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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Amazing Kumekucha Predictions

Kumekucha asked to predict what will happen in Kenya in 2008

Regulars of Kumekucha have noted that nine out of ten times, I tend to correctly predict exactly what is going to happen next. My analysis which most readers start by disagreeing with, always end up being spot on. I am not one to brag; rather I wanted to give our numerous new readers a little background before I dive into today’s rather detailed post.

Yet another victim of the raging post-election violence and it looks like the attackers "cut him" as well as attacking him. Police in Naivasha check for any signs of life.

Actually a reader has asked me what I think will happen in Kenya over the next few months. Before I dive into that question, here are 3 examples out of many where my posts have ended up being spot on.

- When everybody else was calling political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi a mad man, Kumekucha agreed with him that it was doubtful that Kibaki would hand over power in the event that he was defeated.

- Kumekucha kept on calling the 2007 elections the mother of all general elections. Some readers mocked him unbelievingly. You decide if I was right...

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John Maina said...

Papa plus, i echo your view on all you have said. its really really sad how well educated kenyans reason moreso those that have seen the enlightenment.

I have been talking to many of my tribe kyuk and i can tell you some of the things they say are unprintable.

Anonymous said...

Historia ni historia. Ukweli ni kwamba Wakenya hawajaongozwa kidemokrasia tangu 1964. Serekali ni gari ya kabila moja tu.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that your predictions as well as Ngunyi's came true.

That is why we MUST NOT depart from the negotiating table with true reforms i.e. land, constitution etc.

I need a reason to travel all the way to Kenya to vote once again. Right now, there is no assurance that the elections will not be stolen again. Why should Kenyans be content with dictatorship? For how long?

Anonymous said...

I am fed up with international foreigners calling for the prosecution of those causing the violence.

The violence is regretable but it will end overnight once real solutions are tabled.

People need to be given a reason to believe in the future.

Anonymous said...

According to Jendayi Frazier (Daily Nation 31/1/08) the US will intervene if the peace process sinks.

The Official Govt. Joker Alfred Mutua has asserted that Kenya can solve its own problems.

Sometimes I wonder if Kibaki is actually able to stay awake during negotiations.

stupid simple said...

kumekucha i must agree with yu the journey ahead is long and many of us will be missing in action by the end of it.Prayers will be a good way to go.I think now people realize how important it is to create jobs for the poor and how much equitable distribution could have helped this situation.Like u said the middle class and rich can not understand why but the desparadoes keep making noise and killing. However this is the only chance they have to be heard and noticed.fairness and justness will help subside the problem.But like you said it will take a while for the hardliners to get it maybe after they are long gone will people realize.Good luck kenya in the process of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Tribute to Mugabe Were
Mugabe travel well brother
But please remember to tell them this
The struggle to liberate Kenya is this on
Tell Dedan Kimathi they built a statute of him,
But his mum still lives in the same house he left her,
Tell Jaramogi Odinga not yet Uhuru in Kenya
Let the founding father of this nation know it is this Harambee but we are pulling apart
Tell Martin Luther King Jr we still judge by race, colour and tribe
There is still a lot of injustice all over the world.
Please tell JM Kariuki now we have ten billionaires and thirty million beggars
Tell Tupac there is no single change
People still hate and discriminate
Ask Malcolm X to tell you who will liberate black man
Who will exorcise the demons haunting the black continent?
Tell Mwalimu Nyerere it is confirmed, we are really a man eat man society
Now we are having a cocktail of our own blood

Anonymous said...

With regards to the photo with the boy laying there, when you say, "they cut him" do you mean they cut off his manhood? OUCH!!! WTF??? I mean, he looks like a young little boy. He is somebody's child! I am so saddened, troubled and pained by this! I can't handle this anymore! No one deserves to be de-humanized in such manner! Just how many Kenyans need to die before the International Community steps in? How many body bags do the leaders of the "free world" need to see before they do something? How many AFRICANS need to die before someone feels moved or even motivated to do something? HELP!!! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME??? HELP!!! I am mad and I am sad. My heart bleeds for my people.

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku in Mombasa - your postings are missed. Hope all is well and perhaps your are posting as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

We agree with you. Remember when there was an escape of death row prisoners from Kamiti. What you told us has come to pass. They were being released to execute ODM politicians. Strangely, Ali and his police force have conveniently decided to forget pursuing the issue anymore.

Keep exposing, keep up the good work.

Yvonne said...

Chris, allow me to digress coz i must as i am a very sad Kenyan indeed and i must echo the comments this comments again that this talks must bear fruit or else whoever tries to scuttle them we as Kenyans we will stone them. They cannot afford to fail.....NO WAY.
As i write to you there are thousands of Kenyans who are displaced and i am sure that these is not news to you but i am wondering why the govt should discrminate how to treat the different groups of people just because they come from a tribe that is not friendly to them...I think the reason we voted overwhelmingly against the regime was coz of partisan and sycophance politics. Yesterday i was able to listen to one of the vernacular radio station Mulembe FM and Ramogi FM and whatever the displaced people were sharing was pathetic. One they have been displaced from their homes in Ruiru/Thika but the people dont want them to leave, they are held hostage with no water and no food unless some good samaritans or their neighbours give them some handouts. They sleep with the doors open and lights on coz they have bn threatened that they will be burnt alive if they lock the doors so at any given time there must be someone watching as the others sleep...What is painful is that they have seen some luos being circumcised at their age....And there is nothing like that, that has been reported in the mainstream media. The moderator of the program decided to call MPs from luo Nyanza and ask them what they are doing about the situation coz those people must be evacuated......The MP for Nyakach promised to release some buses and lorries to go and bring these people back home and also the Chairman of Sony Sugar company promised to convene a board's meeting so as that he could talk with the members to see if they could release some buses to go and bring the displaced back to their ancestral land. An account has been opened wherby they are urging wananchi to pay some money and see how they could assist these people......
My big question is where is the govt that is purpoting to have been elected?
When luo MPs held a meeting to look for a way forward they were told by their central collegues that there was no need for such drastic measures as they will be able to sort the issues and if the people move there will be an economic decline in those areas....Economic decline my foot!!!What they care abt is economy yet there are people who can't move from point A to point B, they have 3 days to move from Ruiru and someone is thinking abt economy...When the central guys were displaced from Kisumu they were allowed to leave to safer zones and we saw army buses and lorries evacuating people from Eldoret, and leave alone that there were some who were brought to Nairobi by choppers how come the same can't be done to luo/luhyas who are in Central coz i mean at least they have homes to go to!!!! Does it mean that we do not pay taxes to the govt? I Demand that we be treated equally without any bias. And i dont remember seeing anyone who had his six lower teeth forcefully removed. And if the govt cannot do that then let them allow us to give taxes to our MPs then we can force them to give us services..Period.......

Anonymous said...

The US is two faced on this issue ,Frazier speaks as though it is only Kikuyus being cleansed even in central none kikuyus are being asked to leave or get killed , i think foreigners have no right commenting on things they do not understand.

Steve said...

Chris, I realize the pic is reality it also desensitizes your readers. This is horrible and henious. We should not shy away from seeing what's going on, but perhaps you could use a link for graphic pictures.

Anonymous said...

your predictions are wrong

The gvt has worn its battle and things will be silent for some time.

We wont see change neither will our children neither will their children.

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Anonymous 10.52 all is well in Mombasa. A bit of rumors here and there about some imminent attacks but so far it's peaceful here as ever.

Maybe I've slowed a bit but I do post. The last comment I made was in reply to one Mwalimu Peter Ngugi. The heading of the original post was SACRIFICING NATIONAL INTEGRITY AT THE ALTER bla bla bla. Check it out.

Oh. and I'm flattered thanks.

Anonymous said...

Another ODM MP is shot dead in ELdoret.Ainamoi MP MR david too.

Anonymous said...

Chris/Phil is it true that the M.P for Ainamoi has been shot dead..Pls confirm their is so much rumours going rour round that u dont know what to believe

Anonymous said...

What the heck is this that Kiuks are treated differently from the rest? Equal treatment my foot! Now everybody is up in arms blaming Kiuks for the killings, yet for a whole month kiuks were being slaughtered mercilessly as this ODM blogger over-emphasized the unauthenticated allegations of a stolen election from the defeated presidential candidate. While I don't condone any killings, the rest of the ethnic communities must stop this inferiority complex they habour and simply be positive minded. Chris, I know what you mean by saying the boy was 'cut', since we all know in whose culture cutting is a must and their perception of people who are not cut. Chris, you are not neutral, you are like Anyang' Nyong'o - an intellectual who is biased in the name of being 'just for all Kenyans'.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:35...Just shut up....When mungiki were slaughtering guys in Muranga....Kenyans stood with you and in every church you went people prayed against them.....How come when police shot aimlessly in Kisumu....No one even your cardinal raised their voice apart from of course Wangari Maathai and even one went to the extent of saying their were movies being shown....Is it a fact people were evacuated from Eldoret or not? Were the army buses used or not? And that one we saw it....How Many IDPs has the president visited apart from Eldoret and he went there and was chest thumping, has he been able to rebuild those houses that were burnt down....Or is it that we have a Kenya in Eldoret only ....Open your eyes and stp being too myopic in ur thinking....I thank God ur not the president of this country

ka-baba said...

Is it me or is everyone missing it. When the people were burning a church and dishing it out to kikuyus we termed them as angry youths burning houses. When angry youths from central province dothey same we call them mungiki. Well ask michuki where mungiki went, or better still go to Ngong forest where Maina Kiai said they were finished. What we are seeing are angry youths and they are not confined to Limuru, naivasha or nakuru. There are also angry youths in Kipkelion Kisumu Bungoma kayole. All over and they are burning and cutting people. Dont chew what you cant swallow

Anonymous said...

Why not just separate instead of hating and killing each other.
It's obvious no one is gaining from the deaths- all of us are hurting and bleeding from them.

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