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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Kenyans Need To Do Now

Waiting for peace can be a terribly frustrating and agonizing thing, as Kenyans have now seen for themselves.

My suggestion is that Kenyans must now focus on the future.

Imagine for a moment that you were some nice lady about to give birth. The birth pangs will already be going through your body. I am not a woman but I can imagine that searing pain is almost unbearable because I have been to a labour ward.

The business of bringing a new life to this world is not fun. There is the blood. Actually too much blood. Then in most cases the mother passes feces just as the baby starts to come and there are many other gory details that cannot be discussed in this blog with a family readership.

The thing to do then is to focus on the future. To imagine oneself at the end of the process holding the cute bouncing baby boy or baby girl in your arms and crying tears of joy.

That is exactly where Kenya is now; the terrible birth pangs have started and we have no idea how long they will last.

We need to start focusing on the future when all this mess is over.

What kind of constitution do we want? For starters we will need to use legislation to ensure that what has happened, never happens again.

I am informed that at one point during one of the Milton Obote regimes, the Ugandan parliament was about to pass a law to ensure that no MP would be allowed to represent his own tribe. That meant that to stand for a parliamentary seat, you would have to come from a different province from the one where the constituency was based.

I believe that such an idea can work beautifully for Kenya, with a little fine tuning here and there to ensure that people do not import voters en masse from their own community to where they are standing for a parliamentary seat.

These are the kind of ideas (we need to think out of the box) that I look forward to discussing with you, my dear readers over the next few weeks.

But above all, we must start by using this opportunity to kick out all the current political dinosaurs. For the next election, anybody who has ever held public office should be automatically disqualified from running. And that includes the presidency. For better or for worse, we need a brand new fresh start.


Anonymous said...

How can we focus on the feature when we haven't made amends with our past! our children are asking us what happened!how safe are we in Kenya!!is it safe to go back to university or transfer! dad can I go to the movies?? no son it is not safe!! mum may i go visit my friends at her house- no my daughter - i'm not sure what can happen by afternoon or evening! how can you suggest to as to think future when we are stuck in the present state and moment?? you must be abroad not in Kenya to even suggest that!

There is no future for anyone in Kenya at the moment! people would like to pretend otherwise!! if the coalition government fails- then it is all civil war- tribe against tribe e.t.c and this time let no-one lie to you I can see Kenyans are very prepared- Those cops won't have a field day!!they will bite mother soil too-!!

Anonymous said...

Surely Chris, how can i think about the future at the moment..It doesn't just make sense, I want to sleep today knowing that tomorrow i will wake up in this country. YEs you are right though the feeling of a lady in labour pain that is how i felt when votes were being counted then all over sudden i felt darkness all over and when Kibaki was declared winner i was like a woman who had given birth to a stillborn. And i am so sure ther are other kenyans who felt like that
To be sincere i had high expectations for Kenya but Kibs was not anywhere in the future that i wanted...Yes i wanted to be governed but not with Kibaki!!!! And that is why i just can't focus on the future....But one thing i will do i will continue working hard, i will continue going to work and to school not for Kibaki but for the future of my children and my children's children.
Chris i fear for this nation,,,As it is right now whether you agree or not we are a country at crossroads!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Once in a while you come up with a nation-saving suggestion. But no ODMer will listen to you. They think you are raining on their parade to state house. I know it is un-African to leave brothers and sisters behind, but we may have to move into the future without these people. When they cheered when women and children were burnt in an Eldoret church, that is when I gave up on these blood-thirsty characters. Thanks for advising them to focus on the future; hopefully they will appreciate an advice coming from a dear friend of theirs like you.

Anonymous said...

Now you are talking Chris!! The PNU dinosaurs and the ODM penta-GOONS are all Kanu graduates. At one time Kibaki was a Kanu vice-president, and Raila a secretary general of Kanu. They learnt the art of deception from the real master - Moi. And these are the people we are expecting to save Kenya. Let us unite and grab our future from the jaws of these dinosaurs and goons NOW!!

Anonymous said...

Chris i doubt you will rouse much interest in this subject of focussing on the future and a brand new fresh start
You know this is what i am always all about-hence why i did not vote for Kibaki or Raila or Kalonzo monsters in the past election
Kenyans, especially via their leaders, have never been known to look forward-we are always pre-occupied with hapahapa sasasasa but good luck anyway i am with you all the way as i really want to start discussing ideas that will help improve the future of this country for our children

Anonymous said...

I quote you Chris
'...These are the kind of ideas (we need to think out of the box) that I look forward to discussing with you, my dear readers over the next few weeks...'
Stop the delusion, we must make peace with the past first. And for thinking outside of the box, what about secession?

Anonymous said...

My friend, how can we think of the 'baby holding future' when we are still trying to conceive?

Sayra said...

True Chris ... we need to think outside the box, or what i would call fence sitting.
we need to soberly look at what is going on without taking sides and come up with new ways to take Kenya to where we all dream of it been.

Political Fence Sitter

Sayra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fave of BG said...

Your agenda,If you might remember, was unanimously rejected by the esteemed bloggers.
They agreed if I remember,inaction equals acquiescence to the status quo.
You support the status quo stop hiding behind the outside the box, and political fence sitter tags

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