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Monday, March 24, 2008

Statement From Kumekucha About Raila Kshs 100 Note

About two hours ago one of our contributors, a known PNU supporter calling herself PKW- Proud Kikuyu Woman posted an illustration of a Kshs 100 note with Prime Minister designate, Raila Odinga on it instead of the usual old photograph of Jomo.

My first reaction was that of suspecting mischief from PKW. Especially because of the timing of the post. However I could not help noticing how good the people's president looked on the note. Much better than Jomo for sure. I started imagining how good he would look on a Kshs 1,000 note or on a brand new kshs 5000 note for that matter. After all the man has made history by being only the second Prime Minister Kenya has ever had. As opposed to the Kibaki presidency which will be remembered for many messes culminating in a stolen election. The truth is that Kibaki's image is unlikely to be used in any Kenyan currency say 100 years from now. As for Raila I would bet that even 500 years from now a Kenyan note is bound to have the PM designate's image on it.

Then I thought that PKW must have changed to become a Raila fan because the duly elected president's image is on a Kshs 40 coin so maybe she was telling us something putting Raila's image on a higher denomination currency.

PKW, I believe that it is only right that you explain yourself and to the readers of Kumekucha what your motive really was posting that photograph to mainly catch our overseas and especially American readers as they come for the daily dose of Kenya's most liked blog.

The truth is that while we allow divergent views here and have welcomed yours here, it is only fair that you desist from posting provocations and even if you want to criticize, you should do so constructively and explain exactly why you have called the Prime Minister designate "Mtukutu". Who has proved to be more "mtukutu" thus far PNU or ODM?

As a rule and in the spirit f open debate and welcoming of all shades of views, it has been my policy never to delete posts, even when I strongly disagree with them. Older readers of Kumekucha will remember the nonsense a man calling himself Vikii used to post here, just before the elections.

However in this case if you do not explain yourself, I will be left with no alternative but to delete your post.

Over to you PKW.

P.S. My dear readers I have not made the sacrifices I have made thus far with Kumekucha to be bought with money when the struggle is so close to victory.

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Chicity said...

Chris, thanks for that post. I share your sentiments. May it's time for you to re-evaluate to whom you give the privilege of posting articles here? Just saying!

Taabu said...

Chris you don't have to threaten escaping from the kitchen when the heat gets intense. The note is not new and has been doing rounds in the blogsphere for some time. Given that it was posted with no single word to accompany the same you are falling into the POSTER'S hands by speculating.

That said the buck stops squarely at your door. RESPONSIBILITY is priceless and you only abuse it to lose face. The muture mellow with responsibility. But JUVENILE excitement is also a nasty product of misplaced pride in search of a name. You get EGGED on to self-destruction in the mistaken belief that you are offering an alternative view.

Only fear of the unknown may promt one to stroke unproportional emotions aimed to hurt while disguised as a joke. Only that a joke explained is STALE. It is a free word and you have no authority to vet everybody patronizing your favourite market, or do you?

Anonymous said...


sorry to digress

whats up with this, can we get a statement from ministry of finance

and to top that up here is an "objective" commentary on our beloved city

we must get rid kenya of any politician that has served in parliament more than three terms other we are going no where.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Gotcha! is all I can say. Bwana nyie nanyi si mwachekesha! You'd have thought I'd drawn a cartoon of Mohammed. Vile hii mambo iko, I think you guys have deified huyu jamaa tu sana. This was a little temptation (test) and you, except tnk, passed with frying corours.
This kapicha lacked originality of any sort, and saw someone calling me Martha Karua, and all but one going into the defensive. Even Chris releasing a statement! Now you know how easily you get distracted from the real issues and direct all our energy to side issues (like amevaa aje, amenyoa nyewele yake aje, alilia aje, oh, our fine son!). Just goes to show.
Same tactics are being applied across the world to derail our other son. He has been put on the defensive, rejecting AND renouncing things that other people with minds of their own have said. Indirectly forced to make non-issues the central issues, effectively diverting his time and energy from his strengths in this mother of all primaries.
Chris, feel free to delete it, or let me know if I should-I have gone so far as to delete if from my burogo! Hopefully, I still have the full privilege of posting stuff here. Natuederee kujiejoy!

Oh, the Mtukutu PM part, you guys should look more closely befopre you start complaining. That is Mtukufu PM, only the 'f' in the former is inverted. But what does it matter. One of my heroes thinks both, plus Mkundu all mean the same thing when they are used to refer to our leaders (current and former). M----rais (PM??), baba (ba' mdogo au mjomba??) wa taifa, kiongozi wa jamhuri, mzee, etc etc

Anonymous said...

That note was so uncool.

Kumekucha, you really shock us sometimes with the CRUDE and UNSOPHISTICATED posts you have here every now and then.

Chicity said...

Testing to see the blogosphere's capacity for distraction, humor or whatever! Post this kind of stuff on your own blog if you like, not here. And it is what it is....that "t" is not an inverted f and you know it so don't get cute.

Please take Chris' advice on the guidelines. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Chris get a life! where is your sense of humour dude? If you can't stand the satire, get out of's not exactly porn-like images of our famous politicians which are constantly circulated on the net!


Salim said...

This is to the Proud Kikuyu Woman - Dont let your examples get you carried away and use Our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (May Peace and Bless be Upon Him) as your cheap parable!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the reactions to PKW's post! I guess the witch-hunt will be the next stage in Kenya's frog-march to tyranny. Congratulations to all of you who see this as a heinous crime that must be buried alongside all other recent crimes.

antonio said...

All i can say is PKW has got all of you!
Hata Chris is freaked out!ati expalin or i delete??????now what is the difference between you and michuki raiding ktn because they did not 'respect' kibaki?
as for all you other ODMers,you have being uncovered for who you are...boot licking,sycophantic,tribalistic,inferiority complex filled people who are blindly following raila!
Kudos PKW,that was amazing!
As for raila been on the money bill..inaongeza sufuria ngapi za ugali?
Clearly we are sooooooooo far away from democracy if the middle class welloff guys who blog here are capable of such utter crap!!!!!
Raila is human not god.You guys need to style up.And if its fucked up humour si i used to read of mwizi kibaki and kalosser kalaonzo?so wat is so big abt mtukutu???
Is it a wonder people killed,raped and burnt in Raila's name?

Anonymous said...

damn!!! that picture of the raila note has been arounr the internet for agessssssssssssssss even before the elctions. Anyboy using facebook and the funwall aplication application might have seen it there before. that's where i saw it. so relax PKW just posted an image which may mean nothing but seemed interesting.


Anonymous said...

PKW the only reason you are being criticised is because you did not changed the colour of RAO's shirt and tie to pink in the 100Ksh note-next time include some motorcade outriders in the background as well

Anonymous said...

Chicity, precisely i couldn't agree more and Anon 3:47 leave the pink shirt out of this, we look at what a soc (100 bob) can buy and not what the goon on the note is wearing!!!!! There was a post abt Raila's attire i wish you would have commented on that thread....For your info i have never noticed what Kenyatta puts on on that supid note

Kemmy Creations said...

Test or no test, the first impression matters. The message immediately put across was, "Haiyaa, hata raira ameanza hii maneno ya kuweka picha yake kwa pesa" very few people would take time to analyse the picture you posted. Hence damage is already done. My grandma saw the pic and she said, "Mano Wuodwa"..."thats our son"

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