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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is this a coalition government or are these two separate governments?

It's now six months since the events of December 2007 made necessary the formation of a coalition government. In that time, a lot has happened that makes it necessary for us to wonder whether Kenya's is truly a coalition government or two separate and unequal governments.

Here are the pertinent issues.

1. After the elections, it was my understanding, and that of most Kenyans, that one of the most critical issues that faced the nation was the restructuring of the Electoral Commission of Kenya. There was a man called Samuel Kivuitu who had disgraced himself so irreparably that the only redemptive way out for him was to resign, then be charged with aiding and abetting fraudulence in an election. As things stand, this matter seems to have effectively been shelved by the Kibaki side of the government. What I have to wonder agreeing to participate in the by-elections recently held, was the ODM side saying Kivuitu is just fine? Is reforming this discredited body still a priority, or must Kenyans wait till we are close to another election before our perpetually shortsighted politicians sense that this matter could lead to another meltdown?

2. The matter of the constitution was supposed to be a top priority. Indeed, it was the understanding of Kenyans that the government was going to move with speed to address the many issues our constitution fell short on. Land Policy. Distribution of resources. Gender equality. Religious freedom. Six months later, what we've witnessed is the PNU side, led by Amos Kimunya, reading a budget that failed to allocate any funds for this critical exercise. The question again is...what's the ODM storyline here? Are we waiting for 2011 to start scrambling? It will be the biggest failure of leadership if the PNU side hoodwinks us and successfully sends Kenya to another election under the unrepresentative constitution.

3. The IDPs were supposed to have been settled by now. What in the world are our brothers and sisters still doing in the cold and the unforgiving rains of the season? Where is the money that was allocated for the exercise of settling these folks, and why can't the exercise be commenced and done with the competence and compassion it deserves? Six months later? Shame on all of us! But again, where is the ODM on this matter? Are we waiting for 2011, when we are looking for the votes of these suffering mothers and fathers? Where is action, folks?

4. The final urgent matter is the amnesty issue. On this, we know that the Kibaki side of the government wants to prosecute what they call criminals. The Odinga side wants to forgive and foster reconciliation. These are two visions that have a bearing on the future of our nation. Like I've always warned, the Kibaki team is hell-bent on scapegoating the small man for the election debacle. To the PNU, everything would have been just fine if Kibaki's theft of the election had gone unchallenged and the Mungiki was given a free reign. Well, to ODM's credit, this is a matter that has been pursued with gusto. But that's not enough. At some point it must be made clear that there is a time limit to the call for amnesty. The ODM must let Kenyans know what steps will be taken if the other side of the government insists on punishing the small man and letting the real criminals go free.

Those are the big four. Indeed, it would be enough if from here on out, the two governments concentrated on resolving those four issues only. Those issues are enough to occupy us till 2012. If we don't get them right, God forbid that we should face another election so soon!

That said, here are the other arising matters.

a. The Cabinet

It's now clear that while folks in the PNU side are engaged in corruption on a grand scale, like the harrowing sale of the nation's landmark hotel, the folks in the ODM side are asking questions and working to stop the blatant looting going on. Does the fact that the Hon James Orengo was out of the loop on a matter of this magnitude inspire your confidence as a Kenyan? Hhmm. And you still call this a coalition?

b. Permanent Secretaries

Once upon a time we were told that this was supposed to be a 50-50 government. But when the two principals got behind closed doors and presented their list of PSs to the nation, what we saw was anything but a 50-50 split. We also saw a bunch of oldies. I understand and applaud the pragmatism that led the Prime Minister to swallow this bitter pill, but this matter aptly demonstrates the fact that what we have is two governments.

c. Diplomatic Assignments

It seems to me like once again the folks who were in these positions were merely affirmed. Where are the 50% that represent the ODM in the world's capitals?

d. Corporate Appointments

Again, point a finger at the 50% that represent the ODM.

As usual, I expect to be called an inciter and all manner of names for slapping the facts on the table. But if we don't deal with these matters on an honest basis, we'll only be fooling ourselves. Facts have a way of coming back to kick the butt of those who ignore them. So based on what has transpired in the six months, fellow Kenyans, what I see is two separate governments, one more powerful and more corrupt, the other less powerful but more patriotic.

For the sake of Kenya, I pray that the patriots will have an upper hand.

For Love of Country,

Guest post by Sam O. Okello

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Anonymous said...

In French they say..."Avec beaucoup de patience on peut cuire même une pierre!"
Kenyans are waiting to see how this one will play out,however long it takes,we are not in a hurry, we will get the truth!

Anonymous said...

Reading Jaindi Kisero's article in the daily nation today i am left wondering....Why Libyans? They dont win in the bidding process and yet they are given all the lucrative deals. If Kimunya was so much interested in selling this hotel to the highest bidder he should have done this thing transparently.....and let the best man/woman win...How would you know it is a sweet deal if you haven't given people the opportunity out there...Kwanza he refuses that GR is not sold then when he is caught, he congratulates Orengo for informing the public?

I think it is high time kenyans demand to know also who was alloted safaricom shares and how many....You will be surprised that the Libyan company is involved


Anonymous said...


I have no quarrel with most of your assertions,but when it comes to amnesty we part ways. A murderer,a rapist and an arsonist - they deserve no mercy my brother. Let them face justice - if we still have it.

Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

Can you please wake up! I think you should not have written this post. How I wish and how I condemn that I never read it. I wish you were in touch with matters at home.

You have a problem with Samuel Kivuitu. He was appointed by the president und has a TENURE OF OFFICE contract. Why should he be sacked. Because he did not declare Raila Odinga a winner?

As for the constitution, kindly refer the matter to ODM who shot down the process in 2005. Raila promised a new constitution within 100 days of forming the government. It was moved to one year after the coalition government was formed and now, it is an illusion. It is not that easy buddy, bring another one.

On the IDPs, you are either not informed or ignorant. Which one. If you are abreast with news at home, you will be privileged to learn that the resettlement has been going on and TV footages show that the process is on-going. Many, including the ones in Elgon have returned home. For the time being.

The amnesty issue should be solved by the ODM part who master minded the callous looting, burning and murder after the elections. The criminals should serve their prison terms. It should be brought to an end. Not that every election sees people burning houses in the name of politics and people are allowed to go scot-free. Never shall it happen again.

Sam, do you realise that Grand Regency Hotel was built by Pattni, using money stolen from the country. IT was not the nation's landmark hotel. The government just repossessed it using tricks after a haranguing battle in the courts. Please Sam. Get your facts right. CBK Govenor said two months ago that they will dispose the hotel. What is wrong with that. CBK are not in the business of selling tea and coffee and mandazis. thay are in a different trade.

As for the rest, you should be aware that there is an appointing authority and the readership here will do nothing to make the PRESIDENT make changes that you feel should be doen. Did people not say that the agreement included PSs, ambassadors and all? Keep on mate. It is a long journey off buddy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:09

Your comments "On the IDPs, you are either not informed or ignorant. Which one. If you are abreast with news at home, you will be privileged to learn that the resettlement has been going on and TV footages show that the process is on-going. Many, including the ones in Elgon have returned home. For the time being"

What do you mean for the time being are they settled or not???


Anonymous said...

ODM can never be equal members with PNU. First, ODM rigged themselves into the govt through violence and intimidation. They lost the election but could not accept defeat graciously. Secondly and I quote "Raila hands are dripping with innocent African blood" those are the words echoed by someone yesterday at an African meeting in Egypt.

Stop this illusion that ODM is an equal partner with PNU. I actually loathe Kibaki for accepting the grand coalition govt. He betrayed many PNU supporters by allowing killers to join him in the govt.

Anonymous said...

Ivy, are you learned or you wnet to school. By saying for the time being, I meant that at least at the moment, the IDPs are home. Soon, something will spark violence and another round of intimidation and buthery will visit the regions. That is what I meant. But, there are thousands who have been resettled. The process is in motion.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me...did I see CYRUS JIRONGO demonstrating? Oh No, what a laugh. This man, together with Kamlseh Patni were behind the scam that ripped the country off and dares talk about corruption. Oh NO, wonder William Rutto is quiet!

Anonymous said...

For those not in the know, youths held for minor offences have been released and rao and ruto are happy.

For public service jobs, they have been balanced among the major tribes, not parties, taking into account those who were already there. Always the big tribes. Pity the samll tribes. I had an interesting conversation the other day with a kaleo who voted for rao in the last election. He told me he is happy rao did not win. Reason: the odm side of the gava is a luo affair (esp assistant ministers and PSs). I wonder what other kaleos out there have to say. And dont shout "kikuyu". Am a kao.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:41, precisely..I just needed a clarification! Coz it wasn't making sense...Are you sure all IDps have been resettled? Just asking and i am not sure that Kumekucha is for the learned or those who went to school. Anyway thank you again for clarifying...It is more clearer now.LOL


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:51 if you have evidence against Ruto and Jirongo ....take it to KACC, they have guys who are paid just to listen to stories/allegations/rumours etc and trust me they are paid well.

Why now? After you jamaas are caught with your pants down, you remember hata huyu mwingine...Si you guys had a choice of demonstrating, you didn't...So


Kwale said...


I have a massive problem with you. What is it in you that make you believe that amnesty should be given to killers, rapists and arsonists? You live in US, are you trying to tells us in America they would pardon a hooligan never mind a killer?

You are very out of touch with the modern world and truly you need to leave your jungle mentality behind.
Do you know why UK and EU gave Mr Odinga a cold shoulder? It was for no other reason other than his supporters went on killing spree targeting a one particular ethnic group. This alone costed Mr Odinga dearly especially to those who would have come in aid of him.

I remember watching France TV24 news analysis and they had so many questions for Raila Odinga and his supporters. One of the commenter went on to ask where other tribes were when Kikuyus were fighting the colonialist out of Kenya. Interesting topic and here is part of that topic on Utube commentary in French language.(a language I understand very well!)

Taabu said...

Poor gal, do you have to? Somebody anajifanya ngombe please don't offer your hands to milk it. I am sure you never taught them and they should know where to ask for refund. There are better things to do with your free time and while they attempt to pull your leg give them no limb at all.

The heat is back on and the worms crawling from the woodworks. It appears the hand is safely out of the cookie jar and the plunder continues. We are back to familiar territory of IDPs and soon matters of the pendulum. How deception muates?

PS: J Kisero is a PROPAGANDIST and the noisy lone ranger at NMG. Don't trust him as much as he is the figure head of EA.

Taabu said...

Welcome back bro, the coast is CLEAR and now you can indulge on familiar themes. The Kitchen has been HOT these last days and you taking fifth amendment commendable. Tell them bro msafiri and remind them that you have numerous options and PPs in additio to company.

M-Pesa said...

Where's OBURU ODINGA in all this mess? Oburu is Asst to Kimunya, surely, he should come out of hiding and explain what he knows. Why the big caution on this matter by Raila, did Oburu tell him anything prior to the so many dodgy deals inside the Treasury?

Anonymous said...

Surelly "Mugabe mentality at work" I fought for independence ...So that you do what you want, kill, maim people and steal from them just coz you supposedly think you fought for independence. What nonsense I guess some of us have to consult our history books...I have seen names of people from all over including nandi, mijikenda, luhyas who helped fight for independence. And yes so what if they fought for the independence was it for them or for the others are we having two countries in one, those who fought and those who were fought for. Does that give people mandate to do what they want, steal from the people just coz they fought for independence...I am not sure Kimunya fought for any independence so as Kibaki..>Did i hear someone mention Michuki was a homeguard working in collaboration with the british? What sort of crap is this?
I am gr8ly disappointed by some comments and i thought we were a bit enlightened!!!


Phil said...

indeed the coast is now clear for the likes of Monsieur Kwale to come and apply selective justice.

since voting is by secret ballot, one wonders how Mons. Kwale is able to tell the difference between ODM, ODM-K and PNU supporters.

many kenyans lost their lives needlessly because of irresponsible actions of one Samuel Mutua Kivuitu and certain ECK commissioners. Mwai Kibaki, Mutula Kilonzo, John Michuki, Martha Karua, Uhuru Kenya, Moses Wetangula,Kalonzo Musyoka, Alfred Mutua and their ILK added fuel to the fire that Kivuitu already started.

seemingly to some French speakers on this forum, those Kenyans who were killed by Kenya Police bullets who partnered with Uganda Defence Forces troops to kill and dump bodies of victims in mortuaries in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa are animals rather than human beings.

credible independent autopsy reports into the election violence says nearly 80% of the deaths (those who were in mortuaries) were caused by police bullets while the rest were caused by crude weapons. Hundreds of Kenyans are still missing to this day and it is feared their bodies were secretly buried in mass graves by the police.

on the amnesty debate, ODM might just be asking for too much because PNU cannot 'unconditionally release' dead buried bodies!

kenyan police and Ugandan troops were acting on orders from their Commander in Chief (kibaki) and immediate boss (Minister Michuki).

so this myth that ODM and Raila's supporters caused mayhem, killed fellow citizens and raped women is just but a figment of the fertile imagination of people who do not want to accept that ODM and its presidential candidates are the most popular and should infact be in power governing this country.

Abass said...

Chris, while I agree with you on other points, the abcs of 50-50, I don't understand. No where in the agreement does it say anything like that. Kibaki remains a president with executive power and can do anything he wants. Raila is just like a senior minister and he is not lost to that fact. But he is willing to go along the tide either because he wants to enjoy this same executive power in 2012 so that Ruto or whoever else won't make noise at him or he is doing it for the sake of the country and unity. Fact is this coalition is pretty much like having PNU alone in gov't. The people who have the real power are people like Muthaura, Kimunya etc. I know 100% Muthatura is more powerful than Raila. If we want, we can bury our head in the sand and assume there is a real power sharing but the reality is that Kibaki is as powerful as he could be.

Kwale said...

Phil, you are taking it out on me for nothing. I do not tell other countries on what or how they should report from Kenya. They have their own trained journalists to do the work. I am just saying what I have read and listened from the media outside Kenya.

So what irresponsible action did Samuel Kivuiti did? Not announcing Raila as the president? Why should he announce him if he lost the election.

As for police brutality, I cannot comment but they cannot sit there and watch as the country goes in flames and watch as people are being butchered for not voting for Raila.

I have said it here many times you don’t have to burn your neighbours out or panga them to express your ‘democratic rights’. I have also given few classic examples of what happened in other countries which has gone through similar situation like Kenya but did not resort to violence.

(Sorry to those reading it the second time) Take an example of Ukraine, where the original and the real Orange movement started. It started as a result of stolen election but what followed was one of the most defining movements in that country history since the breakaway from Soviet Union.
The major protests were prompted by reports from several domestic and foreign election monitors as well as the widespread public perception that the results of the run-off vote of November 21, 2004 between leading candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych were rigged by the authorities in favor of the latter. The nationwide protests succeeded when the results of the original run-off were annulled, and a revote was ordered by Ukraine's Supreme Court for December 26, 2004. Under intense scrutiny by domestic and international observers, the second run-off was declared to be "fair and free" and the losing candidate from the initial voting was declared the winner and subsequently sworned in as the president in January 2005.
So why did Kenya not do the same if the vote was stolen? I have also given another classic example of another former soviet republic of Georgia. And very recently of another former soviet republic of Azerbaijan who went through the same thing in April this year.

So these things happen all over the world but people don’t resort to violence of killing their neighbors. It's crude, it's primitive and it's utterly revolting. Violence should be condemned at the strong term possible.

Taabu said...

That was very insightful. But just a quick naive question for you bro. During your numerous sojourns under different PPs and in various lingua did they ever warn you of comparing oranges and apples? It is one thing kujifanya lakini kujifanya ngombe uE-kamuliwe, well you sense of engaging the mind must be fatally flawed.

Anonymous said...

By the way where is Uhuru Kenyatta?

Anonymous said...

All kenyans are equal but some are more equal than others you may not like it but accept it kenya yote ni yetu

Phil said...

Thank you Kwale.

I concur. Violence perpetrated by government or civilians is unacceptable.

Its unfortunate members of the public were teargased, shot at and clobbered senseless by Kenya Police because of merely demonstrating against Kivuitu and ECK.

There is someone who has been asking about what FRAUD did Kivuitu facilitate:

Please check this link.

I must add that when the Kriegler report comes out in a few months, you will see the some people cry foul that Kriegler
team has been bought and their report is not credible because it will seriously implicate the people whose names I have listed in my previous comment.
Kwale, I was personally among some of the people who were assaulted, terrorized and whose rights were violated upon by police for weeeks on end for trying to enter Uhuru Park for a public rally called by Raila Odinga after the fraudulent results were announced.

In order for this country to reconcile and move on with more important issues, it will be necessary for the post election violence issues to be resolved equitably by law as well as by social and political means. Otherwise, jailing the so called ODM youth or even hanging them will not STOP violence recurring again next time people have to vote in an election or referendum. Only that, I am afraid, this time it will be worse.

Anonymous said...

Phil, stop peddling your cheap ODM lies from far-fetched sources i.e 80% in the morgues died from police bullets. What nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa kijiji

2:01 AM

What amnesty?? for who?? the youths are all dead except for 130 like the PNU mp's said - more than 4000 slaughtered by army and police

pnu- kibaki, saitoti, Martha Karua should produce them first for their family to see their faces and charge them before there is amnesty debate

1. where are the mOre than 4000 youth that the government(Police and army to in custody(jail)??
No body in the PNU government seems to know where they are???

So I repeat yet again??



Phil said...


I am watching parliamentary debate live coverage - Amos Kimunya censure motion is on going - and early signs are that parliament are going to pass a vote of no confidence on Kimunya.

Kalonzo has tried on a point of order to defer this debate to tomorrow but the house over ruled him.

I must admit, it is quite an enjoyable debate seeing members of cabinet censure Kimunya's recent actions.

What I fear is that Kibaki DOES NOT sack anyone and might use the opportunity to re-shuffle the cabinet rather than sack Kimunya.

Its now 1720hrs Kenya time and Kimunya has risen for the first time this afternoon to oppose his censure motion and 'table some facts'.

If I get time, I shall post them for you guys here later.


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


2:14 AM




Anonymous said...

phil thanks, keep us posted

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji, It would be in order if we prosecute the murderers, rapists and arsonists alongside the election thieves - the Michukis, Karuas, Kimunyas, Alis and of course Kivuitu and Co... ama?
Anon @ 2.09, just last night, the IDPs were in the news lamenting that they were dumped in fields and left to fend for themselves with no shelter, food or money to start afresh... is this what you applaud as successful resettlement of IDPs?

Anon @ 2.26 it has been proven time and again the central lesotho's favourite passtime is thieving starting with your duly elected thief so really, we know that there is more to come.

Anon @ 7.18 - it was actually 90% and not 80% of the bodies in the morgue that were found to have bullet wounds. What say you now?

Anonymous said...


and pigs will fly:) anon:26 PNU is already going down- you cant wish that away.
odm won the election- whether you cry and shout and abuse that will never change:)

PNU rigging & corruption caught on candid camera!!

1. Kibaki rigged the election(whole world saw it happen)

2. Kibaki ordered the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans (while the world was watching)

3. Kibaki and His pnu cronies ordered the army in mt. elgon and ordered them to pick up all the youth in the area adding to those picked up immediately after the 27th December election

4. Kibaki since 2002-2008
major government looting from the people of kenya.
a. Anglo leasing
b. Transcentury
c. charter house
d. Nyaga brokers and many like them

4. Grand Regency sold to Libyans in the one big shady deal.

who are Arab east Africa ltd??
who are Orange East Africa SA?? a company registered in France which owns 51% of SafariCom?? how come the government gave them the control of our national assets that could me a money making machine for kenyan economy -if you dig deeper you will find the same people are the ones dealing with Grand Regency with I believe 5 elite kenyan thieves as partners in crime

Now if you want to dig your head in the sand like most thieves do and post gibberish from the gutters here- then it is your prerogative- i guess that is the high you get while planing to loot kenyans:) your days are numbered you thugs!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kwale said:

I have said it here many times you don’t have to burn your neighbours out or panga them to express your ‘democratic rights’. I have also given few classic examples of what happened in other countries which has gone through similar situation like Kenya but did not resort to violence.

Our comments:

Without condoning the Dec 2007 -Jan 2008 violence in Kenya, we cannot but comment that, either, you do not read, or you read what favours thy position.

Sample this:

(a) Five people have died in violent protests in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator over alleged electoral fraud, says Justice Minister Tsend Munkhorgil. Source:

(b) What drove Museveni to the Bush?

Kwale said...

Phil, sorry to hear you were assaulted and terrorized by the police. That’s how police are in Kenya anyway even without protests they still terrorize innocent people. Bastards!
But, I have a question for you; do you really think it was fair that people were brutally murdered because ECK provoked the violence?

I 100% agree with you the post election violence issues need to be resolved equitably by law as well as by social and political means. And that involves educating people about the dangers of negative stereotyping on other ethnic groups. Since I came along this blog three months ago, it has been all about Kikuyu this kikuyu that. You have to understand I am not a Kikuyu and I do not claim to be one but what I have witnessed here for the last 6 months it’s enough to make me stand up for this "Adui ya ukambila".
In fact my 5 years old daughter was asking me the other day, why do people in Kenya hate each other. And truly I don’t have an answer to that. We are all black people of Africa who came from different parts of Africa and settled in Kenya for a reason. I.e. Kikuyus and Bantus came from Niger Delta modern day Cameroon while the Luos and Niliotes came from Lower Nile in Southern Sudan and the cushites came from Upper Nile through Ethiopia. There must be a divine reason why we all came to live together in the land of Kenya. And I believe it’s not to fight each other but for a good common cause.
Well, I hope you’re prophesy don’t come to pass, it would be wholly unnecessary for the violence to re-occur again in Kenya. We should learn a lesson from what happened and learn to live together as one. Won’t you like to meet me and buy me a pint as a mate (friend) 3 months down the line?

Anonymous said...

anon3:00 AM

Stop your bullshit and shut the f----k up i have a cousin missing - show me where he is!! fool
the youths are missing and we are working hard to find out where they are or buried- soon you will see what exactly happened to my cousin and other youths-

you think Grand Regency is a scandal??
when this news come out!! even Raila will not be able to keep the coalition intact!! this goes beyond Raila and what he hopes for (to keep the coalition together) this time Kenyans will speak in one voice and if Raila does not listen - he will also be booted out of PM position!!
more than 4000 youths missing presumed dead!!! nobody will get away with murder this time round!!

kibaki executed mungiki youths and got away with it - because the kikuyu tribe refused to ask him or stop him!!
this time he slaughtered the wrong tribes!! and he will face the wrath of parents and the people of kenya!! no murder will go free!!

Anonymous said...

anon2:41 AM

again I ask you not to misinform Wanaichi- which ones have been resettled?? and where??
do they have homes to go to?? or they are still camped in tents
Eldoret?? who resettled them and where?? Naivasha- nakuru??
they go farm during the day and go pitch tent at night

who has given any of these idp's money?? except for what they get from the red cross and other NGO's??

do not mislead kenyans -just because Standard and nation news papers are not anymore reporting the plight of IDP's because to them they are not an important issue anymore - do not post lies here-
are you on ground near any of these camps?? or you are just opening your mouth from abroad or Nairobi??
time bomb is on it's way to exploding- no idp's is being welcomed back- trust me i know i'm here-
Rift Valley wants their youth released or brought to courts- so that parents can identify their sons- up till now the PNU government has been unable to produce more than 4000 youths they took in custodyh since November 2007 before and after te 2007 elections!! where are they??
forget the IDP resettlement- it ain't happening- ask your kikuyu relatives!! before posting shaite on here!!

Anonymous said...

anon3:27 AM

Only a blind fool can post and ague such question and your Video shows nothing- why not post the one that shows the police killing innocent kenyans in cold blood by the order of your warlord kibaki??

or the one that shows the army torture innocent kenyans?? or you are blind and have selective memory - fools like you i hope are not in kenya at present!! you are the ones that encourage corruption and executions of innocent kenyans by kibaki and his cronies!! shame on you!why not let kibaki execute your family members too?? after all he is blood thirsty!!

Anonymous said...

anon7:18 AM

should i call you martha karua or Saitoti- yes what nonosense- of course they are more than that- add the more than 4000 youths missing??
go ahead produce them in court?? shenzi wewe!! you and your likes (kibaki, karua, uhuru, saitoti michuki and your other cronies) this time will not hide- the deaths- and you have nowhere to hide!! you will be charged accordingly but my preference would be all of you face execution the same way you executed innocent kenyans in cold blood!!

Anonymous said...

My question to you Phil, do you think the atrocities committed will ever be redressed? And i am talking the ones committed by his "dury-erected" and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

Can Raila show us the 50%?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what ODM is still doing in this government that's run by Kikuyus. ODM look like little chics following the mamma chicken--PNU.

Anonymous said...

Kimunya must step aside. Not just Kimunya. The most powerful Ps, Muthaura. And lest I forget. Parliament should declare a vote of no confidence on Kibaki. And then we can go for another vote and elect Kalonzo the traitor the next president of the repulbic of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7.49 am , Orange are one of the biggest providers of phone services in europe, i think in france they have some form of merger, and they are also based in south africa. As for grand regency, i dont see how it was worth more than that, the problem is whether it was gazzetted properly, the bidding was done properly and if not, what was the deal made instead?

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