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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lies, Lies

My great concern for the motherland just now is how lies and pure fiction peddled as the truth have dominated and taken over public affairs in the country, even as we hurtle towards the most serious crisis ever seen in these shores since the beginning of life itself.

That crisis, unless checked will include widespread famine, hunger and very hard financial times for ordinary Kenyans.

It is not news to any Kenyan that Dr Alfred Mutua regularly tells lies in public in the name of practicing Public Relations. The training I have in public relations tells me that lies is NOT PR and will always catch up with you sooner rather than later and when it does nothing you do will be effective.

Shortly before the coalition cabinet was announced, Dr Mutua with cameras rolling and a straight face, told us that the extra ministries would definitely not be of budgetary concern. The reason he gave made me double up in stitches of laughter. What made the whole scene so comical is that some reporters (who shall remain nameless) were busy taking down notes and hanging on his every word, looking serious and attentive.

Dr Mutua said that what would happen is that existing departments previously clustered together would be split to create the new ministries and those departments still had their old budgets intact. So the huge cabinet would make very little difference to government expenditure.

Now last week a worried looking Finance Minister, Amos Kimunya admitted that the government was in great difficulty financing its’ expenditure which includes the new colossal cabinet. And as if that was not enough, Baba Jimmy himself, he of duly elected president fame, told angry workers at Uhuru Park that things were “not good” financially in the country. But that was a bitter pill for workers to swallow because the colossal cabinet is a serious cash guzzler and trimming it down to size can go a long way in helping afford salary increments for the lowest cadre of workers who are already going hungry on a regular basis, let alone starting to put aside cash to purchase food to deal with the coming famine. Let us not even talk about subsidizing food prices so that ordinary folk can afford to put food on the table. By the way ask yourself a simple question. If people who have jobs are going hungry, what about the jobless?

On the ground all the signs are there that this government is pretty broke. In fact it is now rather clear that had the Safaricom IPO not happened when it did the chaps at Treasury would be sweating a lot more than they are right now. But one thing I can assure you, they are still already in a cold sweat.

But Dr Alfred Mutua is not the only person in the Kenyan government to peddle lies on a regular basis. Mr Kimunya himself told us shortly before the grand coalition government was unveiled that the country would NOT be affected much by the post election crisis. Again any fool would have realized that the country’s bread basked bore the brunt of the violence, so how could the economy be barely affected? In fact as you read this, there are those who are predicting that the Kenyan economy will never recover in a long time. That is a view that is bound to gather currency in the weeks and months to come.

Then today Police Commissioner Maj Gen Ali came out with both barrels blazingto deny any involvement of the police department in the execution of Mungiki suspects. I am well aware of the sentiments of most readers of this blog who favor extra-judicial killings and believe that it is the only way of dealing with the murderous gang. But surely Kenyans deserve the truth on such a serious matter.

But then all these lies are hardly surprising are they? After all this government is headed by a man who won a single province decisively and lost 6 very decisively and yet insists to this day that he won the presidential elections. Not to mention the lesser liar but nevertheless still a liar in the ODM party which promised a new beginning and swore that they would do things differently and then went and appointed dinosaurs William Ole Ntimama and Fidelis Fred “slapped a woman returning officer” Gumo to the cabinet. Those appointments were a huge statement proving that we were told a lot of lies during the campaign period.

I am not naïve and I know that politicians the world over tell fibs on a regular basis. In fact there are those who define politics as the art of being able to tell lies with a straight face. If this is true then surely there is no hope for Mother Kenya.

Why Kikuyu women have always had a terrible weakness for Luhya men


Anonymous said...

someone from jukwaa posted this and it sums Kibaki and his PNU mouth pieces very well:)

we "won" presidency????

we won by losing bunge??

we won by losing councillors??

ok, we rigged presidency! mta do???

go away, kenya is sovereign???

tutu and kufor are only here for tea???

we did not invite anan here, who is he??

anan cannot tell us what to do???

anan is an errand boy for donors???

anan is a un failure and should be deported??

we shall nominate only pnu mp's to bunge??

odm must go to court???????????

odm will have to be in opposition???

we are the only legitimate govt???

ethnic cleasning! help! help! help!!!

au should recognise us????

jendayi frazier is just roaming around???

thank you zim, ug, somalia, kuwait, djibouti, singapore, north korea, swaziland??

uk has recognised us!!! yipeee!!!!

ok, tey have retracted, so what???

we dont care??? usa has recongised us!!! yipeee!!!!

ok they too have retracted, so what?? we dont care???

we dont care about the west, china is with us???

we will get funding from them???

we sent michuki to china to secure funding and equipment for our future?? piss off!!!

we dont care who does not recognise us???

we are not begging!!!!

igad meeting will take place, wapende wasipende!!!

we were not forced to post pone igad meeting!!!

we dont need international mediators????

there is no crisis in kenya, its a small matter???

kalonzo and uhuru will lead dialogue team????

you refused them? ok!!! museveni to provide dialogue help???

there is no mediation!!! its just normal dialogue??

ok! these mediations are not legally binding!!!

we cannot agree on anything unconstitutional???

these mediation talks are not constitutional???

we cannot change the constitution to fit the crisis???

we cannot make resolutions in mediation without the principal agreeing!!!

african union cannot discuss kenya without our presence???

kibaki met 20 heads of state at au meeting and will soon be recognized???

we will send emissaries all over africa to brief all heads of state and get recognized???

we dont care what european union, uk or america says, we do what we want???

to hell with president bush, we dont need him???

who is condi rice, she is a mslavo in america, we are not??

to hell with kim ban moon of un!!! un is a failure!!!!

we can run our own economy without all of you???

africa is not ready for coalition govts or power sharing deals??

our people can come back to central and we will be successful???

we are doing you a favor by farming for you and selling you goods???

we are first class citizens and know your place in society???

we will get speaker in bunge?? we will get deputy speaker too?

speaker does not matter, clerk does???

our hired milia mungiki will defeat kales???

we shall break up/buy out all parties??

we shall take over rift valley by force??

we shall deport all nilotes/luyias to sudan?

there will be no power sharing deals?????????

any power sharing deal is temporary???

the accord and pm not in constitution???

the accord is about pm only and not other reforms?

we shall not do quick reforms at donors pleasure??

reforms shall be only in land issues, not govt??

governance reforms can be negotiated later???

coalition cabinet shall be decided by pnu only??

only president decides who joins cabinet?????

pnu can run govt by ourselves and provide security???

pnu must provide ministers and odm to give assistants!!!

idp's must and will be forced to go back to their lands in rv???

everybody must care about our idp's and we shall fund it on our own???

we can fund our own budget from our own source without donors????????

we control every village, location, street, dam, latrine, road, pipeline, railway, etc in kenya??? none of these succeeded.

And them central lesotho fools think their new shenanigans will succeed again??

Anonymous said...


Good post

Time to acknowledge candidly our real problems and issues. Lets put everything out there in the open and then actively seek solutions.

Fact is many of these politicians don't have a clue how to solve the enormous difficulties ahead, and frankly probably neither do we, but collectively we can at least got a general sense of purpose and direction while hammering away at each problem and brainstorming solutions.


Anonymous said...


oops!!Chinese supporter is back so are we to suck up to china and give them all our minerals for free and let them shiate on our heads and streets??? or?? first deal with the impostor individual in statehouse by force?? that is an answer most kenyans would like to know!! until issues are cleared and a proper democratic elections take place!!(for the president of the people Raila to take his rightful place as president and the proper resolution regarding the IDP's and land issues!!PNU is going to push kenya into a serious recession!!

Anonymous said...

anon 7:25

fyi, am not a chinese supporter, am RAO supporter, ODM damu, bone marrow is orange.

repeat i do not subscribe to stereotypes if i can help it.

you raise a good point, there are shady deals going on with minerals, oil exploration, disposal of public assets or assets fraudulently acquired through mis-appropriation of public funds which includes safaricom (mobitela shares), grand regency, and then the typical scams, anglo leasing, etc. what you need to do with the rest of us, is bring all these scams to the open, complete with details/facts, who is behind them etc, etc.

as of this moment in time we have no control or say over new democratic elections but we can in the meantime do our homework to ensure if elections are ever called, we support upright candidates and this time gun or no guns, only truly elected candidates will be announced. i can not bring myself to use the term duly elected until it is sanitized and cleansed as for now it refers and represents the fraudulent system called pnu govt.

you can choose to keep or do away with the juvenile attitude.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Chris,

Ours is a system of politics fueled by cynicism and disdain for keeping promises. At least we did not expect much from PNU, but for ODM what has become of the new beginning we were promised. Look at the ODM ministerial postings and tell me which one inspires you with the exception of Orengo. Raila told us that there will be no more wazee ministers and he ended up appointing the oldest minister in the govt, Ntimama. What is so new and redeeming about Goon Gumo; by the way, did he offload to NSSF the govt parking lot he grabbed at the city center? Remember Gumo as Chairman of Nairobi City Commission under Moi? Chris, Kenya has been through alot! But for me the most disappointing of Raiala's ministerial appointment was the posting of Kones to the critical Roads docket. With so much talent in ODM, was this the only guy who could handle Roads? Remember that it was under Kones that the cowboy contractors used to demand 50% of their fees as mobilisation fees - that is, before even they report on the proposed construction site. Is it a wonder that a number of the old cowboys are hiring lawyers to register new construction firms under new names? Maybe Raila knows something good about Kones that we don't know. But if the old Kones has not undergone some conversion, then Lord have mercy upon Kenya. Lately, I was surprised to learn that last year Kones had a lot of problems with his Nairobi landlord because of overdue rents. If he could not manage his MP salary plus all the money he looted under Moi, then how is he going to withstand the temptation of going to bed with cowboy contractors?
That is the so called Raila's new beginning on top of Kibaki's upumbavu!!!!

kumekucha said...

You have touched on something Urxlnc that is key to our beginning to get out of our current mess.

The Kenyan way is to ignore the real issues at hand and go straight for peripheral stuff.

The problem is not PNU and certainly not ODM. The problem is right there in the mirror.

It was we Kenyans who gave the member for Othaya enough votes to use as a platform to steal the rest. It is we Kenyans who elected Gumo and Ntimama to parliament, although we still shouted that we wanted change and a better Kenya.

So how do we deal with the real issue? You and I and if we are really serious about change?


Anonymous said...

Lies are Bad.


Lies that Bush fed to the American people led them to WAR in Afghan, Iraq and the world for no good reason.

The US dollar is now nose diving because of lies and no`one in the world will ever trust Americans again in this century.

Lies are bad, once beaten, twice shy.

No-one in Kenya in future will ever trust politicians again, they are liars.

All the politicians do is to lie innocent people, get the Jobs and screw the people.

People walk without shoess, people survive with no daily food and the same people elected liars to take care of them





Anonymous said...

Mutua? A liar superlative only second to Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

Chris - Its a nice post and portrays politicians and Kenyans the way they are.

Even our politicians including Rao lost faith in their mother land long time ago - otherwise he would have gone to our local physicians and surgeons for the eye problem. Where did he go? He joins museveni who used a state plane to ensure the daughter delivered abroad where professionalism is.

We've lost it - if we accused kibaki of employing grey haired and then we bring past retired as ps such isahakia and Salim Lone. We lost it when we brought Ntimama and Ngumo on board as ministers from the party we thought change would come from. They join mwakere teh transport guy and karume in the last parliament. Why i accuse ODM is that it set its benchmark far march higher than panua? Yet failed miserably to live its promise.

We've lost when my ODM could not be the first parliamentary team to bring a motion to lower the salaries of MPS and ministers. We've lost when the MPs and minister spend time worrying about the past, scheming about each other and rather not think about tommorrow - Kenyans are going hungry and so many jobs have been lost in the last 5 months, yet the MPs will not find a solution.Their big salaries cannot allow them to think. They got to plan for the money and the many investments they need to undertake with the money.

We've lost it if submission made above about Kones are true - then a critical sector to the revival of Kenya will go to the dogs. Maybe michuki from the lesotho with all his wrong outburts could have done better - but where does he come from?

We lost it when among all the top politicians we have in Kenya are students of Moi. They have been tutored by Moi, slept with Moi and when done with him - they confuse Kenyans with the promise of change. Its only the man himself(moi) who is out of power - all his abinding students are just revising the same old moi notes. they spend their nights just going through their exercise books to gather what moi taught them - yet you expect change - tell me another one.

Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo will not bring any change in Kenya. They all flock together. These are the curse of Kenya - na bado.


Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...


Nice post Mzee wa kijiji. Umedinya point kweli kweli. Isn't it time we thought of a new leadership beyond the current leadership in Kenya. What can you and me do?

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa kijiji - those are good thoughts, but what next. I stand accused too. Kumekuchans we stand accused too. But give us solutions.

Anonymous said...


If the mood/spirit of contributions continues as above we could be emerging from the quagmire.

my suggestion is lets start by compiling list of wrongs or issues that could have been done better and where possible suggest solutions or if not just immediately available leave it open. we certainly cannot solve anything without identifying the problem in the first place.

word of caution, we are in the current mess because we didnt agree on corrective measures to be taken in the first place but still its worth a try


chris said...

OK here is my two cents...

Problem Number One: We all think and feel that our tribe is better than other tribes in Kenya. This applies to everybody, even those non-Luo tribes that voted ODM.

Possible solution: Pass a law prohibiting anybody from standing for a parliamentary seat within their home province.

That means a Luo for example cannot even stand for a parliamentary seat in Kisii (coz it is within his home province) and will have to try their luck in any of the other 7 provinces.

This should change our politics overnight.

My dear brothers and sisters...what do you think?


Mrembo said...

mzee wa kijiji,

where have you been? thank you so much for raising points that i totally agree with, that is so true! i am odm myself and have been complaining everytime they did something wrong which i can tell you landed me in hot water on this very blog and was called bitter for saying the truth!!

its not that i scrutinize odm so much for mistakes made but because the benchmark i have set for them is so much higher....they cannot afford to behave like pnu...pnu can appoint cows and chicken in their half side of the government for all i care, after all they never promised anyone anything better...but when odm does becomes a painful thing for all of us who were after real change and proper governance. i remember saying on this very blog that ntimama has been in that government too long and should be given a chance to rest, but then the next thing i see is odm doing the same exact thing pnu did....appeasing people with positions!! then marendes idiocy comparing mps to ceos in private companies and justifying their salaries!! you actually even wonder what all that hullabaloo on change was about!

i havent given up on them (odm).....yet! but truth be told they did start on the wrong footing!

chris, mi mambo za mutua huwa sitaji!

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

UrXlnc another thing in our list of problems is non-performing MPs. I watched what John Harun Mwau is doing in his constituency and really envied the people of Kilome. At the moment they could give the excuse that allocations from treasure are low but some of them have been MPs for so long and still nothing to show for it.

I suggest we name our MPs here and say what they're doing so far. I'll start with mine who as a newbie in parliament, the first thing he ever did was transport Mungiki to Nakuru. He's still probably writing poems to the US explaining why he should have his visa back. Nothing yet on the ground.

Chris what was that some time back about wananchi being able to recall non-performing MPs?

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Chris I think your idea would work wonders if it can be implemented. It will require lots of civic education to sink in though. But first we would have to tackle the inter-tribal hatred that is still simmering at the moment. And we also need to remove some dinosaurs in parliament first too because they can still influence their constituents.

Which brings us to the other question. If the people in Westlands bring back Gumo to parliament, others bring shock of them all Ntimama, what can other Kenyan's do? After all each of us has just one vote.

In my constituency back home for example they (I'm not registered to vote there) kicked out a minister and brought in younger blood. But he still let us down within weeks of election. Yet somehow he's still liked on the ground. How can we then convince people there to vote otherwise next time?

Anonymous said...

anon@4.55 AM

I agree with you 101%.

To fight tribalism in KENYA we as Kenyans, the eletorate, should take the "Bull by it`s Horns" In Kenya. A contitution change regarding MP`s is necessary and should be overwhelmingly be passed whereby MP`s are prohibited from running in their own constituency, I mean standing for a parliamentary seat within their home province.

After all, these thugs when they get elected, they never live in their home ground to help and listen to the eletorate, all they do is move to Nairobi in "posh Houses" and they never do anything "only waiting for the TAX Payers MONEY "BIG CHEQUE" every month with allowances more than Kshs 1,000,000 a Month.

In a third world Country.

It`s absurd.

They are only seen in their constituency`s once in a blue moon , untill the next elections.

If all Kenyans can buy property anywhere in Kenya, Work anywhere in Kenya, Visist anywhere in Kenya, then MP`s and our future leaders should be elected anywhere in Kenya.

AND we will Kill Tribalism overnight in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

When I read that you regard Moi - Moism - as the real threat to Kenya's development, I had to laugh. Was it not that only a short while ago you all - and that includes the esteemed contributors to this blog - called out for Moi, cried for his advise, for his wise leadership?

And now - all of the sudden - you start regarding him as the one being behind all the mistakes these socalled new leaders make because they have been bred by him?

What a rubbish - because that would give them a white-wash which they do not deserve.

They have promised and have been elected on their promises to bring change. And you - the electorate - have believed them.

So don't fall into the trap of blaming Moi for the mess Kenya is in - or should I better ssay - Kenya was in since the last years.

Saying that Kibaki, Raila and all the rest of the crooks pretending to rule Kenya are just doing what yhey are doing because they have been Moi's 'creatures', is far too easy.

We are dealing with grown-up men (or at least that's what they pretend to be) who got elected and paid (and that's the real shame) and don't deliver what they promised.

That's a fact - and that's the real shame of Kenya.

chris said...

Hi Shiko,

I see you have had a very busy Sunday.

When we take away the tribal issue at the constituency level by NOT allowing people to stand in their home provinces, it will force the electorate to look at candidates purely on merit. One of the reasons why these dinosaurs keep coming back is because many times clan issues are brought to the fore and quickly overshadow everything including an MPs development record.

Shiko I also agree with you that the recall clause MUST be enshrined in the constitution. Now like that Mungiki MP of yours, you would have been able to send the guy home by now.

That is my humble view.


P.S. One more thing about Kenyans. We don't like new ideas and thinking out of the box is taboo and is reserved only for masomo. Now the tragedy of it all is that we live in times when ONLY thinking out of the box will save our country.

Anonymous said...

Closing the issue of Kibaki's message that the Government cannot increase the minimum wages:

It has been reported in the German Media that the Kenyan Prime-Minister, Hon. Raila Odinga, found the time after his successful eye-treat and before departing for some much deserved holidays in South Africa in which he was joined by several members of his family, to sign the contract for his state-of-the-art limousine with Mercedes, the price of which is even exceeding the amount of money the American Government has been willing to contribute for his new position (based on the difference between the Dollars and the Euro).

The announcement of this deal has created an outcry in the European Media and has raised the question if the whole trip (under the embrella of medical reasons and therefore even paid by the Kenyan taxpayers) was not a big sham to cover up the real purpose: selecting a limousine outshining the one of Kenya's President.

Mrembo said...

chris, your idea on mps vying elsewhere is great if killing tribalism is what you are after....but other than that, i dont know how well it would work.

as a certified pessimist, let me state my case my dear, this country has some tribes that are obviously larger in size than others.....that is a fact. now, as you well know there's a group of kenyans hailing from one small province and they have a lot of resources, they can really spread themselves around! in my humble opinion, such a law will only work to the benefit of such large communities, especially this major one since their province cannot accommodate all of them to vie as parliamentarians. such a law would give them a free ticket to do so. this then means, that should we adopt your suggestion, they can spread themselves all over the country, vie for parliamentary seats and then we shall have a legislature made up of mainly people from that one community.

let me tell you, i hail from one of those very small communities sasa, if such a thing happens, it means some of us have no chance at all to compete in the "spreading of ourselves around" and i think we shall not only be crying about tribalism then but also inequality as well.

i also wonder, if such a law is passed, how will people from outside be able to deal and tackle problems of the indigenous communities? it will no longer be about representation....but power of resources once again....and the fact that the law says that u have to be represented by someone from outside your region. so no, i dont agree with your suggestion that our politics would be changed overnight.

that is my two cents.

Anonymous said...

And NOW what will happen to the "HUMMER"?

If i were Raila and representing tghe Langata The worst Slums in the World, I would trade the Kshs. 45 Million HUMMER to AMillionaire in Congo and use that Money to BUILD Kibera Slums to acceptable Human Beings standard.

How many Cars/Limousine can one man drive at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 9:49!!!

luke said...

Chris, i am happy to see that you have awoken out of your reverie and are breaking ranks with the heavily disfranchised ODM/PNU coalition supporters who are watching their principals share the matrimonal bed while refusing to touch one another-what type of match made in hell is that?
The editorial policy championed by you Kumekucha when this forum was first introduced was "only brand new ideas and brand new leadership can save Kenya" in recent times this galant theme has fallen by the wayside, and the blog has been waylaid and blindsided by lumbering oaf supporters of all things ODM or PNU who can't see any good or bad as long as its not directly or indirectly attributed to their fallen stars
No wonder the whole of Kenya is groaning under a lead weight of hopelessness-we've lost our way and direction as a nation. Prayers would be the answer BUT who wants to close their eyes infront of a "brother/sister" with one eye open and a machete hidden behind their back waiting to slice their pound of flesh as revenge payment for the land mis-allocation sins of their forefathers?i pity deeply the poor IDPs
Thinking outside the box hurts-and it always will because we are seriously lagging behind in where we have to catch up as a nation-ideas such as chris, Wanjiku, mrembo, Urxlnc and all the annons have said are great but time is not waiting for their implementation-we will die sweating and swearing in the name of our dishonourables.
Time for change was yesterday. any new ideas being suggested today must be acted upon immediately and without fear or hesitation. oh yes.

Anonymous said...

anon @9.40 AM

You are not thinking outside the box.


I Quote you,

"I also wonder, if such a law is passed, how will people from outside be able to deal and tackle problems of the indigenous communities? it will no longer be about representation....but power of resources once again....and the fact that the law says that u have to be represented by someone from outside your region"

#1. Have you ever been to Gatundu, where Kenyatta came from and represented people of Gatundu as MP and President for 15 years?

Gatundu is one the poorest rural areas in Central Province.

#2. Have you ever been to Kabarnet central, where Moi was the MP for 24 years, those people over there cry of poverty day in day out.

#3. Have you ever been to Othaya, where Kibaki has been the MP since 1960`s, people are hungry walk without shoes and eye`s full of "puss"

#4. Have you ever been to Kibera Slums where Raila has been the MP for years, there are no toilets, water, electricuty. name it.

AND HERE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT MP`S dealing and tackling problems of the indigenous communities?





come on.....!

chris said...

Hi Mrembo,

Thank you for your very valid arguments my dear sister.

In fact what you have said had already crossed my mind. And indeed that danger is there. But don't you think that it will be a good thing for them to spread their so-called development countrywide?

Then there is another way of looking at it. Judging by the current mood in the country, which will last for many years because blood has been spilled, how many from the said community can honestly get elected in Kalenjin Rift Valley? Or Western province for that matter? Don't even mention Nyanza and North Eastern. I come from Eastern and they have been our brothers for a long time but let me assure you that we also have issues these days with these guys.

Bottom line is that if members of one community can convince the electorate and they form the majority in parliament, so be it. After all it is competitive politics and we should look at individuals irrespective of their tribe. And don't forget that we will have the recall option that Shiko talked about and so if from my constituency we realize that the MP we elected is serving the interests of his tribe instead of ours, then we will just do the necessary.

I could be wrong of course my sister, but I am throughly enjoying this very level headed debate.


P.S. I think Nairobi constituencies are a good place to judge the possible influence of the community you mention countrywide, if the past election is anything to go by.

P.S. 2: By the way the community that I really see dominating things are the Luhya. Some Coast communities would also do very well because they have midomo mitamu

Anonymous said...


lets approach this with a little more insight and intellect and build on your point.

I like your pointing out, tribalism as a major concern/problem.

next we define the observable symptops or experiences associated with its negative impact

such as ethnic chauvinism (supremacy) as you correctly point out, whihc is followed by skewed distribution of resources when the correct tribe has advantage over resources, stereotyping and negative portrayal of other (lesser or rival) tribes, continue to list these observations

next we look at who continues to propagate these malpractices

and then we start to look at possible solutions

i do not think radical measures such as those you propose of taking mps to other areas is practical or implementable. first for it to succeed it could likely cause much administrative and logistic instability not to mention expenses. but at its worst, we will have sacntioned exporting negative ethnicity, (i.e member of "superior" tribe goes over to lord it over an "inferior" tribe and bring "development")

chris, the problem is when institutions and indviduals allow themselves to fall prey to this problem so we need to find the institutions and individuals practising this, identify the loopholes allowing this to occur and plug those holes, increasing professionalism and find methods of redress that the public can enforce because the other watchdog institutions (police, KACC, PIC, judiciary, etc are easily compromised or otherwise lethargic in approach)

sorry dont want to write a book, just trying to get us focused in the right direction


Anonymous said...

wanjiku unlimited

you raised a point so close to my heart i e-hug you

what do we do about non-performing mps (those that apart from the title dis(honorable) are never to be seen again) but these are not as bad as those who ride a popularity wave only to ditch the ideals and betray the cause of their constituents

i've been thinking of approaching people like PLO Lumumba, Paul Muite, Maina Kiai, to see the possibility of establishing a process such as collecting 15% signatures from registered voters will automatically result in suspension of salary and benefits, and if 30% signatures then MP is suspended from parliament and at 45% then the post should be declared vacant. sorry guys its radical but am putting it out there so that we find a solution to mp impunity. we need to however be aware that people like Robert Ouko, JM Kariuki fell victim to unscrupulous people so we need to find and implement safeguards so as not to have more victimisation

side note i suggest low percentages because some voter registers are inflateed with numbers.


Anonymous said...

if wanjiku's point of view is like mine i.e in emplloyment a non performing worker is warned verbally first then in writing and finally dismissed for non perfromance or gross misconduct.

mps are over-payed employees of kenyan citizen, and we need to fire them and not have to wait 5 years to do that.


Anonymous said...

to add on to the above

NARC govt 2003-2007 already introduced a performance review criteria/process of public servants which should be extended to MPs

the post of PM to coordinate/supervise MPs govt will reinforce performance

therefore logically the people who "employ" MPs shoud proactively take action to force unsuitable MPs to be removed as soon as possible, and hopefully Marende as speaker can push this along so that vacancies are created instantly and such MPs barred from returning for at lest 8 years. ama aje wasee


Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed that Hon. Raila Odinga did not undergo a laser-operation, but only had some preliminary examination done. Underlined is this also by the fact that he left Germany two days later and even embarked on a more than 15 hours flight to Johannesburg, which would not have been possible after such an operation because of the unbalanced pressure in planes. So all the prayers and good wishes expressed also in this blog by his admirers were ill-placed.
Chris, the title of your post is therefore more than correct: lies, lies, lies ............ how much more are Kenyans willing to take?

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

UrXlnc hug hug.

Please approach these guys if you can and start with PLO Lumumba. I like the guy and I've always felt that his brains and ability as a leader are wasted along with so many others just because they cant get up and make the kind of noise akina Gumo and the rest make during campaigns.

Chris I've been busy today alright. It's for the love of motherland that I'm spending quality family time on Sunday blogging. I'm sure this will pay off one day. If not for me then for my kids.

Kesho people. I retire now.

Anonymous said...

Problem No:2 Weak, failed or failing institutions.

institutions affected negatively by undue interference from the executive (ECK, police, judiciary, etc), shoddy performance (KNEC, etc),

symptoms: cronyism, tribal appointees, faked results, lethardic performance, etc

possible resolution: planting watchdog personel, best option encourage and facilitate better safety and information access provision for whistle-blowers as well as shield them from "public secrets act" or "collective responsibility" which are just other terms for see/say/hear no evil, i,e condone or participate through passive or acts of ommission.

over to you folks


Anonymous said...

woo hoo chris

am sitting here watching the birth, or is it morphing of the new kumekucha

am tempted to add a new slogan to replace "you missed this"

is going to be

- the dawn of a new era
or will it be
- the don of a new error



Mrembo said...

oh yes chris, hata mi na-jienjoy na hii level headed debate ya leo. i have noted your points, and it also crossed my mind that they probably would not get elected in many areas but you know politics is mostly about the cash and they have it. secondly, your argument that these politicians may/will 'cast their development nets wide' is a fallacy.....are we talking about the same people? they cant even take developments kwao! huko its taken by the government.

wanjiku, i support that idea of sending home non-performing dishonourables, it should be constitutionalised....i think it was in the bomas draft.....wewe u complain of having a mungiki mp, my mp slept throughout his/her first term 2002-2007, i think he/she made contributions once during the whole duration of the 8th parliament and in this new second term has never even been home since the elections were held!! his/her work is to follow kibaki like a lapdog!! mambo ya constituency hajui!! such types need to go back home!

permission to digress it just me ama leo kuna maendeleo kwa hii blog? logo yangu imechange.....something bloggers have been crying out for here for so many days and its looking very bright....i cant resist enjoying the blog owner....u had to hit us with those colours? mambo si haba!! hehehehehe!! but seriously kumekucha, i cant open my comments in full page mode....please do something! i hate reading comments in this small ka-box!!

Anonymous said...


there're IT classes everywhere siku hizi, :-)

place the mouse to the bottom right hand corner to resize

hahaha, wat dyu mean those colors?


Anonymous said...

Kenya will be safe, sound and a country, when all this dorks will die.


May Kibaki, Raila, Uhuru, Moi, Biwott, Kiplagats, Gumo, Ntimama, Shariff Nassir and his Brother Balala, and the other Politicians crooks DIE SOONER THAN LATER AND LEAVE OUR COUNTRY ALONE.

Please GOD hear my prayers.

Anonymous said...


Unless we come up with alternative leadership. We are screwed. I posted here sometime ago and told people that this world is being run by a select few people who define the agenda. These are a group of very evil men. They are hidden under institutions e.g the IMF, world bank, the UN etc. Whatever happens in the world is normally predetermined. You will be surprised that the IRAQ war, war or terror are all pre planned events whose time according to them has come. At specific times in history we had fascism, nazism, communism and now it's time for democracy. You've seen how democracy is being forced on all and sundry?

We might seat here and lament of the goings on in mother Kenya and rightly so. We don't have any leadership in Kenya. RO was the only hope but seems things are even tough for him.

That is besides my point today. What am trying to invoke here is the view that Africans, and people of African origin all over the world need to see that they need to define their future. We all know very well an African never thinks of tomorrow. While whites plan for 100 years we plan for a few and even so our plans are never concrete. is it genetic?
I refuse to believe so. I think we just need few people who can come together and chat Africa's destiny.

We have very learned people both Africans and people of african-decent. Why can't we start a movement that will liberate this continent. Am talking about coming up with concrete plans. First among these is to let every African know that they belong to Africa regardless of where they are at this point. Second is to start a global africana-kind of movement and start chatting the course for Africa. thirdly is to have an agenda for every African country, replete with leaders who will deliver that agenda. There is absolutely no need for the West and now the East to be meddling in our affairs. Our resources are ours, the oil that they know exists in Africa is ours, we should dictate how it's used and not the other way round. I here oil like in Kenya and Tz was discovered 50 years ago. But any company that comes to prospect is told don't even try to divulge that. Am sure Africa as a whole has more oil than the middle east, add to that the Uranium and diamonds and you see that if we want we can be the next superpower.


Anonymous said...

Luke 10:05am

your closing line is worthy of emphasis

"Time for change was yesterday. any new ideas being suggested today must be acted upon immediately and without fear or hesitation."


Anonymous said...

anon9:30 AM

post the link of the German paper!!or shut up your PNU propaganda mouth piece- you definitely sound like Alfred Mutua!!!push off!!

anon11:33 AM
even when a child falls down you say pole!!it doesn't mean one says pole only when one sees blood

I think you aew used to too much mungiki beheading and kibaki ordering the police to kill innocent kenyans that is how blood thirsty you kikuyu's are!! Raila saw a eye specialist and had his eye fixed and we as kenyans who care wished him well!!period!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:33 AM

were you there with him?? or it the usual PNU propaganda feed to you by Martha Karua and Alfred Mutua?? as usual it shows PNU desperation and vindictiveness:)

but guess what!!kenyan see through that!! let me ask you in 2002 when kibaki was handed the presidency by Raila?? remember kibaki tosho!! he was in a wheel-chair!! did you hear Raila being vindictive regarding his health?? even though he made more than 10 tribes abroad for treatment in a period of 3 months and he took always most of all his family at the kenya tax payers expense!!
do you want kenyans to post the cost on the web "internet" and question some of the expenses like mama Rucys wardrobe shopping expenses and wamboi;s the second wife too plus wakina Judy kibaki and daughter paid by the kenyan tax payers!! trust me i know what i'm talking about!! you don not want to go there!! it looks worse than Anglo leasing!! a president that used the finance ministry like his person banking services!! you bet this will come out publicly too!!

keep of your propaganda and lies about Raila - it just shows how PNU is desperate:) you look foolish!

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:33 AM


NOT HERE!! Whether Raila saw an eye specialist or whatever is does not concern you!! leave that to only his family and his supporter!!

by the way how many times did Raila use the Toilet on this trip to Germany??
since you seem to know too much- then this is a question you should be able to answer easily!! you are a disgusting PNU mouth piece your propaganda and lies posted on kumekucha or for that matter kenyans already equit PNU=lies,propaganda and shaite kibaki mouth piece party- even Kalonzo musyoka says so now(too late for him) !!

Anonymous said...

what has the IDP's resettlement got to do with the rushed by-elections??
does PNU really think that the IDP's will even risk to vote for kibaki after what they have gone through?? after he rigged elections??
in the pnu dream land machine- si already there is a defection from odm-k kilonzo's party to odm!! im hear there are more defections coming!!!!

kikuyu's will never be allowed or let by other tribes to rule kenya ever again since they do not have the countries best interests at heart- all they know is to loot it dry and take out the money-
i'm glad all their accounts will be frozen,


LIVONDO!! yes the hammers and all the drug money will vanish soon- so i wonder if Tuju and kimunya will help you!

Anonymous said...

People, People People of Kenya.

Surely there's need for adult education.

#1. All the Mungiki`s should be obliged to go back to School "NYS" or Community Colleges.

#2. All the old Guards should stop forthwith to intimidate young people because their days in this world are numbered and Kenya Belong to the Young People.

#3. No Tribalism. Kenya is Kenya and belongs to Kenyans and if anyone want to associate themselves with a certain clan or tribe, they should be deported to India or China. Period...!
#4. MP`s can vie for election anywhere in the country.
#5. Kenyans can buy houses, settle, start Business, Work, Go to School and eat anywhere in the Country.



Kenya needs roads, electricity in rural ares, Fresh water even in North eastern and Turkana and Safety.


Anonymous said...

hey Githongo sums it up!! kenya today and political parties in place but!!

anon4:40 PM

start by telling the kikuyu's in central to curve out some land for none kikuyu's - if all Kenyans are to settle anywhere?? why aren't there any one -kikuyu land owners in central Lesotho??
Kenyans are tired of those double standards- you correct that first then kenyans will listen!!

kibaki is wasting his time on resettlement by force- he thinks he will give each IDP a police offers??- does he really believe a police station can withstand the force of the people in those communities or provinces if the chose to send back the IDP's to central Lesotho??? Kibaki is a joker- let him know even if he builds 1000 police stations in the Rift Valley !!it will not guarantee's the safety of the kikuyu IDP's if the people of Rift Valley decide otherwise!!! the IDP'S know this and they know why!!
mungiki beheading of the other tribe
Kibaki's shoot to kill order by the police

i tell you nobody has forgotten this and i do pity the IDP'S THAT ARE BEING FORCED TO GO BACK!!how do they expect to deal with neighbors that have also buried their own?? who has sat down with all this people to bring them together to forgive each other?? kibaki will not be there in the next elections- he is actually just delaying the next catastrophes!

BP ONE said...

UrXlnc: Yes you are is the dawn of a new era and the first step in the right direction. Let us think as Kenyans and save this great nation for once.
Chris: Thou the idea of passing a law prohibiting anybody from standing for a parliamentary seat within their home province, is very good, I agree with mrembo...It can’t solve the problems right away ...Remember we still have our cultural and religious differences, it will be difficult for a Muslim to vie in a constituent dominated by Christians and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I have been in this blog for several years, and am not sure because yesterday was a sunday - but i see alot of level headness in most of the contributions -Chris, Mzee wa Kijiji (you are my hero), Mrembo ( happy that you can be a Kenyan first than odm first, urx whatever - you really have moderated the contributions. Unfortanately a few otehrs are still living in the past. Looks like there can be ahope after all.

Thank you - New kimekucha is truly coming.

Anonymous said...


I like the new look Kumekucha. However, the archive list on the left is distracting from the posts. Please place the archive list on the right.

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