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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Role Of The NSIS Boss In The Grand Regency Scam

The whole of yesterday, State House operatives were locked away in frantic meetings even as the cabinet meeting to discuss a decision on Kimunya was canceled indefinitely. In the midst of all this, this blogger received some shocking new information.

It has been reported in the local media that the president was furious because the recommendations of the committee appointed by the Prime Minister “were leaked” to the press. What most people do not know is that of the greatest concern to the duly elected president was the fact that the name of the head of the NSIS (National Security Intelligence Services) Col. Michael Gichangi had been mentioned.

So how was Gichangi involved in the Grand Regency “sale” scandal? Impeccable sources indicate that he is “very deeply involved indeed.” For example on the fateful Monday that the sale was signed off at the lands office, I can confirm that Michael Gichangi drove to Ardhi house to apply pressure on the commissioner of lands to sign the transfer documents.

Before Gichangi’s intervention, Amos Kimunya and Francis Muthaura had made numerous frantic calls to the commissioner of lands to apply pressure for the needful to be done. They were not successful even when they invoked the president’s name declaring that the president had a personal interest in the matter.

That was when Kimunya sought Gichangi’s intervention. Apparently the head of the NSIS knew how critical it was that the hotel be transferred quickly and quietly to the Libyans who had been pressurizing the president for months to “honour his side of the deal.” (see our exclusive story published in May for all the details).

The lands commissioner had no option but to finally sign the papers in the presence of Gichangi. Efforts were made to ensure that Lands minister James Orengo did not get wind of what was going on until the deal had been done.

In past issues of my raw notes I have detailed Gichangi’s crucial role in the stealing of the elections last year. However the NSIS head has managed to maintain a very low profile since then, until now when the raging Grand Regency hotel storm has brought him into the limelight in a way that compromises his prime duty to look after national security.

It is rather predictable that the numerous NSIS hounds pretending to be ordinary folk who surf the web the whole day leaving monotonous repetitive comments in this explosive blog will try and pour cold water on this exclusive story, just as they did on our first Grand Regency exclusive in May. My assurance to readers seeking the truth is that this story is based on water-tight facts obtained from impeccable sources some of whom helped us break the initial story.

Email message that Kumekucha received recently.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you have not said a thing here bwana. Give us something to read! What was the heading again??

Chief Dr. Al Hajj, M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

You always believe that people are stalking you because you host a blog. You have even posted an email from someone who purpotedly advertised and got excellent results.

I am wondering whether the advert will appear on this blog or another website since you indicate in the advert that 1.5 million Kenyans visit the blog daily (more that the votes Kalonzo Musyoka, Nazlin Rajput, Ngethe Kamau and even James Orengo in 2002 gannered)

But the problem is that the information you are offering now is hearsay at the very least. There has been information here that the sale was completed and apparently Sh 9 billion changed hands. The real thing is that the payment has not been completed and that is why there is an opt-out clause.

Secondly, all that you will write here at the moment or later is not water-tight infomation.

Your NSIS man should have given you wind of the story before Ken Opala of the Nation wrote it in April and likewise, before James Orengo spoke last week. In any case, the whole matter should be heading to its conclusion now and there are clear indications that the minister will survive this.

If there was an Executive Prime Minister then he should have effected the said sacking once he recieved the report. But wonder aloud, how does a probe that borders on legal matters and litigation take a blistering 20 hours.

Whya are the people apparently involved in the scam ie Wako, Orengo part of the probe commitee?

Anonymous said...

Britain's spy chief is in a coma after collapsing at his home, according to reports.

Alex Allan, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, is believed to be seriously ill in hospital.

Police have ruled out foul play.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "We were made aware of a man in his late 50s who was taken to a London hospital after being taken ill at his home address.

"He remains in a serious condition. This is being treated as non-suspicious."

Part of the Cabinet Office, the JIC is responsible for providing ministers and senior officials with intelligence assessments on a range of issues, primarily in the fields of security, defence and foreign affairs.

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that Alex Allan was taken ill on Monday and transferred to a London hospital.

"We cannot discuss his condition as it is a private matter."

Downing Street announced the appointment of senior civil servant Mr Allan as the chairman of the JIC and Head of Intelligence Assessment in November.

He was previously Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice.

Mr Allan, 57, began his Whitehall career in 1973, working in Customs and Excise and the Treasury. From 1992 to 1997 he was principal private secretary to prime minister John Major and then briefly Tony Blair.

He has also been high commissioner to Australia, the Government's e-envoy and he took a break from Government service between 2001 and 2004 to live in Western Australia, where he worked on a range of IT and government issues.

Mr Allan's artist wife, Katie Clemson, died from cancer last November

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to pursue an asylum case. I think so. You want to show this as reason for your exile

NSIS said...

Well, all the culprits have something in common: they are Kikuyus. This raises complications because they can play the tribe card and argue ODM is behind their downfall. Truth be told, these house of Mumbi guys are deep in this shit together with Kibaki.

Getting to the root of the GR scam could bring down the government. Kibaki is not gonna sacrifice is partners in crime without exposing himself. He is gonna wait it out or stage manage some new spin.

I suggest we let Kibaki and his boys loot the country. They'll loot it for only 5 more years anyway. Moi and his RV mafia looted it for 24 years, and it survived.


Kazi iendelee!

Anonymous said...

I liked this one;

"I suggest we let Kibaki and his boys loot the country. They'll loot it for only 5 more years anyway. Moi and his RV mafia looted it for 24 years, and it survived.


Kazi iendelee!"

Kenyan Revelations said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenyan Revelations said...

Chris, the cabinet postponement had NOTHING to do with Gichangi. Kibaki's daughter, Judy, IS the reason. She is deeply involved in the GR sale and Kimunya was threatening 'to sink with somebody'. You should try collating information from more than one heretic sources who possibly speculate. You and I know that Kibaki cares less for anybody. He has sacrificed a good number of his pals along the way. But when it is family, and with Lucy recovering from her feats of seizures, you expect Baba Jimmy to slow down.

Gichangi? No, he will go. Kimunya, he too will go and sooner than you can say Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

This is just for a laugh...


A Man lived alone in the countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day, the dog died, and the Man went to the parish pastor and said, "Pastor, my dog is dead. Could there be a mass for the poor creature?" The Pastor replied, "I'm afraid not. We cannot have services for an animal in the church. But there is a new church down the road, and there's no tellin' what they believe. Maybe they'll do something for the animal; you can go and find out".

Then the Man answered innocently, "I'll go right away Pastor.. But do you think $50,000 is enough to donate for the burial service?" The Pastor exclaimed, "Ghai Fafa! Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus! Why didn't you tell me the dog was a Christian……….we definitely have services for all Christians!?"

Anonymous said...

We Kenyans are funny, I'd say. Parliament passes a Vote of No Confidence in a minister, we get so excited, then the excitement dies down when we realize that it really means nothing to this bunch of criminals. Raila and Kibaki sign some stupid "Peace Deal", Kenyans celebrate. One month later, we realize it's business as usual. Mriraria and Co. resign over Anglo Leasing, we get excited. Later, the same people are reinstated and then we realize it was just a hoax.

When will ODM ever realize that Kibaki is the president with all the vested executive powers and that ODM is just a passenger in the PNU bus? When will Kenyans realize that Raila is just any other minister and should stop putting so much expectations on him?

Kenyans, let's move on. This is just another Anglo Leasing, Goldenberg, which will never be recovered. Kenyans will never know the truth, maybe the generations to come.

Chris/Phil, I asked this two days ago but you did not reply. I will ask again; What can the "Executive" PM do if PANU (Kibaki) refuses to sack Kimunya!???

Chief Dr. Al Hajj, M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP.

Vikii said...

Chris, like I have told you a hundred and one times, WE are NOT members of the NSIS. It is rather naive of you to imagine that anyone who refuses to see the world through your tiny lenses is on someone's payroll to frustrate your intentions. That, in my opinion, is insecurity.

Did you call this an "exclusive kumekucha investigation"? What is new here, friend? This information has been all over the Kenyan Press.

About the President being "furious", he has every right to be. I have never seen a trial that is conducted through the Press. The purported Probe team harphazardly assembled by Raila Odinga, but which in actual fact is a Kangaroo court, accomplished its mission in record time. You want to tell me these fellows did their investigations, scrutinized the sale documents and grilled the culprits all in less than 24 hours? And they never went to bed? And you tell me their report is worth reading?

You do not need to be a Kimunya sympathizer like someone called me in this blog to question this crash process. And like 3.20 says, how do you charge James Orengo and Amos Wako, both of whose dockets are centrally involved in the alleged scam, with the responsibility of investigation? I am not suggesting that they are guilty, but their innocence or guilt can only be ascertained through a substantial hearing process. The same thing shoud happen with kimunya. Orengo has alleged that he was bypassed in the deal, but officials in his ministry were approached and coaxed into signing the transfer(and he is not resigning because he is not in the 'west' where people resign for the actions of those under their command). I am not saying he should resign, I just find his explanation for not doing just that laughable. If we take Orengo and wako at their words that they knew nothing about this deal and we fail to extend the same courtesy to Kimunya who alleges the exact opposite, then we cannot be said to be impartial. Fairness demands an impartial cross-examination of each of these three gentlemen. How you appoint someone who should be on the receiving end of questioning the investigator is not just understandable.

Then there is the issue of the Cabinet meeting that never was.Anybody honest with themselves will tell you it is only the President who can call a cabinet meeting. I do not mean to belittle Raila Odinga but the truth is that him literally 'summoning' a cabinet meeting through the press and going ahead to divulge beforehand the agenda of that meeting without invoking the President's name anywhere in all that, is the height of grandiosity. If I were the President, I would do just as he did; cancel it.

Anonymous said...

Phil, where are you hiding - or it it true that you have buried your head and other parts of your body in shame after having found out that the Minister who bought sex in Oslo without using a condom is a member of the ODM team? Mutula has decided to accompany Ruto to Oslo and both are trying now to convince the woman not to give his name to the media because of the embarrassment it would cause to the Kenyan Coalition Government. In other words, they are buying her silence Kenyan style as usual and since she is a Kenyan who said she is supporting other members of her family in the US and UK, for sure these two men as experienced in bribing and corruption as they are, will be successful. The woman will for sure be scared to death.

Anonymous said...

And Vikii, the Kenyan cabinet is not a Bondo CDF or Bondo Fishing Co-operative or Gor Mahia FC Bondo branch for that matter; that can be summoned at 18:25pm and meet the next day without the rest of the cabinet knowing. The president chairs the cabinet and at his behest.

Look at the composition of the committee, conventionali wisdom tells you that Raila cannot appoint two of his youthwingers James Orengo and Karoli Omondi to investigate a government minister (Fifth in the country's command), conduct investigations, dont even summon him to hear his part of the story, then announce in the media (A CABINET MINISTER TO STEP ASIDE).

If they are duly convinced that he did wrong, if there is any proof, why wait for the second chance of discussing it in cabinet.

Already, CBK have made it known that Raila Odinga was made aware of every step of the action. Then why should he even call ameeting to discuss Kimunya. Why did Orengo not shout foul a day before. If it is true that Muthaura, Gichangi or any other wheeler dealer was in Ardhi House, Orengo should have rushed to stop the transfer. The truth of the matter is that they knew it, let it go and thereafter shouted foul to discredit the government.

And then, Amos Wako, one man who should more than ten times be questioned about the same as the country's legal custodian is roped into the same and agree to investigate a colleague.

Anonymous said...

Vikii why do you doubt the ability of the probe team to conclude their investigations in 24hrs if the facts speak for themselves?there's no need to drag things out when the evidence is clearly there for all to see?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.29

It's Ruto who bought sex in Oslo!
The news has been reported by AP news agency.
The interesting twist of the story is that the woman is going to sell the story to a Noregian Newspaper.

Anonymous said...

People abreast with Kenyan history should remember 1993 when James Orengo, on the same Goldenberg money, recieved cash together with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Can you people remember that story.

Orengo was later to deny the same after one Paul Kibugi Muite broke the story and Ford-Kenya was not the same again.

That time, involving Kamlesh Pattni, and Orengo as one of his trusted sidekicks, Oginga Odinga said "A young Asian man gave me Sh 2 million". The money was for their campaigns in Bonchari by-elections. Hatuja sahau

Anonymous said...

@ 7:05, the case borders of litigation and corruption, something that has to be investigated thouroughly and backed with evidence. Then,if there is open evidence and the facts are bare, Kamlesh Pattni should have served his sentence along time ago, William Rutto should have completed his sentence by now and Musalia Mudavadi should be serving the last three years of his sentence. Investigations.

Already Kimunya has said that his hands are clean. That needs investigating.

Vikii said...

7.05, and why then constitute the probe in the first place if 'the facts are there for all to see'? Why get the best legal brains in government for such a no-brainer?

KN said...

Anonymous said...

The fact that Kibaki sets up committees/commissions etc to present findings after several months does not make a report presented after 24 hours invalid. It's just ridiculous that some PNUists like Vikki are now trying that spin and trying to divert attention as the thieves cover their tracks. This is just sickening.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:09 AM - the woman has every right to do so because she was paid the 1 Million Sh. which Ruto promised her to transfer immediately after returning to Kenya. She gave him 7 days to fulfill his promise, but instead he returned with Kilonzo as his laywer threatening her. What is even more disturbung is the fact that both have declared this private trip an official one using public funds. Chris - what about this story for a change? Or is it off-limit because Ruto is an ODM leading figure. You should know better since Ruto is one of Moi's boys - as they say: like father, so son.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - of course it should have read: She was NOT paid the 1 Million Sh.

Anonymous said...

anon3:20 AM

This must be one of the thieving thugs involved in the looting of grand regency!! I would not be surprised if you are Judy Kibaki!! since you are busy having an affair with kimunya the married man- dispute this two and i will post photo's when you guys thought you were un-touchable- talk of another Atur saga with this kibaki daughters- always in scandles!!

Anonymous said...

anon4:34 AM
Stop sniffing kumekucha(Chris) you think he wants to go abroad like the likes of you?? shaite!! go tell Kimunya and his cronies thieves to return that they have stolen from Kenyans- I'm glad someone has asked for their accounts abroad to be frozen - this time even offshore will not work unless they moved their accounts to Libya:)
Leave Kumekucha alone you thug!!

Anonymous said...

anon5:16 AM
yes just like a thieving shameless kikuyu to like it- we are not moi or kibaki and his cronies- we are not fake Kenyans who pretend to love their country yet pee and shiate on it- we are true Kenyans who will continue fighting for democracy and what is right for kenyans of the same frame of mind- you crooks your 40 days are over- watch and wait then you will keep shiating to kamiti!! I prefer them being all hanged- why waste the air space - other people need to breath clean air- not contaminated by thieves and thugs..

Msema Kweli said...

Chris, I quote you:

"It is rather predictable that the numerous NSIS hounds pretending to be ordinary folk who surf the web the whole day leaving monotonous repetitive comments in this explosive blog will try and pour cold water on this exclusive story, just as they did on our first Grand Regency exclusive in May"

Chris, the fellows (the NSIS hounds) you were talking about are here doing their usual "thing"

It very dissapointing that in addition to STEALING the elections of Dec '07, the panua fellows are continuing to repeatedly "spoil the air" with very smelly scandals after very short intervals. Kibaki and the panau community are a big disgrace to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:23 AM



Anonymous said...

Vikii and anon@7:17 i am anon7.05-it seems we are in agreement then? the constituted probe committe and "the best legal brains in government" did their job in 24hrs did they not-isn't that what you're doubting that they were a kangaroo court instead of carrying out proper investigations?their preliminary investigation have concluded that Kimunya should step aside pending further investigations-so they have done their work- anyone found implicated should step aside for further investigations to take place

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.30

The woman now says she was given money by the Agriculture Minister and she performed sexual acts with him in the room. Stating angrily that she tried her best to convince the minister to use a condom fearing the killer diseases among them HIV, the woman said that she was very disappointed because the minister refused to listen to her request instead of being a responsible leader.
When asked why she risked her life having sex without a condom, she said that although she knows of the dangers, she decided not to let down the minister after he pleaded that he was going to transfer one million shillings to her on arrival to Kenya.
The minister told her that he was not having any sicknesses and that it was an abuse to demand that he uses a condom. Fearing what could happen, she accepted to do as the minister demanded. The woman has decided to reveal her story because the minister has not kept his part of the deal.

Anonymous said...


Vikki nice try- now go wash your stinking mouth with soap- trying to link Orengo and Raila in the scandal won't wash- it show's how desperate you all kikuyu thugs are, just like kimunya tried to do so in parliament and every member was laughing- time out vikii- you can spin your propaganda all you want- but i suggest you take it to kumukuchas the fake blog where everybody worships kibaki and sing thai thai!!

meanwhile leave it for us patriotic kenyans to catch this thieves and thugs- I know your people didn't see it coming:) too late- Kibaki will soon have nobody to wipe his stinking looting ass- and then he will be charged too for crimes against humanity plus looting:)
Vikki - your propaganda is a waste- don't you have kikuyu usual work to do their abroad?? you seem desperate- i bet you kimunya and judy kibaki ain't going to share the loot with you- even if you praise them for looting on kumekucha with all your heart and soul:)

Anonymous said...

anon7:09 AM

ha!!ha!! you kikuyu thugs don't fail to amaze me:) with your naive propaganda- post your link here you fool!!

the whole world knows the prostitutes from kenya are called kikuyu malaya's

keep trying- maybe you should ask Martha Karua to stop sleeping around spreading aids/HIV we all know she is positive- she has the smae doctor in south Africa with some kenyans we know who go for HIV treatment- should i say more??

or do you want us to touch on michuki who prefers virgins age 11-13 age?? he seems to think that will keep him young!! now if you want to go dirty and filthy here then game on!! lets us dig up dirt !! but mine will not be propaganda - i have facts to back it up!!
someone should put up a blog for MP's dirty secrets and see whose will be up there!! I need to unleash the animal in me!! some kikuyu mouth pieces are trying to play dirty on here and i'm game on!!

Anonymous said...

anon7:13 AM




Anonymous said...


1. KIBAKI(during the 2007 elections)
2. KIMUNYA(IN 2004)
3.father magondu
4. Embakasi member waititu
and god knows how many more- this are the few none individuals to get her legs wrapped around them-

i guess they are all on HIV treatment so to speak- no wonder kibaki is losing his senses!!
and as for Kimunya the person i pity is Judy Kibaki- she will soon leave her young daughter with no mother!!! (raw notes to follow)

Anonymous said...

anon7:30 AM

and let us look at Alfred Mutua( the go between for Judy and kimunya- paid all the kick backs for covering up their relationship-
we know he likes the behind style- a friend of mine knows someone he was trying to date and claims that the lady complained that Alfred Mutua could not take it from front position yani he just wanted he behind and she refused- yani how does one go to shiate with a burst behind?? women are not shoga's

let Alfred Mutua confirm?? is he straight or???
who knows maybe ana service more pnu men who have the same tendencies!! i can name a few!!

so are you going to send him to close kumekucha sight since we i have told his hidden secrets out you fool:) keep your propaganda going- i have the facts!!

pss: go tell Judy kibaki to go for an HIV test!! trust me I know!! if she hasn't confirmed yet!!

Anonymous said...

Is this what this blog is all about??? I pity

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a huge convention in Dallas that has the US Kalenjin community meeting to discuss their Kenyan future. Over one hundred Kenyans have recently left for the US to attend the convention.

Why is this important? Apparently it is the agenda of the meeting that should have any sane Kenyan all scared. As this will be covered live by KASS FM, it may explain the jitters that the government had with the station.

FYI only.

Anonymous said...

Monotonous NSIS guys aside, let's think outside the box for a minute.
This Grand Regency saga is too good to be true. I mean, i know the Kibaki government has shown over time that it can never do clande things with finesse but this is too obvious. To me, it looks like a red herring.
First, get Kimunya to deny in front of cameras that the hotel is being sold - severally and arrogantly. Then go ahead and sell it and get Orengo to leak it to the press.
Then have Kimunya on camera now saying, yes the hotel was sold!
My God, please! An idiot could have planned this better. Answer these questions:
1. Why do we assume that the PNU gava does not have the ability to bribe Orengo to keep quiet? There is a lot of money at stake here and Orengo is not exactly squeaky clean. (Or if a bribe will not work, blackmail him. Prosecute him for something and he will shut up. We know all politicians have skeletons in their closet.)
2. There are many less conspicuous ways they would have sold this hotel without it being found out. Kimunya would have fed us some hogwash about the Lybians managing it for us since ÇBK is not in the business of running hotesl'. Then after everything has gone quiet, they quietly sell it.
3. Ordinarily, PNU MPs would be as thick as thieves, pun intended. But in this case, they are the ones making the loudest noises. Why? Without their support, the motion would not have been passed in parliament.
Allow me to continue with my not-so-expert analysis a bit longer. Why has this saga escalated to this level? What would be the benefit of public furore, public condemnation etc with everyone screaming themselves hoarse. Again allow me. The answer lies in one of these two answers:
1. Kibaki did not really want to honor that deal of handing over the Grand Regency. He was given campagn money or whatever, he promised the Lybians that he would give them the hotel but he had no intentions at all. So what strategy would enable him to 'honour his promise' but not actually hand over the hotel? Leak this çorrupt'deal to the public, press etc and watch them react. Watch them crucify the people who facilitated the transfer and then have the guys resign or be sacked due to public pressure then nullify the sale. Remember yesterday a caveat was placed on the title? Maybe some legal mind in tha house can assist here - if the sale is nullified, Lybians WATA-DO?
2.The other option is: there is something big going down. Something very BIG. So all this noise is to keep us busy until the other deal is through and we are no longer concerned. So what is this deal? Amnesty Debate? No, Kibaki would not sacrifice Kimunya for that. So what is going down?
My take.

Anonymous said...

8:29 AM

Only if it does not breach the US homeland security, it’s perfectly OK to have the convention.

Anonymous said...

This is why we need MAJIMBOISM in Kenya. Let "fish market Kimunya", "title deed is a piece of paper Kimunya" go and run their affairs in Central and steal there.
The worst thing is that he will go scott free after being fired/resigning without prosecution.
My heart aches for the Kenyan tax payer. And what's amazing is that you will see Kikuyus run to his defense and claim that he is being targeted just because he is one.

Phil said...


Great analysis.

Read my post of how Kimunya was sabotaged through the Regency Saga.

Its an answer to your question two.

Anonymous said...

Poison, you have got me thinking!

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