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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Chinese Tourist Dollars – Is Kenya Prepared For Them?

Revival of the tourist industry is in top gear after the blow the sector received from the post election violence that hit the country at the beginning of the year. It seems any paying tourist will do. Kalonzo Musyoka recently tried to woo the tourists from China, and with good reason. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, the Chinese tourist market could be very lucrative. Hitting it may mean hitting some big money. But a few home truths about our future guests is in order especially for hotel operators. It will go a long way in psychologically preparing for them the day they finally arrive.

The Chinese have a unique approach to hygiene, etiquette, and other social graces. A contingent of Chinese guests will bring with it manners never before witnessed in our usually quiet tourist hotels. First of all they travel in large tour package groups. A large group of rude pushy bumpkins can be intimidating even to the most seasoned tour operators and hotel staff. With little regard for such graces as queues, it’s near pandemonium when they descend at the hotel lobby or other business premises like curio shops, all talking loudly at the same time and pointing fingers at attendants.

Loud chattering aside, polishing their shoes with hotel towels and bed linen is not too big a deal to these people. Neither is spitting in hotel rooms and leaving the toilets un-flushed. They’re certainly not thieves but sometimes they feel entitled to take souvenirs like pillows out of the hotel room when they leave. And you know that feeling you get when you try to walk on a perfectly manicured flower bed? That it’s not right? They feel no such thing and will comfortably walk anywhere, all the while spitting on anything and everything. The real bad cases will not hesitate to hock up some disgusting loogey and spit it in the hotel lobby or on the pavements. Mercifully this breed is not too common. At least not as common as the regular spitters – not that the regulars are any pleasant either.

It is said that the Chinese tourist packs enough instant noodles and dried fruits to last their whole stay. The only thing they will ever require from the hotel in terms of feeding is hot water in which to soak their meals. And you can’t charge guests for water now can you? So hotels don’t count on the thousands of shillings you make from the strange names on your menu. Just bed occupancy. But they will visit the dining room occasionally and display their characteristic slurping around of food. Don’t be surprised if they come in there in their pyjamas. Or stripped to the waist.

And you may not want to admonish them for all these. Irk them enough and they could stage a noisy sit in at the hotel lobby and belt out their national anthem. That’s the Chinese tourist for you.

China knows about this dubious reputation and they’re not taking it lying down. They have tried running campaigns to educate the population in etiquette and good public manners via state run news agency Xinhua. With a population as huge as they have, it may take some time for the results of this campaign to be seen.

Nairobi woman paid man to sire child for her


Anonymous said...

Wanjiku, if you have such visitors ei ikae. Thank God i am not in the hotel industry!!!!


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Ivy lol. We need the cash ama? We'll just have to prepare our tourist service providers for the guest from the East.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing and that's the most important one and main reason why they prefer to go to the Philippines at the moment: prostitution.... that's also the reason why the Aids rates have increased to an unbelievable amount during the last few years in China and why the Philippines would be more than happy if they would divert their 'attention' to another country. So if and when they come to Kenya, you know why ..... not to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but the beautiful girls. Otherwise I fully agree with your description. They are an horror for any decent hotel management.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. We need the money. So why all the hussle about their manners and infecting us with Aids? As long as they pay, even dirty dollars become clean ones. Kenya needs all the money it can get, no matter how and by whom.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your post Wanjiku...I have come across come Chinese people in my lifetime and to be honest hygiene is not in their the way not just theirs, I think generally all people from the Asian continent....and they say Africans are bad!!! Those ones uuuuuuuuwi!! hata usiseme.

Seriously, unless we want to repaint and refurbish hotels, buy towels and bedding everytime these group of visitors come, then hotels should be wary of the type!

Otherwise if they admit them, they better impose a refurbishment fee in advance specifically for humble opinion is that these lot are just not worth it!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Easy anon. That was on the lighter side in reply to Ivy.

Anonymous said...

Ivy 5.53. AM

I`m not being personal But i suggest you go back to some sort of enlightening groups, gatherings or talk to your parents or your grandmother/father if you can not go to school. It`s not late.

You need guidance.


Hotel industry is for everyone in the world and by the way...


I`m not talking about Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Maasai Kalenjin stupid old guard shit ....

i`m talking about WORLWIDE in other words Global.

If hotels start discriminating dollars, they will be in for a big shock in the long run.

AND Kenyans should embrace tourists from around the world.


And before i forget.............

Is there AIDS in America, UK, China?

I thought AIDS is AFRICAN.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:54 - your last sentence has shown your true character: a despise for Africans and Kenyans in special. I also think that you are HIV-infected yourself and that's why you dare to talk like that. So why care about others? You are a disgrace to the (real) human kind. People like you should be locked up or maybe even better, given to the mungikis to take care - because you represent a danger - to yourselves but especially to others. Shame on you to have so little disprespect to the suffering of innocent women and children because of men like you.

kalamari said...

I have never been to China but I would very much like to visit Tiananmen Square. I would also love to lounge on top of a misty mountain seated on an intricate bamboo mat while sipping freshly brewed green tea in one of those miniature cups as a geisha clad in a chiffon bath rob scrubs my back.

Back on topic. The invasion of the China-man must be received with a lot of caution. Have any of you checked out their $9bn cobalt deal with the DRC? There's a reason why we should not allow international conglomerates to deal directly with shamba boys.

Back on topic again. Tourism. Enyewe tunaumia. Let them come and fill the hotels and national parks. We have never needed the Chinese Yuan as much as we need it today.

As far as prostitution, we don’t need to worry. As soon as the China-man sees the tens of thousands of Kenyan prostitutes on Koinange street, Malindi, Mombasa and all the F2s, they will arrange to ship them to permanent bases in China. The Chinese are world class sex traffickers.

That said, who are we to scold the Chinese on sexual morality? Kenyans are in fact some of the most randy sex perverts in the universe. Some of our most beautiful women are prostitutes. Don’t you guys get amazed at the Halle Berry/ Paris Hilton Kenyan beauty on display at Koinange Street? Don’t we allow the Italians to rape our babies in Malindi? Don’t all Kenyan bosses sexually abuse the junior staff? Haven't our ministers and religious leaders been caught with their pants down in the boots/trunks of cars? How many first class honor female graduates have been pimped by our professors?

Yes folks, the prevalence of HIV in Kenya is no longer an unexplainable phenomenon. It's just our lifestyle.

Chicity said...

Wanjiku - interesting....we learn something new every day.


Ahem, I think you need to address anon @6:54AM with the quickness. Another burst of cerebral flatulence on a Friday, sheeish!

Chicity said...


Good points on the double standard regarding prostitution in both countries. I doubt the Japanese would be thrilled to have their celebrated Geishas mentioned in an article about the Chinese "adult entertainment scene";-)))))

kalamari said...

Another take. Wanjiku Unlimited, Ivy and all those despising visitors who deposit spittle all over the place, wipe shoes with towels and do not respect the 'keep off the grass' sign; don’t you think in a way, their uncouthness will increase employment?

Before you know it, some of our school leavers will be employed in high numbers in the cleaning utility teams of some of these large hotels. What about translators? Anybody want to learn Mandarin? And since they travel in large wolf-like packs, wouldn't we not need more tour operators?

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku in your generalization, u seemed to forget some very important things. I personally work in the hotel industry and have been for the last 10 years. Not only in Kenya but globally. Remember the key word was "tourist". Most tourists have something called "courtesy" and the next thing they have is "money". When you combine these two aspects, you can eliminate some of the negative aspects that you have posted about tourists. In my dealings with Asians from the Orient, I can personally say that they do not speak as loud as u claim, compared to our Nigerian brotha's or our Americans when it comes to throwing tamper tantrums. What we may consider very hygienic may not be hygienic to them and most of them are "globalizing".

I will give u an example. Pardon my language to my staunch Muslim brothers and sisters. I once visited a village in Pakistan that is inhibited by Islamia Muslims. Food is served in these huge sinia's and the only difference is that the men eat separately than women. Anyway, we had a discussion with a friend of mine who told me that we "Christians" smear ourselves with waste (when we wipe our derriere) and to them that is very unhygienic. They prefer to put a little bottle of water and after you're done, u wash your "equator" because to them it is more hygienic and clean. Now consider that the guy telling me this is sharing a pilau with u and per custom, no utensils.

Dont ask me what Oriental Asians do because I have eaten some things that only God knows. If u are a fan of chicken fried rice u may need to inquire if it's really chicken. Why? because if your favorite kitten is missing, and u r enjoying that meal, then u just be enjoying ...... All in all, u have to admit that Oriental Asians can teach Kenyans a lot.

Most of them live longer than us yet they have the same problems as us. (Diseases, hard labor).

Tafadhali usiwadharau because we have so much to learn from them.

Knoppix! said...

Ciku....wherever you have been hiding perhaps the chinese know.Anyhow for a moment i felt like you were talking about our Luhya brothers.(No Offence Meant Just a Stereotype)

They have a penchant for towels and pillow cases and sometimes talking loudly.They like quick fix meals stuffed in paper "packas" and the list is endless.

Quite striking, they are almost like Wariahs who can spit the miraa right on your carpet and dont give a rats ass about it.

Ideally if in the US when its cold and they cant afford the heating they can make fire using the doors .

All this mannerisms vary but some are overly awkward and thanks for enlightening us.I will be cautious with them next time i meet the jing jingz!

kalamari said...

@ Chicity, Cant you 'see' they all have squinted eyes!! Who am I to know the difference? Do you agree with the hot green tea in small cups?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6.54 since when was AIDS african? i thought it was brought by crazy white people who were doing the nasty with monkeys!!

kalamari at 7.48 that is a new take....its welcome, but it will come at an extra cost!! they have to pay more for people to clean their extra mess....that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Kalamari if you you don't know the difference between Japanese culture and those primitive Chinese coming to Kenya - just shut up or better pick some books to educate you of what you are talking here, before you give us a lecture on their traditions. I, personally, would prefer that you shut your mouth and if possible forever since upto now I have only read rubbish coming from you.

Anonymous said...


Did you listen to Kibaki yesterday. When pressed (jeered)for a number he said "ni kubaya sana". Surely we won't mind some yuan to sort ou our issues.


Anonymous said...

Kalamari - the way you talk about 'the tens of thousands of prostitures in Koinange Street' (and allow me the remark that we always joke amongst friends that Jeff must have known that this was becoming the center of prostitution in Nairobo when he ventured on the same business a long time ago) is very interesting. It sounds like you are even proud that Kenya has become internationally known for this 'business'?
But as somebody here said 'business is business and dollars are dollars - so why care?'
Don't you think that we all should feel ashamed? - I guess, you answer is 'no' as long as the money comes rolling in.

Anonymous said...

JEFF - or whoever you are - if you don't have anything substantial to contribute, just shut up.

And by the way, using the 'Anon' of 'JEFF' does not give you any importance. Using a certain name does not give you honours - but deeds are. So don't ride on false pretentions. Earn your living - or better: your place here on Kumekucha.

Show us your real face if you want us to respect you. Otherwise keep your mouth shut or better, your keyboard 'mute'.

M-Pesa said...

Wanjiku of Mombasa,

Come on and admit it, you are drunk!

Why tar an entire nation of over 1 billion souls with the same brush? I meet many 'ching chongs' and most of them happen to be very human and polite unlike the savages you've described in your rant.

Most of your posts are usually very sober, fair and balanced but this typical Kumekucha gibberish is very RACIST hence an apology should be forthcoming!

Imagine if you substituted the word Chinese in your piece with say, Luo? All the hell would break loose and the forum would turn blue with matusis and rightly so. You see how damning it would be? I hope you get my point. Hii post dadangu ime bite the dust, very very 'unWanjiku' like!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the entry is offensive to the Chinese tourists, because manners described is also done by uneducated or "uncultured" Africans if you may.

Before pointing fingers and stereotyping other cultures, look at your own backyard and check how Africans behave.

Are you the most reserved, well mannered hotel paying person? No flaws? the expert in this service hotel industry?

Its a pity how arrogant you have become. You can't even get your country together, at least the rural Chinese have money to pay for their ticket and hotel.

YOU definitely missed a lot of stuff about cultural sensitivity and humility.

Anonymous said...

Mrembo or whoever you are - use your brains before opening your mouth if you have any. Otherwise I would proprose you go to a mental hospital - or better, go and visit a hospital and see how people suffering from Aids are dying. And then - if you dare - come back here to talk the way you do now. You are a disgrace, not only to ourself and mankind, but also to your mother and father - and to the rest of your family - if you have any which I doubt. Otherwise you would feel ashamed to even raise this subject.

kalamari said...

Anon @ 8.05. The Chinese are far from primitive. They are in fact surging towards super power status. Very soon you will be discarding those Nike shoes and scrambling for some Chinese brand tennis shoes. In fact, you will switch off CNN to listen to the Voice of China. As far as the rubbish spewing from my mouth, the honest truth has never been so palatable. I respect your opinion though…… so I will let you off easy this time.

Anon @ 8.13. I'm in fact being sarcastic. I long for the days when we all went to church in our Sunday best suits and later on went to play with home made toy cars and dolls (cha mama na baba). Today, if your standard eight daughter comes home late from school, one is not sure if she was truly detained in one of those extended prep classes. And yes, K-street is flooded.

@ Mrembo. Yes. Hotels will be paying more people. But isn't economics/govt. payroll taxes all about the sustainable redistribution of wealth?

Folks, I'm just trying to desensitize you on some 'moral' facts. The reality is that we are living in a sexually depraved Kenya society.

Anonymous said...

the problem with this blog is that people clearly dont understand what they read or maybe i just dont know how to phrase my comments well!!

anonymous 8.38, clearly i must not have any brains as u have mentioned in your comment....because if u read (and understood) my comment u would know i was addressing the racist anonymous 6.54 who told us AIDS is african!! i was questioning the veracity of that statement since the genesis of AIDS as (i know), was brought by wazungus!!

can you read and understand before you start calling people names here?!!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari 7.48 AM

You Hit the Nail on the Head.

Kenya needs more Job creation and to get ride of the Kibera Slums , Korogocho, Mathare and Raila Phobia that he is the saviour of Kenya Problems.

Our Brand New Prime Minister Agwabo, Njundo, Raila, Amolo, Odinga and on and on and on....Knows that and can i tell you something, before you know it... there will be no "MUNGIKI" NO BAD ROADS, there will be Health care, Because the Young Kikiyu`s MUNGIKI`S will be making the roads and building new Hotels for the Chinese, with Chinese culture and FOOD.

AND then there will be Chinese Markets in every Town in Kenya and Chinese FOOD. Name it.............



Chicity said...

Kalamari - hahaha! You're funny! The green tea in the small cups...I agree;-)))))

Anonymous said...

Kalamari - you are saying that we are living in a sexually depraved Kenyan society....
You may be right. But is this all you have to say?
In other words, is this we have to live with and have no other choice than to accept it?
I don't agree - maybe I am a dreamer - but I think that Kenya - the Kenya I once and still believe in - deserves better.
Don't prove me wrong.
But if this is all we can think of - money and gains no matter who brings it to us - then maybe we don't deserve changes .... and all our dreams are just in vain.
Because this would mean that we have given up hope - hope to change things - hope to change our lives - change to have better government - change to have leaders who feel more responsible - change to lead us into a better future - change for our children and grandchildren......
Too much to ask? I would say 'no'.
The future of Kenya is ours to decide ...... we have given our leaders just a 'glimpse' or our power ...... but let us make them believe and understand that it is 'us' whom they have to respond to.... since it is 'us' who have elected them.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign the Anon 9.02:


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

M-pesa lol! I'm very sober because I've not taken guiness. But I get your point. This is not stereotype though. Just google 'Chinese tourists' and see what the world has to say. The problem is big enough for their government to acknowledge and try to undo. This post was about Chinese tourists, why would I substitute the word with a tribe in Kenya? No apologies m-pesa but I promise a glorious post about the same some time soon.

Knoppix my bro, I've been hiding among the Chinese learning their ways - researching LOL. I forgot to add they have a penchant for counterfeit goods. They've been fined heavily for that in some countries.

Kalamari ai. I’ve heard of ministers in Koinange and car parks but boots?? As Chicity says, we learn something every day. Boot! Kalamari I agree we cant scold the Chinese on sex and morality. Let’s not even go there for now.

Guys this post is just about Chinese tourists. Not in comparison to any other country or tribe. And most certainly not RELIGION 7.50. But i've learned a thing or two all the same.

Sex and HIV Aids cannot be spoken of in terms of countries any more. Both have since spread like wildfire.

Anonymous said...

This is the most loathsome and repulsive thing I have ever read on a blog outside pro-Israeli/White aryan brotherhood forums.

Anonymous said...

anon@9.02 AM

I was thinking that Kenya`s problems are because of pretending to be "holy Cows" and Kenya is Not.


ASK OUR Prime Minister his Culture, Jaluo.. he would not even want to go there, Ask Mavi ya Kuku, Pumbavu his Culture, he would not even want to go there, Ask Moi, the Kalenjin Warriors, he would not want to go there.


It`s time to be serious and creat Jobs in Kenya.

How come so many Indians, British, Americans, and others immigrated to Kenya?

Is it because of Kikuyu, Jaluo, Luhya,Kalenjin, Maasai factor?

We should embrace the Chinese and Build more hotels and good roads and health care and water and Electricty everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:23 - you are just stupid. so better shut up once and for all and save us from reading your stupid nonsense. Kenya and Kenyans deserve better than to get this rubbish from retarded people like you.

mr.isaac said...

my name mr.isaks from peoples republic of china i read website everday i like but happy today i no read your site i offended very what you say china persons not true our reputation good better you need help we give china kenya good friends please this no good moderator remove this i like website yes writing today no

Anonymous said...


That post is in bad taste and should have been ignored or condemned. We have barely recovered from the negative side effects of ethnic stereotyping and here we are now "suggesting that we stereotype our tourists". so in your opinion who would be the most sophisticated tourist, the american, or british or what?

what you've written is uncalled for and you owe readers and those potential chinese tourists an apology.

and like somebody mentioned, when an african hops of a plane, we have all been stereotyped as lacking even the basic knowledge of how to use a pit-latrine leave alone the automated flush cans.

umeshuka sana on the rungs in my previous esteem of you dada, but hey you are entitled to an opinion.


Anonymous said...


I suggest that you post a rejoinder/rebuttal to apologise for this blogs diplomatic gaffe it is in extremely bad taste.


Anonymous said...

UrXKnc - or whoever you are: why should Chris apologize to the Chinese - what makes them better than those mentioned here: the Americans, Europeans etc. - they have not even come yet to Kenya and still to ask to forgive their eventual misbehaviour? What is it which makes them better than others before them? Is it because Kenya is so desperate and has to welcome anybody no matter how as long as they bring their much deserved dollars? How low can a country and economy sink?

Anonymous said...

urx wanjiku has done nothing wrong. i also was disgusted until i gogled chinese tourists. it's international known what they do

Abass said...

Wanjiku, I think this post is in a bad taste and shouldn't have being allowed. Do you have any proof that they are like that? I think you should apologise to the Chinese people.

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku, I can't recall the last time I laughed so much. I think I snapped a rib lol. A gal you have made my weekend!

LMAO @"But they will visit the dining room occasionally and display their characteristic slurping around of food. Don’t be surprised if they come in there in their pyjamas. Or stripped to the waist."

Anonymous said...

the truth has to be told - not matter how much it hurts - in this case the Kenyan Hotel Business. And by the way, why do you all protest: the hotels are owned by the Kenyattas, the Biwotts and the Mois and some Italian Mafia people. So why all this outcry if and when the Chinese damage their precious properties? Before you can just say 'none' they have already made a fortune on them.

And nobody here mentioned yet that the Chinese are famous the world over to like to 'gamble' - so the Casinos are making another fortune on them.

And again, also this business is in the hands of certain Kikuyu-Kalenjin-Italians........

Why not convince some Luos to become more businesslike - don't tell me they don't know how? Because if they really don't, they should give up of ruling Kenya right now.

Anonymous said...

urx somethingn ati diplomatic gaffe? kwani kumekucha is the ministry of foreign affairs or what?

if chris should apologize then so should all other international papers who have writen these same things about china. i've just read these same stories kwa google. And Cnn too should apologize too they had a thing or two to say about the same some times back.

Anonymous said...

both anons @ 10:05, my point is that it is inherently wrong to stereotype.

the tourist industry and establishments to be visited have codes of conduct that they can avail to all local and international tourists and its up to these establishments to enforce them or disregard in favor of $$ gained. that is what differentiates or will differentiate them from each other and make appeal for return business. just like the bars and catering joints you regularly visit and those that you cannot be paid enough to return/go to.

as for public etiquette,clearly there is none as is evidenced from the trash commonly spewed on these blogs.

every time institutions fail to enforce standards in kenya we turn to stereotyping.

i will not even at this point in time try to broach the subject of diplomacy.


Anonymous said...

anon 10:33

very well.

on my own behalf and any other like minded kenyan I apologise to any chinese man or woman that may be offended by this post.


Anonymous said...

UrXInc - you are a coward - stick to your opinion or otherwise don't even start posting your opinion here. In apologizing you have just confirmed the weakness of the Kenyan society: it is ruled by money and influence and not by conscience.

You and your 'name' have now become a symbol of what is wrong in Kenya.

Shame on you for now and forever.

Anonymous said...

you anon 10:43 cannot block my opinion. and yes i could be a coward and weak but am not ruled by money and my actions are driven by my conscience and i am kenyan in pursuit of righting what is wrong in kenya.


Anonymous said...

people stop being holy ABBAS and URXnc. the chinese are known the world over. what wanjiku has said is all over the internet. kwani do you live in caves?

Anon 10.33 true like the NEW YORK times has a story similar adn CNN also carried a story som times back about chinese.not manners but business practises and faking goods from international brands like Lui Vuitton and prada. come on!

Anonymous said...

by the way urlxyz why do you keep reading blogs that commonly spew trash?

Anonymous said...

UrXInc - 10:47 - then continue sticking to your opinion and don't change it with the 'winds of public opinion'.

Because you did with your apology to the 'Chinese people' and that's why I and with me many more regard you as switching to the 'powers' which rule Kenya now and maybe even forever if you continue counting the money in your pockets and refuse to see from this money comes from.

kalamari said...

Anyone suggesting that this post is in bad taste is a victim of 'institutionalized self denial'. Oh yes folks. You have sang the national anthem and recited the loyalty pledge in excess of 12 years. In fact those older have imbibed on the nyayo milk. You have been programmed to die under the Kenyan flag.

You have done all these things to the point that you cannot see anything 'bad' with Kenya. Instead, you are projecting all our evils to the Chinese.

Suppose there was an inferior obscure country on the verge of collapse....lets call it Makuti. Kenya, a somewhat relative economic power decides to heavily invest in Makuti for the benefit of the Kenyan economy. Now consider yourself a 'Makutian'. Knowing our never ending corruption scandals, thievery, criminal intent, and everything else that makes us Kenyan, how would a Makutian be expected to receive us?

Yes folks. We are nothing special.

Dude said...


I am not going to comment on your post because I may end up reinforcing stereotypes - and I thought I was above

Perhaps you have see one too many batches (packs?) from the back-country.

Anyway, you have a come a long way from your maiden post. If you could apply the same veracity to the political mannerisms of the Kenyan political class, we would have another Kumekucha, Taabu or Luka in the the making.

Anonymous said...

i stuck to my view, which is that it is wrong to stereotype.

i also read this blog because amidst the trash, there are some very good points and ideas, so i've learnt to sieve the good and disregard the trash, and voice opinion/dissent if i agree/disagree with another. thanks for asking.


Dude said...

Sorry, I meant Wanjiku..

UrXlnc, I salute your progressive stand.

Who would have known a post on the social habits would elicit the same visceral response as Kenyan politics.

Chiku, we agree to disagree to some extent, ama? Where is Sayra nowadays?

Anonymous said...

If it is not Racisism in Europe, America, Latin America and Cuba, it is Tribalism in Kenya.

Jaluo, Kikuyu, Kalenjins, Maasai and the other 41 tribes.

When will this end?

What`s wrong with Chinese having Chinese Supermarkets in Kenya like their brothers British and Americans?

I Mean BAT?

Mungu atusaidie Wanakenya.
Even with a Prime Minister? We need to address issues here.


We need to grow up Kenyans.


Daniel Waweru said...


This is just low-quality stereotyping. If others were saying the same about Africans, you'd complain, and rightly so. So why trade in these crude caricatures yourself?

Dude said...

@10.14, tell me why cheap spinoffs of Louis Vuitton and Prada is a bad thing? LOL!! Thank the Chinese that us proletariat have a shot at class.

Anonymous said...

hahaha dude

i like that "proletariat have a shot at class"

reminds me when i read the other day when the Bureau of Standards put the chinese amb. on the spot for condoning or not policing enough imports of counterfeit goods so he took a walk on dont know which street and true enough found counterfeit shoe brand selling for 400 so when he asked the vendor why he's selling cheap stuff, was told its either that or a lot more fellows will be walking barefoot.

kalamari said...

Stereotypes are not manufactured from thin air. There are usually pertinent truths in statements that describe a segment of people. It is not wrong to suggest that the Chinese are nasty. Also that Kenyans are equally nasty.

As a matter of fact, stereotypes are guidelines on how to deal with strangers. For instance, Kenyans are great runners. I have not met a Kenyan who is consistently left behind the dust while chasing after a matatu. Eventually we outpace each other. That's not to say that we can all win the London marathon.

The other one that's true; Kenyans are all drunkards….just like Zambians.

Anonymous said...


@ 11.13 AM

Please don`t be Snarky.

Can you substantiate what you are talking about.

No Greek or Chinese expressions.

Ongea Swahili na useme what you are talking about.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Anonymous said...

wanjiku unlimited @ 11.30

I don`t mean to be rude, "BUT" read the article again.

Chinese tourists urged to behave
Updated: 2006-10-09 21:28



Kenya ime-endelea sana siku hizi.
whtat`s your email address?

I will send you the details.

Dude said...

Chiku, thanks for the link.

I didn't say you didn't have a point - except that it is easier to generalize than it is to look at underlying causes or to reach out.

Actually, it may be in the interest of attachés at the Chinese embassy to read this post and recommended cultural sensitivity/etiquette workshops.

Dude said...

Anon@11:44 why




madashell said...

Chinese, like many other foreigners, have the lowest opinion of Africans. They believe all Africans, no matter how educated , are idiots!!

I would not want someone to supply me with weapons to kill my own kind while trying to cheaply or freely get the natural resources I have.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Dude Sayra is rather quiet of late. Hope she's reading your enquiry.

True we agree to disagree sometimes. And who wants to make kumekucha taabu or luka out of wanjiku? I'm just wanjiku.

Anon 11.44 the report also says it'll take time to eradicate this behavior. 2 years is a short time.

Dude said...

I meant anon@11:29 - too many tuskers.

If you can be more precise, I can be less irritating.

Dude said...

I meant anon@11:29 - too many tuskers.

If you can be more precise, I can be less irritating.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Dude the chinese government is already doing that - etiquette campaigns.

Dude said...

Yeah - good point - unlimited.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Anon 11.44 -
wanjikuunlimited at

Anonymous said...

having been a british colony, it appears we inherited stereotyping as well



Anonymous said...

you uptight Kenyans give the gal a break! you're too uptight!? this article is hilarious i laughed so hard. it's just in good time after the depressing mungiki who've been on kumekucha for weeks!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

UrXlnc thanks for the link. I'm still learning a few things. Kumbe the chinese don't fall under the top 5 worst tourists! Then pray what are the top five like?!!

As Kalamari says, Stereotypes are not manufactured from thin air. There are usually pertinent truths in statements that describe a segment of people. As a matter of fact, stereotypes are guidelines on how to deal with strangers.

Kalamari thanks for the insight.

kalamari said...

UrXlnc, Of course we inherited British traits. Remember 'chai ya saa Kumi'? That, however, does not make us British. It just stereotypically makes us gullible. As in Kenyans are a gullible people.
Since we cannot unite as one Kenyan people and come up with anything indigenously Kenya, we tend to accept anything foreign with four wide open arms. Emphasis on 'four'.
The way I see it, the only thing we can patent is the 'Kibaki Vote Stealing Method'. In fact we proudly have a franchise in Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

Too short for our beds!

Anonymous said...

Most Chinamen are filthy. I have so many of them as my friends. But we need the dollars. About HIV, it's our women who should watch out.


Anonymous said...

how ironic

most of our estates have eyesores with rubbish dumps in the most odd of places, unkempt lots, garbage heaps almost everywhere. with the ultimate filth found in the slums of kibera, mathare, kariobangi etc, but here we are giving lectures on decorum.

Am just glad, kenyans had not yet been "invented" when jesus said

"let he that is without sin cast the first stone"

i can just imagine the stampede for the stones with kivuitu, kibaki and kalonzo being the first off the blocks followed closely by moi, biwott etc (couldnt resist throwing that in somewhere)


Anonymous said...

forgot to add

and somewhere on the side would be kimunya floating IPOs (i mean selling the stones for 1 billion a bag)


Dude said...

In the spirit of reinforcing stereotypes and injecting some humour at the same time:

Don't skewer me.

Anonymous said...

it is no wonder Chinese call Africans stupid and grab all our minerals and oil!! guy i think you should move to china and even then they will call you an idiot after you lick their toes for that dollar you are running after!! Africans to Chinese=idiots with no brains!!

whacha wakuche if they joke and play around with our kenyan women we will unleash mungiki's on them!! we are on stand by!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12.12 i second you, hapa it was mungiki this and mungiki that, mungiki this mara kalonzo then back to mungiki then kalonzo again!! it was tiring!!

this article is marvelous wanjiku! leave these people alone!! the chinese are dirty people!!

Abass said...

Yeah but let us not forget that the west have something against China especially CNN. The recent Tibet protest being an example. My point is that these stereotypes don't help and serve no good. And I hate borrowing everything from the west. Take from them only the good and leave the bad rot in them. We need to follow them blindly and quote them like the Quran or the Bible.

Abass said...

Sorry: a correction. I meant 'we need not follow them ...'

Abass said...

Mrembo, that is not good. To call all the Chinese people dirty is not the right thing IMO.

Anonymous said...


i have enjoyed the russell peters' link.....had to watch quite a number of them, the guy is hilarious, i loved him!


Anonymous said...


i know its not good, but i do live with a lot of chinese people and honestly, i dont know how else to describe them.....they are, maybe not all but many of them are.

sometimes we just agree to disagree....yes?

Abass said...

alr8 mrembo.

Anonymous said...

How comes Europeans, Indians and the funny guys from Latin America, i mean "Akina Fidel Castro, Cubans The Colombians all immigrate to Africa?

While us Kenyans in particular "Africans" Immigrate to their Countries?

What`s wrong with African Continent?

Is it Juju, jojo, urogi or Mungiki, dudu or what?

Just asking...

Dude said...

Yeah, Mrembo, he does make fun of different ethnicities... IMO it's over the top sometimes, but better that than going at each other's throats.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

uuuui! Dude thanks for the link. Wherever did you fish this one from?! This guy is hilarious!! Now I know where I'll be logging on when i need a laugh. which is like always.

I'm just done with the chinese vz indians. I see he has also Italy, cheap india, british - all of them. I want to check them all out.

Dude said...

Wanjiku, we can all use a good laugh given what we have collectively been through...

I need to catch up on the more recent ones myself but the chinese/indian one is a classic!

Knoppix! said...

Ciku did your keyboard pass out!Bring More stuff!Am idle in the office!One way to cover for being underpaid is blog blog,chat chat,flirt flirt !

Some new posts might steer us clear from the mungichi,kibz rao et al for a while!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

You really are a piece of work you know. How can you stereotype all Chinese as dirty, primitive and mannerless?
For your information, China has some of the cleanest and most sophisticated people, lifestyles and cities in the world, and just as you have your cousin Njeri and Mburu from shags who don't flash the toilet, who complain indignantly that their crap is not "going" after climbing all over the toilet seat with mud boots, also your brother in law Onyango who writes with his crap smeared finger on the toilet wall "raila tosa", those of your other relatives who spit on your carpet and on city pavements after coughing out yellow/black/green phlegm, practices which you don't necessarily apply in your own behaviour, please know that there are also washambas in China, but not the entire nation.

Dude said...

kimi, I think the write-up was misguided but probably reflects the general sentiment in the hospitality industry. What I don't get is how can the washambas afford to make international trips?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Exactly dude. How can Chinese have the sophistication and intelligence to make enough money to go on expensive African holidays but not enough of the same virtues to have good toilet manners, social etiquette and personal hygiene? It just doesn't add up. Don't we also have primitive people in Kenya spitting carelessly on the street(in fact Nairobi pavements are like an Army obstacle course given the infectious, probably contagious puddles of revolting, vomitious green phlegm everywhere) and seriously misusing toilets even in five star hotels like the Grand Regency? I have personally observed that many Africans(even those who should know better) don't wash their hands after crapping for example, and the same fellow comes and wants to shake your hand. How utterly disgusting. Take your time, do an experiment and observe, you will see i am right. We should remove the log in our eyes before shrieking about the speck in others.

Anonymous said...


How on earth do they call you iceman on grand prix circuit and here you say some of the most X-rated stuff. What you have just said there is disgusting. You know I agree with you on many occasion but please spare me on this one mate.
One thing you have to know here in Kenya we have many bad habits including picking the nose. This is our past time here. You walk even to some of posh restaurant and you are bound to see a big man digging inside his nose with finger. Yuk!!! We are by far a dirty nation and we don’t take much trouble on our ablutions and hygiene unlike Chinese. And the body odour, gosh that another one!!!


Anonymous said...

kimi raikkonen, you are so hilarious.

"raila tosa"

I`m busting in tears.

you made my day...

Anonymous said...

dude is more hilarious than kimi raikkonen.

Hey dude, more links please. The one you posted, ha ha ha ha ...

i can`t stop smiling, yesterday i was in a chinese market in London and i`m telling i was laughing my head off.

you save "one pound" and tomorrow the price may be 40 pounds..ooooh my gooosh....

you got me on this one...

Anonymous said...


If you are used to picking your noise!!spitting on our kenyan streets and not washing your hands before you seat down with others to eat nyama joma and tusker baridi- then you definitely belong in China- so push off and go worship their dollars- live us Kenyans to enjoy our country!! you are a shame to be called a kenyan- in any case I'm not surprised most kikuyu's would sell their mothers for a dollar!

Anonymous said...

You're a low life.

Dude said...

anon@10.43 - I'm laughing just reading your

So after all negative stereotypes do have a grain a truth as Kalamari observed. But I can ascribe Chinese & Indian stinginess to living in competitive societies or trying to survive as minorities.

But, Kimi's explanation still does not explain how washambas (albeit with Prada spin-offs) can afford to take expensive African holidays. I always thought etiquette was correlated with social mobility. Could Chinese social norms be so off the the mark?

Dude said...

Chris, we need a new post. I think we have beaten this one to death.

Anonymous said...

Before you guys leave,

Wanjiku unlimited,
i sent you an email.

Do you guys read your emails or you are obsessed by this blog. Catch up with office work..Please...

it`s anon@11.44AM

Anonymous said...

Dude and all the rest: I fully agree. But allow me one question: why is it that Kenyans come out to contribute by more than the usual numbers when the subject of discussion is 'sex' or even just something coming close to it? Are you all so desperate that you feel that you have to embark on some foreign adventures? How empty all your life must be that you have to spend your precious time on this subject. There are Kenyan women (and men) out there who are just waiting to be laid, to be satisfied, and all you have to do is to discuss these filthy Chinese.

Anonymous said...

This week, Dr James Watson said something unpopular. He said that he believed black Africans were less intelligent, on average, than other groups of people.

Now Watson isn't some kook. He was awarded the Nobel Prize, no less, as co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. More importantly, his idea isn't particularly kooky. There is absolutely no evolutionary reason to expect mental ability to be invariant across geographies or sub-species. None whatsoever. Indeed, statistically, we would expect some disparity purely by random chance - if not by natural selection.

Furthermore, we accept physiological differences between groups of humans. The skeleton of a native Australian, a native American, an inuit, and a European will be noticeably different - they are adapted to different climates and ways of life. If the physical attributes of different sub-species are different - then why not expect a difference in the mental aptitudes and faculties?

In my opinion, the idea isn't racist at all. Watson isn't claiming that all blacks are stupid - or that there are no intelligent black people whatsoever. Rather he is claiming that the average intelligence of black Africans is lower than the average of other groups - just as the average surface area of an inuit is smaller. He has not extrapolated from the group to the individual, or cast aspersions on all black people. His view is very matter of fact - and perfectly plausible. The fact that people are offended by it is by-the-by - people being offended by a fact doesn't make it wrong.

Anonymous said...

How many times have I have to jump out of the way of a Kenyan blowing the snot out of his nose out of a bus window while I stood waiting at a bus stop? Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

anon1:27 PM
stop telling people here what you do with your nose and your snot!!shame on you!! i think you belong in china- kenyans are not hypocrites just because they are pointing out the truth about the Chinese!! if that annoys you them move to central lesotho china!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.23 Looks like Dr Watson was right! Africans are stupid!

Anon @ 3.26 perplexing times. Let's get to the bottom of it.

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