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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kumekucha on Red Alert

Events of the last few weeks have proved to me that Kumekucha has some very powerful enemies out there. These unseen characters who are all pro-PNU are pulling all sorts of stunts and playing all kinds of dirty games to mess up things.

Apart from posting long irrelevant comments to dull the effect of discussions here. These characters have also been very busy ensuring that Sam Okello and Marianne Brinner remain bitter enemies.

Both these two parties know too much about Kenya.

I have established that neither parties are in any way responsible for the mischief that has been going on here. But already Kumekucha enemies have made sure that the damage is already done. Sample these two email messages I received on the same day from both articles;

Dear Chris,

since I have stopped reading any comments in Kumekucha since some time now, I did not realize that there was a new campaign against me going on - orchestrated obviously by the Okellos.

I wish to state that I never sent any comments nor under my name nor under any other name or as anon - this is just a big campaign by these people using even Jeff Koinange for having asked them to 'help' him.

I also did not publish anything about the book Her Excellency nor any chapters of it - it is done by these people themselves. Don't let them cheat you.

Maybe you can publish this so this whole thing is clarified once and for all.

I think that Kenya has other urgent things to attend to than to have to read the rubbish these people have in their heads (empty air).



Dear Chris,

Marianne Briner is at it again. She is trying to put contents of my book and advertising my book on the comments section on your blog.

I request that you delete comments regarding advertising this book. These are from Marianne Briner. She continues to fight me.


Sam Okello
President & CEO
Sahel Books Inc.

This is just one example of what the enemy is up to.

I take this opportunity to warn Kumekucha readers to be extremely careful and alert.

I have taken every precaution myself and for example we have our main writers scattered all over the world so that we are sure whatever happens the blog will be active with people making posts.

Then we also have our brand new chat site where in case of anything readers can go and ask around. I intend to hold a special discussion session at the chat forum very soon where I will invite a sympathetic insider to tell us what is really going on in the corridors of power.


odmdamu said...

These people are failures seeking revenge on Kumekucha but here they will fail again. about the long dull irrelevant articles, why dont you try to put a maximum for wording, may be 500 or at least 1000? the long articles are a real bore at the comment page whether relevant or irrelevant. Pls do something.

Kheng.Fu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kheng.Fu said...

It is frightening what lengths your distracters can go to wreak havoc on your blog just be encouraged the more they try the more you should know you are reaching the right people…
- New reader

Anonymous said...

kheng.fu, aka Marianne Briner. We know your style of can't hide...

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