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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Was This The Kalonzo ODM-K Miracle?

Guilty By Association: ODM-K looked the other way as Kamba Votes were Awarded to Kibaki

Any regular reader of these columns should not be surprised by the swift acceptance and deep gratitude shown by one Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka after being appointed Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs.

After roping the entire Kamba community into his futile and highly regrettable presidential bid, Kalonzo has successfully prostituted himself to be the country's second in command and betrayed not just those who voted him, but the entire republic. Kenyans have not forgotten that as Kalonzo roamed the country campaigning for his candidature, he repeatedly told his audience that he would have nothing to do with the corrupt Kibaki regime. Yesterday however, the man who loves to call himself a born-again Christian had all the nice words for President Kibaki.

Throughout the single ODM-K family days, Kalonzo fought tooth and nail to deny the party a democratic presidential nomination process. The same individual, with Moi's assistance, sabotaged the London bonding trip. He made various unexplained trips to Southern Africa - where specifically Kroll & Associates traced part of the GBP 1 billion that was stolen from Kenyan state coffers and diverted by protected crooks - and it is whispered that Kalonzo and some his ODM-K brigade - have crossed the poverty line forever, a big reward for successfully dividing the Orange family and further dispersing possible presidential votes for either of the top two candidates. Anyone who watched Kalonzo chatting heartily on his cellphone during the 'miracle' rally at Uhuru Park could see he was a puppet of the same people he confessed called him during the rally to say "we are together".

At the end of it all he is now VP, after garnering only 600,000 votes (plus a 200,000 votes award) and emerging a distant third in the presidential polls. It now means that constitutionally, if Kibaki were to die or be indisposed at any moment, Kalonzo would automatically assume the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya.

Although the VP's post carries some weight, the ministerial docket of home affairs is a demotion - for an immediate former presidential candidate - to say the least. His other ODM-K troops are hopeful that with a few dockets still vacant and no assistant minister named, the Mutulas of this world will finally make it to cabinet together with their skeleton laden closets.

But do not take that to the bank just yet, ODM is alive and kicking. Kenyans, brace yourselves because it is just a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

Brace ourselves for what? We have seen it all Phil. ODM is another empty shell of walking wounded. Just like Narc and it's euphoria, ODM is dead in the water and PNU won't lift up it's feet from ODM's head until it's drown thoroughly.

Actually, ODM will always be remembered for it's murderous atrocities and ethnic cleansing. On a positive note, it united Kikuyuland and co, for the very first time.

At this very minute, ODM is acting as the best recruiting sergent for Mungiki. Thousands of displaced people are joining the illegal gang daily. The oulawed sect is being revived by ODM! How ironic! Who knows when or how it will strike while seeking revenge?

Those like me who loathed Mungiki before now see the need for it's existence. The bitter pill for Domos to swallow is that Raila will never rule Kenya.

Kalonzo is a safe pair of hands and by accepting the job makes the Pentagoons look like the bad guys.

You could argue that this was well planned maybe 2 years ago. Actauly I see Moi's finger prints allover the plot! Politics is game of chess, checkmate! Talk about being wrong foooted..again!

If the Domos had confidence in judiciary to take halt the Safaricom IPO, why not now?

Who wants a flashy billionaire cruising the slums in a hummer and named his son Fidel Castro to rule Kenya? The game is over chaps. Come out of your dens with your hands raised up.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo did what every politician would do all over the world.

Up to now i am not totally convinced that all the 3 presidential candidates had the plight of the poor man in mind as they contested for the Prseidency. Lets be honest. This was just a facade for their sheer greed for power. So let us not belittle his ambitions and those of the people who voted for him. They exercised their choice and if it hurt other people's ambitions in the process so be it.

Anonymous said...

Was Kalonnzo supposed to consult Kumekucha before making up his mind. It is politics, my dear. In the event of a re-run, Kibaki wins, hands down.Democracy carries the day.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo did what any other spineless little boy would do. He's like a child longing for a father figure, with Moi out of power Kalonzo needed a new daddy, so he got on his knees and did what Lucy refused to do for Kibaki. He's now washed his mouth and is ready to give the country servant leadership!!

Kimi Raikonnen said...

Anon @ 12.18.

Well spoken mister, coudn't have said it better. ha ha! This line really cracked me up:"The game is over chaps. Come out of your dens with your hands raised up". Just too funny!

Anonymous said...

Kimi, I see that all that sperm you have swallowed over the years has further added to your ignorance. This is not a game, and if you think anything is over, you only need to wipe the semen from your eyes and see because things are only starting. In closing please go about in peace and be content with being an ignorant whore.

Vikii said...

Leave these ODM guys alone brothers. They have after all always been right. Actually i agree with Phil that Kalonzo is very corrupt for refusing to join the ODM. He is more corrupt than:
1. Raila Odinga (Who has been accused of engaging in the molasses fraud. Those who accuse him are only jealous of his Kshs 4 billion which he has accumulated since the sixties while a student in communist East Germany. People say he got the billions in 2001, but it is all jealousy)

2.Musalia Mudavadi (Did you say Goldenberg? You are wrong, it was Saitoti who authorised those irregular payments. Once again this is jealousy. Mudavadi is as clean as milk. Even accusations that he was among the group that initiated the Anglo-leasing transactions is all lies.)

3. William Ruto (People accuse him of fleecing the NSSF and all those irregular land deals. You all know that is not true. In fact William Ruto is the cleanest Pentagon member--An epitome of integrity. I dont agree with those who say he belongs in Kamiti. He should actually be Justice minister to take charge of KACC. Ruto is cleaner than Kalonzo)

4.Henry Kosgey (Will you people leave the clean ODM alone? What evidence do you have that he ran down the Kenya National Assurance co.? Henry kosgey was at the centre of very crucial reforms in the defunct company. He was overruled in a number of matters and resigned as a matter of principle. Those who accuse him of embezzling funds for the All Africa Games in 1987 are jealous. Kosgey is as clean as cotton and that is why the ODM which is a den of transparency and morality hired him as the chairman. There is no way the ODM can have a corrupt secretary leave alone a chairman)

5.Richard Otieno Kwach (This is a respectable judge. Kiraitu and Ringera kicked him out of office just because they were envious of his professional glory. That is why he is heading the ODM's elections board. He did a superb job overseeing the nominations. He is the ideal candidate to replace the grossly incompetent Samuel Kivuitu. We are ready to reform this country)

6. Dr. Sally Kosgey (She is another shining example of integrity. She is not only very well educated having been a one time student at Stanford Uni. but also a wonderful performer while in chargeof the entire civil service in Daniel Moi's govt. People accuse her of stashing govt money abroad but those are malicious lies. The only bank account she had overseas was a Wells Fargo student account which she closed in 1978. She is far much cleaner than Kalonzo)

Basically what I am saying here is that Kalonzo is more corrupt than these ODM people. He has changed parties more times than all of them and that is why we are calling him a prostitute. Even the allegations that Raila Odinga wound up the NDP to join KANU and be the secretary general are untrue. We ar calling on all Kenyans to treat Kalonzo's appointment as Veep with all the contempt it deserves. How dare he accept the offer without bothering to get blessings from Raila Odingas?

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking, you are now getting surreal. Why should anyone get Odinga's blessings to take any political step in Kenya? Like any self-respecting kenyan, I am upset and ashamed that Mwai Kibaki so shamelessly rigged the elections. On the other hand, why have all turned a blind eye to the "PENTAGON" suffix after Odinga's party? He is no angel, and has sold us all, body and soul, to the americans, who literally poured millions into his campaign, with promises on the part of Odinga to let them imprison us in poverty and ignorance, so that they can build naval and other strategic military bases off the East African coast and firmly rule the Indian Ocean, unleashing their terror on all the hapless nations around it. If you think I'm making this up, just wait another couple of years.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above. Odinga was heavily financed by americans, to the point of using PENTAGON, the name of his mighty military handlers, as his party name.
In addition to more PENTAGON bases, who knows what the americans want to bring into East Africa, specifically kenya? They gave Mobutu millions of dollars so that he could let them carry out experIments on innocent Congolese men and women, which turned out to be the Ebola epidemic.
And in 1977, Kenyatta did not miss a beat when he and other African leaders let the UNICEF inject the AIDS virus into unsuspecting African populations, who are dying, or dead now, as a result. For facts on the propagation of aids, please refer to www.
Will the PENTAGON turn Kenya into the next Somalia? At least, we know what we will be then, in a few years' time: dead, or in exile,thanks to free American cars and election money given as initial bribes. General Aideed of Somalia was given similar 'incentives' by the americans to turn his country into what it is now.
Is power worth the lives of 30 million-plus kenyans?

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