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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Meet Kenya's Multi-talented Intelligence Chief

Smart Kenyans can now see the gulf of difference between HE Kibaki and his predecessor Moi. While ex-NSIS chief Wilson Boinnet ruled the roost for decades he fizzled out as fast as heckles directed at Moi in Uhuru Park. With Kibaki we have a multitasking security chief Gichangi who besides keeping tabs on Kenya’s intelligence temperature is an astute businessman brokering multinational deals that earn out country much-needed foreign investment. Remove Gichangi and you definitely need to employ a handful as replacement to track down the re-emerged Sabaot Land Defence Force chief, one John Sichei Chemaimak.

A true leader never reacts to hollow emotions that are poorly disguised as national condemnation. Kimunya has a job to do and has explicitly EXPLINED himself declaring that his accusers are nothing but political propagandists envious of both his reputation and position. And why would Kibaki betray a performing minister whose reign rained a historic 6% economic growth on Kenya in less than 1000 days? Only a dim witted or mad leader enslaved by sectarian interests would do that damage to his progressive administration. There is no evidence liking Kimunya to fraud even after MISSPEAKING about the bar talk.

Kibaki has not broken his promise to fire any minister named ADVERSELY in corruption. The key word remains adverse and Kimunya has not suffered that fate. No sane Kenyan can compare Kimunya’s fate to his Tanzanian colleagues who effortlessly resign due to lack of SPIN. This is Kenya and not Tanzania for heaven sake and we do things differently making us the ENVY of the region. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see TRIBAL bend is all the accusations. Kibaki’s political nemesis are cleverly scheming to get to him through his loyal and faithful presidential appointees in Kimunya, Ndungu and Ringera. These are people ready to stop a bullet for Kibaki and able to strategize with in first language.

Prince of impunity, not me
Even the coalition FLOWER GIRL has seen through the whole charade of witch-hunting Kimunya that is why the Wako-led committee was speedily crafted principally to force a postponement of the no confidence debate in parliament. For good measure though, the vote of no confidence was THERAPEUTIC for an otherwise lethargic and LAZY parliament whose impact ends at the Hansard records. Subsequent postponement of the cabinet meeting tells you who the boss is. Only a fool would chair a charged meeting whose resolution would predictably be an AK-47 under both feet with fingers on the trigger.

MPs playing to the gallery can rant and rave all the much they wish. Their censure Motion against Kimunya on Wednesday evening may have succeeded in obtusely padding their egos. All their hot air however amounts to nothing as they remain oblivious of REAL POLITIK where real power/bride behind the throne strategized late into the night on how to save Kimunya’s skin. Smart Kibaki knows when to dispense with acrimony without lifting a finger. Come next week and all the present political heat will be safely shelved in the cooler. Na kazi iendelee.


Anonymous said...

well, no confidence in duly elected is also an option, if he doesn't understand the MPs are quite serious, ama?

Anonymous said...

Amos Kimunya is going nowhere. Wishful thinking. It has now emerged that it was Raila Odinga who asked James Orengo to make the statement and discredit Kimunya while he all along kjnew about the sale. The ODM brigade were aware of the sale as it took place. Why didnt Orengo make the noise before it was changed and he knew it? Why did Oburu Odinga not make a comment and he was aware of it? What a long wait? The government is intact.

Anonymous said...

about gichangi

where to begin,

conflict of interest

public service ethics, (civil service and business)

and even if, did he usurp the authority of Foreign Affairs or maybe Trade, I mean NSIS? Jameni, next he will be marking KNEC exams and then stock exchange. Kweli skys the limit if you are hard working

Anonymous said...

Saadi Gaddafi was in Kenya for four hours after Kibaki was sworn in. Kumekucha which prides itself in knowing about the sale did not write that. Kumekucha did not write that Kibaki met the Libyan prince in Kampala when they went to open a mosque donated by Muammar Gadaffi. Oh NO.

Anonymous said...

Kimunya must not resign. He needs to defend himself from the ministry of Finance. That is the only way we will get to the bottom of this and other scandals.

For instance, he claims RAO, Ringera and Wako were aware of the sale. Yet, RAO, Ringera and Wako are on the committee investigating the scandal!!!??? What the .....??!! We all so Ringera's stupid smile a couple of months ago during the handing over of the Grand Regency to CBK in exchange for Amnesty? Anyone believing that Ringera wasn't aware of what was happening is being naive at the very least.

Kimunya serves a certain group in the Coalation. The other group would like to have access to central bank and treasury. And Kimunya set himself up perfectly for this: Selling the Grand Regency and proposing to tax MPs. So now MPs have a reason to hound him out of office without disclosing their self interests - protecting their salaries from taxation. And we stupid Kenyans cheer them for their valor??!!!

Kimunya, stay in office and fight back. That is the only way we will get all the dirty laundry out and we will know our "leaders" for who they really are. If you leave, we'll know what we already know - that you are corrupt. You are more valuable in office so we get to know who else you are working with or who is hoping to replace you as the new King of corruption.

Anonymous said...



i just have to give you credit,

how long did it take for you to manufacture that, hehehehe

you guys are unbelievable, i was trying to see how long before Raila or ODM MPs gets roped in with some crazy theory. that just takes the cake. creative genius, hilarious, keep the entertainment alive

Anonymous said...

I am a Ghanaian, my friend is a Kenyan and we share a flat in Glasgow. I just want to ask you a question, WHY DO KENYANS FIGHT AND INSULT EACH OTHER OVER POLITICIANS? I just dont understand it. Kill over a politician. I wnet to a party with some Kenyan friends and it was a fight over paryt affiliation. I think Kenyans are great people and should maintain their respect aroudn the world. Think of the people who fight over this minister. Are they proud or ashamed, yet a few months ago, they could fight over him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@3:42 are you the e-police?ati Kumekucha didn't do this Kumekucha didn't do that-wacha zako!why don't you then write about the stuff Kumekucha didn't write about?
Some people really-grow up and i hope you don't have kids because i can't tell the difference

Oren_Licus said...

Kimunya resignation, which is only a matter of time, will be a red herring. This whole thing will be swept under the rug, and just like Goledenberg Kenyans will forget...

why, you ask? you wait and see where the nest Minister for Finance will come from...

papa plus said...

Well said Oren, Kimunya will eventually resign once the heat has reached a crescendo. This is the Kenyan culture.

In all fairness, Kimunya may not have been aware of the details. However, he needs to resign for the sake of the office's integrity. This is the problem with kenyans. We think we are the offices we occupy. And we haven't learnt the importance of studying and fact checking everything that we say or do. Tunapayuka payuka tu ovyo ovyo!

Ati he miss spoke? The same way that Hillary miss spoke about sniper fire in Bosnia? Then it must be true that Kimunya just flat out lied. And he's been caught at it.

Kibaki himself of course is true to his character.he is quiet. And he will not speak or offer leadership until these things bring his administration to its knees. Mzee, it is your last rodeo, grab it by the horns and show leadership. Acha kubaki nyuma kama mkiya!

Anon 4.05
The reason why kenyans argue about politics is that we are one very well educated and aware of our surroundings. We want a just and accountable administration. We want to know that our tax shillings are being use for good. We want some truth for a change. If you do not stand up and be counted, you are likely to end up like our Zimbabwe brothers. The difference is that not all of us are mature enough to call a spade a spade. Some of us retreat to tribal cocoons by defending what is blatantly impeachable behavior and abuse of office and public trust. So essentially you have folks who are objective and some who are subjective.

Anonymous said...

Check Judy Kibaki's connection on the grand Regency Sale=

what is the connection of Judy Kibaki and Kimunya??
they have been dating for more than 2 years and have business interests together!!!

could one be grand Regency deal??

this is too much- what is with this Kibaki daughters??

I thought it ended with the Atur brother??

Kenyans on ground go check the connection- add when both kimunya and Judy kibaki were campaigning and traveled to the states together!! proof- they shared a room- go figure!!

Judy has a daughter but no husband- kimunya has beem her darling for quite a while- i understand mrs kimunya tried to make noise- but she was told she can park and go if she wanted- so she opted to stay(Mpesha was too good to be true) why leave a gold mine) just share the thieving husband!!

So kibaki has a son inlaw called Kimunya and knowing the way Kibaki loves his daughter Judy- it will be very difficult for him to sack kimunya- so i think kimunya is going nowhere but finance ministry with the protection of his father inlaw- watch this space = do say i didn`t tell you:) This are not rumours- i write with facts dates and relations between the two kimunya and Judy Kibaki as facts,

Anonymous said...

I swear Kenyans are one breed that will never cease to amaze me.The story now is that Raila, Orengo and Wako knew about the deal.Question being...So what? Kwani they held a gun to Kimunyas head and told him he had to sell the hotel? Questions with facts that have been proven are:Was the hotel sold in a shady manner which is questionable? yes. Did kimunya lie in the beginning that it had been sold?Yes.Did Raila help him sell it?No.So why the hell are we involved in these diversionary tactics?This guy (Kimunya) knew what he was doing from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4.05

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

apps 11:25

a thief has no backbone, and therefore cannot take any form of heat without pointing at some other guy. stolen elections, ndiyo hiyo ati ata nyinyi

broad daylight impropriety hiyo engine ati "everyone knew"

notice how suddenly kibaki's name has gone missing from those "in the know", no more mention of kibaki or libya. hii watu ni punda, dont know how they operate, na shuta ovyo ovyo alafu wana hepa

Kwale said...

The other day I asked this question; "why do people in Kenya take politics so personal? It’s like a religion. Don’t people have a life or dreams in their lives?"
And someone replied to me saying people all over the world take politics seriously.

Well, I have a shocker for you.
In a recent survey across Europe reveals 80% of all young people I.e. 18-25 years old do not know who there MP is.
If you think that ‘unintelligent’ or ‘uneducated’ 20% of British population still thinks Tony Blair is still the PM of UK. And if you think that very unintelligent 12% of French people did not know President Sarkozy was the president of France until he got married to Carla Bruni earlier this year. They still thought Jacques Chirac was still their president.

What the survey revealed is many young people across Europe are more interested with sports, latest high tech gadgets, sex and drugs and parties than they are in politics. And I believe it's the same in North America and Far East Asia.

I am not saying we should stop following politics but it would be wise if you can invest that time and interest somewhere else and you would surely find your path will get brighter and brighter.

Anonymous said...

You have no reason to hate each other. In Kenya, anybody who supports another political entity is an outcast. It is known, that is why people who voted for certain political parties were killed. Only in one part of the country and not the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Kwale i would love to see what happens in those countries where "people don't take politics so seriously as Kenyans" if their elections were also stolen or were also handled mediocrely!
Kwale do you think those countries you mentioned got to where they were with elections being stolen or being held mediocrely?
Do you also think that if an election was to be handled mediocrely or stolen that 12% of French people you quoted won't be out demonstrating in the streets?
I told you last time, don't be fooled by the strong currency in your adopted motherland-those people are even worse when it comes to watching over how their governed.As you're in Britain i'm sure you remember Northern Rock

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kwale, do they live on less than $1 a day?
Can they find jobs after graduating high school with a trade, leave alone college based on your qualifications and academic achievements?
When they interview for jobs, does the region that you hail from of their respective countries play an integral part in you getting that job let alone that interview? or ydo their last name play a role on your destiny?
Do they have social amenities that are guaranteed to cater to them at a whim?
So long as you genuinely "work hard" can you achieve and make larger strides than your fathers, grandfathers and forefathers that have gone before you?
Do they toss and turn in bed with the solace or lack thereof that your examination marks would be topped up or watered down based on which region of the country that you hail from?

If your answer is a resounding NO to every answer to the above, then OH well, why need I know the name of my MP, off to listen to my IPOD while I play my PS3.

Have a good day mate, won't you!

Mcheku said...

What I have read from some comments today is confirmation of how foolish those young people in Europe and America are and nothing else.

The other day I was watching some American show I think it was called 'Beauty and the Geek' and one of the 'beautiful' contestants had no idea who the vice president in America was, the only politician she knows is Bush! I thought to myself how dimwitted can one honestly get? I don't mean you should know everything but at least know something.

That culture of not caring for important stuff is what you would like for Kenyans? Is that what some of you are suggesting we become? The one thing I am most proud of as a Kenyan is how smart we are in most things, I guess that's why we have professors lecturing all over the place including Europe and America!

Pardon moi, I did not know it was a crime to be knowledgeable in your country's current and political affairs.

Kwale said...

Anon 2.38… I do not live in Britain even though I partly went to school in London, lived there for many years and have many connections there. And yes I know about the Northern Rock, In September 2007, the Bank sought and received a liquidity support facility from the Bank of England, following problems in the credit markets caused by the US subprime mortgage financial crisis.
And on February 2008 the bank was nationalised. The nationalisation was a result of two unsuccessful bids to take over the bank, neither being able to fully commit to repayment of taxpayers' money. Similar to what is happening with Grand Regency but not quite.
In October 2007, Virgin Group announced that they intended to bid for Northern Rock as the lead of a coalition including American giant AIG, turnaround specialist WL Ross and First Eastern Investment. Had the deal been successful, Northern Rock would have been integrated into Virgin Money, as Virgin Bank.

A point to note here; the founder of Virgin Group is Richard Branson, a multi-billionaire who dropped-out of secondary school. In fact the teacher declared him dyslexic, a condition known as difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling.

Anonymous said...

Kwale i am anon@2:38 and i did not ask you to tell me about Northern Rock, stop dodging the bullet -although the fact that you know so much about Northern Rock puzzles me-you seem to know so much about what happens in "those countries where people don't politics so seriously as Kenyans" how come you don't want Kenyans to be able to know as much about whats happening in their country as you seem to know about whats happening in other people's countries?
If you as an individual chose to remain ignorant about your country and how it is being governed don't burden us with the weight of your ignorance-like MCHEKU and anon:2:42 said, we as Kenyans refuse to become vainglorious and superficial caring about unimportant stuff-there is a time and place for everything and it seems you want to mix play with pleasure this is not the time nor the place my brother

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kwale said...
The other day I asked this question; "why do people in Kenya take politics so personal? It’s like a religion. Don’t people have a life or dreams in their lives?"
And someone replied to me saying people all over the world take politics seriously.

Our comment:

This is not the answer we gave thee. Why don't you go back and read our answer before you hit the key board?

About the 18 -25 olds in Europe. I will ask thee this, since you have lived in Europe, have ever heard of a word white trash??

Kwale said...

Anon 2.38 and Anon 3.31, it’s not that I don’t want you to enjoy and know about Kenya politics. Off course not, nothing wrong with that at all. All I am asking why spend so much time in this endless murky and ruthless world of Kenya politics?
There are better things for you to do in life, like dream to be different. Always have this attitude in you, "you only live once" and so make the best of it. I like helping people to achieve their potentials and leave the shackles of poverty behind them. I run an apprentice course for all those who wannabe entrepreneurs. If you want I can give you details or give you my website.

Taabu said...

You are one SMART Kenyan mate and I give it to you. But so so fast. You reminded us before that only pliticians make a living by lying. So why are you a POLITICIAN albeit of the exotic breed?

All your post are designed to DIVERT attention. Your glorification of everything exotic and latently trashing everything local is akin to marveling at you palace amidst squalor.

Here you are reviewing Northern Rock as if you are speaking to Newcastle fans about their official sponsor. Well, you are very intelligent in skirting the question just as good as the politician you deride. All wish is Kenyans to remian uniformed and you continue to derive pleasure and PROFIT from that unfortunate status. You are simply a timid and smart SADIST except you don't know.

Just read through your previous post and see that you have missed teh jist of communicating and arguing since you never divorce Kwale the person from your points.

FYI this is not to bully you bro but kindly note that Kumekucha is not a forum to advertise your CV. It may be impressive in your head but please do yourself a favour by keeping it withing the circumference of your skul or better still pass it those who need it, I am sorry nobody here does. Nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I think the point Kwale was making is that in UK, US, and other developed countries, there is a system in place for both social, economic and political aspects of life. These systems are followed by all so they work. It doesn't really matter who is president of the US, certain things are going to run consistently.

hence, young people concentrate on studies, finding themselves and having fun as they should. In the US for instance, the voting crowd has always been the 40 plus year olds. They vote in larger numbers consistently. Although this year may be an exception.

But it is a laxuary that they can afford. Like someone said, once you are not even sure if the KSCE marks you got are authentic and it is all because of political interference; then it behooves you to know what is going on around you. Politics affects the lives of kenyans in a very direct way.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a mystery why Kenyans will remain a tribe-blind bunch of political puppets. It is also strange when one has a certain loyalty to Kimunya/Raila before loyalty to oneself.

I suppose it is because Kenyans are so charitable they are willing to starve so as to sustain their illiterate or otherwise intellectually maimed leaders. To me, it matters not what Kimunya said, did or thought. The point is the entire government is culpable of deceit, graft, sleeping on the job or all three.

This scandal should cause heads to roll. Like some have posted here, Kimunya is a red herring who will return to the pond in good time. The ones who should be at the guillotine are both Raila and Kibaki. They are allegedly the heads of government. After dealing with those two goldfish, then we can pass the knife to sardines like Wako, Orengo, Kimunya and the other softheads in parliament.

Government, like nature, has no sympathy for fools. While Kenyans have been turned on each other and worship mentally challenged politicians, the same leaders are busy lying, stealing and pretending to govern the country. Their financial futures are secure in those foreign countries someone suggests we should emulate.

They sleep under the roofs of 5-star hotels while most Kenyans sleep under the stars; and you are still arguing as to whose fault it is and who should or should not resign? If we demanded, and actually voted for accountability, none of this, at whichever level, would be occurring.

People get the government they deserve.

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