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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Political Lessons From The Career Of One Amos Kimunya

Will NSIS and CBK Chiefs also be “swallowed” by raging Grand Regency storm?

I have said it here before that Finance Minister (I don’t know for how much longer) Amos Kimunya and his close advisor lawyer, Gichira Kibara thought that they were too smart. In fact until last week everything had gone like clockwork for Mr Kimunya and his side-kick and the two were busy making big plans for 2012. (See my Blind-side winger post.)

As you read this, all their strategizing and plotting are dead in the water.

There are a number of key lessons to be learnt here but before I go into them, there is an interesting aside that is well worth noting. My suspicion is that the chief plotters behind Kimunya’s downfall within the 10th parliament have their sites aimed higher and elsewhere. These suspicions deepened last night when the recommendations of the Raila committee on the Grand Regency issue were made public. Their report urges the resignation of not only Finance Minister Amos Kimunya but also that of NSIS chief and the Central Bank governor. Those guys are pretty close to the executive. In fact too damned close. If the recommendations are followed then it means that the duly elected President will suddenly find himself extremely exposed. The people being asked to resign were all messengers following instructions from their boss. In all likelihood their stepping aside will leave nowhere else for fingers to be pointed but at the executive itself.

Again as I said yesterday, one counter strategy to that happening would be to appoint a new Finance Minister from the ODM fold. My fear is that this has the possibility of creating so much excitement amongst ODM supporters that this may mark the end of any further questions being asked or action taken on the Grand Regency saga.

Kenyans must say a big NO to this. For the sake of the country we must all rise to the occasion and reject such a “bribe”. It is very important that we get to the bottom of this Grand Regency saga. Regular readers of this blog are lucky (and readers of my raw notes are even luckier) in that they already know the whole story. In fact they knew it in early May, almost two months before the whole scandal even came to light. Sadly this is but a small percentage of the Kenyan people. We need the truth to be revealed officially to the whole country and the world. That is the only way we will prevent this nightmare from ever being replayed again in future.

The biggest political lesson from Amos Kimunya’s downfall is that arrogance is deadly in politics, more so in Kenyan politics. As Amos “the NSE is not a fish market” Kimunya licks his wounds today he should realize that of all the mistakes he has made that have dealt his political career such a serious death blow, his arrogance must top the list of causes of his downfall. This even clearly came out in the debate yesterday with comparisons being made with his predecessor, Daudi Mwiraria who humbly admitted to the house that he had erred.

Unfortunately Mr Kimunya may not have read Shakespeare’s political classic; Julius Caesar (although I am certain his side kick Mr Gichira has and should have advised him accordingly). One of the characteristics of the great Caesar that led to his bloody assassination was the man’s arrogance. Once arrogance is combined with ambition, the deadly concoction that results can only lead to the downfall, if not assassination, of a politician.

On Saturday we will celebrate in this blog the 39th anniversary of the assassination of a great Kenyan hero, Tom Mboya. He too fell because of the same “concoction.” Not to mention the last man to be censured in parliament before Kimunya last night, the late Vice President Josephat Karanja. Even JM Kariuki was pretty arrogant.

But I must hasten to add that there is a big difference between the likes of Mboya and JM Kariuki on one hand and Amos “I will not reply to bar talk about the Grand Regency” Kimunya. Mboya and Kariuki died because even in their arrogance, they were fighting for the people and a better Kenya. Kimunya on the other hand was fighting for himself and a more prosperous Kimunya family, just like the majority of Kenyan politicians we have today across the political divide. They only pretend to have the interests of the people at heart.

Indeed if truth be told the reason why the Grand Regency saga has caused such furor is simply because legislators “smelt blood” and many of them are hoping that when the dust finally settles, they will have climbed a notch higher in their personal ambitions. At least one of them will be holding the very powerful Finance portfolio.

Even in his spirited defense yesterday in parliament Mr Kimunya came across as a man who tries to be too smart. One of the star contributors to yesterday’s debate, legislator Charles Kilonzo caused prolonged laughter in the house when he bluntly told Kimunya that it was not appropriate for him to try and present his CV as defense against the allegations brought against him. Kilonzo told Kimunya that he would be shocked if he saw most of the legislators very impressive CVs.

His colleague Dr. Bonny Kalwale even exposed Kimunya’s so-called defense more bluntly. In a comical clip that TV stations in Kenya have been repeatedly playing since yesterday, Kalwale pointed out that the Finance minister ignored the clearly stated allegations brought against him and instead passed the back and dwelt on technicalities. He further caused laughter when he pointed out that Mr Kimunya was his junior at the University of Nairobi but they graduated in the same year simply because Kalwale was pursuing a “more serious degree” course. Kalwale is a medical doctor.

There is such a thing as being too smart for your own good. Indeed I pointed it out in my earlier post on Kimunya recently but even I did not know that his downfall was so close round the corner.

P.S. So… what next? The law does not require the President to sack Kimunya as a result of the vote of no confidence. However public pressure and pressure from the legislators will make it almost impossible for the Finance Minister to operate. So in all likelihood we should now be looking at the “possibles” and “probables” to replace Kimunya at Treasury. That is the story I am now pursuing for you.

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Anonymous said...

Chris - coming to Tom Mboya. Did you read the today's article in the Standard by Douglas Okwatch disclosing that Tom Mboya was on the payroll of the CIA already before Independence. Read the details based on some declassified documents. Though it seems, the one who really was interested to get rid of TM was then Mbiyu Koinange who hated him and the influence TM had. It seems, the CIA also used TM to get rid of Odinga who the CIA thought to be dangerous because of his communist background. Okwatch also spoke with Pamela Mboya and the disclosure of these declassified documents just a short while ago may have also been the reason by Mrs. Mboya had asked Kofi Annan to re-open the investigations on the real background of her husband's assassination.

Anonymous said...

Kimunya is a thief but it seems he didnt steal alone.

He is trying to implicate Wako and RAO, but this is the jab of a sinking swimmer.

One thing is clear: Kibaki and Kimunya initiated the fraud last year. This is one reason why Kibaki stole the votes to remain at the helm by all means.

It is is now the duty of Kibaki to show Kimunya, Ndungu and Ringera the exit door.

Otherwise Kenyans should forward their anger directly to Kibaki who is the cause of corruption and fraud in Kenya.

Failure to act means Kibaki solely supports and promotes corruption.

Taabu said...

The Kimunya/Ringera/Ndugu TROIKA is SAFE. Touching this three musketeers may lift the lid off and leave the worma FLYING. Unless Emillio has seen the Damscus road he will do what he knows best-CONTEMPT for Kenyans.

Just like they say siku za mwizi ni 40, these chaps have plenty of sleeze up their sleeves and Kimunya may be sacrificed to blind us from demanding more. Lakini we are deepo into this murk bro.

ODM WILL NEVER get finance portfolio. Look at Oburu with his bridesmain role just like his brother as the plastic co-pricipal. Treasury is littered with SCANDAL papers that will bring down Kibaki in a day.

Prof Kiarie Kinuthia is headed back to Treasury no other choice.And that again complicates succession plot. UK will be left wondering and realigning. Martha has tasted contempt after sucking sewer for the boss. It is Amos time and who next? Asante ya punda.

M-Pesa said...

For the first time this year, I felt proud to be a Kenyan as I watched our MPs blast one very arrogant man and passed a motion of no confidence on him. Chris has hit the nail right on the head with the assertion that "ARROGANCE" will finally consume Amos Kimunya big time.

It just boggles the mind that even up to now, Kimunya says he "DID NOTHING WRONG!" Can you believe that? Isn't that an insult to Kenyans? Can you see what an arrogant man we are dealing with here? This is despite flouting the procurement laws and slyly side-stepping the AG's office in his highly dubious transactions and obvious lies which he told in parliament and media.

A few days ago I wrote on this blog that "...our MPs are overpaid, self important, egocentric dimwits who are only good in picking their noses and dozing off while in Bunge.." I'm now starting to look at them in a totally different light and what I saw yesterday filled my heart with pride.

Young MPs were on the offensive like mad rottweilers for the benefit of Kenyans. They had determination written on their faces and hunger for justice was clearly in the air. WITH THEIR NO CONFIDENCE VOTE, THE PEOPLE OF KENYA HAD SPOKEN!

Kimunya, which ironically means 'the devil' in Kikuyu, is clearly damaged goods and not fit to hold any public office. His name is forever tarnished. He will be remembered for fibbling, arrogance and greed. He just sat there in parliament like a dummy with a sarcastic grin on his arrogant face and possibly an imaginary middle finger stuck up at Kenyans. This is the time for his comeuppance.

There are many scandals which he has presided over from De la Rue saga, to Safaricom IPO and Telekom privatization. He should now come clean and explain how he has become an overnight billionaire! As we watched the news in a pub, someone joked the governmnet should not dare put an Okuyo anywhere near the till amid laughter.

Let me finish by saying that Kibaki has become too slow in dealing with Kimunya and CBK chief for the obvious fact that they are fellow tribesmen. Things may now get out of control as university students from every college have vowed to go on rampage if this highly offensive Kimunya guy and his cartel are not scutlled away.

President Kibaki should quickly SACK Kimunya otherwise his mental health and judgement capability will be put into question by Kenyans. The time to act was yesterday. Kimunya should pack and go and that will serve as warning to others with itchy fingers. IT WILL BE GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.


Anonymous said...

M-Pesa Kibaki should aslo sack ALL those implicated with ethnic cleansing in the RV. I.e Ntitimama, Ruto, Kosgey and Bett.

Anonymous said...

Calm down mpesa, please don't be deceived-as Chris said MPs have “smelt blood” and are hoping that when the dust settles they will have climbed a notch higher and be holding the very powerful Finance portfolio.
Be proud to be Kenyan if you want but please don't be fooled by the plastic acts of superficial patriotism you saw yesterday
The time of comeuppance for all our MPs was YESTERDAY. Kenyans will never be lightly appeased again with sacrificial lambs and frying the small fish and certainly Kenyans will never be the taken for a ride again by cheap talk.never

Anonymous said...

The next finance minister is one UHURU MUIGAI KENYATTA - criteria? It must be one from Mt Kenya and also from PNU (Pitia Nyeri Uone)

Anonymous said...

Its very clever, since ODM couldnt get the finance ministry, they decided to make PNU the target, and grab it, very clever

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

General feeling is that Kimunya has been munyow'd. Unless something dramatic happens.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What Kimunya did was wrong, but the manner in which this is being handled just seems too transparent to be true, there's obviously something sinister going on. I think Kenyans also have to have some faith in their judgements, not just their MP's, some of whom are verbally aggressive and make snide comments.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.00am, Just because our MPs sit and vote a motion of no confidence against Kimunya and have rightly dealt with the saga, doesnt mean that they still are not overpaid idiots. Half of them have no intention to do this for the sake of Kenyans, its personal vendetta, and I struggle to see progress from just one thing. Lets give them more time to prove themselves, they have 4 and a half more years to go, when Kimunya isnt there, and from the way it looks the current NSIS chief and CBK governor.

Shaddy said...

It's too soon to give the MPs credit for the dramatic display of patriotism yesterday, but I think it was a heck of a start in the right direction. I think a precedence has been set here. The big question is...will it be followed whenever a Kimunya is caught?

Sam Okello

Knoppix!® said...

Am still waiting for Kimunya to step down then watch Lucy Kibaki somewhere in Nyandarua telling wananchi "Msijali tu Kimunya atarudi kwa serekali" and we are fucked again!

Anonymous said...

To go off at a tangent, what's up with Saitoti and Haji in Mt. Elgon area?

Anonymous said...

LOL Mpesa eti....

"..I knew Kimunya, the blind side winger, was an outright thug back in 2004. We were about 20 people waiting for a lift at Hazina Towers when he came from nowhere with 2 aides and pushed everyone aside including an OLD LADY to get in the lift first! He did the same when getting out, a gentleman indeed! This Kimunya guy (baby faced assasin) is said to have got about 200 million bob as 'under the table' payment for the Oilibya deal which Kumekucha should scrutinize..."

Taabu said...

Better late conversion than living in eternal sin. FRAUD is the middle name of anything anywhere and while at it are we missing the TARGET? Kimunya as finance minister cannot transact deal with Gadaffi so why the smokescreen? If the noise were to be matched by action then a head must roll where the BUCK stops. But this is a smart sideshow and before we know it we will be soon back to familiar fields of cheap brickbats like meno, ngozi nk. Na bado.

KenyaLuv said...

It's all just a witchhunt of GEMA politicians that's all. Or are you trying to tell me all ODM squeaky politicians are clean, why doesn't ODM ever look in the mirror? Can we have a committee investigate Raila's shady Molasses deal, or do they only point fingers at others? ODm, what goes around comes it's Kiuyu witchunt tomorrow it'll be yODm. Don't celebrate so soon.

Kwale said...

Knoppix, You all already F** with Kimunya or without. Kenya politics have a looong way to go to become democratic. You can change the guard from Moi to Kibaki and from Kibaki to Raila but Kenyan politics are doomed. And do you wanna know why?
Kenya like many other African states is still struggling with colonial legacy.
One of black man disease is ‘see me there’. Everyone what to be seen and everyone want to be somebody. And that why many will fight tooth and nail to get a position in the govt. And we like to follow them blindly worshipping them.

Politics is the only profession in the whole world you can excel through lies. Lies are the forte of politicians all over the world. So, don’t be so hard on Kimunya, very soon they will be another one.

Taabu said...

Spare Knoppix your misplaced tirades. Your obsession with everything EXOTIC is deplorable. Your world view revolves around ORANGE and Ikraine, please expad the mental diameter. You started off here as a level headed guy but I can assure you silence would have earned you plenty of latent respect - you are presumed intelligent until you open your mouth.

Next time you want to sound convincing bro make sure you disregard the pretense and be real. All your post are motivated by a singular disdain and fear of the unknown which you cloth in very tranparent gabbage.

Bw. Kwale allow me to tell you this: peddling exposure without commensurate impact on your persona and what separates your ears amounts to grandstanding and brinkmanship. Your astuteness at elevating trivia (PP/cellulite etc) to acquire an aura of intellectual discourse is shameful to say the least. I am telling you this well aware that it will not benefit you but instead it will provoke the IDD in your innermost bile. Bring it on. Indulge.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon 6.02. the ODM shuld prepare their heads their wembe is coming too. we shuld stop being in denial kimunya aint going no where. Being an intelligent man, i think if he was a thief as claimed he would have done a better job to cover his tracks, so i think the reason why he is being crucified is coz the bitter and crude MPs are jealous of his rising star. lets face it he is smart, suave and has just the right arrogance "NSE not a fish market' to be appealing to the ladies.

To kimunya; just take a break, relax then when kibs reappoints u to the treasury, do your thing, you still my first choice for prezzo in 2017 after Kalonzo ofcourse!!!!!!!

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 6:17,What does ODM have to do with milk in Somalia and Grand Regency Kimunya at this point in time?

You sound like a pedestrian!We know all of them are not clean and the first we have managed to net is Kibaki Inc® and Kimunya Ndung'u Ringera Inc® so far.So lets talk about what we already have!

Anonymous said...

anon 6:02 6:17

thats just childish, grow up. eti, even you guys mta ona. man-up

a guy messed, you are used to it being covered up by tribalists, this time the MPs decided to respect their titles (Honorable) except of course Kalonzo and the others that conveniently skipped debate (UK et al)

Anonymous said...

According to Onyango Oloo at JUKWAA, it is getting murkier and murkier. This is what he posted a few moments ago.

What follows is pure Made in Kenya "gossip" from the loose-tongued streets of Nairobi:

A Deep Throat who swears he is in the know told me a very, very outlandish story.

Let me say that I have NO WAY of VOUCHING for the VERACITY of the account which follows below....

He says that the Libyans gave PNU 5.6 billion shillings for the 2007 campaign. In return the Kibaki guys would help the Libyans get a foothold in the refineries, construction and other areas of the Kenyan economy.

Of this amount, US$ 11 million was deposited in the account of Fatuma Sichale, who is Ringera's Deputy Director. This money was to be used to buy out Kamlesh Pattni and the transfer would be done through CBK Director Njuguna Ndungu. Pattni complied. Njuguna then transfered the hotel to President Kibaki through his daughter Judy, who according to my source, is romantically involved, it is said, with Kimunya. All of the legal paper work is done in the AG's office with the FULL KNOWLEDGE of Amos Wako himself. One of the point people in this is Kennedy Abuga from CBK.

Incidentally, according to my motormouth source, Museveni is deeply involved in this because he is Libya's proxy and together with Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi he assures Kibaki that both neighbours are prepared to use their respective fire power to protect PNU in case of a post-electoral dispute. But all this is an aside.

Here is the rub:

Somewhere in the process of cobbling together the Grand Coalition, some money, I am told 600 million good ones, changes hands- from PNU to ODM. Don't ask me who gave money to whom.

Oh. and by the way, remember the 5.6 billion from the Libyans?


PNU has spent it all in the campaigns.

So what to do, what to do about the little matter of paying for the hotel?

That is where Kimunya apparently comes in.

He gets the cash from the coffers of the Treasury.

Hence the sloppiness with the setting up of the fake Libyan Arab African Company or whatever.

My source claims that at this point Kimunya feels very safe with the 600 million giveaway to ODM in mind- he is a potential big time blackmailer of some of the ODM big wigs.

So ODM decides to make their move.

They spill the beans on the shadiness of the Grand Regency deal.


Suddenly Kimunya finds out that his head is about to be separated from his torso.

End of wild crazy tale.

Treat this as a very, very, very, very, very wild rumour at the moment.

It could be ALL HOGWASH as far as I can tell.

But then again, this being Kenya.....

Nairobi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:17 AM.

I believe you are the reason we need betters schools and more doctors. Because are country is headed no where fast if your kind of ignorance and sickness becomes an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

interesting article at the gava parrot.

If this sale was private why does he mention Libyan government.

Can we get some clarity please

Kwale said...


"… you are presumed intelligent until you open your mouth…"

I don’t write here with my mouth open.

I know you are looking for a fight but I remain panache. I am a man of witty repartee. And I would never involve myself in your complete gobbledegook.

This blog is for freedom of expression but off course you are entitled to your usual impertinent remarks. No offence taken whatsoever.

Anonymous said...


The process of sanitising Kimunya is now in top gear. Actually it started on Tuesday when Raila appointed a special committee led by Wako. The main purpose of this committee was to force a postponement of the no confidence debate, a position taken to parliament by Kalonzo. What happened thereafter is water under the bridge.

Now, the Wako committee returned a guilty verdict in record time. This seems hasty. Could they have overlooked some details? According to some reports, the committee 'unearthed' further details on the transaction. Were these in favour or against Kimunya? Could there have been other details that were conveniently not 'unearthed'? All this i think creates a scenario of doubts in the committee's report.

Then the much publicized cabinet meeting fails to take place. The reason being the public would have overreacted to a not-guilty verdict cabinet 'decision'. The other reason could also be the result of power play between Kibaki and Raila as to who is supposed to order a cabinet meeting. But the effect is the same. The cabinet cannot meet until next week, by which time (give it to Kenyans), tempers would have cooled, somewhat.

Meanwhile Raila says Kimunya continues to be the Finance Minister......


Anonymous said...

The controversy surrounding the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel in downtown Nairobi has been emotive. The process by which the Central Bank of Kenya came to own the hotel, the speed at which the sale was concluded, the manner in which bids were collected, and the conflicting statements from the cabinet members have left many in the public confused and angry. In the midst of all this, there are politicians who have seized this opportunity to score political points.
For his part, Hon Kimunya has insisted that the deal was above board, and that the price paid was Ksh2.9 billion, in line with or higher than the professionally appraised value of the hotel. Hon Kimunya has chosen not to disclose who the valuation agents were, and how the valuation was done, an act that would certainly strengthen his position. As a result, he has given a chance to politicians who claim the hotel is worth much more to whip up public emotions. The current pedestrian valuation being bandied around is Ksh7 billion. The surprising question however is, where are our professionals to comment on this number, so that the mwananchi can know for certain what s/he gained or lost in the sale?

Let me on the onset say, I was not party to the valuations quoted by Hon Kimunya. However, the official price of Ksh2.9 billion makes absolutely good sense. Hotel valuations are done on two basis, (i) by cap rate - the net operating income divided by the sales price or value of a property expressed as a percentage; and (ii) comparable price per key rates. I will attempt to explain why Kenyans must not be distracted by numbers being bandied around by politicians. I am aware that some reports have indicated that the hotel was sold for Ksh1.8 billion. For purposes of my analysis, I will assume that the official figure of Ksh2.9 billion is what is in question.

The Grand Regency Hotel is a 226 guest room hotel. In hotel sale jargon, a guest room is referred to as a "key". At a sale price of Ksh2.9 billion, and with 226 keys, the imputed price per key according to Hon Kimunya is Ksh12.8 million (US $203,000 as of Friday June 27, 2008). According to the TransActions Recap 2008 report released by USA's largest brokerage organization, the Hotel Brokers International ("HBI"), the most active year in the history of hotel sales was 2007. Upscale hotels accounted for nearly half of the industry's 2007 transactions with 356 hotels trading hands, up 25 percent from the prior year. The price per key averaged US$133,000, with upper upscale properties averaging US$186,000 per key. The Grand Regency Hotel, while considered a luxury hotel by Kenyan standards, would probably more aptly qualify as an upscale hotel. With a daily revenue per room (RevPar) of approximately US$100, the hotel is on the lower end of that spectrum. Thus at US$203,000 per key rate, Hon Kimunya may have in fact scored a homerun (to use baseball jargon).

In 2007, the average overall cap rate for hotel sales in the United States was 9.21 percent. The hotel cap rate tends to mirror the prevailing interest rates. Thus in Kenya, the cap rate cannot be lower than the market rate which was approximately 12 percent. Thus assuming a cap rate of 12 percent, and a price of Ksh2.9 billion, the imputed operating income for the hotel would be Ksh348 million. This number is certainly way above the Ksh143 million that the Receiver Manager Mr Gichohi claimed to have made for 2007. If valued in accordance with Mr Gichohi's numbers, the hotel value would be Ksh1.2 billion.

As a buyer, one would be insane to pay Ksh7.0 billion for the Grand Regency Hotel. It would mean that the buyer expects an operating profit of Ksh840 million per year, a figure that even the resort hotels in Mombasa would only dream of.

Some people would argue that the price of the hotel should be the price of the bare land and the replacement price of the fixtures. That valuation fails to recognize that the going concern price of a property is purely driven by the income statements. An asset based valuation, must take into account the opportunity cost of the land. In a lot of cases, a bare of piece of land is typically valued a lot higher than one on which a building rests. The reason being, the buyer is restricted to the existing use of the land, (as opposed to the most profitable use of the land) and the cost to return it to bare land is enormous.

A minister recently stated that the hotel was sold for Ksh4 billion in 1994. I would like to ask the particular minister to share with the public the professional valuation that was done then. Furthermore, the sale having happened at the height of the Goldenberg scandal, the kickbacks involved in that transaction would make the numbers untrustworthy. After all, it was because of that sale that we are where we are today.

While Hon Kimunya may have to explain to Kenyans the urgency and the secrecy of the sale process, Kenyans must not be derailed by un-researched lies being told by politicians. Hon Kimunya's numbers make absolute sense. At Ksh2.9 billion, the price was right.


Anonymous said...

What is most disturbung in this blog is the fact that evert post ends up offending each other, one claiming to be intelligent than the other, and showing any respect to each other, not to mention to at least accept that one can have a different opinion without being called 'stupid, imbecile, having a vacuum between his ears, or not being allowed to even her/his mouth'.

There are some here who find it necessary to include these dispiseful judgement about others in each and everything they say - claiming to be the only ones whose words should be listened to.

What a shame those are not only to your family but to the society in general. I refer especially to taabu who seems to engange in nothing else than to offend others.

I would suggest that people like him shut up or at least think before opening their mouth. I doubt that those acting like that having no respect whatsoever for others, are those offending their wives, disregard their family, in short: they are a failure in life. That's why they have to make themselves bigger than they are, because they are the smallest and even poorest of all.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the hesitancy on the part of the PM, Kibaki or Kimunya

They attended this workshop at KSMS in May 9 2008 (Yes guys less than two months ago) where Kibaki is on record saying

"All Ministers, Assistant Ministers and Permanent Secretaries will be expected to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Public Officer Ethics Act and the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act. You will also be expected to treat all Kenyans equally, prevent ethnic considerations in the appointment of officers in your portfolios, and to ensure that corruption and misuse of public resources does not take place under your watch. In this regard, you will also be expected to step aside to allow for investigations, should your names be mentioned adversely with regard to corrupt or other unethical conduct."

speech can be found HERE

either Kibaki meant what he said or he was just fooling around with kenyans or his ministers and public officers do not respect him.

its very clear they must step aside first, then ask questions and defend themselves later. period


Anonymous said...

Taabu is a well known bully in this blog. We should demand Chris to SACK him now. Taabu must go!

Anonymous said...

If its to do with the Libyan Government, it could be to do with Gaddafi's dominance in Africa, or oil deals, which are private, didnt Raila do some of those in his brief stint as Minister of Energy?

Anonymous said...

anon 7.37am if taabu would go then so would oscar!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Taabu is a well known bully in this blog. We should demand Chris to SACK him now. Taabu must go!

7:37 AM


Anonymous said...


I laugh when i see rumors peddling trying to take over facts- it is beneath anyone that peddles rumors and spreading them to cover up facts- but this time it will not wash! I'm on ground i kenya and talking to many parliamentarians and i have some people in the high places in the Treasury- no such nonsense has come out of their mouths
Kimunya and group of cronies did it just like all other scandals that will blow up soon- whistle blowers in the government departments are ready( kimunya and group were not wise enough to share the loot with junior officers and clerks and now they are teaching them a lession)-
Grand Regency is a tip of the iceberg you wait and see- the junior staff in who were involved in many of this deal have made photo copies for protection(after they saw what happened with Golden berg scandal some of them informed us!!
So you see who ever thought that were safe in looting the government of Kenya - must think again- they will not get away this time period.

people are agree- one said they have copies of each shady deal since 2003 and when asked how many deals went under they said like 50 shady big deals - through many departments and government corporations-
so let us wait for the next shady deal to be posted.
one said some deals were made- like government assets just being given out- and money paid to individuals direct- while on paper it says different!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:09

thats good, but what are they waiting for. just toboa. list them one by one. its time to clean the house

taabu said...

" Let Us Reject Being Mere Spectators in Life, To Becoming Masters Of Our Own Destiny………………. Koro to you all, I want to resait a poem for you and I wis you were there
to watch me...

When Kisum bekem a siiti,
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Louis Otieno bekem Lari King

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all fising boats bekem sips

When Kisum bekem a siiti
all omena bekem saks

When Kisum bekem a siiti,
all fisamen became sip captens

When Kisum bekem a siiti,
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When Kisum bekem a siiti,
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When Kisum bekem a siiti,
Achieng Abura bekem Queen Latifah

Soult i....
bt do we Say....
when Obama becomes presitent.....
all luo's will become AmeriKans

call me on my samsuuung.... on my soosiall(social) line....( PHONE NUMBER

....Haya u can join me


Tho' tis hard, I'd ratha luz honorably than with dishonesty....... !!

Anonymous said...

Watch funfair on grand Regency in Parliament- what a day it was yesterday

Anonymous said...

Remember the Anglo leasing that is why Kimunya took over from Mwiraria!!


Anonymous said...

The Mwiraria and Kimunya hand over because of the Anglo leasing scandal.

let the ball role- who was worse at looting??

Anonymous said...

Is Mutua in Kenya?

1.Daily Nation Headlines

Cabinet committee approves Grand Regency probe report

Publication Date: 7/3/2008
A Cabinet sub-committee has approved the probe report on the controversial sale of the Grand Regency Hotel, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said.

The Finance, administration and planning committee has agreed on the need for Finance minister Amos Kimunya to step down to pave way for investigations and the sale of the hotel to be revoked.

The report was compiled by a five-man team led by Attorney General Amos Wako. Other members were: Lands minister James Orengo, Metropolitan Development minister Mutual Kilonzo, Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission director Aaron Ringera and Caroli Omondi of the Prime Minister’s office.

The team was appointed by PM Raila Odinga to investigate the sale of the luxury hotel after it emerge that it was disposed off in an underhand manner.

But, a Cabinet meeting scheduled for 10am, where the recommendations of the Wako team were to be discussed, has been put off.

“The meeting has been put off because of unforeseen circumstances, but it will be convened soon,” Mr Odinga told a news conference at Treasury.

He said that the committee also discussed issues on ethics, transparency and accountability in government.

“A sub-committee on anti- corruption will be meeting regularly to not only look at past cases of pending corruption but deal with issues of transparency in government.”

Mr Odinga said that his office will not tolerate misappropriation of public funds, wastage and inefficiency in government.

On the postponement of the Cabinet meeting, he said: “I do not want to speculate but after consulting at short notice, it was felt that the cabinet can conduct more business if more time is allowed to elapse.”



'No cabinet report on Grand Regency' says Mutua
Written By:KBC reporter , Posted: Thu, Jul 03, 2008

Government spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua has refuted media claims that a cabinet technical committee has issued a report on the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel.

In a statement posted on the official government website Mutua said the government was not aware of such a move.

"The attention of the Government has been drawn to media reports about a technical committee of Cabinet having issued a report. Government would like to inform the public that the report has neither reached the Cabinet nor has it received Cabinet attention", Mutua said.

He said in view of the enormity of the matter concerning the Grand Regency Hotel, the Government had registered a caveat against the title deed to the hotel to protect the property until the Government finalizes on the issues which have arisen in regard to the sale of the property.

"The Government will ensure that these issues will not in any way affect our very good relations with the People's Libyan Arab Republic", he said.

Meanwhile Mutua says the reported outbreak of cholera in parts of Nyanza, Naivasha and Nakuru in Rift Valley province has now been contained.

Mutua said the government has sent a team of medical personnel to the affected areas to curb and monitor the situation.

The team comprises of officers from the central government as well as medical practitioners with enough medical supplies.

Mutua said the necessary remedial and preventative measures have been put in place in areas worst hit by the outbreak prevent further spread of the disease.

The measures include closing down of all water wells near toilets, chlorination of water wells and adequate chlorine supplies availed for household water treatment and banning of hawking of cooked food.

Mutua said so far the total number of reported cases stands at 327 in both Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces.

There have been 11 reported deaths nationwide.

On the resettlement of IDPs, Mutua said an estimated 200,000 people have so far returned home while only 40,000 remained in camps



Commitee recommends Kimunya to step down
Written By:Lilian Mwendo , Posted: Thu, Jul 03, 2008

Caption: Attorney general Wako is the chair of the probe team

A parliamentary cabinet sub committee has approved a report recommending finance minister Amos Kimunya and others involved in the controversial sale of the grand regency Hotel to step aside for proper investigations.

The report, filed by a five man probe team led by attorney general Amos Wako will further be discussed by the full cabinet and debated in parliament.

A cabinet meeting slated for Thursday to discuss the same was postponed until further notice due to what Prime Minister Raila Odinga termed as unavoidable circumstances.

The report presented to the Prime Minister by the Wako led probe team on Wednesday recommends that Finance minister Amos Kimunya steps aside for investigations into the saga.

The reports also calls for the resignations of the director general of the National intelligence services major general Michael Gichagi , and Central Bank of Kenya governor Njuguna Ndungu.

The Wako team also wants the sale of the Grand regency hotel to the Libyan government cancelled.

The report was to be presented to the full cabinet for discussion on Thursday then proceed to parliament for debate but the cabinet meeting was postponed indefinitely.

Raila said what happened in parliament on Tuesday was a sign of democracy by members of parliament but was quick to add that the embattled finance minister would remain in office until decided otherwise.

He confirmed that he had been informed about the sale of the hotel.

A sub- committee has also been formed to investigate past corruption cases.

Shaddy said...


Is that relly you at 8:18 a.m.? I've laughed so hard I had to walk out of the office. Some good humor goes a long way and reminds us that as furious as we may be, the sky is not falling.

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

come on Sam Okello, don't be fooled by the dopleganger of Taabu-
this "kisum siti" poem person has been posting here eversince...its definitely not the real taabu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

doppelganger thats a funny one


Vikii said...

The 'intellect' of our legislators is a disgrace. pure and simple!

Anonymous said...


most of those guys are not elected because of beauty, decorum or academic excellence. but their demeanor, however is a reflection of kenyan society, so their collective "intellect" is our own.

we have to keep raising the bar until one fine day, we will see beauty, decorum and intellect. do not forget we have come a long way from the likes of kariuki chotara and mulu mutisya, who were popular and tons of fun but not an ounce of formal knowledge to engage in coherent debate, recently we just almost got one livondo added to the fray.

think about it, even the most intelligent of voter does not think about representation but how to either get their (wo)man in or get another out.

but the primary task is that of achieving some benchmarks, impunity and corruption is big on that agenda so any way it comes is fine even if its less than elegant


Anonymous said...

At Anon 7:08. Good info but you also forget the most important thing in this whole saga is "flipping".

Anonymous said...


The 'intellect' of our legislators is a disgrace. pure and simple!

so how do you compare it to the house of commons in England or any other parliament in the world? I see no difference to how they carry their debates or business of the house

me thinks you are a kimunya sympathizer and you ain't liking the vote of no confidence- it is not how they yes!! vote was loud but who they were saying no to- pole sana- you lack in intellectual understanding is so naive:)

Vikii said...

12:03 PM, I find your argument very 'substantive'.Are you a clone of Jakoyo midiwo's by any chance?

Anonymous said...

didnt u tell us recently how he was 'the blind wing player' poised 2 win the succession war?? changed tune already??

Anonymous said...

you missed this

Anonymous said...

Kibaki's government plundered more public funds in 5 years than Moi did in 24... This is why KAZI had to ENDELEA at all costs for these crooks and as if that was not enough, they had to steal the elections in order to acquire more for the next 5 years.

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