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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Get Insider Kenyan News At Least 2 Months Before People Even Start Hearing A Whiff Of A Rumour

Kumekucha’s record speaks for itself. No other site in Kenyan history has carried more exposes and unearthed more political scandals than Kumekucha has. And that is a fact. Little wonder that the blog has so many enemies. You see the truth always hurts and many times it hurts very badly.

It is therefore hardly surprising that all leading Kenyan journalists visit Kumekucha every day to get ideas and leads for the articles they write in the daily newspapers and for TV news. A few times they have just copied some of our articles word for word.

If you have never read anything written by an NSIS agent or seen them in action with their misinformation campaigns then Kumekucha is the place to catch them in the comments area (some even make fun of being NSIS agents so that the whole thing looks like one big joke). Especially if it is the comments area of some of the most hard-hitting exposes, you will find them jeering and trying to discredit the site whose record since May 2005 speaks for itself. Important clue to help you spot them: Ordinarily when people don’t like a site, they simply stop visiting it. Meet people who strangely keep on visiting and telling others that the site is hopeless.

So what makes Kumekucha so addictive and such a captivating read?

To start with the blog has many writers ranging from ODM insiders to some of the most rabid PNU supporters to others claiming to be neutral. The result is a free speech zone with different shades of opinions that you will not find anywhere else. The main writers Chris and Oscar specialize on exposes and insider information exposing all political parties and all politicians no matter how popular they are. These guys fears nothing and nobody.

The result is that regular readers of Kumekucha are way ahead of the mainstream media. Just to give a recent classic and yet typical example, Kumekucha readers knew the details behind the Grand Regency scam 2 months before it came to light. Yep! 2 months before!!

Catch up with insider info behind today’s news NOW at Kumekucha.

P.S. You can get even hotter news on Kenya the type that we cannot dare publish on the site in Kumekucha’s raw notes. Get more information about how to get hold of your copy from regular articles in Kumekucha.

So you think alone, you can’t do anything to change the politics in Kenya?

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