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Thursday, January 10, 2008

How Will These Men Be Remembered?

How Will Mwai Kibaki Be Remembered?

How Will Raila Odinga Be Remembered?

My mind just can’t come away from the photograph in this recent post, posted by Phil of young toddlers and kids huddled together in a city morgue.

My question. When they give figures of the dead, do they count this children? Or are they considered not people?

This is hardly time to apportion blame but since I started this blog my reputation has grown from never cowering from saying things as they are.

When I see those dead bodies of innocent little ones who knew nothing, many of them could not even speak a tribe I am reminded of crucial steps along the way that led to this national disaster.

1. The refusal by Mwai Kibaki to postpone the national referendum on the constitution in 2005 despite pressure from various sources who said the political and ethic temperatures were too high.

2. The decision by Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Moi and others to allow the 2007 general elections to be rigged in broad daylight and in full view of International observers. They knew very well what the consequences would be but somebody must have said; "We can sacrifice a few peasant lives, it will blow over." Let the people responsible be haunted to their graves by this photograph of harmless dead toddlers and by the hoardes of other dead toddlers who never even had the dignity of ending up in a crowded morgue and were left lying in the streets and fields of Kenya.

3. Raila Odinga’s failure to stand up and say; let the presidency stay, but let the killings stop. He would have saved many lives had he done this.

4. Mwai Kibaki’s attitude that all is well and let people go back to their normal activities. The president got an angry response yesterday in the Rift Valley when the Kenyans he was addressing him (Mostly from the Kikuyu and Kisii community) retorted angrily and asked the president which schools he expected them to take their children to next week when they have all been burnt down.

5. The media’s silence even as atrocities are happening on the ground under the pretext that reporting certain incidences will incite more violence.

6. Kenyans and others leaving comments in this blog who focus their entire energies on defending one political party while threatening and warning this blogger of dire consequences for incitement. One wonders who is forcing them to read Kumekucha when they can simply move on to other “less inciting sites.”

I report to no paymaster and I will always speak my mind.

The picture of those dead babies still haunts me so…

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Anonymous said...

Kibaki will be remembered as a coward thug from Othaya who managed to steal the presidency of Kenya in 2007, by staging a coup de tat, which left more than 500 innocent people dead and 100000 displaced country wide.

He changed Kenya from a liberal, democratic and peace loving into a brutal and ethnic divided country.

Kimtu said...

These MEN will be remembered for taking more than 30 million kenyans for a ride.

They were in Old KANU together
They are all crooks
They are Money Hungry
They are all Poere Hungry
They are cursed

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