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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Grand Sale that Never Was

The madness and falsehood about the sale of Grand Regency Hotel must stop now that none other than KACC director Aaron Ringera has clarified that he DUTIFULLY advised CBK governor to do what was legally right. No sane Kenyan can fault JUSTICE RINGERA given his impeccable record of being the dragon slayer. Let the uninitiated know that we owe OUR CLEAN judiciary to Ringera’s RADICAL SURGERY in the bench, an exercise which left many appellate judges fighting losing battles for reinstatement.

Anybody doubting Ringera’s resolve and astuteness must have his head examined. Give it to the guy he surely earns his Ksh. 2.5m per month pay check. Justice Ringera and his dedicated team of corruption busters epitomize the ingredients of a working nation. When Githogo tried making mirages look like true reflections it was Ringera who told him nothing but the truth lest he joins the long list to ungrateful Kenyans who think with their mouths. What truer friend could one ask for? Now see, Githogo is suffocating from British gales and winter after disregarding Ringera’s wise counsel to go slow - asiyesikia la mkuu!.

Justice Ringera knows his appointing authority who he serves with ZEAL and unquestionable loyalty. He works for results and thanks to him he succeeded in repossessing the pricey Grand Regency by persuading one Kamlesh Pattni to play ball. For the records Moi took over a decade to unsuccessfully get that deal done. Contrast that with Ringera’s reign where in less than three years Kenya has not only EXORCISED Goldenberg’s ghost but also summarily and effectively declared the phantom Anglo Leasing a deal that NEVER WAS. We must appreciate true unique skills when we see the results they produce. What is more, Justice Ringera made it clear during Grand Regency's handing over ceremony that the repossession feat was not only historic but also a huge leap forward in fight against GRAND CORRUPTION. And should the heat become unbearable the funds can be anonymously be WIRED back. We have a rich history to fall back on.

Disruptive propaganda
Every patriotic Kenyan must help in speedily bringing to a halt the prevailing and DISRUPTIVE mad season of finger pointing and buck passing. The so-called sale of Grand Regency was a sale THAT NEVER WAS. Basic logic would point you to proceeds from a sale BUT in this case there is none. And why would a WORKING Government engage in business in the first place? All the noise and propaganda will only succeed in DERAILING our path to economic growth. Kenyans are so much used to low expectations so much so that when Kibaki engages on GRAND missions to expand our economy most of us are left whining and concentrating on sideshows.

While the world is faced with grim economic recession, Kenyans will soon supplicate at the feet of far sighted HE Kibaki when cheap oil starts flowing from Kenya pumps thanks to Libya. Well, lesser leaders like Botswana’s VP Mompati Merfahe can preoccupy themselves with trivia in condemning DULY ELECTED Mugabe just like other bridesmaids join the chorus to seek cheap political attention outside a club they don’t belong. The truth is Zimbabwe is not Kenya and we have our own unique strength to withstand and re-emerge from RAPE of an already WILLING NATION. Kazi indelee.


Anonymous said...

You really amaze me with ur shallow reasoning.Aint gonna explain it to you,just read ur own post sobberly and u will realize what am sayin'.By the way,what do u use for thinkin?Ur head or some other thing?Dragon slayer???The guy is overpaid so that he keeps his mouth shut while the public coffers are being emptied,that in itself is corruption.i think u should write this to Zimbabweans maybe they will buy it...i just dont.


Abass said...

Taabu, that was absolutely hilarious! Gotta be the post of the year! You made my day, thanks :-)

Abass said...

Llyod relax. The post is only meant to be a satire.

Anonymous said...

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Then Orange East Africa based in South Africa(own 51%) of Telecoms Kenya)-
Kenyans were really duped- guess who owns Orange East Africa?? Ask Kimunya, Muthuria- governor of central bank and a few PNU cronies?? Why are Kenyans asleep??

Follow this Link and read the Alcazar Capital Limited May 2008- financial statement posted
Why are Kenyan MP’s confused?? All the paper trail is out there on who owns majority Telecom shares(Kenyans own them)

Anonymous said...

Ya, Loyd take it easy, its quite funny only that its very sad indeed.

pick out the key phrases

"impeccable dragon slayer record"

"clean judiciary, radical surgery"

"unquestionable loyalty to appointing authority"

oh my, and so many others

poa bro, taabu at his best, in this piece he makes a commendable effort to look at an amazing putrid mound of rubbish from the proud eye of its owner/producer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks pal. Wewe ni taabu sana. This type of writing is called reverse psycholgy. Write what you don't mean. Only a few pwoplw will understand it.
Thanks though for the satire and sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:44


Anonymous said...

could someone publish the link to political parties act

the opening statement in this article is frightening

Vikii said...

Let the minister carry his own cross. He swore loyalty to the Kenyan people. Now selling government property in a backstreet bar (Casks)is not the kind of loyalty we expected. I agree with Jakoyo Midiwo (unfortunately) that Kimunya is becoming a Mugabe reincarnate.

How about trashing the whole KACC? Do we need it? We can avoid this duplication of roles (AG, Justice Minister and KACC) and save ourselves the trauma of having to pay hefty salaries to the commissioners for LYING to us.

papa plus said...

Yes, this is the grand sale that never was. No, really, it never happened. What dinosors? Ice age? believe me; never happened!

And I can bet my last dollar or shilling that Kibaki will show leadership just as he always has.

As soon as he alights from Kenya 1 plane from his meeting, he will issue pronouncements to the right people right there on the tarmack of JKIA and things will start happening.

Ministers and police top brass will stand to attention when mzee directs them from the podium, to arrest so and so, and change the locks at Grand Regency and cut 30 million keys to hand over to all Kenyan wananchi becuase hoteli ni yao!

I can not wait for Kibaki to start kicking ass and taking names! This I must tell you!

Anonymous said...

Taabu a.k.a George Orwell, whereas I appreciate ur so called 'new' style of writing, please take note of the following.
1. Its now getting repetitive and boring. Uve basically been saying the same things over and over in ur last 3 posts
2. Apparently majority of those reading this blog cant get what u mean thanks to their 7yr old's 'concrete' thinking. Ur not communicating dude, so whats the point??
3. Be versatile. Sartire is only ONE style of writing. DONT suffocate us.
4. All in all, I give u 8 out of 10 for innovation.

Anonymous said...

Papa Plus i agree that Kibs will stand to be counted this time round....LOL


Knoppix!® said...

Again someone doesn't get this kind of writing.

Anon 9:21 you cant suffocate with satire if the topic keeps changing and if you are literal savvy Clay Muganda has been using it since i switched beer brands!

On the othe hand one thing keeps coming up,which is why RAO hasn't spoken about all this.Firstly i remember when this guys were warming up with the GNU rubbish,they went to the school of Monetary studies and in one of RAO's rants he said as cabinet they should not tear into each other in public or through the press but instead use phones and or visits to each others offices.If you have your mind you understand what that meant for Kenya.

Secondly,its clear Kibaki Inc knew about all this rubbish and if RAO tore into him,you can very well remember IDPs and the implications it could have for the lame GNU.If the ODM wing started shouting now then we definetly have no government.

Finally Vikii you are right we no longer KACC,if the best it does is chase chicken thieves and ignore elephant poachers!We dont need it!

Besides i need to repeat this,since as it appears this was part of Kazi iendelee - remember Kibaki Inc saying somewhere,"Wacha Tumalize Kazi Tuliyoianza" - and now that its almost done,we need to go into an election like yesterday!

Good day folks.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, Ringera has actually introduced an interesting angle: that he had advised the governor to ensure the law was followed. From the information we have, the law was probably followed. The property belonged to UHDL and was charged to CBK. The charge document contains, among others, power by CBK to sell the property either by public auction or private treaty. CBK appears to have elected to sell by private treaty. So in terms of legalities, the sale is ok. We can only debate the issue of value and i think this is what the wako committee is looking into. We are told the value in 1997 was 2.1b. Ringera says it is today about 3b. Other lawyers out there, please comment.

Muindi, Nairobi

Anonymous said...

Muindi I've re-read that script a gazillion times and am glad you raise it hear

"Ringera advised governor to ensure law is followed"

two things

first was that verbal which therefore = inconsequential or written

second, if written, what was the exact text and content or was it loosely defined as you state meaning sell for a song as along as you have adequate paper trail to cover your a..

from whichever view if any of the above then we still have a prob with that,

now if the wording of a written communique is like,

.. having expended xBillion resources in chasing after and recovery + x billion property value + x billion future value, we feel that in this sale a provisional amount of y billion will adequately satisfy the requirement to dispose of this asset else ...

Anonymous said...

In French they say..."Avec beaucoup de patience on peut cuire même une pierre!"
Kenyans are waiting to see how this one will play out,however long it takes,we are not in a hurry, we will get the truth!

Kwale said...

Taabu, are you in a trance? You sound like a man who had received a 'road to Damascus conversion'. Keep it up and I will never quarrel with you again.

Taabu said...

@Anon 9.21,
I am glad you are not among the majority who in your considered opinon can't understand the post. You must be among the few genius Kenyans to have te capacity to e-evaluate readers. BTW when and where did you acquire the skills?

Anonymous said...


I think you are the daftest person I have come across. Do you really understand forms of writing?


Anonymous said...


Well said. On the issue below:

Firstly i remember when this guys were warming up with the GNU rubbish,they went to the school of Monetary studies and in one of RAO's rants he said as cabinet they should not tear into each other in public or through the press but instead use phones and or visits to each others offices.

You must realise that when we agree to work together under mutual respect, it is not a qualification for you to now lie to me blatantly and go around behind my back and disrespectfully use my juniors to do your work behind my back.

Kimunya lied to his fellow cabinet, to the country through TV footages. Secondly, remember Orengo had internally issued instructions that the Ministry of land should not process transfers without his authority. This was to start enquiry on something that was aready suspect. But Kimunya still muscled some junior staff in the Ministry of Lands. What did you expect him to do? Smile and call and visit him and shake his hand saying "Ahsante Waziri kwa madharao...???

We are dealing with human beings here and mutual respect is highly expected.


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