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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ODM Pentagon Now Target of an Assassination Plot

It is now emerging the a leading member of the ODM pentagon consisting of Raila, Ruto, Ngilu, Nyagah and Mudavadi is target of an assassination plot hatched by political opponents. God forbid!

Word reaching this blogger indicates that this threat is being assessed by the ODM security team that is headed by former police comish Edwin Nyaseda. Already, ODM is said to have identified at least two active moles that have been planted at Pentagon House, where most of the activities of the party are being co-ordinated from since the electoral process was sabotaged by ECK Chairman. Anyone watching the movement of the pentagon members will not have failed to notice the increased security around them. Other moles are said to be working as insiders at the party secretariat near Yaya Center and are responsible for the chaotic party nomination exercise prior to the elections.

The plotters feel that it is easier to manage the aftermath of an assassination than handle the political crisis currently unfolding in the country. It seems obvious that a plot to eliminate a member(s) of the pentagon would have far reaching implications on Kenya's political landscape if it is actually committed. It seems some powerful cartels after having failed to infiltrate the pentagon and are now considering murder as a solution to the post election crisis which was incidentally caused by the same cartel that arm-twisted the Kivuiti into agreeing to declaring fraudulent election results. Kenyan security forces - albeit with some little foreign help - have so far proven (sic) that they can handle large scale civil unrest that is sure to follow should such an assassination take place.

This blogger has deliberately failed to mention names/tribes of the moles and/or their political sponsors but knowing that this blog is read widely by all politicians, informers are advised to quickly make their bosses aware that they evil plans have already been exposed and their moles are being closely watched.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Mutua’s arrogance is a cultural trait that afflicts a majority of the elite and a minority of ignorant commoners from GEMA land. That a first class citizenry is in the last stages of its formation is no longer in question. The question is whether the remaining communities will accept subjugation to perpetual servitude. The ultimate question is whether such servitude can be forced upon the people by the arrogant display of power and mungiki-like military might. Even the more educated cosmopolitan Kikuyus find it impossible to imagine that Kibaki’s actions endear the community to the rest of Kenyans. At this point, it is naïve to solely address this crisis as a PNU/ODM issue.

In the interest of peace, Dr. Mutua must stop telling Kenyan citizens to go to hell. You see, banishing citizens to hell is a poorly calculated move. Sooner than later, the citizens will heed Dr. Mutua’s advise and succumb to the throws of hell. Once in hell, the citizens will regroup and come back to earth with the fires and brimstones of hell…..hand in hand with very bad demons. Let us choose peace.

-Andy Capp-

Anonymous said...

This talk on assassinations are very dengorous Please if we can stop it.

It can start a very bad thing in our midist.

Death of any Pentagon Member by whatever cause is by very bad.

Kenya is now very frigile and we have to hold our country very carefully.

I sincerely fell we need to talk on something else.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Phil…prior was for the Dr. Mutua post.

Assassinations will unfortunately become common place in the country that Kibaki has recreated. The sad thing is that these will not only be political. We are basically becoming Brazil/Mexico. As the Kikuyu become more isolated, the elite will have no choice but to employ militias to guard their wealth. It is these militias that will eventually specialize in assassinations. People will be shot for buying sugar from Mr. Karanja’s kiosk instead of from Mr. Mwangi’s.

As far as taking out a member of ODM, at this point, Kibaki is capable of anything.

-Andy Capp-

Anonymous said...

anon at 1:46am, Why fear reality my friend? Step out of denial. Mr. Kibaki has already assassinated our hard fought democracy. What makes you think he will hesitate in seeing some of his detractors off to the bed of ice?
Either way, they cant kill us all.

-Andy Capp-

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh No

I pray that it does`t go that way.

Should I then be ready to kill before I am killed?

Revenge will definately follow. That is the bitter truth.

Korekalich nade cha!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr/Ms. Scoundrels.

Please enlighten me on the relevance of alledged assasins tribe? Are u suggesting that I as a Kikuyu woman am responsible for what a Kikuyu fool does? If that is so, shall I hold all luos accountable for the gender violence perpetrated against Kikuyu women? Shall I assume that ALL Luos are complicit in the sodomy of young Kikuyu boys? Of course not!
We keep saying this and no one seems to listen. A man/womans tribe is irrelevant. It is a convinient place in which ignorant people like yourself peg your malice and hatred.

I dare you to publish this. Atleast we can start a sensible dialogue with the many intelligent and moderate 'elite' Luos out there.

All my contempt,

Anonymous said...

Wambui at 2:06, it’s not funny that you propagate issues of sexual violence. Please speak to your master Kibaki.

It is this Kibaki who has thoroughly raped us in the anus and left us disheveled and devoid of all democratic rights.

Anonymous said...

Stupid comments on this are the people who are promoting ethnic hatred in Kenya.

Why can't you be balanced in your assessment of the current situation?

Sample this:

1. Your clients say they will not go to statehouse because Kibaki is in the office illegally.
2. Your clients again say Kibaki is acting in bad faith because he named a cabinet before the Friday meeting.
3. Your clients say they will treat it as a sideshow just like the call for a meeting on Friday.

It is clearly political games which the 4.5m voters of President Kibaki are not interested in.

If they are truly sincere abt dialogue...they should not be shouting and reacting on Press microphones...Let them face huyo mwanaume..why are they scared.

Ama they wait for parliament to open to show huyu mwanaume they think numbers mean alot.

So even with your blog campaigning against peace we know Kenya will move on..

Afterall Kenya has survived what would have been a genocide planned by your loose,dirty mouthed clients.


Wafula said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Anonymous said...

thank you r breathing a lot of fresh air in this choking inciting blog..

shame on you chris...shame on you Phil..

you are the real enemies of our beautiful country..

Anonymous said...


I agree with you fully. This blog preaches hate and lies. Please stop it. We are Kenyans with Kibaki or Raila. I vote Raila but that does not mean i hated Kibaki.

The claim of killing is a rumour and a very bad one. Please drop it.

Do you know if a lie is repeated several times it can come to pass? Let us remember that we all have lives that can be killed. We cannot talk like that.

Please if you are a kikuyu, be proud of that and if you are a Luo likewise. We need each other at all times.

I am a Luo married to a Kikuyu. Do you suggest that I should chase her away simply because Raila is not the president?

Truthful Luo

Anonymous said...

Well done wafula. Can I quote you on another forum?

No one wants to kill ODM gang of five. They are political done with and it would serve no political end for PNU to kill them. Trying to blame the ODM rigging it's own nominations is so lame, it is sad. Why was raila asking the real winners to accept defeat and yet he cannot accept the same when it comes to himself?


Anonymous said...

This Ruto assasination plot was hatched right here jana for PR purposes. Check out the comments section on the half cabinet section. You never stop amazing me on your publicity efforts.

Anonymous said...

Your article on assasinations deserves one thing...hahahahhaha...upuzi! this is pure hot air ...DOMO

Wafula said...

anon at 3:13am, please do.You can quote me on another forum.The truth shall set Kenya free.
Long live Kenya.

Shiroh said...

You are hilarious!!!!

Phil said...

Wambui, that is exactly what I am avoiding. I knew it had to come up, because some members of the press are interpreting the PNU/ODM election crisis as a war between Luos and Kikuyus. I am not. I have the names of the plotters and the intricate working of their moles.

Wafula, I do not think you have proven anything with the selct figures you have published. For your information, ODM figures are adopted from legally recognised Form16A prepared by returning officers and countersigned by agents of all political parties. If you re-read the report from the source you quote, you notice that it is in draft form, ie no secretariat signatures or letterhead.. Also the evidence is not attached. The copy of the original that I have in my possession have all the evidence attached and is endorsed by the party headquarters. Infact I dare say the one posted at the source you quote could be a fake. Probably leaked by one of the very moles we are talking about in this post.

On the other hand, ECK figures are cooked to favour Kibaki and the ECK itself cannot produce any evidence of these figures. First of, even the ECK Chairman does not know what figures his returning officers filed, and he does not know whether Kibaki won the elections. This is a fact I am quoting what he said. It is obvious he declared Kibaki president without tallying the actual results from the ground. In other words, Kibaki was awarded votes at KICC then declared president. What then is the purpose of voting?

As regards assassination plot, this is a serious issue. It is better to warn the plotters in an open forum like this one rather than wake up to 'breaking news' that one of the pentagon members is DEAD, the same way it happened to Cripin Mbai, Robert Ouko, JM Kairuki or Pio Gama Pinto and many others! How come the police commissioner is no longer talking about the death row prisoners who escaped from the Naivasha Prison before the elections. The answer is pretty obvious: because they are on a mission.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans!!! really, what's wrong with us, was Dr Waltson right? How empty minded are you people? Tribe this and tribe that......what's in a tribe. Aren't we all black people? Sample mum is kikuyu-masai and my dad is luo-luhya. What tribe am i? Am engaged to a Kamba, what tribe will be my children? Please stop this stupid HATE!!! Our politicians will shake hands for their own interest. And please note our behaviour at this time will show not only how patriotic we are, but also how democratic we are. In a democracy, protagonists don’t resort to violence to resolve their differences.

Disgusted me

Liz said...

Chris.....SHAME ON YOU.....People are dying and instead of you preaching peace you come up with Crap....People need healing not Crap....
Is these the best you can do??? ha deserve Prayers ma dear....God bless Kenya.....Wafula i agree with you....

Anonymous said...

Then Phil, if you know exactly who the moles are, their network and all, why bother 'blowing the whistle', instead of dealing with it. Or name and shame them. This is a failed publicity campaign that you picked up from someone's comments last night0the one with the link to
Kumekucha did not start making Pity-posts jana, and the only pity here is that you have, with Kenyans going back to work, school and calm returning, you have so ran out of fresh ideas that you have to start collecting them from people's comments.
On a different note, why is the life of a Pentagon member more valuable than that of a mwananchi wa kawaida. Or more valuable than 500O, or according to your saviour, 1000 Kenyans???Even in the US (who we are looking to validate the rigging claim, with the hope that they will put the blame on Kibaki only-and they have refused), all people are born equal.

Anonymous said...

Actually this assasination crap is really driving people crazy.

What were Ruto thugs doing to kenyans sheltering at a Church.

kwani those burnt alive and those shot at Kisumu are children of a lesser GOD.

You Chris, If we could be talking of the late Kibaki, the late Raila, the late Michuki, the late Ruto, the late Balala, the late Kimunya then maybe we would start seeing the need for peace but its the kawaida jamaas who die and the politian justify.

Kama ni kukufa wafe kama wakenya wengine. they are not special when they incite others to kill.

Wote ni wapumbavu tu, mavi ya kuku

Anonymous said...

I have initiated a petition against this forum as it is a source of unsubstanciated stories , lies , animosity which we can do without.As for me i am out of here and i can assure you i am not alone .lets spend time in other forums where we shall be constructive , civil , emphathetic, truth full, merciful , just and spread peace.Two rwongs dont make a right.Kwaheri.You wrote your obituary.

Phil said...


ODM security knows how to deal with these issues. Consider yourself very privileged to have read this information here.

If these are pity-posts - then what are you doing here?

All people may be born equal, but the ODM pentagon consist of people we call true leaders, democrats, freedom fighters and patriots.

Looking across the fence on the other side, I personally do not see any of these qualities in the entire part cabinet of PNU/ODM-K/KANU. In contrast to ODM, all I see is a ex-colonial collaborator, anglo leasing/goldenberg architects, one party dictatorship strongmen, etc, etc.

Tamtam said...



I pray to God that this is not true, and does not happen

Anonymous said...

This is the same blog that initiated and spread rumours that the Pentagon members had been arrested and Ruto had been shot! This is nothing but more of the same hogwash. These are the desperate kicks of a dying horse whose protesters are too tired and hungry to go on looting and ethnically cleansing other Kenyans under the guidance of Ruto and all they can now do is create more rumours as a very desperate way of generating cheap publicity.

Anonymous said...

You betray yourself by attcking my persons would have been better if you dealt with the readers concerns.Be assured that some of us read this not because we dont have the info .we do and even more .Besides i would like to see this forum help all to ensure we and our children grow to respects each other and love each other, treat each other with dignity.I have respected you .But tough. you do what you have to do.Liberate others by giving leadership

Ngunyi Sam said...

It is rather obvious that this is another publicity stunt, straight from the Dick Morris playbook. ODM has realised that it has lost some sympathy, simply because of the killings sanctioned by the ODM command. It is very sad that it seems that kumekucha is playing a big role in the overall propaganda campaign by the ODM. It is in this regard that i challenge Chris to prove otherwise, not by statements, by actions. I have in my possession minutes of a meeting that took place between Dick Morris and the ODM thinktank i.e. Anyang Nyongo, Prof Wanyande etc. I will avail a copy to chris in the coming few days. I challenge u to publish it here.

Mkenya Halisi said...

I Pity the bloggers who pretend to be more Kenyans than others. Does it mean that the Pentagon members thave two(or even more) days to die? They will die one day just the same way the Kenyans died due to their incitement! Shame on You!!! You should preach PEACE and not advance your tribal utterations through this blog. Give Kenyans a break! You are Tribalists, war mongers, spreading hatred amongst Kenyans. You seem to be good students of your so called Leaders! To hell with you all, You can also visit the nearest Mortuaries or Moegues like your Leader Raila to access the amount of sacrifice you've made to the Devil you are serving! Long Live Kenya, Long Live Peace Loving Kenyans.

Phil said...

Anon at 5.00

How have I attacked your persons? You made some unfounded accusations and I am obliged to answer them.

Another thing, the link at that I just checked after you mentioned talks about William Ruto. While not dismissing that story altogether, I wish to inform you that the threat to the life of one of the other four pentagon members is what prompted this post.

For your information there is a lot more we have published here, and many readers will bear me witness, only for the same to copy-pasted elsewhere including the so-called mainstream press.

I agree we ought to treat each other with dignity and that we shall walk the talk.

Anonymous said...

We can argue till the crows cry on what has happened. The fact of the matter remains, and the facts show that there were irregularities in the voting process, and the ECK should have first validated and investigated those complaints. Because ECK never followed the required law as prescribed by the by-laws, we have now reached at this breaking point, where innocent lives have been lost. The democratic process that is an integral part of this country has been destroyed. It does not matter who wins, democracy should have never been the loser here. We will see if justice prevails or not from hereon!

Wafula said...

Fact 1:You got busted posting fake documents on this blog.
Fact 2:ODM will do anything to spread malicious propaganda aimed at soliciting public sympathy.
Fact 3:We cannot authenticate the validity of copies of 16A forms that you claim are in your possession.
Fact 4:You can fool some people sometime,but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Make peace not war.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Catholic bishop of the town where dozens died when a mob torched a refugee-filled church said Tuesday that the attacks against members of Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe appeared planned and organized.

Bishop Cornelius Korir spoke in western Eldoret, scene of the fiery massacre of Kikuyu. Eldoret and surrounding areas have seen an exodus of Kikuyus since.

"The way the attacks were managed seems to me very organized," Korir said as the U.S. envoy, Jendayi Frazer, toured the region Tuesday. "No, it did not seem spontaneous to me. It seems it was well planned."


Anonymous said...

There are the footprints of GOK - we now all know the motive

Anonymous said...

What a shame.

This guys have no decency at all.

People have died because for such stupid utterances.

The honour we can give our departed citizens especially the children is to have peace for the rest of there family.

No one wants to assassinate anyone in Kenya. True people are angry and it would be foolish for lets say Ruto to go to Kawangware at night without protection.

People are putting together evidence for a court case based one the Rift Valley genocide. we want these guys to face justice in court, justice in court is much sweeter than a marksman’s bullet.

Kibaki has worn the Elections and was declared the winner constitutionally, he was subsequently sworn in and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Those aggrieved should try the courts and see how far they go.

If anything ODM rigged big time, how can you chase away PNU agents from the whole of Nyanza and then claim that it was rigged elsewhere.

Bottom line is you backed a limping horse and it lost the race badly.

Lose gracefully.

Mkenya Halisi said...

GENOSIDE IS GENOCIDE! Thanks Kibaki for the part Cabinet. Let's forge foward and bring to books all those involved in Ethnic Clensing! Come on, Martha Karua should act constitutionally and the list of killers and funders should start rolling in Courts! There is no time to waste. The scorecard will start to be seen immediately.
Finally, how can you form a government with the losers? We need a strong opposition to keep the government on toes. Let then warm up for 2012, this time round without tribal thoughts. Let's hear of facts, not this tribe has this or that.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

This is yet another Sydney Sheldon thriller from a day dreamer. Get a life Phil. PNU is in power so pliz get over it and let's now promote peace.

Dozens of ODM MPs are lining up to take cabinet posts and watch when the Bunge opens. I won't be surprised if the top ODM goons take out one of their own and blame the Govt. Ha ha ha.. it will be good riddance anyway. May whoever is eliminated meet the wrath of those killed in tribal clashes, whether in heaven or hell!

I'm not sure who we should mourn. A pentagoon or 500+ poor souls murdered for their ethnicity?

Get a life kid!

Anonymous said...

i came here expecting to be informed, but alas!


if i had the power, i d wipe this site off now.

bye forever

Anonymous said...

"It would not be possible to trace ownership of wealth and the power structure in Kenya. 'They' would not permit it. 'They' would find a way to hound and torture anyone who tried. 'They' seem to be a fairly small group of people who know each other, but many are not at all known to the public. 'They' move in and out of government jobs, but public service apparently serves to win private promotion, rather than the other way around. The Government 'control' that practically everyone mentions cannot be traced through stock holdings, regulatory agencies, pubilc decisions. It seems to function through a maze of personal contacts and tacit understandings." To this one might add THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN SECRET SOCIETIES. Howcan Equity bee exempted from disclosing thier shareholders - this arrogance and abuse of the law is unprecidented in Kenya , allow it at your own peril

Tom said...

Yawn! ODM leaders being the subject of an assassination plot. Don't this guys ever come up with something new?
Thanks Wafula for trying to make the ODMers see facts, though, given their history, i am not optimistic they will.

Anonymous said...

What UTTER CRAP Phil you're a disgusting pathetic liar whose infantile attempt at journalism does not deserve any comments.

Have your google hits fallen so low that you have to resort to spinning ludicrous stories to beef up clicks on your google ads?

If you have such concrete knowledge of such a plot I dare you to publish the names of the conspirators. For sure you wouldn't coz you'd get ur lying asses sued to hell.

"Word reaching this blogger...blah blah blah". Stop insulting the intelligence of your readers with such mindless garbage.

BTW I used to admire Raila, but crackbrained loud mouths with nothing between their ears like you are the reasons public perception is changing against ODM.

- Ruto is a thief: he stole millions from the public in YK92, stole billions from the public through NSSF.
- Musalia is a thief oversaw the greatest theft of public resources ever as Finance Minister during the Goldenberg scam.

Patriots? Freedom Fighters? Leaders? Democrats? I don't think so.

Incidentally you're not even Kenyan so how do you claim to know who is a patriot?

Anonymous said...

"It would not be possible to trace ownership of wealth and the power structure in Kenya. 'They' would not permit it. 'They' would find a way to hound and torture anyone who tried. 'They' seem to be a fairly small group of people who know each other, but many are not at all known to the public. 'They' move in and out of government jobs, but public service apparently serves to win private promotion, rather than the other way around. The Government 'control' that practically everyone mentions cannot be traced through stock holdings, regulatory agencies, pubilc decisions. It seems to function through a maze of personal contacts and tacit understandings." To this one might add THEIR MEMBERSHIP IN SECRET SOCIETIES. How can Equity be exempted from disclosing thier shareholders - this arrogance and abuse of the law is unprecidented in Kenya , allow it at your own peril , THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you phill. It is good of you to report anything suspisious in plan. This is quite the only option for PNU, proven by the fact that they could shoot pple alive in the streets as the police(kyuks) laugh. With all the reclessness seen in the past two weeks, this is in the making and very soon things will blow to a level that even themselves will have to flee the country. Why are we black pple such cursed that we always want to die in power, where did our senses go? The assasinations are the last kicks of a dying horse, it will open a can of worms. I now think this is the time the public should come clear and literally chase these thieves out of the country, even if it means using the army and police. Thanks Phill, keep it coming.

Sam Okello said...

Thank you for taking time to dissect the issue(s)facing the Pentagon and Raila Odinga. Yes, I am a tribemate of the president of the organization,(Raila) and the analysis of assasination, as the facts have been carefully laid out by our esteemed directors, has nothing to do with tribe. This is about the history of Raila Odinga and those he's in contention for power with. We stand by this and call on Kenyans to take a careful look at the men and women who want to lead us. We are confident that an honest analysis shows that Raila is the best and the most ready to lead Kenya on day one. And let's remember that a man's family is a measure of what kind of leadership they'll offer. It's not uncalled for to compare Ida and Lucy. Though most African men would like to delude themselves, think that women have zero influence on them, it's at our own peril if we elect men who'll bring with them wives and children that will be a distraction and a disgrace to the nation. Kenyatta brought us Mama Ngina. Wasn't she awesome? Moi brought us Lena. Many of us still wonder what would have been were she allowed to be a mother of the nation. Now there's Lucy. If you think she's had such a positive influence on Kenya, Kibaki is your man. But if you care for Kenya, the nation's image, then it's time to look for new leadership. Because, Wananchi Watukufu, Kibaki has never led. Lucy has. And we never elected her.

Tavia said...

Where is the middle class in Kenya? Are any people out in the streets? Or has the general fear of violence and crime limited this struggle for democracy to the denizens of Kibera? If so, I fear for democracy and my country.

PS: Anybody have a link to the confirmed presidential tallies by province? Can't seem to find them anywhere anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is total crap! Typical ODM propaganda and carried forward by kumekucha (Chris & Phil). Why does ODM fanatics have to go on the defensive all the time? Think about it:-
• Firstly, KUMEKUCHA CLAIMS THAT NSIS ARE WATCHING THEIR EVERYMOVE AND THAT THEY HAVE INVADED THIS BLOG. Dear me, when did NSIS start paying attention to petty story tellers like Phil, Chris and the team. Enyewe, we do agree that some of the stories they do come up with are quite debatable but not factual. Most articles posted here lack credibility.
• Secondly, in the name of helping Kenyans caught up in the violence near Jamhuri phase II, this guy Phil claim that he’s helping them by posting pro-ODM POSTERS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO INCITE PEOPLE TO TAKE ARMS AGAINST FELLOW KENYANS. is he advocating peace or just making the lives of this people miserable.
• Then there is this article (ODM assassination), enyewe KUMEKUCHA, what do you think will achieve from all this pro-ODM PROPAGANDA? NOTHING. That’s the answer. Keep us entertained though,

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech, if you dont like it go somewhere else , its the wide world web for christs sake why do you keep coming back here, are you afraid of something. Pleaseeeeee GROW UP ! THIS PROPAGANDA SEEMS TO COMPEL YOU TO HANG AROUND - close down Equity until we know who is behind the campaign bribery organisation

Anonymous said...

There is one thing all Jaluos , Kalenjins, Kikuyus etc etc have in common, they all strive to live in peace, but peace can only achieved when there is Justice, what happened to Justice
!!! We are in a state of anarchy, if justice is not restored, we will continue to be in that STATE until justice is seen to be done. Not going to Eldoret and telling victims " serekali ni yenu "

Anonymous said...


Vikii said...

"Word reaching this blogger is that Phil wants to venture into fiction" Someone says Sidney Sheldon should feel really threatened.

The fortunes are changed and no amount of baby crying will change that. When the dust settles, the Rutos and Railas of this world will have to answer all these questions, believe you me. They can try to divert attention from heir murderous acts after losing in the elections but that can only have some short-lived success. Bado, bad sana.

Anonymous said...

Annon @ 9.53 We are not telling you to stp payukaring!!!!. Infact we are encoraging you to take a more pro-active approach. how about that for freedom of speech!

nonzenze said...

u guys are real CLOWNS . actually u are ODM Langas..being used by them to spread their petty lies.
ODM Pentagon- Grown Men behave like 5 year old brats, when they don't get their way, they whine and cry for attention, now with alleged assassin plots ? Please, get a real job!

Anonymous said...

enyewe nonzenze ume nena, one of them should try practicing the famous american quote "can i get fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

or rather "would you like fries with that?"

Vikii said...

'I have a degree in Liberal arts, do you want fries with that?"
Thank you guys, you have reminded me the good old days. Tell them

Anonymous said...

Kibaki said on his trip up-country that the elections could not go back, all the while more people were getting on the bus to leave. Can't really get any clearer.

Yet can anyone agree that it is status quo? Surely not, but it is very difficult for people in power to see change before it hits them.

I think the international community will not be particularly interested in intervening; not only because we hate it when the US or anybody else from the diplomatic community tells us what to do or think; and second because nothing was done, in reality, in rwanda and darfur.

What is different and the reason that kenya has been pump primed with aid is the rest of africa around us will be affected. Museveni had no choice but to congratulate if he wanted ANY goods to come his way.

The real pressure will come from those states around us and that is actually the danger. As it looks now Kenya is splitting up and different areas will find support from their neighbour states as Nairobi weakens on the ground if not on rhetoric.

Uganda has had the same in the north, the LRA being an intricate part of the conflict in South Sudan; the Amaricans have bases in north uganda as well as the kenya coast, this is well known and not spectacular (nor does it make a difference to the guy on the ground, as it were).

What is spectacular is that our country will or already has ceased to exist in anything but paper format. Unless Kibaki backs down and Raila does the same quickly, the country is no more. Does it look like they will?

No, an Kibaki is right: there is no going back for him, that much is true. A hero to himself, a villain to everyone around him, and here I am not thinking of Kenyans who did try to get him out legally, but the neighbours who will start suberting because they have no choice.

Many variables, but the picture must be broadended. You think I am crazy. Well look at what really quite big reaction there has been - the Us assistant secretary staying on as if nairaobi is now her permanent base. A lot of powers would like to deal the us and uk a defeat in terms of sphere of influence - just wait and see.


Lillian said...

Guys, these are the last kicks of a dying horse, no pun intended. Now that the dust has settled, and some leaders of ODM have been exposed for the MURDERERS they are, their only option is to keep crying wolf in the hope of distracting from what is sure to be the collective wrath of patriotic Kenyans. No matter. Eventually, them and their war monger friends on this here blog,just like their goons on the streets, will tire and fizzle to nothing but a minute blemish on the history of the great Republic of Kenya. And eventually, those responsible for the murderous spree that was witnessed shall still have to answer for the blood that's on their hands. The chickens, my friends, have come home to roost.

I said it before, and I'm saying it again. Peace will prevail in Kenya IN SPITE of the utter garbage that is spewed on this blog.


Tamtam said...

Maina Kiai on the Mungiki

Anonymous said...

Lesson for Kenya: Know when to go.
In Tanzania, Julius Nyerere set the example


From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

January 9, 2008 at 7:41 AM EST

Few people take easily to learning a big lesson from a younger sister or brother. It is the same with countries. The leaders of Kenya might well have saved their proud country from the carnage and misery that followed the Dec. 27 election if they had absorbed a lesson from their poorer Tanzanian neighbours: Leave office in good time.

Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania, set the example. On a farewell trip to Ottawa after resigning in 1985, he was asked by Globe columnist Hugh Winsor what he considered his greatest achievement. He might have said: bringing Tanganyika to independence in 1961, his political writings or saving revolutionary Zanzibar from being a Cold War pawn. Instead, he smiled gently and said: "Handing on my country in peace." His two successors as president have done the same.

Anonymous said...

I have come across this, can somebody tell me please if this is true. It could just be funny I tell you. We are almost in Rwanda now

"Tue, 8 Jan 2008 17:56:39 +0000 (GMT)

As I write to u now, Mungiki is being organised to raid and cause Mayhem in Eldoret, Kisumu and Kericho under cover of regular security forces. They are meeting today 08/01/08 at 3pm at Stem Hotel in Nakuru."

Abass said...

Viki, not being reading the news nowadays. Some people are saying that just before he was appointed as a VP, Kalonzo said that the country is in trouble and that he is not interested in a post while the country is burning, is that true?

Vikii said...

Which country is burning? Kenya is not burning, only a few crackheads looting and that will be dealt with.

Abass said...

Oh sorry for the mishap. I meant, a few crackheads looting. So did he say like he is not ina hurry to take up a post when a few crackheads are engaged in looting?

mwananchi said...

Maina Kiai is a very interesting character, where was he when people were being burned in churches and others hacked to death by militias? His silence as described on this blog posting (Maina Kiai where are you?) is disturbing. However it is now clear he has turned into a partisan ODM agent keen on scoring cheap political points through innuendo and propaganda.

Abass said...

Ok, Mwananchi, you maybe right and I agree he should have spoken against that atrocity. Still, it is very vital to have such an instituison. I am really proud of the many civil societies including but not limited to Kenya human rights, LSK and Marsgroup. Remember he is also a Kikuyu which puts him in a very difficult position. Regardless of what he is, he must speak for the human rights of Kenyans anytime anywhere. And so far, I am happy with him. Remember, no human is above reproach.

Anonymous said...

Pandora..not sure if you are in a box or not…but yours is quickly emerging as truth. Hapo haujadanganya. The likes of Vikii take this lightly. My friend, crack heads have been known to revolutionize whole countries. Ulysses Grant.

Tavia said...

It can't be "genocide" when its on one side and "cheap political points" when it is on the other. Maina Kiai is speaking out against all forms of violence, including Mungiki, which shows signs of entering into some kind of tactical alliance with security forces. For heaven's sake lets not label all voices for peace here partisan.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, unless you are as drunk as a skunk on some honey bee infested illicit liquor, you should be able to recognize the thousands of displaced jamaas traveling in military protected truck caravans.
Kenya does not have to be simmering, as in red embers and rising smoke, to actually be considered as burning. The way I see it, Kibaki should extinguish the flames by extinguishing himself.

-Andy Capp-

mwananchi said...

Tavia, please give us references to Maina Kiai's comments on the killings by militias, the burning of women and children etc. He has simply been going to bat for politicians instead of the wananchi who employed him. We know him stand on one side but we are yet to understand which human rights he is fighting for if such mass murders (terminologies aside) are taking place on his watch as the head of KNHCR. So Tavia, please share with us Kiai's comments on the events in question for as far as we are concerned he has been silent and is playing partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

For those who are still thinking there is peace in kenya you are deriding yourself. Rwanda will be made a side shadow and the blood will be on kibakis hands. there can be no peace without justice. form 16A said it all even after being altered severall times

Anonymous said...

And the number of policemen dead is coming out slowly were are emboldened

Tavia said...

How is this?

"Observers have said the killings could degenerate into worse violence, with a Kikuyu gang known as the Mungiki believed to be preparing an attack on Luos. But one warned against using the term genocide.

"To use those words at this point without adequate information and evidence is premature and it's dangerous because it only excites people even more," said Maina Kiai, head of the state-funded but independent Kenya Human Rights Commission.

"The truth is we have all died as Kenyans. There are very few non-victims so far.""

Murders "on his watch"? Please. He is a human rights commissioner, not the police or, dare I say, the president. He cannot actually stop anything. But he can speak out against violence as a neutral arbiter, as he is.


Anonymous said...

Mungiki are preparing to genocide the other tribes in the country. Luos are their first targets but the eldoret people are also not safe. People are going to retaliate and you and I know that this is going to be a funny scene.

Anonymous said...

Genocide is the term the act of mungiki is

mwananchi said...

Tavia, what you have shared is utter nonsense, Maina Kiai stopped being a neutral arbiter when he went to do ODM's bidding, when 30 women and children were burned in a church, leaders the world over and locally with the exception of Maina Kiai and the local MP condemned the incident. We have seen Kibaki, 4 former African Presidents, US Diplomats visit the scene. Maina Kiai has not been heard from neither has he been seen at the scene of this senseless massacre which is a just the epitome of what has been going on in Rift Valley. Perhaps, I need to be more specific, please provide Maina Kiai's direct and relevant condemnation of the tragedy that occured at the church and in particularly the events in Eldoret, Burnt Forest and the humanitarian crisis in Rift Valley. The truth is Maina Kiai is protecting the perpetrators and sponsors of these crimes against humanity. Like it or not, these acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing are being documented by various other human rights organisations and there will be consequences for those who instigated them. In the event you are in doubt those consequences wil not be coming from mungiki as much as Kiai and Ruto would like the world to believe but from international and local courts.

Tavia said...

I'm not saying you're wrong, mwananchi, but I'll wait to hear what Kiai has to say tomorrow in Washington, DC.

nonzenze said...

I guess with Maina Kiai, he's more interested in the human rights abuses tht have not been brought to the limelight.

Obviuosly, he had no fore warning that people would be killed inside a church. Plus this incident is well known as it received alot of media attention both local and international.

I think Maina does a good job but people have to realize that he concentrates on abuses that are not known to the public, e.g. the extra judicial killings, the government waste on luxury cars, etc

mwananchi said...

Tavia, we can agree to disagree, your points are well taken, we eagerly await to see what he has to stay about his silence. I urge concerned Kenyans to reserve their spots and make sure that Kiai explains himself as to his recent actions, assuming that questions will be taking questions from the audience:

Topic: Kenya: A Post-Election Assessment

With: Joel Barkan, Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Africa Program at the Council for Strategic and International Studies

Calestous Juma, Professor of the Practice of International
Development and Director of the Science, Technology, and
Globalization Project at Harvard University

Maina Kiai, Founding Executive Director of the Kenya Human Rights
Commission (KHRC)

Stephen Ndegwa, Visiting Scholar, UCLA Globalization Research Center - Africa

Moderator: Ambassador Johnnie Carson, National Intelligence Officer for Africa at the National Intelligence Council

Date: Thursday, January 10, 2008, 10:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M.

Where: 6th Floor Board Room of the Woodrow Wilson Center in the Ronald Reagan Building. One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC

The Wilson's Center Africa Program is pleased to invite you to an
event co-sponsored with the Council for Strategic and International Studies. In the wake of flawed elections, Kenya is currently confronting a profound crisis. The speakers will provide a comprehensive assessment of recent developments on the ground and prospects for resolution of the Kenyan crisis. Panelists will
include: Joel Barkan, Calestous Juma, Maina Kiai and Stephen Ndegwa.

Please RSVP by e-mail to Africa Program Assistant Mame Khady Diouf at

Full Name:



Mailing Address:




Anonymous said...

shit hit the fan at the World Bank on the hill. Although Bruce was shaken down on the Naivasha highway himself he seems to think continuing with a corrupt government that has not won an undisputed election is worth supporting based on conjectures.

worst part though is that UN seems to have been implicated as well. If the UN becomes a target and has to evacuate - oh dear. We do find their red plates annoying don't we, but think about it as one of the still major revenues and employers (direct or indirect) of middle class Kenyans of all creeds.

this is nasty


Anonymous said...

This is the body of a memorandum sent from the World Bank’s Kenya office. The header has been removed

SUBJECT: Third Brief on Kenya Elections

1. This update, prepared by Colin Bruce, the Country Director, covers reported violence and economic pressures; the related dispute over the presidential count; and on-going peace-making efforts. It draws on strictly confidential oral briefings and documents from senior UNDP officials who led donor engagement with the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) and monitored the overall electoral process.

2. Violence is becoming more targeted and intense in some poor neighborhoods. Over 150 people are known to have died. In addition, just hours ago, an attack on a church in Eldoret, about 300 kilometers from Nairobi, killed about 40 women and children. As many as 20,000 people may have been displaced there as well. Calm has returned to other troubled spots but the situation remains tense, including in Nairobi where an opposition rally is planned for Thursday. Meanwhile, shortages of food and fuel are emerging, especially in low income areas, and pressures from the business community for an amicable solution are mounting. Bank staff are accounted for and remain ’shelter-in-place’.

2. Presidential Result. The considered view of the UN is that the ECK announcement of a Kibaki win is correct. Upon receiving the complaints from the opposition about irregularities last Saturday, the ECK spent 24 hours, in the presence of observers, reviewing each concern. On balance, they determined that there were more irregularities of consequence on the Odinga side than on the Kibaki side. For example, ECK considered reported turnout above 90 percent to be a red-flag for irregularities. Data available so far indicates that the highest reported turnout in a Kibaki stronghold was 90 percent; in the Odinga strongholds, there were 6 heavily populated areas with reported turnout of between 102 to 116 percent. Also, a draft EU report released today cites two constituencies (Kieni and Molo) in which Kibaki’s margin was inflated but does not say whether that invalidates the overall results. The reader is left to determine that the inflation could not have been higher than 48,000 votes against the ECK-declared margin of victory of 230,000. (Reports from the Commonwealth and domestic observers are expected by next week).

3. Communication and Other Process Failures. The process of arriving at the result created a crisis of confidence due to missteps by (a) the ECK chair (who joked about possible rigging during a news conference), (b) the vocal EU observer who was not thorough and precise in analyzing information provided to him--information that is now being repeatedly quoted by the world media, and (c) the lack of preparation by Kibaki’s party in dealing with a highly media-savvy opposition. For example, neither the ECK nor Kibaki’s party were effective in communicating that in Nyanza province (the home of Odinga’s ethnic group), they were unable to field ’agents’ as required following the reported murder of one agent from Kibaki’s party. ECK and international media were not vigilant enough to establish that the person presented to the media as an ECK employee, who had witnessed rigging, was neither an ECK official nor a witness.

4. Moving forward. Several political and diplomatic initiatives are underway to try to restore calm. Central to these efforts is persuading Kibaki and Odinga to agree on a credible way forward, and to announce it together. One optionbeing explored is getting them to agree to a recount which, by law, has to be done through a petition to Kenya’s High Court. Eminent persons from abroad would monitor this recount. Meanwhile, Kibaki would proceed to form a Cabinet, possibly with some participation by Odinga supporters. It is unclear what would happen if the exercise arrived at a different result from the ECK decision. The gamble is that this would not happen and that even if it did, both sides would have a face-saving way to accept a change in course via-a-vis their supporters.

wellu said...

I have firm believe that there is a cartel/company running the show that would just do anything to protect a fraudulently elected prezzo. Assassinations are still possible options for these guyz. This is the point where we let matters to God. His will shall surely prevail. I'm convinced peace is slowly trickling back. Some of the comments here are quite misleading. The cartel/company plotting all this should know that "no water can put out the fire". All possible peaceful ways shall be explored. Eventually we the people of Kenya shall gladly have back our democratically elected president.

Vikii said...

Kenya's democratically elected president is Mwai Kibaki.We only had elections a couple weeks ago. Nobody disputed the outcome of the polls, all we are seeing are psychotic sadists setting on fire, maiming and raping everybody who doesnt share ancestral roots with them. These are fellows doing the only thing they are talented in. Tell me which justice and democracy is gained by burning 35 women in a church. Let us move on and stop these little side shows. I know some people like politics so much but 2012 is not far when we will be deciding whether to elect Uhuru, Dr. Kituyi or Kalonzo as the president of kenya.

I am suprised people are taking the alarmist called Phil seriously with his little fiction of people wanting to assasinate William Ruto. William Ruto does not need to be assasinated in secrecy. He should be hanged in broad day light with all members of the fourth estate invited.

Anonymous said...

Follow the losers in PNU and you will hear unbelievable stories about the planning of this election , including rigging amongst themselves - am looking forward to the truth and reconciliation trials. Lets hope there is no plea bargaining on grounds of medication.

Anonymous said...

Vikii , Fourth estate my a.... - a semblence of , some by the way not all - Please , we need some serious investigative journalism not soundbites to fill airtime , Kumukucha is leading the way , thats way all this seems to be fiction to you , you are so used to be feed crap that you cannot recorgnise the truth when you see it , keep up the good work .... kumekucha kweli

xXx ~ Jac ~ xXx said...

God forbid this happens. The last thing Kenya needs is a high profile assassination - they should just work it out and restore the Kenya we knew 2 weeks ago...

Anonymous said...

Just keep dreaming. This is in the way, sooner than later it will be done. These evil people are not interested in the country any more. They have stolen enough wealth stuffed in the western stable countries so that any time there is inflation in Kenya, their money becomes more powerful against the poor Kenyan one. On the other hand, they do not wanybody to rule the country at a better state, but a messed up economy. Remember Moi saying that ...."now you are saying Moi must go, but sooner you will say Moi must come ..." this is to soon to call Moi back, atleast he cared for human lives.

mwananchi said...

nonzenze, what you might have missed is that Maina Kiai and Co. had before this election been investigating ethnic cleansing in Kuseroi and Mt. Elgon. To share one such example is the report which names a newly elected ODM MP as a suspect. So why the about turn? Maina Kiai owes an explanation to Kenyans and he must substantiate the claims he made for they are inflamatory and could lead to needless attacks on innocent wananchi from the Taliban based alone on his words. If he can talk about Mugiki why can't he talk about the militias in Ruto's backyard that are killing people? Kiai knew what was going on with the killings, I quote from the report and this is just one example:

"According to interviews with local residents by KNCHR monitors, the politically instigated violence in Kamwaura area is seen as an attempt to scare away voters
from certain communities from taking part in the December 27 general elections."

"Police are said to be investigating two politicians Messrs Zakayo Cheruiyot and
former area MP Moses Cheboi. They believe the two were sponsoring the violence."

"Close to 1,000 families have fled their homes for fear of further attacks as the
violence spread to Olenguruone, Kiptagich and Keringet areas."

Why it is that Kiai suddenly finds it convenient to see no evil or hear no evil as long as it implicates those he has chosen to jump into bed with? Let him explain himself tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Vikii said...

Anonymous what are you talking about? You, like all ODM goons, know deep down your heart that any talk about assasinations at this time of the day is bullcrap. These, like someone said, are the last kicks of a dying horse. You know very well that these are all cries for mercy. Why assasinate Ruto when there is enough evidence for his life imprisonment. Look here, friend, this is the same guy responsible for the country's ever biggest economic depression in '93.He is the fellow who believed that the best way to fund an election campaign is printing more money. He is the same fellow who has been behind so many skirmishes in the Rift Valley. I do not want to mention his involvement in economic crimes, dozens of them.

When you talk of political assasinations, I think of people who were assasinated for speaking up against evil, for speaking on behalf of the down-trodden. I think of Pio Gama Pinto, Alexander kipsang Muge, JM KAriuki and Kungu Karumba. No single member of the pentagon today merits an assasination by a regime that wants to cover some mischief. The difference between these fellows with those in government today, if any, is very negligible. I can tell you for free that if any member of the Pentagon were to go missing today, the best place to begin investigation is within the Pentagon itself. The assasination of any one of them will not be different from those of Tom Mboya and John Robert ouko-----Assasins killing one of their own.

And did you say something about Kumekucha leading the way in offering tangible solutions. I only have one question for you; Since when?

Anonymous said...

Continue dreaming. The govt will be responsible for it since they would want a situation for them to rule w/out a thorn in the a**. Some of those guys are contemplating doing exactly this. Your rotten friends in the govt will do just this. You like or not, its the case.

Vikii said...

That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Vikii get online- the pucher.

Alani said...

Someone is getting really desperate For attention. Ati assassination! PAHLEEZ!
Phil you need to go look For REALLY dumb people to tell such blatant and obvious lies to! Aki USHINDWE! what more do you want, women have been raped, babies have been burnt, men hacked to death, people havelost thier hard earned lives they have built over the years and yet you are still hell bent on FUELING the FIRE! You ought to be ashamed oF yoursel. You ought to do a real soul searching beFore you spew such poisonous rubbish. What value has this inFormation added to anyone who has read it. You will be judged very harshly by history very harshly.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kibakistan, the land of dictator General Emilio Mwai Kibaki wa Githinji, the daddy killer, the tribal leader of all thief and prostitutes, and the senile master of deceit and arrogance.

Makamasi said...

Don't wanna be a martyr in this war
Don't wanna hear the same excuses anymore
That everything's a threat
And it's only gonna get worse if we let it

Don't wanna blame the rich for what they got
Don't point a finger at the poor for what they have not
Though the politician and the priest
Live in the belly of the beast because we fed it

Freedom is seldom found
By beating someone to the ground
Telling them how everything is gonna be now, yeah

Now if the tables were turned tell me how you would feel
Somebody busted up into your house telling you to stay still
While the leaders will deny defeat
Innocents they testify by dying in the street

Freedom is seldom found
By beating someone to the ground
Telling them how everything is gonna be now

Freedom is seldom found
By beating someone to the ground
Telling them how everything is gonna be now

Anonymous said...

Running out of ideas huh? This is so not original!

Anonymous said...

Makamasi, that's a nice poem.

Anonymous said...

ANC war cry!!!

Anonymous said...

Anti-kikuyu war cry! That is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki's own goal

Published: January 10 2008 02:00 | Last updated: January 10 2008 02:00

In spite of urgent international efforts at mediation, the threat of ethnic violence continues to divide Kenya, so recently regarded as an African success story. Rioting that followed last month's disputed presidential elections has already cost at least 500 lives. In those circumstances, the decision by President Mwai Kibaki to appoint most of a new cabinet from amongst his closest allies is HIGH-HANDED and PROVOCATIVE. He seems intent on precipitating a deepening catastrophe, rather than healing the wounds of the nation.

Anonymous said...

I highly suspect that there is a mole that has been sent here is the form of 'VIKII' to spin the governments agenda. God forbid something happens to any of the ODM guys, I know that Vikii will be very happy even though he pretends to be a peace lover. Vikii this is not about you, but the moment you start saying that Mboya and Ouko were taken out by his kinsmen without evidence, you sound like somebody who borrowed a Warthog's brain. I know it's not your fault, its how you were raised. I understand you are entitled to your opinion, but PLEASE observe silence if you do not have anything meaningful to say. Let us all PRAY everyone in our country stays safe and I believe all lives are equally valuable no matter how much you hate them.

Wanjiku said...

Is this Vikii for real? Nobody disputed the elections? Where does she/he live? Or just trying to be annoying? Wrong timing. Kenyans are annoyed already.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:44 - I could not have put it better.

Why is it that Vikii, et al are so defensive in the face of uniform international condemnation? Could it be that there are too many vested interests?

Anonymous said...

``It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order, this lukewarmness arising partly from fear of their adversaries, who have the laws in their favour; and partly from the incredulity of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new until they have had the actual experience of it.''

Niccolò Machiavelli
The Prince and The Discourses
The Modern Library, Random House, Inc., 1950, Page 21, Chapter VI

Vikii said...

Anonymous 9.44, I didn't say Mboya and Ouko were killed by their kinsmen. You need to read and understand before you comment on something. Where you do not understand, please ask questions inorder to appear to posess a brain better than a warthog's.

Tom Mboya and Robert Ouko were killed by fellow colleagues in governmentr. That's what I said. They were not killed for propagating the common man's agenda as some people like it understood, they were killed over deals gone sour. If any one of them had an agenda different from the government's, the first natural thing the presidents would have done is to fire them. They were killed not because they were opponents of the status quo, but because something did not add up in the particular transaction at hand. You can decide to spin it like so many other things about so many other people in this blog but that is the fucking whole truth. A cabinet minister is very much part of any system. Before one gets to the stage of being killed, he must have disagreed enough times with colleagues and jumped ship if he held a viewpoint any different from theirs. Sometimes we disagree on a few things and I appreciate it. Feel free to do it once again.

Wanjiku, I will not respond to you the way you expect it because i have something so much better to do. If you honestly feel anyone ever disputed the 12/27 poll, please quote me the day they filed the dispute and with whom. Only then will I feel inclined to 'discuss' my world with you.

Anonymous 11.00, I am flattered. I may have interests (Just like everybody whose viewpoint is not through the tiny ODM glasses), but certainly my vested interests cannot be as big as your "International" world's. you obviously hold them in awe, don't you?

lamentation said...

You must be aware that there are so many merceneries working for the foreign investors in Africa. These forces are well equiped and can appear in the middle of anybody's house at a moment's notice and eliminate or make him disappear. This is what they did with Haiti's president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, forcing him into exile.

Many African countries lost their sovereignities long time ago.

The corporations are running the show in Kenya. People like Kibaki and his elite friends are not calling the shots, they are merely figure heads or errand boys or window dressers. The corporations have access to almost every building in Kenya and can land anywhere without Kibaki's knowledge.

I do not see what the Kikuyus would lose by helping other Kenyas to humanely make ends meet. The foreign investors do not like it that way, they like to expoilt and loot.

Anonymous said...

"As the rest of the world forms huge blocks of economic, political and military survival, tribal chiefs tell us our future lies in fragmentation of Kenya into smaller states".
Then i wonder if we will ever prosper???
Shame on us for being so shallow minded.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, what you are suggesting is that my loyalties lie elsewhere.

However, what you appear not to be disputing, and therefore tacitly acknowledging, is that the ECK was forced to decide too early, that the swearing-in was a tawdry affair, that Mutua is being condescending, and the timing of the naming of the cabinet is a show of belligerence.

I am in awe not so much of the international media as I am of uniformity of their reaction.Surely consensus must have some merit.

Or are you so paranoid as to believe that the West's interests are not served by the status quo - in which case you may want to review how your vested interests are better served.

Anonymous said...

Come on you guys ..Si u just choose to ignore Vikii he is a boil, u know they say that common sense is not common

Anonymous said...

I'm totally disgusted by comments from Vikii and other PNU wajingas that are posted here.
I'm furious and if I voiced me exact feelings Kumekucha will not post my comments!!
You guys are dafter than daft!! You are all reffering to the events in a church in Eldoret and other parts yet you do not have all the facts?? I do not condone violence but pple should exercise restraint where you know you are dealing with sensitive matters?
Did you fools know that some kyuk militia decided to hide in that church and attack kales by night and that they were followed back there hence the bombing?? The arsonists were not right but neither were those hiding in churches to use it as an attack base!
If you fools think that Kibaki has won why are policemen hanging around all corners of every street???
Why was there no jubilation accross the xtry, why are people dead??
If Kalonzo pupports to be a xtian, what Godly miracle happens bcoz others have lost their lives??
I hate Kenyans at this moment bcoz we are engaging in pretence. Why are we pretending to pray and preach peace, why cant we take the bull by horns and sort out our problem??
The fools like Vikii and others who think Kibaki has worn and all is well you might be in for a rude shock of your lives. You have no idea how many young Kenyans are ready to die for justice- I tell you no idea!!!
We have enough vomit from Martha Karua and Kimunya pliz spare us the nonsence.
This is not about Raila winning anymore its about Kenya and the sooner you fools realise that the better for all.
Acheni upuzi!!

Anonymous said...

Wajinga kabisa

Anonymous said...


Let the parliament opens, they will shoot one ODM official most likely in March 2008. The name of the victim starts with R.

But I warn Kenya. The country will turn in to volcanic ashes. You aint seen nothing yet. No winner no loser. Everyone will lose.

Kenyans be on the watch out.

Anonymous said...

ODM guys led by Raila will always find ways of distracting people's minds to justify their claims. Analysing all their theatrics proves that theses guys feel defeated from the inside but will not admit it. Take a look:
1. The crap about voters register missing some names beginning with letters R,A,O - the claim was baseless and was hushed in a day
2. Claim that international leaders had called on Kibaki to accept defeat - who are these leaders? How come we never saw nor heard them in the media at least for credibility sake?
3. Claim that votes had been doctored and the parading of that guy from ECK (somebody arap Bii) - the dude could not adduce tangible evidence just like those ODM guys could not while protesting in KICC. By the way that guy has fled the country.
4. Now the claim of assassination - BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Those guys you see demonstrating on the streets are people who have nothing much to do - idlers, vagrants.... Why should a politician claim that these are the guys who carry the will of the people? Those guys will rob, loot and detroy anything they come across because they have nothing and they somehow feel that they are what they are coz someone (those who have) has deprived them.

Raila and his people should respect development minded Kenyans and let KAZI IENDELEE!!

By the way the shilling now is at 67 to the dollar down from 62 at the beginning of the year.

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