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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cry For Kenya: Letter From Kenyan In Sudan

I have received the following emails from concerned Kenyans on both sides of the divide;

Bwana Chris,

Why aren't your "impeccable" sources giving you information on who is ordering the burning down of houses in Eldoret? Or is it a case of selective amnesia?

Please go ahead and address this issue. There is no one in Eldoret who stole people's votes. Furthermore, even Bishop Korir has said that the attacks are not spontaneous as the ODMers would like us to believe.

I acknowledge the fact that Raila lost unfairly but the kind of suffering visited upon the Kikuyus in Eldoret is in bad taste. The Kalenjin even have the audacity to burn down houses in the presence of the president, the Standard reports.


Hi Kumekucha,

First lemmie thank you for the wonderful job you did during the elections and the aftermath. I relied more on your updates than the conventional news channels.

This will be long so brace yourself! As I write this, I have tears welling in my eyes once more. I thought I was through with that until I reported back to the office today after a 3 weeks break. I live and work in Khartoum, Sudan and every single person I have met so far in the office today is asking me - What Happened??. The Sudanese who have had civil war for over 2 decades have always looked up fondly to Kenya as a haven of peace in Africa.

How could a country that helped them end their civil war degenerate into a near ├živil war in just a few days?

What broke my heart was when one of my clients who is a respected figure in the society walked into my office, embraced me and broke into a long emotional prayer for Kenya to regain it's "rightful place in Africa" and end the babaric killings!

How could things go so wrong for Kenya? Did you know that Sudanese have even named their children and one city "Naivasha"after the peace accord that was signed there?

I used to hold my head high here due to the respect they gave Kenyans. Within weeks now we have to hold our heads down in shame trying to explain why we are killing each other viciously??? All that because we have greedy leaders willing to cling on to or gain power at all costs while sacrificing Kenya at the altar of Greed and Deceit? Why dear Lord I ask? Why? What did we do to deserve this?

I'm a Luo who was born and brought up in Kericho (Kalenjin land), schooled in Kikuyuland, lived and worked in many regions of Kenya and married a wife who has Kamba, Meru and Somali blood. WHY SHOULD I SUDDENLY BE MADE SO AWARE OF MY TRIBE? I shudder when I try to think of how long it will take to heal the wounds of this past week's events. What will I tell my children when they grow up? That once upon a time we all used to live peacefully as one nation until one day the goverment tried to steal the elections and we started killing each other based on what tribe we are from! Would they understand that?

On the political front our leaders should get their act together. Kenyans should demand that! It was such a shameful act and gross notoriety for the current government to steal the elections blatantly in broad daylight. The ECK and especially Kivuitu should bear the brunt for helping this government to abet such a henious crime against Kenyans. The blood of all killed in the aftermath will haunt him day and night! The reality however is this:

The moment Kibaki and his cabal of friends decided to rig the elections, that
was the time we should have realised that he has become totally numb and his
conscience was long DEAD! (it was in a coma before that). Therefore Raila and the ODM team as well as all those calling for demos, mass rallies, protests etc to put pressure on him are just wasting their time! That won't move them as they are in a comatose stage conscientiously and in a state of hypnosis to greed and power.

A negotiated end to the current stalemate should be given high priority and Raila and Kibaki brought face-to-face. However I believe the purpose should be to put together an interim government that would prepare for fresh presidential elections in 3-6 months. A GNU just wont work and Kenyans and the international stake holders should just stop dreaming. Kibaki's 'half cabinet' is a very clever ploy to divide ODM: Announce that he wants to form a GNU and catch the ears of the greedy and selfish elements in ODM who do not appreciate the fundamentals of the on their desire to want to be ministers....eventually creating division and cracks in ODM!

What should be next if option if an interim government doesn't see the light of day? I feel that instead of ODM resorting to protest and other antagonistic measures they should instead take up their place in the opposition in parliament. Now before ODMers skin me alive let me explain myself:

1. If ODM believes that it has the interest of Kenyans at heart then their leaders can help constitutionally in parliament to seal all loopholes that were used by the Kibaki regime to rig the elections.

2. They will be best placed to do the above because an existing regime will not bother to seal loopholes that they can use to this to their benefit whenever needed e.g. in 2012.

This will be a long-term plan with long-term benefits for the country as it will be a fallacy to even try after 3 months to run the elections again under the same constitutional and institutional status. Some of the areas that ODM can use their might (albeit slim) in the parliament to help make things right are:

1. Pass the IPPG "rules" and entrench them in the constitution to strengthen
the institutions that have a direct bearing on the running of elections i.e.
ECK, Judiciary etc to make them TRULY independent and well respresentative.
This will include passing bills that abolish the powers of the president to
directly nominate Comissioners and pass this on to an independent body subject to ratification by the parliament (Chapter III Sec 41 of the constitution)

2. Make laws under the Electoral Commision act that will ensure the electoral votes are declared at polling stations and the final votes for each constituency declared publicly and copies given to the party agents PLUS accredited observers and the media. Failure to do so by any Returning Officer would be punishable by law.

3. Pass bills allocating funds from the treasury to develop the ICT infrastructure of the ECK (instead of paying shady contractors!) This will avoid cases of lame excuses like "The Returning Officers have switched off their phones'!! OMG Kivuitu! In this day and age when CNN, BBC et al can report 'LIVE' from Burnt Forest to Atlanta???

4. Pass laws barring the ECK Chairman from announcing Presidential poll results as long as one contesting party has raised in writing to the commission (not courts!) credible issues that will put doubt to the announcement of results that will be seen to be free and fair.

5. Pass appropriate laws giving a reasonable timeline to conclusion of election petitions (6 months?)

6. Pass laws preventing legislators jumping from one party to another and keeping their seats as long as they have not written to the Speaker to declare this. The party leader should be given the powers in law to declare in writing to the Speaker that a legislator in his party has defected as long as he can prove this e.g. by associations, pronouncements, joining the cabinet without the Party Leaders approval etc. He will then be required to seek re-election afresh!

This will prevent the president poaching on ODM legislators to build a majority in parliament or frustrate passing of bills that are of constitutional nature.

All these may take long but for the sake of the country's peace and survival it might be a sacrifice worth taking for the benefit of our beloved Kenya.

It's time for all the elected leaders that Kenyans are looking up to to stand up and be counted. I'm tired of seeing the heart-rending scenes coming out of Kenya! Who will explain to those poor kids why they are refugees sleeping in the cold in their own country? How will we teach the young orphans to trust humanity and love one another when they saw their parents brutally murdered or even burnt alive. You just need to watch the movie Hannibal Rising and the thought of what we have done to these children will send a cold chill up your spine!

While we are imploring our fellow citizens to stop the killings, the government should also immediately stop the shoot-to-kill order to the police! Does Michuki still think that he is hunting down Mau Maus so as to be rewarded by colonialists? How archaic! And to think the country is in their hands! These leaders (you know them) belong to the Museums of Infamity as fossils!!! Saitoti will be too timid to do anything after being helped massively to rig in Kajiado North.

As for now I'll just keep on having to repeat myself trying to answer the question on everyone's lips here.......What Happened to our role model Kenya?

PS: On a lighter note - One of the Sales Managers (a Sudanese) in my company
was talking to a team member who had reported his sales achievement figures wrongly. He told him "not to do a Kibaki on him"and get his fugures right!

Kibaki has made us the laughing stock of the world because he is so incompetent he cannot even rig an election "quietly"!

I'll keep praying...



Anonymous said...

You are getting it wrong by suggesting that ODM goes to the opposition.
First, you agree that Kibaki is brain dead, and the cabal around him is power hungry and numb to the situation on the ground. With such a combination, do you really expect anything to come out of parliament?
The only solution is to get these sick people out of power

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Someone out there is getting it. Billy I must admit that at least you are looking at how to make a worse case scenario better. You have a probable long term solution for all Kenyans. If everyone would put peace ahead like Billy(or his friend), Kenya would even be a better place. Remember that we have to pay for democracy, but not necessarily through blood !

mimi said...

RAO and all voices for peace truth, peace(i mean real peace vrs denial), and justice. I believe that all this business of international mediators is a sham and a buy for time by 'the government'. I would like to believe that insightful kenyans, regardless of their political affiliations, and ODMers can see through the veil of attempted negotiations (my foot!!!) by 'the gov' as just time buying for regrouping and strategising to stay right where they are. THESE TALKS WILL GO NOWHERE BECAUSE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WANT THEM TO GO SOMEWHERE IN THIS CIRCUS ARE THE ODM GRP! The others know what they are doing. I think every intelligent kenyan has moved from thinking that anything meaningful will come out of these negotiations but refusing to be lied to that things are as normal as 'the gov' wants us to believe, but still asking, now what? This is the place where something bigger than all our collective intelligences has its arena.

It occurs to me that though our votes were stollen our voices, even with our vocal chords damaged with crying are still ours. Let us not accept that they have been stollen. Hapana! It occurs to me all you leaders of justice and truth ODM or not, that it is possible to be presidential and ministerial without sitting in the SH. Mr. Odinga it is possible to preside over a people and to minister to a people without being called 'Mr. President'. I know a maid who was more motherly than their mother that they in all respects deffered to her as their mother. YOu are in a position to still carry the voice of the people. Think about it, if there ever was a time for you to be presidential it is now. There is a way beyond your way that is not the PNU vote rigging way. Please show me what protesting will achieve now except stilling many other valuble voices.

Only God knows what is going on behind the scenes, how many ODMers are being tempeted to abandon ship. Surely there must be another way there must be another way for ODM to preside in true presidential character, over a people who have expressed so much confidence in them. Surely there is another way.

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