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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is William Ruto In Danger Of Being Arrested?

No other politician in Kenya today elicits such strong emotion either of strong hate or extreme fondness. Even Agwambo himself has not been able to keep up with this younger man where extreme emotions from the public are concerned. More so as the latter has tried to mellow down his radical image in preparation for the highest office in the land.

I am of course referring to William Ruto.

Although ODM insiders vehemently deny it, there is a lot of tension within ODM at the moment. In fact the anxiety is much higher than it ever was in the ODM-K days when there was heightened rivalry between Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga over who would be the party’s presidential nominee.

William Ruto is right at the centre of that heightened tension within ODM today.

This is the man who rubbished the decades of experience of retired former President Moi right across the Rift Valley and delivered virtually the entire Kalenjin community to Arap Mibei (as Raila is fondly referred to by the Kalenjins.)

PNU hardliners have always secretly sworn to deal with Ruto whom they accuse of being the chief orchestrator of the unprecedented violence in the Rift Valley. Interestingly this tough talk against Ruto has not ended with the signing of the peace deal, if anything it has increased considerably and impeccable sources tell this writer that evidence that links Ruto to the killings is being gathered even as you read this. Of course it is possible that this evidence is being put together for blackmail purposes. However this possibility is highly unlikely.

Apart from this evidence being gathered against their man, there are other factors responsible for the heightened tension amongst the Kalenjin community within ODM. The Kalenjin strongly feel that whatever has...

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Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Musyoka Just makes me sick!!

Ain't Kalonzo the king of double speak call for ECK to be heard whereas he did not want those objecting to the tallying of the elections to be heard.

How hypocritical can one get? We would pls like to request him to shut up because he has caused enough problems already.

James Muli.

Anonymous said...

I sympathise with those who have faced a lot of heat for standing up to a life shattering injustice which has been present for over 45 years and which they had no other means of fighting.

Out of curiosity why hasnt anyone paid attention to the growing strengh of the mungiki and their roles in the brutal killings in Nakuru,Naivasha,Nairobi and elsewhere.What cause were they fighting for?Arent the 17 children and women who were roasted to death in Naivasha not of equal value to their Kikuyu counterparts?Kikuyus themselves feel nothing for the other Kenyans who perished.

Are the over 600 Kenyans from other communties who died not of equal value?Kikuyus in IDP camps are living in better conditions than locals in Coast,Nyanza and NEP and even Eastern where poverty,hopelessness and neglect reign supreme.

I dont think Kenyans feel what happened in RV was wrong.We only regret the damage done to innocent people and those who loved their fellow Kenyans. The world over the path of revolution has followed a similar route. Where the status quo doesnt heed the call of the masses, it is the price to pay for change.

In fact if it were not for what happened in RV, Kibaki would not have been signed that peace agreement. We would not be talking about constitutional change etc

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.14 your anger is understandable. Roasting human beings of whichever tribe takes guts and extreme hatred. But to say that Kikuyus themselves feel nothing for the other Kenyans who perished? All the 2 Million plus Kikuyus feel nothing? Scenes such as the ones we saw in Eldoret and Naivasha will tug at the heartstrings of any right minded Kenyan regardless of tribe. Of course there're those who insist that the Mungiki did the right thing to avenge the killings in Eldoret but they cannot be used to generalize the whole tribe.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Ruto seems like a marked man. even if the Govt doesn't get him, rogue elements may take the law in their own hands. It's sad that although Ruto styles himself as a Statesman, many in Kenya and esp PNU and once powerful Moi clique see him otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Going after Ruto, even assuming the "evidence" (much of it circumstantial) stands up in court, would be political suicide for PNU. I don't know why you keep talking of the next "presidential" elections when the new constitution is likely hand the country a toothless president. Kenya's next real CEO will be a PM not president.

The next elections will be won by the party that commands the widest national support (read MPs). That party is NOT parochial PNU. You can increase the population of Central Province a million-fold, it won't add another MP to the region.

So, Karua and co. have a stark choice: arrest Ruto and restrict your political ambitions to "lesotho" or reach out to the RV. It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

What people have against Ruto is heresay......Nothing else there is no evidence. Ruto is a marked man because it is perceived that children who were burnt in an Eldoret church were burnt by kales and the leader of kales is Ruto...I bet there is no any evidence....You see if we are going full circle then Kibs himself shoud be in....It is unfortunate that children died and for that no once can ever justify that and as anon 4:14 said we also had children and women who were burnt in Naivasha but at the end of the day...those were also lives that were lost, hundreds of luo men were forcefully circumcised by mungiki and their heads were chopped.....Do you think those luos who are saying they will never go to Naivasha are just saying that coz they fear to be killed...It is the stigma and the fear that they have after what they saw (this also happened in places like Dandora/Mathare and there is no media house that has ever reported that....Life lost is life be it a kikuyu, a luo, kale, or even ogiek it is life and no one has the right to take life...coz no one ever created life...Only God has that right.

People shout loudest in this is what a prosecutor will say no evidence...LOVE him or HATE him he is a man to watch come 2012

Anonymous said...


Kibaki and these corrupt bandits from Mt Kenya region are the culprits.

Kibaki could have avoided the violence by rejecting the disputed outcome. Nobody could have suffered.

But Kibaki accepted the openly corrupted results, thereby causing a terrible violence outbreak. He allowed himself to re-installed in a dark corner as fast as possible. Why? In order to tell Raila to go to court.

This was the cause of the tribal war in RV. See how Kibaki sent the brutal police to kill people in Kisumu. Many children of 10 to 16 yrs were terribly hurt and killed. He was smiling, when Mungiki was killing Kenyans in Nakuru and Naivasha.

Can this man claim to be a president of Kenya. No way! He belongs to Kamiti straight away.

Ruto was not in charge, Ruto didnt elect the corrupt ECK officials, Ruto didnt betray the IPP agreement.

It was Kibaki. He doesnt deserve to be a president of even Kikuyuland.

Anonymous said...

Touch Ruto and forget about Kenya! I don't agree with the violence but those who rigged the election should take the bulk of the blame. And just one more info! Rutto will be the next President (Or prime minister whichever is agreed on by ODM). Watch this space. Musyoka bit the fingers that fed him and will only sleep in State House if invited but never as a President.

Anonymous said...

That was a great post. I agree with your sentiments almost entirely except on who were the greatest murderous. In my book PNU (Kibaki, Uhuru, Saitoti Wamuthengi et al) and police in partculare Grace Kaindi (former PPO Nyanza)are the greatest murders in Kenya.
Before any femenists jump on me, Grace Kaindi is the single most dangerous woman in the history of Kenya. She is on record (and you can check this with Associated Press) as having given the orders to kill innocent Kenyans in Kisumu! Why? Because they were looting and demostrating!
I dare say that word in Kisumu say that police did most of the actual looting or intercepting looters on foot and taking away the loots. So who was the major looter? Ofcourse police. The innocent demonstrates were killed to justify the destruction and looting done by police.
The second murder is Kivuitu. He promised us to burn with kenya yet he is still alive and in office.
Guys, the innocent blood of Kenyans is surely on Kibaki (PNU) and Kivuitu's hands. Period.
As of Kalonzo Musyoka, I pitty him. He has no stand whatsoever. This man wants Kivuitu to be heard yet he Kalonzo told ODM on 30.12.2008 to go to court. Please let Kivuitu to go home and then to court would be the best advise from KM.I think he is inconsequential and irrelevant to Kenya as at now.

kalamari said...

The only way Ruto is going out is through an assassin's bullet.

Not only will he never see the inside of Kamiti, he's not appearing in front of any reconciliation commission either. In fact, it is to the best interest of GEMA to let this man live in relative comfort to see the natural end of his natural life. The way I see it, making Ruto a martyr is not good mathematics for the GEMA settled or about to be resettled in RV.

Now, there might as well be video footage of Ruto leading an atrocious assault in the RV; nothing is happening to him. Not until we disconnect Ndura Waruinge's direct line to the red Statehouse phone. Not until, the founders and financiers of Mungiki are brought to book. Not until the real PNU candidate for Langata (not Livondo) is in jail.

The burning church may have received premier international press but so did the Mungiki madness. When Kibaki chooses to consult with self imposed slum watchmen and illegal matatu tax collectors, he perpetuates a culture of violence that victimizes mostly his supporters.

It is quite sad that in efforts of sustaining peace, national truth and reconciliation in our case will mean nothing but 'forgiving and forgetting'' as opposed to really trying to find out what Ruto, Kibaki, Uhuru, Karume have to do with militias. Of course we'll throw in the usual national day of prayers at Uhuru Park.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha and again you disappoint us
please give us the heads line on this people!!

the whole list of PNU from martha karua. uhuru, michuki e.t.c the list given bey the mungiki the Wednesday the held the demonstrations in nairobi- those are the people on take(trust me it was taped) with the mungiki gangs at statehouse- and gave them money and orders to go to Naivasha & nakuru to cause GENOCIDE KUMEKUCHA EVEN THE NEWS PAPERS HAVE REPORTED EVEN WHAT THEY WERE OFFERED PER HEAD?? WHY HAVEN'T YOU POSTED THE STORY ON KUMEKUCHA OR YOU ARE TRYING TO BE SELECTIVE YET AGAIN ON USING RUTO HERE AS A SCAPE GOAT!!





Taabu said...

Ruto is GOING NOWHERE chaps. All being peddled here are heresays under the smart banner: NIP THE POTENTIAL THREAT IN THEBUD. It is caculative siasa of eyes on the price. The propaganda document said it all-repeat the line of genecide till it sounds rel and true. It was so hot in January you would think the evidence is penetrable lakini wapi?

Like him hate him Ruto has his masses behind him and just like there is Thika/Kiambu-Nyeri rivalry kuna Nandi-Kipsigis rivalry too. It is a matter of hunting together when safe but safe heidgelady distance when cornered.

Militia is militi and kids gloves for Mungiki while bare knuckles for Saboats is no justice.It the same application of both SELECTIVE AMNESIA and JUSTICe that has driven us to the present hell.

Anonymous said...

Fighting Ruto is a clear sign of desparation from GEMA. When kikuyu ppl were burnt in a church in eldi,by kales why is it that it's LUOs who were burned in naivasha? luos did not kill kukuyus, they burnd down property and for that they got executed by police but the did not kill kuyos yet kuyos went for them like crazy, all of a sudden they have now turned to Ruto clearly this are the kicks of a dying horse
These are people caught up with a stolen election now clasping for straw, I have even heard one say that Raila made the kalengins kill kuyos, really? This is a clear case of a solution looking for a problem. Just look within guys you goofed accept and move on, lesson learned. Another thing Mo1 was in power for ages and he totally misruled, kenyans hated him but not Kales in general question is why is it that after just 5yrs of kibz's rule there is so much hatred of kuyos?
My own answer they got sold into the superiority complex thing. Very easy to sell telling ppl that they are better than the other guy, it's music to anyone's ears and in a country like kenya were people have little to show for all the hard work and heavy tax
, just being aka SOMEONE simply buy accident of birth is a very tempting thought to cling to. armed with this superiority they just rubbed the rest of kenya the wrong way now they want to make what is a very natural reaction to insult a crime. Its sad that they have a way of mentioning the crime of ppl bieng killed where it concerns kuyos but not crime in general that including what should be done to ppl who steal elections.
How shall we punish the riggers? Nothing is being said about that.
why this selective justice? this is the type of parochial myopic reasoning that will ensure that kuyos get hated for the rest of their lives in kenya. Try and think with the rest of kenya for once. Always remember no matter how good are or you think you are, if you keep trying to rub it on others they will find a way to deal with you. Stop deluding yourself that you will keep calling kenyans names and still end up ruling them. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Blogger Taabu said...
I'm in total agreement with you!
so why does kumekucha peddle such lies on here?? that is my question!second how come he has not followed the BBC story?? on the meeting at statehouse between mungiki and PNU members- believe me when BBC puts out a story like that they have proof to back it up- to my understanding tapes were to be released but the were asked to back of because of the power-sharing deal that was happening and chao's would have happened with the names of the people on tape giving orders to the mungiki to count heads- each head had a $ sign on it!

so my friend kumekucha?? eh?? are you PNU or are you being used to push their agenda with your blog???

can you please answer this question to your bloggers?? we were of the opinion that you had no sides??
what happened?

on a different note!! news are trickling down that eldoret was planned to hurt Ruto in his home turf by the pro-pnu individuals in that area?
and who were those people??
former president Moi -his sons and cronies- notice they all left the country just before the attacks?? suspicious?? and Moi nor his sons commented on the eldoret ?? why??
more to come?? the truth will prevails- Ruto had nothing to do with Eldoret?? ask yourself?? why? when they were sure to win the elections looking at the numbers??

the buck stops with Moi for what happened in Eldoret and when he was shown the proof!!he was in shock I'm told- he ended up in Nairobi hospital- it had nothing to do with Lucy pushing him!!

Anonymous said...

let justice prevail,an eye for an eye that is the Rule of Thumb.I love Ruto to death but this does not make me a blind follower.Again I am not saying weather he was or was not that is not the issue here.The fact of the matter is let us be rational even if this goes against our own souls.

Anonymous said...

Picking on Ruto is wrong, if PANU want IDPs to spend the rest of their live in show ground and police station then try Ruto.Ruto samoye is a kale leader, and for the good of the country we should accept that lover him or hate him, to deal with kales you will also have to deal with Ruto. Stop picking on him for kondoo wa sadaka

Anonymous said...

One minute Chris is known as an ODM sympathizer and the minute he posts an article on a ODM pentagon member he's being called a PNU apologist? Come on guyz, Chris is only telling you the info he's heard. That's what reporters do. Normally "most" of the stories he posts here are already on ground and kama kawaida there are those who will agree and there those who will disagree. He cant always post stuff that will favor yr taste buds all the time. So let's not blame him for the news.

Now lets talk about Ruto. He may be blamed for a lot of things and may or may not have done it but it's up to Raila to weigh and read the mood from the ground up. Raila knows who and how to keep his bread buttered but if Ruto will be an obstacle, he will know how to keep him at an arms length. (Not to close to harm him but not too far where he cannot get his help). Remember there are no enemies in politics, just different and changing ideas. Let's take e.g Raila decides to appoint Ruto as minister incharge of security. (It can happen. Further more Saitoti wants nothing to do with it). And we all know that in the next few months crime rates will go up, at that time Ruto will have to deal with all the stuff that Michuki dealt with when he was in that seat. other Mps were robbed and who knows, it could either make or break Ruto. He can either be more popular or have a tarnished image like Michuki. At that time Raila will have to deal with him @ that time.

Another thing is that if Raila decides that he does not need Ruto, Ruto himself could re-invent himself in many ways. maybe he'll partner up with Uhuru and they can both hold the rest of the country hostage come the next elections. Can u imagine those Kale warriors partnering with Mungiki? That would be a monster that most people will not want to deal with so it's still too early to speculate what will happen to Ruto.

Abass said...

No one has yet came forward to claim hat Raila is responsible for A, B or C. Yet we have people who came forward claiming that a meeting with Mungiki was held in state house, why isn't there any investigation on that?

Anonymous said...

Since no evidence linking Ruto to the RV violence is in public domain, I will pass on making any remarks on his guilt or innocence.

At a broader level, I hope that the attempt to punish those that planned/funded and or actively participated in the violence will not be a one sided affair. It should encompass the guilty on both political divide.

As other bloggers have pointed out, the burning of people in Eldoret was a heinious crime, on the other hand the burning of people in Naivash a was an equally grave crime. Justice would dictate that these two sets of criminals should suffer the consequences of the law in same measure.
There were other crimes that merit investigation and punishment and these include financing, police brutality on unarmed civilians, promising protection to gangs, transporting or providing transport to facilitate violence.

Any attempt to deal with these issue either through half measures or biased measures will lead the country back to where we fighting to come out of re - sections of the population feeling that justice has been denied them. Where will that leave Kenya?

I find pedestrian an arguement that Ruto is a marked man, either by rogue elements or the government. What rogue elements are these and where do they get evidence to tie Ruto to the violence. I believe that proper evidence is only obtained after a thorough investigation by a competent and impartial body. To the best of my knowledge no investigation(not even by the discredited Kenya Police)has been carried out. I stand to be corrected if am wrong. As far as I am concerned these are mere rumours. And why pick on Ruto anyway. We have also heard rumours of involvement of Uhuru Kenyatta, Mwai Kibaki, Michuki, Kabando wa Kabando, Kosgey et al. Shoudn't they also be arrested or should rogue elements go after them?

Anonymous said...

Analysing the post election violence one finds the RV violence or ethnic cleansing is in a category of it own. It started in 1992 when all the tribes supporting Ford were targeted,the Kikuyus 1997 and Kikuyus, Kissi kambas in 2007.The Kalenjins were the perpetrators in all the elections. The Kisumu, Kibera and Mathare were more of riots though the violence also had an ethnic dimension. The Naivasha and Nakuru was more of revenge.

What I dont understand is why the Kalenjins and i dont mean to be tribal always attempt to use violence against their political opponents.I mean they kill and try wipe out any political enemy. They have been in power for a 24 solid years uninterupted, controlled nearly all parastals and the majority were recruited in the forces.

The post election violence will definately affect how future political alliances are going to be formed in kenya. They say in politics there are no permanent enemies but i tend to disagree as this applies only to leaders when they cut deals. I dont see a kalenjin- Gema alliances in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:21, that is the question that is still unanswered in this blog, i wish you could help us..Kalenjines ruled for 24 years uninterrutpted, yet there was no so much hate...the hate was against one man? but come Kibaki's 5 years reign (just FIVE years) and almost every tribe is against him and his folks...I am also wondering

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