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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Big Mistake TJ And Jomo Made

Tom Mboya is welcomed aboard a British navy battle ship in this undated photo.

We miss you Tom Mboya… Oh How Kenya misses you!

39 years ago on a Saturday just like today a few minutes to one o’clock PM, two revolver bullets rung out loudly on Moi Avenue Nairobi.

A Handsome well built man in an immaculate designer suit stopped those two bullets. He fell back towards the door of the Chemist from where he had just emerged a split second before. His name was Tom Mboya.

Tourists seated at the popular Thorn Tree Bar (the restaurant next to the street at the New Stanley Hotel along Kimathi street heard the loud gun fire and silence and panic fell in the bar area.

Those were the days before crime got to be what it is today and the sound of gun fire was a very rare thing indeed in Nairobi, especially in the CBD. One or two men in the bar then (whose identities shall remain secret for now) started running in the direction of where the gun shots had come from. The thing that they found most odd was that there were policemen already at the scene of the crime when they got there (outside Chaanis Chemist on Moi Avenue, adjacent to Standard Chartered headquarters which is less than a minute’s run from the Stanley Hotel for most people). Even stranger was how the assassin had gotten away with so many policemen around. It struck one of the men that the policemen seemed to have been on the scene waiting for the crime to happen!

It is the view of many historians that those two bullets were the most significant bullets ever fired on Kenyan soil because they changed the course of the river called Kenya significantly. One of the results of the events of that fateful Saturday that we see so clearly today is the culture of impunity that now threatens to shut down the nation. As you read this a Finance Minister who has been censured by parliament for breaking the law in disposing of public property is still not in police cells and instead clings to his office and the duly elected president (who incidentally was fetched from his lecturer job at Makerere University by Tom Mboya himself to become Kanu’a fast executive officer. TJ did it in his old reliable VW beetle which he drove all the way to Kampala and back) said yesterday that the current crisis is just a “normal” problem that is commonly faced by other countries—even developed nations. Huh!!

TJ I know you’ve been on the night shift for 39 years now BUT I just have to tell you, that was a big mistake you made… very big mistake, fetching that guy from Makerere. Kenya would have been better off and certainly much less robbed as of today not to mention thousands of our brothers, sisters and children who would still be alive and with us today, if you had left that chap alone to continue with his lectures at Makerere. You and Jomo thought more of getting educated people into politics then than people with integrity and we Kenyans are paying a very heavy price now for that mistake you guys made then.

If circumstances were a little different this is how I would have loved to spend today.

I would have gone up to them mountains, high in the Iveti hills not far from Machakos town and I would right now be seated under the shade of a tree eating Nyama Choma with my usual Coke and discussing the life and times of Tom Mboya with my father (a man who still believes in Mwai Kibaki). But more than anybody else my dad is the man who has brought TJ to life before my very eyes and made me read the history of this country like my life depended on it (there is no way you can read the history of independent Kenya and avoid the name of Tom Mboya, no matter what you do). And that is how I understood so well where we are as a nation and why we are where we are. This is the realization that drove me to launch this blog in May 2005. And that realization has been my sole agenda here from day one.

It is my deep desire to take as many Kenyans as I possibly can through that journey of discovery that I went through myself and that is why the big gift that I have worked long and hard to prepare is being released to readers of this blog today. That gift is an entertaining weekly summary of Tom Mboya’s biography from various sources delivered to your email inbox every week. It is FREE to anybody who wants it. Get details on how to get it at the end of this article.

In conclusion I would like to point out that some of the people responsible for the murder of Tom Mboya are still very much alive today. If you still don’t know them you had better make sure that you read my FREE weekly summaries on the man’s life.

Indeed one of the excuses that has long been peddled for the murder of this great son of Kenya is the allegation that he was a CIA agent. Some writers have even gone as far as claiming to unravel some new evidence proving that TJ was a CIA agent. Whether this is true or not should not have been for a few individuals to decide and play the role of judge jury and executioner by snuffing out the Kenyan life that did more than any other single life to bring independence to Kenya so quickly (you will understand why I say that after reading through my weekly summaries of Mboya’s biography.)

Have a poignant July 5th my friends and countrymen. Kenya shall be free.

Online IM (Instant Messaging) Conversation with Tom Mboya in the Twilight Zone:

Kumekucha: Hello TJ. It’s 39 years today since you left the world of the living.

Tom Mboya: Who is this?

Kumekucha: It’s the Kumekucha guy visiting you yet again this year.

Tom Mboya: Hehehehehehehe.

This is the chap trying to cut down a Mugoma tree with a razor blade? Have you not given up yet?


Take heart, son, from the fact that I single-handedly did the most to bring down the mighty colonial government in Kenya. You too can do the impossible, if you have it in you.

You know my illiterate sisal-cutter father Mzee Leonardus Ndiege, used to ask me if I thought I was smart enough to defeat the white man who had invented very clever inventions like the aero plane.

Kumekucha: Yes, I know. I even wrote about it in Kumekucha.

Tom Mboya: You just have to be very brave and single-minded.

Kumekucha: What was your lowest moment in your long fight for Kenya?

Tom Mboya: In 1960 at Limuru when Jaramogi Odinga brought in tribal politics as a weapon for the first time, just to finish me and to sideline me from Kenyan politics.

Kumekucha: Your greatest moment of glory?

Tom Mboya: There are two actually. March 11th 1957 when I became one of the first 8 Africans to be elected to parliament (in those days called the Legco) after the first serious political fight of my career.

The second was the Uhuru celebrations in Uhuru gardens on the night of 12th December 1963. As you know I was the main organizer. It was a colourful unforgettable occasion for those of us who were there; at times solemn at times joyous. The day that signified the final defeat of the people who invented the aero plane only to enter another more vicious battle amongst ourselves.

Kumekucha: Have you read what I said about your trip to Makerere in 1960?

Tom Mboya: You’re a cheeky young man. You should know that people change. When I fetched that fellow from Makerere he was a very patriotic man of integrity. Even Njoroge Mungai was a very patriotic uncorrupt man when he graduated as a medical doctor from Stanford in the United States. Politics in Kenya is notorious for changing people so much so that those who have known them intimately for many years can no longer recognize them any more.

Kumekucha: Did you change yourself?

Tom Mboya: Yes, I too changed in many ways. I was human.

Tom Mboya: Have my killers finally faced justice?

Kumekucha: That is what I was coming to. This year I have two messages for you. First the bad news which is that Kenya is disintegrating mainly because those who murdered you are still the real rulers of the country.

But the good news is that Kenyans have woken up and have started fighting back. You will be very proud of what your youngest son has done to keep your memory alive. You will also be very proud of what the other young people of Kenya are doing to get their country back.

My hope and prayer is that when I come visiting again, this time next year (God willing) I will have some very good news for you.

Kenya misses you TJ.

Gifts to Kumekucha readers to celebrate the life of Tom Mboya.

So you think alone, you can’t do anything to change the politics in Kenya?


Anonymous said...

I don't think there will be another one like TJ.

Very sad for Kenya.

Also interesting that after kumekucha marking this day for years, Standard newspaper has joined you this year.

Kudos Chris.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Chris. A site that TAABU uses to shower everybody who has an opposing view with SARCASM yet he is NEUTRAL? Think again.

Yes, journalists dont use it as a source for information, but a rumour mill. If they used it for ideas, they could all have been sacked by noiw because the idea could have been tribal hatred through and through.

Rumours like Kibaki using money that has not been recieved, eg Safaricom and Grand Regency cash to pay election debts, lies like Salim Lone defecting to the US after being relegated by the ODM pecking order, partisanship that includes open support and worship[ of Raila Odinga, and worse still, labeling every oposing voice as NSIS.

As for Grand Regency, other sources like Uganda Monitor had in in March when the same Libyan consortium about Windsor Hotel in Kampala and they announced that they were pursuing a hotel in Nairobi which was paused due to the political problems.

If Kumeekucha readers had it two months ago, then they are angels since the transfer was effected just over a week ago and James Orengo shouted about it a day later.

AS for Oscar, if you pay him, then save your odd bill for another thing.

Finally, there is no site that publishes anti-Kikuyu insults like Kumekucha with lies that cannot be proven of even substantiated.

Put wisely, this an an ODM and Raila Odinga blog that is used to communicate to supporters abroad. That is the reason why any ODM supporter will ask you or Phil to investigate and inform them on everything including an obvious one where there is NO EXECUTIVE PM and KIBAKI is the only CENTRE of POWER.

Anonymous said...

anon at 5:52,

U must be the NSIS Chris has been talking about earlier today. What u r doing doesn't make sense otherwise.

If u hate this blog so much why keep on coming here only to leave ur negative comments? Why not go to your kikuyu-loving blog mate?

Anonymous said...

JUst a question, was Oginga Odinga tiff in 1960 or 1966? I think Chris was talking to the wrong Mboya or for that matter, his brother Alphonse Okuku.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a very emotional virtual conversation. It is touching and I wish the Killers of this GREAT KENYAN LIBERATOR are brought to Justice once and for all. As you said, the Killers are still alive and excecuting mass murder of the Kenyan economy. I guess 40 years since TJ was murdered, many more, known and unknown have been butchered and again as you said , kenyans are fighting back. Kenyans have been deprived of their rightful Justice. Kenya the country has been made like a personal refrigerator, where you freeze or deep freeze the contends therein(kenyans). Watu wanapimiwa hewa siku hizi! Lakini ngoja tu! The contends therein are fighting back. They need the air to breath!
For Kimunya Issue, thanks Kumekucha for bringing all the issues in advance. I am one of the most regular visitors to your blog but hardly comments. I read all about the impending sale of GRH and SAFARICOM shares last year and for sure all have come to happen and as you said earlier, many more heinious perpetrated economic crimes shall be excecuted in our country. Especially at this last strokes of this regimes. LONG LIVE Kumekucha!

Anonymous said...

obviously you are not in it for the money , otherwise this kind of writing can sell a million copies easy , so what is your motivation? , iam a dasporian and i have given up on kenya i mean these guys are as clever and as powerful as can be , i have dreamt about going back home and belonging but iam surrounded by poverty , iam the last of 9 siblings and iam the person looked up to while it should be the opposite , chris honestly is there any hope where their is none?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:52, please go to mashada or misterseed. I think you will be excited with the majority of posts and articles which glorify the best thing since...sliced bread. Okuyu this and that. Give me the feedback.

Anonymous said...

The best thing since Neil Armstrong landed in Space is...Raila Odinga and ODM!!!

Msema kweli said...

Anon 6:02 AM, I second you. anon at 5:52 must be one of these NSIS clowns that Chris has been talking about

If they hate/fear this blog so much why do they keep on coming here only to leave their LIES, DECEPTION and FRAUD. They should go to their kikuyu-deception-lies and fraud loving blogs like mashada. Kumekucha is a serious and objective blog. Kumekucha's standards are much higher.

chris said...

anon @ 6:21

It is not over until the fat chic sings...

What if Mboya had given up?

My dear brother/sister we MUST never give up. That is the least we owe to the motherland.

You and I are already doing something. What we need to constantly ask ourselves is how much more we can do right away.


Knoppix!® said...

Again for some unknown reason guys are bring in some "Vijimambo" instead of speculating let alone discussing what Mboya might have or not achieved during his hey days.

We then waste alot of time throwing barbs at silly commentators instead of discussing the gist of the post.But i cant blame them maybe some never took history classes seriously and or were not born anywhere near the year Mboya was still alive.

Personally i applaud Mboya for the airlifts that have resulted into many good and bad things from where am standing from.

Anon 5:52 what do you think of Mboya?

Shaddy said...


Sam Okello

Vikii said...

Last year, I asked Lucas Mboya here to be prepared to read unpleasant truths about his late father just as much as he is prepared to read about his good side. Mboya was a national politician who, as you say, helped in his own small way to shape our politics. Being such, some will write fantasies, sugar-coated flattery and post-humous glorification and outright lies while others will write inconvenient unpleasant truths, distortions and open hatred. This happens to all other politicians, some more wicked and others more saintly than him.

My take has always been that we have created a mountain out of what should have been quite frankly not even a hill. The tortured rationalizations I have seen in this blog over time about this particular issue are an embarassment.

It is an insult to say that Mboya "single-handedly" brought independence to Kenya. What is it Mboya did that Jomo Kenyatta, Kungu Karumba,Oginga Odinga, Fred Kubai and the other fellows didn't? More importantly, how different was Tom Mboya from the likes of Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Moi and the other ministers of his time? It is absolute nonsense to allege that he was any better without telling us explicitly what he did differently. In my opinion, the real difference between him and these others was that his shenanigans were more glaring or at least are better documented. His antics at Limuru were not the highest manifestations of democratic ideals. His desperate puppetry with the CIA cannot be hallmarks of patriotism either. His uncomfortability with the likes of Ngei are not signs of confidence.

And then there is issue of seeing enemies all over. Now instead of Mboya apologists like you, Chris, apologizing on behalf of him for the openly undemoratic treatement Mboya and others like him accorded Oginga Odinga, you are instead blaming Odinga for imaginary onslaughts. It is not that I have any reason to feel sorry for Odinga, but it is unfair when those responsible for his misery instead accuse him.

Let us face it, Mboya was not any different from the other politicians. It is wrong for people to claim that his death had anything to do with convictions he had that were about a better Kenya. It is wrong to list Mboya alongside the likes of JM Kariuki, Muge and the other guys who died for causes they believed in. In my book, Rubia, Matiba and even Jarampogi are far much bigger heroes for kenya than Mboya. Yes, it is unpleasant but ist is true.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vikii for this clarification. What I find disturbing is the fact that for many years nobody cared to even mention Mboya's name except his family who normally gathers during this time of year. It is, as you rightly said, totally nonsense to guess what he would have done or would not have done if still alive.

If Chris is feeling he has to use this blog to glorify the person, he has all the right to do. But he should let it be his own private matter and not pretend to talk on behalf of all Kenyans. Unless, of course, he wants to publish a book about Mboya like he has announced here many times in the past.

Fact is, that there are millions of young Kenyans who do not even know anymore who Tom Mboya was and what he stood for, or better tried to stand for.

Let's be honest, he did not have enough time to really leave an impact except on those who thanks to him could go to the States.

Using him now to make cheap propoganda is actually an offense to this man and his family. What could be gained out of it except of trying to get more publicity for this blog and maybe to present the owner and his friends as the future leaders of this country pretending they will be just like Mboya or even better than him.

They should feel ashamed for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, I concur with your closing paragraph. TJ Mboya (RIP) probably did more harm to Kenya than any other politician.

You only need to study the proceedings of the Lancaster House Conference to see how Mboya cunningly (Shikuku called him Sungura Mjanja) cheated Kenyans out of a well crafted independence constitution with checks and balances including a bicameral parliament thereby creating an imperial Kenyatta presidency that Moi and Kibaki inherited. He began the mutilation of the independence constitution.

Secondly, TJ with Kenyatta made Kenya a one party dictatorship by "convincing" the likes of Moi (no wonder Moi was so effective in playing the same game years later), Ngala and the rest of KADU to cross over to KANU.

As we are all well aware, Mboya was America's blue eyed boy during the Kenyatta era with a brief to prevent Kenya from becoming a socialist state. He was party to the Western conspiracies that saw socialist leaning poticians eliminated (politically or otherwise) beginning 1965 at a time his star was rising; of course propped up by Western Media.

Come to think of it, all of Moi's constitutional amendments (from making Kenya a de jure one party state to removal of security of tenure of judges, electoral commission, Auditor General and AG) have since been repealed but Kenya's remains an imperial presidency due to the amendments moved by TJ whilst he was Minister for Constitutional Affiars.

Without denying TJ his rightful credit for the contribution he made to our beloved country, I hold the view that the true heros of Kenya are yet to be celebrated. Mboya was simply an American hype that has stuck in many a Kenyan's mind.

TJ's greatest contibution is probably the development of the labour movement though even here he was in his element creating a strong labour movement outside politics. The airlifts is another contribution but even this was simply initiated to counter the scholarships that Jaramogi had negotiated with the USSR, East Germany and other Eastern. The latter were simply and deliberately declined, cancelled or simply not communicated to interested persons while those from America were displayed in noticeboards at most schools such as the Alliances and Maseno.

Mboya's (aided by the Americans)political intrigues and conspiracies when fully disclosed, if they ever will, would open the eyes of the likes of Chris to the fact that the man was as dangerous to Kenya as the Mois, Kibakis, Mungais, Biwotts and the Kimunyas of this world.

Anonymous said...

anon5:52 AM
in your dreams kibaki is the only center of power through his theiving ass!! keep gloating and dreaming:) while kenyans continue to change kenya politics and protect their interests i.e Grand Regency.
kibaki is only central power to central thieving kikuyu Lesotho

So exactly remind me what he controls and id you think his kimunya budget will see the light of passing in parliament?? or any other money bills that will allow kibaki and his cronies to loot kenyans further??
My advise to you is to go back to central and start building a ditch - you haven't seen the last of the wrath of kenyans-

Anonymous said...

AS much as MBOYA was the CIA man in Kenya, Jonas Savimbi served the same role and only a bullte (from whoever) stopped his blue-nose antics.

Mboya did more harm to Kenya than any post-1966 poloitician.

After the CIA and America convinced him that they will sponsor him all the way, he is one of the few who inserted the PRESIDENT IS ABOVE THE LAW writings in the Kenyan constitution. Why? He was cocksure that like Savimbi, he was headed for the presidency.

Glorifying Mboya in any language will not make him a better politician in death and it will only serve as a pointer to what greedy politicians end up being.

That he quarelled with Oginga Odinga over supremacy in Luoland is enoiugh evidence that he was a sell-out in the first place.

Was he not used by Kenyatta (read Kikuyu) to divide the Luo tribe? Yes indeed. Was he not used by the Ameriacns to check-mate Jomo Kenyatta? Yes indeed.

In the process, the only thing that Kenyatta gave to the Suba is the casuseway that connects 'Kenya' to Mbita and yet, the Homa Bay Kendu Road remains today as it was in 1963.

So, stop this nonsense of trying to make him prominent now. He was a sellout, died in the same way as other CIA sellouts, Jonas Savimbi and their ilk.

Thank you Vikii!!

Anonymous said...

anon 7:10 AM

What exactly did Rubia and Matiba do to be hero's??

I worked for both gentlemen- and i'm shocked to read that you think they were hero's-
tell me why?? I will post my personal experiences and facts of why i can never never never call this two gentlemen Hero's even though I'm a kikuyu- some of my tribesmen here are grasping for anything to praise kikuyu's falsely
if you are so desperate to praise then go for the right Hero's like J.M Karuiki our tribesman-

Vikii if you think Rubia and Matiba hero's then you are a very naive and shallow kenyan- I guess you are one of those who also believe Kimunya a hero for selling Grand Regency!! shame shame

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 8:03,

To call anyone a hero firstly it will depend on where you come from and your stand over some issue.Secondly it will depend on your age though variably.

I think Matiba stood up to Moi thus his current or past debacles with governance.Remember the emotion he caused when he was handing in is candidacy papers at Kivuitus?Am not Kikuyu but having have given moi hell thus his detention to me i could view him as a hero.I dont care what he does in his bedroom or dint do but he tried to sanitise Kenyan politics but fell down along the way!

When you say you worked for both men and you can table evidence that will amount to blackmail.

Back to you.

Anonymous said...


1. ASSASSINATIONS OF: Tom Mboya and J.M. Karuiki among others

2. Stole from kenyans their birth rights and shared it among his friends which lead to the land problems we have today

IDP's= Mau Mau veterans families that kibaki send away after stealing land from their forefathers


one country took upon it self to route out corruption and build it's economy vigorously and they succeeded(Singapore)
the other country under the watch of kenyatta, then his friend in crime Moi and now Kibaki believed in looting the country dry while slaughtering it's citizens- anyone that went against them- (Kenya)

For kenya to ever break off this stinking umbilical cord of this thieving generation kenya has to say no to all of the kikuyu shiate thugs today!!

NSIS said...

TJ made no mistake in bringing Kibaki home from Kampala. Listen people, it doesn't matter who is president - the stealing would go on. We live in a country where the main functions of a president is to loot the country.

You may complain and shout, but MtaDO?

Anonymous said...

anon 8:18 AM

of course by that you mean kikuyu hero worship just like they do for kibaki even though he has executed our mungiki youth in cold blood?? didn't they deserve to be judged by the court of law?? who gave kibaki the right to be the judge?? Jury and executioner??

what blackmail?? if one has to be called a hero it should be through the work and his standing in society and what he has done in his life to be called that hero- not because it is politically correct at times- then every tribe, or even every MP can be called a hero by those who vote for them right?? so then Matiba or Rubia can't be that special we have a coalition full of hero's so to speak if you use your political logic!!

As for blackmail?? exactly who is the balckmail directed to?? if one's boss is a thief or a thug or gay or a junkie?? and this facts are known?? why would it be blackmail?? a fool with little understanding about the would around them is the only one that can post such a naive comments!
hello! get real stop using useless arguments here and try to be an upstanding kikuyu- where exactly so you think your nonsense posts will take you?? nowhere- i'm surprised you didn't even dare to comment on J.M karuiki and why he is hailed even today as one of kenya's greatest "HERO"?? again you are an embarrassment to the kikuyu tribe if indeed you are a kikuyu!! shame on you!

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 8:31

Hahahahhahha you amaze me.My reply was devoid of foul language like yours.

I would remind you J.M died rich despite being a crusader against corruption.By any standards i cant be Kikuyu.You seem to have some misplaced anger rather misdirected.Vikii's Comments were very precise.You said you yourself are kikuyu but dont glorify Kibaki or Kimunya and neither do i.

Read your comments and understand them before taking out your fangs!

Anonymous said...

The Mt Kenya people shit in their pants when they face a cute intelligent man from the Lake.

They run for guns because they feel inferior infront of the Lakers.

Rest in peace TJ, Rest in peace Bob, Rest in peace Agwingi. Rest in Peace Mbai.

Anonymous said...

anon8:49 AM


Ha!!ha!!right- you can't fool anyone on kumekucha with your naive propaganda agenda with your so called Vikki- pole sana
so what if J.M Karuiki was rich?? do you think all rich people steal from Kenyan people or loot the government?? is that what your kind of thugs believe??

I can call you that since you post lies and propaganda here in the name of protecting and praising thieves like Kenyatta, Moi, kibaki and kimunya plus all their thieving cronies..

there are "hero's in kenya and thieving thugs- big difference! I suggest you go do your homework better and try to post facts here!!
J.M was rich!! good for him he worked hard like any businessman-
did he steal, execute, assassinate!!torture innocent kenyans! hail NOOOOOO!!
he in fact was tortured and murdered instead for making a stand for the Kenyan people!!

J.M Karuiki 'HERO'


JM foresaw the danger of ignoring the youth even before formal independence was granted to Kenya.

“If we forget these people (the youth)”, he told Parliament on November 14, 1963, “we will find ourselves surrounded by rogues who are rogues not because they want to become rogues but because they are hungry and this leads them into temptation… The Government should take action immediately before the situation goes from bad to worse.”

He called for a national assistance scheme for the widows and orphans of those who had been killed in the war of Independence and affirmative action for people living with disabilities. He condemned corruption and proposed that no minister or assistant minister should be allowed to sit on any board of a private company because this would lead to a conflict of interests.

JM constantly warned those that seemed to have acquired a new disease of ‘grabbing’ thousands of acres of land while the majority of Kenyans remained landless.

“This is greed,” he thundered in Parliament in March 1974, one year before he was assassinated.

“It is this greed that will put this country into chaos. Let me state here that this greedy attitude among the leaders is going to ruin this country.”

JM specifically warned privileged elites from Central Province who were taking advantage of their positions to buy up land cheaply from other communities.

“They have even gone as far as Maasailand, saying that they are doing an experiment whereas the whole Masailand has been taken by those greedy people.”

His insight into the creeping inequality in the country acquired a prophetic tone when he warned that if we were not careful, the Kenya would become a country on “ten millionaires and ten million beggars”.

A walk through the slums of Kibera, Mathare, Korogocho and Kawangware today clearly illustrates that this prophesy has sadly come true.


Kwale said...

Chris, I don’t usually log into computers on weekend but since you promised a cracker today 5 July 2008, so I said to myself I mustn’t miss it.
And it’s this you have to come up with? Don’t get me wrong it’s wonderful to remember those people who have played major role in re-shaping our history but what is the purpose of this post? Am I missing something?

You should know by now I like speaking my minds of which has earned me many enemies here to say the least.
In your previous post you have said this blog is for freedom of speech. Really? Well, I have been called many names here, ranging from uneducated, unintelligent, a fool and imbecile a thousand times just because I don’t agree with what many people says here. Is that what you call freedom of expression? Freedom of speech is when you allow every voice to be heard of irrespective of popularity of that opinion.
I would never ever call anyone in a million years an uneducated or unintelligent just because they don’t agree with me. And if I do call anyone names it would be in a humorous way or use a slang word which usually carries less weight.
It would be very nice if your bloggers could refrain from using abusive language.

It would be also good to note that some people like me are made to comment on the reverse and not on the popularity. And that’s what makes a debate exciting!

Anonymous said...

Kwale, an SARCASM from Taabu? For the rest talking about deam MPOs or people. THey have all been traitors, being used or planning. Bob Ouko being used by Western powers wanted to be bigger than Moi, TJ Mboya, being used to undermine Kenyatta after dividing his Luo tribe, JM Kariuki, a man richer in his death today than he was at death due to the appreciation of land value.

Shaddy said...

Why do I feel TJ is getting a bad wrap here? I feel disadvantaged because of my relative youth to speak authoritatively on this matter. In fact, what I know about TJ is stuff I've pulled out of the history books, and off the lips of men and women who glorified him at every turn, like my father.

It seems to me that for the CIA to have singled him out as the man who had a cool head and prgamtism enough to lead Kenya, he must have possesed qualities that made him trustworthy. Was it wrong that he worked with the Americans to try to become President? I don't think so. In that day and age, that was the way to do it. Was he wrong to fight Jaramogi? A lot of Luos think so. But that misses the point. He was a leader in his own right. Had he beaten Jaramogi to the throne, why would that have been such a terrible outcome?

Like any leader, Tom Mboya did what he thought was best for Kenya. What we can all agree on is that he never stole from Kenyans and he never killed anyone. In a country that has tettered on the brink of collapse because of those two vices, Tom stands tall.

Again, was the President-is-above-the-law a wise way to go? Now we know it wasn't. Was it wise for him to bring Kibaki back home from Makerere? Now we know it wasn't. Truth is...Tom Mboya never claimed to be a prophet. He could never have predicted how Kibaki would turn out, just like Raila failed to predict he was handing the presidency to a monster in 2002.

So for all of TJ's failures, we must be reminded of our own fallibility as human beings, and for all his successes, let's be humbled by the fact that he was among us...even if it was for such a brief time.

Yes, we miss you, TJ.

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

anon9:29 AM
as far as I see it everyone on Kumekucha has freedom f expression and when A KENYAN gets annoyed at persons on here peddling lies and propaganda they have a right to react anyay - if you catch a thief stealing in your house or raping your wife, daughter or other family members?? Kwale i don't see you saying proceed after which i will take you to court? I bet you- you will look for a gun or run for help or fight it out!

See kenyans have no luxury of fighting directly with this thieves and thugs in government or when they try demonstrating they are slaughtered like goats(Police shoot to kill orders) what they are left with to show their anger is a pen -piece of paper or the blogs!to let it be known that they will continue fighting for democracy and Kwale if you are one of those people on mashada that support kibaki 's rigging of votes or kimunya sell off of Grand Regency or the shoot to kill order by kibaki or government machinery called the police and army torture and murder of innocent kenyans when their only crime was to fight for their democracy then indeed you deserve all the name callings and abuse you receive here on kumekucha- since the same KENYAN some who lost their loved ones have a right to express their views - freedom of expression comes in many forms- but where facts follow the expression that in itself is true freedom of expression!! get my drift! keep posting and we are here to agree or disagree with you- and where we know the facts and you post lies and propaganda then you will get our wrath!!

chris said...

Kwale my brother,

Your opinion is most welcome.

You come across as quite genuine unlike some other people here.

Sorry that my post did not meet your expectations. I will sincerely try harder next time.

Thank you for reading kumekucha and thank you for all the time you take to leave comments. Have a great weekend and remember that every market has it's madman so don't worry too much about some of the characters here. Many of them are paid hands and even u wud get emotional if ur earning a living doing something like leaving comments in a blog to mis-lead and push agendas.


Anonymous said...

Chris - in other words, everybody who does not agree with you or your friends, is paid to do so? Have you gone down to that level just to please the Okellos of this world? You once accepted different opinions, even loved the exchange of different ideas because as you said - a long time ago - it sometimes even makes you change your mind and you start seeing the world with different eyes.

But it seems these times are gone now. For what reason I don't know. Is it the money you make out of this blog? Is is the publicity? Or is just the fact that you have chosen to go in another direction and have stopped being the man we all knew? Is this the reason why you left Kenya and your family? I hope, you will go back to your roots one day because if you don't you may realize too late that you have become a failure, not only to yourself and your family, but to the society in general.

Anonymous said...

anon10:34 AM
such a piety post- i do not see anything wrong with chris or Kumekucha blog? what are you referring to?? don't you have anything better to do with your life than stick your stinging face in Chris personal affairs? it is like people like you with your shady and niave posts that bring the name of kumekucha blog down- how about discussing the real kenyan news happening today??

Theft of Grand Regency
Kenya IDP's
Police torture and brutality
more than 4000 missing youths(numbers disputed)
food prices in kenya
and the list goes on and on!!
all you post here and whine about is Chris and his family life!
I repeat it is none of your business- go look after your own life and family- to me you sound like a clueless desperate kenyans with no substant material or news to post on kumekucha- go get a life!

Anonymous said...

"that was a big mistake you made… very big mistake, fetching that guy from Makerere. "

dont know if that statement is entirely correct.

according to unreliable sources (ECK) 4.3M guys in 2007 and 5M in 2002 put this guy where he is. i would wish to regret my 2002 error, but cannot the other choice would have been Uhuru and between the two, there were no reasonable choices. but 2007 supporters are still very happy with their choice so its quite a touchy topic still.

Kenyaone said...

Hey Chris.

Thanks so much for this. Ive read all comments posted so far. Of course everyone has their opinion (vikii.....)) Nevertheless I undersatnd what my father was trying to do and thats enough for me. I know he was no CIA agent (standard) they are obviously trying to clear someones record on the case (Chris, will tell you who any why privately) but thats okay. I developed a thick skin a long long time ago. But i do thank all those who have commented and just want to say. I think my father was the greatest!!! and nobody or nothing can ever change that.

I celebrated today and am so chuffed with the unprecedented media coverage as well as your unfliching work Chris. We know where we have come from. Keep it Kumekucha.

Best regards

Lucas Mboya

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59 AM - I fully agree with Anon 10:34 AM - you cannot pretend to be Paulus when in reality you are Saulus. In other words: Chris cannot continue telling us of his love for Kenya when in the reality he has run away because life and especially his private life after having exposed his Kikuyu wife here a little bit too often, had become unbearable. Preaching morality and taking up responsibility not only for one self but also for others, is easy because they are only empty words. It's deeds which are counting and here Chris has let us down when he even appointed this shaddy figure called Oscar to replace him in this very blog thinking that he could continue with the Raw Notes and cash the money to support his living in the US.

Anonymous said...

Not to dump on your cozy relationship Chris and Kwale; but couldn't such intimate talk between you two be carried over back channels like emails and phone calls? I wouldn't want to tell you how to respond to posts but kumekucha's genius is that it allows all points of view. We all know a few blog like rooms that fizzled once certain opinions began to get censored ala mashada. So while Chris may have his own leanings, it is quite inappropriate to be seen to actively carryfavor with certain bloggers.

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Lucas Mboya, Just as Kimunya's son says his dad is the greatest, and Stanley Oloi tiptip says that his dad was the most handsome, or Uhuru Kenyatta says his dad has the best entreprenerial brain in the country, you have a right to repeat it.

So, are you proud that your father was a brownnose? If your father lived in Ireland at that time, you and your family could have known what it meant.

The thing is Kenyatta (Uhuru's dad) was just too clever and stopped him from getting the arms into the country. If he managed, the 1971 coup which was planned by Mboya and some people known to him from the Kilimambogo upbringing could have succeeded. If it succeeded, that the arms which were to come through Ian Smith's Zimbabwe, or Angola where Savimbi was already distbailising, we could have had a bloodbath last decades. THANX to DADDY.

In short, just like Biwott's wife hates being reffered to as a wife of a murderer, or Kihika Kimani's son feeling like running away at the mention of the dad's name, you should be ready to stay away from it like Margaret Wanjiru's children who disowned the dad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34 - I thought Chris' words speak for themselves because I do not share your perspective that he thinks that everyone who comments here whether pro or against some of his posts are paid by someone to do so. He was trying to give an honest answer to the effect that even himself does not know the motivation of individual contributors here.

As far as I am concerned everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one has a right to trivialize other people's opinions. We are wired differently and for some us our patriotism to our country could be formed on the basis of our cultural background something which is no one's fault because none of us applied to born in whatever tribe they belong to. On the other hand we need to appreciate that when it comes to our country, Kenya, it is imperative that we all see what afflicts us through the same prism, that is, our country, Kenya and not our tribes.

I felt very encouraged by how united we were when GRH "scandal" broke but I was swayed by my emotions because that was never to be because since many of us who initially believed that once a leader is adversely mentioned in any impropriety should step down have made a 360 degree turn and are now looking at the scandal through the prism of their tribe by questioning the motive of those they percieve not to share in their communal agenda. We need to be serious if we want to call ourselves patriotic Kenyans. All the scandals of today will affect each one of us equally and it is our children and their descendants who will carry the burden their tribal affiliations not withstanding.

Lastly, TJ was a hero and a villain at the sametime. I share in the opinion that he was never a prophet to foresee the country, Kenya, 40 years later. The problem we have today have been made worse by the fact that our leaders have had all this time since independence to learn all the loopholes they can exploit to steal from us. Fortunately, wananchi have also grown from being the more manipulated independent electorate who never questioned anything to a more robust, well informed and intelligent electorate we are today.

papa plus said...

Most of these stories have been remixed from their original version into something entirely different from anything close to the truth. Why, O why, don't our leaders get in the habit of writing memoirs or even keeping a diary! Up to now, Moi has not penned a book of his experinces. Ditto for his secretaries and co workers close to him. These clowns need to learn the importance of writing about their experiences from their perspective for future generations and historians to evaluate and learn something from them.Instead we are left with innuendo and potulations and alot of monday morning quarterbacking.

It is fun though...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20 AM - agreed if this would be possible since friends told me that not even his wife knows his new address. She is really desperate because he also does not reply to emails. So if there is somebody out there who can help, it would be highly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

LUCAS, a SNITCH deserves to die by the BULLET in a busy street. A SNITCH's SON is a SNITCH

Shaddy said...


Sam Okello

Kwale said...

Anon 10:12… so the only people that matters are those killed by police. What did those Kikuyus who were killed in Kibera and Mathare and in the RV did to deserve to be killed.
If ODM supporters did not start the killings, the police would have not acted! The police have the duty to protect the public and the properties.
How would you feel if I kill your brothers and rape your mother for not voting for Kibaki?
Let me ask you this question, did you really expect the police to sit there and watch as innocent people are being butchered and as the country going up in flame? The police have to act and they have to be firm and precise. Acts of hooliganism and moral depravity MUST NOT be tolerated at any time.
Was it the first time election was stolen from Kenya? You see your problem and all your ilk is that you were brainwashed into believing if Raila wins you will automatically become millionaires. You were given false hope that was never was.

Raila is a socialist politician and what he would have done is exactly what Fidel Castro did to Cuba and Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. Is that what you call instant wealth? You see people like you like to sit down and wait for handouts; you like to get it delivered to you on a platter. And that’s why you cannot see life beyond Kibaki and Kikuyus.

You see, you only live once. What legacy will you leave behind when you die? Get up your arse you slob and stop blaming Kikuyus for all your problems. And before you start calling me a kikuyu thief, FYI am not a Kikuyu. Am sure now you will start calling me a Kikuyu arselicker beacuse everything in your world revolves around Kikuyus.

papa plus said...

You are being disingenous about the kikuyu killings by ODM youth. I willl chalk it up to emotions.

Let me remind you that Kikuyus were killed in Burnt Forest back in 1992. Where were your police then? Let me also remind you that Luhyas, Lous, Kisiis and others died in RV during the same period.

Where were the police?

So please stop with the short sightedness.

The truth is that Kibaki used whatever powers at his disposal to achieve his agenda. Let me also remind you that most of those who died post election died of bullet wounds.

Quess who had the guns?

ODM were denied numeorus oppotunities to demonstrate peacefully with police protection. It is the same thing Moi did during the fight for multi parties. So these are not new tactics. The police and GSU are always there to deter folks from meeting and marching. All they have to do is issue a licence for the meeting and a disignated route for the demonstrations. Anyone who goes out of those provisions will be arrested.

Instead what do they do?

papa plus said...

One more thing Kwale,
...but I will agree with you that such is the political rugby game in Kenya...

so am not whinning about it. Am not disillusioned about it. Am not looking to make millions if Raila was in the hot seat.

What I want to hear is folks calling a spade a spade. Don't hide behind smoke screens like the police are there to protect property in kibera...what property. We all saw a cop chase down a kid and shoot him when the kid was on the ground and then kick his corpse. That is Kenya.

Just have the cajones to call it as it is. We are in power and woe unto anyone anayeleta nyokonyoko, ataona mtenakuni. Be like Kenyatta and Mugabe and Museveni and stop pussy footing around...

Anonymous said...

kwale says
"You see your problem and all your ilk is that you were brainwashed into believing if Raila wins you will automatically become millionaires."

You've been fed that PNU bible crap until you actually believe it. DO you imagine that you are dealing with 5 year olds? THe reason we support ODM and RAO is captured in the ODM Manifestos read them and understand, when you find a chapter that says we'll be millionaires point it out to me i missed it.

Dont cover your intransigence with sweeping juvenile statements. Harping on the deaths is whipping up emotions of those aggrieved to support your notions blindly.

Your predictive assessment of RAO policies and implementation are limited to the rhetoric from PNU think tank, and guess what, if you hear it often enough and keep chanting it like some kind of prayer as you continue to do, you begin to believe it. The shallow arguments are for weight loaded with examples and mention of some snotty sounding places ostensibly to impress and dazzle but sorry they are near irrelevant to our kenyan struggles for just governance.

Your dislike of RAO and ODM like fo rmany others is egoistic and all those fantabulous excuses are just that, excuses.

Read the manifestos thats what this is all about, contrast that with the 10 para PNU manifesto, which then leaves everything else to be conducted at the whim of the thief (oops chief) executive and anyone else in the inner circle that can take peoples goats without being seen to be taking peoples goats


Anonymous said...

Whatever words you use, in what syntax order, the thing is ODM murdered, Raila Odinga and ODM inspired the killings and police acted in the interest of the state and state security to control the situation. If you think it was juveline as you are, then, tell ODM to walk out of government, James Orengo to resign and you to keep shouting here. By the way, when are rents going down or when are you going to start living for free? ODM promised 60,000 jobs for teachers, 65% CDF cash for the constituencies and many more things, including devolution. Hiyo yote WAPI? What I know is you like any other LUO ADORES and God-follow Raila.

Anonymous said...

Manifesto, the word alone speaks for itself. It is crap copied from the likes of Fidel Castro - one of the worst dictators in this world whose people are suffering since decades. Does it not tell you something that your god Raila is still worshipping such a man and spends minimum once a year some private holidays in his house because he feels that this lost creature called Fidel Castro inspires him? No wonder Raila still has nightmares and talks to his father in the night. Read Sam Okello's Her Excellency. He has dedicated a whole chapter to this fact. It is scary just to read it and one starts wondering about Raila's health status, at least the way how Sam Okello describes such a sleepless night. Don't believe me? Get the book. It can be bought at Sahel Publishing Inc.

Taabu said...

Kwale asked,
...Was it the first time election was stolen from Kenya?..

In that question lies the answer to al your question which unfortunately unmasks your character. Nice try though and god luck.

Anonymous said...

taabu - before hitting the keyboard go back to school and learn proper English. The mistakes you make are unmasking you and your low education. So before judging Kwale's character, improve your own although I do not think that there is any hope. A looser is a looser and will always be one. Good luck, looser.

Phil said...

Blogger Kenyaone said...
But i do thank all those who have commented and just want to say. I think my father was the greatest!!! and nobody or nothing can ever change that.

Lucas, you WISH!

Vikii - Just like you, I was right here on this forum last year. I agree with you and I want to tell Chris he is overdoing this Mobya memorial. Lakini umenena!

Lucas and Chris give us a break. Wacheni kuleta watu JUU.

I think you guys are getting carried away with the TJ MYTH. 50 years from today, there will be a Chris Murangaru blog or perhaps a Kihika Kimani blog. Lets not LIE to the young generations. Mboya ndio alitu kinda.

The fact of the matter is that Lucas' dad remains the biggest traitor in independence history and continues to be the one and only reason that this country Kenya does not have any workable constitution.

Probably TJ thought he was creating an imperial presidency in an ill fated dream that would make him president of Kenya, right?

Reality is; because of TJ's short sighted and highly selfish ethnic wars with Jaramogi that we are still being sat-on and held hostage by his contemporaries (Moi & Kibaki) nearly half a century after Lancaster.

However, in terms of political CVs TJ is trailing Jaramogi Oginga by decades and even better, he is far much an amateur in comparison to Raila Odinga. (I do not need to go into details as am sure you know what he did and what our other patriots have done, so far).

In any case, those people he was so fond of protecting and sharing a table with KILLED him.

Raila Odinga has so far proven he is much more above the Kenyattas, Odingas, Kimathis, Chinas and the hundreds of so called freedom fighters we see trooping to Nyayo Stadium on 1st June and 12th December of each year. We, the current generation, do not owe these native a dime!

In terms of political emancipation of Kenya, I cannot see any Kenyan at par with Raila. Matiba? Ndoto.

Chris, please do not needlessly over stretch yourself each year by overating this Tom Mboya fellow. I personally see him as the biggest liability we ever had.

No pun intended but I rank TJ with the likes of Raphael Tuju. Even Dr. Robert Ouko is a step or two


kalamari said...

RIP TJ. Fact is that most of those here screaming wildly have never met the nyati house pliers.

Si wadanganyi wasee. This country might have been Singapore if TJ was alive. FACT.

Either way, the man is dead. Let's move ahead.

Raila i.e.

Vikii said...

Phil thanks for the support. I was just about to be accused of acute tribalism. Anybody who questions these attempts at misleading people is accused of either being a kikuyu or being a Luo hater.

That said, I find you suffering from a more serious problem than Chris and the other Mboya people. While you are entitled to challenge the Tom Mboya myth,you have shown unrelenting desire and determination to propagate the Raila Odinga one.

Look here, man. No one has said the alleged Mboya greatness was about politics. They have propped him up as a flawless LEADER. Note that one can be a wonderful leader and a poor politician at the same tie. My opinion is that Mboya was average on both fronts. Now tell me what makes you think Raila Odinga is a good leader. What has he ever led?

Is Raila Odinga a clever politician? Of course yes. Everybody knows that. He is very calculating, which begs the question; Do you believe the end should justify the means? Should we continue to glorify people who have perfected the art of playing politics for the sake of it? What will happen if Raila Odinga were to ever get the power he so much craves? What would he do with that power? He has held three ministerial dockets in his political life. Which one would you classify as a remarkable success? Of all the political parties he has been a member of (and they are several), which one did he really help make better? He was a founder member of Ford, a GPC chairman as well as a Deputy Director of elections of Ford Kenya who went on to lose the party's chairmanshp to Wamalwa. Did he behave like a gracious loser in those elections. Is that what a committed party leader or even a loyal member would do? Walk out after a defeat? Do you think he led KANU to prosperity or to demise? Is the NDP, the party he boughgt from Oludhe still existent?What I am trying to ask you is; What has Raila Odinga ever successfully led?

You have accused Mboya of getting us into the constitutional mess we are in. I believe so too.

You have also alleged that Kenya is held hostage by Moi and Kibaki. That is also true. I have to remind you, however, that in 2003, in Raila Odinga's own words, he fiercely defended and eventually persuaded Mwai Kibaki's cabinet not to make the decision to take Moi to court for alleged crimes (which probably covered holding Kenya hostage). He argued against what he considered as setting a bad precedence. That is not political emancipation. That is political enslavement!

This particular issue, Phil is important in assessing Raila's credentials as a leader if he is indeed one. If the Kenyan Press was really objective, they would have reprimanded Raila with the same vigour they reprimanded Kiraitu Murungi when he urged John Githongo to 'go-slow'. But they are not. Kiraitu murungi's only wrong doing in the Anglo-Leasing scam according to Githongo was his attempt to cover up for criminals in government. I am not in a position to question Githongo's political neutrality or motives, but if he is trully beyond repoach and honest, if someone who covers up for criminals is a criminal, one who stands in the way of government unearthing, for the bemefit of kenyans, the shenanigans that symbolized Moi's 24-year old plunder of the country is a criminal as well. That is my opinion which you have every right to trash.

I think that shows you why I refused to endorse Githongo's presentation in this blog as an exemplar of integrity. It is the same reason I have refused to endorse Mboya and Odinga as well. It is all lies, lies and more lies.

Anonymous said...

Somebody rightly mentions that one man's hero may be another man's terrorist. I think this is what we all need to agree on and stop rubbishing Chris's views on why he TJ is his hero. One of the attributes of having your views respected is being able to convince the reader with facts. So let us accept that Matiba is a hero to some, Moi, Kibaki, Kimunya, Raila, Tuju and even Karua. Why do I sense that some commentators are geting personal? Kwani Mboya alikula mbuzi yako VIKII?

Anonymous said...

came across

this article
and thought it was an excellent recap of our sorry situation in kenya

for those able to read deeper than a glossy cover

we are pathetically hacking each other for the sake of about 100 billionaires and we do it so convincingly hoping to somehow fall into their good graces but truth is, they dont care about us. we just have to watch out for ourselves and ensure they dont steal too much more

papa plus said...

Jesus H Christ Vikii,

It is 11.16pm and I have been sipping on waragi and tonic for the last 5 hours. After reading your post, I had to take a double take and read the label correctly to make sure I was not dillusional!

Man, you raise pertinent questions but proceed to answer them in the most subjective of fashion disregarding the fact that your suppositions would apply to Kibaki, Kalonzo, Karua...

For instance;
Is Raila Odinga a clever politician? Of course yes. Everybody knows that. He is very calculating, which begs the question; Do you believe the end should justify the means...

Q. Which politician in kenya isn't calculating?

Wasn't Kibaki essentially selected to run in 2002 by Wamalwa, Ngilu, Raila? And wasn't he honor bound by a so called MOU? Did he not disregard it and justify his running for the 2nd term? Isn't that calculating and using whatever means to justify the end?

Oh yaah, in politics, any means definately justifies the end!

And this one....
I have to remind you, however, that in 2003, in Raila Odinga's own words, he fiercely defended and eventually persuaded Mwai Kibaki's cabinet not to make the decision to take Moi to court for alleged crimes (which probably covered holding Kenya hostage...

One of President Harold Ford's first order of business was to pardon President Nixon of the whole Iran contra saga. His reasoning being that a trial would have consumed the nation and derailed his administration in doing what it was mandated to do. He was widely castigated for this pardon and it effectively sealed his fate as a one term president.

Historians have however vindicated him and agreed with his reasoning.

The difference between that scenerio and Kenya is that even after Moi and his cohorts were effectively given immunity, the Kibaki administration picked up from where Moi's left. Instead of wiping the slate clean and setting new precident, they opted to perfect corruption with Anglo leasing amoung other scandals.So I don't see Raila pacifying Moi by telling him not to be afraid as enabling the culture of corruption per se. Rather he was trying to get NARK off to a running start by concentrating on the job at hand.

In any case, Kibaki ended up holding baba Moi's hand and receiveing hand outs all through the memorandum phase into the elections.

In conclusion, am not sold on the your idea of blame Raila for everything under the sun. Yes Raila has bounced from house to house but at least we know where he stands. In comparison, Kibaki sang Moi O Moi every weekend on VOK and KBC for close to a decade, and then decamped to DP after Matiba, Rubia, Shikuku, Odinga and company had done the heavy lifting and faced arrests, beatings, and risked their lives for the fight for pluralism in Kenya.

I'll be frank and tell you that Raila's problem in my view is that he piqued too early and did not have the guts to grab power by the horns like Museveni. I shall not eleborate farther least am accused of incitement and treason. Besides it is late and I need a refill of my waragi and tonic!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Vikii, yours is true Zen like wisdom. Kwale too.
To cut to the chase, all the noise and racket we are currently hearing including the Grand Regency saga is but a smokescreen for an orchestrated ODM inspired push to collapse the coalition so that we can have new elections. Raila has calculated, wrongly, that if an election is called now, he is in pole position to win. Hence all the pretentious and hypocritical posturing, including the scathing attack on Mugabe. That message was not meant for Africans, but for the virulently anti-Mugabe West, especially the US and the UK. The idea was to give the impression that Raila is a different kind of African leader. Raila is really so shamelessly transparent. If i can see that, why wouldn't the NSIS and Western diplomats? Raila can't fool anyone anymore.

Kwale said...


I have noticed there is something in my comments that is threatening you. Well, be informed I am a self -opinionated individual and I cannot and will never change the way I see things. You can blame that on my lack of education.

Now that I know you don’t like the way I comment here, brace yourself as I am going to increase my dosage. If you don’t like it, move on to Mashada.

I am one of the few fresh of drop of water in this weed-chocked well.

Could it be my comments are denting your ego and Taabu is being eclipsed by Kwale?
If that is the case, then go and deal with your insecurities. In this world there will always be somebody who knows better than you.

FYI I have never advertised my CV here in KK, as a matter of fact I do not have one. Nobody can employ me and nobody will ever employ me. You see no-one can employ unintelligent and uneducated person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kwale. With you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Aiish Sam Okelo yawa,

mbona kuanika shida hapa, heshima tafadhali

Anonymous said...

You do not & will never be a threat(whatever that means, haha) to Taabu. Where did you come up with that sad piece of information...that Taabu is feeling threatened by you???

chris said...


I beg to differ. You can never compare TJ to Rao. NEVER.

I hope the summaries I do will be helpful to Kenyans so that they understand TJ a little more. Only then will they realize why he has been such an inspiration to many.


Anonymous said...

My oh my .... what a pity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:02, Be man/woman enough and come out of the Anon handle if vile as you are cannot show any compassion.

Nevertheless, the sins of the father are never of the son and who are we to judge. History is written and SKEWED to the "victors" or whom we so much want to appease.

Please show some decorum.

Carlvin said...

There was one like TJ;
Dr. Ouko , Bishop Alexander Kipsang Muge, Chrispin O.Mbai,JM Karuiki,
Let's just be realistic: You are not goin to mention pple like Uhuru Kenyatta here plse...or Kalonzo Musioka...
These r the worst politicians Kenyans and the world will ever have known,
A country burns for change; one is opposition chief and deffects to a corrupt gvt, the other goes for vp when the country burns and even stands out like a sore thumb in support for a corruption charged minister - Kimunya ...Very cheap ass freaks ....
They have no idea why they are in politics, or why we were votin or why they wanted anyone to vote for them ...
Anyways, Mr. Musyoka has been known for being opportunist ...I wonder how he even managed to get a wife ...seriously!

Anonymous said...

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