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Thursday, February 21, 2008

We Need A New Constitution and Jobs

Turning the spotlight briefly away from the brokering of power-sharing deals taking place in the plush confines of Serena Hotel, (with many of you already naively hailing the tentative agreement to create a prime minster's post with executive powers as the breakthrough needed to unlock the current stalemate) i have been asking myself the question what is the ultimate national price we must pay to honour the memory of 1000 kenyan lives needlessly sacrificed in the past 10 weeks? The answers i come up with are the enactment of a new constitution and the creation of jobs

Chris threw down the gauntlet earlier on this week when suggesting that as Kenyans the time has come for us to focus by force on crafting the future we want for our children and i am taking up the challenge seriously to think out of the box about the kind of ideas we need our dishonourables to get focussed on the moment they reluctantly return from the paid holiday we have been sponsoring them on the past 2 months and reluctantly roll up their well-paid sleeves to lethargically get down to work

I consider the enactment of a new constitution even more urgent and important than the re-introduction of a prime m(ini)onster post-enough is enough do we really need another 12 months to re-debate replacing the current constitution? It has since transformed us into collective pawns for our respective tribal elites and that document should not be allowed to exist one minute longer-we all already know a new constitution is the only viable solution to firmly establishing a stable foundation that will avoid potential turbulent political times ahead in future why are we going to waste time re-inventing the wheel by wasting further time either debating the merits/demerits of a new constitution or God forbid amending the current old one? When parliament resumes next month the first task should be to pass the new constitution within the month

Kabla kazi iendelee na maisha iwe bora lazima kazi ianze for many of the millions of jobless youth now roaming the major highways interlinking different parts of the country, manning makeshift roadblocks and wearing the latest in machete fashion-looks to die for. Unemployment still currently stands high even in the face of recovering economic growth that has now taken a beating (i used to admire this growth even outside my window) and even between 2002-2005 it did not manage to create the more than 500,000 jobs we were promised 6 years ago to cater for an excess young unemployed population. It was once said that this is not a fish market-that being the case we need it to become one so that we can get jobs as fishermen, fishmongers, fish sellers, fish chefs, fish supervisors and fish managers-for you tribalists out there replace the word fish with your favourite ethnic staple and leave me in peace

We know there are no free lunch that is not what we want but as much as the driving force of a career comes from the individual, there are many jobs needing no creation but simply awaiting the ablebodies and this grand-coaliton government must direct jobless youth to kilometres of roads needing tarmacking, irrigation schemes in semi-arid areas, empowering to a greater extent the hawkers market-this should start taking place immediately parliament resumes next month no wasting time

I know PNU and ODM read this blog-feel free to copyright my ideas as your own no charge from me but for your sakes i dare you to go further than me in thinking outside the box and giving us the country we deserve and not the country you want


Anonymous said...

Kenyans deserve NEW Leaders and leadership that cares about their own citizen.

Believe it or NOT in Denmark, people are paid by the government to stay at home and look after their children, they are paid to go to school and so forth.

And Believe it or NOT, our Politicians ssteal money from hard working Kenyans "TAXES" and other funds and siphones all those billions in Countries like Denmark and Switzerland.

You see.....

Does it make sense to work in Kenya?

You see....

It`s better to be a cow in Europe that get`s $2 subsidy than to be poor in Kenya and live on less than a dollar a day.

You see...



Anonymous said...

Good post- let us see whether both PNU and ODM members give us the Kenya that we want.
On the same note I would like to see more industries build outside Nairobi?? forget about the EPZ zone in Athi River, why don't we have plans in smaller towns i.e maize crop is mostly harvested in the Rift valley - why don't we have a big mills in that area why is the maize transported all the way to Nairobi??

I also saw on T.V the other day a guy from Mombasa saying he supplies maize to the WFP- which in turn is supplied to the Refugee camps- Uganda, somalia e.t.c and guess where he sends his lorries to pick the maize from?? Eldoret, Kitali and Nakuru?? why??WFP should have a warehouse in this region so that there is no middleman- then the farmers get a good price for there produce(can you imagine the difference of what he pays the farmers vs what he is paid by WFP?? must be a good $ for him to afford to send lorries all the way from Mombasa to Rift Valley(very desperate farmers)
It is time we had industries away from the city to provide jobs for the young generation in the smaller towns-not everyone can afford Nairobi- they end up in the slums like kibera!!but if we encouraged more industries in our districts - according to what produce is in this areas then less people would be rushing to the city.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

KOTU boss Francis Atwoli yesterday volunteered to tear the old constitution to pieces if he's only allowed to get close to it.

Anonymous said...

Great post Luke,
I think the best thing for ODM and PNU to do is negotiate the introduction of a new constitution that devolves majority executive power to the people but not to a prime minister through distinct district governments.
This would happen by having a transitional government in place.
Provincial boundaries should be abolished coz they promote tribalism.Also local government and the provincial administration should be abolished.
These district would have a district assembly made up of representatives from district wards.(sort of like a bigger municipality with powers to manage it's own resources)
Further, the district, would have a district council (cabinet) that would hold the executive powers of the district government.This council will be responsible for recruitment of the district civil servants,tendering process,land transactions,collection of cess tax and many more.
The central government would only be left to manage national resources including VAT,excise duty, income tax,national education,security and military et.c

For GOD's sake we need to make a constitution for posterity,for the benefit of our children and our children's children.
We should divorce the issue of satisfying individual interests at the expense of national interests.We clearly need to increase our per capita GDP so that we may compete with global powerhouses and forget about centering our lives around Kibaki and Raila.


Anonymous said...

I have seen graduates hawking mitumbas in River Rd and even driving Citi Hoppers. We need more job creation strategies but I don't know who will invest in a tribal warzone that is Kenya.

By the way we also have high unemployment in Tanzania etc, but jobless youths there don't take machetes or man illegal road blocks demanding for jobs. The govt doesn't owe anyone a living, what it can do is enhance proper atmosphere for investors and also enhance projects like youth development funds.

Why would stupid fools burn their own workplaces, factories, shops etc then demand jobs? Wise up

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku of Mombasa; you have made my day with that Atwoli remark.

That man always cracked my ribs.

Anonymous said...

Luke, Luke, Luka! You are the one being naive.

Kenyans needed a political solution that put the opposition in govt. on firm footing before moving on to point no. 4 of the peace process.


Remember what it did a few years ago? Yah! Kenyans had to trash their draft at a referendum.

Anonymous said...

if atwoli doesn't get to the document before i do i will tear up the document myself!
(kwani where is it kept? si you just go to government printers buy one or buy all and tear haha!)

on a serious note, i agree with luke we do not need 12 months to write that document!

kenyans already know what they want, the bomas draft pretty much spells it out...all we need to do is refine that bomas draft to remove clauses that were rendered unfit for kenyans the gay marriages(i remember that was mr. moi's grave concern) just replace those clauses with appropriate wording...spell it out so that the oldies feel comfortable enough to accept it...

another thing is to remove religion from the draft and enact a separate act of parliament for those in need of affirmative action-people had such a big issue with sharia law entrenched there remove it! otherwise get ready to have christian, hindu, akorino, dini ya musambwa, latter-day saints and mungiki courts if you want to start establishing religious courts in the constitution.

i mean we know what the shortcomings of the draft are and it can be done. in fact, if i felt inclined to i could write a new katiba for kenya in a record week!

all these stories about getting one in a year are just that stories! those people must start getting serious about this thing.

Kali said...

Simiyu- great answer, sort of like the Canadian system with -All the provinces headed by premiers- i.e Ontario,Alberta, Quebec e.t.c they even have their own elections for MPP's kind of the same setting like the Canadian Federal government which of course have members of Parliament from each province-This system actually allows the provinces to control there wealth except for certain natural resources like oil- Electric-power, then such systems like health care is federal(FREE) for all Canadians e.t.c which the federal government is involved in but there is some kind of tax arrangement,
I believe this helps with controls and easier development of each province- no waiting or begging. Job creation, e,t,c I think this would reduce all this control -from statehouse- one person should not control the fate of millions- with just one phone call- it is giving them the right to control your life whether they can allow you to live or die(starving people in the north children dying lack of food)

Anonymous said...

Great post Luke,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kumekucha for moderation!!!!

Ai!!! I had stopped visiting my favourite blog because I couldn't stand the filth certain characters were posting here.

This blog is in a class of its own - protect its status.

Anonymous said...

Mrembo wa ODM: I second you.

We already have a draft - Ghai's Bomas Draft. All we need are the MINOR adjustments you point out.

Kenyans will not be fooled. They rejected Kibaki's flimsy version at the referendum and will not hesitate to do so again if they are not given what they want.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.13; Don't ask those youth to wise up.

The youth so no future in factories etc. that did not and could not employ them - no promise in the structures around them.

Let us not pretend that Africans all over the continent did not resort to sabotage to kick the mzungu out.

What's the difference? None. Their's was sabotage to kick ruthless dictatorships from the future of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:47 precisely and that is why we supported and voted ODM coz we needed meaningful changeover and not some cosmetic facials that PNU gave us ..that they forgot about devolution of power which was a priority they reduce it to number 10. in their manifesto.
The idea of playing sycophancy is over if a region is paying tax, let them get their rights and may the govt stop thinking that they are doing us huge favors so that they can find something to blabber about during campaingns. I think Kenyans tuamke we have been taken for rides for a very longtime...When you go to a shop, you pay for milk the shopkeeper must give you milk..Kama ni Tuzo unataka then demand for tuzo na sio maziwa ya ng'ombe ile ya kupima it is not tested and thus not healthy...It is time that we rise up and demanded our rights......If ODM could do it, we can also do it in a silent voice but powerful we can no longer afford to enrich a few goons here and there who will tell you that our tax collection has improved tremendously and they give you i guess some inflated figures and you are like so what coz you don't see what it is doing and that is why th PUNU economic growth lacked credibility apart from Kimunya and Mungatana who will shout from the rooftop, but atleast Kimunya could give you a story...Mungatana just had no idea....


Anonymous said...

ODM continues to work for change even under the most unfavourable conditions.


Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, thanks for moderation - what took you so long? The quality of dialogue here had really deteriorated.

Luke, you can be sure Kenyans are keeping their eyes on the prize.

They know that the political deal is an INTERIM solution that will oversee comprehensive reforms including major constitutional change.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

And when Anan is done mending Kenya, could he please pass by KFF on his way home? They need some mending too. Maybe for just a few hours as a bonus for Kenya. I cant claim to know what is happening there but something is and has been cooking for quite some time now.

Steve said...

Not to a be pessimist but it's not over until it's over. Trust PNU to sabotage at the last minute. Let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...

By the way did you guys watch that guy called Ken (the historian) on Newsline jana with Peter Opondo & Uhuru & Anyang...Did anyone see Uhuru when Ken told Uhuru that pls convince someone, ati Kibaki is the legitimate president by winning Central, and was it upper Eastern or Lower Eastern, so PNU bloggers it is not only us ODMites as someone chose to call us who are not convinced that Kibaki won. Pls you see and by the way he was not luo he was kisii....My guy Derro we just have to be convinced that Kibs is really the legitimate prezzo of Kenya .....
Just before i forget the other day i mentioned abt Kikwete and how he dresses sharply and a blogger asked me to go to TZ if i admire Kikwete....that is the problem i was taught in my PR class that the way you dress reveals your organization skills.....and Phil if you are in a place of authority pls tell Uhuru that even our very own Barack Obama smokes but he looks refreshed everytime he comes to talk to people...Pls si kwa ubaya but my bros in Central if you want us to support your own next time....Give us some one presentable ....Michuki/Martha those looks No way


Anonymous said...

sorry to digress i found this on mashada and it was too good to not share...hope it puts a smile on your face in these hard times.


Answer ALL the questions below

NB. Dubbing/rigging will lead to automatic disqualification. Make sure your forms 16A and 16 are checked before you leave the room!



Give two different meanings of the word rigging (2mks)

Question 2

Write an Essay in no more than 200 words on Gitobu Imanyaras visit to State House vividly recalling how the first lady sent him out (20 mks)

Question 3

Mary gave birth to a baby boy and named him KIRAKA after making out with a Kikuyu, Kamba and Luo, What is the meaning of this ACRONYM: KIRAKA



Question 1

With ODM having won 101 parliamentary seats and PNU 45 and ODM-K 16, what is the probability that after tallying ODM got 4.3million votes? (20mks)

Question 2

Two boys, one has six oranges and the other one, what is the probability of the boy with one orange sharing it with 8 others (2mks)


Question 1

Using your pipette determine the PH level in orange as compared to that of the banana?



Question 1

Watu watatu (ODM ,PNU, ODM-K) walikua kwa mbio. Mtu yule alikua katika nafasi ya pili alimpita yule alikua katika nafasi ya tatu. Mtu wa pili yuko katika nafasi gani? (Alama 2)

Question 2

Tunga sentensi tano kwa kutumia ngeli ya 'Rig'. Kwa mfano: Chama cha PNU kilitumia mbinu ya rigging kushinda uchaguzi bandia. (Alama 2)

Question 3

Fupisha sentensi kwa kuondoa maneno ambayo hayatajiki na tumia Kiswahili sanifu

'Na wale ambao wanachoma nyumba ai jameni, bado tutajenga. Natutazidi kujenga wakichoma. Msije mukafikiria kwamba utachoma nyumba ya mtu nawe utaendelea kuishi, hapana. No way. Na yule anayechoma nyumba za watu huyo ni crazy. Na yule anayemwambia mwengine achome jamani hiyo ni crazyness, no haiwezekani'.Na yule anapiga watu makofi......haaaaapanaaa!!

(Alama 10)


Question 1

Calculate the amount of energy in Kilojoules kJ lost in guarding an empty park with 500 policemen at a temperature of 30degrees centigrade (2mks)

Question 2

Calculate the speed of a teargas canister projectile launched somewhere in Kibera at a constant speed of 200miles in 2 seconds use the formula: velocity = distance x time

Question 3

Given the coefficient of friction is 0.09, what is the canisters speed at the base of the incline? (10mks)


Question 1

1. Judas betrayed Jesus as Kalonzo 'waiper' betrayed .................... (2mks)

Genral Paper

Question 1

Define mediation............. (5mks)

Question 2

If PNU and ODM share power,what will become of a VP who is from ODM-K?...................... (10mks)

Question 3

In simple terms describe Martha Karua...................... (10mks)

Anonymous said...

That exam must have been stitched up by one complete idler. There's no way Martha will let PNU down in the negotiations. She's the best brains so far in Kenyan political circles.

ODM should watch out, "when the deal is too good, think twice." There's always a catch somewhere. With all the blind hate and hunger for power, I don't think the ODM will see the catch. All they want is a Merc with a flag pinned on the side of the bonnet.

The Domos are about to be snared, for good. Always read the footnotes. They should stop demanding a quick fix to access power, otherwise they will be shafted. Now which genius left Anyang'Nyong' out of the talks?

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

mrembowaodm i suggest we do the test and compare notes on Kumekucha Domo.

Steve said...

AP reporting that the talks have hit a snag. Raila has gone to Nigeria and is expected back on Saturday. I told you so.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan peace talks hit snag
22/02/2008 11:30 - (SA)

Nairobi - A critical day for Kenya's peace talks hit a snag on Friday after the opposition leader unexpectedly left the country and his party said the government failed to show up on time for the latest negotiations.

Raila Odinga left Kenya on a charter flight to Nigeria, according to an airport employee and two officials of Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement.

Odinga was expected back on Saturday and was still available for consultations while out of the country, said opposition official Musalia Mudavadi.

He added that government negotiators did not show up on time at a luxury hotel, where the two sides were trying to strike a deal to end weeks of violence stemming from President Mwai Kibaki's disputed re-election, which local and foreign observers said was rigged.

Rivals 'edging towards a deal'

Mudavadi said: "There has been a delay from the other side. So we are waiting to hear their communication."

In Nigeria, Information Minister John Odey said he was unaware of Odinga's visit, indicating that the trip's purpose wasn't likely to have been officially sanctioned by the government. The presidential spokesperson wasn't immediately available for comment.

Nigeria, an African military and diplomatic powerhouse, wasn't known to be involved in mediation efforts in Kenya.

On Thursday, the two sides appeared to be edging toward a deal as the government tentatively agreed to create a prime minister's post to be filled by the opposition.

Government negotiator Mutula Kilonzo said a political deal was expected on Friday after weeks of international pressure on both sides to share power.

"I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel," former United Nations chief Kofi Annan, who had been mediating in the political negotiations, said in a statement on Thursday.

Odinga missed a scheduled meeting on Friday with Jean Ping, chairperson of the African Union Commission, the AU executive body. But negotiators from his party attended instead, according to an AU official who asked that his name not be used because he was not authorised to speak publicly.

1 000+ people killed

The December 27 election returned Kibaki to power for a second five-year term after Odinga's lead in early vote counting evaporated overnight.

The ensuing violence had stirred up ethnic grievances over land and poverty that had bedevilled Kenya since independence in 1963. More than 1 000 people had been killed.

Much of the bloodshed had pitted other ethnic groups against Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe, long resented for dominating politics and the economy.

On Thursday, a man was hacked to death in a Nairobi slum, police said. Witnesses said the fight started after a group of young Luos - from the same ethnic group as Odinga - began taunting Kikuyus.

"They started hurling insults then throwing stone at the Kikuyus, who are their neighbours," said a woman selling vegetables in the slum.

The Kikuyus then attacked, killing a Luo man, said the woman, who asked that her name not be used for fear of retribution.

A think tank said on Thursday that armed groups on opposing sides of the political and ethnic strife were mobilising for new attacks and serious violence could erupt again if peace talks failed.

Anonymous said...

Raila is on a path way to get power, mat ni ako sana.

Anonymous said...

aNON 1:54....Utangoja, you are talking as if Karua is the only one who went to school....Read Clay Muganda's article today's nation...By the way why am i even responding...You people assume that you are the only ones who work hard....So it is just normal that you assume Martha is the only one who went to school

Anonymous said...

Talks hit snag,

Anonymous said...

Luka, nice post. I think even the strongest PNU proponent agrees that a brand new constitution i.e. bomas draft, is the only solution for Kenya. After all this power sharing shenanigan is complete, I bet you those remaining in PNU will continue to place road blocks to this endeavor. Hope of course lies on the fact that we will see major political alignments in the favor of ODM, the peoples party. I say this because, even the most radical Mungiki character knows that a powerful president, even in the form of Kibaki, cannot be good for Kenya. You see, even with his immense powers, Kibaki terribly failed to change Kenya…judicial is still the most corrupt, lack of oversight led to Anglo-leasing etc. All these as Gicheru warms a sit earning millions with nothing to show. These are some of the things that Kenyans thought they were getting rid off in 2002. I hope that PNU has read the minds and aspirations of the people. We will get change even if it means hanging Karua by her toes.

More than employment, we need empowerment through a genuinely devolved system that will revitalize some of the most ignored regions esp. in the North, East, West and South of the country.

Anonymous said...

Much as Kenya deserve new leaders something has to happen to pave way for the new leaders. Moses had to die for Joshua to take over, Saul had to die for David to be the king. Mobutu had to flee Zaire for Kabila to be president, Blair had to resign for Brown to take over....and finally Kibaki/Raila need to die off/flee kenya so other crop of leaders to emerge. Otherwise as long as they are still around...WHO HAS THE GUTS TO EMERGE?

Anonymous said...

The youth have borne the brunt of the post election crisis.From Schools to Universities,mass transfers of lecturers and students...still the youth must understand that they can't sit back on the sofa legs crossed and proclaim 'they are no jobs so we wont bother looking'.'
The situation is dire which should give them all the more reason to work even harder to achieve something positive and be proud of it!

Anonymous said...

wanjiku @ 12:04 You made my day with that remark, LMAO ..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hail to moderation! At least now we can have reasoned discussions and none of that smut that found it's way here.

Anywho - I second all the comments stating that we do not need a year to come up with the new constitution. The delegates met and came up with the Bomas draft; govt came up with a watered down, bootleg version aka the Wako Draft;Kenyans decided which one they wanted via a referendum (some please whisper this to Kibaki and his cronies); Thus, all that's left is for Parliament to refine and strike out some of the weak elements and voila! We have a new consitution. We are not asking for a break through in stem cell research, [not yet at least;-)]just a CONSTITUTION. Quite frankly gay marriage is not Kenya's biggest problem right now. We have way bigger fish to fry! Also agree that we can't have Kadhi Courts or any sort of binary judicial system.

So, PNU, stop wasting time trying to stall the mediation process. It is obvious that you are doing something behind the scenes and need time to finish that OR, maybe you're secretly hoping that this is the old Kenya and we'll all just get tired and roll over for further abuse. I think NOT. It's a new day in Kenya!

Mrembowaodm - thanks for posting that exam; it had me rolling!

Wanjiku of Mombasa - I appreciate your commentary...always sober.

Anonymous said...

First whether kenya gets a PM or not, it won't change your life one bit, it will only help Raila and prevent Ruto fromgoing to jail as he should.

Kenya's economy ha sbeen recovering for the last 5 years. However, it's totally naive to think that everyone would benefit at the same time in 5 yrs after 24 yrs of plunder and pillage of the economy.

The real effects will start in the next 5-10 years for the guy in kibera to ebenfit. Raila lied to these guys and made them believe that change will be overnight..poor felows for believeing raila.

Anonymous said...

why do these KUMEKUCHA Clowns keep deleting an sensoring posts that are not vulgar but offera differnt perspective ??

Anonymous said...

oh well, today is saturday, got nothing better to do.

regarding the exam/test

after reading all the questions and after thorough extensive research the following will be true

1. while some unenlightened guys will actually go through the rigour of seeking and answering the questions, but mimi nasema hii hii mtihani hii ni ya siku moja tu, hapa hapa na iiitakwisha kwishaaaa alafu tuendeleeee

2. lights may go on and off while answering some questions.

3. some guys marking the questions may scribble one set of marks while those tallying the marks may systematically or arbitrarily replace these marks with more "realistic" numbers reflecting the statistically sound too close to call observation predetermined earlier.

4. and the best of all, my head teacher the esteemed mr kvu2 (who of course is responsible for publishing the results) will proceed to place the final grade and publish my results and isitoshe will run to my house complete with graduate certificate and hand it over where he will find I already had a success party going on from the day before I sat for the exam

in the meantime the markers will be busy reassigning marks more in tune with the published results in case of any cross-checks necessary later on. remember the sound statistical probability or concept that I will earn easily not less than 80% in my two strong subjects but no more than 85% so as to arouse suspicion and arbitrarily distribute 30 and 40% in my 6 weaker subjects.

what i don't get is why the guys that actually did the test and were graded why are they so mad at me and yet I have my duly issued certificate and have already had the party that goes with it.

something is terribly wrong here, i can feel it, but it just doesn't quite click. maybe some teacher out there (annan, condi anyone) can help me figure this out.

Anonymous said...

if u want jobs and prosperity, u need to get off your barbaric mentality of looting for the sake and work hard.

if that don't work, try sell fish or something!

Anonymous said...

Even for the Canadian system to work you need individuals everywhere in all walks of life (as is the case in Canada) to
have strong ethics, to be honest, courteous, fair, take action (monetary and otherwise) to help the weak, help the poor and low income persons by providing health, education and means to help themselves, to value life and other tribes/religions,to have dialogue when there is a dispute and who are not involved in criminal activity, murder, drugs, racism, tribalism to the extent of murder and denying jobs to other tribesmen.

How do you get the majority population to have such values?
what happens to a happy go lucky 4 year old to, by the time he is 20 yrs old to engage in violence, murder of another tribesman or accumulate wealth by corrupt means and at the expense of the masses?

I am no saint but like to think of myself as having more positive values than negative. The source of my positive values are:
1. Presidents Kenyatta and Moi - as a teenager I used to read everything they said in the newspaper and speeches - they always talked about peace, working together, forgiveness, love, unity, helping each other (despite their shortcomings - they might have a lot of land and businesses - but this also creates lots of jobs etc - we never saw 2000 kenyans killed and 1 million displaced persons)- so let's find a nationalist leader who redistributes wealth to provide jobs, cheap education and cheap health system to the masses. Cuba comes to mind
2. the second source was religion -so lets encourage more religion- more muslims, christians, etc
3. the third source was the typical kenyan you meet in the streets - easy to be good when everyone around you is good.
4 the Kenyan newspapers and foreign time/newsweek - who talk about the benefits of peace..; so let's have more education - Cuba has the highest literacy rate in the world with enough food, free/cheap health care, and native Indians on reserves have the one of lowest literacy rate, highest suicide rates, alcoholism etc....
it's peaceful in Dar-es-salaam and Havana tonight where man does not eat man!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are known not to be patient. Even if Raila was the prezi some of the things he promised would not have been realized in the time frame he promised!

Now on creation of jobs. hmmmmm..... would we rather have a few people who are making millions but indirectly employ the majority or do we want devolved power where each district will have it's own set of civil servants? By this I mean a lot of people will get jobs but believe me to recoup (their salaries) the tax rate will be so high that mama mboga will be selling each head of mboga at exorbitant prices. Have we thought about that yet?

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