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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kumekucha Forecasts for 2008

The question on everybody’s mind is when will the current crisis end?

My answer: Not quickly enough. As you read this my firm belief is that the peace of Kenya is now out of the hands of the two major protagonists, namely the MP for Othaya Hon Mwai Kibaki and the MP for Langata Hon Raila Odinga. PNU are nervously cheering on Mungiki and ODM are nervously cheering on the Kalenjin, Luo and Luhya militia. Both parties hope that these violent groups will help them achieve their objectives. What they don’t seem to realize is that even if they sign an agreement today, ending the current violence will be very difficult. You see the problem with violence is that it begets more violence and it becomes an endless spiral or bottomless pit of violence and more violence. The truth is that negotiations should involve representatives of ordinary Kenyans. Back to answering the question. The violence will drag on for a number of weeks at the very least and for a couple of months at the most. It all depends on how quickly those involved in the negotiations move to address the core underlying issues that are the cause of the violence and were only triggered by what many saw as a stolen election.

To understand the three classes of Kenyans and what they wish for, please read my next post.

For those who understand spiritual things, this is judgement for Kenya and all the evil and injustices that have taken place in our country. It will not stop until every stiff (proud) neck has been humbled. Going by some of the comments I receive in this blog, it will take a lot to humble some of our brothers and sisters.

What will happen to the economy?
Finance minister Amos “the stock exchange is not a fish market” Kimunya said with a straight face the other day that the Kenyan economy will hardly feel the effects of the violence...

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Anonymous said...

Chris has your nemesis Mutahi Ngunyi penned any articles about this madness?, if so please publish or better still invite him to the blog to throw his sangoma beads and foretell.

Ken said...

The suspect who killed MP in Eldoret is alleged to have gunned down the 40-year-old legislator and his female companion, Constable Eunice Chepkwony, at West Indies estate in Eldoret Town.

There is nothing wrong with "West Indies estate in Eldoret Town" in Eldoret BUT Kamba traders, Muindi Groceries and Kiambaa Furnitures in Eldoret and Kisumu is a problem. Kiss Me...... sorry excuse me Ida. What have you been cooking to Raila, Ruto,Kosgey, Balala,Mudavadi, Moi, Bowott, Ntimama, Ngilu, Mpende msipende,Gideon please and ngaruiya.
I beg....Kenya is our country. i beg i beg...

Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to kiss you.

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