kibaki was stealing public property? Which other public property are in the Mou which Kibaki committed himself to give away?

Chris, when Grand Regency was being sold - there was an official leader of opposition known as Uhuru Kenyatta - not Raila Odinga as you want readers to believe. Uhuru had by then decided to go to bed with the President and in the process abdicated his constitutional duties as the public watchdog. He was, as at the time of going for elections, shamelessly drawing huge salaries and allowances for the Leader of Opposition in parliament, while at the same time campaigning for the re-election of a criminal gang masquerading as government. This is is outright THEFT of public funds. (I will talk about his recent cock-up with nomination of councillors later).

I am VERY surprised you do not mention this pathetic individual in your post yet Uhuru was specifically and officially employed by the Kenyan public to watch-over such robberies!

Your otherwise excellent post is marred by the two last paragraphs by attempting to shift blame on grand corruption on the legislature. In that parliament there are committees and each of them has a role. Who were members of these committees and what did they do? Absolutely nothing! Hasn't Oloo Aringo been fighting to free the legislature from the executive for years?

Look at it from another angle. For instance Chris, the budget has been allocating billions of shillings for construction/repair of roads since independence and 50 years-on we simply have NO roads worth talking about. This theft is going on even as I type these lines and Kenyans continue to pay road maintenance levy tax. Similarly, the health budget where hospitals lack drugs yet (can you believe this!) drugs worth billions of shillings end-up being disposed after expiring at the KEMSA stores in Nairobi! Yet you have 'duly elected' president, 'a best performing' health minister, PS and under secretaries drawing millions of shillings in salaries and allowances each month from the exchequer for themselves, their wives, husbands, their boy/girlfriends and concubines!

Parliament has been in session through these years while all these unfortunate things are happening.

It is very unfair for you to trash Orengo's courageous whistle blowing efforts amidst intense pressure and threats not to go public with details of the deal from certain known 'Mr Clean' cabinet colleagues. Orengo has literary put his own life on the line Chris, at an open press conference. Surely, you can not equate this with exposing scandals incognito via the blogosphere, can you? Or would you rather Orengo died 'diplomatically' like Dr. Ouko?

I believe you know who runs government and how many back-door deals of this nature have been sealed over the years while parliament is completely unaware. Our laws and constitution vests powers on certain offices but there's one that is an alpha and omega, ie. above the law.

Additionally Chris, some MPs have called for a protest march today. How many of you blogosphere Kenyans will actually take time off from their air conditioned offices or comfortable homes to peacefully demonstrate in defence of the rights of this country? How many of you 'Kumekuchans' have the balls to face-off with barton wielding GSU officers, or brave through clouds of tear-gas and risk a night or two at the Central Police cells for a 'mere' grand regency hotel?

Let's be honest.

Kenyans = Hypocrites = Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

People when are you going to realise politicians are cut from the same cloth. None speak or stand for the truth.

Right now it is a battle of who is going to have a share of what. Kenyans get real to much DOMO and no pointless. We reaping what we sow. We are the ones to blame.

Kibaki was given campaign money by Libya he has to honour the deal.It is just business.

By the time these gova are finished they are going to be owning everything.....leave alone investors...kori

Anonymous said...

Chris, all Kibaki is doing is what he knows the best – development!

Kibaki has the best development record in the whole of Africa. The sale of Grand Regency may be shady and murky but Kibaki interest was focused on economic prosperity of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Well said Phil

Anonymous said...


This is the hardest hitting article you have written in many moons. You sound bitter, angry and your heart seems to bleed for the motherland and rightly so.

My take is that the president is as always burying his head in the sand hoping the 'storm in a tea cup' will go away as inflation bites and people get back to work to pay their bills.

The grapevine has it that Grand Regency was long snapped by Kibaki's 2nd wife, Mary Wambui Kibaki of the Artur brothers saga. In this horrendous scandal, Kibaki and his side kicks are as guilty as a sin for their incompetence and for deliberately misleading the parliament and Kenyans.

Kenyans are sick and tired of being used as doormats by this clique of aloof and inept old gits who ironically happen to come from the same tribe and region.

MPs must explain where they have been all along. I've said many times that most of our 'waheshimiwas' are just overpaid, self important, egocentric, good for nothing dimwits. The only thing they are good at is picking their noses and dozing off while in Bunge.

Kibaki, Kimunya and co should stop treating Kenyans like a bunch of wimps since some of them know they won't be seeking any re-election in 2012. Orengo, hoping he has the powers, should cancel the title deed that GR sits pretty on forthwith.

Thanks to majority of Kenyans from all shades of political spectrum for uniting in expressing their disgust in the manner which we are being conned by some not so honourable members of this Govt. We need a new broom to sweep the Treasury clean, nothing less.

M Pesa

Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks for trying to shed light on the genesis of this whole thing, although you are emotional trying to unfortunately drag other players into this whole thing mistakenly. I work in a large corporate body and believe you me, it is easy for these guys to work around anyone. I have witnessed a senior officer picking up a file taking, typing byself on something about it, taking it to another officer (in a folder, where two of them under closed doors, sign & countersign) and release it only for the general managers and directors to pick the issue up. Would you castigate these GMs & directors?

And Chris, now that you had to bring RAO's name there anticipating bashing and mudslinging of his name over this whole issue. I would tell you and others of your ilk that RAO is no tribalism absolutely.

Check on Daily Nation of Monday 30 June 2008 page 38 on Appointments. The following have been recruited in his office.

Principal Human Resource Management Officer (Job Group N)

Mt. Kenya Region:
1. Ms Anne Gathigia Mwaniki (F)
2. Mr. Simon Gitau Mwangi (M)
3. Ms Agnes Njeri Muthuo (F)
4. Mr. Gilbert Michira Matundura
5. Mr. David Ngatia Muraguri
6. Ms Jacinta Wanjiru Mwaniki
7. Mrs Caroline Wanjiku Mugwe
8. Mr. Edward Mundia Ngugi
9. Mrs. Agnes Muthoni Muchoki
10. Mr. Silas Mugambi Gitari
11. Mr. Benson Kibunja Giuthua
12. Mr. Dennis Kabuka Mirwoba
13. Mrs. Christine Nyambura Mathu
14. Mr. Paul Ndirima
15. Mr. Nahashon Kimamo Ndungu Thiongo

1. Mr. Samuel Michael Mang'ale (M)
2. Mr. Washington Timbe Makokha
3. Mr. Peter Kiplagat Koros
4. Mr. Emonde Tom Manogo
5. Mr. Aggrey Indiavo Ndagala

Over to you foul mouthed guys, awaiting for your uncalculated tirades.


Anonymous said...

It is getting more exciting...which are these five more projects that the Libyans have expressed an interest in...Tell us all. This man might just have sold us our birthright.

Chris don't condemn all of us ...We were all busy speculating about the contents of the MOU signed by Raila and the muslims that we didn't have time to start thinking about the deals that Kibaki signed with colonel Gaddafi.


Anonymous said...

if ANY benefits, concessions, favours are to be given to foreign investors they should automatically be given to Libyan investors without needing to be equally accorded because afterall what makes the Libyans so special-they are foreign investors as well aren't they?
So called MFN clauses are nothing but doublespeak&gobledegook and exactly the type of bureacractic redtape that allows loopholes for corruption to take place-if any concessions are to be EQUALLY ACCORDED the priority should be to the local Kenyan investor over the international investors

Anonymous said...

..meaning stealing should continue.

2)6% Growth
.... means: Grand corruption to make Kibaki 3billion, Kimunnyua 2billion, Prof Ndungu 2bill, Ringera 2 billion, etc richer p.a.. The whole Mt Kenya region will be 6% richer p.a.

3)A working nation
... means, if you can, steal during day time using your office. Otherwise rob at night. Be rich or die trying is the motto of Mt Kenya. No ethics, no morals when money is concerned.

This is why votes were stolen.


Thuku wa Kieni

Anonymous said...


You are right to say Kenyan journalists act like secretaries. Last night orengo said 3 directors signed the transfer for the purchasers. That is not true but the media did nothing to correct it. The page of the transfer in the Nation has only two directors for the purchasing company. The 3rd individual there is signing for CBK. And the Nation had to go to ECK to find his name. I hope they now know he works for CBK (legal director). Pathetic.

Phil, lets wait for what rao will say after his committtee meeting. As i said elsewhere i dont think you know much about what goes on in odm.

Anonymous said...

Moi used to apply clever methods to steal votes and rob tax payers (Although less educated than Kibaki).

It is the greed for money and power that is driving Kibaki into scandals of this magnitude.

If Kibaki can not disown Kimunya and sack him right away, then he is directly responsible for stealing.

Vote of no confidence should be prepared in parliament.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Mr Chris, the point is this, unless we overthrow the current constitution, we are doomed.

In our opinion, the current Kenyan constitution is the most useless we know of. Sample this:

(a) It opens with these words: Kenya is a sovereign state.

What an arrogant way of opening a constitution? If you look at progressive constitutions like the USA or South Africa, they start in a fundamentally different way.

The US starts: We the people of the...

The SA starts: We the people of South Africa ...

Thus, the opening of a constitution can tell you a lot about the founding fathers and the fate of that nation.

(b) After having such an arrogant start, chapter II, deals with the Executive. Thus, you can see we our priorities are upside down by just looking at the few lines of the current Kenyan constitution.

Why should the Executive come even before the Bill of Rights? Simply because, it is the Executive that matters and not Wanjiku. We need not table evidence to prove this.

(c) The other issue we ought to consider is this, on WHICH VALUES WAS KENYA founded? Simply put, we are a nation that has no SINGLE VALUE we know of.

It may seem trivial to many when we ask this. But, it is very important in developing a coherent jurisprudence by the Courts.

If you analyse the Indian, SA jurisprudence (after 1992) and USA, you will see how the founding principles and values, have enabled a development of a coherent jurisprudence.

In contrast, our Courts are an epitome of how not to dispense justice. Even Kimunya is afraid of them as he said a few days ago.

(d) Any president interested in fighting corruption, in our view, must do one thing. He or she, must enact a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT.

If Kibaki was really interested in fighting corruption, he would have passed such a law within few days of taking power. However, instead of doing this, he went ahead to have KACC. It was just a cruel joke, but, Kenyans bought it.

In a nut shell, without a new constitution, that entrenches the interests of Wanjiku and not interests of the Executive, no matter what people like Orengo and RA do, there is much they can do.

Sukuma Kenya said...

We have a habit of getting really obsessed with the petty crimes. Meanwhile, the budget is going to fly through and everybody will be squabbling with who gets what chair at the Regency. And also shame on all the civil societies who have used the Regency for the empty press conferences and workshops knowing all the time it is at the heart of stealing from the wananchi.

Anonymous said...

How did Kibaki steal the hotel from the Kenyans? Technically, it didnt even belong to Kenyans, it was merely in our custody, just because Kamlesh was bankrupt doesnt mean they proved that it belonged to us because it was bought with taxpayers money. Kibaki lied to us in broad daylight, but stealing it? Thats another story all together an one which you have not really explained here Chris.

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi runs Africa - FACT! Dont be surprised at these deals, you complain about some Grand Theft of Grand Regency, no one even bothers to look at this from a trade perspective, political perspective or even a business perspective. That hotel, as was known in some circles, was very run down, and in huge debt, probably why the price tag was so low as well. Obviously the way in which they hid the deal was ilegitimate, but what do people want instead? If it wasnt sold to the libyans, it would have been still corruptly handled in Kenya.

Marianne Briner said...

Phil - excellent reply - thanks for the clarifications.

You are right also on the point that this is not a single case. Only difference is that now we finally get to know details and can openly discuss them which was not possible in the past.

You mentioned the roads: My company BAK had already arranged the financing and the companies to carry out with soft loan financing (i.e. 10 years grace period to pay back with 0 interest rates) for roads like Limuru-Naivasha, Eldoret-Kisumu, and more. Everything blocked by Biwott who was not satisfied with the 'commission' and also tried to impose his 'own' company into the deal.

I had organized the financing for water projects like Greater Nakuru and Mzima Springs bringing clean water also to Nairobi - again on soft-loan basis. My official Mandate from the Kenyan Government also included the Kaijado-Machakos Water Project - and this was the reason why none of these three projects went through: Prof. Saitoti agreed with Biwott to 'divert' money given by the Italian Government for a Forestation Project as well as selling Rice which Italy had given for famine areas. Saitoti was at that time a nominated MP and needed to be elected and to establish his reputation, he therefore changed the name Kaijado-Machakos to Nol-Turesh, and used the money given by Italy to illegally finance this water project. I informed friends of mine and they brought this case before the Italian Parliament where Prof. Saitoti together with Biwott were then accused of illegal funding and cheating. Result: Kenya lost its preferential status for financing.

I had also been able to get leading international companies to upgrade the Kenyatta Hospital and manage it and also signed agreements with pharmaceutical companies like Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy, Pfizer, Ares-Serono to get drugs under special conditions and even convinced them to give free supplies worth millions of dollars for HIV-treatment.

Again I ended up in confrontations with Biwott and in this case especially with Saitoti (who was at that time Minister for Health). What angered him was the fact that I wanted to give these free drugs directly to some Hospitals and other Institutions and not to his Ministry. He insisted that he was the one deciding if these drugs could be given free or should be sold... I smelt the 'rat' - especially since I had been informed that already some other drugs given free in the past had ended up being sold via some outlets Biwott's white wife was running. When I stood my ground, I was then told by Saitoti 'Kenya does not need these drugs, nor your assistance for the Kenyatta Hospital' -

The same happened when I went to Kenya with some big Groups and we discussed the building of low- and medium rent housing (a.o. for Kibera). My companies had even raised funds outside the official financing sources (altogether we had 300 Million $). We had meetings with the National Construction and National Housing Companies. And again failed to come to an agreement because we were not willing to fulfill their 'commission' demands which as usual were coming to a total of abt. 60 percent of the total contract value (to be shared between Moi, Biwott, Kiptanui, Finance and the respective Ministers).

The same happened to other projects for which Kenya had asked my intervention like Kenya Meat Commission and Uplands Pig Factory. I had the companies and the financing but Biwott and the other crooks preferred to have these projects collapse because they were not satisfied with what was in for themselves.

I could go on and on (Fish Filetting Factory at Lake Victoria, new Cement Factory near Kisumu, Rehabilitation of the Textile Industry, new Sugar Factory and Rehabilitation of existing ones etc. etc. not to mention the infamous Molasses Plant).

Although I had received for all these projects official Mandates by the Kenyan Government (signed by the respective Ministers with Parliament and Attorney-General approval) which authorized me to discuss the financing on Government level and select reputable international companies to execute the projects - I failed. I never finished one project.

The reasons are given above: I was dealing with crooks who were only interested to fill their own pockets - and already at that time to finance Election Campaigns.

But I had set up the rule that I would never allow such a cheating. I had made this very clear also to the Companies and Governments I was dealing with and even incorporated this into the Agreements I signed with them.

So when I was asked to leave Kenya (in March 1989 when my Director, Domenico Airaghi was expelled on Biwott's request), also all the companies decided to step out. Two of them had already set up offices in Nairobi which they closed down and called back their personnel.

None of them has ever gone back to Kenya since. And most of the projects I was involved with (Roads, Water, Housing, KMC etc. etc.) have either never been done or have collapsed.

I thought, it was necessary to say all this especially now. This Grand Regency Case has brought back all these bad memories and I have realized that not much has changed. Especially since some of the crooks mentioned above are either still in active politics or pull the strings from behind.

So am I surprised about this Grand Regency Case? No - and the agreement with Gaddafi reminds me of similar ones signed by Biwott and Saitoti (as Minister for Finance) with the French Government represented by the son of the PM Mitterand for some White Elephants like the Eldoret Airport, Cement Factory in Rift Valley and Kiambere. Together with the private building of some Hotels at the Coast, not to forget the YaYa Center......... at least Mitterands's son Christoph ended up in court and even served some time in jail for these illegal deals for which he was given the nickname 'Monsieur Afrique'.

So now it is Gaddafi ...... who by the way already tried to enter the lucrative tourist sector when he offered to buy the Hotel Kilimanjaro in Dar-es-Salaam. But the Tanzanian Government decided to sell it to an experienced Group even though the Libyans offered more money...


Anonymous said...

Yes KIBAKI the duly elected president is definately the chief architect of this shameless scam. Its no wonder the elections had to be rigged! Am waiting with bated breath for the cabinet sub-comittee later today. RAILA has no option other than to recommend not only the sacking but also prosecution of Kimunya and his ilk! Hey, has anyone noticed the deafening silence by KALOOZER?

Taabu said...

Nice post but I hope you have heart the latest Bongo Flava song BINTI KIZIWI. The ears are pluged by DECEPTION wool and I fear for your throat bro.

Smart move this one by Emillio. Come to think of it two birds DEAD with no stone throne. Now the amnesty ghost has been shelved as the duly elected HE commisions next face of the MOU in Cairo in the sidelines of the AU summit. We haven't seen anything yet.

The had working prezzo is busy buidling tghe nation and giving GNU tips to comrade Mugabe. Kituyi cannot believe his ears and eyes. Now you see why TRADE ministry had to go to the right hands. NA BADO.

Anonymous said...

Phil hold on. You are being too hard on Chris. I like the way Chris has put his script. And I totally agree with him. The media, parliament and especially RAO are entirely to blame. Phil, hebu are you trying to tell me that RAO in particular did not know abt this thing? Kwani where did the intelligence go? Another thing, you being a reader of this blog must have read this story when it was first published here. Are you telling us that RAO was not aware of this? Why is he running to act now? And what will he do anyway? He's toothless. I have always said this all along; RAO (& ODM for that matter) is just a passenger in this thing called GCG! As somebody put it here, this whole deal is beyond Kimunya and only Kibaki and Raila can tell us what's going on. Raila MIGHT not have been involved, but he, to me, was negligent.

Phil, I am an ODMer and I am proud of that. But Raila has really disappointed me starting from the day he signed those shit papers. Just answer me on this and I will keep quiet;
"Even a small boy can tell you that Kibaki is in this thing, big time. Kimunya is just a sacrificial lamb. Assume that Kimunya is found guilty (by whatever institution is going to investigate him), what can Raila do? Can he fire Kimunya? Since Kibaki is the patron of this thing, can he fire Kimunya? What will Raila do once he "finds out" that Kibaki is involved?"

Phil answer those and I will "kimya"!

Always Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP.

Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...


I think it is hypocritical for you to come and wax lyrical about how Uhuru was the person paid to be the watchdog, that it his failure/complicity that led to GR being sold off...Blah blah blah.. while at the same time abdicating complicity of the ODM top brass. The argument advanced by Chris is simple: The media and ALL MP's as at June 2007 have failed us.

I believe it is high time we shed 'political courtesy' and state things as they are: What business does RAO have in Government if at all he is committed to the war on corruption?? What a way to send a message to The Baks other than to disengage from the coalition government as a sign and a committment to the Kenyan people that truly ODM stands for an end to impunity??

Simply put, ODM should disengage from the coalition, failure to which is tatamount to complicity.

Anonymous said...


Point noted that MPs do not seem to pay enough attention to the dealings of the executive and appear to react and do too little too late. I however still think that under the circumstances ODM MPs were forced to realign to reposition themselves for 2007-2012 and there was really nothing more that could be done then just as it is now with all powers vested in the presidency. and whats more, civil servants and many others dread going against the higher ups.

but some of the stranger stories,

1) this was done under ministry of trade then under Kituyi who has denied any such dealings (probably refereing to the GR scam specifically) or else he too was too dumb and hoodwinked by the fat cats into deals that he had no clue their implications. this wouldnt be surprising as Moody Awori allowed the very same to happen under his watch. these guys are just not serious enough for the business of running the nation and safeguarding the interests of mwananchi

2) the performance evaluation lists ministry of trade as the worst performer i think during that period can t quite find the relevant document

3)UK of dubious councillor nominations fiasco who had earlier on abandoned his role as chief govt critic (opposition leader) is now heading ministry of trade.

our country has gone to the dogs. Some of these actions are irreversible and we are going for neo-colonisation where our country is going to be sold to the "highest" low bidder be it drug lords, despots or any other that has the right connection. If the Artur brothers arrogance was anything to go by, and the takeover of GR, we should not expect anything else but the status door mats. Thats how low our dignity will be thanks to the executive.


Anonymous said...

haya wakenya pamoja...katika jina la baba la mwana na la roho mtakatifu....RRRRIISWAAA.....pepo mbaya.....RRRIISWAAA.....roho ya wizi.....RRRIISWAAA....

Marianne Briner said...

There is another angle in this whole saga which seems to be forgotten:

Until only a short time ago, Gaddafi was regarded as a Terrorist Leader, boycotted and dishonoured. Until he found the solution: money. So he bought himself back into the international arena with some Billion Dollars which he paid for the lifes of those who had been killed in his terrorist attacks.

And he became again a respected man whose company is sought by everybody, even running to Tripolis if necessary. I am not speaking here of the Kenyan Government Officials, but of the German, French, Italian, British and American Leaders who all met him during the last months......

Why? Because he has money and a lot of lucrative businesses to offer.

Who cares anymore about his terrorist activities which started long before Bin Laden and Al Quaida even existed. By the way, he even gave the idea to all of them and never condemned them either.

But Gaddafi is clever. He knows, money rules the world and money can buy whatever one wants. In his case it is the recognition as a respected leader and the assurance that his son can take over if this becomes necessary.

He knows, he cannot expect too much - but becoming an African Leader, that's within reach. Especially when one has all the resources he has. Africa and Africans need him. That's a fact. And more so since he will never attach some 'stupid' conditions to his investment like respecting human rights, fair elections, erasing corruption etc. -

That's why he has a chance also in Kenya. Like Muite said, we haven't seen anything yet. Gaddafi is interested in much more than only this Hotel and the Kenyan Government and Kibaki better keep their promises to him. He definitely is not a man to play with.


Knoppix!® said...

Well well,i have no words about this issue but as i said before there were issues that were not yet done and Grand Theft Ooops regency was one of them,and now that they are almost done,aint it time we went for election?

I think this is the best time to sort out this mess in the name of Kimunya and Cohorts!

Kenyan Revelations said...

It is a shame how these guys belittle the Kenyan mind. It is worse how they think they can keep bleeding the leech to fatten the heifer! It is a disgrace that they think they can take up Kenya and squeeze it into the pocket, and not a whimper from us.

That "fake" Libyan Director Kennedy Kaunda Abuga is a legal officer at the CBK, working under Ndung'u. He is from Kisii and used to be at Co-Op Merchant Bank. Guess why he was used.

Anonymous said...

Chris needless to be so disillutioned. Not all kenyans have given up and luckily enough otherwise we would have no place to call home. Atleast we still have men like orengo who can speak out to protect public utilities from this blatant looting crasy thugs.
I think the odm gang could have been aware of the whole plot and like all normal polititians they waited till the kibaki thugs reach a point of no return before blowing the whistle. All this can be negative as well as positive. Odm gets some political milage but we save that haunted hotel thats grand regency.

Anonymous said...

Is this some sick joke? 7 hrs and still replies have not been activated. Wake up Chrisso OTHERWISE KUMEKUCHA WILL BE DEAD IN THE WATER!!

Anonymous said...

Chris in your research, you failed to find out exactly what the "receivership" managers were doing. Find out how they were "puppets" to someone and how they all collude and you will get your answer right there.

Shaddy said...

If only somebody had paid attention when Chris broke this story back in May, maybe something could have been done. But we didn't believe, did we? Now, if the following are not achieved, our noise will have been in vain.

1. Kimunya must resign.
2. The hotel must be returned to the ownership of Kenyans.
3. The adjoining land, which was sold under cloudy circumstances, must also be returned.

If we don't force the government to do these three things, all the protests will amount to an exercise in futility. And that's why our leaders can always say...Mta do?

But lest we forget, place this sordid scheme right where it Kibaki's soiled feet. What a sleazy character!

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Forgive me; I don’t understand this Grand Regency saga that much. And I don’t wish to understand it any further other than what I have read it here for the last 4 days.

But one thing I would like to ask you is, how did Kibaki stole the election? Not a single person here has come up with the facts on how Kibaki stole the election. I think you owe us an explanation of how you and your ilk concluded that kibaki stole the vote. We would like to know how so we can condemn him here together. Yesterday I challenge Phil to publish the truth about how Kibaki stole the election but he went quiet.

Mwangi said...

Well well my boy Chris... what are you gonna do? As far as truth and fact go, yours is an article that is as close as could be. Many people are gonna read it, then whistle, sleep, and look for new 'news' tomorrow. Nobody is gonna remember this.

Kenyans have very short memories. Kenyatta got away with every crime you can imagine, Moi laughs all the way to the bank each day, and Kibaki will complete his term with his bank accounts bursting at the hem, if I may say so. What will you or any other Kenyan do with the truth? Shout? And then what?NOTHING!

Ni Kibaki tena! Kazi iendelee!!!
Raila will never, ever occupy State House. Read my lips.

Anonymous said...

kibaki stole nothing. there has never been an hotel in Kenya called grand regency. this are all opposition lies to discredit our God-given leader. what we need is to start demonstrations to have the constitution changed so that we can give kibaki another term.

Kibaki tena na tena na tena! MtaDO?

rAILA Mjinga

Anonymous said...

If our MPs and civilians like you and me would also take to the streets for the cause of our IDPs, then we'd be seeing priorities placed in the right order. Is the plight of those homeless Kenyans so trivial to us compared to GR? If the GNU can't solve the issue of IDPs, how can we expect it to solve this GR saga and other sagas to come? I fear next year this time,many IDPs will still not have been resettled.

Anonymous said...


anon3:48 AM

Look at your facts correctly!! Eldoret airport was build by SNC Lavalin a Canadian company through a tender process which they won( if the tender was fairly done who knows) it was not a French company- while we are at it since you seem to think you know all the deals that happened in Kenya during Moi's time!! then I would prefer you state facts!! thanks.....

Anonymous said...

Now the Libyans are killing people in the Grand Regency saga?? why a dead Asian?? is he one of the Asains that had put down a bid for the hotel too??

Death at Grand Regency Hotel

And in a bizarre incident, a businessman was Saturday found dead at the troubled Grand Regency Hotel.

The man allegedly died within the hotel last night but the management declined to speak to the press.

According to reliable sources, the man is of Asian origin and a proprietor of a leading hotel.

Police officers who arrived at the scene also did not speak with the press.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon 7:50 might just be having nightmares...Wake up


Anonymous said...

You are on fire men!!.. wooow!

concerned Kenyan said...

The "GRAND COALITION GOVERNMENT PACT" is nothing but a hoax. This hoax has created a very big power vacuum in which the thieves who were calling the shots prior to December 27, 2007 are still on the wheels. These people were running the show and have the keys where everything is located.

ODM, as a party, does not have a clue as to what is going on because their members are and were not holding any powerful positions prior to 12/27/07 the elections. If this Grand coaltion was authentic, there could have been "Rules of Engagement" spelling out how the new coalition must proceed with governing! The sale of Kenya's assets by anybody should have been frozen by the rules of engagement. Mr Kumunya or anybody else cannot have the power to dispose of anything public or private until proper ownership is established. PERIOD. Kenya's properties cannot be sold without authority from the coalition partners!!!!!!!

Deceitful people, thieves or scam artists know how to use a power vacuum like the one existing Kenya right now. They know how to make the preys calm. Already, Odinga's attention is diverted to political turmoil in Zimbabwe, which I believe, should not be his immediate concern due to dire situation in Kenya right now. During this critical power vacuum in Kenya
(1) land grabs
(2) property transfers
(3) infrastructure sales
(4) looting of the poor people by cellphone companies and banks
(5) accidental political assassinations
are in full swing.

Mr. Orengo, if he is not careful, will find his forged sinatures in some of the questionable deals currently being hatched out by Kimunya with the blessing of Mwai Kibaki and Orengo will be blamed for everything. By the time ODM realizes its neck is on the noose it cannot get out of, it will have no power to talk about. This is because its members are asleep at the wheels while Kenya is being cleaned of all its resources by both foreign and local vultures. These are the people who hatched the "power sharing hoax"!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

kenyans this is too much what the hell are this government officials playing at?? they should all be sacked
1.Muthaura- public service
2.AmosKimunya- finance
3.Prof: Njuguna Ndungu- Governor of Kenya

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi- former trade minister= denies the Libya deal sale of grand regency?? he says cancel the deal- what type of thugs do we have in government??

Raila Mzuri said...

Raila Mjinga at Anon 7.50

What we need in Kenya is a new brand of leadership that has interest for the common mwananchi. The current govt both PNU and ODM belong to a different generation that is interested only in themselves.
The sad reality is most of those who could be suitable to lead our nation, went to study abroad but they never returned back. Yes, those people who have studied and lived in the west have different kind of mindset than our current leaders.
Africa has been in a leadership crisis for many centuries. The nature of the problems keeps changing, but the crisis has been the most constant of all occurrences on the continent including Kenya. Neither Kibaki nor Raila, Uhuru, Ruto or anyone in the current govt can change our predicaments.
We need to stop looking up to these politicians like gods and start looking for a new leadership right now.

Anonymous said...

anon7:50 AM

If this is the kibaki leadership you are singing about then he should not be in kamiti- but he should be hanged for all the crimes against innocent kenyans plus looting the country dry with his kikuyu mafai cronies!!kibaki jinga sana- kichwa ina mende!!

a thieve is always a thieve- not only grand regency but kenyans should demand to know all the other deals kibaki which kibaki signed out all their heritage!! kibaki mpumbavu sana- how dare he sells my children's future and heritage!!

Marianne Briner said...

Anon 7:59 AM - Eldoret Airport was built with the money the French gave - even if it was then constructed by a Canadian Group as you claim. The Main Contractor was the same compàny which then built Kiambere Dam, Spie Battignol. Eldoret Airport was called in certain circles 'Moi Airport' because he wanted to have a place to fly in and out of Kenya without having to pass Nairobi and the attention this was causing.

I do not claim to know 'everything' - I can only speak about the projects I was involved with and where I can prove what I say with written documents.

People like Kimayo arap Sego, Cyrus Jirongo, Paul Muite as well as Raila Odinga and James Orengo know that what I am talking about is the truth - a sad truth, but still the truth.


Anonymous said...

I am deeply ashamed to call myself a Kenyan. Where is the sense of pride, dignity, integrity and and belief in the greater good? Guess this is just but a foreign concept to these bunch of thieves masquarading as PUBLIC servants.

Why do we even bother swearing these guys in holding the BIBLE/KORAN whatever it may be promising to serve, protect and honor the constitution and people?

Anonymous said...

Grand REgency in 1997 was valued at over 2.1-B kshs

Hehehehe. Much like the Election Rigging, Kikuyu does not know how to steal and not be caught.

Hehehehe. No wonder Kikuyus can do well in Kenya. Not outside. Coz its very hard to steal.

Grand Regency to Undergo Valuation

The Nation (Nairobi)
25 April 2008
Posted to the web 25 April 2008
By Muna Wahome

Central Bank of Kenya has hired valuers to give it an up to date valuation of the controversial Grand Regency hotel before it is sold.

The bank's governor, Prof Njuguna Ndung'u said in a statement on Wednesday that its value was Sh2.1 billion in 1997. He said Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) had engaged two independent valuers, and when the bank charged the property in 1993, to recover Sh2.5 billion owed it by the proprietors.

While accusing unnamed forces that have allegedly benefited from the legal confusion surrounding the hotel for the incorrect reports, he also confirmed that CBK will move quickly to sell the hotel, now under the steerage of a reputable consultancy, to comply with the law. To safeguard interests of the 400 employees, the hotel unit will be sold as a going concern.

"The mandate of CBK does not extend to the running of any commercial business and hence CBK must move and dispose of the hotel at earliest opportunity," he said. Controversy For the record, CBK was compelled to surrender Times Tower to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) - who ceded Forodha House to the Judiciary in return - past decade as it emerged that they could not own commercial property. Controversy has followed in the wake of earlier handing over of the hotel by Mr Kamlesh Pattni to the CBK and Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC).

On Tuesday, Attorney General Amos Wako said he was not party to the purported plea bargaining-style deal that would see Mr Pattni let off the hook over corruption charges revolving around Goldenberg. The governor is emphatic that the handing over was without conditions and notes that the bank does not have the legal leverage to grant amnesty to Mr Pattni.

He says that is the jurisdiction of the Attorney General and KACC, whose director, Aaron Ringera has confirmed the transfer by Mr Pattni through a court consent. Grand Regency was built using the Goldenberg money belonging to CBK.

Copyright © 2008 The Nation. All rights reserved. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media (

Anonymous said...

Why is this Kikuyu Lady and her two kids refusing to go back to the Kikuyu Heaven aka Central???

Kenyan lady, two children violently removed from UK

Story by misterseed


A Kenyan lady with her two children were violently removed from the UK on Monday 23rd June, 2008. According to the lady who now in Kenya she was injected a drug and fell asleep and by the time she recovered she found herself handcuffed minutes before arriving in Kenya. Her two children, 3 and 1 years were crying as they witnessed how their mum was being mistreated. Mrs. Esther Njeri Mbugua and her two children who were living in Bedford, UK were deported from the UK on Monday morning with British Airways 10 a.m. flight to Nairobi from Heathrow Airport. The lady was accompanied by a Psychiatrist and a doctor to Nairobi. UK immigration sent a word to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that a violent person will be arriving in Nairobi with BA on Monday night and there was tight security at the time of arrival to the surprise of the security that it was just a lady with her two children. When the Kenya High Commission in London was contacted whether they aware of the case the spokesman for the commission said that they were not aware but requested for the particulars of the victim.

Anonymous said...

Could someone a little more enlightened (Mwarang'ethe, Waweru and any other more versed with the legalese and/or parliamentary matters)

Not to sidetrack but there are other issues that also need as much attention as this Grand Regency scam. I do not understand the suspension of debate on Kimunya's (Finance) motions because not debating them from what we've witnessed so far does not mean they do not get to pass through but rather will instead pass through wholesome with no further debate. We need a little more clarity about whats going on in that house

Certainly Grand Regency is a large enough cause for concern, but there are other even larger issues as well. Could we have some more visibility and the MPs paying attention to each and every concern and not all running after a little rabbit like a pack of hungry wolves just because the public is showing more interest. THere are a lot of underhand dealings and mischievious issues that all need to be given equal attnetion and addressed, some of larger magnitude than the 3B GR scam.

ABout the GR scam i dont get why Oduru Odinga (Asst Minister) is quiet on this, was he not aware of what is going on, can he not provide details of what is now coming out to the fore? Not to raise smokescreens or cast aspersions, but the whole purpose of Grand Coalition with different party members in ministries was i beleive for oversight, let all those ODM assistant ministers start to pay more attention and not just sit back and remain invisible. Like many have said before, we (ODM supporters) have raised the bar and expect a lot more from our MPs in whatever capacity.


Anonymous said...

In your last paragraph you say "The only MPs who can somehow escape blame are the new ones who were voted in during last year’s General Election" , well news flash , orengo falls in this category yet you bundle him with the rest and this guy was the one who removed the lid and risked his status by revealing a state secret, try and be fair ohh almighty chric

Anonymous said...

anon 12:29

whatever label we have for those people internally to the outside world they are kenyan like you and I, we cannot duck the mud thrown our way, their shame is ours just as their success is ours. We need to fast-track our success stories to overshadow these types


Anonymous said...

You are great at exposing scandals and at news scoops, BUT as for news analysis your emotion tends to get the best of you.

Still I am hooked to your site and tirade however misguided - as this is.

Anonymous said...

Kwani? Let people do what they are good at. ODM shines when it comes to killing and raping children. PNU shines in theft and corruption.

We all have our niches.

DM-Nairobi said...


Dont' you people ever get sick and tired of ranting and raving against the irredeemably corrupt ruling classes of Kenya?


Start discussing something progressive here such as an ARMED REVOLUTION.
Its the only way out for Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

@1:12 am--right on! But the revolution need not be armed and bloody. Those wierd 'grand opposition' MPs have started something that is well worth following on. Minus Jirongo, of course.

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