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Monday, July 21, 2008

Brutal Sexual Assault: Is This What The Kenya Police Is All About?

Kumekucha Exclusive

Police recently sexually assaulted some prominent female members of the civil society who were protesting corruption in the country. I publish a copy of an email circulated by one of them giving details of the crazy assault....

Sorry I have been out of the office for a couple of days . The last couple of days have been a nightmare for me and several other civil rights activists. We were arrested in a most brutal manner after police stormed the hotel where we were preparing to hold demonstrations over Grand Corruption ( Sale of Nairobi's Grand Regency Hotel, a property in receivership and therefore owned by the Kenyan people, by a cartel led by the Finance Minister, Amos Kimunya. Kimunya has since resigned in disgrace over the scandal) .

On Tuesday, 8th July, when they arrested seven of us, the police also sexually violated and harrased me and a male colleague. One senior officer had the audacity to put his hand inside my trousers, fondle my private parts and my breasts. All this while the rest were busy brutalising us.

Upon arrival at the police station, my colleagues sought to know from the senior police officer why he had sexually assaulted me. Without warning, this police officer, who we have since learned was the deputy officer commanding the Division ( very senior position) grabbed a police batton from one of the junior officers and set upon us in a most vicious manner. Other officers joined in, hitting, kicking and insulting us. It did not matter that some of us were
already bleeding.

We were later taken to court , charged with participating in an illegal assembly (never mind that we were inside a hotel and it was the police who stormed in) , and released on bail. The police also refused to record our complaint over the violations at the police station.

We need friends of human rights, and friends of Kenya, at home and abroad, to do all you can in your various stations and networks to demand accountability from our government. The kind of police brutality and other forms of impunity that are evident in Kenya are alarming. Not only do they threaten the democratic spaces that we fought so hard to create. They are also, in my opinion, an early warning sign of things to come, and the imminent breakdown of law and order.

We shall circulate a more comprehensive report with photos for your further action."


Anonymous said...

The last paragraph of this post has put some doubts on the whole story: It says that they are able to give photos to support this. Do you really want to tell us that the Police allowed them to use their cameras to shoot pictures and let them get away with it? I think that this whole story is a big bluff and if such photos exist it is a set-up, a publicity stunt. Nice try though, but this last remark of offering photos has exposed this post as a big bluff.
Chris, you have lost your drive. You would not have made such mistakes in the past, or at least you would have elaborated more on the details before posting such stories here. But I am sure the majority of your readers will believe every word you said and the usual hate comments will follow. That's all what it is about, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

most unfortunate incident

i have to say after reading different reports its become increasingly clear that the AP are far much more disciplined and better trained to apprehend criminals and also courteously deal with the public than the regular police force or CID.

their biggest setback is all the top heads are of course from one province

Onyango Oloo said...

Kenya will slowly but surely slide to the dogs as long as we have a loser occupying State House. Just watched Mugabe say he cares about Zim after he signed the MOU that will lead towards negotiations with Tsavingirai and I was like 'What the fuck!' He wants to be the president in a power sharing agreement. Yet the facking idiot was rejected by Zimbabweans but had to force himself down their throats! And we have a shameless thief who forced himself down our throats and we are facking talking of letting him occupy state house - a place he should have quit 8 months ago - until 2012! Facking ODM, walk out of the coalition now, precipitate a constitutional crisis and let's have a fresh general election! why the fack should a thief be allowed to enjoy the fruits of his criminal activities for 5 years?

Anonymous said...

Side note

Zimbabwe update

this is quite sad

looks like we have inadvertently created a blueprint for how dictators can cling to power.

Anonymous said...

Chris- What happened to the new and improved Kukekucha launch that was announced here last week? I was expecting to see new pages/categories lakini wapi. Please elaborate.

As far as the police raping men and women, we know that is true …...and it is not because they are exceptionally randy. It's all about poor leadership. As long as we entertain presidents with ambiguous sex lives we will continue on the route to debauchery.

Morality must be exhibited from the top of the country. Here we are today as Kenyans not knowing exactly who our first lady is. Our first daughter is frolicking with dangerous international gangsters from Armenia. Our ex-finance minister has been getting busy with another first daughter. Some powerful female ministers have been caught in the boots of cars in the company of priests. Sexual deviance defines the parliament of today. With power comes too much sex…it seems to be.

With such trendsetters, why blame a cop for exercising his little powers? After all, all the guy was doing was looking for contraband hidden in some panties and bras.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to digress

This is absurd

commission to probe GR
announced 10 July 2008 to report findings and recommendations within one month

almost 15 days later (half the month already gone), and the commission is yet to have rules of procedure gazetted

Anonymous said...

How has Kibaki presidency improved the life of Kikuyu’s from Nyeri? It has not. How has Raila’s PM position improved the poverty situation in Kibera and Luo Nyanza? It has not.

I suggest we stop being tribal and reason like Kenyans. We have serious issues affecting us and neither Raila nor Kibaki has the magic bullet. These leaders have made us spend most of our energy in fighting each other and forgetting the real issues like constitution, rising inflation, genuine service to Kenyan’s e.t.c.

Chris and/or Taabu, you have to stop becoming a propaganda machine and practice true democracy in your posts. I know it’s hard since your audience has always been anti-Mount Kenya but you have no moral grounds of condemning the sins of one community and condoning sins committed by others. You can help in erasing the tribalistic mentality of the Kenyans in the diaspora by giving correct information and not biased.

God bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

am sure you are busy in photoshop preparing those photos...
make them as bloody as possible wicked chris

Anonymous said...

he he he...

anon 11.20...straight on the point..eti they have photos. so they tell the police to stop kwanza and they shoot photos.

this shows how shallow minded the likes of chris and missery..sic..taabu are. guys try giving your propaganda juices more credibility

Anonymous said...

was Esther Passaris sexually assaulted by Raila?

Raila had promised her political appointments after some conjugal services. Now since he has not delivered, is that sexual assault?

read chris raw notes and the full story here....

Ajwang' said...


It is in the Nation of Today, read Macharia Gaitho. Anne Njogu was sexually assualted by police for planning to demonstrate against Kimunya.

Strangely enough, Macharia Gaitho has the audacity to argue that there is nothing 'sexual' about that harrassment!

All Kenyans of sound mind must protest this sad state of affairs! Where are women leaders like Njoki, Martha, Ida, Mathai?

chris said...

I don't know what the big deal about the photos is. Obviously they are referring to press photos of the police beating protesters.

And also this new thing about me recycling stories. Hehehehehehe. Please present concrete evidence of that. The truth is that other mediums tend to recycle Kumekucha stories. That is the truth.

I always work so hard on fresh content and the car racket has numerous new angles to it.

Of course this is a carefully orchestrated and well co-ordinated move whose objectives are obvious. Kenyans are not fools.

But I am fluttered to warrant so much time attention and expense from people who have no faith in this blog.


Anonymous said...


why didnt u get flustered when Ntimama admitted to having killed 600 people last week????

why didnt' u call for demonstrations?

why has chris and taabu ignored this attrocity?

shame on you pretenders!!!

Anonymous said...

why is chris deleting comments which disagree with his myopic views?? democracy kumekucha style...


Anonymous said...

Publishing selective comments and/or deleting others, has a longstanding history in this blog. If this did not help, comment moderation had been put in place until all critical voices had given up and only the applauding ones continued. I am sure, also this comment will be deleted after some minutes like as others which I had seen here during the last half an hour and have disappeared after Chris resurfaced with his comment.

Anonymous said...

My regard for Anne Njogu is smaller than the eye of a needle, but do agree that those who sexually assaulted her must be punished. I hasten to add however that I shall be the very last one to demonstrate and protest on Anne Njogu's behalf because she and her types failed to demonstrate and protest on my behalf as I continue to live (and die) as an "IDP" in Eldoret. To hell with Kenya's idiotic civil society, the mirror image of its political 'parties.'

Ajwang' said...

Actually I was horrified about Ntimama's 'confession'. But if you look at it, it is the police who is to blame for both. Who is stopping the police from arresting / investigating Ntimama over those remarks...

Anonymous said...

how about the watchDOGs in our society a.k.a. civil society? they should have been screeching by now, lakini wapi, wote wamelipwa na ODestructionM. Their foreign masters are watching keenly.

Anonymous said...

Rape is about power and control, not about lust. A police officer,random male etc is not really taking the time to feel the lust- i.e admire or feel attracted to a woman sexually (key word, admire, attraction)- but is turned on by the power and degree of control he has over the hapless female before him. That is why children get raped too by many paedophiles all over the world.

When men realise that they are increasingly getting raped (sodomised)by other men, will the laws get tough on this heinous crime.

Ntimama wasn't talking about killing 600 people, but about the 600 of their own killed by police.
I know what I know.

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